KCCI 8 News - Des Moines

4.3 (5.6K)
116.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KCCI 8 News - Des Moines

4.3 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Carrots4lunch
Doing better, just fix the radar
I just re-read my review from a year ago. A lot has improved since then. KCCI still has the most up to date app in the area. I still see a lot of buried stories that should be visible from the home page. I also see a lot of stories that aren’t local that stay in the buried stories for about a week. That’s too long. My major complaint now is with the radar. I like to put it in motion so I can see what direction the storm is moving, but the radar goes back about 8 hours, then slowly and painfully moves through that time period with long pauses and jerks forward until it almost gets to the current time, then the app crashes. So I never get to see what direction the storm was moving in the last half hour or so. I wish it would just go back about 1-2 hours rather than 8. Maybe it would function better if it didn’t go back so far.
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3 years ago, precision seed
Not relevant news
Why must you keep stories the same for a week or more ? I mean seriously is the masked rapper that died that important? Just heard today about the scandal at West Point land it wasn’t from a news source let alone the supposedly best news in central Iowa. Not much changes I have complained bout this before and all I ever get is told to delete and reinstall or make sure I have latest version. So I do it and nothing is different. So from a 38 year old , life long fan and supporter , I m going to be signing off for the last time on kcci . Maybe I ll hear bout some one finally making changes over there and getting the iT department or app people to fix this but I seriously doubt it. So see ya .
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3 years ago, dinkindesmoines
Slants to the right
I have been a loyal KCCI follower for over 40 years. But, at this time, I am debating whether I want to continue the relationship. I like the reporters and the weather-presenters very much; and I believe that they do their best to provide professional delivery of the news. However, stories I see on the app as well as advertising on live TV most unfortunately slants to the right politically. What happened to the truth? Given that all Republican-leaning sponsored political ads shown on your station are full of lies, thereby greatly damaging the credibility of YOUR entire PROGRAMMING, why is it that your advertising department is not required to protect the interests of your station by reviewing the contents of said political advertisements for content, in order to refuse to show such false advertising? I can’t be the only viewer who is changing the station to one with more truth in advertising as well as in reporting.
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3 years ago, mostly reverend kim
my news cup is at 50%
it’s neither half-full nor half-empty, sadly. i am an eternal optimist, which would suggest i would hope the app will improve, but we are all familiar with the clichéd definition of insanity, aren’t we? i click on a story, sit through the same 15-30 second advert i just saw on the previous news clip, only to see a report reading the text that is the same that accompanies the video. nothing is there to enhance it. not much bang for one’s advertising buck, either. not only that, the stories are way too short. please, we’ve paid the price of admission (watching the ads), string together some in-depth reporting not available on the broadcast news. turn your reporters loose. i happen to know that they are really quite talented and capable of doing more than the scant who what and sometimes where. let’s REALLY make the kcci news app a place where iowans - and others - think of as a destination for true, investigative coverage of local issues that go well beyond the headlines. the register certainly doesn’t do it anymore. i would LOVE to see some truly award-winning visual newswork. you have the right people on staff. use them, or sure as heck, you’ll squander those valuable assets. become a real 5-star operation. please?
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3 years ago, LPRN21
The stories are full of opinions instead of facts from both sides of an issue. There are a lot of local stories that are buried. There should be a separate section for stories that keep repeating themselves. Like COVID. It is important and deserves its own section where people know to go. But it should bury important local stories. A lot of stories that have an eye catching title are a disappointment because there is just a paragraph with no explanation or resolution. Odd. The politics are not well explained - what happens is just a regurgitation instead of any well explained issues without opinions. There are no support for people, not politicians.
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3 years ago, stevens nickels
Add more news stories
You have some articles on here for a month or more. Move on as it is boring news. Sick of hearing what you think you want to report and not what the public really wants to see or hear. Tell the truth and not your side of what you want us to hear. Same goes for weather as we live in Iowa and winter can be nasty. But employers require us to be accountable. Awhile back you showed a tree blown over and that occurs too. You have most up to date technology for weather but most that I talk to complain how you’re rarely right on that topic. I cut out regular TV and National news because it’s Fake and your opinions. Lots are leaving news all together or not watching as it’s bogus. Fix it before you’re a thing of the past and out of work.
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4 years ago, LilacBloom
You don’t get to control video playback.
I wanted to like this. After all, KCCI is probably the best news station in Iowa. But a couple of things ultimately made me delete it. First, when I click on an interest headline to read the story, usually a video starts playing right away that I can’t stop. I often catch up on news during quiet moments at work or when my baby is napping, so I always have to hurriedly close the app. Sigh. Also I don’t find the main page to be intuitively organized. It’s kind of a chore to find things. Update June 2020: I downloaded the app again to keep up with news on the riots. It works great to watch the newscast while the news cast is simultaneously on TV. But if I want to watch anything else, I have to watch at least five commercials for 10 seconds of video. It’s a little crazy and not for me. Will delete again. Sigh.
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7 years ago, osdsh
Awful app
This app is terrible. Many of the titles are cut off of the headline stories such that you can't read the whole thing- even when you're on the page specifically for that story. Then the transcript is cut off also which makes it impossible to just skim the news when you don't want to sit and watch videos all day. There are lots of ads that pop up when you open the app. You have to watch an ad for about 15 seconds before you can watch the video clip you wanted to see. Half of the time the app crashes between the ad and the video, but if you make it through the video, it still crashes after that frequently. Hate that I have to literally click on national news to see anything that isn't local. Seems like users should be able to set preferences. Overall it's a glitchy, poorly designed app that I very much dislike.
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6 years ago, Bad748
To Worse, WOW even worse now 2018
The only App with Pop-up Commercials! The is horrible, when that happens to me I just close the app, and go somewhere else for Iowa News. How dare you waste my data plan minutes I pay for with a commercial. If I want to watch an ad I’LL MAKE THE DECISION. I understand if I pick a video to watch, (commercial first then video) Normally I just turn the volume off, and come back in 30 seconds. But unwanted commercial I didn’t ask for. Pff… Bad design and difficult to follow/use. The most ads for a news group, HORRIBLE. Takes over my speakers and shuts down my music too, if I wanted to listen to a story I understand. This is the only app I have that does that. Which is why I rarely use it first, I'll go to other Media apps 1st. Rating STILL has not changed. Too slanted information and not just the facts. Turns OFF my music that I'm listening to, no other app does this, why?. I avoid this app for news due to this issue while listening to music. Too many Ads, and worthless news. Still the same only app to shut off my speakers. Too May ads!!! Silly miss leading headlines. Oh and now using VUZ, BAD choice how about some national news from CBS. Still a 1 star, be a half star if they had it.
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5 years ago, CKD2018
Good ap
The ap is good, I use it often. The only issue I have is when I get a breaking news update. It pops up on my phone when it is locked, which is what I want it to do but most of the time I don’t want to view it at that very moment, but usually within a couple minutes I end up unlocking my phone then doing something different, then wanting to go in and read it, but the article is not on the KCCI ap. So I end up having to google it or wait for quite awhile later to be able to read it on the ap.
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3 months ago, Broken country
Sad reality
When you put your paycheck over humanity and the truth, it’s truly sad When the truth is so obvious and yet you say nothing to the people, it’s truly sad. When you watch things deteriorate and fall apart and yet you avoid talking about them, it’s truly sad. When you call yourself a new station, but the only thing that comes out is what you are told to say, and then you post other organizations lying about the same thing. It’s truly sad. When you bow down to a organized crime ring, we call our government because of your paycheck and go ahead and lie to the people you were supposed to stand up for it’s truly sad When we have children that are confused about their gender, and we know the government is just after the nuclear family and yet you still go along with it it is truly sad. Rewarding mental illness, pushing victim hood has never got anybody anywhere and look where it’s getting us.. our so-called government is literally destroying things on purpose and you help cover it up. That is what’s truly sad have a good day take care we are all human being supposed to stand up for one another not put the dollar bill above that.
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3 years ago, chewiecarl
Review for weather and more
Would like to see Dew Point on the weather hourly or at least once a day on the weather app less commercials and short news time making people wait to see the weather I know your company has to make money and your all greedy and want more and more put the commercials during the sports time Less sports crap or keep it till towards the end of the news Sports is NOT important to many of us watching the news we don’t care who can jump or run the fastest Channel 8 is almost getting as bad as Channel 13 I hope it don’t come to that but if so maybe Channel 5 can keep their act together
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5 years ago, Mimi mia tootsie 1825
Turn off your notifications
News coverage is great - no complaints. I would rate higher if I didn’t have a daily internal argument about turning off my notifications. While I do like being alerted to important news items, the staff does not seem to be able to discern what is important and what is not. Not every news story and/or news event is worthy of an alert. If they’d simply ask themselves before sending, “Will the largest majority of our app users see this notification and think, ‘Wow! I’m glad they told me about that!’” and NOT send if the answer is not “yes”, it would easily be a 5 star app. Until then, just turn off your notifications and enjoy the rest of the features.
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4 years ago, hahdhucusuhqvwv
PLEASE FIX- Lots of app features not working
There are lots of app features that just stop working, and this seems to be happening with several iOS devices that I know about. For example, after you click on the radar the whole screen blacks out after about 4-5 seconds and I’m forced to close out of the app and re open it. Another issue, is whenever I click on an article the app crashes. Any help would be great !!
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3 years ago, Rooriders
Too much “breaking news”
I get 8-10 “breaking news” alerts per day from this app and very few are for what anyone would consider breaking news. This week alone, I received “breaking news” alerts before 7am that were to announce they have a new meteorologist on the morning show, and that a murder from 25 years ago remains unsolved. I can almost set my watch by the breaking news alert that comes as soon as the morning show is done—7:00am EVERY DAY, like clockwork. I understand marketing, but give me the option to receive only breaking news. KCCI apparently never heard the fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.
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4 years ago, rixysmom
Covid19 Testing
I thought we had enough test kits to test everyone according to our illustrious Governor! My mother is in a nursing home in Ankeny..a week ago they got their first covid positive and it was a worker. I ask an employee who is gracious enough to let me FaceTime my mother once a week if they have tested all the patients..she said only a small percentage have been because they couldn’t get test kits..I thought nursing homes were out top priority?? This is so totally wrong and I’d like you to investigate
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5 years ago, 11117809
Liberal Leaning!
Maybe it would be smart to reporting fairly! Start talking about who is working for the people and who is willing to destroy America for political gain! So sick of corrupt politicians that have gotten very wealthy and won’t work with the opposing party! So depressing! Maybe you should have more feel good- happy stories! I always love actual news stories but always end with more questions than answered! I also understand that law enforcement have to hold back info! Just remember there are more than Democrats that follow your news and we just want fair and unbiased news and not opinions!
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4 years ago, Lyteweilder
I like the old weather app that listed all information vertically... it also used to have the temperature in the upper information bar. I am a semi-truck driver, and where ever I went it would update “real-time” automatically. I still have that “unsupported” app on my old phone...BRING IT BACK, PLEASE!!! I was also able to save frequently traveled cities for quick weather reference information. I totally miss the simple effective convenience of that app! Would have given 5 out of 5... Other than that, I do appreciate the real time updates to the current app. I rely on the accuracy of KCCI weather to plan my routes for the day... it would be quicker with the old system😉 The message chime for news/traffic updates are very effective and timely as well!!! Thanks for reading, Hope this has helpful! 🙏🏾😀
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2 years ago, Cori C 39
Amazing news channel
I am always happy to wake up and get the latest news from Chanel 8 new station ! I listen to them on my phone app every morning while getting ready for work then when I’m eating supper! The daily updates on what’s going on it great as well! Thank you for providing us with accurate information! Love Jason’s weather report and of course the yellow crocks !
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4 years ago, Bakeabit
I notice more and more the show freezes up as I am watching it or repeats what was just said. The broadcast will show “we will be back in a minute” and be off for 5 minutes or more or totally go off so I have to open it again. Things the live broadcast does not do. I like watching the morning broadcast as I am getting ready and this gets frustrating after awhile!
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4 years ago, Tjcpbc
Fix the radar!!
The old app had the best radar.. not happy with the way this app uses the radar. Why does it go back 8 hours?? I want to see a more current radar and brighter colors.. and I and I think most of you followers don’t carry what happened 8 hours ago.. I like to see the storms in motion to see what direction it is moving but when it finally gets to the current time it jumps back 8 hours so quickly that it’s hard to see where a storm is tracking.. Pleae,Please, Please get a better radar!!!
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6 years ago, Jayebird
Old app was better
The old app was way easier to navigate. Straight forward. If I wanted to watch the news, I would turn on the TV. I have this app so I can READ the news and check the weather. I never know if I am going to get a blaring video that automatically pops up or an actual news article to read. I am not always in a setting where it is appropriate to watch a video. Sometimes the video content and body of written article don't even match up. I want the choice to watch a video when available, not to be forced by pop up. If not changes soon, I will be looking for another source of information.
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7 years ago, wishing the app would work
Bring back the old app format
Not sure if spending my time writing this review will make a difference but the new format is difficult to navigate. Some stories are never removed and others seem to be gone in just a couple hours. When I try to search for a story, I cannot find it sometimes and just go directly to the internet and search and then usually able to find the story. When breaking news pops up on my screen, I go to the kcci site and more than half the time there is no follow up to the headline. Why can’t when I click on the headline when it pops up and go directly to the story?
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4 years ago, Dee L L
Fix It
In almost every article there are sentences and paragraphs that are cut off or incomplete. With the crisis we are in, it not helpful when an article reads “The CDC says you should” and the rest of the sentence is not there. This often happens with the most crucial information. “The accused is being changed with”what? I have emailed you about the problem with screen shots so you can see the problem but I never received a reply. That is equally offensive. You don’t care. If I find something I really want to know about I try to find the story on a different site. That’s frustrating. Why should I stay with your app?
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6 years ago, red.mojo
Where did my story go?
I get notified my alerts have been shut off because I didn't open enough notifications. I try to open story notifications only to find I getting taken to the main screen with no hope of finding that story. Just an endless loop of crap. I love KCCI but seriously this is ridiculous. Two improvements: 1) As your audience, I shouldn't be 'punished' for not opening every story. Apparently someone has an bonus riding on the number off times the app is opened. 2) When a notification comes up it better be the first story I see when I open the app. It's 2018 this technology exists.
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3 years ago, BradBeeman
Report A Bug is broken.
Ironic that Report A Bug button is broken? 🕷 Also Report a News Tip button also not working IPhone 12 Pro iOS 14.2.2 (up to date). Looks like it takes the tap, but nothing happens... I would’ve tapped Report a Bug instead of reporting it here, but.... I seldom use this app because it’s annoying with the repeated ads in videos, the length of stories too short, weather page hard to look at (too busy), harder to get to radar (I use NOAA).
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2 years ago, whoelse would have yohop
Radar loop.
I agree on the radar app. It takes to long to see which way the weather is moving. It backs up to many hours. You need to speed up the radar loop. I see you haven’t done that yet. Perhaps you could explain why it backs up so many hours or why you have made that decision.
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5 years ago, dabcmom
Jumps back
The only thing I don’t like is, if you’re half way down the page and you click on a story to read it, when you click back out it always takes you back to the very first story. Then you have to scroll back down to where you were to see the next stories.
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4 years ago, Questioning reader
I get notifications several times a day about various news stories and when I open the app to learn more about the story, there is no story on the app until sometime later. Maybe it is just my app. If it is not my app, then please don’t send out a notification without a story that goes with it. I just got a notification now. “ police investigating after motorcyclist dies in Ames collision.” Again, notification but no story.
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4 years ago, Central Iowa Fan
Ad placement
When reading most stories, many important words are cut off by your ad placements! Then, after the ad, those words are NOT left in the story! Really!. Very frustrating and disappointing. Towns, streets, dates, and partial names have been left off. Read through what you put out!
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1 year ago, Kjerstin is sleepy
Constantly freezes up; app is basically useless
I like KCCI, but if you want to read their articles or watch their videos, just stick to the website. While trying to read 3 articles, I had to force close the app nearly 10 times! It would just stop responding. Sometimes the article would partially load but be completely unresponsive, sometimes it’d just show a blank page with an unresponsive back button.
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3 years ago, Momxpress
Need improvement
I’d like to see newer news items often. Please update your app more often. At the bottom of the news are photos taken of sunsets and winter, it’s been months now and it hasn’t been updated. You have great photos so please share it on your app.
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3 years ago, shllbll
Best weather people
I watch KCCI for the weather only. These people are by far the most accurate and nice. Have stopped watching the news as I find it biased, and very liberal. If I want to watch trash news, I would watch CNN or msnbc. You have lost a large number of viewers for this reason. This is my review from sometime back. Nothing has changed as far as the news goes. Watching the news on KCCI is like reading the Des Moines Register. Not happening,
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4 years ago, MizTriker
okay app
I love the push notifications. I love the up-to-date information. But often I will click a push notification to get the story and it doesn't link to anything related to the headline. Sometimes, the video in a story isn't related to the text below the story or the headline. And I can't use the app for breaking news when I am working because there is no default way to NOT play a video when I open a story.
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6 years ago, Happygal124
Not the best...
I agree with most of the problems people have noted-two things that particularly irritate me-when I get out of a story, it takes me back to the top of the page every time, then I have to scroll back to the bottom to find where I was. And seriously, are you going to keep that story about kids in Halloween costumes up until Halloween rolls around again? Can’t you find anything more current to share??
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6 years ago, WhatsboutDave
Redo Site
I really don’t like it when there is a breaking story that comes up in the news feed but then you cannot find it for an extended time period on the site. You also need to organize the pages by tabs...local news, state news, national and international news, weather and sports. Get rid of old stuff. Finally, make your weather both video and text. To see the weather, I don’t need to see a video (after a commercial) about the weather.
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7 years ago, TheTMD
On Demand needs to be updated...
Every time so far when I try to use the App to watch the afternoon broadcast, I either get a replay of the morning news or a loading screen. I’d say out of watching in the work week I get like cry and get the afternoon news 1-2 times. When this happens as it has been very often, I switch to the WHO-TV app and watch their afternoon broadcast, as theirs always plays with no problem...
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3 years ago, Tams150
Commercials at the top of the story
It would be way less annoying if you had a different commercial for each story! When I have to listen to the same spot for each story, I don’t want to be on your site or buy from your advertiser! The lost annoying idea for marketing to date. Site rarely updated. We live in a large metropolitan area. Surely you have more than 10 stories a month! Also people who could update things on the weekends.
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4 years ago, stofphil
Still Not Up to Snuff
The station fell completely flat on getting information out about the derecho event in advance of its arrival. it traveled all the way from eastern Nebraska should have given the station sufficient time to gather and disseminate some information about it before it crashed down on Des Moines. And I simply can’t understand why the interactive radar information is not provided in real-time. There is always a lag of at least five minutes and that can be a long time when bad weather is bearing down.
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5 years ago, UncleSam69
CNN FAKE NEWS & Weird Format
Too many CNN FAKE NEWS articles. I don't open ANY CNN NEWS articles. They are extremely biased and often totally misleading. I enjoy the weather and eight day forecast, especially Metinka Slater. Your format presents the same articles four or five times in different ways. You delete news from one or two days ago and keep useless news items for weeks and weeks. Not unlike any other news organizations, there is NO NEWS from 5PM Friday to 9Am Monday. Still too many biased articles from the Communist News Network (CNN) and The Always Progressive News Agency (AP.) Too few local news items from actual local news reporters. Weird layout for a modern news site.
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2 years ago, blessed always!
Local news appreciated…
I do appreciate your local coverage as I don’t have local stations here. For whatever reason my appointment does not receive local tv stations. Because of the extra expense of cable I have internet tv. I receive your coverage on my phone.
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6 years ago, tagalong01
Halloween news in March‼️❓❓‼️
I agree with Carrots4lunch BUT I’m sick of the OLD news ( re: Halloween pics still on your site and it’s Springtime in Iowa). Seriously I’m prob going to just chunk your site off my phone. Just like we’ve done with our television favorite. It’s now CH 5 WOI. No longer KCCI nor WHO WELL, ( you) keep asking me to rate your app. 👎👎
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6 years ago, Zhar8102
Breaking News
Maybe think about what’s actually breaking news... In addition, if you’re going to send breaking news alerts, maybe you could actually have the story available on the app at that time?! I changed my rating to a 2 today. About 50 minutes ago I got a BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!! for something from THREE DAYS ago. About a lottery ticket. Ugh. Definitely needed to know that ASAP, especially since I read about it 3 days ago....
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2 years ago, LCRN48
KCCI site
One criticism I have is that your site has very outdated articles at the bottom that never seems to change. Usually only a few new articles to read
Show more
4 years ago, Notveryfancy
What happened?
I have had the KCCI app on my phone for a decade, and I am switching to a competitor. I am so tired of of seeing primarily stories that are from non-local sources and not nearly enough coverage of important Iowa issues. I am particularly disappointed with the poor coverage of COVID-19. We need solid local information to make informed decisions for our families, and I am not getting that. KCCI used to be my favorite.
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6 years ago, AL1DMAT
STAY AWAY!! Too many ads and they are all the same ads
KCCI you have made things worse. Now almost every article is a video with a 15 to 30 second ad in front of it. And to top it off, these are the SAME ads I complained about months ago. I can't watch your app anymore. Way too many ad's. EVERY video has an add attached. What is worse is that they are the SAME ad. Watching the same ad a half dozen times gets old fast. Kill half the ad's and give some variety and I will give more stars.
Show more
6 years ago, Farm girl 59147
Works but
KCCI updated this app a while back and it stinks i uses to go to this page for Weather but not anymore had to download another app because they took away the 7 day written forecasts i wanna read the weather not get pictures for only 3 days Plus the format for news stinks needs to not have hidden stories cant find a story after its been posted they hide them very poor app do not recommend
Show more
6 years ago, aioka21
Pop ups
I have used this app for years now and it just keeps getting worse. Cluttered interface that is unorganized. The worst part however is the full screen pop up ads every 5 seconds. I see the ads inline I don’t need them in my face full screen. Very intrusive and off putting. It actually makes me want to consume the advertised product less because now I have associated it with inconvenience and nuisance. Uninstalling the app and finding a new local app maybe WHO.
Show more
4 years ago, galfromiowa
Love KCCI but not the app
The app is just plain annoying. The second you open it ; an ad will start...with full sound. Your phone mute button won't stop it. You have to actually turn the sound down manually. In the meantime, the ad is blaring. I get that ads are a part of life these days, but most will allow you to keep the sound off unless you want to hear it.
Show more
5 years ago, REXC22
The WHOLE Story, Please!!
Trying to read articles on this site is like reading a newspaper with random chunks cut out — it disappears behind an ad, and when it reappears below the ad I am lost because I have no idea what was said in the part I couldn’t see. Incredibly frustrating! I have been a KCCI app user for several years, but this is driving me absolutely crazy — I am switching to another app until this is fixed.
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