Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs

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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs

4.87 out of 5
16.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Stonedanel
The Best Online Lesson by Far!
I love the new update! It’s even easier to find all the lessons you need, it even puts together more on strumming that I missed on the website! My strumming is messy and this update helped me find a video to showed me how to better hold my pick and strike the strings better! I had been hitting it too flat. I’ve even had in person lessons that I paid hundreds for and not one instructor helped me with that! I’ve been learning for years, I’ve been a paying member of this app for years and felt I had hit a wall and had put down my guitar for a while. I was stuck but this update has me up and playing again and I feel the progress! The lessons are put together nicely. I even add theory and ear training with mine. I started all over from module 1 and found so much I missed so if you have been using the website, I highly recommend this app and start from the beginning to make sure you haven’t missed anything! Justin’s lessons are top bar! I have found that just because someone knows how to play, doesn’t mean they can teach. I’ve paid for in person and I’ve tried numerous online lessons and have always felt let down. I’ve loved Justin’s lessons since early on but the work he has put into this update soars above all the rest! Justin is the best teacher I have ever had. If you want to play guitar then get this app! Five stars from me Justin! Top bar!
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4 years ago, b47a
Genuinely useful in helping progress on guitar
This just an update. The original review is still below. The app is great. Well worth the money. You can sort by chords but what would be really cool is being able to sort by rhythm pattern . So if I want to focus on 16th note strumming I can quickly pull up a selection of songs where that pattern is used. Might be cool also to add more advanced optional rhythm suggestions to some of the songs though as you progress that tends to come out of you on its own. I had a few other ideas but now I feel like I’m at the record store. Really helps track lessons and progress. Great to play along with and increases difficulty incrementally if you start at the beginning, obviously. The tracks to play along with might seem basic but I gather that’s the point. Working with just a metronome is really hard for me and having something to play along with really helps a great deal in grabbing a feel for the songs and music generally. As I come up with reasonable ideas I will submit them. If your trying to learn guitar then this a great tool to help you on your journey. Worth the money and time I have spent with it. Justin really comes across as someone genuinely interested in teaching and that’s just priceless.
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5 years ago, Lflory
Second to none
Always wanted to play guitar and finally at a place in life where I have the time to dedicate to it and the means to buy the guitar I always wanted growing up, a Gibson Les Paul! After searching through TONS of online videos and apps I downloaded and started using Justin’s app. Although there are many online videos with good teachers breaking things down, Justin takes it so much further. He really makes learning guitar very simple, straight forward, and easy to understand. Then the lesson plans which follow give you the exercises necessary to perfect what you’ve just learned. But the best part is all the songs he pairs with each stage allowing you to use what you’ve just learned and play the songs you love. Due to how well the app is designed, the pace I’ve been able to learn the guitar due to how well Justin teaches, and the catalogue of songs included in the app to play along with, I spend an average of 2-3 hours a day learning, practicing and playing songs. Although there is a lot of good content online, nothing comes close to teaching guitar as well as Justin. Can’t thank him enough. It’s a tremendous feeling to be able to sit down and play songs you love for hours.
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3 years ago, MNJack762
Amazing update!
I just updated and I am blown away! Amazing enhancements! I was so distracted by the quality of the songs that I struggled to play along at first. I have also had to relearn a couple of my favorite songs as they have changed chords to more closely replicate the original song. Three things I miss from the old app. 1) The interval beat/time trainer. I found that to be very helpful in learning timing and forcing me to get faster. 2) The ability to turn the strumming pattern on and off in a song. This was great as a beginner to hear what it is supposed to sound like. 3) I miss the fingerpicking tab too. I was just beginning to explore those. Thanks for a great training system! I literally strummed my first D chord on January 28, 2021 and I am confidently playing many open chord songs through level 8 and I’m working on power chords and barre chords. I also just finished the free portion of the music theory lessons and. I will be buying the rest of it. I never thought I would find music theory interesting, but as I see it’s useful application to playing and learning new songs I have to absorb as much as I can. Thank you again Justin!
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5 months ago, jhfidjtkckoelwfkrjbgbkwp
Please fix this because it makes the app terrible in my opinion.
This is absolutely terrible and please don’t make this out to be mean or rude because I am not trying to be rude I downloaded the app because of an ad that popped up and I signed up and everything I saw the first 2 or 3 videos and then the tuning thingy part came up but when I tried to tune my guitar it was saying that I was tuning a different chord and I was tuning the right chord whenever I was tuning the 6th chord it was saying that i was tuning the 5th chord so I deleted it but then a few days later I downloaded it again to see if it would work this time and when the tuning part was coming up again at first everything was going good and when I was finished tuning the guitar it said “you are in tune” and it wanted me to make sure that it was right so it made me touch the chords again to see if it was right and it was saying that it was wrong and that it was the wrong chord and it wasn’t the wrong chord it was the right chord I even double checked tosee, I was touching the 1st chord but it was saying that I was touching the second chord and this is a big issue for me this app is good and all but that part needs to be fixed because it said that it was in tune and it made me double check but apparently the adjustments were wrong. I would appreciate it if you were to fix this thank you.
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4 years ago, GordonG7N
This one works!!
I’ve tried a number of times to concentrate on guitar skills ... to move from strumming a couple of chords to really playing. In this off and on quest over many many years no method or course has worked for me until Justin’s. For me Justins course is an excellent mix of rigor and fun. Very quick to get me playing simple songs to break the monotony of practicing the basics. But the songs make me aware of the importance of the basics so this circular reinforcement keeps me interested and engaged. It is guiding me with strong foundation building but with plenty of motivational playing to keep me going. Early on finger pain is a problem... a big problem. Justin fully understands and carefully addresses it and adjusts for it in the exercises. I started with the old course on the web but soon switched to the new app. It is extremely well done and seems to me to really skillfully take full advantage of the web’s special potential for learning. This is a very special course and I highly recommend it. It’s been great for me during COVID time ... and beyond!! Great thanks to Justin.
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4 years ago, Ddddddrt
Best learning app ever!
This is without question the Best app for learning Guitar. Justin is an Excellent teacher, very personable and easy to understand. He tells it like it is. It’s going to be difficult, you will get frustrated and it takes time. The biggest thing is Practice. As he says; any of those videos that promise you can play guitar in 10 minutes are nonsense. Hard work and time are what get you there. 50 years ago I started keyboard lessons at 8 years old. I played semi professionally for 10 years starting at age 15. I always wanted to play guitar and with Justinguitar I am. It took me a year to complete the course. I was meticulous and mastered everything before I moved on to the next segment. I’m very pleased with the results and I’m just getting started on my guitar journey. There is so much more ahead. Like Justin always says, hard work and practice is what it takes. I know from experience that’s what’s required. I wish I had done this years ago. I’m extremely pleased with the results. Thank you Justin.
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3 years ago, Chip Mac
Glad I chose Justin.
I’m a brand-newbie when it comes to guitar, I’ve had mine about three weeks now. I knew I wanted to pay for an app to help teach me and I looked around at several others, but decided on Justin. I liked his attitude, speaking voice, and all the tools that his app offers. The lessons are great! They are short enough not to get tedious, but not so short that you feel you are not really learning anything. I really like how the lessons lead into all the learning tools that he has. They are blended perfectly together and I feel like I’ve learned a lot it just a short time. I’ve also started taking face-to-face guitar lessons and I have had only one so far, but I walked in knowing the A and the E chords ! I think learning the basics with Justin during the week really helps supplement my 30 minute weekly guitar lesson. That’s not a lot of time and I would hate to use half of it learning the basics I already picked up from this app. I’m a fan, I think you will be too.
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2 years ago, Gmanqwerty
Great but needs improvement
One of the issues is that the songs rhythms change, so you become out of time even though you’re actually playing in time. Another issue is that you cannot change the orientation when you’re playing songs. Also none of the riff practices are inside of the practice session. So you have to go into that video and play the whole video if you don’t have it memorized. This is very annoying. It would be nice if we could add some exercises from previous lessons to keep them moving forward. It would also be nice if there was either lessons, or a song option for the strumming method if you’re playing strums. On some songs you can hear the lead guitar playing they are picking stuff, but we have to go find the strumming pattern on Google to know how to play along with the song once we learn the single cord progression. Last it would be great if we had the option of original key vs current lessons key. I always put songs on my phone but they are totally dif key so I know later ill have to relearn them
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1 year ago, nowmaria
Bug where a viewed video doesn’t show as complete
I’m going to start off by saying that I was led to this app by YT and Reddit via many recommendations from others. I just received a guitar for Christmas and first tried Simply Guitar which moved too fast and did not go into explanation as much as Justin does. His manner of teaching and explaining things I didn’t know I needed to know are just what I was looking for! Sometimes I will even ask a question in my head only to find that he answers it in the segment! Needless to say, I made the switch from the other app and will be following this plan. I’ve only noticed that a couple of times when I watched some of the videos, they do not immediately show as complete when returning to the segment’s dashboard. I’ve tried closing/reopening the app, replaying the video both normal and sped up, and there doesn’t seem to be a reason it eventually shows as complete. I can live with it but as a “list” person, seeing checked boxes make me feel a bit accomplished. :D
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7 years ago, Scarcraig
6 months looking for the right solution, this one was finally it for me!
I tried lessons at the music store first. My teacher was a washed out old rocker that was just "punching the clock" he was way too disorganized, and he was just a terrible teacher. Next, I tried a more expensive private teacher. He had passion and talent to spare, but he moved way too fast, and again was too unorganized for me. Third, I tried another on-line learning option, it was very expensive, the lessons were just okay, and once more it seemed to move too fast. Finally, my journey came to a successful end with Justin. This app turned out to be the absolute perfect solution for me. It's extremely well thought out and organized, and progresses at the perfect speed. The quality of the instruction in this app is better than what I received paying hundreds of dollars a month to local private teachers. Try this app! A+++ rating all the way, I don't know of a single thing I'd change to improve it!
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1 year ago, KJHerm
Not working. My progress disappeared
Justin Guitar is the best guitar instruction out there. This rating is for the app, not for the instruction. I signed up and paid for a one year subscription, and have been using this daily for the last few days. I was up through module four. I'm running this on my iPad. Today, I clicked on "my account", and it told me I am not registered on this device. It tried to get me to sign up for a new subscription and a one week trial. Everything I did before this was gone. Somehow, and I don't know how I found this, but I managed to find something that said "restore purchase", and I did, so I can login again and it recognizes that I did subscribe. But all of my history, all of my progress, everything I did, has been wiped out, completely gone. So now if I want to keep track, I have to start over. And probably keep track of outside of the app as to where I left off because the app is too buggy as to be reliable. Luckily I am only on day five of the free, and so I have canceled the subscription. I would love to look at it again when it's working. In the meantime, I will continue with the website. That is at least reliable.
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2 months ago, s2322222
Pretty fun.
I am just doing this as a hobby, and it’s really nice for that. I didn’t really want to either pay for in person, nor was i looking forward to the logistics for just a fun little side activity at this point. I got a free guitar. I used to do music (not guitar) which helps a bit, but he covers the theory too which ultimately is pretty useful. For example you don’t really have to remember quite as much if you spend a little time understanding the theory. In any case this is comprehensive, covering some theory, technique, and getting you playing pretty fast. Instruments to generally take some practice though so be patient. I had enough experience to kind of treat this like golf. That’s probably a good analogy. Music is a bit like that where if you even stop you tend to get just a bit out of practice. He does a good job of covering all the issues that come up like unrealistic expectations not doing too much initially etc.
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6 years ago, nated0gg1
Excellent but with a couple issues
Overall, the Justin method is a great way to learn guitar and Justin is a gifted teacher. This app really helps get you going on a logical progression for beginners. I have used it for stages 1-5 so far and am very pleased. Playing along with the songs and tracking for your chord change speeds is really great. However, I only gave four stars because there are a few inconsistencies, ie the video on blues shuffle refers to the triplets video that is not on the app (but is on the website) and there is an exercise for ‘old faithful’ but no intro lesson video for it. When I encountered these inconsistencies, I went over to the website and realized I’d been missing a whole lot more content such as the ear training and all the written commentary and practice schedules. Truly, the free website is the best place to drive your progression, not the paid app. What the app provides though, which is totally worth the money, are the songs you can slow down and play along with. So get this app and use it just for those functions!
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1 month ago, 3dphoto.net
This app is awesome!
I’ve been teaching myself basic cords for the past few months, plus a few exercises here and there that I found on the web. I stumbled on Justin‘s app about six weeks ago, and it’s just what I needed. I’ve made a lot of progress, though I know it’s a long road ahead of me. But it makes it fun, and I even enjoy playing songs that I never really liked all that well, and there’s some favorites in here as well. Justin is very methodical in his approach, not focusing on just one thing, but layering more and more things in, in a very complete way it feels. It’s not just add another cord, but it’s strumming patterns, finger stretching, he introduces note picking pretty early on. Each set of lessons adds another layer that I have to practice before I move on, so the pace does slow down, but that’s OK. It’s important to have a good foundation and this app seems to give you that. I’m in it until the last lesson.
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2 years ago, Noahsarkk1
That’s OK!
Justin is exactly what you need in a guitar teacher. He’s a professional BUT teaches as if he started playing last week. He knows all the correct things to say so you don’t give up. That’s OK, is his favorite come back when something goes sideways. It’s like he’s sitting next to me as I’m learning and commenting on my struggles and telling me "that’s ok" don’t give up all beginners struggle with that. I watch each lesson several times so I can hear his encouragement until I get better at whatever skill he is teaching. The 1 min exercises are great since I write down my progress and see each time the number increases. Never wrote an app review before but had to give kudos to Justin for his amazing teaching style and spreading out the learning so you don’t get overwhelmed. Justin is a ROCK STAR! I know that this time guitar lessons will stick and by year end I’ll be feeling like I can tell people, yes, I do play guitar, and prove it.
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4 years ago, SupperConductor
Making Progress
I’ve been trying to learn to play guitar for about 30 years and not really succeeding. I’ve had private lessons and got better here and there. But I never felt like I was making real progress until I started using this app and following the structure provided in the app. There’s a real guitar method here without the usual BORING songs . When you learn the first few chords, the practice songs are quite simple but at least famous pop & rock tunes. After you learn some more chords and strumming patterns, the selection of songs opens up. That’s when I really start to get motivated. I’m practicing at least 60 minutes a day, just because I see improvement daily. I hope Justin releases other apps or offers more content for this one, particularly on theory. Bottom line: if you want to learn to play, this app works, if you practice. They key difference here is you will want to practice.
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3 years ago, david_kreisberg
I love the steady progression of lessons - each one gradually building on skills. The pacing is quite good, too. My favorite feature is the interactivity build in to practice and monitor skills. This is not just a series of video lessons - although the videos are very high quality. You periodically need to play along with backing tracks, select new songs to learn as you learn additional chords, work on skills such as smoothly changing chords, etc. while keeping track of progress. The interface for playing songs is helpful - showing chords diagrams and lyrics in time with the music. Each song can be played at regular or slower speeds depending on your skill level. I could go on and on about how well-designed this app is. If you are a beginner, like I am, I don’t think you will be disappointed in this app. Highly recommended! His excellent website is well worth checking out, too.
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4 years ago, readmeray
Fun and friendly fundamentals
The Justin vibe is just good good good for beginning guitar players. It ain’t easy. He encourages us all so well, while also really working hard to find arrangements for pop songs that put them in our reach as beginners. No one does this better imho. That’s Justin—just get on with songs, sneak in fundamentals as they’re needed save foe the super important ones. Then drill them hard. This app is not uberchord-it is not a robot that listens and changes the game to match you. It teaches you how to teach yourself new skills a bit more old school—“here are all the possible chord changes so let’s knock em out and cross them off”. Rather than a robot guiding you it’s your conscience asJustin implores you to count fairly but it’s self assess required only to move on. The songs—the list and variety of simple songs here is incredible. Great backing tracks. Do it! And do the online course!
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7 years ago, GermanCoastGuard
Thought I was too old to learn
Playing the guitar has always been a dream of mine. Long story, goes a little something like this though: grew up busy with other things, work, wife+kids, oops I'm 40. Dagnabbit! Picked up my GSmini a few weeks ago and asked what literature to buy or how to get started. The salesman directed me to towards the internet and I came across Justin Guitar channel that evening. Started with his lessons right away. He is keeping his lessons as they should be (academically speaking), to the point, very relatable, and nothing mixed in with the subject of any particular lesson. He keeps focused on what he's trying to teach you. Makes learning fun, structured and easy (though I'm still just barely above the target 60 chord changes per minute). I enjoy the lessons and the challenges tremendously! I will see this course through until the it's end and will re-post another review.
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1 year ago, MichelleAdams09
I’ve never left a review on anything before
Are you kidding me with how great this app is. I’ve only been using it for two weeks but it is exactly what I need. Justin is so efficient in the videos and gets right to the point. It’s broken up into modules with lessons inside the modules and then they even tell you what you should be practicing. Because sometimes I’m just not in the mood to learn more but I want to play so I just do the little practice exercises. AND I can’t believe how great the songs are that you get to play along with. It’s in such a fun Guitar Hero format and has such an amazing variety of songs, like, how am I playing along to 505 by the Arctic Monkeys and Call Out My Name by the Weekend on WEEK TWO?! It’s so cool. It’s literally the perfect app and I want whoever created this app to create an app on every subject I need to learn.
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5 years ago, RRFSOC
Beginning at 73
I have just begun to use the app. Earlier I had come across some of the beginning lessons. For me the app is easier and more accessible. I recently retired and decided to learn guitar. At 73 I am not as nimble as I used to be but still had the desire to give it a try. I find this application straightforward and easy to use. So far, so good. I practice the exercises every evening and supplement them with other lessons I have come across. I can see the progression tied to the lessons and, of course, don’t know how good I might get. My end in all of this is to be able to play with some proficiency the songs I grew up with. I will give a progress report in several months. At this early stage, I am quite satisfied with my practice sessions and can see the beauty in the way Justin et al have organized and presented the app. Well done!
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4 months ago, MAM8151
Simply the best guitar training app!
I’ve been using Justins guitar app now for a year. I’m 70 year old guy that’s always wanted to play & have tried to learn over the years. But for what ever the reason, could never stick with it. But Justin Sandercoe process of teaching his courses for beginners & above is by far the best. He keeps you focused and with clear instruction keeps you motivated to continue this journey of learning the instrument. This app has you playing songs right from the beginning of the coarse. Over this year I’m playing Beatles songs like Hey Jude, Norwegian wood. Neil Young’s: Heart of Gold & Harvest Moon. It’s little money for what you get in a fabulous instruction environment where it feels as you have your own private teacher. If you put the work in your guitar will be singing the tunes! Thank you Justin & your staff!
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3 years ago, texas0418
Perfect for the Way I Learn
I’ve been looking for an app that allows me to play songs to music. Very guitar hero- like. The app is easy to use and looks as if tons of time and thought were put into it. The only complaint I have is that I started the lessons through the JustinGuitar website and there’s no way to link the app to my account on order to sync up where I left off on the website to the app. If there is, please let me know. Great app. Also, I paid for a year and work offshore quite a bit with limited or terrible internet. Any chance there’s a way to use it offline? If not, is that something that might be in the works. I get that if it’s a month to month, it might not be possible, but I think a year paid in advance would allow a function of offline use.
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4 years ago, SpacemanLou
From beginner to pro in no time
I have been shocked by the progress made with this app after using it for three months. This is without previous experience on the guitar or musical instrument. The lessons are broken down simply for beginners and progressively get harder only when the learner is ready to move on. Don’t let mot mastering a lesson prevent you from moving forward. Moving forward is the only way to unlock new songs. T he variety of songs grows and becomes more complex which means you’ll practice consistently. You can always go back and practice those 60sec chord changes. So far stuck at 40secs on most chords but enjoy learning songs on slow for now with the expectation that speed will come with time. Try it out! Practice on your own time. Simple and easy to learn
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3 years ago, ShantaJ.
Engaging, fun, but oh boy do my fingertips hurt 🤣
So II wanted to learn how to play the guitar for years. I tried it when I was a little bit younger and just didn’t have the correct instruction I needed to get very far. I have only been using this app for about a week and already I have learned several cords and can play along (at an obviously slower tempo) with several of the songs. I am addicted to this app and spend at least three to four hours on it at a time. Justin is absolutely phenomenal in his recommendations and lessons. He recommends for instance a specific pick for beginners. I bought some new ones finally yesterday and the difference is insane. Trust his process! I am only at Stage 2 but already I love it enough to wrote a review. More than worth the price you pay for full access.
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2 years ago, Mynicknameisntanicknameatall
I like it
I’m still in my trial week but I like it. I’m pretty new at the guitar. I tried another app, Gibson, but quit after a few months. I didn’t like how the Gibson app felt like a video game and I didn’t feel like I learned how to play music outside the app. It kind of stressed me out too. I currently have both a guitar teacher and also use Justin’s app. I like how he has informative short videos and is kind and encouraging. There’s a lot of rote work with some fun things that sound good to keep me going. The practice songs tie into the lessons and are challenging enough. I plan on signing up. My real life teacher gives me more accountability, can answer my questions, and is quite nice but more expensive. I hope get the best of both worlds by using the app and having a live teacher.
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4 years ago, kitcokev
Finally! A real and methodical approach to learning guitar.
There is a lot of stuff on the net but what I have found with Justin is that he not only knows his way around the six string but has the gift of teaching. Just because a person can play an instrument doesn’t make them a great teacher. With Justin, you have both. Even though I’ve never met him personally, I consider him my personal instructor. The app is great and worth every penny, and with Justin’s commitment to always honing his teaching and playing skills you can count on him to bring new content to this app, develop others for more enhanced learning, and always bring to this world a greater understanding of what it means to be on the journey of musicianship. Thank you Justin, for giving me a path of learning that keeps me excited to learn!
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4 years ago, IamOTW
Mostly a website aggregator with guitar hero functionality
This app is mainly an aggregator of the videos on Justin’s website. Yes, it follows a progression like the site, but the site has a lot more content. The big disconnect between the app and the site is around song playing. The app has a play along feature that is reminiscent of guitar hero. If you want to learn how to play the song, you’ll need to go to the website and watch the video. The site lacks the guitar hero type functionality so in this regard, the app and site compliment each other. The app would be much better if it included the song tutorial videos. Other things that the app leaves out: too much to list. Go to Justin’s website to see all that’s missing. Finally, I am annoyed that I can’t switch between my iPhone and iPad and have everything synced. If I do lessons on one device, I have to manually tag them as completed on the other device.
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3 years ago, Edwin Llera
Justin is Amazing!
A while back I decided to pick up a guitar and try to learn. I didn’t want to pay for in person classes and stumbled upon Justin Guitar and loved it immediately. Because I am impatient, I didn’t have much confidence in my ability to play and tried to cut corners, after about a year I got frustrated that I felt like I still didn’t know how to play as well as I wanted so I started paying for two different apps. The apps worked well but I felt like I was hitting a wall again so went back to Justin and honestly after going through most of the beginner course again (still working my way through it), I truly believe if I wasn’t impatient and actually listened to his guidance the first time through, I would have progressed much quicker.
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2 years ago, reviewer...........
THANK YOU JUSTIN. But an app issue
I want to start by thanking Justin so much. He single handedly taught me how to play guitar and I’ve been playing for a whole year now and guitar abs opened up a lot of opportunists for me. For free. And for many others, absolutely nothing I can do to express how thankful I am. However, I don’t like this app much because there’s only 2 modules, and I can’t log in (which I payed the $10 subscription for and wanted a mobile experience without having to go to the website) I wish this app you could log in to your account like on the desktop website and continue to music theory course or others TL:DR: JUSTIN IS The BEST GUITAR TEACHER ever and a genuinely amazing human being. I wish you could log into the app and confine desktop progress especially as I’ve already payed $10 for the subscription. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Mr.hernandez sir
Wonderful resource
Both of my sons learned how to play using Justin’s website. They are now accomplished musicians. During the pandemic I picked up this app for the same reason a prisoner takes up whittling. I had tried Yousician but found it too cluttered. Justin’s lessons are clean, brief and useful. The practice is well laid out. The songs are wonderful. It’s like you all snuck into my house and wrote down my favorite albums. My ONLY problem is counting the chord changes during the drills. I’m computer literate enough to know this can be done by the app. I expect it’ll be introduced on a future update... For now, I just take rough guesses. I want to thank Justin for what he did for my sons. I look forward to the day I can do a “sing song” with them. Peace! ADDENDUM: After using this app daily for more than a month (I’m working slowly on stage 7) I’ve found gaps in the lesson flow that have me repeatedly going to the website. This is frustrating because the website is free and this app is not. I gladly paid the reasonable subscription- if only as gratitude for the resource Justin provided for my sons, and the rest of humanity - but I imagine that would be irritating to someone who isn’t already a fan.
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2 years ago, Codex
The best Guitar Course I’ve ever found
I began learning guitar at the age of 10. I’m 62 now. There were sometimes years (maybe decades) when I wasn’t playing guitar at all, and other times when I focused on various aspects like scales or fingerstyle playing. But I never really felt like I progressed in my overall guitar skills. I always fell into the classic “plateau” trap that so many of us fall into in our guitar journey. I’d pick up the guitar and not know what to practice at that moment. I didn’t have a structure or path to follow, so I’d play what was already familiar to me. I’d have a bit of fun, but I wasn’t moving forward. This JustinGuitar app is the first time I’ve ever felt like I’m developing well-rounded guitar skills. It’s a very structured, self-paced program. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, steelydanfan44
Long-time noodler on the guitar in my late 50s. Didn’t get serious until I retired about 2 years ago. Spent a lot of time learning things at various internet sites and bought some guitar books but something was missing, and that was structure. Been watching Justin on and off for ten or twelve years and liked his delivery so I decided to give it a go. I’m on stage 4 now and have actually learned quite a bit. But the main thing so far is the structured practice! I have played more chords in the last week than in all my years leading up to this. I do all of the exercises whether I think I know them or not and my playing has improved. I look forward to learning new thins as I progress and getting lots of great practice! I couldn’t be more pleased.
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4 years ago, Littledena75
Best virtual beginner system out there
Like many folks during this pandemic, I decided to learn to play guitar, so bought my first guitar in August and have worked my way through a few different online beginner systems, with varied success. I’m not sure where, but I came across Justin’s free videos and was immediately impressed. It only took me about a week to decide I was all in: I purchased this app, Justin’s beginner books, and have diligently followed along ever since. I’m now on stage 8, and put all the other Justin songbooks on my Christmas wish list. Needless to say I cancelled all the other learning systems and will stick with Justin from here on out. By far the BEST online system out there. (Btw I am a lefty with a lefty guitar, and have no problem following along, just transpose everything.)
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1 year ago, safty-first :)
App Rating
Adjusting guitar app is unbelievable and amazing. I’m just starting out as a left-handed guitar player and overtime. I learned right handed and felt like I plateaued. I’m excited to continue learning left-handed on my hundred dollar lefty ax from the pawn shop. Everything about the app is fantastic and easy to use. I can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing tool for learning guitar. I’ve been watching you Justin develop this tool for at least 10 years I bought your books early on but the development of your app and website is mind blowing. Check out Mighty Networks. It may be a good tool for use. For developing a subscription-based community. Just a little plug but I meant every word. Of what I just wrote. Peace, brother!🤙
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1 month ago, Awsomette
Best app for beginners and beyond
I started using this app to casually learn guitar at my own pace. I learned all the base chords and saved myself buckets of money on the beginner guitar learning. Once I got to a certain level I started with an in-person teacher to get more personalized instruction, but I always come back to this app for review of basics- and continuing on the path in between live lessons- I always get more tidbits when I watch the videos a 2nd time. Justin is a master at relating to the viewer and really breaking steps down so anyone can learn. Jump right in and go for learning guitar no matter how old you are- he's a spectacular teacher and this app is worth every penny!! Thanks Justin for being positive and fun with your instruction!😊🎸
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5 years ago, texas c-monster
Absolutely the best; it’s all you need!
I’m constantly amazed at how much Justin cares about teaching, and his attention to detail, and his genius for constructing a mind-blowingly comprehensive (and never dull) series of courses that walks through from complete beginner to serious advanced. Yes, a lot of teachers out there care, but Justin both cares and is a great teacher. As for comprehensive, he even produces short videos on countless small tangent areas that you’ll suddenly find yourself wanting to know about and then discovering that, yes, Justin has a video on that subject too (seriously, where else will you find a video about using loop pedals in an essential online lesson site?). If it’s guitar, Justin’s probably covered it and done a great job. Then there’s the value factor. You can’t beat it.
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3 years ago, SFfanIam
Second only to private lessons with Justin!
Actually, the advantage over private lessons, is the flexibility schedule. But this is an advantage of any guitar learning apps. So what sets Justin Guitar apart? Many things! The course is exceptionally well crafted and organized, to keep even the easily distracted and disorganized (yes, that’s me!) on track, engaged and most importantly, having fun. I have started many guitar courses over the years, from many different teachers, with many different styles. But I always eventually lost interest. Through Justin’s beginner course app, with its step by step flow and supporting tools and songs, I’ve finally managed to keep it up and progress further than ever before. Thank you Justin!
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3 years ago, eastermonster
Great way to learn Guitar
I’m an adult trying to learn guitar with no experience whatsoever. I was using another app but started to worry about my form and that I might be picking up some bad habits that would be hard to correct later. I’m doing the beginner course and Justin is so good at breaking things into easy to follow steps and explaining how things we’re doing now will lead to what we’ll learn next. While this app doesn’t have the ability to “listen “ to what you’re playing (aside from the tuner) it’s pretty easy to know when you’re not playing a chord correctly and he gives lots of tips on troubleshooting that in the lessons. This is a really fun and effective tool for learning at your own pace. Love it!
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5 years ago, the old guy ha ha
Simply the best!
Awesome I’m an old guy not my first attempt at the guitar but the most serious attempt. Being 60 and some stiff fingers I feel the need to learn to play more than ever before. I run a carpet installation business and primarily install new floors at senior living facilities. The homes have live singers from time to time and it’s all the same music. Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and even Pat Boone and of course the big band sounds from the 30s and 40s. I always joke that when I move in the music will be Clapton, Sabbath, and of course the Stones, and Led Zeppelin. And I want to be able to play along and with Justin’s help I believe this is a real possibility. So with that said Just thank you for giving young and old the opportunity to learn to play in a very easy and smart fashion. Simply the best!
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4 years ago, Beginning but Happy
JustinGuitar Takes You to a Higher Level
Being stuck at home because of the pandemic, I started looking for apps to help me take another stab at learning guitar. It was very confusing and potentially very expensive. Most of the apps made great claims about their teaching abilities but allowed me very little access to their content before hitting me up for money. I’m perfectly willing to pay a fair price to have an expert teach me, but I wasn’t willing to take a leap of faith before I knew if the app worked well for me. This app by contrast, allows you to try a bunch of lessons before making a decision to pay. Justin is a marvelous teacher who is clear and concise and has a great eye for important details. I am learning fast and very much enjoying the journey.
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5 years ago, Jakethah
Best I’ve found.
Justin’s materials are organized in a great way, he’s got the right amount of personality. He gives 100% of the lessons away on his site and just asks for donations. I have a ton of respect for that. The things the app adds on top of that: 1. A tuner I actually like more than the stand alone tuning apps I’ve downloaded (free) 2. The song practice interface that’s the same as four chords, but the songs are organized by what you’ve learned so far. That’s extremely helpful. 3. The chord change practice tool. It’s easy enough to replace with a pen and paper but the app keeps me honest and it’s nice to have the timer and metronome, and fingerings ready there when it’s time to run through them. The app probably has limited mileage, it seems built to be outgrown, I’ve used it about an hour a day for 2 months, I think maybe I have another 2 or 3 months left before I won’t be getting my money’s worth. At that point I’ll probably cancel and switch to donating on the site. Honestly this has been more useful to me than local lessons. Thanks for the hard work on the app guys. And thanks Justin for open sourcing your lessons!
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4 years ago, Keithbenedict
Great way to learn
I am an absolute beginner. At least, I was when I started with this course, but I can now play many songs with ease and continue to progress. The app is organized really well. There are too many songs to count and the app allows you to slow them down to make learning easier. Don’t be afraid to slow a song down. Even the greats do this to learn new material. One thing I don’t like is not having the ability to adjust the volume of the songs. I’m using an Xsonic Xtone and Tonebridge. The problem is, as I adjust the volume of my guitar up, it starts to distort. But I have to increase the volume of the guitar to cut through the instruments in the songs. I’d prefer to lower the volume of the music.
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4 years ago, tttthhiiiicckkk
really great app
I’ve been using this for the past 3/4 months now and I really like it. I’ve come a long way and it’s mostly thanks to this app. my one and only major suggestion - albeit one that is weird - is a request to have vocals for the tunes we play along to. I think it would really enhance the experience of the user and make playing along the songs that much more fun. It will also help us learn the songs faster if we can sing along to them — and what better way to learn the lyrics than hear someone sing it as we play. - Including little icons that tell us which chords make up each song would also be really helpful. That way, we can pick a song that has the chords we want to work on.
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2 years ago, retqwerbwj
Best guitar lessons around
I’ve been playing off and on for years, but never felt fully comfortable as a player and could not understand why. I started these lessons from the beginning as if I was a new player and by lesson 5 my confidence has skyrocketed. This course is extremely thorough and Justin covers everything in detail and doesn’t allow you to progress unless you have watched every video in the section. I have learned that I had previously greatly ignored strumming practice and the one minute chord change practices are brilliant. Highly recommend to any level player if you feel you have been left behind at intermediate or beginner levels.
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2 years ago, I got the Tank!
Great for people who think they don’t have time to learn guitar
I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar. I live out in the country, I work and I’m a mother. I wouldn’t have the time or money to do music lessons for myself right now. However, I stumbled on this app. Justin is SO encouraging and his lessons are short and palpable. He makes me feel confidence to keep coming back to the app and to just give it 10-20 minutes a day. I refer to him by first name when talking to my family member who is a guitar person. It’s kind of a joke now. But truthfully, he feels like a friend who genuinely wants me to do well. I’m so very grateful Justin put his expertise out into the world. Thank you!!!!
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4 years ago, John W. Oliver
Great Source of Learning
I’ve been using this app for a few months now, and it has been a reliable tool. The videos, exercises, and songs, have helped me make advancements in my playing I had not expected when I had picked the guitar back up. The app developers have done a good job with the making sure the app remains reliable. This all being said, the app is not the only part of the journey to be made. Justin’s website contains a lot of supplementary information, including newer lessons on the same subjects. Some would say those lessons makes these obsolete, but it is the exercises this app provides that makes it worth the month spent.
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5 years ago, Frustrated by the bugs
Just what I was looking for.
I was looking for a systematic online guitar tutorial that I could do at my own pace, that teaches chords, strum patterns, and picking patterns, plus how to read tabs, how to play songs, and how to play with other musicians. This is it, and you can try it for free. This app gives you opportunities to practice the online lessons, or you could use the premium membership as a stand alone program. The free version includes a series of beginner lessons, guitar tuner, dozens of karaoke style practice songs, and a chord change practice page (how many chord changes can you do in a minute?) Certainly worth downloading, and worth paying for if you're serious. Much less costly than private lessons.
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1 year ago, MrJoeBSr58
Just Wow!
I started playing with Friends when I was in the United States Navy in 1974. I am 66 years old now. They taught me cords only. We played songs like Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Gordon Lightfoot, and so on. A friend of mine wanted to learn how to play Guitar, he told me about Justin’s Guitar App. Well since I started using the app, it’s just been Wow! Little did I know how little rhythm I had. I always finger picked and never knew how to use a pick. So going through all the modules I am learning how to use a pick and strumming patterns. OMG I need to practice a lot, lol. Thanks Justin for taking the time to learn left handed. I kinda feel like I’m playing left handed with my strumming patterns I have no rhythm. It could be I have little to no memory left. Trying to tap my heel to the down strokes was just like you were saying about tapping your head and circling your stomach. I love learning to your methods. I was in awe with your yearly fee to use your app with all the songs. I’m just looking forward to seeing how my guitar playing will change in 3-6 Months. Mr. Joe B. Sr.
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