K.J.V. Holy Bible

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for K.J.V. Holy Bible

4.86 out of 5
338.9K Ratings
5 months ago, Zia/Boo
Bible Review
All I can say is that I was somewhat a late bloomer coming to the Bible on an app. I never had an iPhone for the longest time. I was afraid and insecure regarding the thought of letting go of my landline. Silly as it may seem, it was absolutely ok for me to always have an actual copy of the Bible with me: at home and to take wherever I traveled. And then along came my iPhone, application of apps and the ease at which I could reference all things. My friend helped me post the Bible App on my Home Page and I then started getting used to using it. I’d like to think I’ve moved from Novice-to-expert, but that would be incorrect. What I do know is that I love the ease at which I can just read the Bible and I love how I can quickly navigate to the sources I want to find when I’m in my Bible Study Group. This is a wonderful app and often is the “peace and lift” I need during any given day.
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3 years ago, _|£zuz is Lord
The Word of God in my pocket until in my heart
I have only recently (5 yrs) made a serious effort to "study" and search the word of God. I've read the Holy Bible but not done Bible Study. There were often times when I would read my daily devotion and I was at work or really anywhere but at home and tell myself I need to reference that scripture once I get home and only actually did reference it 10% of the time. Now? BAM! I can reference it immediately. There is an enormous amount of technology/information out there right now in the world. So much so that the old phrase "SEEING IS BELIEVING..." is no longer true... the more I read the word of God I see that the saying has changed for me... "BELIEVING IS SEEING..." is more accurate these days. This APP is easy to use even for a guy who is all "thumbs" like me. Thanks! Great APP
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5 years ago, Genny Bean
Review 😍😩👏🏼💛🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
This king James version bible app really helps me focus while reading, it’s portable so when school starts when I have breaks Between classes or when Im done my school work I can read and take notes anywhere! The app is actually fun to me too, just depends on the reader and how interested you are in the bible ;) Read the word of God then share it with your friends ,family and even strangers, the more souls in heaven the less pain and suffering ppl have to come in hell for them :(, Keep winning souls for Jesus in the right and Loving way!!!! Jesus is coming soon so please read the word of God and spread the good news that Jesus is coming back and his Gospel!!!! ~•~ Much Love God Bless you all who read this and more!!!! May God give you life and life more abundantly each day, more wisdom, knowledge and discernment!!!! 💜🙏🏼
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4 years ago, supergirl847
Lord follower ✝️
I love this app! It helps me so much when I don’t have my bible and I look in my pocket and there it is on this app. Also I can use it at church and other places it is super helpful and makes me feel good. Like today my gramma went to the hospital and they did some things to her and that was scary I was sent to the lobby with my brother and not knowing what was going to happen so I went to this app as soon as I could and after reading it it let me know everything was going to be ok and one week later she was held! All thanks to the lord and this app with out this app teaching me and reminding me to pray who knows what could had happened but I know that it was also the lord but still I love this and would recommend it to anyone and I rate this a 5 star app.
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10 months ago, DrVonSari
Advertisements? Why?
I’m surprised that the churches can’t come together and pay whatever it would cost to make the Holy Bible King James Version not have advertisement interruptions. I just think it’s important to read without interruption because for me personally, I first pray to understand what I’m about to read, I try to get in a meditative state I’ve heard called reverence, and the ads really are disruptive. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints buys companies that sell products that go against their own “Word of Wisdom” aka Pepsi, but it won’t negotiate something with you? I think you should get your best salesman an appointment with The Quorum of the 12, or the President himself and just let them know that would be a worthy use of the tithing they gather from people of the faith that’s religion is based in part on this sacred text. Please?
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2 years ago, Mommy Glory
The Holy Bible
Bible is truly the living Word of GOD! After reading it over for 21years, I can testify ALL the WORDS of the Bible are true! But it baffles me many people are yet to believe in this Book of Life! There are many unbelieving believers all around the globe! For all the promises of God in Him are yea and Amen in Chris Jesus! Anyone that read this but not born again should stop now; and do the following: 1. Thank God for everything, acknowledging your sin according to Roma. 3:23, 1John 1:7 2. Believe and confess Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Roma. 10:9 3. Love the Lord as in John 3:16, Deut. 10:12, Matt. 22:37-40. Do this in all sincerity 4. Be born again as written in John 3:3,5,7 5. Get baptized and start studying the word as written in 2Timo. 2:15. Be doers of the word and you’re on your way to heaven!
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2 years ago, ireneeo
I like having the Audio Word of God playing in background
Of course reading and meditating on the written word of God is important, and I use this app to do that, too, but this time of year, when some of us are trying to cover a lot of Biblical ground as we catch up on our “Read the Bible in a Year” plans, being able to multitask while listening to the book of Revelation is a great help. I like that the audio keeps on going at the end of a chapter to the next chapter, without the listener having to tell it to. My only suggestion is that there be some visual clue that scrolling DOWN moves from Matthew through Revelation — at first I was unsuccessfully trying to get there by swiping right.
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3 years ago, Aether Detroit Bleu
Search The Scriptures
What good is your phrase or passage search if it doesn’t work? One day you people are going to learn the value of user friendliness and simplicity of functionality when it comes to technology... if it doesn’t work simply its too complicated bottom line folks I shouldn’t have to go through every book of the Bible to find a passage ...if your app is supposed to make it easier... please explain to me why you all have a love affair with confusion? Your products should all be as equally easy to operate by both the elder and the child ( and make a separate one for all the cosmiccomplexicologists out there) please and thank you... may The Lord Add A Blessing To The Reading Of His Word...
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2 years ago, JamMunster12
Jamie Pults’ Experience & Opinion
I really enjoy this app It gives u so many amazing options to basically kinda personalize yer Bible by being able to highlight yer favorite verses & choose a color u wnt to use, & it saves all yer highlighted verses for u & is very easy to access all its perks for easy, fun, enjoyment m!!! U can also choose to change the background color, font color, font size & the font itself!! It has a Daily verses , & u can choose for YouVerse to send u reminders to read the daily verse, & has options to where u can choose wat time is best for u to receive the notifications/Daily verse!! I also LOVE how u have the personal option to use the audible version; so if yer vision is not the best, or it’s just one of them days where u DNT EVN feel like gettn out of bed, let alone, reading anything at all but kno u need & WANT to; u can choose which chapters & verses u want to be read aloud to you; which is pretty awesome, neat, & very handy!!!! Just an overall, RLLY great use of the app for staying connected with yer faith & God!!! I DEFINITELY WULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL/EVERYONE, AS WELL AS ANY OF THE OTHER RLLY AMAZING YOUVERSE BIBLE APPS
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9 months ago, Skip 750
It’s the Bible. Kj version amd
And it will read the Bible to you. I’m not a great reader so I put it on blue tooth in the car or headphones if I’m working around the house. No longer feel like I can say I’m a Christian. Or try and help someone spiritually if I don’t know the Bible. And most of all the churches today you will not hear about the entire Bible. I want to know from beginning to the end times. Ur only going to get that from the Bible! If I believed what preacher say. I would believe that we’re going to be rapture before the tribulation, because that is what I was told by a preacher, but that is simply not true. Because I will believe what the Bible says. Not a man no feel good Bible story. No Foltz doctrine just the Bible.
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5 years ago, Aunty Zee
Spiritual growth
Appreciation. Attitude of gratitude and. Aloha, pure love and trust in god. We choose to be spiritual people. Hawaiian’s are precious people. Sweet, kind, helpful, caring talented. They give from the heart and they are warriors, please don’t hurt them. We appreciate the HolyBible for which I am writing this review. It helps all people who can appreciate the sincere love it chooses to express. Following and choosing spiritual guidance is our way of life. Corrupt governments exited in The HolyBible. They exist now. Please stand up against evil the HolyBible says: What is not yours. Do Not Take It. Hello how simple is that? If anything that doesn’t belong to you, do not steal it. Stop. All Corruption. Now. I pray Aloha is in your hearts. Read the HolyBible to lead you, guide you. Be one with God. Mahalo Keakua. Aunty Zee of. Hilo
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5 years ago, ITrySUPERHard
It’s all there
The app works fantastic doesn’t do any ads and it’s free what else could you ask? The high light feature often causes it to crash. Honestly the app seems to crash in frequently when using any of the features other than just reading. The app is easy to navigate in the chapters are easy to navigate as well. The search feature is surprisingly good. Doesn’t cause the at the crash unless you search many many times in a row. The app follows the basic principles lay down by our Father in the very book that it helps you read thank you for this gift and the work that you put into it the Father sees it and knows it is good.
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3 years ago, 2021nancy
My journey in the Bible
I am interested to read the Bible, but most of the time I feel lazy and put it for next time. I would like to be more focus and organize in my journey of learning and discovering God love and miracles. My special moments with the Lord has been very interesting, challenging and uplifted. I really enjoyed those moments and I sometimes do not want it to end. The more I read the Bible, I discover myself in the journey of God love for me and how he wants to use me for his glory. I am so happy to know that God loves me so much. I know that God have gifts for all is children, reading the Bible and listening to his words help me discovering some of the gifts he gave me that I know.
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9 months ago, i dont ha.ve
Copy paste
I have several editions of this and do enjoy it but I need to share some things your need to fix. 1; on the free app once you highlight a scripture you can’t go back to copy and paste it . This is really bad when I’m trying to stare a verse with a nonbeliever over text. 2, the pro version when you copy a very and paste it gives a chapter that’s wrong or doesn't-exist or wrong the book and chapter are right but always wrong chapter 3 we should be able to write or note easier like when we do with out normal bibles. Adding notes here are not helpful. Need to create a better idea.
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1 year ago, Hunkle Kenny
Bishop Ken Bolin
I have always had the blessed opportunity to pray 🙏🏻 read The Precious Word of God. When I am on the highway or just when I need a quick need to get the very best info. Anyone will ever need to stand in theses day’s that are peerless’ troubling’ wickedness. Of men who have turned their back’s on Our Heavenly Father and Our True Savior Jesus Christ. Becoming reprobates minded hatred’s of Our God and every word that tells us to abstain from. America 🇺🇸if We The People know the biblical truth then it’s time to Pray. As Never Before. STOP playing The Part of A Men or Women of God. Take Your Stand Against the wickedness’s of satan’s work and Those I Power In Our Nation.
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11 months ago, Jovinthecoolguy000
This app really makes my day ❤️❤️❤️
Every time I wake up in the morning, I always think of one lord andAnd that’s Jesus Christ we would love them, and we would forgive him from all the sins we have been doing God will not even remember the sense that the only word you got to say is, forgive me, and the name of God’s word, AMEN I love Jesus and God and Jesus Christ. I will always say that every morning and I will pray every day wings and the day when I go to school I will say I would love all the boys and girls in this world. I will forgive everybody. I will forgive ladies and gentlemen, we will love God and Jesus Christ. God bless you Jesus died for you in the name of God‘s word. Amen.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Mzoffhours
Why did you ....
I'm very disappointed that you have eliminated the lookup feature. There are always words that I'm not familiar with. Please add this feature back.....or a translation button. Also, there is no longer a help support button on the main screen. I just stumbled across it a moment ago on this page. Additionally, can you add a feature to use an apple pencil to markup, underline, highlight, draw, etc. Lastly, is it possible to add a mapping feature to identify and follow where the person(s) are in the world. Many blessings to the support group. Neci🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Anime_rule!
Love it!!
It is very very good bible app, especially sense it is King James Version. You can change the background color to anything you want along with the writing. You can highlight, change highlight color and see your highlights. You can choose if you want to read the Bible yourself or have it read to you. There aren’t REALLY ads but there are a few at the bottom of the page, and they are ok adds, no inappropriateness in them at all, which I do very much appreciate. All in all it is a very great app and I think all Christians who read King James Version should get it. And I think you should know this is the longest rate I have ever written, but that’s because the app is so wonderful. Very great app!! 😊😊
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5 months ago, TakeGod#3
Our GOD is an awesome he can do exceedingly abundantly all that we can ever think ask her imagine
I thank GOD for this bible app when I first started using it I only use to listen to the man and woman of GOD reading and exalting the verse of the day which I enjoyed, but now I realize that this App does much more than I thought. like how to take a moment to relax breathe and meditate on GODS I love it that GOD is using his sons and daughters to create platform like this to reach his lost sheep’s and his people to come to know him. I thank GOD for his words through this platform I’ve been really encouraged
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7 years ago, Rtee1
Navigation needs improvement
How useful a Bible app is can often come down to how quickly and conveniently one can navigate from one chapter and verse to another while studying numerous scriptures. Put some thought into designing an intuitive navigation system so your customers aren't frustrated and tempted to look for a better app. Get rid of the list view of Books. It slows things down. Use a tab type system that displays more or makes navigating quicker. Use a tab system for navigating to other books and verses within the page views. Don't force users to come out of the page to find a way to go to another book. Thanks.
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3 years ago, shesacoloringfool
Trust Jesus
What else is there to say except this is the Word of God and it is so vital to every believer in Christ, Jesus. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for answers to all of the madness in the world right now. We are in the last days and time is so very short. Get on the ark and enjoy eternal salvation which can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus. I know many feel hopeless right now but the believer is rejoicing through all of this chaos. The unbeliever does not understand what is happening right now. Give your life over to Jesus and you will understand. God bless all brothers and sisters in Christ.
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7 years ago, SeekElohim
Thank you
Nothing compares reading Father's words from the Bible; yet digitally this a superb conversion. Add free and both Testaments included. Well laid out and easy to navigate, search and highlight words of God that resonate within you. This app is a must have for spiritual daily bread and soul's inner growth. Well done guys and God bless you. Thank you. One short fall of this well rounded app: Bookmark (check mark) clears from Old and New Testaments once the task cache is cleared on the phone. App has to be always opened in the background in order not to loose the check mark on what chapter you were on. Is it possible to fix this?
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2 years ago, centralwestendgirl
Ruthless Ad Interruptions
This bible app is good but how dare the interruption of ads blocking the whole page, making it impossible to close it down because the ad is gigantic and the “x” symbol too small to click on only to open the ads further! Nothing is more aggravating than trying to locate a bible text during a sermon, trying to keep up with the preaching only to have to deal with this demoralizing ads. I know they are trying to get me to spend money to minimize ads, also knowing that I will still see ads.
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2 years ago, Jesus loves you19524
I gave my life to Christ a while back but I’ve never really dug into the Bible until these past couple of weeks, I have never really thought about getting a Bible app because I have always liked the actual paper Bible. At youth group my teacher asked us to down load the app, it has really helped me to actually read my Bible and to look up and find verses to highlight and memorize. It also gives verses for you read every day that pops up on your phone. I really recommend downloading this app. I know it’s helped me.
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4 years ago, church attendant
Church attendant
App opens and functions for quickly so you find the scripture you need before the pastor starts to read it. This is very important for one of two reasons. 1 you’ll fall behind on what’s being talked about. 2 you won’t use a bible app because it causes reason #1 . I never fall behind and I get to read the same scriptures being discussed in the Bible version I trust most, regardless what version . the teacher is using. Nobody can twist the Word when your reading it for yourself. Trust in God and follow along with this app after all,,, He is the Word. Amen praise Jesus
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5 years ago, Bro Kevin lodge
I’m not worthy to review LORD GOD Almighty’s Word.
To the one who reads this review, give yourself to Lord Jesus, He saves us all from our sins. He died and shed His precious blood on the cross for the remission of our sins. He died, was buried, resurrected, and is alive forever more at the Right Hand of the Power if God. Time is up, He’s coming back again very very soon, repent of your sins while the sun shines on you and you take a life giving breath. Brother or sister?, I love you and care for you, please seek Jesus and He Will find and forgive you of whatever sins you’ve done. I promise you this, peaceand grace be to you and may God bless you.
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4 years ago, Bethlia
Reinforcing My Studying
Reading the scriptures build a wall of around what I already know from years of studying. It allows you to add to your house of knowledge. The wall gets stronger to help you prevail against the woes of the adversary. You become better equip to leave your house to go out into the streets to work with others on the faith journey. You have such a joy when you share the gospel with others and they too can share what they know with you. Sharing God’s word is reciprocating.
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5 years ago, #JesusFreAk9578
It is a very cool app. There are but a few things inside of it that are debatable like the way the books of the Bible are organized. They are organized according to their categories such as books of law, books of judgement,etc. So if their would be some way to organize them back to their original form then it would be even better. Trying to read the whole Bible and can’t because I don’t know in what order all the books come, and which one is after/before the other. But other than these reasons it’s very good for word studies when I need to search for stuff.
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3 years ago, HollywoodKentucky
This is such a quick and easy Bible to access the information I’m looking for. When I’m in church and the preacher ask us to find something in our bibles, I always find IT FIRST HAHA…In seconds! I will look around like what’s taking yal people so long to find stuff haha I love it! And then too I like to have my phone in my hand and other church members be thinking what! She must be playing on her phone then they realize oh! she has the Bible on her Phone! NICE! Fun times at church…
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4 years ago, eunice salomon
Praying For Thou Self
Lord sometimes life is a twist of changing It seems to look like you are at you best In life an their is all ways a trun around in life , I know the lord have plan for me to hold on an wait for those plan in life, An I thank him for all that life is an very greatness that he give me to live on his word, an to trust the Lord an his Glory, I will stand an wait on his through’s an songs of praise. Thank you God, Jesus please keep me an my family in all that you do , 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️
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6 months ago, Beboppleplus
Bible app
I like how you can just turn to the list of books in the Bible and pick one. I am trying to memorize the 3rd chapter of Proverbs and it is simple to find. I don’t want to have to weed through a whole list of suggested topics and devotional and videos and not be able to pick whatever chapter or verse and just read the Bible for myself. Scripture for the day is good also. Don’t like ads cutting in but am learning how to avoid them. Thank you for the app.
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5 months ago, whitehorsehillfarm
Best Bible app!
I absolutely love this app and it has changed my relationship with God tremendously! The audio bible plays all night as I sleep and I listen to it during the day as well! I have dyslexia and have a hard time reading the word at times and this app has helped me understand and absorb the Word of God is much better! Thank you for such a wonderful tool in my walk with the Lotd! I highly recommend this app to everyone and share it with everyone I know !
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10 months ago, scc4566
Really helped with not giving exude <3
I’m a teenager in today’s society and I face temptation a lot as much of you do to and this app has really helped me with memorizing verses with the daily quotes that when a temptation happens a verse will pop in my head even if it’s not memorized and now I really don’t any excuses for not reading my bible because I can simply look at my phone and read for five mins and still get the word in that helps me through out the day ❤️❤️✝️
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3 weeks ago, Elliemae Sue
Love this version
This version is so easy to look up books and verses of the Bible the way it’s set up. It is just so welcoming to you. My husband was looking at it watching me my way through and he’s like I need to get that one and yeah, I mean it is. It’s so easy to work your way through you you can do it so quickly and get to where you’re going cause I use it in church and so yeah it’s a fantastic fantastic app. I really really like this. Thank you.
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4 months ago, Turn_Burn
A humble child of my creator.
The book of life. I think that it should be taught in schools throughout the world. I realized many things while reading the Book of Life. One is time passes by fast while reading the book. Being children of the Book of Life is the best way to use our time remaining on earth. I have to think this satisfies my GOD. I could continue to write about this subject. I really like to meditate on the verses and passages in the he book.
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8 months ago, Michigan wanderers
Everyone has a Phone these days
I remember the first time I seen someone using their phone with a Bible app on it during church and I wasn’t impressed. I live in the Bible bill and was raised in church but now I have it on my phone and when I’m sitting at a doctors appointment or soccer field when I hear that still small voice I open my Bible on this app and have fully excepted and embraced the convenience and reassurance that we can have to the Lord’s word❣️ thank you
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12 months ago, Bonita McM
My thanks for the Bible App
I am so very gracious for the opportunity to enjoy reading the Word of God with the Bible App. It is so very convenient, in that I’m able to read as I am having to wait for every day situations. I’m 70 years old, and have read the Bible all of my life. However, I’ve never enjoyed it more than with your App. God bless you all for your hard work in preparing the Word for all the world to read and enjoy! Sincerely, Bonita Dougharty McMurrey
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8 months ago, rolando backman
God is Great
Thank you god for all my life, Within my heart, soul and everything else spiritually, being able to breathe right now is a blessing, standing 10 toes right now is a miracle, being able to have 2 legs, 2 Arms, 2 eyes, etc is a gift from god that shouldn’t be taken for granted one bit, life is like a lemon, it’s either sour or bitter, gotta be strong mentally, spritually, and physically, the connection that you build with I, is the bond that can’t be destroyed, I stand as 1:1
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10 months ago, Pastor DMC.
Galatians 2:20
The KJV is the one Translation among the many that is the most sensitive to deliver the true meaning of the Scriptures by carefully placing the proper wording of the original text. Most other translations miss this mark, which is vitally important for the life of God to be released and understood in the heart of the Believer. The above scripture is the main test for this. We live by the Faith - OF - the Son of God, who dwells inside of us. Jesus Christ, living inside the believer becomes the supplier and strengthener Of our Faith. Pastor Mike Costigan
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3 years ago, Tim. may
Timothy May
I love the Bible app “ when there’s times I need to be encouraged I click on the app and go to daily verses and begin to read one after the other and they help me tremendously and I start to feel much better “ I don’t go to them every day like I know I should but I can’t express how much you’re app means to me thank you so much for being a child of god and sharing the app with the world “ once again I Thank you sincerely Timothy May
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6 years ago, Johm Boy
Gods word is true
The Bible is not fiction it is the word of God written down by Holy men of God as they were moved upon by the Holy Spirit. When Christ returns to this earth to get his Church, then all people of every nation will know this to be factual So I urge everyone to accept the truth Jesus Christ before it is eternally too late. Gods word says you must be born again to see and enter the kingdom of heaven. We are all going to spend eternity somewhere (Heaven or Hell) Romans 10-9 tells you how to be saved. Please do so while you still have breath in your body!
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4 years ago, !74
Daily blessings to share
I start each day with the daily verse, and listen to the audio version of the Bible to underscore and supplement what I'm reading each day. This application has truly helped me hear the voice of God and appreciate the heart of Jesus. Discipleship is just one of many things The Word calls us to do. So this is really helping me put on the armor of God. May it be a loving inspiration of truth to you too as you, like me, find your footing in salvation.
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2 years ago, Patricia Tracy
App rate
I enjoy this app so much. The benefits of having it on my phone or tablet or iPad is extremely wonderful to work with my Bible study, witnessing or answer questions. Truly blessed and thankful. Plus not to bother with ads or extra updates to buy, helps me a pensioner on fixed income. God bless the developers and all who make this possible. However, to highlighting is just not working for me. Can not highlight as well as other apps.
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11 months ago, BriVallée
For peace and disipline
This is one of the first reviews I’ve make so I will make it brif but I had a regular bible for some time now and have always make excuses as to why I though I never had the time. Since I have downloaded this app, was was forced to make time and because of that I have found i sites on things that have troubled me and now am inspired to do more things like exercise, walk in nature, write affirmations to myself and more! ( tip: I had a hard time finding a hilighting method but now that I have it is really helpful.. 🟢: truth/fact about the actions you make and how the things you do mean 🌕: story. For example the story of Mary, Jesus, Ruth, job etc. 🔴/🌸:a statement or cause. For example “when you eat a cookie.” 🔵: effect. For example you get full.
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2 years ago, ""Cookieman""
Best App Ever
The Holy Bible App has been a true blessing to me and my family. I am on my 2nd time through the OT after completing my 3rd time through the NT. I love the Read-it-with-you Option and the ability to enlarge the verse text, it really help when my eyes are screen stressed. The app has helped me keep in the God’s word and has greatly enhanced my personal devotion time. Thanks so much and may God continue to bless your efforts and faithfulness to his word!
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1 year ago, Gajabhvj
I forget I have it until I NEED IT
Sometimes the worries and angst of life gets the better of me. When my to-do lists are longer than my capabilities as a Man, I turn to this app or a little Gideons print.. I love the audiobook feature of this app and it’s always there anywhere I go, which makes it worth getting! Thank you for making the Bible into a portable, digital, and more convenient read!
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1 year ago, Tpmom
The Bible App
I like this app and use it all the time. I have used the highlighting feature often especially during preaching service. I do have one problem. When I’m following the preacher, he uses several scripture references. When I turn to a passage, then return to the original passage, it makes me tap a block at the top right to get back in. This is annoying to me as I’m trying to follow the preacher in his message. Is this something that can be corrected?
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1 year ago, yooper64
My opinion
I generally like the app, because I am able to read the Bible at my own pace. Very easy to access However, the daily devotions seem to be rather ominous to me all too often. To be honest, I rely on these daily verses to inspire me and not make me anxious over the things I have done wrong in my life. Wishing they could devote more daily scripture to inspirational verses rather than the fire and brimstone variety.
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3 years ago, DeeHoll
Looking forward
I started reading the gospels straight through and I love this app because my vision is really bad and I can see this app clearly. My reading is a great end to each day. We need to put God back in America!! I am learning so much from this app. Am going to go through the Old Testament now. Have been skipping around. Finished the New Testament; wish more people would read Gods word. Thank you for this app
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I had a mom who raised three remarkable children on her ions hooting up.! I never understood how every word that came out her mouth was The Lord The Lord The Lord so at five I started saying it and at 13 she died leaves three children 12 14 and 16 in this cold world with one answer to all problems.! She does know THE LORD AND HE LEFT A BIBLE IN HER HAND FOR ALL OF HER FAMILY TO SEE THAT SHE KNEW THE LORD AND HE WAS FAR BETTER THAN HE! HE IS HERION! NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THE LORD... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.! THE LORD IS ALWAYS BETTER! BETTER TO TALK TO TO LIVE WITH STAND FOR AND OBEY.! LIKE THE AIR YOU BREATHE! AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!
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