Journal Star - Peoria

4.5 (384)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Journal Star - Peoria

4.51 out of 5
384 Ratings
2 years ago, ACLIV83
The daily emails are annoying
App is good, haven’t been booted since the most recent update. However, I have unsubscribed from the daily email at least 15 times as well as changed my preferences in the settings… and I still get them.
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5 months ago, Redoctober25
HATE the new version of the App
I have the old app for the digital version of the paper, but now getting constant pop-ups to download this new app. I downloaded the new app and signed in. It is so convoluted and buggy. All I want to do is read the newspaper. The old app was so easy… just open the app and there it was. And this new app won’t even let me print articles (at least as far as I can see). It says I can download a pdf or email myself a copy (which I could then print, I suppose), but every time I try I get errors. I hate this new app. Please let me use the old app without having the pop-up prompt to download the new app. PLEASE! This new app is insufferable to those that just want to read the paper (and read the paper only).
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2 years ago, Pennalope
Reprinting Old News
I am a longtime subscriber to the PJS and I’m very disappointed in the current content that you have subjected your faithful subscribers to endure! You stopped delivering on Saturdays and I thought you would post current news on your Editions, but all we get is stale news from days and weeks ago. I still cant get the USA news content that was promised and often have difficulty accessing your editions on Saturdays and when I receive my Sunday paper it contains news from the previous week. Sad to see what this once good paper has become. Additionally, your price for this “newsletter “ keeps rising!
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3 years ago, sllinil
Glad to still have local news!
So appreciative to still have media that reports on local news and stories. They are always first with local, breaking news. Even the local tv news shows reference them in stories. They also look beyond Peoria for stories.
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3 years ago, Dunlap12001
Love seeing the same pages as the print version.
The electronic version that shows the same pages as the print is my favorite news app. Being able to click on an article and see it open in an easier to read is a bonus.
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2 years ago, AJFoyt_fan
App Doesn’t Provide All Content
As a rural paper subscriber the Journal Star says to use the app or go online to read the paper when the paper is not delivered (which is 25% of the time since they switched contracted delivery services). Unfortunately not all content is available online. If you cannot consistently deliver the paper then ALL content should be available in the app or online. Since Gatehouse has taken over the quality has been in steady decline.
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3 years ago, Leocgh
Refresh more often
Sometimes news is outdated, same stories days a time. It would be nice to refresh more often. Otherwise, it's a decent bird's eye view. Simple to navigate.
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3 years ago, SMCC[
Peoria Journal Star:
I have enjoyed this paper since I was a child and that was a long time ago, a very long time ago! M brother and I had a paper route in Chillicothe, Illinois when we were youngsters. We had 4th and 5th street’s then. So many nice people! Thank you, Peoria Journal Star!
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1 year ago, Flying T-bird
Subscription Status
This app won’t let me read articles even though I have a subscription. When it prompts me to restore subscription it just spins and I can’t get to anything. I keep thinking the app will get fixed however it has been doing this for months.
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9 months ago, EPCurmudgeon
New version hard to read
The latest app version is hard to read for my old age eyes. In full page view please use the entire display as you used to. Also, why am I now confronted with an ad before the newspaper is displayed? I hate software updates that don’t improve the software!
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1 year ago, Thunderbird guy
Journal Star
Just got there news on Tele. Really helpful and timely. Stuff I have been missing. Want to be up to date get it now, they have cheap deal going on.
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4 months ago, D Not OK
PJStar app review
the latest changes to your app are very disappointing. I am paying for the e-edition And I expect no ads to be popping up and changing pages when I’m reading. Also, the app should not automatically jump back-and-forth between pages while I am reading.😞
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3 weeks ago, starroth
Ap helps me read the paper
Having the ap gives me an easier way to read the newspaper.
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3 years ago, LabsRus
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3 years ago, cubbies my team
The paper
This is a great way to get the paper. Never worrying if it’s going to be there in the morning. Will never go back. Need more local sports if possible.
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8 months ago, Keaster3
Lost my original app & this one is the only replacement I found. IT’S AWFUL! Print too small on opening. Side arrows interfere with articles. Ads appear frequently & must wait to exit & resume reading. Don’t know if this is a newer e-edition app but again—its just awful.
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1 year ago, Frustrated wallet
Subscription renewal
Not sure how to renew subscription through app. The website keeps crashing when trying to update payment information. I’ve tried using both Microsoft, Safari, & Google browsers.
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9 months ago, Stressed reader
It used to be easy to read my paper. Now it suddenly restarts and I am unable to tap to read an entire article without page changes. It has become stressful to read it and it used to be one of my favorite parts of the morning.
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2 years ago, App Lover 007
Used to be able to view the paper in e edition mode. It stopped before thanksgiving and neither apple or the journal star will put in an effort to correct the problem. PJStar says it’s an apple problem because subscription was purchased on iTunes, apple says it’s PJStar issue. $30 down the drain.
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3 years ago, kimds58
Online PJ Star
Unlike the physical delivered paper it comes every day. I am notified of news that I am interested in.
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2 years ago, cbdhondt
Poor Sports Coverage
It is Saturday am, there was a big Peoria HS Basketball game between PHS and PND, but not one article online about the results. The Illini played too, but if you didn’t see the score on Friday night, don’t check the app bc there is no news. Poor excuse for online version of local newspaper!
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2 years ago, YGBVCX
Poor reporting at best
This newspaper is a shell of once it once was. 90% of the “news” articles belong in the editorial section. It heavily utilizes AP and USA Today as sources. Even locally written articles are full of biased terms/worms. There is no objective reporting here. It is full of lies of omission. I do not recommend use of or trust of PJS as a news source.
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5 months ago, @dixie
Terrible update
The update has been terrible and the enewspaper and fill buttons do not work. You no longer can swipe to read the paper. Developers- please fix this to make it a user friendly paper to read.
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2 months ago, kwerss
Invasive Ads
Although I am a paid subscriber, it still includes invasive ads while I am reading on an iOS device. I can not read further until the ~10 second ad finishes. And, it frequently locks up so I can not proceed.
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3 years ago, jjigghtee
I like the format of the app! Well organized, easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, jadist03
Not good at all
I purchased a subscription and still cannot read the subscription articles. The links do not work to chat with the help dept either. So you basically stole my money. I’m canceling my subscription ASAP!
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3 years ago, EBluff
Peoria’s must read
The new format is really nice and easy to navigate. 👍🏼
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2 years ago, hipno5
Journal star
Good reading material about town
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3 years ago, Gshenri
I Like it!
Great new format. Well worth taking a look!
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3 years ago, Hulterrrr
Old News
This app, when used with iPhone, serves up days old news, disorganized. Frustrating.
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3 years ago, Keith80
Privacy Issue
The new app still automatically reads your clipboard every time you launch it. This is a ridiculous invasion of privacy and I am considering ending my subscription.
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3 years ago, Hamish MacPhereson
Good app. Reliable. Very satisfied. I apologize I forgot to update the review.
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3 years ago, jws49
Great paper
Good news coverage.
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3 years ago, Becki P
Great new app
This new design is wonderful. Thanks!
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3 years ago, saidallihaveto
Once you can figure out how to navigate it is ok. I really only look at the obituaries. I wouldn’t subscribe because your paper is to far to the “left” for my taste.
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2 years ago, timedoc
Enjoying It!
Good app. Worth downloading.
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1 year ago, New known
New app is bogus
This is supposed to be an improvement of the previous app, it is NOT! It won’t let me login
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1 year ago, Anhuwrcni
Great content, great writers.
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3 years ago, wilderness_man
Thumbs up
Free is good
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1 year ago, rkbrkbrkbrkb
Crossword puzzels
Where is the crossword puzzels?
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13 years ago, Milleam
Finally, a PJStar app
Finally a better central Illinois news app than ciproud. I've not had the issues others have complained about. I'm also glad the journal star didn't skimp on the design. The retina graphics are great and the layout and font are crisp. Nice app!
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7 years ago, Peoria resident
Find another source for news
This is a great app...when the stories actually update. Often if I want actual breaking news, I have to go to their website (or more likely, a competing news source) because the story isn't available on the app. Edit: Changed my review to one star as I can no longer say this is a great app when it works. Lately it won't even open, and you now have to pay to read articles after so many "freebies" a month. Current users were not notified of the change- just started getting a notification to pay. I'm sorry, but I can't justify spending money for a substandard product. I will follow a local news channel and keep up with Peoria news there.
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9 years ago, Hawkeye89
Reiterating request for improved blog listings
Request: Show authors and blog titles in listing of blogs ................ News and Breaking News seem to be 90% the same... Seems like wasted space that could be used to include more local news. Also the Blogs section should list the blog titles and/or writers to make it easier to find the ones you're looking for. Wishes... How about a way to "star" favorite writers, blogs and local communities of interest in order to quickly pull up the news most pertinent to the reader? Oh, and the app crashes when I click "Review in App Store"... oops. Like I said, better than before but not perfect. 3 stars.
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7 years ago, Stale$$
Bad program
Very disappointed that I can only read a few articles before the app locks me out. I totally get that they want to get people to subscribe to the paper but there are other ways for people to get local content. At least with this app, the journal star would have gotten advertising revenues but I will delete the app so if a new update doesn't fix this. I used to use the app consistently and I was an actively engaged user. Now it's just a bad user experience.
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12 years ago, Download it haha
Needs some work
This ap needs an iPad version urgently. Would also like to see this allow to see the comments of an article like previous reviewer....and be able to add them. Lastly, as an e-subscriber, add features for subscribers. I'm trying out the esubscription for a month...and not sure I'll renew if I don't see better value in the rate. Wake up newspaper folks, electronic distribution is your future opportunity to grow.
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7 years ago, Red Grange
Not as good as Pantagraph
This app seems very limiting in that only a few stories can be seen (and I really dislike the square boxes that take up space and do not add anything). Would love to see a list of current stories and information like the Pantagraph in B-N. This seems to be more interested in selling their product than providing news to the community. There are much better sources in central Illinois.
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12 years ago, IPMCFurby
Needs comments and an iPad version
Many of the features on the website such as the article comments are not available on the app. I prefer to wait until I have access to a computer rather than use an app that lacks. I'd also like to see an iPad version developed.
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11 years ago, Squish@@@@@
Updated info
For some reason, this app is not updated daily on some sections Also, the obituaries used to carry pics & they were dropped; at the same time the obituaries were given a finite space, so sometimes they only go through H or so. The previous version worked better
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11 years ago, Jane FB
PJStar stupidity
Old app was decent. New app does not take into account that some readers have older devices that cannot upgrade to ios6. So I cannot update to new app (sounds like a blessing, based on reviews) and old app no longer works. Do you know who your target audience is? Must be only the younger people who stay on the cutting edge of technology; not the middle aged consumers who are the ONLY group still supporting your poor paper version. I would give a minus 5 stars, if possible.
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4 years ago, R4endres
What a mess!
I signed up for digital access at Christmas time on a special promotion. Something went wrong in the signup process and I have a completed subscription and a partially created subscription. I have tried to reach someone at the PJS, to no avail. All I get are digital assistants, no live person. Every time I go online, I get a subscription pop-up covering the articles. I need to call in again which I have placed right behind a root canal!
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