KARE 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul

4.7 (27.5K)
85.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KARE 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul

4.66 out of 5
27.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Gramacake
Kare 11
We watch Kare11 exclusively… we’ve tried watching other News on other stations but have been very disappointed with them. Even when we are visiting our grown children in Waukesha or Neenah… the quality of the reporting or weather has a lot to be desired! KARE 11 is the ultimate in programs, whether it’s the Saturday Morning Program, weather, news, sports, and all the personal…Belinda…Laura…Bobby…Dave…Randy…Reggie…Mace…Jana…Rena…Julie…Ben…and all the other reporters… new & old!!! Fantastic coverage of News…Weather & Sports!!!
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3 years ago, WriConsult7
Ok but could be better
Slow to start up ... splashes a pretty “good morning” or “good afternoon” greeting across while it starts, but we all know it’s just masking a slow startup. The wait is just long enough to still be annoying. Occasionally crashes or scrolls glitchily and jumps all over the place. C’mon guys ... news apps are just controlled-environment browsers. How hard can this be to display a story with some pics and-or video? Maybe not give your advertisers the ability to write their own JavaScript ads that tweak out the app? Finally, this suffers from my main beef with most news apps: disabling the ability to zoom in on pictures. I remember vividly the day I first used a smartphone, and the seeming miracle of being able to use two fingers to zoom in on a web page. That was the magic. The web was only barely useable on web-capable phones prior to that. Now we have pages and apps that are optimized for mobile use, which we didn’t have then, but we STILL NEED to be able to zoom pics, especially stuff like infographics. There’s no technical reason apps can’t allow this like most web pages do in a generic browser. Let phones do what they’re supposed to be able to do, and stop stealing the magic. Still 3 stars because I can basically get the news, but as a news app it is mediocre at best.
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6 months ago, A.Hohenstein
Notification customization
I like getting local news updates right to my phone. However, I don’t need a push notification when some school or other non major team are playing one another in sports. Every once in a while, fine. But when it’s weekly or multiple times a week, it’s clutter. There needs to be a way to customize. I discovered the notification customization section and every topic category of mine were turned off. I do want some notifications, but definitely not high school sports. Also the ads are too loud.
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5 years ago, Dana lawyer
“Improved”’app is horrible!
I’ve used the KARE 11 app for years now. It’s always worked fairly well and is a great place to get news and keep up to date. The redesign makes it almost impossible to share stories on Facebook, or other social media, and more than half the time the story I click on to share ends up posting as a completely different story. Tonight I was trying to post the mass shooting story with some commentary, and my commentary ended up attached to a story about moving to the right lane when driving. The commentary about yet another dead kid looked absolutely moronic attached to that post. The improvements are a bust in my opinion and I’ve ended up sharing from the Wcco app when I need to share stories on social media
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5 years ago, Lauriewawa
Come on
Each iteration of this app has new problems. It’s just not good from a user experience perspective, or performance. For example, why make me scroll through the articles with giant pictures? And, if you’re going to do that (which my husband actually likes), then at least have the app not randomly jump back to the top of the page while I’m looking at headlines. I watch kare11 as my normal news source but your app blows. And, some of the ads and clickbait are extremely inappropriate. I know the news isn’t always “family friendly” but you don’t have to this type of advertising in.
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5 years ago, Kunac
I never leave reviews, but....
I am so disappointed by this new “upgraded” version of the KARE11 news app. I really enjoyed the old app and used it every day, but I might need to look elsewhere now. The format looks beautiful, but it is not user friendly anymore. I cannot watch a news story without watching an ad. On the previous iteration you only had to view an ad once and then you could watch multiple current news segments. Now after each story you have an ad in between and then you are launched into an item that is days to weeks old!
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5 years ago, Imhotepidus
Everybody needs local news
I like to know what’s going on in my city, and a news agency Like KARE11 gives me the local information I need. If you want to know what sort of local events, or even what sort of weather to expect, I believe it is best to hear about it from a place that is truly familiar with the area. I’ve found KARE11 to be the best local agency for delivering that sort of news. Checking the KARE11 APP is one of the first things I do when I plan for the day ahead.
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2 years ago, ok8652702
App is quirky as all get out
You have one of the strangest apps I’ve ever encountered. When I click on a news video, it will start with the actual news video but then it catches itself and reboots to run an add. Like it forgot to do that in the first place. It has happened for years and is quite annoying. Love your news program but what in hades is up with your app. I understand this is a problem when clicking on your news site on a computer as well. Amazingly weird, annoying and quirky.
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4 years ago, fdsutherland
I grew up in a family that opted for NBC, mainly out of pragmatism. In rural western Kentucky in the 1950s and 60s, the old antenna was your only signal source for television and WPSD-TV in Paducah was the closest and clearest station. WPSD was also very good at what they did in local programming and as I’ve lived in other parts of the country over the past 60 years, I’ve always observed that to be true. I continue to opt for NBC for news and local programming. So there you go!
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4 years ago, Jimi-Z
Video plays with no sound, restarts itself 3 times.
For me, this has been happening since this app was released. I have an old iPad Air, running IOS 12.4.8. In Weather, for example, when I hit the play video button, it starts to play without sound. I then hit play again, and it restarts with sound, but the top half is shaded in grey/black. Then it restarts itself and plays with same top half greyed out. Then it restarts itself, yet again, greyed out again, then the grey clears and the rest of the video is fine. Sheesh! Please fix. Maybe my IOS is old and you don’t support it. Let me know if that’s the case.
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3 years ago, tsay4262
Wish I Could Keep But Ads Are The Worst
KARE 11 is generally my local news station of choice, but I cannot stand the app. While I like having access to the news articles and weather info, I am consistently running into third party apps & ads taking over my screen as I scroll. The slightest roll over & an app for Little Caesars or something else pops up. I realize the ad revenue is needed, but the constant pop ups are incredibly frustrating. Have deleted the app from my phone.
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10 months ago, Tiggi543212345
Sound is a major issue
In todays world you would think programmers have been able to handle sound. Not the case with this app. Everything works well and as expected but be careful with headphones. The main videos will play so you turn the volume so you can hear it. Then when an add comes the audio is so much louder it will hurt your ears. This large fluctuation in sound volume from story to add is archaic in technical issues and should have been addressed long ago.
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5 years ago, Woodypeet
The best
I like KARE11 weather because I live 145 miles west of the twin cities and the other tv channels weather does not get out of the metro. Here I can see what the weather will be doing out near Willmar and Montevideo. The news coverage also is just not concentrated around the Metro. Then there is Boyd Huppert, he does the best in coverage about special in special towns. Keep doing your best, a lot of watchers rely on you for your excellent coverage.
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5 years ago, wish hadnt updated
Not for long
I use this app for news and have for several years. I agree with another reviewer it keeps getting worse with every release. I’m going to finally switch to another app because this one continually crashes as I’m reading a story. Don’t like the scrolling thru large photos to see next stories. Please revert back to previous version. Wish I hadn’t updated!
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5 years ago, Dave/Goldens
KARE 11 review.
I’m attached to all who present the news, weather and sports and all other programs as if they were family! Have total trust in what I watch and listen to! When I say everyone , I mean from the top employee to the one who starts a job there in the near future. I know two employees personally and Stacey and Cindy know who they are, and they shared a lot to me in our visits. That’s to all at KARE 11!
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3 years ago, Dkdassel
Not logical or user friendly
I grew up watching KARE 11 for news and I will watch it when I get a chance. Unfortunately I now have only streaming channels and I no longer get KARE 11 on TV. I use the KARE 11 iPhone app as an alternative to watching the news and I find it unorganized and confusing. There are many times when the same story appears 2 or 3 times in different sections. Why do I have to page past the same story just to read something new? I think the app developers should take a look at this app because there is room for improvement.
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3 years ago, Northern Lights Lover
So Much Great Content To Interact With
Really enjoy all of the content that is available. I can always find something interesting to stimulate my thinking on a variety of subjects. From the daily updates on what’s happening in the world, to the wonderful segments that highlight local spots to explore, I can always find something gripping.
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6 years ago, Msmelissy
Used daily
I use this app pretty much every day for new & weather. I would have given it 5 stars, however as I live in Western Wisconsin they only list the severe weather warnings and watches for the state of MN, I have to get my info on WI on a different website. On the phone app it will show it as I have my settings set for it, actual website doesn’t show them. Actual website was “improv” but I don’t like it & prefer the older version.
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4 years ago, franklymydearwhoisthis
Live newscast does not happen.
Several times the live newscast did not became active under the “Watch” tab - tried both my iPhone and iPad. Powered off and back on and tried for 30 minutes. Software on both devices is up to date. Extremely disappointing because it is the only channel I watch. Suggestions?
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5 years ago, Granny Golf Fan
Poorly Designed
Difficult to navigate, contains old content, very hard to locate current stories, focuses too much on weather. Not at all user friendly. Seems that it was designed for the news staff, and not for their viewers and readers. Must have been designed by Weekend production crew, in between misspelled or misplaced graphics work.
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3 years ago, Lauree12
Quick and Accurate News
The Kare11 mobile app helps me stay informed and up to date on issues facing our state and nation. I enjoy that I can scan the headlines and then spend time digging into issues that are most important to me. I believe that Kare11 provides me with fair and honest news.
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2 years ago, PatrickEbertz
KARE 11 this is not a joke Apple is telling everyone on the App Store every single app on the App Store needs to update your app in 30 days if you don’t update your app in 30 days your app could be taken down with all the other apps so please update your app immediately The report came from Fox News
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5 years ago, kenn303030
4.5 stars??????
I’m truly surprised this has such high rating. Anytime I get a notification and I want to read up on the article it literally does not load. I constantly have to close out of this app and reopen it. And now they have pop up ads in the middle of the screen and what do you know the app freezes and I’m forced to close the app. Lastly the set up makes no sense it’s very hard to navigate and you don’t know if you’re clicking an ad or KARE11 content. Really hoping for some improvements.
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1 year ago, Priscilla Sue
News when you want it
I enjoy the KARE 11 news app a lot. They could definitely update stories more often. Over the weekend…very little changes as far as headlines. The same news for 2-3 days get redundant and I end up going to other news sources.
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5 years ago, NtotheBEZ
A Buffet of Glitches & Poor Design
Given that I value Kare 11 as my go-to news source for MN it is beyond words how consistently frustrating this app is. Basic attempts to read news stories, or watch news segments, are frequently met with full app crashes. The design overhauls on the app seem to favor adding flair, rather than ensuring function. And don't even bother with the weather radar, depending on the version of the app there's a pretty good chance that there will be an ad completely blocking your ability to use the radar controls rendering it useless.
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5 years ago, Sandi 777
Can't download the app
I always viewed the Kare 11 app for my daily news but since the upgrade I am not able to download it because it says it is not compatible with my I-pad. I have an Apple I-pad that is about 5 years old but can get any other news station or app. What's with that? Very disappointed 🙁.
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1 year ago, nanabushu
I love KARE
I have watched a lot of news shows especially since Reggie took over as your sports director and I keep coming back to KARE until sports if Reggie is doing it. I love all the anchors and weather people. I am really loyal to NBC as most of my programs on this network. Thanks for making my day
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6 years ago, Reveiws!!
Best News App You’ll Ever Get
This app is by far the best news app. Not only they have notifications for all the current news stories, you can also choose if you want your notifications to be about news, sports, weather, etc. 10/10
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4 years ago, Bonny Loch
New Kare 11 App
This app is very frustrating compared to the older version. It’s full of adds and pop ups that drastically slow or freeze up my device. I mainly use it for local weather forecasts. When a video is selected, there is no sound until you touch the video, then after the video starts, it switches to a must watch, full commercial, which takes from 15 to 30 seconds to load, sometimes switching back to the video for a couple of seconds before it loads again.
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4 months ago, bkwmn
Love getting my weather
Love getting my up to date weather and news from Kare11. I appreciate Kare11’s efforts to provide on the spot news coverage without trying to shock and horrify me. If I want gore and gossip, I can turn to an entertainment channel. Ty Kare11! Keep up the good work.
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3 months ago, Mals22
Best new station around
I have been Watching KARE 11 for over 50 year. They cover just about everything and there weather people are absolutely my favorite and the best around… I have a fear of storms and they keep me updated and safe… Thanks Kare 11
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4 years ago, stopspewinghate
So glad Sven is gone!
It’s about time you did something about his anti American anti conservative rhetoric. He should have stuck to the weather and his job. As he got more popular He got too big for his britches. Hope it sent a message to those who abuse the platform they were given.
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6 years ago, MNMOM742
Great for weather and school closings or delays.
I use the KARE 11 app mostly for detailed weather reports and to check for school closings or delayed openings. It’s easy to use for that, so it’s my go to weather app when I want to know more details than my iPhone weather app provides.
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1 year ago, My Puggs
KARE 11 News and Weather
If I could give you more then 5 stars, it would be automatic. I Depend daily on Your News and Weather, Checking both often on line for updates. Thankyou at All times 👍👍
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5 years ago, Sloppyjoes1987
July 15, 2019
The weather radar is horrible. I loved using the old version to track snow/rain and it worked well. I just downloaded a different app for radar. I hope you can fix this issue. Also the news presentation is very cluttered.
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5 years ago, FQtravler
Struggling with your app
I’ve had to delete and reinstall your app several times. And what is with that stupid ad you made me swipe up in order to get in. Didn’t work many times. Just want to see Belinda’s forecast. It should be this hard.
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5 years ago, Rating App
Ads ads and more ads
Interesting that this App scrapes my web browsing from my phone to support its ad campaigns. Even more interesting is that I browse all sites using private browsing? How do they do that? Seems pretty sneaky and invasive. I don’t like it and deleted the app.
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6 years ago, pipe2917
Too many pop up adds lately
It used to be good. Now video advertisements pop up in the middle of reading an article or even when I try to leave feedback on their Feedback screen. I don’t even touch my phone and they pop up every few seconds. Very irritating. KARE doesn’t pay much attention to St. Paul. Stories hit National news before KARE picks them up. They need to pay more attention to new and less on Prep Sports.
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4 years ago, J.J. on the south cliff
No other news people in T.C. come close
Been having breakfast and supper with them since spring of ‘99. They did and amazing job reporting on my late sister in law in April of that year. “Stick it to Breast Cancer”. Been with Kare news ever since. Thanks people.
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4 years ago, Ji Lord
KARE 11 App/News
The KARE 11 app is as real time as possible. The stories come to the App as soon as they are happening. The stories are fantastic and very informative. Thank you to everyone at KARE 11 for what you do everyday to get us the News.
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6 years ago, Dillon Lyon
Too many push notifications
I have selected no on I think every push notifications and my phone is still pinging me 3-5 times a day. If this does not become more user friendly my wife and I will be removing the ap. Love KARE 11 but stop the push notifications or let us truly opt out of them.
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3 years ago, albertosegundo
KARE 11 App.
This app has been extremely helpful. It’s always up to the minute and VERY user friendly. When I hear the “ding” noise on the cell phone, I immediately know there’s very worthwhile, I need to read. Thanks for the great app.
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5 years ago, Jeffandlisab
KARE 11 app for iPhone
I have used this app since it was installed on my iPhone and love getting notifications and news updates as they occur, especially the weather report and warnings. Thanks again for your service!
Show more
4 years ago, carolfiona
KARE11 app
I like having the news and weather at my fingertips. The developers need to do some more work with the search engine. I find it difficult to locate the stories I want. Often, something I have seen on the broadcast is difficult or impossible to locate in the app.
Show more
3 years ago, Indiana grams
Following channel 11
I had moved to Minny in 1967 and have followed for all those years channel 11. I moved to Indy in 2005. The app on my iPad and iPhone allows me to continue having channel 11 being a part of my life. Thank you.❤️
Show more
5 years ago, Acbobl
Stepping Backward
It’s always amazing how organizations can take something that is working really well and mess it up in the name of “progress” or “keeping up” or “newness”. They took an app that was easy to navigate and had a fantastic weather section and made it a maze with too much extravagant and distracting graphics and video. It was always my go to app for weather radar wherever I was in the world. Now it’s lucky to show you severe weather ten miles away. Very disappointing!
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2 years ago, Jenius st augustine
KARE 11 Rocks
I love to read news from KARE 11, the information is up to date, accurate and trustworthy. I love that they report on positive and inspirational stories and provide information on events for people to participate in.
Show more
6 years ago, CharlieDog52
Horrible App
If you like being tricked into looking at ads, this is app is for you. I don't like it. Ads are made to look just like real stories. Also, no way to skip ads before watching any video story you want to watch. Very aggravating. I believe updates are Kare11's way of getting away from the horrible reviews it gets. Reviews start over with each update. The updates don't improve anything and most times make it worse.
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1 week ago, #Sharpie
Audio levels are not consistent
I like the content and I am a big fan of the Kare 11 news program and content. That said there is a huge issue with inconsistent audio levels between content and adds. It feels like commercial content is at least 5-10 db louder. Enough to be extremely annoying. Please consider.
Show more
3 years ago, iPhoneJimmy
Advertisement after advertisement
Too many unnecessary advertisements which brings the quality of the app down. Most look like scam ads. I too can learn how to win multiple times in casinos or lotteries. Haven’t we had enough of this crap? Isn’t this one of the reasons we are in a mess today with social media? Get rid of it!!!
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