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User Reviews for Kanopy

4.78 out of 5
107.4K Ratings
9 months ago, antirazzia
la vida util
a movie from uruguay, my home country, and a movie about cinemateca. Cinemateca is a movie club that offers a window of classic and independent movies from around the world in various locations in Montevideo to its members. Thanks to cinemateca i was able to see the world that otherwise i could not due to lack of resources and a fierce dictatorship that hurt, torture and kill thousands of us on the 70’s and 80,s….Cinemateca allowed many of us to see that other world was possible and that for an hour or so we could escape reality and still dream of a different place that took us away from misery, surveillance, and repression…. thanks for bringing this masterpiece that brought back memories of 30 years ago,riding my bycicle, planting the seed that a different world was possible,,,
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3 years ago, NolaLova
Amazing content - please fix the platform
I’ve had Kanopy for several years. Hands down, amazing content, however, its been really clunky with the same problems for all of these years. This: There is zero way to recover if you accidentally press the wrong button while watching a film. The only way to get back to it is to “rent” again. (lose a credit) There’s no option to finish watching it later or tomorrow. Nope. Not without using a credit. Oh and oops, if you accidentally press the wrong button, press play for a movie you don’t want to watch (even for a split second and immediately get out of it) well too bad, you lose a credit. Why not have a simple “do you want to use credit” or similar? There’s no doubt my public library is paying for a service its users are not able to fully utilize. I get 12 credits per month and am fairly tech savvy but I find this issue hugely frustrating. I can imagine it is much more frustrating for first time users, especially if they only are allowed 3 credits per month. What a bummer! I’ve read a lot of other reviews. Every single review that poses a question regarding disappearing credits receives the same response- we’re sorry you’re having this problem, please send an email directly to Kanopy to discuss further, aka …(probably) you don’t have a real solution other than manually crediting to individual accounts. C’mon Kanopy, we’re all fans here, just fix it already.
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2 years ago, ACJersey
No replays allowed
I am very impressed by the variety and multitud of genres that Kanopy has. But not all things are perfect, and I have problems with rewinding, going back to the beginning of the film, or trying to go back just one frame is impossible. I watch mostly documentaries and educational videos, and if I pause one day and restart the same video later it counts it as a separate movie, so that in the end I use up my six available rentals without even finishing one single movie. Even if I am only half way on a movie I cannot go back to it after pausing, so if I want to watch a movie I have to make sure I have enough time to finish the whole thing in one sitting, otherwise I won’t be able to see the end until the next month. It is very frustrating. I have to wait to the end of the month to watch the reminder of the movie, because it tells me I used up all my rentals even tough I never finished watching the whole thing. Hopefully they can fix that. It Is ridiculous that I used up all my six rentals on just one video and it was an instructional video.
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4 years ago, s-2019
Great collection but poor software coding
Kanopy has an excellent collection of movies from around the world. It is by far the best streaming platform for intellectual “entertainment”. As a cinema lover and frequent participant in film festivals, I vouch for the amazing selection that Kanopy brings to my living room. Thanks a million! But Kanopy’s app has technical glitches. I use iPhone and have the latest iOS version and Kanopy app version. When viewing a movie, if I wish to pause it in the middle, the app doesn’t allow me to do that. After a few minutes of watching something, if I reopen the app it doesn’t show me the current status of the movie I am watching, defaults to the home screen of Kanopy showing all titles available for viewing. When I click the “cast” icon on top right, it crashes the app. The movie, meanwhile continues to play on my television. I have faced this issue for 6-7 weeks, but Kanopy has not fixed it yet. I am hoping someone in their software engineering team identifies and fixes this bug.
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4 years ago, C. Zucker
Into the Fire: American Women in the Spanish Civil War
A magnificent tribute to the American women who joined the Spanish Loyalist forces and international brigades , including the American Abraham Lincoln Brigade, to fight against fascism in Spain. These women, many of whom were nurses and medical personnel, treated the wounded and dying Loyalist soldiers and their allies who fought against Franco’s forces and their Italian and German allies. The film interviews the women today as they look back and tell the story of the war that foreshadowed World War II. A great deal of original film footage depicts the actual circumstances faced by the Spanish people and the Spanish Republic as they confronted the onslaught of fascism and the indifference of the world to their plight. This film could be titled one of the Spanish Civil War’s Untold Stories; these women, with all of the courage and idealism they demonstrate, played a heroic and critical role in this struggle.
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4 years ago, HollyDay
Poor service provider
It could be a good streaming option, especially for those interested in foreign films and documentaries. BUT, the service is problematic and the customer service nearly non-existant. The films keep getting blurry on their app and they blame the user's internet connection, except I have 6 other streaming services and none have this problem at 200mbp speed. The points expire at the end of each month and renewed again the first of the following month. But if you use a point during the month to check out a film, you only have 2 days to watch that film, not the entire month. Rip off. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a film will clock 2 points, even though it's a 1-point film. Again, rip off. Customer service does nothing, even though this needs to be addressed on a technical level. Trying to get any help from customer service via email is useless. They do absolutely nothing and more often than not, don't even respond. I'll be informing my local library of these issues with Kanopy. The library pays a premium price per month to provide this service free to us, so nobody should be ripped off. No wonder many libraries are discontinuing the service. You can even find 85% of the films already streaming on other services, anyway. Too bad. There's a market for a foreign films streaming service in the US, but not one with so many issues and horrid lack of service.
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4 years ago, Len44039
Launching was a bit quirky
Great app but getting started was a bit quirky. I chose access through my local library. The app had difficulty verifying my valid library card. With some help from the library, I got through that then had trouble logging in and verifying account details. Once I navigated through those troubled waters, the environment on the other side is spectacular. Titles are well organized and rich with both education and entertainment. There are some limitations but flexibility is very good. Streaming through my Apple TV (and other devices too) brings the movies and lectures to the big TV. The app seems stable with no bugs that I can tell. Navigation is intuitive. Options are easy. At a cost of $00, I’m not sure I could ask for more.
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6 years ago, jwr2524
Journey’s end
Saw it three times . Each time it gets to me a little bit more. Direction was fabulous, acting superb. A little hard to understand because I am an American, but that was to be expected had to use close captioning to truly understand it something about first world war is so unnerving and frightening that I never get tired of understanding it or exploring. This was a play, that’s obvious And I wish I had seen the play. But since I haven’t I will make do with the film. I think I loved it but to be honest I’m not sure. Very intelligent film and thank God for that because I haven’t seen a very intelligent film in years. I hope to see more like this with its human guts churning and boiling over to let me know that mankind still exist on this earth
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6 months ago, doesnt pay to play
Good but needs improvement
I enjoy using the app to watch movies although I do have some issues. Airplay to the TV doesn’t work in the app (TV icon in top right corner of movie) unless I play the movie and then through the screen share icon from Apple does it go on the TV. Searching for a movie is almost impossible on the app as it won’t recognize a word longer than 4 letters even if it is on the service. Direct links from other sites don’t work as I use Reelgood to find movies on my service and the direct link to Kanopy doesn’t allow me to access it unless I open the app and search for it manually. I would also appreciate the option to skip forward instead of only being able to skip back 30 seconds. 10 seconds both ways would be good enough.
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5 years ago, MoJoWit
Wonderful App & Service
I tell everyone about Kanopy, it’s a wonderful App & service, with classics, indie and international films that you won’t find anywhere else, and all you need is a library card to access 10 viewings per month, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I find is perfect. A hidden gem is that they provide access to The Great Courses series of lectures, which are amazing, tons of topics, and they don’t count against your 10 viewings per month. They did have a data breach in March of 2019, but it wasn’t a server with personal information (credit cards or home address or password), it was viewing habit data logs, and hopefully they learned a valuable lesson from that.
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10 months ago, SomeDude4w5234
Great Library App
I’ve used other apps for ebook checkouts at my local library but this is my first time finding this streaming service. It took 2 minutes to setup my account, faster than libly, has what looks to be fairly recent movie selection and used my first of 10 rentals a month. Stream was good quality, don’t expect HDR, but it’s solid for sdr. Streams will depend on internet available. With my medium speed internet for the US it looks great on a phone. I have not attempted to stream on a TV yet so I can not compare how it would look on a 4k OLED LG c2. Some apps get lots of artifacts when played on large displays. We’ll see. But really, I’ll use this on the go more than anything.
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5 years ago, SuzieQuarks
Kanopy through my library system is my new favorite thing!
My local library system just got access to Kanopy about a month ago. Earlier this week I discovered The Great Courses there and was told by a librarian that none of these videos count against my 10 for the month! I’ve been wanting access to The Great Courses for about 10 years, but it’s never been in the budget, needless to say I’m very excited. I’ve just started a series about how to outsmart yourself to break bad habits and other brain training ideas. I love it! I also love that the closed captioning holds across all the videos. I’m excited for our next at-home date night to watch one of the 30+ movies I’ve already thrown on my watchlist.
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2 years ago, Jlbgardening again
DEEJ is a documentary of a young man with Autism who is determined to go to college. He can not speak but has learned to read and write with speech output devices which allows others to know him beyond his disability and his atypical gestures and reactions that make him look so different and lacking in skills. The documentary shares the evolution of his writing, his ability to separate from his total dependence on his mom and dad and yet stay deeply connected and filled with love for them. The story of his birth, early years, foster and adoption into a new family are filled with challenges. This documentary is so filled with details and awareness on so many levels, that it must be seen more than once.
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11 months ago, yhiddszq
Unsure about
I never know whether a selection that says it includes multiple videos, or is a “collection”, is worth one credit, or is it one credit per video? What about “episodes”? Again, I’m unsure about what I get for one credit? Can you clarify that, or post it in synopsis or details for that selection? How about resuming or rewatching? Under what conditions is that another credit used? And how long do I get to run a movie before it is noted against my credits? Sometimes I make a quick wrong move, touch a button, and start the wrong movie, but within seconds I’ve lost a credit even tho I have no intention of watching that movie. Thanks if you can shed any light on these confusions. EL
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2 years ago, juansevo
Ditch those streaming services
This is brilliant. What just may be the best collection of high quality movies and documentaries for your TV is actually FREE through your local pubic library. Yes. Free. That said wish i could buy more credits because the selection or movies and documentaries is WAY above average. Where some services may have a half dozen of each that are truly great, Kanopy has thousands. Just still blown away its free and available through my library card! This is actually one of a half dozen apps I can access for free with my library card. So stoked. Have ‘t had a library card in 20 years and glad I do no!
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5 years ago, widowriter56
As a senior citizen, in a very small town, but there’s not a whole lot to do especially during the winter, it’s nice to have a free service that I can get through my local library to help me through the long days and nights. Today I watch Captain fantastic! It’s a movie that I wanted to see for quite a long time. Instead of having to go and rent it from the library or get it from a local Redbox I got to put it on my pad and watch it at my leisure. No having to use gas. No having to pay four dollars for a soda pop. On top of that I got to be in my pajamas to watch the movie. Kanopy is an absolutely amazing entertainment source for people like me.
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5 years ago, aileverte
Great choice of films, some glitches
I’ve been using this app for a couple months now. I love the choice of films, although wish the app showed the movies that are “checked out” not just those that haven’t been finished. If I want to see a movie again, there’s no way of knowing if I can still watch it or if it’s going to duck another film credit for the month. Since the latest update, May 5, I keep getting an error every time I start up the app, and then whenever I try to search for sth, Impossible to do any search, can only browse (getting error 503). Please fix it! The search feature worked before.
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5 years ago, Librarian Rho
Kanopy Kids is 1st Klass!
As a children’s librarian, I’m always looking for great resources for parents and their kiddos. With unlimited access to kids movies, short films, S.T.E.M. features, documentaries, and best of all, tons of children’s book adaptations; Kanopy Kids has hit a homerun. High quality entertainment for the entire family that will forge a lifetime of awesome memories. Since they’re living in a digital world anyway, this is an online experience I’m trilled to share with my grandkids. And if your pair the storybook adaptations with the original picture books, you may even stoke the fires of life-long reader. BTW: Don’t forget to check out Mo Willems Knuffle Bunny series, they are amazing!
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2 years ago, Marieke Davis
Legally blind girl
I really related to this short video. Thank you for explaining that most of us in the blind community are not totally blind or blind from birth. Most of us do have some visual reference. I myself am actually a visual artist (you may be surprised how many of us exist, actually). I’m missing my right side vision in each eye, and it’s tedious to have to explain this to every person I meet. It’s also tedious to explain that EVERYONE in the blind community is different, with different needs and abilities. We aren’t monolithic, and I hope more people will understand that when they watch this video.
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6 years ago, Goopyhop
The Best Movie Application Ever!
We love this wonderful selection of incredible films. 30,000 fantastic titles and growing daily, all free. Using my library credentials I registered on an iPhone. We then connected to our TV via Roku without any problems. Screening films is easy, in high definition, and commercial free. It’s like being loose in a candy store! Hundred of wonderful films of every genre, especially great foreign films which are nearly impossible to find. And it’s free!!!! The biggest problem we have is choosing what we want to watch next. Thank you so much for this application. Apple is a great company to enable us all to access films like this.
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3 years ago, Francoise de Fes
At my age, I still hide to smoke
I loved that movie. I lived for eighteen years in Morocco and the situation there is the same as in Algeria. Women are not free and are afraid of their fathers and brothers. A sad situation that the film reflects perfectly. I used to go the hammam myself and I heard these stories (I understand Arabic dialect, Darija). I suddenly was plunged back into a world of secrets and laughters of women who, for a few hours, feel free to speak their minds. And as usual Hiam Abbas’s is terrific. The only thing I found a little far-fetched is the end of the film with the brother coming back with some of his henchmen and forcing the door of the place.
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4 years ago, XMWeb
Very very moving.
Just returned from a 2nd visit to Cambodia lured by the temples of Angkor of coarse. My recent trip with OAT took us to the Killing Fields and into villages and to the Tonle Sap But the sadness and poverty in Cambodia from the devastating US bombing, Kmer Rouge, and the legacy of both is palpable. After my first visit on my own Cambodia near Siem Reap was like a beautiful dream with orange hazy dust from dawn til dusk and the temple bells clanging in the distance and beautiful temples from ancient cities rising out of the towering trees and forest. The tuk tuk drivers stay with you all day, rest in their hammocks, and charge you whatever you choose to give. This film really hits home for Cambodia and the world. Very very moving.
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4 years ago, Big Island Wahine 2013
An Awakening but still a mystery!
Labels Racism Religion Prejudice Hatred Ignorance blinds a person’s view of the creation of life. We are all created and are being created to Love and Respect one another. The Creator, GOD creates “in the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to our likeness...(Genesis 1:26...). “So God created man in HIS own image; in the image of God HE created him; male and female HE created them.”(Genesis 1:27) NKJV (New King James Version). Let’s all love ❤️ 💕 one another and respect a person because they are a creation of the Creator of the Universe. Love makes the World a better place to live and love one another. LOVE JOY PEACE !🙏🏾✝️❤️
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8 months ago, Halhack
Features needed for new “Tickets”.
First off, you need a “Feedback” inside the app. Next, with your new “tickets” valuation of movies, the app needs a way to sort our movies by number of tickets required to view. And whoever came up with the number 15 doesn’t even used the app or they would see that almost all of the movies require either two or four tickets. Why then an odd number (since unused tickets don’t get carried over. I’m stuck with 1 ticket until Dec 1st. Also, your competition’s app has a limited number of films that for a month don’t count against the number of films allowed per month. Personally, I’m not a fan of tickets. A help would be to list the movies and be able to see the ticket requirements without having to select the film by clicking on it. Just make it a part of the list heading, or the film icon. Apps are supposed to help after all. So put some real investigation into how you present. Ask users for instance. Hmmm. A poll maybe.
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8 months ago, Sandpebble7
Unbelievably Awesome
I stumbled across Kanopy by accident but once I came upon it, I can't stop going to it for full length movies and ESPECIALLY their selection of Great Courses. There is a limit of 8 full length movies per month; however, you can watch as many Great Courses as you'd like over and over again and again. I recently planned my trip to Washington DC using the course on touring DC and it made my trip unbelievable. The professor made great suggestions. This is only one extremely minor example of the value of Kanopy. I sincerely highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, another OSU alumnus
Ohio State University track teammate makes good.
My father had the fortune of being a track teammate of Jesse Owens, and on his deathbed astounded hospital workers when he announced that he could honestly say that Jesse had never beaten him a race. He then clarified that they had never competed in the same race! He had, however, run his leg of a mile relay with Jesse running another leg in that same race. At one point, my father saw Jesse breaking a world record pole vault competition while he himself was running in a simultaneous race event. This film expanded my understanding of what all took place at these 1936 Berlin Olympics. Some relevance to current developments, I’m afraid.
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2 years ago, yiela
Love content. Too hard to navigate.
I want to watch great courses. It is impossible to find them. Ive followed the help instructions for searching but it doesnt work. Everything with the word ‘great’ comes up execpt great courses, even using “great courses”. It really hard to find the whole series. It seems that every catagory has its own watch list so you have to go thru them all to find your links. Searching is so flawed as to be useless. Im so disappointed. This is everything i want but its just too difficult to use. Please make some effort to fix the awful app. Sadly, gotta go back to netflix.
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2 years ago, Wiz Ghost
Billy the Kid
An intimate look at a teen who has a few more challenges growing up than most, but takes the hits on the chin and gets back up to share some words of wisdom for us all. Heartfelt, endearing and gritty, this movie reveals the reality of small town America, the kindness and the hurt that goes with just simply being human. The film feels like a conversation where questions are asked and with brutal honesty answered and from that, the viewer has spent some time getting to know someone they might not otherwise have taken the time to. Beautifully done.
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6 years ago, DMTobisk
Disappointing so far; unstable app
Lots of films I want to watch, but so far app has been non-functional. Yesterday I tried to watch something via Chromecast, but not only did the casting not work, the film didn’t play at all, nor did any that I tried. That was on an iPad. I deleted app, reloaded it, and tried again this morning. This time the film started playing (just on iPad, not Chromecast), and it DID play. But when I tried to delete another film from my watchlist, the app froze completely—no navigation at all was possible, though the iPad otherwise was functioning normally. The exact same thing happened when I tried deleting the same film on my iPhone. So Kanopy largely has proven very frustrating so far. I hope its stability can be improved.
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2 years ago, Gaiagranolaranger
Room for improvement
While I love the access Kanopy provides to video library resources, the app needs improvement. Specifically, if you’re browsing in the list of movies and click on one to see more details, when you come back to the list the app takes you all the way back to the top of the list of movies. In order to get back to where you were in your browsing, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll. This is rather annoying, to say the least.
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3 years ago, Judi T
Dear Developers: This is the WORST app I’ve ever had to use.
The search function is useless. You have to know what you’re looking for ahead of time. There’s no option to filter for topics or suppliers, like The Great Courses. I literally have to go to Kanopy in my browser, make sure it’s logged out, use those functions to filter for what I want, WRITE IT DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER, then go into the app and search for it IN QUOTATION MARKS. Then I can add it to my watchlist. Otherwise, have fun spend endless hours browsing through thousands of titles of videos trying to find what you want. Dear Developers: PLEASE ADD A FILTER OR BROWSE CATEGORY (try 915) FOR “THE GREAT COURSES.” Oh, and please note that most of these five-star reviews seem to be written by users with very strange names of random strings of letters. A red flag that they are not verified users.
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2 years ago, johnnystob
Forced to Watch Things Vertically
Great selection of films, but forget trying to watch anything on your iPhone. I don’t know if it’s just an Apple thing, or if all smart phones do this, but you can’t watch any movies on Kanopy with your phone. If you don’t mind watching movies vertically then disregard what I just said. You read that correctly. You can’t rotate your screen on this app! You’re forced to watch everything vertically! That is absurd. I checked if screen rotate was off. It worked ok different apps. I tried watching several different films. I tried restarting the app. I tried updating the app. Nothing fixes it. I’m forced to watch films with black space encompassing two thirds of my screen. Am I the only one who has this problem? Please fix this.
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4 years ago, caveheartist
Who were the artists ? Female or male..shaman or scribes and storytellers.
Anyone walking in caves can feel who they are ... can ask questions and get answers . This would be taking what was said to the next level. There must have been art implements or suggestions of the relationship of artist to subject. Were these dream scapes ...interdimensional travels and story telling portals of the visions of artists. Were they animators and illustrators of their world. It would be fun to read them from a higher perspective than , “we will never know”. We can know. 🎨 🖍🖌
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5 years ago, Momtoekmpm
Pleasant Surprise
This movie was recommended via a podcast about two years ago. Looking at the cover, and the brief description online I initially gave it a pass. This is not a movie to pass up. Titles in the movie are reminiscent of Big Fish. This story of a young boy being bounced around foster homes, an ex con living apart from regular society and the woman who believed in both opens the story. Watching relationships unfold, tragedy happens and the story that continues to unfurl is delightful. Watching is a delightful escapade through a New Zealand I will never see. Deep lessons are taught without preaching about life, loving, greed, innocence and trust.
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1 month ago, Corlissmedia
It’s so sad that we can’t accept gifts if they’re free. Our culture demands that everything have a value to be worth something. If we don’t charge for what we love to do no one will hire us. No one will accept our work if we don’t charge for it. This is what I’m thinking after watching this live film. This is the message I received from it. Yours will surely be different but I’m sure you’ll have something to say about your life after watching this movie. At least I hope so. It’s quite beautiful.
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5 years ago, Bill dubovsky
Best app ever for thoughtful content!
I cannot start my day without it. Amazing content all in one place! No censorship, no ads, and content not found anywhere else. The only negative is that once in a while I will use up my library access quota or my universities’ limit access near the end of the semester. Suggestion: for those of us who are Kanopy addicts, it would be useful to have a subscription alternative for when we use up our free usage allocation instead of having to wait until the next month to start fresh! I would gladly pay!
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2 years ago, auntkitten
Ugh, the chromecasting drops every 20 minutes if not sooner
My previous reviews from 2021 don’t appear, but am having same issue, if not worse than ever, the 321 error and chrome casting stops. Ive tried leaving the app up and running in my iOS device, restarting chrome cast, nothing works anymore and it appears our family will never be able to enjoy any of these movies that our library allows us to view. Sad, there’s good content you can’t find elsewhere.
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2 months ago, Lm1628
Decent app
Overall a nice addition from my local public library. I do wish you could filter by film rating. I also wish finding the next season of a tv show was easier. Often only one random season shows up when I search, and it’s impossible to tell which season is next because they aren’t labeled season 1, season 2 etc. Instead I have to scroll through the home page and hope I find the page for whole show not just a random season. But for a free service, it’s decent and I’ll keep using it.
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9 months ago, Amandad0709
Issues watching movies
The reason for my 3 star rating is the fact that whenever I watch a movie on the app it will start off fine but then throughout it there is a notification that continuously keeps popping up with something along the lines of “there’s an issue with the connection and playing the DRM(?)” it gives 2 options of Retry or Back and both options completely stop the movie and restart it from the beginning. So beyond frustrating. Other than that they’re seem to be no problems with any other of the resources they provide.
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5 years ago, macinsb
A disappointment
At first, I was delighted to find a free app for good, thoughtful movies, but became disappointed when movies just stopped streaming in the middle and there was no way to get back into them. One is allowed 10 viewings per month, each available for 3 days. When attempting to return to movies which arbitrarily stopped counted as another viewing. Additionally, customer support seemed to be totally absent or ignored after requesting it. After 5 days waiting for a response, it was simply easier to move on and forget about the service.
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8 months ago, RichPDX
I love you Kanopy, but…
Kanopy is such a great service and I want to thank you all for making it so I can watch streaming movies with my library card. There is one big think missing for me though and that’s support for the iOS Picture in Picture mode. If I want to minimize Kanopy to check messages or something, the video stops playing. It would be so much nicer with the PiP mode, where the small video box could continue to play. Besides that I am a huge Kanopy fan, thanks again.
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6 years ago, Dolphin2000
The true modern library
I grew up in the '50s when libraries were an intellectual resource that opened minds fortunate enough to be able to access them. It's a wonder how the role of the modern library has evolved. While technology has expanded the access, it has only served to strengthen the library's ability to enhance its fundamental mission. In an era of instant gratification and superficially, these library applications provide a note of optimism that the potential of the internet has been realized by people who care more about minds than commercial opportunities.
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3 months ago, Gargantua7
Movies I Want, Films I Need
Honestly, every network, every cable channel and every Hollywood blockbuster could be withheld from me from now going forward, and if I had Kanopy and Kanopy alone, I’d probably be better off. Okay, that won’t happen, but for the price of a library card and an internet hookup, you will have years of ideas, entertainment and enrichment through this organization. Not to compare apples and oranges, but even that godsend mainstay TCM cannot beat Kanopy for its breadth and high standard. Viva la Kanopy!
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1 year ago, humsiom
Great app, occasionally wonky
I’m delighted by Kanopy and have recommended it to friends and family. There is such a great variety of genres, from silent to modern movies, foreign animation, documentaries, and more. It can be glitchy though, such as ending a movie abruptly when there’s still six minutes to go, or playing sound but not video. I haven’t reached out to them when this happens but I have such a high opinion of Kanopy that I think they’ll be helpful when I do. You should definitely try Kanopy!
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2 years ago, PJTG
Was a great service …
But they have made it practically impossible to contact them when you run into technical issues. So many hoops to go through, so time wasting that it’s simply not worth it. The major interface update (always bad for functionality) to watching on their web site, which admittedly looks great, is an absolute disaster on at least two of my computers. Nothing works. Haven’t been able to watch anything for weeks. Pity.
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3 years ago, Tutone Lyles Naranjo
The Good Heart
Drifting at first it seems our lead character is is not at all the loser Fcclclclc rough draft of who he reveals as this film progresses. His sensitivity to events begin to show who he really is.. All of Jarmusch’s ‘s films show a rebelliousness and gutsy search for self truth and understanding. Two contrasting themes: when he angrily hits the golf ball into a winning put as his father eggs him on , and then the ending scene where he encounters an old man in a bar who he finally makes a connection with and he finally sees who he is and gets a coffee after all.
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4 years ago, Mutzica
Excellent resource
Of all the library’s electronic resources, I find Kanopy the most valuable. The collection of classic and independent films is expansive and well curated. In addition, the Great Courses collection is phenomenal and provides so many options for mind-expanding content. The app is cleanly done, easy to navigate, and always functions as expected. It would be great if they offered downloading for offline viewing as my internet connection can get flaky sometimes, but overall I am very happy with this service.
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5 years ago, Keith M. Adams
An amazing app for mainstream & indie films and documentaries!
I got wind of Kanopy early last year through the website of my local library and ever since then, I’ve been so in love with the streaming service. You don’t need to pay for anything, there’s no ads and you gain access to movies & documentary films using your library card. I was introduced to classics like “Tokyo Drifter” and “Stalag 17”, then they added the A24 library and I was able to watch films that I hadn’t previously been able to watch like “The Bling Ring” and “The Disaster Artist”. Indeed, Kanopy is the real deal!
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3 years ago, FiddleBuck
Poor streaming
Frequent halting to buffer, also resolution drops for many minutes at a time, sometimes improves, but very, often the connection is entirely dropped. I don’t have this problem with any other streaming platform, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem with my ISP. Is Kanopy’s server too small or slow? It has such great content and is free, so I imagine more and more people are viewing material on Kanopy and the quantity of viewers is overwhelming the capabilities of the current system.
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8 months ago, Library Bum
Kanopy, where did you go?
When first I tried this app, I was very satisfied with the ease of use and nice selection of offerings. Since I updated the software on my iPhone 8+, I have been unable to access this app. I have tried deleting and reloading it, and also have tried simply to sign-up again all to no avail. When I choose “forgot password”, the system tells me that my email is not in the system. When I try to sign up, it tells me that my email is already in the system. Since I do not see a troubleshooting hyperlink in the app, I hope that you can help me.
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