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User Reviews for K12

3.17 out of 5
1K Ratings
2 years ago, Lara22LL
Love it!…when it works
As mom and learning coach, I love the app, but only when I works. Lately, that’s only about 50% of the time. It lets me check on their schedules and assignments. But if I open the app, and it asks for my feedback as a learning coach, I already know I’ll have to fully close and restart the app, because no matter what I do or respond to the question, it freezes. Lately, and even more frustrating, if I open the app and it asks me to login, then forget it! I have to fully delete the app from my device before it will even let me login again! This used to only happen when I didn’t use the app over a long school break, but not lately. It happened to me 2x today alone, on a regular school day when I check it often. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Amhra
Bad app good program
K12 itself is an amazing program but only from the computer. We are in mid December and all three of my students are still not showing up on the app. This app doesn’t do anything when you have no students show up. I would love to be able to check what time my older students need to get on meetings while working with my first grader on her chromebook without lugging out my laptop each time but since it constantly tells me I have no students enrolled contact support and then have to wait for ever to get the stupid automatic messenger to send me to a person and then never get a person after 30+ mins. This app is pointless and I would give it a zero star rating. I repeat, this low review is of the app and it’s support itself and not the program it is attached to. To the developers: your Apple app is broken, needs fixing but I don’t know any learning coach with more than one student who can sit here for 30+ mins waiting to tell you all this. As much as I like this program and the platform on the computer you should not offer an app if it doesn’t work and doesn’t get supported. All I wanted to do was be able to check from my phone what assignments were due/turned in for the day and what meetings and when from the app on my phone instead of having to haul out the laptop while working with my youngest student on her chromebook.
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3 years ago, Zoey the reviewer
I am glad the app exists so that I don’t have to hop on a computer, but it only works for me for the schedule. Which updates through out the day sometimes and it would be nice to get a notification when that happens. Almost every other time I’ve accessed the app it takes me to a screen that I can’t do anything at all with so I have to kill the app and start over. I wish I could send and receive emails through the app exclusively, I wish there was a notification system that would let me know when my child is behind even when I’m looking at it like I should be anyways, wish it was more interactive altogether. It would be nice to be able to send a chat to the teacher directly from the app instead of having to rely on Google voice or e-mail. I think this app has so much potential to be so much more than it is. I check all the time to make sure I have the latest updated version and it is still glitchy, it has been ever since the big update. Anyways. Grateful for the app, but wish it was more. Thanks guys.
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1 year ago, Mr. Been Ripped off enough!
This app is garbage because it never works. It’s full of bugs and inaccuracies. I downloaded it to check my children’s schedules and to enter or edit their attendance, but it never shows the correct schedules times if the teachers decide to change their classes. It doesn’t update to the new times. Also it rejects and deletes attendance that has been entered. My kids teachers keep telling me the kids are missing days but all of their attendance has been recorded and entered properly. There is some kind of disconnect between the app and where ever their attendance is kept. Now recently I updated the app as it required and when the app opens it shows the blue screen saying k-12 and then it shows only a white screen. It seems to be broken or had a bad download and after deleting and re-downloading it several times it still hasn’t changed. I wish this had more time and money put into it because when it does work, it’s nice to have.
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1 year ago, oxoFirez
I hate it here. Don't enroll.
Hii!! I am a student here at k12, and I advise you to not enroll. I'm going to be completely honest, this school destroyed my social life. You can barely talk with each other after school, so there's a extremely low chance of even making friends. Another reason is the teachers are extremely rude and strict, my teacher literally discriminates me because I am a fast reader, and she acts like fast readers don't exist. Another reason is a part of a subject, learning it is extremely fast. So if you still don't understand a certain part of a certain subject, you likely will never understand it unless you get further help from a learning coach. Another reason is kids just can have privacy in this school!! I don't think this reason need further explanation. The last reason (there Is more but I don't feel like typing the rest) is you are much more pressured as a student. Please don't enroll unless you want to ruin your child!!!
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5 months ago, Jdub1973
Why do they make you call to make a payment?
I already figured out how to sign my kid up for the s hook I think I can make a payment o line instead of having to stay on the phone for over 45 minutes. I certainly don’t need you speaking every word of my address and name and phone number every single f’ing time. The only reason I called was to make a payment. That part only took 5 minutes, but the person on the phone spent 40 minutes verifying everything I already verified before I made the call. I don’t need help with that just take my money please. 45, er, 40 minutes I will never get back.
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3 months ago, Nyx (holly)
Dont pick k-12 for your child
At first i liked the thought of homeschooling my kids because they will be home safe from dangers at these public schools,and they would get a better education from people who actually know how to teach…Wrong.. its only gotten worse. these teachers at K-12 dont care about answering the kids questions,they totally ignore anything they have to say, they dont put grades in on-time.. they dont respond in a timely manner when you email them or call the school.. these teachers are rude to the kids.. they act like they are dealing with the kids as if they were in a class room, you have nothing better to do.. PUT THEIR GRADES IN ON TIME.. stop making their grades go down because you are to lazy to put them in.. Have some sense like these teachers dont have a Brain IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON HOMESCHOOLING DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST.. DONT GO WITH K-12 Worse mistake ever
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5 years ago, KellyGC864
Quick & Easy
The K12 app is a quick & easy way for the Learning Coach to check on their student(s) schedule, progress, and assignments, as well as a central place with all teacher contact info, making it simple to email with questions! The app is not required, and of only little use to those not currently enrolled (you can check the progress of your enrollment). However, as a LC to two students, its a time-saver to be able to login and see everything on one screen. You can use this app from any mobile device, and allow mobile notifications, so you are always ‘in the know’!!
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7 months ago, omg🔕🔳🃏🕑◽️🕐♠️♣️
My review
Hi!! I think this app is good, but I’m a student writing this, and i’ve really wanted an easy way to check graded assignments, overdue items, feedback from teachers, or my grades. And downloading this app, I thought i’d be able to login as a student but i am not. Which clearly, this app is meant for parents only and there is nothing wrong with that. Although, i think it would be very handy for many students for there to be a whole other app for students! (Maybe calling it K-12 Student portal.) Obviously not upset or anything with THIS app! I’m just suggesting an idea :)
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4 years ago, Amiehough
My kids 1st time with K12
Hello :) well like the title says my daughter is a new student enrolled with K12. The app was a bit confusing and all though we sometimes have a bit of a technical issue it’s always quickly resolved.. so far my child loves it and so do I.. there very helpful with her work needs and questions as well as mines.. I know it’s early but I love this school I recommend it to everyone I can :) it was highly recommended to me through my relative and I’m thankful to her for that.. but I say if it’s confusing call the number for help there very helpful..
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3 years ago, squishywish
I’ve done K12 since 2019, But since it’s online school I haven’t had friends or even talked to anybody for around 2 years now, it’s really lonely and I have no idea how to make friends, but after they finally added the community tab on this app I finally have a chance to talk to people and meet up with them, I never thought this was possible thank you for adding this feature. I have so many opportunities to make friends now after all these months alone:)
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6 years ago, OVCA MOM
Useless if you are already part of k12
This is our 6th year and it would be great if there was a way to log into the students account as well in addition to the learning coach account, to see what assignments are due that day or that week in each class (makes it easier to create a schedule for the students while on the go, by knowing what lessons, page numbers and quizzes are needed to be done for that day or week) more of a mini version on your phone of the computer version of k12. I do know just off the parents on the Facebook pages for our school, this would be more helpful to more people, since most of us are on the go.
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2 years ago, LineWife.16
It’s great when it’s working
I don’t know if anyone else has the same issue as me. But this app is great and easy to use when it actually works. I’m not able to get in most of the time. It never accepts my passwords regardless how I sign in with the app. But works great if I sign in on my laptop. Very frustrating when trying to keep up with entering in time for attendance. Maybe spend a little less time with sending out attendance reminders and fix the app issues so it’s easier for us parent to enter it in on time. 🙂 please fix this bug!
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2 years ago, RandomActofMuse
This app is more hassle than it’s worth.
- It doesn’t always have the assignments or classes loaded, so I can’t accurately use it to check my kids’ schedules. - Half the time it completely freezes up and I have to close it and restart it to get it to work again. - I often have to delete the app completely and reinstall it just to log in, but the last two days I can’t log in at all even after deleting and reinstalling. I have four kids, three in school. I don’t have time to be dealing with frustrating apps that don’t work reliably. I still have to use the website for basic functions, which makes this app completely pointless.
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3 years ago, jaxxica cat
Hi, so I use this as a student so I can check my schedule to know when to wake up. I have one suggestion though, I recommend that you make it so school emails are visible from the app. This would be very helpful, thank you. Update: I have one more suggestion. It would be quite helpful to not only be able to view the daily schedule in the app, but be able to view the entire calendar. Me and my mother were curious about when spring break began, and we were unable to find it in the app.
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7 months ago, pryme_h
App Never Works
The app would have been great if it worked, but it’s only worked the first week of school. It was convenient to be able to check on my children’s assignments, schedule, and progress however the past couple weeks have been extremely bad. The app will open up but it does not load any information at all. There are times where I will get an error message, and there are times where it’ll just constantly look like it’s loading but nothing ever appears. I can never view anything on the app, I would have to get on a laptop or desktop computer to even see anything. Please fix these bugs!
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3 years ago, DreaJones
I wanted to give 1 Star
I have been with K12 since my 15 yo started 4th grade and I watched how it grew and bloomed into this awesome thing everyone now does. With that your app has been driving me crazy it kicks me out makes me sign in and won’t accept my login credentials. This has been going on for a week now. I do not know if the updates Bug fixes or whichever is the issue updating my apply devices it seems this app updated it two nights after and it’s been worse than before now not letting me get past the generic opening to enroll a student but not log in if your student is already enrolled. The convenience of making sure I’m on top of my sons academics is very important to me and I’m sure many families using this app. Please fix this or I will not re-download and will complain in more length and time with K12 directly until a solution happens so no other parents go through my issues and concerns.
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6 years ago, .......-
Kind of useles
This is our 3rd year in K12, so it’s kind of useless for us since we’re well past the enrollment stage, but I’m sure this would be okay for those who are first starting. It really doesn’t seem like there’s much to it, though, unless I’m completely missing some of the features. I got one notification that a teacher had been assigned, and that was about all it’s been good for. You can change passwords in the app, which is pretty cool. I would love to have an app where I could check assignment progress, grades, attendance, etc. (like a mini version of the web browser). This is definitely not that as is.
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5 years ago, Cherry Rose`
Love it!
It’s an new experience for myself and my son. It makes a lot of thing easier to work with and manage when you have your hands full like myself. I have two small children who are two years old that I have to cater to, whereas my 9 year old can work independently with out needing me as much because they provide lessons with detailed instructions. I love it! I think everyone should try it.
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3 months ago, zpalmkysg
The app is fine, enrolling not so great
The app is relatively easy to use when you get the hang of it. Customer service is friendly and professional, but NOT a fan of whoever processes the enrollment applications. Proof of address rejected twice with NO explanation. Yes, I was chasing the deadline, but I got all the required documents in 2-3 days in advance and carefully read document requirements and asked questions. My son had to switch to online mid year due to medical issues. Do not recommend.
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6 years ago, ermorri2000
I’m extremely impressed with the simplicity and ease of this app. I recommend it to parents who are looking into online, tuition free education options. There are sample lessons, assignments, and curriculum maps right at your fingertips. This is the BEST app I’ve found that has everything in one place! Thank you K12 for finally making online education less overwhelming for students, parents, and educators.
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2 years ago, sweettay81
Lots of new issues
App used to be great and convenient but now have been facing new issues of getting logged out and unable to log back in to check updates and notifications. Repeatedly had to delete/uninstall app to be able to log back in but after several times I’d doing this, I find the app isn’t working as expected. I’ve been sure to keep all software updated on my device but the issue persists, extremely disappointing experience after almost 3 years of no issues with app until a few months ago. What happened???
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10 months ago, Ko'olina lover
App not working at all on my iPhone
This year I haven’t been able to use the app on my phone. Every single time I log on to the coach account it doesn’t open. I can log in with my ID and password from the computer but it was kind of nice to be able to use the app from the phone and check on things and enter the attendance without having to use the computer. I uninstalled and installed the app again several times and it still doesn’t work. This is very very frustrating.
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7 months ago, Salt Life 4485
The app is great, usually.
Since the latest update I have not been able to use the app for anything. The outside options show up but when I click on an option it just loads and loads but nothing comes up besides the loading screen. I used to use multiple times every day and it was amazing to have to keep up with my son. I hope they get it fixed!
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5 years ago, Tiffrenee79
Not worth it
The app works great for my high schooler. I can look at his progress & schedule. However, it doesn’t show my 5th graders schedule at all. They’re “working on it” for the next school year. How can you have the technology for high schoolers and not be able to apply the same to the grade schoolers? It’s just easier for me to log into the computer to do things instead of go to the app for one child & then log into the computer for the other. I don’t understand why you would release an app that doesn’t work for everyone. Wait to release it when it functions properly for everyone.
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5 years ago, mockmom3
Absolutely useless to me
Update: the app has now been fixed for me. I am playing around and trying to see what it is capable of doing. So far so good. I have downloaded this app multiple times and I am still getting an error 11. The only portion of the app I can see is the notifications and edit the guardian/learning coach accounts. I have yet to be able to see the dashboard. I called tech support and they couldn’t help either.
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5 years ago, Clumsys Life
I love it!!
I love being able to see my kids schedule and what her assignments are. I like being able to hit the mail button when I have something to say to a teacher. And updating my information all from my phone. As we only have one computer it makes this much easier!!! Thank you so much for this app!!!!!!
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10 months ago, tiktok user yup
App not working this year
My app was working fine until a few days ago. I’ll leave an update once I figure out what in the world is going on! I think tech support is going to get a call and maybe I’ll be able to share what I learn. I see others are having problems too. We ARE in this together! Parents and coaches .. we got this!
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1 year ago, HARMONIE(my name
I hate this school
As a student this school isn't very helpful. I switched to this school because i was having family issues, I email teachers and they say the same things over and over, Ive never been good at getting goo grades but I have decent grades right now. At the beginning of the year they said that you can do homework if you cant attend a live meeting I’ve been doing homework and watching the recordings and I'm labeled as truent when I’ve only missed maybe one day and it wasn't even all my classes one or two at most.
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6 months ago, mouseie83
Faulty app
They let you login for a little while and then it stops working completely. I am on an iOS and it doesn’t work on my phone. I have tried to access my child’s information and I cannot so therefore I’m giving it only three stars when I first got it when my child was in elementary school it was great, but as my child has advanced into high school, the app is very faulty
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2 years ago, i em fan of bts
Please read
Um okay so tomorrow i em going to a trip but i need to go to school i don’t want to take my computer so i want to log in but in my phone i went to google and searche k12login but i doesn’t let me it say(page not available) so i can’t i need to now if i can login with a acount please respond it’s important
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7 months ago, VKRomar
Needs Work
The app just like the school needs work! It works when it wants to mostly not, didn’t use to have problems years ago now since “covid” it’s been a steady decline my kids aren’t even excited about the experience anymore. It was convenient to be able to see their schedules and classwork from my phone but now I have to get on my computer or theirs just to see what’s going on for them. Not sure what happened over the years K12 was awesome but now I get more disappointed by the minute.
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3 years ago, co-djr
My Student Not Showing
I have tried using the app and even though it gives me the notifications for the things like homeroom teacher and material shipping, it doesn't give me any details about my students online summer enrichment Geometry course. I want to see how she does and how to help her for the first class but I am not getting anything. Other than that everythig seems too be working out pretty well.
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2 years ago, Yesybella
Having problems lately
I love this app because it connects me to other learning coaches but lately the app has been kicking me out of the app. When it does this I'm not able to log in and the only way I can is by uninstalling and installing the app. Otherwise I love it. Please fix this problem as it's getting annoying that it's happening frequently.
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7 months ago, KellyKelly2323
App not working
I have been trying to enter my sons attendance for a solid week and the app never opens the page. I have tried many times. App does not need updated. Not sure what else to do. App worked fine all last year and up until the past week. If app developer has any solutions for me I’d love to hear them. Thank you
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4 years ago, Pur3RoyalT
The app overall is great especially now that we can see the students schedule. The only thing that would make this way better is if you could set iPhone calendar alerts based off of the schedule. An alert 15 minutes before your live class would be amazing.
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2 months ago, CandyIsNoice
Some people hate k12 but it’s just the school they’re in
Not all k12 schools are the same. Mine is amazing, wonderful, perfect, everything. So just enroll, if u don’t like it then just leave. No need to worry. Also the app is good in my opinion but other people think otherwise. Have a good day!
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5 years ago, Divamade
Easy to navigate
Thank God for this app! As an on the go Learning Coach for my middle schoolers, I’m able to actively engage using this app! It’s also very important to interact with your students in person, but I’m a technology person and love the easy navigation of this K12 app when it comes to logging attendance and checking my students work!
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7 months ago, Adrien Ann
App no good!!!!
This app needs a serious upgrade! For the past few weeks(basically, off and on), I have deleted and downloaded it over and over again for it to work. After I logged in the first time, it doesn’t let me log in again. Even when I’m still logged in, it doesn’t work properly. I can’t even check my child’s school schedule or anything. It just keeps buffering and buffering. And it leads to nowhere. I’m so sick and tired of this!!! Get it fix!!!
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7 months ago, notahuman22
App will log you out and then refuse to allow you to log back in you have to delete The app reinstall and cross your fingers hoping it will allow you to log back in which makes it very difficult for guardian and learning coach to check on progress log hours and do many other things recommend company fixes this issue that is causing it to bug out and behave this way
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3 years ago, i_am_nikki_b
Not what I thought
I really thought this app would be so easy to use, but for some reason after my kid was accepted and approved at a school, I can never login. I have to always delete the app and reinstall it again. It’s very annoying and inconvenient to have to always do that or go to website. The app is supposed to prevent all the extra inconvenient things.
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3 years ago, Enoki Soju
Logged out
I keep getting logged out of the app. When I try to re login the login button doesn’t work at all. I have to totally uninstall the app and reinstall it to enable it to login. This is about the 4th time in two weeks that this has happened. Any help or responses would be greatly appreciated.
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5 years ago, STXradley
Pretty good
Please make the loud login ding dong noise go away!!!! I appreciated this app in that it allows me to quickly check my middle school kids progress. I would have really appreciated being able to check 5th grade as well but I know you are working to bring this feature soon. Just please, make the sound go away! So annoying!
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10 months ago, 👍💏👍😘
Updated app is not working
I have relied on this app for years for my eldest child’s journey with K12. We now have 2 children in a K12 school and my husband downloaded the app. He couldn’t get it to work properly due to “server” issues though mine was working just fine. That was until I downloaded the latest update to the app and now mine I’m unable to use it properly as well. Please fix this!
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10 months ago, 12voltguy
Doesn’t work
As I am new to this learning coach and online schooling in general, I have tried to download the app and then uninstall and reinstall multiple times JUST TO TRY TO LOG IN. App will open, goes to log in screen, I select learning coach and enter my credentials and there is no response from the app. I don’t mind using the browser but it’s very inconvenient to have an app that doesn’t work what so ever.. I would totally re-evaluate my review if/when it ever gets fixed
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2 years ago, ADW1121
App never works!
This app never works. I can never login as a learning coach. All the information I enter is correct. Everything else works on that initial page such as the links if you’ve forgotten your login. Even if the info was wrong, they don’t tell you. It’s just the same page, no error. While I can login from a laptop, that’s time consuming. The app works better for our needs, but never seems to work anymore. Completely frustrating.
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7 months ago, AmandaP-roc
Update made app not work
I never had any issues with the app until this last update. Now if I want to access the app or any information in it, I have to uninstall it and then reinstall it that is not convenient to do several times a day to look at my child’s information. Please fix this issue. I know I’m not the only parent experiencing this as well because I have seen complaints on the Facebook page and here in the App Store.
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2 years ago, ChiliChick
Easy to use
The app is normally very easy and convenient to use and I always recommend it. Ive just been having the issue where i cant login even though i never even logged out.
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5 years ago, Kyndlee
Love this app
Easy to use and keep track of my daughter’s progress while I am at work! I am a working mom and her grandma is her Learning Coach. This app allows me to feel more connected and apart of the day to day activities, to share the roll and to assist in mentoring my high schooler toward a stronger education.
Show more
10 months ago, Squiddles120
Just use a computer
This app is full of issues. I changed my password 3 times because the app said it was wrong. Went on my computer and it worked fine. Now I can’t even log in at all even though it was just updated. Not impressed with this at all. As parents we need ease of access to our children’s information. The fact that we can’t even log into the site is ridiculous.
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