KCBD News Channel 11

4.6 (5.1K)
78.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KCBD News Channel 11

4.59 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
1 year ago, RobertlesterS
Outstanding app
Outstanding Performance. Able to keep up with the news, and local news coverage. I’m always looking forward to hearing about what is going on in the community.
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6 years ago, Alphiebug
Updated news app
Your old app was redundant but this new updated version gives redundancy a whole new name. I literally hate the new format you have chosen. I see the same stories 3 to 4 time at least as I scroll and scroll and scroll trying to read the news. Take a look at any other news app. You can see all the stories at a glance and older stories are kept for a bit near the end. Very easy to see and get to what you want to read. I don’t need for you to make each story headline the size of my entire screen. If someone needs Very Large pic and print size they can control that on their device. You don’t even have a link for the weather anymore. I found it by clicking on the temp in the corner but it only gives hour by hour. What happened to 10 day forecast. Ya’ll really need to fix this mess. It looks like some child made this. I plan to delete your app unless you can update it to a more pleasing format. I’ve already deleted your app off of one of my devices.
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5 years ago, Tmo196789456
Constant freezing
I love KCBD and we live in the country. I cannot get their news even with my digital antenna. So we depend on watching the news in the morning on the app. The app is very frustrating because it either won’t load, it freezes, or sometimes you can see a picture without a sound. It just seems like I fiddle with it way more than I should have to. And let’s talk about the commercials… If I hear one more Sonic commercial is going to make me want to hate to go to Sonic even more! The ads have gotten better lately but there still so much redundancy!
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3 years ago, windy plains of Texas
Disappointed, once again.
My old KCBD app worked fine, but I received a reminder to update the app many months ago. Since that time, when there is a news or weather alert on the new app, it fails to load. Simply too much click bait, and just to find local news, you have to open and scroll to local news. Toss the app and go back to a easier way of providing local area news, weather and sports and not , NBC or MSB. Thank you
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6 years ago, KathyCoffman
Lots of info
I stay pretty busy, and I do like to keep up with what is going on, at least the highlights, both locally and nationally, even globally, without having to be home and watch the news each day. Some of the “breaking news” is questionable as to whether it is breaking or not, but I guess it is each to their own preference as to what is important.
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6 years ago, SLB 65
SLB 65
It is so good to have this app to get news about Lubbock & surrounding towns & also all the news about Texas Tech sports! Having moved away from Lubbock, I enjoy getting all the news!!! It helps to stay connected.
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3 years ago, why 74
Bad update
I use to get story’s pop up on screen and watch I have all notifications on but open app it will show 15 things but what is the 15 new who knows you open app and it don’t tell you I don’t get any notifications on my notification or watch any more I may just delete it it don’t work very good and half the time it takes 10 try’s to even open it not impressed at all with new app update
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1 year ago, ATT nit what used to be
Many times I get alerts and have to click on the bell and NOTHING comes up. Then when it finally works, I have a whole page of alerts from even the previous day and have to clear them all. Please fix this. If there’s an alert, allow us to click on it and get the alert, or it becomes a non-alert because we’ve seen it elsewhere by then.
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3 years ago, too many #
Since installing the new app, I get a red circle with a consecutive number in it that started with 1 and is now in the 30's on the app. Viewing new or top stories does not clear this number and I have been unable to find a menu function to do this. The old app cleared this number when viewing the new or top stories.
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3 years ago, 3950026
Updated App
This most recent update needs some major work. About 75 percent of the time the app will not open the clock just spins and spins. Every time I click on an advisory it closes the app. Also on my home screen it continues to show that I have advisories even after I delete all the advisories. I wish I had not updated the app.
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6 years ago, RKM81
Terrible update
My old version worked perfect but the new one is completely junk wish I had never did the update!
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3 years ago, Cade1114
Junk since the major update
This app has never been awesome but it was at least usable but now it it's super slow to open (when it does actually load). Furthermore there are so many ads. I realize that they need to make money but having to go though 3 ads before you can even get to a breaking news story is a bit excessive.
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6 years ago, Holleewoodhamilton
Horrible since update
Please fix!!!The latest update is extremely frustrating. It’s way to full of adds and makes reading a story near impossible. I understand that you have to have ads to make money but this is ridiculous. One story had 7!!! The content is good although you’re station should think about proofreading the articles before you publish them.
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5 years ago, IvyLib
Quick and easy
Using the app is so easy and convenient. I can check the top stories and the weather get on with my day.
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3 years ago, Oldstressedkat
Update crashes more then it works
Gave it 2 stars only cause when it does work I don’t have to dig for the Covid information. Had to dig for breaking news cause it kept crashing when I went to the app. Hmm guess the news wasn’t breaking by the time I found it though
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5 years ago, THE UNWIRED
The “new & improved“ KCBD app update
TO: the KCBD app “developers,” I must be in a “TWILIGHT ZONE” universe. This new update for the KCBD app makes it a THIRD RATE PIECE OF 🐶 💩 💩 💩 because now it won’t open any longer. Instead of KCBD being the very best of the three Local news channels followed by FOX 34, & then Everything Lubbock, it’s now FOX 34, Everything Lubbock & finally bringing up the UGLY rear in terms of usefulness. SINCERELY YOURS, A very 😤 OFF app user/ viewer. P.s.: The large # ads absolutely NEEDS to be greatly reduced nobody cares about getting your roof repaired, or needs a new truck from the Hillbillies in Levelland when launching the app or, @ the very beginning, middle & end of every article. Always remember to ask yourself daily: Do 🐻🐻🐻 💩💩💩 🌲 🌲🌲?
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6 years ago, west texas 1
Used to be better!
The site has become clunky since the update!
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5 years ago, AubBob1
App crashing anytime I try to open it!
The App crashes anytime I try to open it or click on a news story to read it that comes through as an alert on my phone. I get the alerts, and when I click on them to read them, the app just crashes and won’t open. I downloaded the latest “update” in June 2019 and ever since I can’t open the app.
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4 years ago, Billd11
KCBD is my trusted choice
KCBD is my trusted choice for breaking news. They have seasoned veteran’s that give me the latest news without exaggeration or unnecessary drama. They give me the facts and I know that it will be trustworthy.
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3 years ago, BrendaK58
Hate the new app
I hate the updates to this app and am thinking of deleting it. Especially the alerts. I go in and clear them and then next thing I know there are 45 alerts. So I go out to clear and only see one. Plus you can’t link up to the story from the alert. It’s all very annoying.
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4 years ago, Jsveodveosbdosbdiekdbjdks
KCBD news app has always been my favorite. Very reliable. But recently they have added ads that just pop up and often times have sound to them. Kinda embarrassing when you are out in public!
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4 years ago, Fee,Fee
Gratefull ,
Thank You, All for all that you do, To keep all of us informed , On every thing, Your’s Truly , Sharon Lang. May you all have a very Blessed Weekend.👍👍👍
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2 years ago, Ljae28
App is no good any.
What news the app doesn’t even load anymore. Everyone so worried about all the advertisements that they don’t care that we actually get the news anymore. I waited 10min for app to load. All I got was one advertisement and five more minutes of loading. And this is on WiFi
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3 years ago, everything yaken
Don’t bother clicking alerts, it closes the app. Instead, you gotta go dig the story out of the many. Search doesn’t work either. Even typing this the font color is white, same as the background.
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3 years ago, Aprylds
Why fix what wasn’t broken
Have had nothing but problems since the app was “updated.” Difficult to navigate. Get half way through an article, goes to white screen. Get half way through a video, goes to blank screen. Go back to the old app.
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6 years ago, wreck 'em Tech!!!
App update
Recently updated my app and I am so disappointed. Loved the old version.
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4 years ago, Befoee
Not to good app
This app could be better it doesn’t show the good things they talk on the news leaves the good stuff out needs a new upgrade for us who. Do not have time to see the news this will work but gives us old news if I can give it a half star I would
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6 years ago, DaveHurley
Terrible Update
If it’s not bad enough I had to look at the Reagor-Dykes crap on old app for a month, I get notification in app to update. Updated to a terribly ugly and unappealing app that made the news worse. The links are not all functional and well, it’s just plain ugly and makes me WANT to use other apps. Highly discourage anyone from looking at the update...bleh!!!
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2 years ago, gingersnapa1036
Layout is misleading
The information is fine, but I really don’t like the layout. The ads and “click-bait” look exactly the same as the local news I’m trying to read. I feel like they are trying to trick me into going to their advertiser’s websites. I love KCBD, but think they need to redesign the app
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2 months ago, Shop at home
Bigger phone - smaller print
Bought the biggest phone and Kcbd is too small to read. Even on iPad it is too small with no way to change. No dynamics. I’ll look somewhere else
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1 year ago, Pastor/Student
What’s Wrong with the KCBD App?
I’m getting the same message as another reviewer: No Connection Internet connection not detected. Please activate it and try again. There’s nothing wrong with my internet. I’ve deleted the app, restarted my device, and reinstalled the app. Twice. No joy! Please fix it!
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2 years ago, Lbkchiver
More Ads than news links and content
Scrolling through the app it’s actually hard to determine what’s KCBD news content I am trying to see versus random Ads throughout. It has more ads than news content.
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3 years ago, FOOOORRRRRE!!!!
Doesn’t work most of the time
I get several alerts a day, but when I click on them, it opens the app and then just turns until it crashes and closes. Needs updating or something.
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3 years ago, mjbcjlc
I hate the new update
After the recent update, the app is slow to load, and is much harder to navigate. I used to read the news every day on this app, but now find myself using other news sources.
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6 years ago, 4597*9
Repeated News casts
The app is better than the broadcast. All the broadcasts want you to do is tune in at Ten for the complete story. So I have stared watching another channel for my news.
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6 years ago, Slhghtwr
Review of KCBD news app
Hate it. 1-I used to be able to swipe from one story to the next and now can’t. I have to return to the home page. 2-News stories repeat. Confusing. 3-Your advertising about KCBD apps come in the middle of a story and cuts into a sentence. The sentence doesn’t continue anywhere.
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3 years ago, SAMM-1
Doesn’t work
Ever since I updated a few weeks ago, it won’t load unless I have open privacy settings for tracking. What a disappointment! Will switch to another local app.
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8 months ago, Stretch my mind
Does not work
This app is useless. It will not load. Deleted it and downloaded again and again to no avail. Also, pretty tired of seeing Hartin on Facebook posting pics of herself dressed in provocative clothing. What’s the matter KCBD? Is this really the standards you approve? Ugh!
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6 days ago, Rance50
I hesitate to even use this app because it force pauses whatever I'm listening to. I have to exit out and restart whatever it was, only to realize it also turned my volume all the way down.
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5 years ago, stnapA
I do not like
If I could give negative stars I would. App constantly crashes or freezes then crashes. Stories are consitently the same for days. I get multiple ads on each article. Deleting app. I can find a better app and content elsewhere.
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3 years ago, jacbyrd
Won’t Open
At kensey before the update the app would open and show the news. It was slow but it worked. Now there is just a loading screen and nothing.
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3 years ago, gggghjdjrjrjfjfjfjjfuff
Receive alert but no updated story
I received alerts for breaking news but when I click on the link the story is not there. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, ughh2020
Waste of time
Same stories over and over for multiple days. News items are old news. Get more timely news with other local news app. This is a hunk of junk.
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3 years ago, Apple2yu
Upgrade is terrible
App closes when an item is selected. It is not intuitive any more. Can’t turn off notification sound. Old app was much better.
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4 years ago, fixitworkonitdosomething
Needs work
When you get a notification and click on it it takes you to an old news page with no knew news.
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5 years ago, aneskeen
Wish I hadn’t updated
Was about to read a story alert and the update popped up. Now it won’t open when I click - starts to load and shuts back down almost immediately. No more news for me : (
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6 years ago, Halecenterflash
Weather and news
I miss the old weather page, the radar maps seemed to work better. News page really is not as user friendly.
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3 years ago, Parklett
Should not have updated
The ads are out of control. They are loud , long and play every time you open the app or click on anything.
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3 years ago, James Mahan
Sooo bad
Amazing that someone thought this would be an improvement and that no one stopped the rollout. Virtually unusable Too bad because I liked to read the previous version
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4 years ago, thisnamenickisme
Too many adds
Adds...lots of adds. Every time you click a story...adds. Make a mistake and get out of the app, another add when you go back. And unless it’s news, I don’t want alerts...whoever wins a ball game is not news.
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