Journal Times

1.6 (46)
29.9 MB
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Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Journal Times

1.61 out of 5
46 Ratings
4 years ago, Radio Ladio
Provides a couple of local headlines only
Better than nothing for small town newspaper.
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6 years ago, magoi227
It’s free: UPDATE-It’s literally the worst
Updated review: The Journal Times took an already poor app and made it worse! It’s incredibly clunky. You can’t read comments anymore. I haven’t been able to comment in ages, I have to actually go out to a browser, look up JT and comment there! Now, when you look at say the criminal reports, you have to press the back arrow MANY times before getting back to the main page. What is the deal JT? It’s absolutely awful. I definitely look elsewhere for most of my local news now. That’s the good thing. It glitches like crazy. The commenting part doesn’t let you reply directly like the online version does so comments are out of order. I took it off because it kept freezing. I’ll reinstall to see if it helps. Otherwise I’ll leave it off. But the JT in general has very biased reporting. As well as horrible editing. Expect to see many grammatical, spelling, punctuation and editing errors. Many commenters edit for them at times and then they fix the article.
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2 years ago, pjmaa
Journal times e edition
This web site is one of the worst ones I have ever seen. You can’t get through the paper from beginning to end without it doing something crazy. Me and my husband both find it very irritating first thing in the morning. I usually end up just giving up.
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4 years ago, LifeStream4
You can’t read any articles
They changed the app so you now have to have a paid subscription to read any articles - all you get to read is the title and then you are blocked from scrolling and reading anything else. I had this app installed for years and it was my main source of Racine news, but I’m deleting it now.
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6 years ago, obrun26
Crashes Galore..
Before the app launches, subscribers and non-subscribers alike are subject to 20 second ads; search for articles appearing on Tweets and other posts are no-where to be found. While attempting to forward prior day articles via message or email, CRASH the app to Black Screen. Guessing no one uses the app otherwise the J-T would update the app.
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6 years ago, GeorgeiTunes7
Ineffective for reading news
This app is not practical for actually reading the news. Much waiting time and screen space is devoted to delivering ads. I nearly canceled my newspaper subscription, and would have, were it not possible to download a pdf of the paper.
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7 years ago, Rocky Shoreline
Fix this app
I quit getting the paper because it wasn't worth the money. This app drives you into advertisements you can't turn off - click on a story and you get a commercial. If I didn't live in Racine I would delete the app. I'd pay a couple of bucks to get no adds.
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6 years ago, GBP 125280
App Continuously Closing
Can’t read a story in full before it closes itself out. Very frustrating to have to open the app over and over again (minimum twice) just to get through one story or an obituary. Please fix.
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9 months ago, 128kait
Crashes, will not open
The September 2023 update has made this app useless on both iOS and iPadOS. Zero stars from a longtime subscriber.
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1 year ago, Dissapointed 12345678
Terrible app
Cannot read an article without subscribing. Others news apps you can at least read articles with ads.
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2 years ago, Ppggttvv2378
Denies subscription readers access.
App lets you sign in but will not let you read articles you are already subscribed to read. Then it doesn’t recognize you to restore purchases. JUNK APP !
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2 years ago, MZ1982
This App is absolute garbage! You have to log in every single time you want to view a different story. It is hard to navigate and is not user friendly. Do not waste your time or money. TRASH!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, KingMe221
Really could use a whole lot less video adds
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6 years ago, HPauto2
terrible redesign
I wish i could give this app no stars as i’ll be deleting it, old version locked up and crashed but was at least usable. Please JT fire whoever designed this app.
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12 years ago, Jumpping bean
New version landscape view
While the improvements are not bad, the one thing that was lost on the latest Verizon's is the landscape view. I really miss that, don't like to read in portrait view, too much scrolling needed. Please fix as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, Philfandano
Nothing good in this app
Bloggers are removed bad idea. I think it’s because the JT doesn’t not want to hear or have others read an opinion different then theirs
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6 years ago, Racine Clark Kent
Updated app
I should have never updated this app... I want the old version back!
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6 years ago, Lexicon241
Please Fix the Problem
The app dies when trying to read obituaries. Literally. Not funny.
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6 years ago, ddmngg
Doesn’t work
All I see is “Loading...” Going to delete the app
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2 years ago, differ password
Hate it will cancel it as soon as I can
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7 years ago, Magnumpro
This App is useless
Fix it! It doesn’t work very well on my IPad Pro.
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3 years ago, davev3333
Takes forever to load pages
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10 years ago, annwal
Very newsy app
Great app -- lots of local news and features, including videos and photo galleries. I appreciate the push alerts for breaking news, too. Had been crashing occasionally a month or so ago, but that seems to have been fixed.
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10 years ago, PetertheJackel
This is a fine app
I'm a high school sports junkie and this app helps me. I also enjoy the Racine Raiders coverage available anywhere at anytime. The app itself has few problems and is easy to navigate.
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14 years ago, webe2623
Great app
Just discovered this while searching for apps about Wisconsin. I think I like this app better than the Journal Times website. What a great app to keep up on what is going on in Racine!
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10 years ago, FGregoryG
Love the app
This is one of the most used apps on my phone. I enjoy photo galleries, videos, posting comments and the local sports coverage. It also doesn't collapse when I use it.
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10 years ago, Fabricated App!
Upset about the iPhone update!
Wow, guys really? So I was so excited to know that I can still keep in touch with my hometown with the JT app. Now, after updating the app, I find that the most interesting articles/info are now under a premium category in which you have to sign up for! WOW! Not good! Why was that sufficient? Guess I gotta delete the app now:( there goes keeping in touch with the goings on in my hometown:(
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10 years ago, Curtis 1
Great App
This app is user friendly, has a good format and is easy to read and view photos. Like having a newspaper in your pocket.
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10 years ago, KDubloves BDubs
Great local news app!
Easy to use, updated throughout the day with pertinent local news.
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10 years ago, Racine mom
Latest local news
Very up-to-date news for the Racine area.
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12 years ago, Ford man 123
Ford 11
Keeps crashing when i go to read a story please fix
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10 years ago, MaureenandKelly
So easy to use
The app puts Racine news right at my fingertips 24 hours a day!
Show more
10 years ago, CheeseheadMoose
Great app for Racine-area news
Very happy with this app and especially the most recent update. Works great! Great source of Racine-area news!
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12 years ago, RJT v1.6.10
Unable to Save Articles
Button labeled "Download Article" does not work. You cannot save a news article for reference or later viewing anymore. There is no contact for app support. Problem applies to iPad and iPod. Please restore this function.
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10 years ago, Local-News-Junky
Local news on the go!
Love the new JT app! Same great access to stories but with a cleaner interface.
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10 years ago, Racine Fred
Great on the run
Great to go to when I don't have time for the paper in the morning
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10 years ago, 2dogsowner
Pretty good
Not perfectly intuitive but fine after I learned it.
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10 years ago, markschaaf999
Good app
Love the breaking news alerts to keep me informed about what's going on.
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10 years ago, Grimpeur21
Great local news app
Love this app for great local news.
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10 years ago, Brenda Jeanne
Great app!
All the Racine news you'll ever need !
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10 years ago, 76lynz87
Excellent app
The Journal Times provides excellent local coverage!
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10 years ago, Dscheive
the new swipe to the right feature makes the in article comments unusable as you can't swipe up reliably anymore.
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10 years ago, RobbLu
Sports fan
I love this app. I'm able to follow Racine Co. HS sports and the local bowling scene.
Show more
10 years ago, Raycine
The best way to know about school closings
Show more
10 years ago, Dmaenett
Great Ap, easy to use!
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10 years ago, Reed Richards 1000
A good app
I use it a lot. It's a good app!
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2 years ago, nonickname4545
You can’t read the articles!!!
The app shows the article but when you click on it you prompted to buy a paid subscription to continue. They want you to spend $25.99 per month to read them!!! DELETED!
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5 years ago, Justdi02
Worst app ever
If I could give 0 stars I would.Terrible!!Ready to remove.
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