2.5 (202)
69 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KBTX News

2.45 out of 5
202 Ratings
7 years ago, Ocelot1177
Annoying App Well Behind The Curve
I use this app to check the weather and local news stories. It's good for reading any story in BCS. But don't be looking to watch videos because it's one of the most frustrating experiences ever. Halfway through the annoying ad to watch the morning weather video and you tilt you phone to watch wide screen (like all other apps) and the whole app reloads, and you have to start the same ad over again! Overall it's a buggy app that needs some attention. Compared to other news/weather apps this one is behind the curve!
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1 year ago, Mdkocbautwnxkdiytljfvdshubfh
Newest articles should be first
Update: Now when I open the news app when I first wake up, I am startled by a loud ad! Why loud ads when opening the app!!?? I READ the news QUIETLY in bed in the morning & at night so as not to wake my sleeping dear. Is there a paid app available WITHOUT ADS? I hate having to scroll through yesterday’s news to find the newest articles!!! Why aren’t the newest articles posted first, on top of the old, then let the oldest articles fall off the bottom after a certain time? This morning, I had to scroll past 12 old articles from yesterday to find 5 current articles posted this morning. The newest should be first so that once I get down to the older articles from yesterday I can stop scrolling. Finding this morning’s news shouldn’t be a treasure hunt. I’m growing weary of trying use this app for local news... Update: Today I am unable to get to the news at all. I’ve opened the app multiple times but it opens a Lenovo/Temu ad that cannot be closed. The X at the top right of the ad is located directly in between the Lenovo & Temu logos & when I click X instead of closing, it’s taking me to another website. I guess it’s time to delete this KBTX news app.
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3 years ago, Aggieland 03
Linda Evans
Always depend on KBTX giving me the best coverage for College Station. Covering day to day events. Emergency’s to be aware of in our area or something to be prepared for in the near future. Road up dated and hazards. Accidents occurring in our area and nearby locations . I sensately appreciate the operation of KBTX each day. Staffing are pleasant and present the news in a very professional manor. Fantastic channel of my needs daily. I can depend on it to be trust worthy and dependable at all times! Thanks for being the best news I’ve enjoyed and appreciated since moving to College Station 20 years ago . Keep up the good work! Thank you,
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2 years ago, !'vlz
Continuously covering over blown things like Corona, Monkey Pox and Global Warming??? Please KBTX, tell us how the Flu disappeared in ‘20, ‘21 and ‘22? The Flu kills more people on average than any other viruses combined but disappeared for going on three years??? Now it’s an election year again, what scare tactics is KBTX and all other fake news one sided reporting entities going to try and fool us with next??? We don’t believe the news anymore!! Stop lying KBTX… In the 70’s y’all told us we’re about to enter an “Ice Age”, in the 80’s it was the “Ozone Layer” and the “90’s ??? OMG”!! Stop feeding the lies, Plymouth Rock is no closer to the sea levels today than it was 200 years ago! God has this. We are on his dime, practice what you preach? Your wrong KBTX. Your losing viewers left and right?? Keep spewing nonsense. We bow to the almighty. Believe!
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5 years ago, Brad Bonghit
Crashes before able to open
This app perpetually crashes upon launch or when attempting to read a news item. The current version isn’t the first to do this. And this version for iOS 13 is 2 weeks+ old, so fixes should have been made by the parent corporation, Gray. But this one is particularly charming, since it was simultaneous to the cable/ISP monopoly here changing (screwing up) it’s billing and notifications. I would guess that in a month or so this news app will update again, and stabilize for another month or two, followed by another found of the same. Maybe they should hire an outside contractor to write/update their app.
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3 years ago, 16843568
Meh. Okay...
The app works okay. Sometimes of you get an alert and click on it, the article doesn’t appear and it’s actually not always available if you just go look for it. Also the notification decisions that KBTX makes are irritating and getting old. They choose questionable content as breaking news alerts (like things that are obviously not unbiased reports) and after 10 months of daily breaking news alerts about covid cases, I am getting tired of the fear-mongering they they are feeding us all -every day-. I suggest NOT using the notifications.
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6 years ago, Renamski
Traffic notifications
I got this app primarily for its traffic notifications feature. My coworkers always seemed to be well informed about when to avoid traffic jams on 6. When they told me about this app I got it. I am happy with the notifications and get to work on time by avoiding 6 when I need to. I don’t use the other aspects of the app as often, but when I do they seem to work well.
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1 year ago, LS7?
Why can’t I get any weather anymore?!
I don’t want a separate (even larger) app just to get some local weather. Please bring back a weather button for the basic graphic (visual) forecast and the current temperature reading. If I wanted all the fancy bells and whistles of high-tech weather data, I would consider getting your fancy weather app. But, I don’t. I liked having the simple things I need, all together, in ONE simple place to use. Without some weather, I don’t even really need this app anymore.
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2 years ago, dnichol8
App opening issue
I have a daughter living in the area and wanted a news/weather app to get real time info. Installed this app multiple times but could never get past the opening screen. Finally tried turning on location service (usually have it off) and it opened right up. Even though I chose never use location service when using the app, the service still needs to be on when staring up the app…
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3 years ago, Deb5066
The app was working fine until about a week ago and now it won’t open at all. I have reloaded it twice. I’ll just delete it and maybe try again in the future.
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3 years ago, gold007eye
App won’t open after 3.4.6 update
Since this update the app opens and crashes consistently. Have power cycled phone to no avail. Also for a news app it’s horrible that they update Facebook with new stories before their own app. Not everyone in the world uses Facebook or relies on Facebook for news from their local station. Also having old stories showing at the top before new stories makes no sense as well as showing a news stories updated with no actual content change. Im not sure who the editor of KBTX is but grammar and spelling is always horrible on the news stories. It’s like they are required to proofread their stories before publishing them. ABC13 app gives a nice option to submit issues right from the story. Y’all should do this. Numerous times I have read articles with swears in the because of lack of proofreading.
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6 years ago, former online user
Won’t open on iPhone X
Poor app design...being close to Texas a&m you would expect better....I agree with poor performance in the other reviews, but with my new iPhone X the app will not open at all....sent KBTX an email and after a few days got a note back saying the would look into, but it’s been two months and app still doesn’t work..... don’t think they care about online users (or ad revenue from their advertisers) as long as people watch their television channel ....this app just made me switch to someone else
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2 years ago, updating for the future
Website review
At start of the app it has a ad and a lot of the time it’s confusing unless you are aware of the page having to be closed to go to the site you’ve ask for. It need to show the info you requested!! Please hope to see the changes some.
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2 years ago, Peanutsam
Fair App., AWFUL and BIASED News Source!
Don’t waste your memory space downloading this app.. They are a CBS affiliate that tries to hide their own liberal viewpoints in a local news source of a conservative community. There are FAR better news outlets to receive truthful and balanced service from. It says that they strive to be the most accurate and up-to-date with their reporting, but obviously they have NO idea what either of those things mean!
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6 years ago, Debhatesthisap
Whatever they did recently with the advertisement ads is awful ! They used to be smaller so you could differentiate between news & ads but now they are the same size - too many & annoying because if you are NOT careful- you will accidentally click on THINKING you are moving to next story - but instead - you have clicked on an annoying ad then the spam starts :( I used to like reading on mobile but may rethink
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1 year ago, Noweat
No weather
Newest updated app will not show weather unless you also get the pinpoint weather app. I do not like the pinpoint weather app because of very annoying and silly frequent alerts that are not necessary. Alerts should be for dangerous weather, not for sunny skies and mild temps!
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5 years ago, Oblib
Not User Friendly
APP is awkward, cumbersome, and full of idiosyncrasies. Unstable APP, far behind the times. Navigation is poor to fair, missing an algorithm that is consistent and easy to figure out. The APP seems to randomly “do its own thing” rather than what I need it to do. It needs a rewrite rather than the numerous patches which come to the APP. Just having it open without looping back to my iPhone would be a good place to start.
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5 years ago, caryca
Sorry, but this app is terrible. Will not load unless the app is deleted then added back. It will work for a short period of time then it starts all over. Had my phone checked just to make sure. Phone is not the problem, it does it on other phones as well. KBTX needs to fire their app developer. Every new version has worse problems than on previous version.
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6 years ago, cynthia penny
Flashing words
I don’t go into the app every day but I recently notice y’all have words flashing on your videos which is very distracting. I feel like that would not be good for someone who has epilepsy. So can you remove that please!!!! Thanks
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5 years ago, ccone16
The grammar is always horrible. I’m not sure if anyone is editing the articles or if rough drafts are just being posted. The stories are always very politically one sided even when there is nothing political in the story. The weather forecast is usually correct, so that’s a plus.
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4 years ago, mkaggiemom
Won’t even launch now
The previous version would crash a time or two, and then about the third time it would launch and everything worked fine. The latest version will not even open at all. I wish I’d never updated! I love KBTX and the convenience of an app with customized notifications, but now I have nothing. PLEASE FIX IT!
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3 years ago, transplanted country gal
I don’t appreciate listening to a 30 second ad when I am anxious to find out the weather details.
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5 years ago, KBTXAppDoesNotWork
App doesn’t even load
I’m currently using an iPhone XR on iOS12 and the app simply does not work. I get notifications on headlines but I click them to go into the app and get nothing but crashes and I never see the home page. Please don’t let your useless app perpetuate the stereotype that local news is a joke, I know KBTX is better than that.
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6 years ago, Dr.Champ93
Not worth a darn!!!!!
I live in this area so this app should be a must have for me but I hate it!!!! It never updates on the weekend and even during the week!!! I have some news apps that are on point with all of the current news. I have seen local news on those that never even show up on this one. Get it together KBTX!!!!!!
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4 years ago, WhiteShadow in TX
Waist of time
If you are wanting to get weather info on this app, forget it. Just downloaded the weather app. It won’t allow you to enter locations, select hybrid or satellite maps, or update location if you use it on your main screen. Total junk as far as weather is concerned!
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4 years ago, Alicia68inTX
Stop with the advertising
The newest version now shows a commercial BEFORE the home page loads and you can read the alert that has been pushed. Does this means for every alert/breaking news that get pushed to alert your audience you have to first see a commercial?
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3 years ago, TheCarpetGuy
An app that already sucked is now broken!
This app has the appearance of a 1998 website, or did when it at least worked. Now it crashes when trying to open it. You guys need to trash it and start over.
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9 months ago, ckagchick
Sound overrides at opening
If you have any sound (podcast, music, a call) going on in the background, the app takes over the audio. It just like to read the news and go to videos when I need.
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6 years ago, scard116
Advertisements with a couple news stories mixed in
Way too many ads. Including the click-bait trash at the bottom of every page that look like real articles. Makes the while thing look very unprofessional and slow.
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4 years ago, SnookTxFM
KBTX app
App has MANY problems, for one the first story never shows pic on main page, it just shows the grey KBTX, when u touch the three lines to go back to main page it won’t let u go anywhere, have to restart. Never sends alerts even when they are activated.
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3 years ago, PocketGarden
Slow & or won’t start
I have now deleted and reinstalled this app 3 times in the last week or so since it just gets stuck at the start screen and will never load.
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4 years ago, MesquiteDiva
Too many advertisements
I hate to scroll all the way down to read the full article and every paragraph you have to go through so many advertisements. You can’t even enjoy reading the news . So annoying.
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5 years ago, texroo2020
Good weather reports,but...
That’s about all I use this app for. Local “news” is hit and miss. Most of it is headlines and not much detail. The National news is definitely left wing biased, with quotes from “former position” people.
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6 years ago, alntam
More Ads!!!
As if we don’t see enough ad’s on the app, now there’s an ad when you open the app. You have to close the add before the app will open. SO FRUSTRATING!
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2 years ago, cybr_knght
Video ads
This app now open to a video Ad! This is the worst thing an app csm do. Instead of getting right to the news, I have to suffer through an unneeded video ad! Extremely disappointed in KBTX…DO NOT download this spp!
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5 years ago, Warren Lanphier
Could be better!
I like the app I use it daily but the last couple of weeks the ads have been superimposed over the articles they need to fix or KAGS and the Eagle will become my go to for local news.
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3 years ago, anonreviewer17
App shuts down immediately upon opening
With the current iOS, this app crashes every time you open it. No troubleshooting seems to help.
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4 years ago, Shello035
Needs a Bug update
Once launched you can’t read a story crashes right after you select. Please push an update.
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6 years ago, Crazypooh31
There has been times when the app tries to load and it crashes. It takes a least 2-3 times before it opens. Tried to uninstall and reinstall but doesn’t help.
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11 months ago, MdAwG07
New format on App
To whom it Concerns, The updated format on your app is horrible. We watched all of our local news through the app. We have had such a hard time finding the latest broadcast we have just not watched in frustration several nights. We’ve gotten “lucky” some nights and watched. Please reconsider your design, it is NOT user friendly! Sincerely looking for a fix, Rene McCulley
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5 years ago, Josegrande
Fix Imagery in Weather
Unable to see 10 day forecast and other images under Imagery. Please fix.
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2 years ago, delete.the.ads
This app was great until they put video ads on before I can see the news. If this keeps up I’ll delete the app. It’s very annoying.
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4 years ago, Dbody7983
Stopped working when looking at news
When I click on news, the news will load and then the whole app crashes.
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5 years ago, bighuty
The app freezes
Anytime you want to read the news on the KBTX app, it freezes. The people in charge of this app need to maybe call some UT engineers to fix it because obviously the aggies behind the app are not doing a good job.
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4 years ago, Sac1122
Will not work!!
I updated the app a couple days ago and now it crashes every time I try to open it! Please fix it this is all I use for news and weather.
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1 year ago, NotHappywithKBTX
Weather removed!
Why did you remove the weather and force users to download another app for weather?
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7 months ago, FFBJR64
Ads playing automatically with sound.
The auto play needs to stop or I will delete your app.
Show more
3 years ago, Brazos 22
Alerts go out but can't open.
Why not make sure the story is available, then send the alert?
Show more
4 years ago, braddu97
App closes on it own
It’s annoying that you open an article and it closes before it even opens. Please fix your app.
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1 year ago, Dog Lover Friend
Good App
Really enjoy this App. One of my Favorite!
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