JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows

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JustWatch GmbH
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3 weeks ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows

4.71 out of 5
22.2K Ratings
3 years ago, ~Catt
Best app for tracking movies to watch!
This app is simple to use, beautifully designed, and completely solves for tracking movies and TV I have seen and want to see!!! My flow for picking something to watch and then casting it onto the tv is now a million times easier, faster, and more pleasant than it used to be. Previously, I hated browsing through each separate app’s lists on Netflix/HBO/Disney/etc, and it was always hard to see my favorites in a way that makes sense. Now, I love that I can quickly see my own list of movies (no annoying algorithms), filter my list by genre or years, and even filter which films are available on my services now (it’s a gamechanger!). Then I can even cast directly from the app to my TV, and skip the annoying interfaces of each individual app trying to feed me things I am not interested in. Thank you JustWatch for the huge quality-of-life improvement, it is very rare that an app makes me so happy with its simplicity and effectiveness!
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4 months ago, Nolacherie
Only Three Things Lacking
I’ve really enjoyed this app, and would give it 5 stars if only these three shortcomings were rectified: 1️⃣ Please add a ‘Notify Me’ button for films that have not yet hit streaming. I’ve seen a ‘notify me’ feature on some obscure films that none of my services are currently streaming, but I really, 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 want to see this feature available for new releases. 2️⃣ We need a way to delete watchlists that were created in error, or that we no longer want for whatever reason. I created some watchlists the first day I had the app that are entirely superfluous, and they provoke irritation each time I see them. If there is a way to do this that I just haven’t discovered yet, I hope the developers chime in here and set me straight. 😁 3️⃣ Please sort the watchlists alphabetically rather than according to date of creation. As someone with OCD - and I’m not alone in this - I compulsively organize things, which results in a large number of different categories/watchlists. (And once that feature has been added, you could really kick it up a notch by allowing us to order/reorder our watchlists as we see fit. An ‘edit’ mode with the ability to touch/hold and slide into a new position would be ideal. Thank you, developers, for this highly useful app!
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5 years ago, neodey
New update fixed the only problem
Love Just Watch. The app makes its very easy to see what’s available across all the services you have access to. Makes it super easy to browse, although you might be overwhelmed by the selection, you at least know all that’s available to you. Figuring out if you have to buy (or whatever) a movie is as easy as searching it’s name to see if it’s streaming anywhere. Prior to this update though, scrolling through titles was a nightmare. The slightest brush of your finger against an icon counted as you pressing it and took you to another page (Imagine scrolling through IG and every time you touched a picture it liked it). Not so bad except that when trying to return you’d also sometimes have lost your place in scrolling. And now that they fixed the biggest, and I think, only problem, this app is an easy five stars. Scroll through what’s new, popular, and bookmark this for later on this now perfect app 👍🏿
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4 years ago, Nick kids shahs
Excellent tool for a digital arts enthusiast
I’ve been using this service for about 2 years (web). It’s great to have an area where you can view all movies available to you. I like the general layout, movie posters and the “popular” browsing section. The movie suggestion system seems good, I don’t typically find myself impressed when it comes to getting suggestions for movies. I do browse the lists on the homepage but they are not always fruitful which is to be expected to an extent. One feature I yearn for is the ability to browse all movies by genre. This is possible on the “popular” page but it’s not intuitive. Anytime somebody mentions a show, I pull it up on here. It’s got everything you need to know about the movie/show including trailer videos. Overall if you’re a fan of tv and movies and frequently watch new, you should be using this service.
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10 months ago, shazam1976
Great app! Plus wishlist…
This app has made several things much easier for me. I started using this app to figure out quickly which if my paid services is airing the show I’m looking for. It’s great for that! Now I’ve transitioned to keeping track of my watchlist across all my service providers. I’ve tried the competitors, but so far this one is the best. If I had a wishlist for the developers it would be: 1) please allow me to order my own watchlist. I have a huge list of shows I want to watch and I wish I could designate myself a general watch order as some are way more high priority than others. Right now I add them to my “bucket” but sometimes they get lost down at the bottom of the list. 2) it would be SO cool if you added the ability to track friends shows here, similar to how the goodreads app works. I’m other words, when a friend watches a show and rates it highly, I’d love to know that so I could have the option to add it to my list.
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1 year ago, dhgoekesnsh
This App Has Rekindled My Love of Film
I believe I'm not alone in my perception that the quality of films has declined. However, I've come to realize that there are numerous outstanding films out there. The issue lies in streaming services' reluctance to promote lesser-known titles to the general public, who may not fully appreciate them. Thankfully, this app has helped me rediscover the sheer joy of cinema. To fully leverage its recommendation feature, I highly recommend investing the time to manually recreate your watchlist and library from all your other streaming services within this app. Doing so will provide the app with the necessary information to offer personalized recommendations. I couldn't be happier with the results. In just the past month, I've unearthed a treasure trove of incredible films that I would have never stumbled upon otherwise.
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4 months ago, Prez04
Needs bug fixes
I had used ReelGood for quite a while and moved to JustWatch and really loved it, but lately JustWatch has made their lists harder to manage and for the past several weeks the TV episode tracker hasn’t even been accessible; just an error screen. I’m assuming they use webhooks or APIs and they don’t always find or match correct information (for example, they struggle with Pokemon when some services split their seasons almost like different shows rather than seasons, so JustWatch doesn’t know they have the episodes). Also, a lot of shows have tons of episodes showing incorrectly (800+ episodes in season 1 of One Piece). It also sometimes shows Episode 1 of a new season for an episode as available in your up next on the tv episode tracker but that season doesn’t actually come out for many months. I’m trying to be patient while they work these bugs out, but we’ll see how long I can wait.
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7 years ago, Beedeekins
I Love this app!!
Makes my life so much easier when I want to sit down and watch some TV. I haven't had cable in over 20 years and stream everything through my Roku box, which is the very first one that came out. It does not have any special features. When I have time and want to sit down to watch TV I would have to open each streaming app individually, and search through it. It could take an hour or more to find what I want. Robbing that time from my viewing enjoyment and my life, but not anymore!!! Since I discovered this "Just Watch" app, I can easily find which apps carry the shows I what I want to watch. What used to take an hour or more has been reduced to just minutes. When new episodes or seasons of my shows come out, I can find which platforms are offering them for free, and which ones want my money.
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1 year ago, robbchadwick
JustWatch is just the best!
I have been going back & forth between JustWatch & several other apps for quite a while. Recently, TrakTV had a catastrophic crash which took them offline for days. Some data was lost. I couldn't believe they didn't do a nightly backup. Unfortunately, many TV / movie apps depend on TrakTV for their data. JustWatch saved the day! Evidently, JustWatch uses a different service. They were up & performing at their usual pace — no interruptions! This helped me commit to just one app — JustWatch! I immediately signed up for the Pro account. I don't plan to ever change apps again. No app is perfect. Even though, JustWatch is close, there is one thing on my wish list — original airdate / release date. It's not enough to remove a star for — but it is a feature that is sorely needed.
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3 years ago, Whowantsicecream
20 stars - get this app if you like movies or tv shows
I can’t say enough good things about this app. Every time I have thought, wow, wouldn’t it be cool if this app did X, I try a long press or swipe and discover it already does X. The interface is so smooth, and it is so tightly integrated with the streaming sites that I use, it may as well be a controller app on its own. The recommendation engine is great, surfacing movies that I haven’t seen and am interested in. I don’t know whether it’s because they don’t actually have a stake in selling or creating content, but the organization and thoughtful execution of design makes this app both a joy to use and highly functional. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching movies or tv shows.
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3 years ago, Toadsith
I love how the app is improving steadily — it does have some bugs though: click on a director's name on a movie and it shows all of their movies for a second then they disappear and it only says their name and when they were born, which you can click to read their bio. I'm also not able to rate TV shows season by season. For example, Season 1 of Preacher is excellent, season 2 ok, and I couldn't finish season 3 and heard 4 was worse. Also, why only thumbs up, seen, or thumbs down? (And why have seen separate, why would I rate it if I hadn't seen it?) — I'd rather a standard 5 or 10 star rating system so I could have some nuance in my ratings. Also wish I could have multiple watch lists, not just movies and TV, but like 70s Action Movies, Stuff Rachael Hasn't Seen, French New Wave Watchlist — or whatever else I feel like creating.
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1 year ago, adhdaf
Needs improvement
Just got it today and noticed some problems. U can’t search for actor info by searching for their name. U have to search for a movie they’re in then click on their name(no headshot pics besides their name for some reason) to bring up their profile and list of movies/tv shows they was in. Then it doesn’t even list the movies/tv shows for the actor in any sortable way(ie by date or alphabetical) so it’s hard to find what their most recent work is. No way to have a favorite actors list. Search feature is finicky, especially when searching for stuff that isn’t out yet. U basically have to enter exact whole title for that. No deaf closed captions on trailers. It also doesn’t list any release date for movies/tv shows, preferably the date it’s first released and date it’s released to streaming services would b great.
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3 years ago, danfinney
I loved this app then I got a new phone
UPDATE 1/4/20 I figured out what the issue was. At the top in light grey text, there is a filter for TV and one for MOVIES. My app was somehow set to TV where I had only 4 watchlist items. I toggled it back and forth a few times to the other setting ALL. Sometimes it will show the entire watchlist regardless of the filter setting (TV still shows all for instance) and sometimes the filter actually works. I am updating the review from 1 to 4 stars. This is a great app. The interface can be clunky sometimes. Original post: Once I logged into the app with my new phone, my watchlist that I had carefully been building with more than 200 movies was reduced to 4. Fine I thought. There were movies in the list that I was never going to watch (5 Godzilla movies, for instance). But now even when I add new movies to the watchlist it is just the same 4 movies previously in the watchlist. I cannot add any more. There is no Support nor Help feature to this app. I have recommended this app to so many people but I am stuck with only the option of the same 4 movies in my watchlist. Someone help me!!!!
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5 years ago, The Carlos Fuentes
Love it! ... 2 Requests
This has made my movie and series watching a 1000% better. It’s great to be able to search across services and see what’s new and popular. It takes all the work out of finding something to watch! First - it seems if there is a price filter, subscription services movies don’t show. If I have “subscription” type checked then those should show regardless of price since they are essentially free. I want to request to have 2 flags we can set on an item in a watchlist: “watched” and “own”. “Own” would work with types filter just like “subscription” - if that type is checked, movies marked “own” would show regardless of price since they are essentially free. As for “watched”, I’m not sure where it would go but it would be extremely useful to save movies I love to my watchlist and then when I want to select from just new stuff I haven’t yet seen, I could filter the “watched” ones out and when I want to see an old favorite I can filter to just the watched ones. That would make JustWatch the perfect tool for finding and picking a movie every time. PS: I’d pay more to have those additional features (in app purchase).
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5 years ago, avphd
Very Useful!
Just Watch almost always finds exactly what I’m looking to watch online correctly. Considering it’s free, I could never look this gift-horse in the mouth. I use the app about once a week on average when I want to find a movie or TV show online. It’s been right every time when the title isn’t duplicated for more obscure TV in particular. Even then, while it might point to one streaming subscription service incorrectly, it still points to another correctly and saves me a lot of time not to mention money. It’s fantastic to check this app just before I am finally ready to purchase a video and discover that it’s just started streaming since last week on one of the video streaming services to which I already subscribe.
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7 months ago, Aaron Forever
What happened?
App just updated with a bunch of new features and types of lists (who cares) but it no longer sorts my continue watching list by most recent show/next episode to watch? I rotate shows instead of binging across about 10 different streaming services and the old sort was handy for moving onto my next show/episode. Now it appears that I can only sort my continue watching by whatever metadata they have for a show, not moving them up or down the list when I check off an episode. Put it back!!! This would gave formerly been a 5 star review! UPDATE. they fixed it less than 24 hours later. thank you!
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1 year ago, Erelon
Useless for tv, maybe ok for movies
With so many streaming service, I’m looking for an app to help me track the shows I want to watch - both new episodes of current shows and old shows to binge. While it seems fairly accurate for old tv, it is a disaster for new tv. New episodes seem to show up on the list in about a 72 hour window around when they’re actually on. This has alternately caused me to search for things that aren’t available yet, and have a friend ask me what I thought of an episode I didn’t even know was available. Some shows don’t get updated at all - one that I watch started a new season weeks ago, but there’s no sign of it on this app. I didn’t try using this for movies. I find a sticky note (or few) is just fine for that. But for tv, many apps I’ve tried are far better. Try something else.
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2 years ago, Anne'sAccount
One of my most useful apps
I found out about this app a few years ago from Reddit and it is prob one of my most useful apps! This app is amazing if you have multiple streaming platforms. Not only does it save time to look up where you can watch something it also shows you the whole catalog for just your platforms! You can select all the platforms you have for easy viewing of what’s been recently added! I’ve never had an instance where it was wrong either. I recommend it to anyone with more than one streaming platform. I like when it used to be ad-free but honestly the ads are like two seconds so that’s not even bad.
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3 years ago, Bar Harbor guy
Not as great as advertised.
All these reviews telling how great the app is are clearly written by either paid reviewers or employees. What loads of bull feathers they are shoveling. I spent quite a lot of time telling the app the movies I had seen, the types I liked and didn’t. The services I use. First recommendations were for movies already seen and on a service I don’t have. The next round I specifically asked where it was and picked out one of my services. Not there. Today when I opened it, they offered to deliver a better service for a monthly fee. Well that’s not gonna happen. I’m giving you 3 simply because it is a decent place to get ideas, but I know accuracy is no longer part of the equation. Just don’t keep asking for a raise until you can demonstrate you are worth it.
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4 years ago, Meganliz85
Awesome app for streaming!
I am thrilled with this app. I’ve always spent more time looking for what to watch than actually watching something. JustWatch makes that sooo simple. With the filters I can see what’s available, where it is, and I can save things in my watch list. The filters work on my list too! Most apps like this mush together all price points. Here I can search for free to watch stuff and my free with subscriptions at the same time! Honestly I can’t even articulate how much time this has saved me. Also I find I am watching much better quality stuff now because I can filter through the d level movies that are the majority of free streaming. Amazing product!!!
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6 years ago, D. Hill
Just Watch
Just Watch is a comprehensive Film and TV guide application that allows you to manage how you want to watch content. Whether you want to see what’s streaming, available to purchase, discount on a purchase, what’s playing at theatres or just what titles are popular and new Just Watch can help you. Setup is quick and easy as you choose what providers and services you want to provide you with content availability. After that you are free to search and save content to watch later. The design of the app is conducive to all the information that is presented so it is not cluttered and easy to read. Navigation is done by the bottom tabs that take you to the section that you want. Just Watch works well as a TV guide for the streaming age.
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2 years ago, magsmamma
Love it, but needs work
This app is the best source for you to see everything that’s streaming on all the channels and apps you have. So, great! Now, the problems. Loads very slowly when you’re scrolling, freezes at times. The whole season episode thing isn’t reliable. I often watch multiple series at once and lose place as to what episode I’m on, so it’s great in theory for it to track it for you, but it doesn’t always work. Also, some series seasons end but you know they’ll be another coming. There’s no way for you to keep that series on your watchlist except to re-enter it so you’ll know when a new season starts. If these issues can be resolved and the app improved, it will be invaluable to folks like me who watch way too much TV.
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2 years ago, Monster maker 2345:
Exactly what I want
I’ve been using this app for years. It is simple, easy to navigate, and solves a modern problem with elegance. You can easily see what shows are available on what streaming services, mark what movies and shows (even specific episodes!) you’ve seen, and “like” or “dislike” them. It is the only option at the moment to “connect” your watchlist from every streaming platform to one place. If your like me and can’t remember if you watched something or liked/disliked it, this app makes it a breeze to check. They have pretty great suggestion lists, and let you know what was recently added to your platforms. You can even filter shows and movies throughout the app by their by genre, IMDb rating, release year, runtime, Age Rating, Production Country, and more. Download this app, you won’t regret it. Some features are locked behind their “Pro” subscription, but it’s only about $2.50/month and is more than worth it for the features. Heck, it’s worth it to simply support this app.
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2 months ago, Hepcat B
Best App, Just Two Requests
I’m updating my review, just as JW has updated their app, now better than especially ability to make personal lists with your custom names. IF ONLY they could be listed alphabetically and / or by an edited order of your choosing. Then personal playlists would lack nothing. OTHER request, Apple TV App had long needed update as it doesn’t show personal lists, only main Watchlist. There are workarounds to make it function well but where better to browse all lists than on the TV you watch it on. Much desired compatibility. But overall brilliant!
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2 years ago, OldeMan
Wonderful (but occasionally crashes)
OK … my wife and I have used Watchaid for years. It was a fantastic app for keeping track of shows we were watching, automatically launching the correct app to see each episode, etc. But… it’s support has always been a bit shaky… and it’s become increasingly unreliable. JustWatch is a wonderful replacement … does everything Watchaid did for us and more. I’ve entered all of our shows, current and going back many years — I wanted to see how “complete” it was — and it covered every show I tried (150’ish). Only one gripe: It crashes periodically. Going along great, and then *poof*, it’s gone. Looks like it needs a bit of stability-work.
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1 year ago, macktruck44
A Solid Movie/TV Show Rating App
It’s a good app for keeping track of ur favorite shows and movies. However, this most recent update, for some strange reason, removes the user rating average from each show/movie page. Personally, I love to be informed of such data. Without it, we only have the IMDb rating. I can get that using the ReelGood app. While I appreciate how they moved the IMDb rating to the top of the page, I simply do not appreciate how they got rid of the JustWatch score, especially since I found the JustWatch score to be a fairly reliable indicator of whether I personally would like/love a show/movie. Without the JustWatch score, I might well have no use for this app any more, and might just revert back to solely using ReelGood again.
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2 years ago, HighlandsBoy
Good at its primary function
Definitely a must-have for navigating the myriad streaming options to find a film/show. I always found it odd that the ubiquitous IMDb doesn’t have this baked-in, but Just Watch fills-in admirably. I made the mistake, however, of contributing to their ratings systems for films. Mistake, because after months of spending a moment to rate things I’ve seen I noticed one day that none of those ratings have stuck. Why bother? Further, if I re-rate anything I’ll see a note telling me I’ve rated it while the thumbs-up icon remains unselected, appearing to not reflect the rating. Here’s hoping their incompetence delivering secondary features never ruins the primary ones.
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1 year ago, ZoyaBee
Almost perfect
This is my go-to app for keeping track of films and TV shows that I want to watch. I can sort by genre, by service that streams the movie, etc. I pay month to support this one because I find the app very useful. The feature that once worked but no longer does is the “sort by length” button. Yes, hitting that button sorts the list, but the longest films end up on top, and that’s no use to me when I’m looking for a short film before I go to bed or get working on something else. The sort feature used to work well, and although I’ve sent the developers two messages requesting a fix, it has not been fixed yet.
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4 years ago, JaxJunior
Amazing 🙌, Could look a little nicer 😅 4.7!
I THANK YOU!! You did amazing work on this because it lets me see exactly what any or all services have released recently in a very simple form even when the actual services don’t and you can see the last couple of releases with the days they were released for each service, I mean just WOW in my opinion lol, this should have been released or pointed out a long time ago so thanks. I even do it with services I don’t have so if I see something I like I can still check it out. Also I can just click the link if I have the service and it takes me right to the app!
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3 years ago, EvilDrJerkberg
Used to work Great, not any longer
This app used to be great. I used it for all my watch lists for a long time. However, it’s been slowly getting buggier and buggier. It no longer syncs properly. I can’t log out. Streaming services do not accurately display for shows. My watchlist scrolls forever, repeating my content over and over. Maybe something is corrupt, but if I delete the app I lose everything and have to start over since it hasn’t sync’d. On top of that want a monthly subscription for $2.50 to disable ads and provide a few extra filters? This app doesn’t even support multiple lists/categories (like me, me and my wife, our entire family). Everything has to be managed from a single list, which gets messy. It doesn’t work well enough to use for free. It certainly isn’t worth a monthly fee.
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4 years ago, howdogmatic
Incredible app, beautiful execution
I have never written a review for an app before but as I used JustWatch for the one thousandth time I figured it was owed. It is a beautifully designed app with a simple yet intuitive interface. The ease of searching any show or movie and quickly having the streaming services you use makes watching media of any form in this digital age an absolute breeze. I have never used an app more reliable, or one that has brought so much utility to my leisurely activities. Thank you JustWatch team for all you have done and continue to do!
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2 years ago, brawdus
Useful app, but buggy
JustWatch is great. I use it pretty much daily to find movies I want to stream. The app does a good job of finding most movies but sometimes movies that are old, foreign, or unpopular don’t show accurate results if they show up at all. There’s also this annoying bug that happens when you look at a director or actor’s name. If you press a person’s name the app will show you all the movies it can find made by that person. However, if you select a movie from that list then swipe back to the list it will just show random movies and tv shows under the person’s profile. The app didn’t always do this.
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4 years ago, FreePlax
Used to be a 5 star app
Used to be a very valuable tool for me but it’s basically stopped working, on my iPad. Whenever I go to the New Releases section, the screen turns white and “resets.” Occasionally, it will work for a few minutes but usually, it just keeps going white. I've written them a few times to let them know and they haven’t responded to me, at all. Total bummer. I get it’s a free app but unfortunately, I paid for a Letterboxd premium account because they integrated their app with JustWatch. Now it doesn’t work for me. Another problem I had is that I was logged out of my account and when I tried to sign in, it said my password was incorrect even through I’m 100% sure I was using the correct one. I requested, many times, to update my password but I never received the email to do so. Had to create a new account and lost my watchlist.
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2 years ago, whiskybywire
Could be Better
This app isn’t horrible, but it does two things that are particularly annoying. The list of new titles frequently includes some that were already on the listed channel. And the app rarely provides a description of a movie or show. And see if the app makers don’t blame this on data input from the channels themselves. TV guide provided show descriptions for a 1000 unique tv markets for half a century without the kinds of lapses this app has. If they could do this well with snail mail information transfers and coordination with a 1000 local print shops the app makers can certainly do this with a few hundred channels and one target data set. For some reason they just don’t want to.
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6 months ago, Heygirrrl22
Used to be my “Go To”
This used to be my Go To streaming guide to see what was new on all of my streaming channels, wanted to figure out what to watch from my Saved list or find recommendations I never would have thought of otherwise. Now majority of what is shown to me is not in my preferred language & you want me to pay for a subscription to filter that? Umm…no. While I do enjoy shows/movies from other countries, most of the time I’m going to stick to my 1st language & I think it’s safe to assume most people would agree. I’ve had this app for several years, used to refer to to it several times a week & now will open it a few times a month but am usually disappointed every time. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
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4 years ago, Dmjackson18
Nice resource w/ audio bug
Just started using it. Love that I can scroll for interesting shows/movies in one place. The main reason I downloaded it is that I have 7 streaming services and i need to find the service that streams my show/movie for free (or no additional charge outside of subscription). I’m still exploring it, but I notice a bug that’s quite annoying. No audio plays unless you route audio through headphones. My husband and I tried on our iPhones iOS 14.1 and couldn’t get the trailers to play audio. By chance my husband switched to headphones and it worked, but again, switching back to iPhone (as audio output) results in silence while the trailer plays. If this audio bug is fixed, I’d rate higher
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6 years ago, BradGad
Super Handy: Does One Thing Well
I haven’t had cable for decades. I have subscriptions to a number of streaming services, but the roster changes every now and then. We have a Roku TV. If you’re sitting at the TV you can do a fairly comprehensive search of what’s available thru Roku, but this is so much easier. You don’t have to be sitting at the TV, and it’s much better for exploring what’s on services you might not currently be subscribed to. There are a very few good apps that bundle a lot of related functionality, but to my mind of the best apps are ones like this: apps that fill a specific need and do it well.
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2 years ago, Releq
Some polish please
First of all, I LOVE this app. There isn’t anything I’ve found that that does what it does so we’ll. That being said, I use an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the text often gets jumbled or overlaps with my clock and WiFi/cellular/battery icons which somehow freezes up the ‘back’ button, among other relatively minor bugs. I’ve held off on reviewing in hopes an update would clear the issue but we are on upgrade number four since this started and the it’s STILL doing it, sadly. Squash that bug and I’ll 5 star you in a heartbeat. Also, I’m pretty sure my coworker is this apps creators friend.. Chris Z. says hi, Mr. JustWatch creator!
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1 year ago, Sudlersville
Tell All of Your Friends
I use Just Watch every day. It’s essential for chord cutters and frequent streamers. If you remember a movie and wonder if it’s available to stream somewhere, or you want to see where the latest cool film is, Just Watch gives you all of the info you need in seconds. It also provides the IMDB and MetaCritic ratings (a feature I’d like to see expanded. IMDB is weak) It ALSO has the option to set a reminder for when movies come to (or come back to) streaming. Seriously- tell your friends about it. They will think you’re a genius!
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4 years ago, iHeartPodio
I Use It Everyday
It’s a great, simple way to find out what’s available on the streaming services you subscribe to. They have a list of every possible streaming site you can imagine and it seems like they add new ones every day. The nice thing is you can just choose the ones you want and it puts them in a nice list for you by date of release. Also, they have descriptions and ratings for the tv/movies listed like IMDB does. I highly recommend downloading this app is you like to keep up with all the current content especially since there is so much available nowadays.
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2 years ago, DigmasterFunk
Poor Update
The new look JustWatch is poor in comparison to the previous version. A single column view in the details page makes for more scrolling to get to the information you are looking for, previously the details page was split into two columns. The pages are now cluttered with seemingly no thought gone into the design. Movies and shows added to your watchlist sometimes do not show up even though they are marked as being in your watchlist. Some incorrect or missing data as to which services a movie is streaming on. Do we really need an entire section dedicated to sports while both movies and TV are grouped into the same watchlist? Does this really get so much use? Overall the new look JustWatch is stunningly bad when compared to the old version.
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1 year ago, William Harford
Almost Perfect
Two things would make this app perfect: a filter with a range of reviews and a “leaving soon” tab. When sorting by IMDB score, some films have a few reviews and high rating, and will appear next to a film with many reviews and a similar rating. For example, The Shawshank Redemption (1994) has a 9.3/10 and 2.7 million reviews; while, 12 Angry Men (1957) has a 9.0/10 and 804 thousand reviews. Also, I often miss the chance to watch some films, because I have to look through my entire watchlist. A feature to sift through my watchlist and see only the films that are leaving soon would be great.
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4 months ago, duke__fan
The Best Where To Find & Stream Your Favorite Movies/Tv Shows App
This is the best app for finding out where to stream your favorite Movies & TV Shows. Simple and Intuitive interface that makes finding out where you can stream your favorite Movie that you’re thinking of or your favorite TV Show that you want to watch. Streaming services change what they stream all the time. This app makes it easy to keep up with those changes and find out where your favorites can be watched.
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4 years ago, rojo25
Too many problems & Developers don’t seem to care
Despite numerous errors in title availability, this app I found helpful as a one source tool to search and keep track of most streaming services. Usually checking in everyday since we cut cable, I appreciated many of the features this app provides, though I would often get annoyed with some of the same problems other users have mentioned, that JustWatch has yet to fix. Most annoying was wrong titles being shown as available, but were not (usually because there was a same/similar title). It’s unfortunate that not every streaming service/app is available. Frustrations from limited sorting options with erroneous results kept happening. Still found it helpful to try to ignore. Now, however, there are very frequent bright white flashes occurring on the screen and each time it refreshes whatever you were doing, making it impossible to browse anything. I contacted JustWatch more than two weeks ago, never received a reply, and no new updates with a fix has followed. Sooner or later someone will come along with a better apo like this. Here’s hoping its sooner!
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2 years ago, Berezaku
Hi. I’m an older lady - so tech challenged- who is excited to use your app to find shows to watch. A couple of things: how can I choose which genres I want you to show me are available? I don’t want to have to scroll through all science fiction, goth horror, outer space, etc, in the Home Screen to find what I want to watch; and going through your FAQ is frustrating as there is no back button and instead I have to start all over again by choosing the home tab on the bottom of the screen and going to find the FAQ area! Back to the genre question. Somewhere in my exploring of your app I came across a screen which asked me to choose what I liked from multiple multiple movies/shows. I did that but somehow touched the sport tab instead before saving and then lost all the work of making my choices because I could not find the window I had been working in! Help the elderly here please! Thank you PS This was sent in an email 6 days ago. I’ve had no response so am posting it here.
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1 year ago, imhoReviewer
Version 23.9.5 Requires Account for lists
What they didn’t say before you updated to version 23.9.5 is they now require an account to use lists - boooo, keep as much functionality uninhibited to maximize usage. If I wanted to create an account, don’t you think I would have by now? Forcing me to create one means one less user, likely I’m not the only one, so many less users. The key to account creation, if that is indeed your goal, is to make people want to and not have to, then you get all the users that ever would create an account to by wanting to and still keep all the ones who never would create an account because they don’t need to - maximum usage, which should be the actual goal of any truly successful app.
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4 years ago, Julieannehamm1068
Still not fixed hasn’t been working for a year
When you search for a topic like Christmas to get all of the Christmas movie results it will only show maybe 20 or 30 when it is suppose to show all results. This is so disappointing. It used to show 1200 movies. I’ve told you so many times over and over again by customer service but now I’ll just leave a review so you will get only a 2 or 3. Why not fix this? It’s been over a year and still not fixed? If I go to the online version I will get all of the results but not on the iOS version please fix it. It’s very frustrating especially after a year of contacting you,
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4 months ago, mrcottymo
Not as good as it used to be
Sadly this app has gotten worse as the time has gone by. It used to be user friendly. And you used to be able to track and browse around it very easily. But that’s no longer the case. It seems like the more “features” they add, the more convoluted the app has gotten. The lists to keep track of your shows used to be very straightforward. Now it has other options that seem unnecessary. More is not always better. Also, it doesn’t seem to update at times. Especially when it comes to shows. I can’t seem to find some of the newer shows.
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9 months ago, 007JMS
Scrolling watchlist is glitchy
I've been using the app for a few years and still appreciate the functionality. However, with the last several upgrades, I've noticed a consistent glitch when I scroll through movies in my watchlist. As I scroll, the screen seems to jump back and forth rather than smoothly scroll forward. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the issue continues. Odd that scrolling through my saved TV shows is fine; the problem only affects the list of movies.
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5 months ago, David Vasquez
Recent redesigns took away what drew me to it in the first place
So let me start off by saying as an app which shows you where to go for a specific show, you can’t beat it. It serves its purpose. However, I originally picked up this app because it would recommend shows to me to watch across all of my streaming services. It helped me pick shows that I would enjoy. The more shows I rated, the better it seemed to be at suggesting things for me to watch. This is always the difficulty I have when sitting down to watch TV — what will I enjoy watching?? This app was great at answering that question. Unfortunately the “recommended for you” area seems nowhere to be found since the redesign. In its place is simply categories I can find on all my streaming services already. It almost feels redundant now, except that it’s faster to scan through. Sadly the primary reason I use the app is now gone, which leaves me looking for an alternative. 😔
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