KCTV5 News - Kansas City

4.6 (4.8K)
62.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KCTV5 News - Kansas City

4.57 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
7 years ago, Chas Dehvul
Great app
I lived in Kansas City for awhile and there were many news channels to choose from even though I was only ever interested in weather and sports but I've found channel 5 kctv to be my favorite as far as local Kansas City news goes. They are very thorough, accurate and informative mainly because I like how they focus attention on world affairs instead of the usual stuff. The app is super easy to use and navigate and the notifications you can get right to your home screen are helpful too as far as keeping up with the day's events. 2 thumbs up!
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6 years ago, Molamae28
I live in Kansas City and it’s great to get notifications of things that are happening around me throughout the day! I know things before anyone where I work and the are like how do u know that? I’m like KCTV5 just sent me a notification it’s awesome. I’ve tried others but, this one is spot on! Would definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, Darren E Mc
Good news, poor app; update needed
I get news from multiple local news outlets, but this was my go-to for unbiased news (my other local puts selective liberal stories out...not headlines). However, this app works in a manner that is frustrating. You hit the “go back” arrow in the top left corner and it will take you to the top o the article you’re currently in...not back to the menu. Then, ice back to the top of the article, I can tap the go back arrow multiple times and there is no response or a response after nearly 60 seconds. I just want news as I want it, as fast as I can squeeze it into my day. I spend more time closing this app out and rebooting to get o the articles I want than I do reading articles.
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2 years ago, Freckledginger47
Good app, one suggestion for notifications
I really like the app, and I had notifications turned on because I thought breaking news would be things like weather alerts or if there was an amber alert what kind of details it has. Most of the push notifications have been things I really don’t care about so my recommendation would be to have the options of specific breaking news categories, like weather, amber alerts(or any kind of bolo really), then maybe local news or national news
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6 years ago, Jgaudio
Hometown News
This is a good, functional app that downloads the news quickly and keeps you up to date. The only thing keeps by it from a 5 star is it can get annoying on the volume me of breaking news pop ups. This is probably a sign of our times but it can literally pop up break news and weather items many times a minute. How breaking of news can you have in a minute or two? Quality - 5 stars Quantity - 2 stars Just tone it down a bit guys.
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5 years ago, Macdaddybob
Total waste
Just moved to Kansas City and wanted to get up to speed with local news. I just want something I can open and get the gist of what’s going on. App is ad heavy, initial view only shows a couple stories then tons of icons for the various sections. Then there’s the alerts. They have an alert for everything. I had it set only for “breaking news” and was constantly bombarded with notifications. Even with everything turned off through the app I still got notifications. After about three days I deleted and will be trying the other local news apps.
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6 years ago, Ogcc
The Best Out Of 3
It's a great place to read the news and great weather updates when it's bad outside! The people on the news are people just like us and they know it! It's a WIN, WIN, WIN!
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4 years ago, Spencer24242424
Awful due to latest update
This used to be a great ap - lots of useful content and easy to navigate. No longer. The very first thing you see when you open it is a full-page ad that has to be closed before you can see any content. The Stormtrack 5 portion of the ap is a major downgrade from the old one. The radar crashes every time if you try to zoom in or out. Overall, too bloated and not well built. Whoever made the decision to replace the previous apps with this piece of junk should be fired.
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7 years ago, 5533441122
Impressive live feed but one issue
I don't like how sometimes when I click on a story I received in a notification on my phone it doesn't always open to that specific story and to the home page. This is the only reason I docked a star. However, I love the live feed and additional information provided, such as recalls.
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5 years ago, JulieBoooooo
Errors Galore
There are consistently both spelling and grammatical errors in the articles and push notifications. You would think journalists would take the time to check for errors. This morning’s push notification said: “A few rounds of rains are expected through out the day, including a isolated thunderstorm.” There are three pretty blatant errors in that sentence.
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12 months ago, rockinrodeoricky
Stop It!
I cannot even search the slightest thing on this app without some pop-up blocking my view (I don’t want your news delivered to my email box!) and demanding that I give my email address for push notifications… I’m finding I’m being blocked from viewing any news without first having to go through this Gauntlet of you wanting my email address and more information about me. stop it! Stop it!
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2 years ago, D King23
Livestream issues
The app livestream was over 30 minutes behind during a tornado warned severe thunderstorm. Even with uninstalling and reinstalling, clicking the live button, force closing the app and making sure I had done everything possible to get it on track, it was still behind. That causes a very serious problem during these events.
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6 years ago, Spiek57
Currently junk
Serious lag time from touching a story to downloading the story. It’s enough lag that forces the user to touch it again. This places the user in the next story down the list. Touching the back button takes it to a blank white screen and need to restart the app. Deleting the app now and will try later to see if it’s fixed. Instead of rebranding update, try a functionality update.
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4 years ago, Free cell fan
Do you actually read these reviews?
This has been my go-to app since I first got an iPad. However, like every frustrated reviewer here, I am both irritated and astonished that this app will not open in landscape mode. I turned off all alerts. If someone actually does read these reviews, and you fix this issue, I will use your app again. Until such time, one of your competitors has my loyalty.
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4 years ago, Nanny6165
Bring back the weather app
The old weather app was the best. Highly accurate, easy to use, and reliable. This new app the weather takes forever to open and when it does and slow and gives less info that the old app. I have gone back to using the weather channel app even though it’s not as accurate with local weather
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7 years ago, Niquester72
Great Producer
I am totally enjoying the news lay out on the 10 pm news. I actually record it so I can watch it in the morning while I’m getting ready
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5 years ago, danielvsyj45
I like your network channel news. you guys save lives of Kansas City people when it’s come to tornado or flood. Keep Working Hard
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4 years ago, 25wssm
What happened to a good traffic app?
Channel 5 had a great traffic app that I could open on my way out to the car and check my route in 15 seconds. They’ve now disabled that app and forced me to use this piece of crap. It takes 30 seconds to load, then a dropdown to get to traffic and it opens Waze which requires two hands to operate. This app should be rated a ZERO
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2 years ago, Lktwerp
Ads in the app
I don’t care tor the new format or the fact that I have to watch a stupid ad/video before I can get to the news. Looking for a different news app that doesn’t have ads.
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2 years ago, Jonysgrl
I hate all the click bate!
I’ve used the KCTV5 app for close to 10 years. I hate all the click bait. I can hardly get to the story or reporting I’m looking for man. Is there no way to limit it or disable. And that stupid little X is just a trick you can push it for ever and nothing happens. But I think I might just delete the app! VERY DISAPPOINTED!
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5 years ago, Tansys and Daisies
Wouldn’t it be just as easy to run the local commercials rather than just leave so much ‘dead air’ space? I believe the local offerings are more relevant to your audience. The repeated Sonic or Farmers’ commercials get boring and neither are businesses that I use.
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2 years ago, CynLein
No Data in the App?
Now the app tells me there is no data? I’m given the option to QUIT? I did. And I deleted the app. I really liked the news and weather from this app years ago. Today I deleted it. I’ll check back at some point in hopes something will have been changed.
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6 years ago, Gladstone MO
Great app to have. If there is something newsworthy you know it! Keeps me updated and in the know.
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2 years ago, JAppleUserJ
Change back!
The new layout is horrible. The weather function is horrible. The old layout was much better, offered more information and easier to access. Crashes every time I try and open weather.
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4 years ago, No Voices
Bring back StormTrack5
Bring back the Storm Track 5 stand alone app! It was the best weather app anywhere and the most effective. Burying it in the news app has made it slow, clunky, and just overall not helpful or user friendly! Disservice to those who actually benefit from the one worthwhile tool... really a shame!
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5 years ago, BostonBiz
Custom Alerts don’t work
I wanted this app mainly for severe weather alerts. I’ve selected off on alerts other than weather and I’m still getting all the other news item push alerts. I may uninstall and go with another local channel app.
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6 years ago, StacieRanee
Not too click-baity
The notifications are mostly local breaking news. Sometimes they get a bit click-bait-y.
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5 years ago, KU 57
I like it
I hate to have to choose categories and as a result have not watched 5 on my I-Pad for quite sometime, however watch Channel 5 on TV all the time. When I do chose a category the news is pretty good
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6 years ago, yzoc1010
Too many videos
Use to have more reading options now mainly video news. News alerts frequently open. I personally preferred older version. I like news feeds where I can choose to read or watch Thank you
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1 year ago, Long 5 fan
The new weather person needs to speak slower and lower her tone. Very difficult to understand.
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4 years ago, psychobus
The upgrade in the news room is ok but I don’t like that everyone stands up. It’s designed for an accident waiting to happen. I only like to watch the nightly news but they should sit down.
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6 years ago, H82Forget
Quality of the journalism is pretty dismal.
Articles fail to answer standard who, what, when, where, why questions and the grammar and sentence structure is frequently poor unless the story is picked up from a wire service. As one of the major news supplier in this market, KCTV5 should set do better. Their app is a disappointment.
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2 years ago, pigsglytornado
Changed 😟No weather available!!!
The change to this app is unacceptable. No weather available snd it’s storm season!!! I have used this app for news and weather for years. Will be changing to another station’s app immediately! 😖😖😖
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6 years ago, Mr. A.D Urban
News Coverage
I only watch the news in the morning, one of the best in Kansas City Area. No Political Bias. Just straight Reporting!
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2 years ago, Happydogkc
What happened to this app? TERRIBLE
I never take the time to review apps, but this has gotten so bad. Still great on sending the headlines, but when you go to KCTV5 the news is all jumbled with ads, fake articles, etc. Come on! Do better! This app is a joke. Time to delete.
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5 years ago, proud vetern
Review from a veteran Vietnam
I studied all the stations and I felt yours would be the best boy I sure was right thanks Larry
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2 years ago, Piigie890
Too many ads
I click on news apps for news. Not having to watch political adds before I see anything. Bye
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2 years ago, Brewno17
Every time I tap on the weather it kicks me out and sends me back to my Home Screen? The new updated version has a lot of issues trying to find news etc
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2 years ago, Johnnie_97
Revert back please
Can you change it back to how it was last week before the update, this layout is worse than the last one, the last one was more structured
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2 years ago, Gyalliwasp
Limited stories
Where is the rest of the news? The app is difficult to navigate if you are looking for full news coverage.
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6 years ago, kuguy09
Push alerts for breaking news that go nowhere. Just enough info in the alert to scare you enough to open the app then no direct connection to the actual story. No clear flow from notification to information.
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1 year ago, Finddhyifyh
No weather
I used to love this app but recently the weather report won’t load. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and no luck. I hope it gets fixed.
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2 years ago, Tahoe02
Location service
Why do you have to have locations turned on in order to look at the news
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4 years ago, TerriAnne2011
44.0 version not good
I had to delete the app with this most recent version. Very much not user friendly. There are too many “sections”. Some swipe others scroll to use. Unorganized.
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6 years ago, LilianDavis
Channel 5
Excellent!! Really enjoy all of it, weather great, as live in Chillicothe , Mo & u cover that. Keep up the good work..
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1 year ago, mikelobistar
App crashes
The app constantly crashes after the latest update
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5 years ago, kaiwan tufiq
It is most reliable and trust channel, I like it I always listening to it.❤️❤️❤️
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7 years ago, Eugene013
Our job is partly performed outside, and the accuracy of your meteorologists helps a lot!
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7 years ago, GJdislike
Love 5
Love getting our Channel 5 News on our mobiles and the TV. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Musicforanna
Was good app
The ads are making the app so buggy to where I cannot scroll down at all to actually read the news stories, rendering the app unusable.
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