K12 Parent Portal

1.3 (77)
33.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Myclassboard Educational Solutions Private Limited
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for K12 Parent Portal

1.26 out of 5
77 Ratings
3 years ago, Tori1771
Just got my child enrolled for school. It’s going through the process of being accepted. As you go through the paperwork it tells you to download this K12 and the other K12 APP! But as you try repeatedly to get signed in to the parent portal it says invalid phone #. Now after about 5 times of trying different things, I came here and read the reviews to see if any other parents had issues signing in and of course there are nothing but bad reviews about this APP. I think what disturbs me most, is the fact that no one has answered any parents reveal! How do you run a school and not fix something that is so important to the process of your child’s learning?? How do you read all these reviews and not respond to even one parent. The schools makes u submit a million forms to get your child registered but yet the school can not address the issue of this APP not working? This makes be take a step back and wonder if they can not address the APP issue, how will the home school communication go between parent and school???
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2 years ago, B0rgor
Made by 3rd party developers.
I’m in middle school and this is just funny seeing all these adults unaware this is fake. Just read the developers and you have your answer. This wastes your time and could possible steal your actual password. You can access the actual parental portal via browser on PC or mobile.
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1 year ago, janelle jay
Not working
The previous review is absolutely correct. The app won’t work and says invalid phone number. How is this possible one year after the other parent left a review. I’d like to talk with the other reviewer to see how her experience has been in the school
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2 years ago, DevinCas
This app isn’t working! I sign in and once I complete sign in the app closes. I repeated the steps but it continues to just close out the app and make me repeat it over and over but still doesn’t work. I deleted the app and reinstalled but the same thing happens
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3 years ago, Lovelymommy2
Doesn’t work
My daughter just got approved but my son was waitlisted weeks before my daughter’s approval. I read in the notification to download the K12 apps but this one does not work at all. It says my number is invalid which is not true. So frustrating.
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11 months ago, pecan88
The Worst!
Don’t even try to download it. It has never worked! My daughter has been going to this school for years and it’s worked maybe once. It won’t even allow me to sign in. Useless🙄
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2 years ago, insaneandannoying
App does not work
This app this completely useless. It doesn’t register my phone number at all. I thought it was just me, but seems like several people are having issue.
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4 years ago, basil04
Login Never Works
I can't even use the app because it keeps saying my login phone number is invalid. It matches the phone number on my online profile. If this is how their app goes, I am beginning to have deep misgivings about using K12 to educate my child.
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2 months ago, originalkatinthehat
Does not work
If I could give ZERO stars, I would. All submit buttons are useless. Never can log in and can’t click any buttons (even the reset password) terrible and useless.
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5 years ago, Shame me once
This app needs a -5
Shame on the app and web developers! For shame! Misleading parents that have to work to provide with the hopes of using this app! Just do us all a favor, hire a new app developer and rebuild your app!! I’ll be sure to complain to K12 I couldn’t even log in to my own account! It’s very confusing even to put in dates let alone get past the first screen and login in is halfway covered so you have to put in information blind! Ughhhhh
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4 years ago, bruinschix8410
I have tried to login multiple times and it says my number or email address is invalid and doesn’t work. How am I suppose to keep up with things for my daughter if I can’t login into this
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1 year ago, Gilmore84
Not working
I came here to see if I was the only one having login issues. It’s safe to say I’m in the boat with numerous other people (sadly).
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4 years ago, J.M.O-Today
My own phone number is invalid?
Seriously? I’ve been I hold for over 2 hours for help... and this is the system our district selected to educate our children during COVID. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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2 years ago, Palamejo
Please FIX!
This App DOES NOT work. You cannot get logged in, no matter what you try. Will this be addressed in time for the start of school?
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4 years ago, lkbiery
What a Joke
I go to create an account and I enter my name and Number and hit “proceed” and nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing.
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2 years ago, nothappyatallwiththisapp
Can’t log in
The app keeps closing after entering my log in info
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2 years ago, Lathomasfamily
Never worked
Got as far as everyone else- which is nowhere. Plus, spoke to a K-12 rep who said this is third party.
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2 years ago, oooaaaallll
Crashes every time I log in!
Crashes every time I log in!
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4 years ago, Eagles666!
Doesn’t work
Won’t except my information for account and i know it’s correct
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2 years ago, danadavid0302
App doesn’t work
Every time I try to log in the app closes
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8 months ago, Ashnicolef
App issues
I’m having issue signing in it says invalid phone number helppppp
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10 months ago, Anonymouslez
Can’t sign in
I can not sign in to this app at all!!! Very strange and frustrating.
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2 years ago, god12346
Doesn’t work
This app is useless it does not work.
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4 years ago, Fae104
Needs work
Login still does not work.
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3 years ago, parentof6thgrader
App does not work
App does not work
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4 years ago, swvgnv
Shuts down every time I try to log in
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5 years ago, hdjchekchie
Don’t get tricked
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11 months ago, Kathryn Winstead
It still doesn’t work! Kinda makes you wonder…
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3 years ago, WilliamTodd2
This isn't “K12” like you think.
This isn't an app for or made by stride inc./ K12.com... Their app is a symbol of a book... This isn't K12(The Online School for K-12th) This isn't a rating, this is for parents that are confused about why their credentials aren't working. I hope this helps.
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4 years ago, Shar612
Not the real K-12 app
I wasted so much time trying to get logged into this because I thought it was for K12.com, which has a parent portal. Even the tech support for K12 didn't realize. So if you are a K12 parent, you need the app called K12 (Education).
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4 years ago, kacarpenter12
Login or sign up doesn’t work
I was able to use this app to sign in several months ago. The app now doesn’t work stating that my username and password are invalid. I tried to sign up with my phone number again and it tells me that my phone number is not a valid format no matter how many different ways I try. I tried contacting support for this app and have yet to hear back. It’s a little disappointing.
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4 years ago, Ohio Betsy
This is NOT the app for K12.com!
I wasted so much time trying to get logged into this because I thought it was for K12.com, which has a parent portal. Even the tech support for K12 didn’t realize. So if you are a K12 parent, you need the app called K12 (Education).
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6 years ago, Soori G
Stopped working after upgrade
After upgrade to K12 , it stopped working . Only logo is visible no data and information from school. Same app is working fine in android bases mobiles .
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6 years ago, TimirH
Stopped Working
After the latest update, this app doesn’t even show the login screen. Just hangs without doing anything. Developers, did you even unit test your code? Edit 1: It worked for a while after writing the review above. Now upgraded to something with a K12 icon, there’s no data in the app. Pathetic, to use the most polite term.
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