Kean Mobile

3.6 (14)
6.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kean University
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kean Mobile

3.64 out of 5
14 Ratings
14 years ago, Nobz
Good....but still room for improvement
I think this is a very handy app for us Kean students but it would be even better if they included an agenda book to write down all of our assignments in(especially considering that they stopped giving out free agenda books=[). It would also be awesome if this app gave you access to your Kean Wise account as well as let you set up appointments with Tutor Track. To all those reveiwers who wrote in saying they wished it came with kean email, use the default iPhone/iPod Touch Mail app instead. Since Kean uses Gmail now it is really easy to add your account to the Mail app.
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4 years ago, ---hi
Its good but needs updating
Everytime I try to login to keanwise the main options like my profile, class schedule, educational plan, midterm grades, program evaluation and others are blocked from me trying to access them through the app there should be a way for us to access them through our personal app for easier access from our phones
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6 years ago, jedireiss
Fast, and convenient when on the move and not around a computer to check schedule and emails.
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4 years ago, GradAnnoy
Annoying clear cache and cookies
This new annoying problem is really irritating. Last year was totally fine. All sudden they do so many updates, now this app is awful. Every other day I have to clear my stupid browser. For this reason I am giving this aap 1 star. We've detected a problem with your cookie settings. Enable cookies Make sure your cookies are enabled. To enable cookies, follow these browser-specific instructions. Clear cache and cookies If you have cookies enabled but are still having trouble, clear your browser's cache and cookies.
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4 years ago, Batatah
Mostly useless
Can not log in, it crashes... so annoying.
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14 years ago, JH590
Almost There
This application is solid. As a student at Kean it's pretty cool to have all this stuff at my fingertips. That said, it's not like I can't just walk to the newspaper rack down the hall and read the news. The map is probably the most useful tool, but it's useless once you go here for a few months. This isn't a huge campus, it's not difficult to find your way around. One major improvement that is necessary to make this a great application for Kean students is built in email access. To be able to read your Kean email, see a campus map, etc through one application would be huge. There are obviously a few other things that could be included as well. Again, an overall solid application that could use future improvement.
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14 years ago, Musolé Kambinda
It's a pretty solid app and will obviously get bettter as time goes by. Would like to hve access to tutor schdls in updates.
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10 years ago, Gordonary1
Slowly getting there.
The addition of KeanWise would be welcomed if it were possible to log into it through iOS (it isn't so far as I can tell.) Also, since iPhone 5 support was added, it would be nice to see the second page of widgets moved to the first page since there is now room for them. The events calendar should be renamed because it is void of any campus events. It seems to be just an empty calendar. The directory should list the entire directory rather than make you search for a specific person. Perhaps adding the course description to each course in addition to the information already there. I would also like to see advisortrac incorporated in the app, as it is pretty well hidden on the website. Criticisms aside, it has potential to be the compendium of Kean information and services. Hopefully before I graduate I will be able to use this in the way it was meant to be.
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14 years ago, ChristianNJ
Great Application
Wonderfully done. I especially found the map and schedules helpful. Came out later than expected, but good things come to those who wait. Adding access to the bookstore would be helpful in future updates. Thank you.
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14 years ago, Shajol
Awesome application
Well build and organized. Liked the video tour of the campus and also the other option about admissions and course search bar. Nicely done. Very helpful application.
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14 years ago, GeoPoliticsEnthusiast
Good, but needs improvement
This app is headed in the right direction. However it's not quite there yet. It has the RHD for the NFRH listed as the one for Dougal and Whiteman, the hours section needs a lot of updating (no hours for cafes, no reslife office hours, ect). Those are the only issues i've come across so far, but it's not bad.
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14 years ago, EDWINDRG
Nice, now get some Macs on campus!!
Because more than half of the projectors don't work with those old Dells
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9 years ago, Gamer1236374893sudbandk
Excellent! Needs a NJT Schedule...
Awesome app. I use it to check my email and for campus events. It needs a NJ transit train schedule though...
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14 years ago, bitonga
Nice app! !
The book store will complete it
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11 years ago, Edwin's Iphone
Needs better app integration
Horrible! Not downloading this again. Kept crashing... Please fix! And put a chat to connect with other students!!!
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14 years ago, Oh Hell Yes!
Very cool app and seems useful
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14 years ago, Samarian
Not impressed
This app needs access to kean wise and email...that's the only reason I ever go to anyways...without that the app is pretty much useless. But very good looking though
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14 years ago, MVergis
Great app! Very helpful.
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14 years ago, young chen
young chen2
impressive software!!although coming out a little late than expected.but it's worth!!it's a wonderful software,if u want to know about kean university.
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