KCRA 3 News - Sacramento

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Hearst Television
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for KCRA 3 News - Sacramento

4.23 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
4 years ago, OriginalBert
KCRA is a Great Local Sacramento News App
I enjoy reading many news articles in depth that I have previewed on the KCRA News Channel. I like the on-line format of being presented news articles in text format but often accompanied by Video clips from the broadcast news. One drawback I find is that the news articles are usually restricted from printing to hard copy. There are many occasions when I would like to save a print copy of a piece of news for sharing with my family or reading off-line when timing is more convenient. But in general I am mostly pleased with the quality of this News Channel application.
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4 years ago, inquisitive 1
Left in limbo
I am frustrated with this app because when I am in the middle of reading a story it will abruptly end, even mid sentence. The rest of the story is not there. This occurs often and usually in stories that are originally from other sources. The least one could do is make sure the entire story is there before posting it. There are also a lot of grammatical errors. It is like things are not proofread by anyone. I have watched only KCRA since I was a child. I am 57. In the past 2 years I have been turned off by the lack of integrity with the “journalism”. Reporters should not have a bias and this station clearly does. It has been especially blatant in the past year. I can’t watch or read it anymore and most of my family and friends have quit as well. Too many opinions are expressed in the articles. Sometimes even one simple adjective reveals the bias. Gone are the days of just reporting the facts - proven true facts that is. You also use too many stories from CNN. It is common knowledge that that are the least trusted, least ethical sham of a news agency. Why do you rely on them for stories? They misinform, give only opinions, and do not even cover true and important stories. Please try to be better than they are.
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6 years ago, (optional):
Long time user
I have had the KCRA App for a long time, I deleted it for about 3 months because I felt the content was mostly sensationalized pieces that had nothing to do with our local area. I added the app back recently, i’m still disappointed, some of the content has gotten better, however, the feature of pop up ads while reading an article has become beyond annoying. I know advertising is what makes the app free, I have no problem watching an advertisement before a video plays (it is annoying however I understand it makes the app free). Yet when just reading an article an advertisement pops up and blocks the entire screen and when it’s over I touch the X icon in the upper corner and the ad goes away for a few moments giving time to read just a few lines of the article and then the advertisement pops back up again. I changed settings for the app. I’ve deleted it and added it again and when reading the articles the pop-up ad comes back again and again and again and again. I can’t even read a full article. I’m done with this app.
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2 years ago, Clever Cases
Channel 3 News
Absolutely 👍 💯! This is my family’s news station! Thank goodness for being able to watch on our phones too. My Brother lives in Myers and cannot get Channel 3 any longer and is very upset because they only have a Reno station and all of our family lives in Sacramento. He lived in Sacramento and doesn’t understand because he still lives in California. They are always showing Highway 50 and Myers round about and he lives 3 minutes from it but can’t revcieve channel 3 on television. Very stressful for him! When I go to visit I can’t see it on tv either and it’s very stressful. Please help!!!!! He’s even called the station many times. Thank you all your all amazing!!! My Brother is your #1 Fan!!!! I’m his #1 fan and your # 2 fan!!!!!
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2 years ago, ChocGiddyUp
Worst news app I’ve ever used
Hands down, this is the worst. I only have it installed to get local news alerts for things like local traffic. Every time I actually try to read a story or watch a story, I’m remind how trash the app is. First, the top half of the screen is a video player that you CANNOT close or minimize, even if the video playing has nothing to do with the article below. Second, said video player ALWAYS plays an add the second it’s opened. Which… sure… I get, you need to make money, I’m ok with that. What I’m NOT ok with is the fact that if I happen to scroll a bit too far, while reading, it’ll skip to the next story on Infinite scroll, EVEN if that next story isn’t on my screen yet, and I wasn’t done reading the one i was there for. THEN, that video player PLAYS ANOTHER AD! And all the adds seem to have people screaming at me at the top of their lungs. The entire experience is awkward, poorly designed and honestly… I just hate it.
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3 years ago, IhaveNothingBetterToDo
Dedicated Weather App was so much better...
Why should I have to dig through all the news to get to weather when all I wanted was weather? And once I get to the weather section after a few clicks, the layout is horrible when compared to the previous weather app that has been discontinued. I used the KCRA Weather app for years. Even used it several more years after the “this app is going away” banner started showing up at the top. But finally it stopped working. So I’ve tried more than a few times to use this “News & Weather” app, but I’m done. Several of the free weather apps out there are better than KCRA’s app offering and I will be headed to one of those instead. And its sad too because Mark Finan is a weather nut! KCRA has the best weather team by far, but they killed the best Weather app there ever was for our area. Best of luck to you all! I’ll check my KCRA Weather app I still have installed periodically to see if again starts retrieving data, but I wont hold my breath.
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4 years ago, lincoln residence
Vivian From Lincoln California
I love your app… Not only locally, but because I also work with a fire agency for California, I am alerted with all the local news which really helps me know what’s going on daily! Im out in the field for a month and sometimes month and half at a time! I really appreciate all that KCRA has done to keep me Inform with the local news. Thanks for keeping me informed !!!! love your staff , love the information and appreciate your honest news and Mark Finan is Especially important to me because of the fire weather and the humidity… Thats very important for the job that I do thank you! The one thing that I would like to see is a live stream I don’t want to see just the news I want to see the whole lifestream like they do with FOX40Vivian Graham. Lincoln Ca.
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4 years ago, great wjite buffalo
Airplanes and Coronavirus
To whom it may concern There is a huge story that you should be the leader in reporting that would sweep the nation What is the airline industry doing to protect the public by using current means to clean and sanitize after every flight? In reality - the federal govt has not come out and given any mandates to cleaning an airplane against the Coronavirus and until done so - airlines are not authorized to do any additional cleaning or change their current practices to protect the public b/c that would cost them money to do that. So until regulations change - the general public should be afraid of traveling on an airplane The great White Buffalo of Elk Grove is my nickname
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5 years ago, Sparker6790
I have used and really liked this app for several years. However, in recent weeks, I haven’t been able to read all the content of many articles. Sentences will be left unfinished where an ad is stuck in the middle of an article. I haven’t been able to get rid of the ad, or to find the rest of the article. Instead, the article is often continued without ever being able to complete the section I was reading. I am not always in a location where I can view a video, so it’s important to be able to read the article in it’s entirety. KCRA 3 has been my favorite local news & weather station for more than 30 years. While I will continue to watch it on TV, I’m considering looking for another local news app on my iPhone.
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7 years ago, Cosmo7275
I like the increased amount of stories, and the old app would often not display pictures or play videos, but this app has gone overboard on video. First, you have to scroll through large video still to find the news stories. That is slow. Then you have to wait and watch a thirty second commercial before each and every video. 30 seconds of ad before every story is ridiculous. Also, they have stories categorized by local communities. I wish they had a category for regional news. You would think a news site that bills itself as serving Northern California would have thought of that. If they don't tweak a few things I will not use the app much. Too few news stories as well, and some are stale old news. To keep a story that says "fire breaks out" for weeks is misleading.
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4 years ago, siberian 432
Extremely annoying
Whenever I launch the app, more than 50% of the time a long ad plays, and then nothing happens. I close the app and restart it, and a 30 second ad plays. Sometimes nothing happens again, for another 10-15 minutes. When I watch the news, it often repeats the last few seconds and then skips ahead, so you miss that part of the story which you were waiting to hear. After you watch several minutes of the news, if you momentarily switch to another app (e.g., Messages to see who just texted you), and come back to the app, it starts from the very beginning again, starting with the ad. Very annoying to have to watch the first 15-20 minutes over again to get to the next news story. If you want local news, it’s awful that you have to use this annoying app.
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6 years ago, LJ008
It’s okay but needs work.
This app is not the worst, but not the best either. A LOT of ads that come blaring on when trying to read news stories and before video of the news. Trying to scroll to read a story and constantly hitting more ads that are scattered throughout. It just feels like a lot of work to read the news you want to read. News stories aren’t arranged in any particular way either. For instance, would be nice to have local, regional, state, national & global. Just a suggestion. Still staying with this one, as KCRA is my fave local news to watch! Just the app needs help. ;-)
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6 years ago, Shasta gal
The app needs to be worked on.
The reason that I’m giving this review a three star rating is because I hope the IT will fix the problem. I enjoy the app and would like to read the news when I wanted to instead of only when I get an alert. Whenever I attempt to read and watch the news on the app without getting an alert it won’t open up. It always goes to a blank screen with a small notification to retry. In addition to that I can’t locate contact numbers. I’ve tried to report the issue but couldn’t find how to contact. I hope this gets resolved as we travel quite a bit and it would be wonderful to be able to use when away.
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6 years ago, KarenNordyke
Why All the Ads/Commercials??
Ok, I’m a businesswoman. I get it. Ads and commercials equal revenue, but at what cost?? I’ve gone to KCRA Channel 3 news for as long as I can remember-Stan Atkinson Kaity Tong ring any bells? So, when I found out about the app I dove right in. No questions. No Reviews. I just trusted!! What in the world??? I am sick of the commercials in between EVERY video I click on. That’s nothing like television where they/you have 10 commercials between segments!! Every video!! It’s ridiculous. I’m over the ads in between most stories!! If I want constant ads I’ll stick with the Sac Bee—which after reading it for 50 years—I pretty much ignore it. (I feel guilty cancelling because they are struggling! Truth) Unlike the SacBee there are quite a few local television channels that offer the news! I do have options, but I do love my KCRA!! Is there ANY way to show my the commercial ONCE every time I open the app? Like I said—I understand the need for advertising, but to keep it in perspective—I get so annoyed by the commercials—I wouldn’t even shop there!! And PGE? I’m over them too!! Love ya, but I’m thinking of uninviting you for Xmas this year!!
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5 years ago, boonjoe831
News alerts should be newsworthy
I live in Lake County, and PAY additional money each month to follow channel 3 news which is, in my opinion, the best news coverage. Having said that, when I receive a news alert, I have to wait sometimes up to 5 minutes to open the alert and read what it is. Also, I wait that long and then read something that really is not all that “news worthy”. Please fix with your next update the alert delay because sometimes the information is important and should be read right away.
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4 years ago, niel821
Spelling is poor,to many old stories
Although I use the app often a few things are annoying. The font needs to be adjustable or a reader view needs to be available. I already have the font on my phone larger, but it doesn’t apply to this app. I would love to see old stories moved to an archive. I swear there are some stories that are on here for 6 months or more. Spelling and grammar are the worst on this site of all of the news sites I read. Is there no proofreading done? I’m sure the immediate response will be that it’s autocorrects fault, but really people you’re supposed to journalists with some sort of writing ability.
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5 years ago, STUMPYMD
App doesn’t do KCRA justice
KCRA is great for covering local events (we just had an officer involved shooting on my street and the KCRA helicopter was here rapidly providing live video!) The app however leaves much to be desired! Every time you want to read a small article you have to watch an ad. Each time you log in to the site you have to watch an ad. It’s so annoying when you are attempting to get news that impacts your life and that if your fellow citizens! The articles don’t seem to be complete either. I could be done better to fit with the quality of KCRA!
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5 years ago, Sandi's husband
The best there is...
Not “THE” best, just the best available in our Central Valley area. Like all media outlets...slanted, wish you would just report and let your viewers decide left or right or?? Early morning crew is tops for sure...traffic coverage and am reporter are amazingly accurate and very easy to watch before coffee. Couple of long term reports have become long winded like their tenure. All I ask is keep personal feelings out of it...just report the facts even if you don’t “break” the story.
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2 years ago, GreenGrogu
The “girls” Melanie?, others? talk WAY too FAST reporting traffic. Are they doing so because they are told to talk fast? Whatever the case, the fast talking is difficult to understand and is comical. More and different local news reports would be appreciated instead of reporting the same few stories over and over again. With all the new reporters and newscasters hired lately, it seems possible to have a broader scope of events reported than is currently. Thank you so much for bringing back Eileen Javora.
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4 years ago, failed kevo
The app is really good. Some of the ads for the videos are too long — don’t want to see a 30 second ad for a 20 second video. Also, after reading an article, often when you go back to the main page, it takes you all the way to the top and you have to scroll all the way down to return to where you were. If you could fix it so you are brought back to where you left the main page, that would be great. Keep up the terrific reporting you do!
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5 years ago, mcsmurf1950
Weather only good thing about app
The only reason i like the app is the weather. I can at least pan out to see what’s going on in the rest of the country. Your bulletins the majority of the time is old news sometimes two and three days old. Come on get your act together. Your news alerts aren’t readable unless you click on the alert while it is still displayed. After it disappears if you go to the app it not there and won’t be for several hours or more. Your political stories are biased and only take the side of the Socialist Libertards. Build The Wall, get rid of illegals, State of Jefferson 51st state, stop giving welfare, housing, education, medical and food stamps to illegals, we couldn’t receive if we were in there country.
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5 years ago, JmmyVCPA
Too Many Outdated Stories
I basically like the KCRA app. I especially like the up-to-date weather forecasts and breaking news stories. But, scrolling down through the app reveals a number of stories that stay there for days, sometimes weeks at a time - especially sports stories. This gives the impression that the station doesn’t fully support this form of public outreach. A little improvement in this area could go a long way to making this app more relevant.
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4 years ago, NlzRptr
As usual, I am disappointed with the KCRA app. Whenever I go to the app to look up some recent news, I cannot find it...even if it was just reported by a previous notification. Today (9/12), I noticed a banner at the top of the screen labeled, “Breaking News” with 4 items. All were related to COVID-19 and absolutely nothing about the wildfires. One was a plea to sign up for coronavirus and Rossen Reports newsletters. Really? You call that “breaking news?” Lame!!!
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4 years ago, imnroca
Best news channel around
I really like KCRA 3 because they touch on every aspect and so many city’s and counties..from happy news to not so happy, but they are never just focusing on the negative..I find out things that I would miss if I looked at another channel. They give more information then any of them, I have on my computer and phone..and I never liked looking at the news before..thank you kcra 3 for being so informative..
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3 years ago, Vote 4 Joe
Stories sit on site too long
I read the KCRA news app every morning as do many others I’m sure. It is certainly the best source of local news available online. My only gripe is the length of time that stories remain near the end of the site. These articles stay for weeks or months. Your regular readers have read them & are ready to move on. We have seen enough of events that happened 3, 4 weeks ago. This space could be better used for more recent & relative news information. Just my opinion.
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4 years ago, Jenny Maroon
Appreciate local news
For the most part I get what I need from your news reporting. I enjoy those persons bring us the news, weather and sports. I am interested in what goes on near me and around California. Seems there is a lot more focus on Sacramento. Likewise the national news is important to me and not just at election time. Like most people, if there is concerning activity in my area I want to know more. Often times the Central Valley news reports are more like cliff notes.
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5 years ago, ChynahMoon
Grateful for you!
While I was growing up and raising my family in Sacramento, KCRA TV was always there to inform and educate me and keep me company throughout each day. Now that my husband’s job has taken us across the country, I am grateful that I can still count on the KCRA app to fulfill the same function. Since I can no longer read the Sacramento Bed without subscribing (we cant afford that), thank you so much for always being there to keep me informed on what is happening at home!
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5 years ago, igiveup4
I’m disappointed
I grew up with KCRA television and even when I moved to Truckee for 20 years I was still able to watch it. But this app is NOT YSER FRIENDLY!! I use my iPhone 8 and I think that it is a bust. I don’t care for the ads that play whether you want them or not, PLUS if you get the ads it is the same one for every article. I’m tired of seeing Mercedes Benz commercial’s, and the other commercial’s as well. The only ones that I don’t miss is the BUZZ DRIVING IS DRUNK DRIVING, possibly because I had a drunk driver that hit me and cost me money in 1979. But that’s another story, I much rather watch KCRA then use their app, but in a pinch it is better than nothing, JMHO. Peace out, 🙏
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5 years ago, Jp0718
Rate you guys
Only news show I watch at 11 pm, but way, way too much focus on HS football, so don’t even watch. Wake up, not every sports fan love the whiners or the let’s get outta town losers from Oakland! I’m forever a Denver Broncos and LA Dodgers fan, so you’ve followed newspapers trend to ignoring them but have stories about losers like Kapernick who sooo disrespectful of being an American citizen. Please I’m a second generation American, my grandfather faced Irish need not apply, but he (Kapernick) sure doesn’t mind the US dollars. Love Mark Finan weather reports that I rely on and I just turn off the rest when weather is over
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5 years ago, Pastorfurlie
Really tired of mistakes and stupid errors on this app
This app is for my local TV news station. I have really been frustrated by this app, there are tons of typos, links purporting to be one story but are not, and links that simply lead an error page. For example: tonight I clicked on the link about one of the NASA Apollo 11 flight control leaders who just died, and the link sent me to an interview with another NASA leader from that same time period talking about the refurbishing of the flight control room for the 50th anniversary celebrations. This happens way too often with this app almost daily! Deleting it now, I’m sure the other two local stations don’t have so many frustrating errors!!!
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4 years ago, Sandpond
Reporting with a Far Reach
I live in the Bay Area and watch KCRA daily. I like news from a wide area, not just my hometown and this station does that for me. I like to know the weather in all parts of Northern California, what’s happening in the capital city and beyond. The reporters are professional while friendly and human. And you can’t beat the weather staff. Sure, I do watch my local stations for local stories, but for good, far-reaching, accurate information, I tune in KCRA.
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6 years ago, brymstoen
Could be better
I understand ads are how you support the programming. But, it would be nice if as you scroll through the pages, there wasn’t so much clutter. It would be nice to be able to scroll through and not accidentally initiate an ad that sends you to another page. Also, I would love to see the On-demand feature run smoother. It seems like there are more ads on the On-demand than there are on the over air broadcast. And there seems to be times when the broadcast just blanks out. I have no idea what’s happening there. Keep working at it.
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6 years ago, Chidkid
Used to be better
The original app that first came out was outstanding It did everything you needed over the period of time it keeps getting worse, Holds on to, too many old articles and news for months more commercials more ads when your reading the news and all sudden just start showing commercials and then you can get rid of it it’s very frustrating, unless you contact their support I don’t know how many times I emailed customer service asking about this and not once did I ever get a reply and quit using the app very bad customer service.
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4 years ago, Vanna K
Waiting for the fix
Two things could improve this app. First, breaking news alerts would be better if you can prioritize what you want to be alerted to. I would prefer an alert about a local fire outbreak, an active police chase, a live public announcement, etc. However, so many alerts are just nuisance that makes me want to turn alerts off. Secondly, I still encounter incomplete articles because ads cut off the sentences. Is there a way to acknowledge the ad in order to read the entire article?
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5 years ago, Shoreline8
I really do like this app especially the weather and breaking news updates. I whole heartedly agree with everyone else about the excessive commercials. A few I have annoyingly memorized. It’s like being stuck on the Small World ride at Disneyland. I wonder if the owners of the commercials know how often their adds are obsessively being played. I would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the layers of adds to get to the news.
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6 years ago, ACSKC
Updating the content
It would seem to me that someone needs to read the reviews and try to fix some of the issues. Advertising is in excess and the same stories go on for days. I’m not sure reviewing this app is even worth the time. It seems nothing changes. The same stories appear for days (no new news?). KCRA does a pretty good job of broadcasting the news but the app needs work. It seems some of the same stories appear on the app. for days. The pop up ads and advertisements are in excess. Maybe KCRA wins awards but not their app. I deleted the app. for several months but decided to give it another try but no real improvement.
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6 years ago, Freakman105
Appreciate having access to local news while away!
I have been traveling recently for a new job and I really appreciate getting updates while being away!! Even if the news update doesn't apply or interest me, I always scroll through the article listings to see if I want to read them!! Thank you for keeping me updated while I am "On the Road Again..."
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6 years ago, 19bella51
I agree with the last person’s review regarding videos related to a story. I am NOT going to watch a 30 second commercial in order to watch the video. Also, lately, there has been these really annoying video (commercials) that will automatically pop up when I’m trying to read a story. The other day I couldn’t even read the story because this video kept popping up every few seconds. Have no idea where that is coming from but it should be addressed.
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7 years ago, TAL5
Don't bother- update ruined it
Changed from text to almost all video stories made worse by being forced to watch a 30 second ad before getting to a 15 second story. You get an alert to go to the story in the app, but the app doesn’t have the updated content so you get nothing except “breaking news”. What's even worse is when you click on one story link, you get a short video that won't play on some phones, then there are a dozen more video links on the same page with no connection to the first story. Navigation is difficult, not intuitive or logical at all. Some categories are almost impossible to get to. News stories rarely updated- a large percentage on for two weeks or more. It went from an app I checked several times a day to maybe once a week. Fire the idiot that designed this. I'm deleting it off my phone- it's useless now.
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6 years ago, Arvieb
HATE IT!! Leaving KCRA
Disconnected-way too much navigation. Loved the prior version. Way too many ads-think you forgot the target of giving us headlines & we choose want we want to read. Please, Please change back or I'm going to change to another news App! Something's aren't broken...they don't require fixing! I can find lots of ways to waste battery power-stop all the video crap!!! Horrid, horrid ! Your content is not relative to what's timely happening, very old and is on the site for weeks! Your site was much better years ago - it's sad to see KCRA go backward. Your weekend events are always for the prior weekend that is past!! Come on - somebody wake up! Reply You use any content just to fill space. Each revision is worst than the prior. Keep it relavent to the actual happenings - some of your articles are sooooooo old!!! Your weekend events are so old it is ridiculous! Is anyone awake there????? About ready to move on to another media outlet.
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6 years ago, Gramz616
Not a good source
This app is not very useful. Most of the articles are about violence rather than major events in Northern California, such as the fires. We need to read about more positive news stories in the greater Sacramento area. On weekends, the stories are rarely changed or updated. The pop-up ads are extremely annoying when they show up several times while I’m reading an article; before an article or video is fine. Is there some way in the app to contact KCRA to ask questions or make brief comments regarding the app or the televised news?
Show more
7 years ago, jsharu
App crashes consistently
- Great on content. - Consistently crashing after watching a video in full screen landscape-mode and returning to the article, the app simply closes. I have to re-open the app, go into the article to pick up where I left off. There is no flow through the app. I installed this months ago and see that you've had several updates but this crash has never been fixed. I really doubt that I am the only one with this problem. - This is replicable on iPad Air 2 as well.
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5 years ago, WindyGirlF
Back to the beginning
While I like the website and can even tolerate the endless commercials, I’m unhappy with being put back to the top of the page almost every time I finish a story. If I’m down in Entertainment or Sports I’d like to finish an article then when done, be returned to where I left off instead of scrolling back down the whole page. Come on Channel 3; you have the funds and should have the expertise to have your page run at a more professional level.
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4 years ago, cloudy 8186
A link on your menu for fire info only. Takes 30 minutes to read through articles to find links that don’t work. RE Covid. LA Times has a great setup for checking detailed info on each county, even by district. No tapping links that go to maps that have just colors, that you cant enlarge and only have limited info and are redundant.
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2 years ago, MotherMann
Jittery app
Wasn't a huge fan of the app because of the auto move to the next story, when you haven’t completed the one above; the jump back to the top of the page after reading a story....now it won’t scroll up and jumps down on the home page. Also, it won’t let you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the home page. EXTREMELY annoying app that I only keep around for local news, since even they are an opinionated news channel now.
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3 years ago, Vickiinferrera
Im happy to get breaking news. Nothing much about Chico. Chico has been listed in the top 25 worst crime cities in the nation! Since the fire in paradise 30,000 people moved here , high traffic and crime. Channel 7 only covers Redding mostly. I do like that the news is quickly covered on your news. I read it twice a day and sometimes in between Vicki
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2 years ago, BRestad
I watch & check KCRA daily. Since I live in Nevada County it’s the Most relavent to my area although we seem to be left out of much. I’m taken aback a lot by the written news having so many mis-spelled words & wrong words used. Do your printed reports go through a check process? It’s embarrassing to see so much if this happening. Also it would be nice to see a little more reporting done that includes Nevada County instead of having to go to other sources.
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5 years ago, Long Time KCRA fan
I Would Love to Give 5 Stars, but I can’t
KCRA is just a fabulous news station. Unfortunately its website / app is pretty terrible. I would have given one star, but I raised it to two stars because the weather section is quite good. So what’s the problem?? The problem is HOW OUTDATED the lead stories are. What’s the point of calling it news when it is old. I do NOT want to check KCRA @ 6:30 a.m. to get the overnight news only to find I am looking at what I saw 12...or more...hours earlier. KCRA surely can find competent staffers to continually update the site 24 hours a day.
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6 years ago, Sturnerbsn
Too many videos
I’ve had this app for a long time, and have been a faithful viewer even longer. My biggest complaint is that every “ top” story has a video with it that starts up automatically. Sometimes, I just want to read the news discretely without the loud interruption of a sponsorship video clip prior to the story. There should be a section where that’s an option. My favorite feature is the live Doppler radar. You have a great team, keep up the good job!!!
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6 years ago, Sac Reader
Show some compassion
When you all sends out notifications and have headlines on your app don’t be disrespectful like cable station FOX News when someone famous dies and says “dead at.” Please stop saying “dead at” whatever age a person is when they die. It’s more respectful to the deceased person and the family to say “dies at.” I notice today when Aretha Franklin died you all says dead at 76. It’s more respectful to say dies at 76 like all the other local stations wrote and the majority of the National news stations. I will be deleting this app on my iPhone and iPad today and hopefully many others will to.
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