4.7 (2.4K)
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Current version
Kentucky Community and Technical College System
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KCTCS

4.72 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 years ago, brrupp
Convenient and User friendly.
Super convenient having an app that I can open up and have access to the links I use the most frequently. I also love being able to go to the discussion tab and ask questions and quickly get a response. I enjoy having this one app compared to having to use multiple bookmarks on my phones Home Screen to access the sites I need such as student email and the student self service center online.
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3 years ago, shawnneoscar
So there’s nobody to talk to to fix the app is what I keep getting told what I call In to the school (BCTC) and complain about it. It will not stay logged in on my iPhone and iPad so when I switch between the two I constantly have to sign in, and then when I sign in sometimes he’ll act like it’s going to go through but then it kicks me right back to the sign so I Gotta do it again and then I’ll act like it’s going to go through and then I’ll kick me back and I do this sometimes three and four times before it actually goes through and then if I have to move over to my iPad I get to do the same thing all over again yay fun… The only reason why I use this app is so I can do my schoolwork otherwise I would not use this app at all! And I don’t understand why there’s so many different ways to get to one thing but you have to navigate a certain way you can do both things on my path and blackboard but if you go through my path there’s some classes that’s why you Gotta go and other classes you have to go through blackboard it makes no sense it should be either or or one only!
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5 years ago, Chinwilla
It could definitely be better.
This app has some nice features, but the most important feature of all, the email, more times than not has issues. Just about every time I open the app, clicking the email tab results in an infinite spam of reloading the page. It may not be a main feature dealing with grades, but it is very important to almost every class. It would also be nice to have a feature to clear all notifications. Whenever teachers add in assignments at the beginning of the semester, many assignments appear at once and there is not a clear way to get rid of the notification badges on the tabs within the app at one time. Aside from that, what the app does well is show assignments, schedule, and grades. Although, it would be nice to see a feature for overall grade in a class.
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3 years ago, kymama03
I have been apart of this school for 2 years and I have had a few issues come up and I’ve always ended up getting the help needed and problems solved. Any questions or concerns have always been answered. I have been an online student the entire time and classes have always been great. Advisors and professors have always been awesome as well. Professors will help and work with you is long as you communicate and just tell them the truth of what’s going on. Overall I have never felt like the school was a negative or something happen to make me not want to be apart of the school. I have loved furthering my education with this school and campus.
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4 years ago, Honest36
Simple and Convenient to use
I’ve used this KCTCS app now for over two semesters. What I like most about this app is the ease of navigation and the convenience of having everything school related in one app. Before I started using this app I used 4 other methods to access any and everything I needed that was school related. Talk about frustrating, I wish someone told me about this app sooner. About the 4-star rating .... Somehow I started getting emails from every KCTCS student who completed the online learning orientation. Then after I reported the issue several times the emails slowed down but not completely.
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6 years ago, CMDRN85
Works Great so Far!
Convenient, has everything the website does but that organized. I actually prefer the app as opposed to fighting through ECTC‘s websites. I get so confused on my computer but when I bought the app everything is right there where I need it. Is it fantastic creation. Students have a hard enough time fighting to make time in our lives due to all the homework, this app just makes our lives that much easier. So far so good!!
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4 years ago, Mrsduns
The app is fine just pisses me off that I have to log back in full all the time even when you click the button for less logins, and you took off the option that I can transfer my academic calendar to my calendar on my phone, the only option is your calendar which I hate or am I missing something. Plus I feel like there is way to much drama, when reported someone should be looking and just remove the post completely and if they try to add it again they should be muted for a few days. We are all adults, act like it!
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3 years ago, Apple App Store Customer
Not used for its intended purposes?
This app is not to post about your coco after tucking your kids in. This is not where you post pictures of your dog. This is not where you find romance. This is for education. I absolutely cannot stand the amount of people using this app as facebook or tinder. I am paying tuition and that money is going towards an app that I can’t post a genuine question I need help with for college because it will get lost in random irrelevant posts. Ive looked past the illiteracy in posts. People do not need to be wasting educational resources on this. Add a social tab for those posts if you must. I was under the impression this was more of a forum than instagram.
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10 months ago, spectrum issues
HMS 103
Love this class! I’m taking it online and am really enjoying having the freedom to relax at home and study. My schedule is crazy and sometimes I may only have time to study late at night or on weekends. And I love the format on Blackboard. It has improved tremendously since I was last in school. Very easy to navigate and helpful tools have been added to make studying more efficient.
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3 years ago, Kymberli 1234
The help I have gotten at MCTC to obtain my degrees had been amazing. Even though we have been under COVID restrictions for over a year the staff has been extremely helpful through virtual means. I would recommend this college to anyone, of any age that wants to further their education. The professors I have had are as knowledgeable & helpful as any at a big university and the one on one teaching has been exemplary.
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4 years ago, Pathfinder Joe
Great start, great potential!
Many of the features still have some room to grow, but you can tell they are working on getting a quality, fully functioning app to make the students’ access to information as seamless as possible. needs a night-mode and Grades needs to be in some meaningful order: most recently posted at the top so we can check.
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4 years ago, AlenaHpgu
Helps connect with others
Being part of the different student activities this app has really helped me stay in contact with other students and get the word out about other things. It also is a quick easy way to access other information.
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3 years ago, Jakiahtgnv
Too many notifications on stuff that doesn’t matter to me. I got it just to check a few things for my classes on my phone but I keep getting notifications for public chats of people needing help in classes I have nothing to do with. I could prolly block it but idk how so it’s my fault not theirs. Just a heads up. Good for checking your classes stuff tho.
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5 years ago, HoneyRazors
Completely Changed!
They completely changed the app with the new update and now nothing is where I need it to be and everything is harder to get to. Instead of one click to get to my schedule, it’s now 4 clicks. At least it is a little easier to get to my email, but I wish they had put the MyPath closer to the top of the page so I don’t have to scroll all the way down to get to it. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I feel like they think they are making it easier but it’s really not.
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2 years ago, 502guy
Convenient access for student information. Needs improvement on actions. Instances where app Freezes when trying to submit required information, had to go through direct website with no issues there to complete these required actions. Also tried resetting password sent multiple emails for password request following day.
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1 year ago, ZMoney74
Really helpful
It makes easier because if you some kind of question you can just ask it in the student feed or look up if someone has asked a similar question before, and usual get a reply pretty quickly.
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5 years ago, S&LWolves
I just got this app because I have started classes, and I have been having a little issue with having multiple messages coming from people on apparently all of the Jefferson community technical college campus, when I was hoping it would just be messages from me classmates and teachers. And also the JCTC Southwest Campus is not listed on the campus choices, which is the campus I am on.
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2 years ago, Jesse Simpson
Very Useful for Returning Adult Students
I am quite surprised how this app helps integrate so many functions and tasks for school. This makes life so much easier for older students who haven’t been in college for years and are really perplexed by the remote learning experience.
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7 months ago, aniMand ffndnd
User Friendly
This app is so user friendly and gives you access to everything you need. It’s so convenient to have everything you need right on your phone! You can work from anywhere!
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5 years ago, @tylerthomasking
New update
The new update (as of Aug. 19th 2019) is totally inconvenient. I can no longer view my class roster and it seems like when I click on Blackboard in the app it just redirects me to a “desktop version” that looks like it’s adapted for mobile devices. The previous version looked like an actual app.
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4 years ago, EvaRowdy
Really effective
The apps helps to connect to campus and makes me feel more in control of my future. It helps to connect and is user friendly. It is a big upgrade from when I attended in previous years. Thank you for creating it to help us students out!
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2 years ago, RichyNeal
Well organized and structured!
The app seems to be very well organized as to find everything that you are looking for and need. I’m a new student using my GI Bill for college and this app has been very easy to use and navigate.
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1 year ago, redrum88071317!
Wonderful in every way
While I haven't started classes yet I've interacted with quite a few staff members, applying and signing up for classes. I have only great things to say about each and every staff member that has helped me along the way
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10 months ago, AnitaC0126
Info at my fingertips
It’s been over a decade since I was in college at KCTCS. This app is used across my devices and easily syncs one another. Valuable tool to access EVERYTHING I need for courses online. And in classroom, I guess, though that’s not my preferred learning platform.
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4 years ago, Whittlesoc
Love the app!
The app is a quick and easy way to quickly check into your classes to get your work for the day or to keep in the loop about whats going on with the campus wall! You can also check your grades, your email and more in one convenient place!
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10 months ago, Thrilluswillis
What a blessing !!!
I’m a 37 year old trying to navigate going back to school! And I couldn’t ask for more helpful staff to guide me through every single step of the process! Looking forward to learning and furthering my education with KCTCS!!
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2 years ago, g.a.b.b._y
I’m a new collage student and it works just right for me. I’m able to ask for advice and it’s even got a Scedule and if work is due or payment it due it’s send me a notification and I can see from my phone!
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4 years ago, EnFrRuSpkr13
Very Helpful!
This app is as an all-inclusive portal for KCTCS students, allowing them to access email, chats with other students and staff/faculty, resource links, and more! Thank you for making it! I recommend this app fully to other students (I can’t speak from the staff/faculty user perspective).
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7 months ago, Sandcat572
Great Experience
I have had a great first semester back after being out of school for many years! So much has changed, but it’s all been great! They off so many resources and lots of help is available! I’m loving it!
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1 year ago, katiekatikatkaikak
Very good to keep up with everything & easy to access on the go. It’s not really dependable for doing your assignments unless you access on a laptop or desktop. Other than that overall 5stars
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3 years ago, Scarlet Panties
Decent app
I enjoy using the app cause I get to connect with other students in my school. There’s other whistles and bells that is useful like viewing your grades and whatnot but I mainly use this app to chat with other in the student feed
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3 years ago, Shamrockturf
Process is too slow. The received my transcripts several weeks ago and every time I talk to someone they can’t find them. I have confirmations from student slearinghouse that they were picked up by KCTCS.
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4 years ago, nick.0324.veronica
I enjoy this app! It’s easy to go to any of my courses and check assignments, messages other students if I have a question and I can post that other students have made. It’s a quicker way to access all my stuff for college.
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3 years ago, Catielouky33
Great App
Keeps me updated on everything going on at my campus, around the system, and makes it easy to check blackboard when I’m away from a computer.
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6 months ago, SakAlvarez
Easy and Helpful
Really easy to navigate and set up honestly better to keep track of on an app then on a computer or something.
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3 years ago, oxflakissxo
I like how this is a mini version of online. It gives you announcement w/o having to get on blackboard and see what your schedule looks like. Its mypath in your smart phone. It doesnt include blackboard to do assignments but it has the BB icon so it can log you in it. Very convenient and handy.
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3 years ago, Soleman52
Great Experience!
Great communication vehicle for students. As a non-traditional student, I can’t believe how much easier it is now to communicate with fellow students compared to when I first went away to college a number of years ago!
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4 years ago, wosdom10162
It's easy to use the app and it works great for most of the things I need to get done in one place. I've never had it crash or stop working once and it's never constantly asking for updates all and all its a nice app.
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4 years ago, ILuvFoxBabes
Just Started
From a parent’s perspective of an in link g freshman student, the communication with Southcentral Kentucky Community College & Technical School is OUTSTANDING! Whether it has been with the appointed student advisor, the registrar’s office, or the instructor staff, the chain of communication has been timely, informative and helpful.
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6 months ago, LeoRosetta
Enjoying so far!
I’m new to this app and so far I’ve found it very helpful and informative. So far I’ve no issues with it. I will review again at a later date.
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3 years ago, heavenmiller❤️
Really helpful with keeping me up to date & makes socializing with other students easier. Totally recommend it
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1 year ago, ghgdccgtduhy
Mostly alright
For the most part this app is good but if you’re like me and already have what you need for college the only thing this app is useful for is getting snap alerts of when the school is on lockdown or when they are going to be testing alarms in the school
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3 years ago, 12Arnojd
This has been the best college experience I have had. Sometimes the online classes can be tough, but you take away what you put in.
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4 years ago, l like to see my
kctc is the best for the Immigration
I really love KCTC because they help people from immigrate like the young people they come in United States and I don't know English they don't know nothing about English English is thinking language they have a hand in Tybee free they look like same
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4 years ago, kayla raskin
Very helpful!!
I am an upcoming freshman at BCTC and this app has made my experience going into college a whole lot easier! I love the chat room feature where you can communicate with fellow students! I highly recommend for any KCTCS student!
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2 years ago, Cdhmdb3
This app makes getting to the most important things quick and easy!
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1 year ago, RavenAddams
Wish it was more accessible
Mostly user-friendly. I just wish it was easier to find and navigate through the app’s features. Also, I can't see posts on my iPad until I click “Comment”. Hoping it gets fixed soon.
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3 years ago, Goodpup2
Good Experience
This has been a good experience so far. Staff has been very friendly and helpful, unlike the university I last attended where I was just a number among many other students. Thank you Somerset community.
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6 years ago, 639Jen
Happy User
I have been very satisfied with this app. It is easy to navigate and it is wonderful to have all of this information where I can easily access it with a few clicks.
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1 year ago, Lilj8823
Easy access to classes, updates on school delays and notifications about other important events at the school.
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