KALB-TV News Channel 5

3.2 (96)
64 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KALB-TV News Channel 5

3.21 out of 5
96 Ratings
5 years ago, Mrichey1950
Bug in app
Every article has an ad in the article which overlays part of the article to where you can’t read the article or the ad.
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4 years ago, Meicy1289
Still the DUMBEST app
Still can’t figure why the app creator hates its users so much? Randomly the app will be hijacked by an ad, usually something stupid in the form of a survey asking if you support trump or think he’s doing a good job. The entire app is held hostage until you click yes or no or something. Work around is to close the app 3 - 5 times without clicking anything to make it go away.
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2 years ago, seeker1014
There is no need for so many ads. Many you have to keep scrolling to get to the topic which by the end of it you have to go to another ad. Some looks interesting and I’d like to read but I don’t have time to go to ad after ad after ad. Slow down on the ads. It’s ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Last good Nerve
The alert!!!!
The new alert that comes on to let you know there is an update or a new story is to startling, it makes you jump every time. Can it be toned down? I’m in my heart attack years! LOL
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9 years ago, Xray91p
Unable to set news alerts. If it is possible, unable to find it with ease. How about putting it in the "settings".
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5 years ago, Chief01*
Great app
This is a great app always updates on local news & weather
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4 years ago, jcbutton69
Why are the reviews so low in number?
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3 years ago, susieq9280
App won’t even open!!
Since the new update today, the app doesn’t even open. I’m just gonna delete this cause it’s been nothing but a hassle.
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5 years ago, TboyMc
Ugghh notifications
Please stop all the notifications. Breaking news ok. But I don’t think somebody having a baby is breaking news note worthy.
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5 years ago, NewsAddict89
I really enjoy the KALB app, but I am appalled by the number of errors! Please be more attentive to details and strive to improve grammatically. Journalism is a professional career and such errors may jeopardize the credibility of the station.
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5 years ago, Solo success
App won’t open after updating
After performing the most recent kalb app update the app doesn’t open anymore. Please help!! Nobody has even bothered to respond back!!!
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3 years ago, CoachCWD
Hasn’t loaded in weeks. Get update notifications but can’t load the app
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2 years ago, Zedhead6969
Does Not Function
Updated iOS, Updated App, still will not load.
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2 years ago, bitemd
App will not function with out location on
Show more
5 years ago, Ece1
Keeps crashing constantly
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7 years ago, BlondeFromLouisiana
It won’t let u add other locations to see what the weather is like. Fix this!!
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6 years ago, sorry Coverage
Sorry News App
I want to hear about local news. Alexandria, Louisiana. Not Washington DC or Los Angeles California. I wanna see more local now like KLAX do. Step ya game up KALB.
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1 year ago, glenmora123
Weather app Scott
Right out of 10
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4 years ago, cmprf
Thumbs down
This app is horrible they get two thumbs DOWN!!
Show more
6 years ago, Sonnyboy318
This app is garbage
Full of bugs or something, no good. 👎🏽
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5 years ago, numiterd
KALBTV app doesn’t open on iPhone.
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3 years ago, very diappointing
KALB is a disappointment
KALB is a disappointment
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11 years ago, an0v1ce
Don't have high expectations!
If you are familiar with the news station, then you know to expect constant flukes and failures that make for very awkward and uncomfortable moments. This app crashes as often as their newscasters and weather people! I feel so embarrassed because this really is the best news station in town, and often it is the only station that visitors to the area watch. I hope the world doesn't hold this station and their app against the citizens of the area in which it broadcasts.
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12 years ago, ShaggyChan
Instant notification of local news as it unfolds.. No matter where I'm at! This is where convenience meets technology. Another reason why News Channel 5 is on my side!
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9 years ago, ChadAJUNeau
Handy App
My girlfriend can check her local news 3 times daily on any phone, tablet, computer, etc etc without disturbing me as I watch FOX news daily for national n worldly events!!
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12 years ago, Eli2fly
KALB for your IPhone.
Awesome! Just what I needed to stay up to date with my local news and weather while working. Thank you News Channel 5.
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9 years ago, swagilater
Haven't even tried it yet!!
This app is outrageously stupendous. I haven't opened it yet, it is still downloading but I bet when I do I get all of the information I need to know (especially sports). Hi Kelsey!! I KNOW HER!!!!
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11 years ago, AngiMae
I loved the app until the last update! What happened to the radar?? I've looked and looked. It's gone, and I think it's very important, especially when the weather is bad, so we can follow. I'm very disappointed so I guess I'll have to find another app. This is sad :(
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12 years ago, Boosh81
I downloaded this App yesterday and it has never updated. I'm originally from that area and was excited to have a link to Cenla, only to find this piece o crap. Take a look at others that refresh the news, don't release something if it's not ready!
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8 years ago, Grannyacl
I Love My KALB CHANNEL 5 NEWS News Station. They have the best and most accurate weather forecast. I find Their News reports unbiased and to the point.
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12 years ago, coreynall92
iPhone 5
This app is awesome but PLEASEEE update for iPhone 5 so it fits the whole screen! Thanks KALB for keeping us updated on all the local news wherever we are!
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10 years ago, Lanana55
Worked great until recently won't load.
App won't load anymore. What's up with that?
Show more
11 years ago, App_basher_1103
Great for those days when you don't know what to wear or how to do your hair!(:
Show more
9 years ago, ajKweez
No option to remove ads
I might would consider actually using this app if I had an option to remove the ads.
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10 years ago, ~*~TraceyMichelle~*~
App works fine, "news" is malicious gossip.
The app works well, but I can no longer tolerate this small-town gossip as "news," especially when I know for a fact certain reporting is false and malicious.
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11 years ago, williamcburnsjr
Good app!
It's a good app and works fine for my needs!
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9 years ago, Rev819
Best App
Great, Love it
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10 years ago, Powers.
App not working
For about the past week, will not load any news. Nothing but lines & headers on screen.
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10 years ago, E u d
App not working
I have not been able to get this app to come up with news what is going in
Show more
10 years ago, Doobs50
Not working
App doesn't load
Show more
10 years ago, Rfs2sttl4ls
App doesn't load.
Show more
10 years ago, Boycegrl
App doesn't work!
Won't load 😱
Show more
10 years ago, Mike20092
What's up with the app not working fix it please
Show more
9 years ago, Eh hop
Love it
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