Jurassic World Play

4.6 (75K)
293.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mattel, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jurassic World Play

4.55 out of 5
75K Ratings
6 years ago, GamingMelon25
Great app, but some facts are wrong
I like this app but the facts are off. I only saw issues with the heights of different dinosaurs. The app says allosaurus is roughly 6.5 feet tall. It says spinosaurus is around 11 feet tall. It says triceratops is around 11 feet tall. It says velociraptors are 6 feet tall. The allosaurus was nowhere near the height of a raptor, going off the movie. The allosaurus is more around the height of 12-14 feet if I remember correctly. Triceratops was a little shorter and spinosaurus was around 20 feet tall. I can’t picture a 26 foot dinosaur running around shorter than most nba players. Lastly, this one is a nitpick but the indoraptor wasn’t created by ingen, it was made by dr wu. I’m sorry for such a long response but I just needed to clear that. Oh, and the dinosaur sounds don’t match the species well. I know it may take a while but it would be nice to use the same calls as in the movies and for dinosaurs not from the movies maybe if it’s a similar species or in the same genus it would have the same sounds. I always wonder why every large carnivore uses the trex roar, like the spinosaurus doesn’t use its own call? The gallimimus sounds really odd and doesn’t have that chirp from the movie. I know it’s a long response but I’m sorry these sounds and incorrect information just bother me. The app is great and it’s a great way to go with the toy line. And, did I mention how much I like the toys? They’re incredible! Great work Mattel.
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3 years ago, SPOTLIGHT1222
I love it but there are things to fix
I love the game, and I have been collecting dinosaurs for the game for a while. (I have at least 20 Dino toys) the game tests out my thinking with dinosaurs and I live that but it’s there is one thing I would fix. One I have two battle damage dinosaurs that should have their own section because I could not find were my battle damaged Dino toy was, yet it was in Jurassic world section. What annoys me is that indoraptor has its own section and their are only three figures yet battle damaged figures have more then 3 more then triple that and don’t even have their own section so it’s better to find. Don’t get me wrong though I love this game, I just wish that would be fixed. 😁👌⭐️ UPTADE: while writing this I realized I forgot one thing that I wish would be fixed. Another thing I want fixed is how some dinos look, for example my Jurassic would T. rex is a brown color yet when I scanned it I got a yellow T. rex with a red ish back same with another Dino that I forgot the name of but it is dark brown but when I scanned it it was gold. May you please fix it because sometimes I can’t even recognize my dinosaurs, anyways I live the game just a few fixes to be made.
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3 weeks ago, kate roses
One more thing to be👌
So I love this game but overall......... you NEED to add a horse part in this. Idea: sorta like the tracking game but instead of a truck it is a horse and you are not timed. And maybe you could make a game in this game where you pick a Dino and you can ride it And you can jump,run/walk, with a joystick. You can dismount and mount and build your own home and you can save the game and make a new one when ever you want to! And to get certain Dino’s you can catch and train them with you horse and you can customized the horse,Dino, and house. Thank you. And if you are on a horse, (you can pick Dino mode and horse mode) you have to protect your home by, I hate to say this, shooting them and by Killing them you get facts and meat.
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2 years ago, A.W.Kward
Updated to the new version and lost our entire collection!
My sons were excited about the new line of Jurassic World toys with a new style of DNA scanning pieces. We bought two new dinos and updated the app to check it out, only to find out that their entire collection of dinosaurs from years past is not on the app now! The new version doesn’t include any of the “older” dinosaurs that we have spent the last five years collecting!!! They are so disappointed that they can no longer scan their old toys and see them on the app. If you try, it doesn’t work. The old dinosaurs simply don’t exist on this newest version. So now it’s like we’re starting out all over again. We have like 50 Jurassic world toys that we’ve bought in the last few years, and now none of them will work on this app. I am so disappointed!!! Why couldn’t they include the old toys with this new version??? Or make a new app for the new line, and then keep the old app running for the older toys??? They’re not even that old!! Some of them were bought just this year! And now they cannot use the app features for the toy. Please fix this, Mattel!!
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4 years ago, jurassicman2271
I’ve encountered a big problem...
I’ve had this app almost since it was released and I’ve never had too many problems with it, asides from the occasional wrong fact. But, a short while ago I got a new phone and transferred all the apps from my old one to my new one. I never once opened the app during this time. I wanted to open it to add a whole bunch of new figures, but was stopped by the tutorial. Not unexpected on my part, I figured I would need to start over, but the problem starts here. I’m going through the tutorial and reach a roadblock on the second step where it wants me to look at a dinosaur info screen. Only, I can’t open it. Or anything else for that matter. I can’t even leave the tutorial or switch zones. It even shows me click the tabs, but nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting the app numerous times and even deleted then redownloaded it, but to no avail. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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7 months ago, …Anonymous
Good, but…
The new Epic Evolution Update was fun, but there are some major flaws 1. WHY DID YOU RENAME IT? The name Jurassic world facts was ok, but now Jurassic world play sounds like any old app on the store. I also think (no offense) that it sounds kinda dumb. I think its better financially and I don’t like it either 2. ALL THE OLD DINOS ARE UNLOCKED!?! don’t know if this was intentional or not, but now all the Dinos from 2018 to 2021 are unlocked. That destroys the purpose of buying the toys 3. THE OLD FACTS HAD SO MUCH MORE EFFORT PUT INTO THEM (sorry for the caps) The old facts were stuff like “Coelurus had a brain twice as big relative to its body size than other similarly sized dinosaurs” and dozens other facts and now for the coelurus section in Dinotracker it has a scale next to a human, a piece of meat for its diet, and its weight saying it’s as heavy as 2 cats. Pathetic.
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4 years ago, Kayin15
1 Thing Could Help Make This App Perfect
My son loves this app. He LOVES scanning dinosaurs with the scan feature. Except when he scans ones that he’s already scanned before, the icon appears on the screen saying “Dinosaur Already Collected” and it blocks the dinosaur right in the middle of its roar, which is the best part. It’s kind of a buzzkill for him. We all know he’s already collected it—there’s really no need for the constant reminders. PLEASE remove this from repeat scans so kids can fully enjoy the scan experience each time. Thank you! Aside from this, this is an extremely cool app that’s interactive and educational!
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7 months ago, I LLOOVVEE J.W.!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s talk updates and fixes.
I think this game rocks I love that there still adding dinosaurs the only thing they should have is the names if they have one like ghost and pax like that have the name with the “family” name! I LOVE THE GAME. Okay, with the new update, IT WONT LET ME IN! It just loads to 20% when I open the app but then it doesn’t load then it says “trouble loading the server” or something like that! Pls fix this Mattel🥺! Also for the new game (it’s fun) when u unlock the “bagis” (I’m not good at spelling) u need to be able to transform into that Dino instead of the allosaurus and if that happens u need to start out with a “less cool” Dino and when u transform u need to stay on the same map or at least be on “a road with a ton of boxes” because that’s so boring to me pls make these things happen!🥺 but it really good but I can’t get in!
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2 years ago, Xndhchbsbcndnd
Interesting app but…
The game is great with facts, quizzes, dinos from the movies, but I don’t like the new scan feature, my cousin bought me a dino rivals indoraptor, one of my favorite dinosaurs, I was very excited to scan it until I found out the codes changed because of the new collections that have newer codes, I pressed on the question mark and read what happened, it says the codes can’t be seen in the augmented reality, I don’t know what it meant as theirs only one reality in the Jurassic world / park series. I was very dissapointed but tried to go to the previous collection and used the scan but had the same scans, and theirs no way to get them back, I’m very dissapointed in who ever wanted to lock the previous collections out, if only you could switch scan codes to scan the foot codes from the previous dinos
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2 years ago, mzaycher
Could use some work
We’ve had this app for a few years, but needed to update it when the dominion dinos were released. It erased our other previously scanned dinosaurs and now I can’t even access that part of the list. I tried downloading the list and it freezes the app once it gets to 100% downloaded, so I have to close the app and try again, I’m an endless circle, with no resolve. I know it’s not my phone, it’s brand new and has plenty of storage space. In addition, some of the dinosaurs won’t scan, I can think of one in particular off the top of my head, the Siamosaurus. It’s frustrating not being able to see the whole collection and also frustrating that I can add some to the collection to begin with. Help fix these issues please!
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3 years ago, Skinbytiffany
No sound
I have tried downloading this app on an my daughter’s iPad and my iPhone. The requirements on for the versions have been met. I have tried turning the music and sound toggles within the app on and off. I have tried restarting. I have tried deleting the app altogether and then downloaded it again. Why is there a sound and music toggle option but no sound? When I try to play the video clips within the app- through the maps icon- still no sound. On top of it it all, the “technical support” makes you submit a form to Mattel for a product you have purchased (like a toy) which doesn’t work for this- because it’s an app. Disappointing for my daughter who has bought a collection of dinosaurs with her allowance money from this company specifically because she loves to scan the feet of the toys to learn more about them. Is there another way to reach support for this?
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1 year ago, Tad B.
Facts app doesn’t have facts
They moved away from actually providing facts about the dinosaurs and instead replaced it with a no-effort infographic showing where the dinosaur lived, whether it is a carnivore or herbivore, and an approximate and often questionable size comparison. My kids enjoyed being able to scan a new dino and learn something new about its behavior or physiology. Additionally, the app is buggy with the sound frequently not working despite being turned on and volume turned up. There really should be a way to sync your dinosaur collection with your iCloud account, so your collection can be synchronized with new and additional devices. No one should ever have to scan these things more than once.
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3 years ago, kali james
This game DOES NOT live up to the show!!!
I got this app for my 4 year old son who loves camp Cretaceous. I’ve spent more money on dinosaurs so he can play the game and all it does is give him facts about the dinosaurs. You can’t feed them, put them in the environment. The app is flawed because none of the dinosaurs roar at all even when hitting the button. I’ve paid so much money for him to play the game and it isn’t worth it. It not even a game. Just facts about dinosaurs and you have to buy the dinosaurs to unlock the facts about them. There are no puzzles, no feeding, game won’t even roar for us. All you get is facts about the dinosaur that you have unlocked because you bought the toy. Without buying the toy you can unblock the dinosaurs. “This app is not worth getting for a child who loves to play a really game” quoted by my 4 year old son. Not happy.
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3 years ago, sushibarbie
Newest Version isn’t working!!
I’ve had this app for my son for almost a year now and we have never had any problems. Now with the new Dino escape version which is only a week old, the app won’t load at all. I click on the app and it shows the doors of camp Cretaceous moving back and forth and it just says loading at the bottom. I’ve let it load for over an hour and nothing! I’m on the newest version of the app and have updated my phone to most current running system Apple has released on the iPhone. Can you guys please help with this?!?!
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3 years ago, DinoFans10
App will not load after updating to 2.8.0--RESOLVED
My son absolutely loves this app. However, after updating to version 2.8.0, the app will not load. When we try to open the app, it stays stuck on ‘loading,’. We have 2 iPads (version 14.6), and we have the same problem with both iPads. This latest version does not appear to work on the iPad! My son is very sad it is broken. Please fix the problem! UPDATE: The latest version, 2.8.2, now works for us, thank you for the quick response! My son is very happy exploring the new dinosaurs. :)
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5 years ago, lo-lo 'U'
Greater than expected, but a few flubs.
Jurassic World may be more movie monsters than real dinos, but they did do their research when making facts for this app, mostly anyway. They even happen to mention that Velociraptor had ancestors capable of flight, such as the feathered Microraptor (my favorite dinosaur actually :p). However they do make some mistakes here and there. Tapejara is now believed to have eaten fruit, but this app still goes by the now outdated theory that it at fish. Another error is that Gallimimus is referred to as a bird. While extremely birdlike it wasn’t a true bird, rather a bird mimic. Those nitpicks aside I’m actually quite surprised with this app. 😁 UPDATE: You’re welcome, Mattel 😉, glad to now I helped.
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7 months ago, I like games :D
It is really good
I really like this game! But I wish that the games had a little more stuff to unlock. I took a week or two to unlock everything. And I liked that quiz feature but now when I go to look it Is not there. One last thing is that when you go to the previous collection all the dinosaurs icons are lit up and it kinda got a little confusing on which dinosaurs I have unlocked. Other than that I have had no major issues so far. Overall it is a amazing game
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6 years ago, 116923
This is just a nitpick that does not matter
So in the trailer their was an unidentified ceratopsian that was labeled by the fan base as the following “Centrosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Sinoceratops.” it’s now confirmed to be the Sinoceratops and the toy was labeled in the app Pachyrhinosaurus. Well they changed it and it now says Sinoceratops but the model is the same so if they make a Sinoceratops toy but it is actually a Pachyrhinosaurus, I have full competence in this toy line but you can’t just rename something and call it good so please ether change the model and look of the toy or change the name back and come up with a new toy. (I’d go for the ladder.) goodbye and if you’re Mattel thanks for reading. :)
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2 years ago, pearlypop20
No Sound
What’s the point of having an interactive app with no working sound?? I’ve uninstalled the app twice with no luck and turned off the music/sound toggles within the app settings multiple times all generating nothing. At one point I thought maybe it was my iPad so I tested other games on my iPad and they work just fine. I made sure I downloaded the newest version of this app, just really disappointed that my son cannot enjoy this feature. It’s pretty much pointless.
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1 year ago, Thecoller
Great app but needs some work
I love this app. Me and my little brother both have played it for a while. The only thing that frustrates me is that I can’t use the track ‘n challenge game. I click on it and it says loading game with the sounds and then the loading slows down. It ends up taking forever for the app to load. I tried restarting my iPad but it didn’t work. Also, completely unrelated from the first part, in the older collections I can’t add them to my wish list. Aside from that I love this game but I just wish that I could do the game.
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2 years ago, jASIC World
It’s a fantastic game!!!!!!!
I LOVE dinosaurs ever since my sister showed me the first movie and this game has been perfect but on the pictures it shows the T.Rex in a panicked and in the game it does not have that and some facts are off l don’t think I’m lost raptor five cat weight those are the only complaints that I have the rest of the game is fantastic and I love it I’m so excited to see the new movie two it comes out in three days so I like this game because it gives me sort of a sneak peek into all the dinosaurs that are going to be in it!
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5 years ago, pma wolverine
It won’t let me update it
I saw the newest update for the app and I was really excited but I tried to update it later in the day and it didn’t let me and it also said that it got taken off of the App Store I wasn’t in the best mood when I saw this because I buy the figures for this app and the app isn’t working. I preordered the primal attack sarcosuchus and it will be delivered November or December and now when it comes I won’t be able to use the app and that is basically one of the reasons why I wanted the figure 😤
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8 months ago, Thalia90
Issues and recommendations
My 4 yr old loves scanning his dinosaurs and using this app. He loves the stop motion videos and he loves the games although the Dino trackers is a little tough for him. Recommendations I think all the dinosaurs need a button where the dinosaur is pronounced correctly. My son loves all the obscure dinosaurs and so a button that correctly pronounces Genyodectes Serus would be amazing. I think the app should have an account and that way it can be used across several devises. As it works now I have to scan the toy on my phone and then scan it again for the iPad. Issues: For some reason only half the facts are unlocked when dinosaurs from older series are scanned. We have issues for the following dinosaurs where half the facts don’t unlock Camp Cretaceous line Carnotaurus Toro - HBY86 Pteranodon- GVH67 Sarcosuchus - can’t find model number Baryonyx - GWD12 Spinosaurus - HBX46 Primal attack series Siats Meekerorum - GJP35 Dino Rivals series Brachiosaurus - can’t find Indominus Rex - GCT95
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2 months ago, Grimlock 64
CANNOT OPEN!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡
I loved this app, and I had it for a while, but after the last update I am not able to open it at all! It keeps stopping at 89%, or it says that it cannot open the server. Before the update, I scanned a lot of dinosaurs and the app overall is awesome, but now I cannot even open it anymore. I already tried resetting it (opening and closing; deleting and redownloading), but it never works! I even tried downloading it on a different device, and it is still giving me the same problem! 😡 Please fix this as soon as possible!!! The app overall (from what I know) is great, but I cannot even play it!!! 😭😭😭
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4 years ago, maddie dino
Great but...
The first time I got the app I loved it! Then it started to get weird with more and more things added to it. I do wish it had all the dinosaurs it said you had, because I’m supposed to have a baby Ankylosaurus. IT IS GONE!!!!!! This is annoying because in the facts section it says you have new facts for dinosaur that I don’t have or that disappeared 👻. Though, it is a fun game because of the quizzes and trivia. If I ever have to write a review again, I hope that it’s because I got my dinosaurs back OR that the bugs are fixed. (That the new fun facts I get are four dinosaurs I HAVE!) 😉
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6 years ago, CreeperKing5552471
This is a great app!
But, some one of these questions really bothers me, it’s just a small mistake. I have a screenshot and I would post it here, but I can’t. Anyways, the questions states, “The Velociraptor isn’t a pack hunter, but a solitary creature.” And the answer IS True. But the answer SHOULD BE False, I’ve done my research on Velociraptors and they are pack hunters, it even states it in the movie. That’s just one small little issue I had, but otherwise the app is great, if you have a collection of these toys especially.(I only have the Indoraptor.)
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2 years ago, bprain
Sound issues
My son loves this app, we have even downloaded it on to two different phones so he always has access to it. However, he loves watching the videos included in the app and the sound has gone out on both devices. It is a singular issue only found in this app, all of the other apps on the phone still have working sound, so it is not a device error. I tried everything I could find in the online forums to fix the issue but nothing has worked.
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2 years ago, Pugamer999
So when I got this app I was super pumped and I really wanted to test it out because I’ve been collecting these type of toys and I noticed there was an app to scan them like a collection or something so I try to scan it and I noticed I don’t have the DNA things but when I’m trying to scan the foot it doesn’t work it’s broken I try to line it up perfectly I’ve waited 10 minutes once it takes forever and I made sure that these dinosaurs were ones you can have on this app I’m really sad
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3 years ago, mellzy12
Love this app BUT....
We love this app bc of our Dino loving OBSESSED 3 year old!! He knows just about every dinosaur there is and he love scanning all of his dinos, the only reason I have it 4 stars instead of 5 is bc we ALWAYS have a problem with scanning his dinosaurs!! It’s so hard to get it to scan bc the focus is always off, even when it is lined up a lot of the time it will lose the focus again!! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE IT if the app could improve on scanner and that way we would be able to scan all his dinos rather than 2 a day bc it literally is such a hassle to get it into focus!!!
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2 years ago, EpicWubbox64Gamer
Much better than expected, but there is a slight bug :)
Ok, this is a great app. I thoroughly enjoy scanning my dinosaurs and learning more about them, the videos are entertaining, and the quizzes are a great way to pass the time. However, there is a bug I’d like to report. On the Primal Attack Tapejara’s page, the listed facts are about the Gallimimus. This actually made me laugh when I first noticed it. Anyways, this game is great, keep it up, and please fix this bug. Thanks!
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2 years ago, STŒP/PLZ
Update the scan!
So I love this app… I have a lot of the toys but only 3 of the new ones with new scan codes. So I deleted the app 2 years ago cuz it wouldn’t load, so I lost all of the Dino’s in it. But the new scanner in the app can’t scan the old ones! Just the new ones, and that bothers me. It’s grate overall but it would be more fun if you can scan the old and new ones. Like just have “ old mode” or something in settings or “ new mode “ that little thing would just make it way better.
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4 months ago, Shadow39573059583
Good news I put five stars bad news you need to make more videos
OK it’s a good game in all but I know what would make it better you need to add more videos I mean IT IS GREAT. But you still need to make more videos for people to you know a five star it more often and I think it would be great if you added more music videos more recreations more videos to put it bluntly so if you would make more videos that would be worth 25 stars.
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1 year ago, brerandall
Needs some updating
I really love this game, but I think the graphics could look better. If u could make them A little more realistic, it would be the perfect game. It would also be great if u could also make more mini games. By the way I love the stop motion videos or the toys smart thinking😉😉🦖. A mini game I think would be great is running from Dinos. I love this game but please listen to what I say it’s true🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 thank u for reading!
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2 years ago, chonky catto
I love this, but it could use some stuff
I absolutely love this game, the dinosaurs look really cool and the mini games are so fun. My favorite is the one where you can help the Dino’s when they’re hurt. The facts are kinda lacking, but they are based of the Jurassic park franchise, and we really can’t know everything about extinct animals. The only thing I think it’s missing is the ability to pet the dinosaurs and have them react to positive attention, and maybe add some more facts but otherwise the game is great.
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3 years ago, MartaS!
No read out loud option!!
My son is 4 and loves dinosaurs we were super excited to find out the codes on the bottom of his dinosaurs could be scanned. I found the app and downloaded it then scanned some of his dinosaurs and the details on the app are really cool and exciting but major downfall for us is there is no option to hear the facts or the name to be read out loud!! My son can’t read yet so it’s a bummer because I can’t pronounce the names and it gets frustrating! Please add a read along button for the name and facts it would make this app way easier to use for kids who can’t read yet!
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3 years ago, lilwillystyle
This game is the best game bro
Do you know why I think this game is one of the best games adult first it doesn’t include Internet no that’s just almost all my games include Internet when I’m home and you have a weekly dinosaur a weekly I mean you can have it for like the whole entire week this is that crazy there’s more that I can say about this game I mean the toys are incredible and I love Mattel I mean I know people can love Hasbro’s but I love Mattel more
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3 years ago, Hardcore(y)
Not working…just keeps loading!
My son loves this app. He loves everything dinosaur related, and has almost completed most of the scans. But since the update last week, the app won’t open, it just keeps trying to load. I really don’t want to delete the app to reinstall it because he will lose his scans. Review update: Mattel updated the app and everything seems to be working again. My son loves the new dinosaurs in the update. Thanks Mattel for fixing the problem!
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11 months ago, Graysonyson
Scanner not working
The scanner doesn’t work on my sons iPad anymore. Even when I delete and redownload the app, the scan screen just shows the scan icon with a black background. It asks for permission to use the camera, and when I click allow it doesn’t fix anything. I have the most updated version for both the app and the ipad
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4 years ago, estebans ipad
Very cool!🦖🦕
Let me say that Jurassic World facts is an amazing app! I have a lot of Mattel Jurassic World dinosaurs and I scanned all of them. The quizzes are cool and I just need a few more to go 😀. So its cool 😎,even though many other people think 🤔 this is dinosaur garbage just because few of the facts are false. The virtual-reality dinosaurs are very nice and it makes me think I’m really in Jurassic park. There are no ads so its even cooler. I really like it so I rated it 5 stars . It’s one of the best apps from Jurassic World
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3 years ago, bashpmommy
App is not working after latest update
My son absolutely loves this app and was excited for the latest update. Unfortunately the app will not load since we did the update, please HELP! It is just stuck “loading” on the main page. How do we fix this issue? He is on the latest software update and has enough storage space. Not sure what the issue is.
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3 years ago, mollyycyruss
Cool app, but disappointing if you want it to interact with the toys
This app is a lot of fun with the animated dinosaurs and the quizzes and everything. My two year old son loves it. However I downloaded it for the specific purpose of synching his dinosaur toys from the Jurassic world line to it by scanning the stickers on their feet and it only works I’d say 20% of the time. He has probably around 30+ Jurassic world Dino’s and we have about 5 unlocked in the app because the rest just don’t scan. Pretty frustrating however if you’re not downloading it for use in conjunction to the toys it’s a fun app
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5 years ago, redreid20
77% frozen on load
We have collected every toy for the world facts app and really rely on this working for our son. So far we’ve had to delete and reload the app because it constantly sticks on 77% during the load screen. For people who spend the $$$$ we spend on this whole collection we’d like it if this app would work properly. It takes hours for us to rescan our whole collection. Please fix the bug,!
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4 years ago, Tom from Tom and Jerry
Amazing app, please read description.
I love this app and it’s really cool but some of the facts are a bit off. I am decently sure the velociraptor was not 6 feet tall. I like how you can add dinosaurs to your wish list, but could there possibly be a feature within the app to view your wishlist and favorited dinosaurs? There could also be stuff like feeding you favorite dinosaur or playing with it or something. This is a great app for people who love to collect dinosaur toys 👍🏻👍🏻
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3 years ago, Malachi McGhee
I’m new and need help
I’m new to the game but for some reasons the loading issue is just to far bc whenever I click on my first Dino when u start off in the game the game just crashes and I really hate it bc I want to see the Scorpius rex but whenever I click on my dinosaur to start with the game just crashes so plz fix that loading issue and I really like this game.
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3 years ago, Kia1824
Can’t get past the tutorial( update fixed)
I just downloaded the app and I can’t get past the second part of the tutorial. It says “These are all the dinosaurs in the park. Let’s take a look at them.” And it gives me an option to touch the first dinosaur but It won’t allow me to press it and then the whole app ends up freezing. Problem has been fixed! Love the app and works amazing! My son was beyond excited
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3 years ago, MMB073
Very good app but
Okay so i like the app and heres two suggestions i think a bit more than 2 but here can u add a search button in the watching videos part and can you add more videos often and also where to buy the dinosaur toys like when we want to find the toy dinosaue like the scorpios rex atleast have something able to find in a store atleast
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6 years ago, kitten lover1928627
What I like, wish, and hate... please read.
*Kind of long* Okay so after I downloaded this I was welcomed by a happy little D.N.A guy, that welcome was absolutely amazing! That gave me a good feeling about this game. The facts are great and I love the quizzes BUT, it gets pretty boring after only a little bit! What I want is feeding and leveling up all reptiles, battles, something online/multiplayer and a story line/ plot. On the other Jurassic game is like that and I spend HOURS on that game! Please update this then, this will be the BEST Jurassic game ever! I see potential in this, thank you for reading! 😉
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3 years ago, Keseyosaurus
Great app
Jurassic world facts is so good. I have a plesiosaurus toy and it scanned it and it is now in my collection. I am an 8 year old that loves dinosaurs. It is fun cause you can take quizzes and watch fun videos. I also found a lot of the DNA codes on the web and I scanned them. One time I bought a Camp Cretaceous toy set that said you could scan but you couldn’t. That was disappointing but it is a great app.
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12 months ago, The Dino nerd 342;
This is a cool game! Few update ideas though. Number one: add a feature where you can move the dinosaurs and make them bite, roar etc with a joystick maybe. Number two: add a feature where you can add multiple Dino’s at once so you can have the raptor pack or atrociraptor pack. That’s all I have! Other than that this is an excellent AR game for Jurassic lovers!
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1 year ago, LilytheDinoLover
Good game, buuuuut…
It’s glitchy. Sometimes I’ll be doing something on the app and it will exit out for no reason. It also takes a long time to scan. And lately I haven’t been able to get in the app because it isn’t loading. It just exits a minute after I get in the app without loading. But the dinosaurs are great and it’s really fun!!
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