Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

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Kahoot ASA
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

4.57 out of 5
42.9K Ratings
3 years ago, kaka,wa
I love Kahoot
Kahoot! can quickly become a go-to for teachers looking to run quick and lively checks for understanding or exit tickets. Try establishing something like Kahoot! Fridays for quick review. If you don't have time to make quizzes, search millions of public Kahoots to play or remix. Go beyond memorization of facts and allow Kahoot! to introduce scenario questions/prompts with multiple decisions; stimulate conversation from the results. Insert slides between questions to introduce additional information, allowing Kahoot! to become a content-delivery platform. Quiz templates make it really easy to build a thoughtful learning experience that does more than solicit rapid-fire recall. Build a "collection" of quizzes and share the collection with students. The asynchronous features are great for independent review and distance learning. Don't forget professional development. Use the Team mode to pose pedagogical questions and promote food-for-thought discussions among colleagues and cohorts. Use Kahoot! to break the ice at the beginning of the school year or bond with members of the learning community.
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3 years ago, kittycataph123
Good but...
OK first of all y’all need to stop being so rude to the game it’s not that bad it’s good but the one problem is it makes you pay all those other things people say that they didn’t like it was intrude all of those things work fine it might just be the things there on overall pretty good but it cost money.I played us woman every time someone who said they all yell for joy that is how good the game is it is not like your normal boring school game no ads or anything you can make your own and play other peoples you can join friends and so much more sooooo I would recommend downloading the game and it’s not bad at all for all those haters out there.
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1 year ago, I❤️ Disney
free education tools
hello. i understand that you need to make money, but do you think charging people to make a kahoot the best option? so many of us either aren’t paid because we are in high school or middle school, or don’t have enough money because we have to spend money on other things to survive or we are underpaid or both. I am speaking out for all of the teachers, the families, the students who don’t have the money to spend on this. Money isn’t life, money is honestly made up. It is created to put value on other things. And money is losing its value. We already have to pay for quizlet. now we have to pay for this?? AND YOU ALLOW us to make a kahoot, to HELP US LEARN AND STUDY, and then an hour later when we our finished, we can’t “post” it because we don’t have the stupid plan that you want us to have. PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING RIGHT NOW AND ARE RELYING ON DOING GOOD IN SCHOOL TO PAY FOR COLLEGE AND/OR GRADUATING SO THEY CAN GET A JOB TO PAY THE BARE MINIMUM. and please do not say “the reason why you can’t publish your kahoot is because you don’t have this certain plan that you need to have.” I know i don’t have that plan because I can’t afford it. so thank you for taking away my last study option, i greatly appreciate it.
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6 months ago, 💚🧡Aio_bakudeku💚🧡
For kahoot..
hello. i understand that you need to make money, but do you think charging people to make a kahoot the best option? so many of us either aren't paid because we are in high school or middle school, or don't have enough money because we have to spend money on other things to survive or we are underpaid or both. I am speaking out for all of the teachers, the families, the students who don't have the money to spend on this. Money isn't life, money is honestly made up. It is created to put value on other things. And money is losing its value. We already have to pay for quizlet. now we have to pay for this?? AND YOU ALLOW us to make a kahoot, to HELP US LEARN AND STUDY, and then an hour later when we our finished, we can't "post" it because we don't have the stupid plan that you want us to have. PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING RIGHT NOW AND ARE RELYING ON DOING GOOD IN SCHOOL TO PAY FOR COLLEGE AND/OR GRADUATING SO THEY CAN GET A JOB TO PAY THE BARE MINIMUM. and please do not say "the reason why you can't publish your kahoot is because you don't have this certain plan that you need to have." I know i don't have that plan because I can't afford it. so thank you for taking away my last study option, i greatly appreciate it.
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3 years ago, Knuckles049IH
Poorly designed
I’m an educator and I’ve repeatedly tried to make Kahoot work for my classes. They have strict character limits that make it unusable for more complex questions/answers. Thankfully, they now have a work-around that allows you to import slides. So this morning, I spent several hours of my precious time setting up a kahoot with imported slides. After several hours of work to set it up (precious hours of an overworked, underpaid educator’s time, time that I could have used grading, preparing other lessons, etc., time that I will NEVER GET BACK), it wouldn’t let me publish the kahoot without entering my credit card information. They wanted me to authorize a $180 charge on my credit card (after the 7-day “free trial”) just to use the quiz game I had already spent hours creating. I am LIVID. I know these marketing techniques are common, but using them on overworked, underpaid teachers (especially during a pandemic) is just plain cruel and disrespectful They shouldn’t have allowed me to import my slides and go through all that effort. And they really need to get rid of the character limits. (People have been asking them to do so for years, but I guess this would undermine their scheme).
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5 years ago, Sarah C. Im a kid no kinnaping
EPIICCC but needs a few changes
This game is epic I’m not saying anything like I hate it I’m just saying there is a few problems that are kind of taking the fun out of the game 1. problem when you put in an intro song it doesn’t show up unless you’re on the challenge its a little annoying but I didn’t take that much fun out of it I still got to play! 2. this is not really a problem it’s just that I would like to make it so then you can play around the world like for example you didn’t have to get 100 friends and make them come to your house just so that you can play Kahoot! Maybe can you make it so that you can have multiplayer but with random people around the world? 3. I am on an Apple iPad but it’s crashing even know I’m not on anything else and I have the best Internet it doesn’t make sense! And same for the other person it just deleted it self! But this time it did work to reinstall it. This is very confusing but I still love the idea of Kahoot!
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1 year ago, Icecreamandcake
After being beta testers for Poio years ago, my kids wanted to try the other Kahoot games (like the math ones, chess, etc). We loved the trials and paid for the service for a while. When Poio was released to the public, we were given the chance to own the game for free as previous testers but decided to purchase it full price to support the creators. Everything was going well. During a financial bind, we had to stop our Kahoot subscription for a few months. When we decided to reactive it, purchased through Apple’s store like before, the Kahoot software kept telling us we didn’t have a subscription, even on the website and would not let us use the supposed family plan on any of our devices. We tried all of the troubleshooting and reached out to customer service. They were able to get one single app working on one device but none of the other apps would recognize our purchase nor allow us to use the family plan on other devices. Customer service said they would look into it and would be in touch. Three months of paying for a subscription we couldn’t use ($30+ for one game), and not a single word again from customer service nor any offer to recomp the expenses, we finally opened a ticket with Apple and got our money refunded. Sorely disappointed in the lack of attention to a loyal customer. Kids also sorely disappointed they can’t play their favorite games. I don’t dare try to make another subscription purchase with a different device in case this happens again.
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3 years ago, The_Tailor28
Forced to pay
I’ve been using Kahoot! for so long, I didn’t expect this to happen. But now I have to pay to use features that used to be free, and I find this very annoying because I do not want to pay for this app. Please give back some feature to the free users please!! 1. I feel like the standard one that we have to buy should be free, because that is what Kahoot! used to be like before you started charging us for basic things 2. There was also a problem when I was trying to save a game I made, it kept saying that there was a feature I used that I needed to pay for, but I went through the quiz and all the features I used were the basic ones, (which is not that many now😒). Now I can’t even save it without upgrading to standard. I want to love this app, and I used too. But now that I have to pay for almost everything, I don’t want to use it anymore. Please consider making the standard plan free for users! I know many people would be happy! -The_Tailor28
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3 years ago, changthegame
One Bad Thing
There is only 1 bad thing about this app! It that when you play Kahoot on your computer you get a Kahoot! for almost every topic you look up but when you play on your phone the same ones don’t show up. For example: I just finished the book “The Westing Game” (great book) & wanted to play a Kahoot on it so I went on to my computer & looked up “The Westing Game” in the search bar. Sure enough about 12 came up. I unfortunately did not have time to play so I decided to just play it on my phone latter. So latter came & I opened up the Kahoot app, typed in “The Westing Game ” & nothing came up! So I went back onto my computer looked it back up & there where the same 12. You can’t get the same Kahoot a in your phone that are on your computer!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😩😩😩😩😩😩 PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, roundupgaming
Remove the sound for when you get it wrong
I have been playing Kahoot! a lot of times in school but the most thing I hate about Kahoot is the sounds it makes when you get it wrong and this is basically based on speed because the person who made or hosted the Kahoot could just put a 10 second timer and it goes down fast so we are forced to answer quickly and it doesn’t make sense why you need to be fast to answer questions because if you get one wrong by focusing and the fast person gets it right when they are like 1,000 points away they just for some reason get 1,000 points and beat the player infront of them and it doesn’t make sense For the player who is taking their time. And for the incorrect sounds they just go low and it starts to get annoying the more you play Kahoot and I have been playing it ever since 1st grade just get rid of the incorrect sounds and the extra points for speed. I’d also rather play quizziz or quizlet of prodigy instead of Kahoot
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4 years ago, Johnny vasta
Deletes your work
This app is very fun but there are some hiccups one is when you are making a kahoot it does not save automatically this is something that happens and you can not get your work back. Kahoot NEEDS to fix this because it is wasting people’s time and people including me get very mad and frustrated. I was working on a very long kahoot I was finishing the second part and was just finishing the 50 question long kahoot after 2 hours of coming up with the questions and writing them for some reason the tab closed and I lost everything that I had worked on because I didn’t press done. I think this is something that kahoot needs to rethink and fix because it is making a fun app annoying and showing its bad side. In the end I want my hard work and dedication back you guys need to fix this and make it more user friendly.
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4 years ago, Seth99,
Kahoot! Is terrible, this is why.
Kahoot! is mostly based off of speed and not actual smarts, someone could get 1 or 2 questions wrong and go really fast while someone else could get 100% and go slow and steady, guess who will get first? The person who went really fast, another reason it’s bad is that you can’t see the questions and answers unless your teacher had a projector or something else to project, the only way you can see them is if you do a challenge, I understand this may be to prevent random people from also doing the Kahoot but make it a setting so that others can see the question and answer. So while this game is not good as a study tool, you can use it for other things such as team building activities if you know how to work it right, you could make it in team mode and challenge everyone to work together in order to win, but otherwise it’s not really a good study tool as it’s speed over smarts.
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5 years ago, reef_25
This is GREAT👍🏻👍🏻🤗
I love the kahoot app so much. One reason is because it’s very easy to use and very self explanatory. Another reason is because it’s faster to just open the app and put in the game pin than to take forever and open the website. Another reason I love this app is because I can try different quizzes without having to play with someone. I like to play different quizzes when I’m bored. I also like this app because making a Kahoot! is so much faster and easier than going online and doing it on a computer. Anyways, after saying ALL that, I think overall Kahoot! is a great app and is great for people who like playing trivia games and likes making them too. 🙃🙃
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5 years ago, hoot ka!
Great app!
I’ve been using Kahoot for a while now, and we do Kahoot in our class. I used to not like my class in my previous grade because all the teachers do is talk and the quizzes are always on a sheet of paper. When we got Kahoot, a year later, I started looking forward to these classes because we would get quizzed in a more competitive environment where people would fight using their knowledge to get to first place. Now, I use kahoot with my friends to make my own quizzes, which gets pretty funny at times. Thank you Kahoot! developers for making this wonderful app. I strongly recommend this app to any teachers as a fun learning tool for your students.
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3 years ago, Llamacay25
I used to love it but now I don’t!😡
THIS STUPID FRICKING APP WILL NOT LET ME PUT IN MY EMAIL!!! I spent 4 hours on a fricking Kahoot and when I was done I pressed save. Now I already made an account a while ago with my friends, but when I tried to get back in the account, it wouldn’t let me in. It asked for a email. And I gave them my email. It asked me for my password. And I gave them my password. You see, my email and password will work, and has worked for everything else, but for this stupid fricking app it says that it won’t work. Now I know how everyone hate to read these stupid reports, so I’ll rap it up. I tried resetting my password. I even tried resetting my email. BUT IT WONT WORK!!! You see I’m mad and upset because every other time I played this game it’s been fun. but now I’m just upset because I played this game way too many times to not like it. But SOME ONE BEHIND THIS APP BETTER GET THEIR GAME UP AND LET US PLAY THE FRICKING APP WITHOUT AN EMAIL! Thank you.
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2 years ago, Scarlet_Shadow
Great Game, But the Subscriptions!
I think this game is really fun, and it’s educational too(which is awesome👍). But the only problem I’m having so far is creating quizzes without a subscription. There isn’t a lot of stuff you can do with your quizzes if you haven’t subscribed, such as create polls or have a question in a puzzle style. And, you can only have one free image from Getty per quiz(I don’t mind this part, but others might). I know you have to make money, but maybe if you have more stuff to people with the basic subscription, or had a free trial option. Still, this game is cool, and I can’t wait for more bug fixes—not that I have run into any—and updates! Oh wow I didn’t know there was a free trial option lol. Thank you for the help tho
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5 years ago, Hubert Lovegood
It keeps on crashing
Okay, I like this game, but I rated it four star because it keeps on crashing! There is this quiz I’ve been working on called Marvel: Name that Character, and now whenever I click on it, the app crashes, which led to me deleting it, and re getting thirty seconds later, signed back in, was good for a few hours, and it started crashing again. Please help me! Also, if this helps, it’s 224 questions long, which might be the problem, so maybe try getting something to give your quizzes more questions. Edit #1: I’m so mad! I just finished the quiz, and now It’s saying there is a limit of 100 questions! I spent at least a week on that thing! Why the heck am I just learning this now, anyway?!?!?!?!? I really think it should just be unlimited! Why?!?!?!?
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3 years ago, Tm!08112012
Deleted’s your work and profile
So I had to make an account so I did after played a lot of games to get a avatar that I liked than I spent a year oof the game and sometimes went on and played a game today in tried to get in next I see that my picture is not on so I went to put it on and we I went to see it said I study a lot of game and I went do look and I have no emotions and don’t you start with on next I tried to login but It said wrong password and I needed 5 more avatars to get all of them and them my hard work didn’t pay of but before that o like it . I don’t get it and now when I I try to get a new avatar in a new game i]and I when first place I dose not give my the avatar. I’m so Mad a this game right now please fix
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6 years ago, TRose Eleazar
Best app I have ever downloaded! 😄
This app is absolutely amazing! 😉 The graphics, design, and overall use ability is super high. It so easy to use. And your probably thinking, “I can’t really use it much because you need multiple people.” Actually, no, there is computer players that you can compete, and when you get the app you type in your age so those players can be decent competitors. Another feature I love is Leaderboard count. The app keeps track of how many wins you have. I could write a million reasons to love this app, but I’m just going to say the most important things. Great job, Kahoot, on this flawless app! ❤️
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2 years ago, None ya 111
Kahoot Is Awesome! One thing…
Kahoot is a very fun game! But I don’t know if anyone has noticed this yet before but apparently it won’t let me make my own Kahoot public when you’re a student. I’ve tried to log in and see if it helps, but it is still the same. And today I tried downloading it on my iPhone and it’s still the same. I think you may have to be a teacher or professional to do it? I don’t know, but I’m currently logged in as a student and it doesn’t seem to be showing me to make my Kahoot public. With that said, maybe there is a way that I’m just not finding it or not seeing it. But what a fun game if your child is homeschooled or remote!
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2 years ago, peypey5000
I rate this 4 stars because I have a few reasons. Tbh it’s a really good learning game but when I go to host a game, it glitches and logges me out of the game. I don’t know why this is happening. I checked and my internet is good and all the other cables I just don’t get what’s the matter because it just does that for no reason. Also my last complaint is that when I type in answers it loads something else. When I go to host a game and when it DOSENT glitch me out, I go to type in the question and answer but it just puts something diff in. Although other then all that, kahoot it’s a really fun and really good learning experience. Thank you kahoot!
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2 years ago, ndhunduydncundhuc
Kahoot is great for teaching things for your students i have some students and it’s like a fun learning game\experience they all love it and one kid came up yesterday and said hey mrs could we play Kahoot and I said ofc and they all said yay I just love you Kahoot! OTHER THINGS it’s a really good thing for kids at school I love it but it’s also kinda inappropriate for school because some questions are like how much do you like them and I teach kindergarten and they think it’s kissing and hugging then at recess I find them doing those things I mean I give 5 star but maybe make like a kindergarten section… love you Kahoot!
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4 years ago, S__K_!
Loving it!!!
Kahoot is very fun because it’s testing your knowledge and I also like tests! There fun because you are timed and I like being under pressure. You can also create a quiz on any topic! I do Chinese. Sometimes. You can also learn from it and there is some things I would like to change. Not saying I don’t like Kahoot, it’s just I wanna be able to share it with people around the globe. I also have horrible internet connection but I am fine in separate apps like Roblox. In Kahoot, it is also fun because you can add photos and true or false questions. If you have not played Kahoot yet, I advise you to do it. Kahoot is very fun!
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5 years ago, Cavendar
More like 4.999 stars
This app is the best! Normally people would think this app is only for school but it’s not! You can study like ANYTHING and it’s free! I’m in s Spanish class and when I have nothing to do at home I’ll just pull out my phone and study Spanish on Kahoot. One tiny thing that’s bad is that if you’re on airplane mode or just have no service then you can’t the emotes. (They’re like emojis for when you win a group game). You can also make your own games which I’ve done a couple times. So yeah this app is awesome and I suggest getting it. It’s really great for school or just learning stuff for fun. Just get the game cuz it rox.
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2 months ago, KoalaGirl 987
Please read!
I like Kahoot! My teachers use it in school and it’s fun. The only thing I don’t like is that some things you have get premium to use. Please make a few things in premium available because they are the best things. Other than that I absolutely love love love Kahoot! and it’s very good for kids too of all ages. Just please try to do my offer. It doesn’t mean premium doesn’t have to exist, just make a few things in premium available for free. It doesn’t matter which things, just a couple. Thanks for reading this, goodbye.
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3 years ago, jenmonje
Business Model is Built on Deceit
As an online educator who’s always on the lookout for interactive technology I could use in class, I tried Kahoot’s 7-day free trial. Of course I wouldn’t be able to access its features unless I link it to my PayPal. Then, forgot all about it until I was charged $180! True, I should have read the fine details that said after 7 days it will AUTOMATICALLY charge my card. But if you’re a harassed online educator like me, you easily forget these things. Would it have killed their business to alert customers that their cards would be charged? Of course they won’t generate a lot of income this way, but if their products are indispensable to people, they would cough up the money and not be coerced into using it simply because they have already paid $180. Kahoots business model thrives by catching people off-guard.
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4 years ago, Mcclud1c
Images too small for effective gameplay.
This is a very fun game for both students and teachers. However the images are way too small during gameplay. I have read many other reviews that explain image size and ways that it can be improved. I would change my rating to 5 stars if the Kahoot! Team Would make images bigger on the main screen or displayed on students devices. As a paying subscriber that likes to create games I don’t plan on renewing my subscription until Kahoot! Starts making improvements to its platform and listening to its users. Not to mention how long it takes to load the Kahoot website and bugginess. It seems that Kahoot is fully aware of its flaws for years but is unwilling to make the necessary changes. I look forward to the day Kahoot! hires some good software engineers and programmers.
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4 years ago, 1538381034933
This app is great but can be better
I love this app, it’s very fun to play with family and friends but yesterday i made a kahoot quiz which my english teacher asked me to do, I made a 40 question quiz about grammar points and vocabulary, when i tried to save it it said that their was a problem loading the images, knowing i didn’t even have images, I tried to save it multiple times and see what’s wrong, when i removes the kahoot folder and went back in ALL MY QUESTIONS WERE GONE, the questions i spent so long making, I don’t know if there is a way you could fix it, it’s still a great app and a great way of learning, it’s fun and educational! Thank you
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6 years ago, anynomous1122334455
Love the app but hard to play with a few friends or over the phone.
Please please please let people be able to see their answers on their own screens. I want to play with people over the phone and stuff so putting the question and answers on their screen would be amazing. I’ve seen a lot of comments that ask for this to happen and I think it would be a great idea. It would also help people who are nearsighted or unable to look up at a screen and pick their answer on their device. It would also make playing with a small control device(like if you just want to play with your friends and you don’t have a computer) easier. Please at least make this an option. If this happens I will definitely give 5 stars
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2 years ago, joy to wwwwwwwwwwww
My opinion on Kahoot!
When I was at school and all of my teachers gave me a test, I did not want to study because I mean it’s not fun so I wanted to find a way to get my grades up while having fun studying! I downloaded Kahoot and now studying is super fun! I get good grades on most of my tests, I love to be productive and this is the perfect way to become more productive and organized when it comes to studying! Kahoot! Also has SO MANY COOL themes to chose from! So if you want to do Xmas or Halloween? Kahoot! has it! This is why I love Kahoot so much! Thank you for making it!!!
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2 years ago, nasim538
Epitome of sunken cost fallacy
Growing up I loved playing kahoot games in class and with friends to study. I get that app developers and investors need money, but their financial strategy is slimy. Before I signed up to make a Kahoot account, I checked that the free version still included all the features I needed. 20 minutes into creating a set, I find out that there’s a character limit (aka with a free account you are limited to sets with like 5 questions). Since I had already invested my time, I decided to purchase one month premium subscription. Even though the subscription levels are priced monthly, you can only purchase an annual subscription…grrrr. So instead of spending $9 on something that used to be free, I saved $108 by completing my game on a free platform.
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1 year ago, mom of 2 cute 1s
Used to be so much better 😔
I used to play Kahoot in so many of my school classes to help us review and study for upcoming tests or quizzes. Today we were about to do just that, until a certain something stopped us. A Player limit for non premium users. Look I get the need to make money, that’s almost anyone’s goal in this world and I was fine with certain features with making a Kahoot being locked behind premium like 6 answers for a question, that made sense. However having a play limit of 11 on a Kahoot game is just outrageous. Most average class sizes are around 20 students, so putting a player limit of just 11 is cruel. It makes no sense and is becoming a cash grab at this point just to get people to pay for the premium
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3 years ago, loolollllll
This app is so good but one thing there’s problems with the thing
Ok so first, this app change my life plus my mom and dad told me that if it changes my life I will get a IPhone 12. This app is so good and thank god it’s 4+ I’m only 8 and for me the app is getting good. But one thing is that I have a lot of problems I don’t know but when I play I’m lagging and it’s like I don’t know but I’m lagging a lot in the game so developers pleas change it. But u guys are still awesome follow ur dreams have a nice day. And also Kahoot is a good game with a lot of great stuff no innaporiate stuff. Have a nice day.
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5 months ago, Caroline Carbaugh
This app needs a significant amount of improvement
OK, this app is rather frustrating as somebody who is blind and is also a college student. I can’t even answer questions like the rest of my classmates. I always get incorrect answer simply because it’s at the point now where it doesn’t even tell me the different shapes that correspond with answers. And before that it was telling me the shapes, but wasn’t reading the answers. One thing I would like to see in the new update, is being able to read me both question and answer so I can play like everybody else. Please take that into consideration. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Csujs dbdue
Great and Amazing!
Ok, I am a student in class and love this game! Now I love Blooket a lot more because it has more game that go with it that effect if you win to make it more fun, but I definitely recommend this for your class if you are a teacher. Even if you are Homeschooling your kids I recommend this! I’m a kid and I just signed up for a teacher account because me and my brother like to play school and use our imaginations so if your a kid reading this please download it to and make your own Kahoot Quizzes!
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1 year ago, ZZ051816
Games won’t start or load…. Very disappointed
I initially found out about Kahoot! Through my daughters homeschool. I absolutely loved the games. Her teacher gave her a free student pass but she loved it so much I went ahead and purchased it. She can only access games while in class and it’s only the games her teacher creates. Anytime she tries to open one of the games we downloaded and paid for the screen freezes. Im glad that there’s something educational out there that she’s excited to use but it’s discouraging for her when she can’t even use it and has to settle for something else. It’s hard keeping her interest in learning. This isn’t helping. I’d love to see the issue resolved rather than having to delete it altogether. Thx.
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5 years ago, fords!!!!!
Great except for one little thing
I liked the game a lot, the practice mode really takes it a step up from the website. There is one little issue I am having with the app. Before I downloaded the app, I created a “Jumble” puzzle online. When I tried to find it in the app, I couldn’t find it. I went online and hit the “play” button, and it loaded me onto the game page in the app and when I hit play, it said that a new update was available in the App Store. When I went to the App Store, there was no update Avaliable. Please help me!
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3 years ago, Nurse Pawpaw
This app really helped
I truly recommend this app to all my homeschooling friends. It’s a quick go to for teachers and homeschooling mom’s. I use this app myself for my homeschool group. It really helps teach my students. My daughter uses this app to play quizzes with friends and family. Not only does Kahoot! have educational quizzes but fun quizzes too. Kahoot! Is an incredible app giving me the opportunity to make school awesome for not only my kids but others. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts.
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4 years ago, BAD1854
I love Kahoot!!!! A few suggestions, though
It is a great game to play with friends - everyone loves it!!!! I have so much fun. One thing I would suggest is that you are able to play any game you want alone without it being a challenge game. I sometimes do challenge so I can play the kahoot. Another thing I’d suggest is that during these crazy times, it wouldn’t be as hard to play. Sometimes when playing with friends it says bad connection then ends the kahoot. It gets a little annoying. Overall, it’s a great app. Will be using it again!! 😀
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10 months ago, bcb dbeheudhbebje
it’s fun but not the best…
i found out about Kahoot in school and my teachers used it for quizzes and tests for our classes, they called it the “class education tool” so then once i got older and didn’t use it as much i checked the reviews and more about the game. i also found out that u could make ur own quizzes (i found out when i was younger.) so then i just made random quizzes with my friends and we always played them together and just to know each other more during the time we got older, i don’t use the app as much but i see teachers use it more than usual! thanks for reading :)
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3 years ago, hello im radvin
This app is great every time my teacher told us to do a kahoot everyone would go on a rampage that’s how much we love it but when I want to make a Kahoot it says I need to upgrade for premium even though I don’t have anything included in my kahoot that needs premium and I don’t want to waste money just for one kahoot but I spent so long making that kahoot fixing everything adding everything etc... but then that’s what it say like I love this this is an amazing app but is that like a glitch or is it forcing everyone to pay cause that’s stupid still very good app
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6 years ago, MathterBlaster
Bring instruction to the next level!
Students are going to socialize, play and learn in your class. Kahoot! will help you do that without feeling like you’ve lost control. Redirect their energy through competition in the form of a Kahoot! assessment. Do you want your students excited about homework? Assign them a Kahoot! and let the leaderboard do the work. Don’t have time to to look though exit slips? Download a Kahoot! results page and quickly see the area where a little nudge is needed. Kahoot! you’re classroom. You won’t be disappointed.
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1 year ago, Colombian_mamasita
Updated quizlet review
I am personally very disappointed on quizlet’s new updated premium subscription. On the behalf of many students I can say that Quizlet has lost many users for charging people for the basic things quizlet used to offer for FREE. I will no longer be using quizlet and will now be using gettoknowt. I found this app searching for the best free app that allows me to study my flash cards and quiz myself for free. If you are also upset about quizlet I highly recommend GETTOKNOWT.
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3 years ago, rahma12345
Pretty good. Needs an update:
So I was just leaving my zoom meeting. My teacher was saying we are playing kahoot at 1:00 pm. I was excited but I played on my little brothers iPad. I thought:how can I get to his meeting while playing kahoot? So I went here. Telling about you to add this:with any meeting you can put another app there so one person playing on the left side and meeting at other side. This is for my little brothers google meet. It can be zoom. Too! And please add this. I know it will be hard but it’s gonna be great! 😃
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1 year ago, Reviewer1357913
Kicks out if phone locks
I've used Kahoot for years and there seems to always be a different glitch each time. Sometimes the pictures don't appear or are tiny, the sound doesn't work, the tv it always worked well on suddenly the questions don't fit on it anymore. The latest though was everyone would be kicked out after joining the game the moment their phone locked while waiting for others to join. We give everyone about 5 minutes to join the game and ended with two players as it kept kicking people out. The glitches are getting frustrating when we love the overall idea oh Kahoot!.
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6 years ago, foushe
I was playing a Kahoot and I was in third place. The second to last question went ok. Then the last question showed up and my screen was stuck on the last question. It was stuck until the last 5 seconds of the game. I got in fourth place, not the third that I was in before. Because of this I did not, I will repeat that, I did not get a piece of candy!!! Just because of a glitch that I had nothing to do with! Until you fix this, my review will stay like this. Edit, I am using an iPad Air 2 on WiFi and the latest version of Kahoot. Thanks for reaching out!
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4 years ago, am mad :/
Why cant i submit my own quizz explain
Well when i got it without the app it was pretty fun until you cant submit something you created, so than i assume you had to do it on the app so you than get to submit it so i downloaded it and tried to submit it but it wouldn’t let me i even did those Kahoot! Checklist but it doesn’t work until i realized you are limited on creating a quizz for it to be public and you cant be a student. LIKE BRUH seriously why did i even waste my time on this??? Seriously when I downloaded this app it literally took me a minute just to be already bored.... >:/ could’ve just put a sign on the quizz to say “hey your a student so we wont allow you to put your quizz to public”
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6 years ago, Ldsginger
So I downloaded Kahoot! and it worked for a while, then it all of a sudden deleted itself. Then when I tried to redownload it, it said it wasn’t downloading. So I kinda gave up, figured I’ll just use it on my safari. But then I went to the AppStore a month later, and it says that kahoot is downloaded. It doesn’t show up on my home screen, and when I exit out it closes, but I can use it perfectly fine as long as I open it through the AppStore. I like kahoot, and it works fine on my other devices, it just freaked out on this one. Can anyone help?
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3 years ago, Ubiedoodle
Mobile friendly
Ive been using Kahoot since 6th grade on the computer but now since im in higschool, without a laptop, ive been having to use my phone for online classes and it would help me out if kahoot was a little friendlier to mobile platforms in the aspect of showing the texts when doing a kahoot just like on laptops or desktop computers, instead on mobile we just get the red, blue, green, and yellow icons with no context, which in turn makes it hard for me to find an answer to my question without having to switch out of kahoot and back to my classroom call.
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3 years ago, mhill17
I can’t even play anymore
So I wanted to login into Kahoot and and and I press logged in I meant to press the family but then I pressed him professional and then it like wouldn’t let me in like I didn’t want to pay and so I just logged onto Kahut try to go to the website again and it just gives gives me a straight razor the payment again and and I can’t even play Kahut anymore this is just for PC but I don’t know if it does on mobile but it’s a it’s a bug and I really want to fix Or maybe it’s not even a glitch is supposed to be like that but if anybody knows how to fix it please tell me because I like to play Kahoot again
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