Katy ISD

2.8 (81)
43.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Katy ISD
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Katy ISD

2.81 out of 5
81 Ratings
3 years ago, prodigy_pro
It’s good, but bad. Read to find pros and cons
Pros: -shows grades -shows lunch menu - shows which bus I ride. Etc - can log into any account -can change profile picture. -shows katyisd news. - if u have allergies it still shows u what type of food for lunch you can still eat. - shows which subject is which teacher. Cons: - once you go into the app, it brings u back to the home page. You have to do it twice to get in the app. - grades load so slow. If u had a test, it would take 2-3 days to load! - when grades are actually loaded, sometimes the average score doesn’t change! - doesn’t show if the grade is major, minor, or other. Thanks for reading this long review!
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7 years ago, Stevie Beevie
Almost useless
There is zero support for issues within this app...just click on help (when you're ALREADY inside and using app, and you'll find a video on how to DOWNLOAD the app). This is a perfect metaphor for the entire situation. I'm USING THE APP, so I probably already know how to download said app....PERHAPS, I need another form of assistance, ya? KISD has my husband's contact info listed under my name and evidently there is no way in the universe to fix their mistake. Ugh. Not to mention, no longer receiving the alerts I set up years ago, and have since double-checked are still set to alert me about low grades (to no avail). The app DID just add new ways to pay for school lunches and sports fees- YAY! Unsurprisingly, accepting money via 'mypaymentsplus', on this app, seems to work flawlessly. Heaven forbid they ever Double charge you and end up owing you $60...because you'll never see that again, despite calling & emailing the school and the software company a dozen times. So, to sum up- If you're looking for a directory of staff emails, this app is for you. However, if you'd like to utilize all of the seemingly integrated programs within the HAC, or EVER needing customer support, this is not the app for you.
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5 years ago, Ken Cres
The grades don't update as quickly as home access center updates the grades. It always lags behind and I realize that it's pretty much pointless to have the app and that I should just check my grades via browser anyways. I wish you'd get notified the instant you get a grade put in. I don't use the app for much else.
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6 years ago, 100%#
Grades disappear all the time
This was a great app at first. Everything I needed regarding school was here. Specially to check grades. Then the grades stopped showing and several glitches started to appear. It’s not reliable but if everything gets fix it would be great
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7 years ago, Friend3679
Grade notifications
For me, the whole point of this app was to get updates on my childrens' grades. Unfortunately I stopped getting notifications some time in the Spring 2017 & no one seems to know how to get this corrected. But I sure do get daily notifications about every single newsletter that gets posted. Thumbs down.
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10 years ago, LoMo_partyof6
Happy to have an app
I am happy the have this app and believe it was well needed in today's technology world. I love having the Katy ISD information at my fingertips. However, I am looking forward to newer/updated versions of this app. I mainly use this app to check grades on my 4 children and conveniently I can see the balance of their MealPay accounts. It would be nice if when I click on MPP, it would open the app instead of the web page. Grades can take up to 2+ days to sync to the app. That I believe is the best opportunity to make this app better. Looking forward to new versions.
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6 years ago, UtsavA77
Have to keep logging in? WTH.
Keeps logging me out. Pretty frustrating. Otherwise would have been 5 stars.
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7 years ago, BrandonR962
Constant issues
My settings are constantly disappearing and important parent information continues to get lost. Very disappointed
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2 years ago, 19nana51
Mobile app
Does not show all schools to select specific calendar for setup. ( only one junior high listed and not all elementary )..
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5 years ago, 664=(5==
So close
This was a great app but the bus route finder won’t work
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7 years ago, Tusshay
Not great
No place for password help. Plus this app is kind of useless when you get the very same email/text faster.
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1 month ago, Jorge M Fernandez B
Does not work, even I can’t open the app it’s freeze amd later on closed
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7 years ago, The handbags abscess
Good app
This app is great I give it five star.
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8 years ago, hoodaballer
Great! But would be better if you add support for Apple Watch
Please add support for Apple Watch so we don't have to check our grades on our phones and we can check the news and grades on our wrist!!! Please add support this is really needed and do not ignore!!!!⌚️
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10 years ago, leebear16
2 legit 2 quit
A high five to KatyISD for making a really smooth and easy to use app! It has everything from what books I have checked out, to how much money is in my lunch account.... It even shows you sports and fine arts events coming up and I get access to school email. My days of jumping hoops on the dumb confusing website is over :P
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10 years ago, esphose
Awesome Sauce!
The Katy ISD app is VERY thorough :) It's so smart! It's convenient and very user friendly. The only thing I wish for is a better working MyPayments+ icon, once in the app. Right now, if you click the icon, it will take you to the App Store even if you already have the app downloaded onto your device. Other than that, job well done!
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10 years ago, K&3rd grade mom
Love it!
Great app! Love how easy it is to access grades and assignments. It's nice to have everything in one place that is easy to maneuver through. For future versions, would love to see the meal pay app integrated into the app instead of sending to the meal pay web site. Overall...impressed. Way to go KISD!
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10 years ago, Crjh teach
This app is great! Highly recommend tapping school work icon (A+), plugging in kids' user and passwords and unlocking the door to all info you need on your kiddos--grades, library checkouts, lunch $, attendance, upcoming grades in teachers' grade books!
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8 years ago, Abbysmomtx
Works great except....
For most things it is a great app but for some reason this year it keeps kicking me out of my account. I have to login to see my kids grades every time. Frustrating!
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9 years ago, Erikasw
What happened??
I used to love this app, but something happened recently and I can no longer see my children's information and all the alerts are from last school year. Even after deleting them, they come back!?!?! Please fix!
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10 years ago, aggiebonfire00
Wrong Info
I love the app for the most part, but it keeps changing my info to someone named Mary Hart and I'm guessing her phone number. My son's band teacher sent me an email and it came addressed to Mary Hart. :(
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9 years ago, Gangsta from roblox
This is terrible
Needs updates and improvements like on time class grade updates, doesn't need wifi to work (constantly have to sign back in), and also needs teacher comments/messages you can receive to improve in class.
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9 years ago, Lau1972
Gret app!
I love to have all the information in one place. It helps me keep track of my kids grades.
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10 years ago, Milgator
Love it!!!
Love having everything right on my phone. So easy! Great job coming up with this.
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10 years ago, MrsK21976
Best app ever!!!
Totally geeked out over this app. This makes it SO much easier to keep up with my kiddos school info!!!
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10 years ago, Potter987
Awesome informative app!!
This app is great! I can get information on both of my kid's schools in one location!!
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10 years ago, AG III
Awesome app
Great app. Easy interface and accessibility to all of my kids relevant information.
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10 years ago, Yet very
When you have more than 1 student..
How do you login multiple students on the 1 app.
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8 years ago, Me3 987654321
Nice app, but . . .
Nice app when it works, which is about 50% of the time 😳. I often have to keep logging on when it times out, or even delete and reinstall.
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10 years ago, Mbeckley
Best app ever!
Love having this on my phone. So easy and convenient to use.
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10 years ago, GrabARoll
Delete this app!
This app made me cry wah
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10 years ago, TVT32
Love it!!!
This app is the best! So straight forward with all the info you'd require. Well done A1++++++
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10 years ago, lexii.5000
Love this app!!
This app is so helpful and helps me keep track with my grades.
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10 years ago, 2nd&11th grader
This app is awesome. It gives you all the information in one place. Absolutely love it!
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10 years ago, Houstonsoubell
Great App!
Love this app! Keeps me updated with attendance records, lunch balance, events and much more!
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10 years ago, DocRB
Great job
Great app to keep up with info from the district. Good job.
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10 years ago, Nce mom
Katy isd app
Nice integration of all school related items into one simple app!
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10 years ago, Alien02k
Great school app
Great job organizing everything in the app
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9 years ago, Suzuki9295
It is a great app. I have no problem with it !
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9 years ago, Marifull
Helps me keep track of school and improve love it
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10 years ago, Gfogelsong
totally wickid
omg!!!!!! I luv this app!!!!! so legit even though I live in Missouri it's sooooo addicting!!!!!
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10 years ago, MyWar101
This app helps me keep track of my grades and updated! Love it
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10 years ago, Weeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!???!???
Love it!
This is a great app! An easy way to keep up with the kids and schools. Kudos Katy ISD.
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9 years ago, lizo'd
Won't download
Have been trying to get it to download for two days. Gets stuck every time
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9 years ago, Crazy bird girl
Life saver
I use this app as a student to •check my grades •check my lunch balance •see my upcoming test and quiz •communicate with my teachers This app is awesome !
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8 years ago, Loveappsomuch
I tried to log in and it didn't freaking find my id. I put in my school and I'd and not crap came up
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9 years ago, Mad4vikings123
No comment -__-
I'm surprised they didn't block this app on the wifi also.
Show more
8 years ago, Chris12761
I mean I guess
It's aight
Show more
9 years ago, Shadowfart
Clash of clans
Show more
10 years ago, ashleychen3
yeah ok well
well this app would be great but you don't offer precal over the summer and that's rude
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