KARK 4 News ArkansasMatters

4.7 (4.6K)
63.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KARK 4 News ArkansasMatters

4.68 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
3 years ago, mike the addicted
Chugging water. Contest
Drinking a large amount of water can cause death , I don't know what amount of water you are going to consume but I know of more than one death of a child made to try and drink a gallon by her parents because she wet the bed she could not drink it all and died this is not an isolated incident anyway just wanted to let you know Google it MGMiller
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3 years ago, BKB#
Bad reporting
Your reporting on the Covid relief bill, which is anything but that was so one sided!😡 Why did u not talk about how it going to bail out California and other states that have not managed their budgets like Arkansas has. Nor did u talk about the billions that’s being sent over seas or used for abortions. “We the people” are not being told the truth buy u the news media. Y’all ran Trump into the ground and treated him awful. Why will u not tell the truth? why are covering up for politicians that are stealing from the American people? What happened to the reporters who help keep the politicians accountable regardless of what party they represented? Brenda Neal, I’m 73, own my own business for over 50 years and a lifetime resident of Arkansas
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4 years ago, LawyerGal
Loud- cannot mute
This app, even when your phone is silenced, will not mute. It plays advertisements very loudly automatically when literally every sound on your phone is turned off. This renders the app useless because: cannot use in a room with people (business meeting), cannot use in bed at night (wakes up the roommate), cannot use in class, etc. I have ceased using this app for this reason. I literally have no other app that overrides my silenced phone. Dear developer: play your advertisement. You need the funds, I get it. But put the ad on auto mute, or at least make it such that if your phone is silenced the ad is silenced.
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7 years ago, Buffy K
Current updates
I like the way they push the most current important news through to keep people up to date and informed.
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5 years ago, boycelady
Love channel 4! Y’all keep us updated on everything and also On Monday the article of our veterans I learned about one of my uncles who served and I had no clue!! Thank y’all for all the great work
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6 years ago, PennyLuLu
Love it
I enjoy getting breaking news and weather. I don’t get them from the others because 4 is my favorite.
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5 years ago, SFBANAK
This am when clicking on weather temps on cover page, app would go to 10 day forecast with graph at bottom predicting percentage of rainfall on hourly basis. This afternoon & evening, it instead goes to radar map which can be accessed from the square as usual. Please fix asap.
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7 years ago, Wesley Carnicle
KARK 4 News is the #1 news station I watch every morning and every night for local news and local weather
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6 years ago, Jojofuller
The best news on tv
It’s the best news on TV..........it’s very accurate on the weather and we enjoy the morning news team a lot......thank u on a great job........well done.
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5 years ago, 7609123
Wish I could watch u on TV!!
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2 years ago, Maggie_in_LR
Where’s the news?
All I see are ads! Even when I get a push notification and click on it, I’m not taken directly to the story. I’m tired of all these games to churn revenue. In addition to app users, advertisers should know they are also being cheated. Maybe that will stop all this nonsense.
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7 years ago, Nita Nickname
Special weather statements that don't actually state anything
What a waste of time. Special weather statements pop up all the time but nothing is stated when you click on the alert. Ready to delete that app completely. Also, I weary of the lack of a proofreader for the articles published. Shameful misspellings, verb tense usage, and homophone usage.
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4 years ago, Roundup1
I have dish
You have for the 2nd year in a row put a gun to dish’s head with removal of KASN Chanel 38 in Little Rock, AR. I love football and the cowboys. I am going to boycott your stations and the company’s that advertise with both your stations, it’s not just me. We are starting to get the word around. I have no love for dish, but you are going to make my rates for dish go up. I am not your new revenue stream. Ben Matthews, Tumbling Shoals, AR
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5 years ago, impalass01
Before you changed your sports format you were 5 stars. Now the sports part of your program does not have Ben function properly. You need to take a look at that and fix it.
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6 years ago, Annie bug two
I live I Marion County. Little Rock stations are not an option for me. Being able to get current and breaking Arkansas news is important to me. KARK provides this news for me.
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4 years ago, VSGLF
Hard to find what I want to read
I added your APP so I could get alerts but it is very hard to find what I get the alert regarding
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4 years ago, kark horrible
Crappy app
Not a very good app, they keep updating it and make it worse every time it’s updated. No reason to play a video EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU OPEN A STORY !! I can read and do NOT want to listen to a video every single time. So I have to take time to pause it. I’ll just use other competing news stations instead !
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4 years ago, BoBo4450
Whoever is in charge of editing or improving the app needs to be fired. The app crashes ever time I swipe a notification. The whole thing freezes up & nothing to do but close the app out. The app as a whole is absolutely horrible.
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4 years ago, Engteacher96
Bad app and IT
The lead story on the app news has not changed for five days with warning of severe weather on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Get your IT people off their butts and make your site work or shut it down. I am deleting this app after this review. You are not professional.
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4 years ago, woke cowboy
KARK app
Reacts slow and is not user friendly seems to lock up at times. Not updated in a timely manner either
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4 years ago, Dwilene
Army vet
Enjoy the news each nite. HOWEVER, the story of the oldest D Day veteran needs to be tweeked. It was 1944! Not 1994!!! Please make it right You’re better than this
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5 years ago, akchism
Used to like this app. Used to only send out alerts for important things... now the subscriptions you preference don’t work at all and get updates on everything.
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4 months ago, Mike72065
KARK app crashes
KARK app crashes immediately on both iPhone and iPad v17.3. News content was terrible to begin with, local weather was ok at best. The easy fix is to delete KARK and use WeatherBug.
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4 years ago, Barney 93726
Review !
To much crap to get to each news article ! Sorry format !
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3 years ago, GTSinLR
Newest version crashes
The updated version of this app is a disaster. It will not scroll on an iPhone or iPad. Forget this one.
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7 years ago, EveryDay Trinity
Great News / weather / sports
Love watching you guys noon, 6: & 10:
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4 months ago, Eclectic Jewel
Completely useless now:/
As of 3 days ago the app opens up to a screen that is not scrollable. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Kipr69
No live streaming available
Don’t understand why you can live stream the news
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6 years ago, :)<3!!!!!!!
They are # 1 in my book!
Show more
3 years ago, Finally Organized
The new layout is ridiculous. It’s harder to navigate and find what you want.
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4 years ago, Done with Pinteest
Soros Fake News
Wish y’all would report on something besides the Scamdemic and Stop pandering to the commies.
Show more
10 years ago, sherie62
Great app!!! Love being able to see what's going on in my area even when I'm traveling . Weather is very accurate and my app has worked many times when my satellite has failed because of severe weather !!!
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7 years ago, Tank 99
This is the worse that your app has ever been. That is unless you’re looking for lottery numbers.
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7 years ago, Shash2010
Not a good app
Weather portion of this app is junk. Only reason I downloaded it. It’s deleted now! ;)
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3 years ago, Geo Spatial Geek
I will NO LONGER receive my news from KARK 4 in order to avoid the THOROUGHLY OBNOXIOUS & ANNOYING ad from Hank’s “FIIIIIIIINE” Furniture!
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10 years ago, Brookeinar
The old app was better
I don't quite understand why they chose to update something that was an ok app. I didn't like the old app completely since you couldn't look up previous stories but that is trivial compared to the new design. Now you can't find anything. My main reason for previous download was the weather. The new revision does not allow you to get local radar if you don't live in little rock. It used to allow you to pinpoint your location and zoom in. No more. Greg Dee, my favorite weatherman, you should protest this horrid update on behalf of those of us who look to you daily. I do not normally rate ANY app, but this was a MAJOR downgrade. DO NOT download if you had the previous version, you will hate it.
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10 years ago, Grandma Leda
Love it
I always use the weather and radar for my local weather. And news updates are always accurate.
Show more
9 years ago, lightning1963
Weather Channel
It is good for what I want it for but there is another one I've had before can't think of the name of it at this point it just depends on how you use it
Show more
10 years ago, JJ’s Man
Local News
The new version is flashy, but it appears the kinks have been worked out. The Local News section is very useful and well presented.
Show more
8 years ago, MeMeDaz
This is a SHOUT OUT to KARK weather. I appreciate this station so much. You are the ONLY station that acknowledges the southern part of the state. Camden is never mentioned on the others. Thank you so much for caring for us in the south.
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11 years ago, Razorbacktailgater
Newest version
Weather is why I use this app, the extended forecast is now so small I can't read it, really nice large boarder though!! And the radar on the old app was so user friendly, this one has too many gadgets and no quality! I'll just try of the other local weather apps if this is not improved soon!!
Show more
10 years ago, Lauracrock
Best Weather App
I love being able to check out my days weather and know that it is accurate.
Show more
10 years ago, AWM+3
Love this app
This App. is better then all the others. Thank you, Everything is right there news, weather, sports all of it. 👍👍
Show more
10 years ago, Kookieduck
I really love the updates for local news especially!
Show more
11 years ago, plstewart_2000
Terrible new app
I used to love the old KARK app and am VERY disappointed in the "updated" one. The news section is basically the same but now with distracting advertisements. The weather portion of the new app is terrible and actually looks older. No more detailed forecast and I miss the local radar. VERY disappointed!
Show more
11 years ago, jazzyjame
I really like this new app, it's more advanced and improved. I like how I can now play the video above the article or read the article! Wonderful job on improving this app..!
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10 years ago, Blackboard app is broken
Very pleased with the app and the ease of use. The weather is accurate and the news is updated and current.
Show more
8 years ago, SusieA2B3
This app is quirky because ads open on top of news stories. And the "what's next" at the bottom of each story blocks too much of the page when reading. Both of these things make it hard to navigate from story to story.
Show more
10 years ago, Sleepnumber123
Great App
I use this app regularity when away from home. Great way to stay current with news and weather.
Show more
9 years ago, Azzrom
My fav local news app!
Best of them all. Easy to navigate and highlights the stories I want to read. A++++
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