K8 News - KAIT

4.5 (4.8K)
64.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for K8 News - KAIT

4.5 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
5 years ago, GG-+=;;)
I love getting updates but when I go to the page, there’s nothing about the story. I usually have to go to Facebook to find out the rest of the story.
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6 years ago, sleepyhead-2
Please stop sending out “alerts/breaking news” every morning before 6:00am. It may get be our day off, or we may not get up that early every morning. I do like to get alerts when it is important...... but I do NOT like for my phone to awaken me at 5:45 am, to find out misquotes are taking over region 8. Please continue to send us alerts if important, but please don’t send out “stuff” every morning just because. Please respect our chance to sleep in late occasionally with out being woke up by silly information. Yes, we could silence our phones, but some of us choose not to just Incase there is a true emergency in our region 8!! Thank you
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3 months ago, Dk_15*
Not very accurate
It has been our experience that lately the weather predictions has not been accurate. It’s hard to actually plan by what this app says is gonna happen with the weather. Weather channel says 90 percent rain and we get rain. KAIT SAYS 30 percent. Half the time they are fussing we are gonna get storms and rain we don’t get a drop. Feels like they only care what happens in Jonesboro or Paragould. We get storm notifications after they are already in progress. Tornado sound for storms in the middle of the night is terrible pick something else!!! A tornado sound should be for a tornado.
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4 years ago, KratosOfOlympia
Was ok, now not so much.
App has become almost unusable. It used to be ok. Notifications don’t show up in the app for hours after you receive them. If you click on the notification when you receive it, it will take you to the story, however if you dismiss the notification by accident and the try to find the article yourself too bad. You won’t find it for hours. Don’t put your phone in landscape while watching a video or the picture becomes distorted and the app freezes. Too many repeated articles in the same category.
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9 months ago, Angry Sunday Bear
No News is Bad News
I sat down expecting to catch up on some news and get bombarded with an old cocaine bear story. I thought I pressed the wrong button so I went back, ensured I made the correct selection, watched the ad all over again, and nope, same bear story. Can’t play any live news but the weather which was obviously from Friday and its Sunday. This is my only link to the news as we have no TV. I couldn’t even watch the news and sip my coffee. My eyes aren’t adjusted enough in the morning to read through everything.
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3 years ago, kjf2017
Last up date
My last up date won’t work I have missed being able to read the news on my phone. Have enjoyed the news app up until now. You get a 5 plus stars from me.
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1 year ago, $4$;&,
Goodbye KAIT
It makes me sad that my hometown news station KAIT is completely one sided with their reporting. I am embarrassed that I wasted my time on them. Why does news have to align themselves with one side? You can twist it however you like but the fact is you only report what you want and that is pro liberal and Democrat. I won’t waste anymore time on you, and the day will come when you will lose viewers and community support and that will be good for you.
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3 years ago, airplane59
Region8News App
Thanks so very much for sharing the news that goes on in Region 8. You guys are all very devoted to your jobs and your families. I can tell that you really care about everyone in Region 8. Thanks again for all that you do.
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6 years ago, Carlton W.
New App
This new app is terrible. Loaded w/full size ads & pop-up ads. Then when u scroll thru the headlines of each story, it’ll repeat itself. I use it mainly @ nite on lunch break @ work. The AT&T signal is poor here. The weather app is so busy w/HD quality, the Radar rarely loads? Also, I’ve tried 2 find push-alerts 8-10hrs later, & not bn able 2 find the article? W/o having 2 go thru the push-alert itself.
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1 year ago, TGillette100
Frozen On Loading Screen
I downloaded the app earlier this month and have had a good experience up until recently. The most recent update has made the app freeze on the loading screen and stop working completely.
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5 years ago, GBTGA
Version 6.2.9
I just updated to this new version. Now the app won’t open. It crashes every time. I didn’t want to put this in the review area but I couldn’t find a way to report a problem.
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3 years ago, cathy is waiting
Terrible Update
Since the latest updates, including one just today, this app is ruined. I used to check it several times a day. Now it is so slow, I usually give up and click it off before getting to any news. The older version was just fine. Now, by the time it loads, I just don’t care anymore. Life is too short.
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4 years ago, myamys pod
Font size
Please allow us to choose a font size. My phone is set with a larger font so my old eyes can read it easier but it does not effect the Region 8 app which has teeny tiny font when I open up a story. If there is already and adjustment for it , please let me know where to find it. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Mason Cooper
New Update Crashes
After downloading the update when I would open the app it would just continue to spin without going into the app. I have deleted it and downloaded it two or three times and it still doing the same thing. Another news app that I use that also had the same update is doing the same thing!
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3 years ago, tasnana
Since I updated page won’t open always says error
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5 years ago, MichaelMcgaha
Region 8 News
I live in Batesville Arkansas, I do not subscribe to our local paper. I get all my news from Region 8 and White River Now. I usually know what’s going on in my area before the newspaper is even released.
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3 years ago, foxy-brown
Crashes Constantly
Just like all the other reviewers stated, this app is broken and crashes as soon as you open it. I keep getting notifications about news stories from the app, but can’t even view the news stories when I click the notifications. Very frustrating!
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11 months ago, Boondoggles 99
Lack of follow-up on news stories
Almost without fail, kait news broadcasts incidents and stores with a tag line “ for more information go onto the kait news app” What a joke, seldom if ever anything is ever added and several times original story is deleted. Subject line searches are inept
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4 years ago, srwwords
Region 8news
I count on them like family to be honest and supportive. I have great confidence they are doing a great job informing us and protecting us to the best of their ability. Loyal viewer and friend. May God bless your efforts. Thank you. Sheila Wooldridge.
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6 years ago, 724506
Unhappy with new
New app for phone is horrible. Hard to find daily news. News is more involved with states and not Arkansas
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1 year ago, BonCam201
Love the app
I love having this app. It helps me know what’s going on around me. I rely on getting a lot of my news from this app
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3 years ago, Clout504
Focused on advertising
The only thing this app does well is throw a Gamble Furniture store ad in your face. You get to the actual news content about 50% of the time. It is very frustrating to get a notification, then the story doesn’t open…but bet your tail I saw the Gamble Furniture ad!!!
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3 years ago, Donnadootx
Update problem
Ever since the update, the app will not open on my iPhone. I miss it!
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6 years ago, davidlee44
Update news daily
Why keep the same crap up for a week? Can hear more news at the coffee shop for real! The weather app is getting better but loads slowly Y’all could have a old news page for people that like reading stuff over again but have the new stuff first Thank you for reading before deleting
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6 months ago, Chris€
Ok app for news
The app is good for local news. My main complaint is that the app kills off any music apps when it loads. Should not stop audio until I play a video or live stream
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6 years ago, dfinney2
New app
Like the old app a lot better. This one is not as easy to use as old one. Go back to it
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3 years ago, arich87
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
The app auto updated yesterday and I haven’t been able to open it since. I tap on the app, it starts to open, then crashes and my phone displays my home screen once again.
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3 years ago, D#19
Terrible update
Do you even test the app before you update it? It doesn’t work and is awful. The notifications keep adding up but when you click one to see it, the app crashes. New format is bad. Have to search everywhere to find anything.
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6 years ago, Firecapt74
Not a fan.
It’s pretty much like your opinionated news on tv. I don’t use the app much and I never watch. You lost me years ago but I thought I’d check our election results. Yeah you’d think alphabetical order since you choose to put so many races there but nope. You are a training station and will always be. Never a good news source.
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6 years ago, StillwaterCreek
Virtually unreadable
Who designs and develops this stuff? This is even worse than the last version. Somehow the ads always seem to load reliably, but news content? Not so much. And when headlines and articles do load, the typography and layout are terrible.
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3 years ago, Kelseymaec
Update is awful
The newest “update” is awful. The app is extremely difficult to use. There is no point in even keeping the app at this point because you may as well search for whatever you’re looking for online.
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2 years ago, Tomfoolerysgirl
Think about this..
Who wants to watch an ad for 30 seconds while I’m trying to see whether or not a tornado is going to hit my house? Clean it up Kait8.. I expect better from my local news team
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6 years ago, jredtberry
Ads Ads Ads - constantly
I can't even read a full story without getting interrupted by an ad. Gamble's Furniture must be putting out some serious cash to y'all. If they're spending that much on advertising then their prices must be marked up a WHOLE bunch.
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2 years ago, kmk0693
I really liked this app I used it to keep up with the news. The ad pop ups were aggravating but acceptable because this is a free app. But now that the video ads have started this is no longer an app I will be using. Very disappointed with KAIT8
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4 years ago, enrod_75
I love the way y’all keep people updated
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3 years ago, Mr Chitlin
App won’t open
After the Gamble ad the app just spins. Waste of time. Another great downgrade. If I have to look at the Gamble ad every time I open the app I guarantee I won’t be patronizing them. Give to option to see it one time them be able to opt out of seeing it again.
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6 years ago, Disappointed in Jonesboro
Terrible design
The Region8News app has recently changed it’s look and I do not like it at all. I look at the app several times a day and since the “so-called improvement” I have been disappointed each time. Please change it’s look and function back the way it was! Thanks
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6 years ago, KK of 1
Website too jumbled
It is very hard to tell what is news and what is an ad. The website has too much information with ads, news, and pictures. Tone it down a little or redesign! The last design was much more informative and easier to maneuver.
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5 years ago, 85 darkchocolate
Keep you informed. Great news team
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2 years ago, Joyceinarkansas
Not able to get back on KAIT8 NEWS
My Last update I could not get back on!!! I don’t like not keeping up with the News!! Could you please help me ? I have even gotten back to the App Store and I still haven’t been able to get on !! I don’t like this
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1 year ago, APZM
App unstable/too many ads
There are too many ads and the app is unstable. Since the last update, my app won’t even open. News articles have too many errors and lack good journalism.
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2 years ago, Babe Carson
Disappointing app
The news team is great, however the app is terrible. It constantly glitches no matter how great your signal is or how updated your app is. It’s easier to just use the pre installed weather app.
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4 years ago, Aintthatright
App will only open in App Store
Can not download this app on phone. It will only open in App Store only
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6 years ago, arbe98
Latest version a little disappointing
I miss the Local News option that was present on the last version of the app. It would be nice to have that back.
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1 year ago, byrd1989
Get rid of the pop up adds
Too many ads. I hate the pop up ads from the exact same companies
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6 years ago, Cashfire902
Not very good on there breaking news storieskarma need a whole lot more of Ragin eight news instead of news from all over the United States, And there are way too many Of the same story on here and on their sports there are not many of your local sports yall post on here
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6 years ago, Zjmcmom
New format 👎🏻👎🏻
New format makes it hard to find anything!! Too much clicking, only to take you to things you don’t want to see. Clicking on a breaking news alert won’t necessarily even take you to the breaking news. Boo!! Fix it please!!!
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1 year ago, Disgruntled in NEA
Latest update does not work
Ever since the last update, your page will not load. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but still it won’t load. Terrible!
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3 years ago, thenumber47
Version 6.6.5
Not a fan of the new app layout update. The app seems to load and run a lot slower too. Two stars, because I’m hopeful that the app will go back to what it previously was before the update. I loved the app then.
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3 years ago, awful eagle dog
KAIT Region8News
I just downloaded the new version of the app this morning and now it won’t open. It crashes every time. Wish they could at least get close to getting it together!
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