Kentucky DMV - KY Permit test

4.3 (359)
32.2 MB
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Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kentucky DMV - KY Permit test

4.3 out of 5
359 Ratings
4 years ago, smart lee2
My Feedback
The ads are annoying and freeze up the app. Some ads I get is just a blank screen and it caused me to have to go and clear out the app and re-open it. The questions need to be divided up more and I think that there should be a test with 40 questions on it with all categories mixed up.
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1 year ago, Blueberry virgo
My problem with practice test
Every single time I would a answer right a ad pops up and it distracts. We’re I’m so focus on closing the ad were I forget what the answer was, and accidentally get wrong. What app could on approve on is have no ads at all is because very distracting to listen to, this add makes money for people to study not watch a ad for seconds and then close it. The people who made this needs to get this fixed is because of this continues people are going delete this app and go to another for help or just delete. This my criticism for creating of this app. Im not being me I just being honest with this app, this not back lashing this my opinion of how it can be improved. “THANK” “YOU”
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3 years ago, at0m6969
Slightly recommended, study the manual not the practice tests.
Rating this app a 3 because after weeks of practice on it and being able to answer all questions correctly, I still failed my permit test. I’m not rating this app a 1 star because it technically did help me out enough to at least get some right. This app is definitely not a 5 star because most questions I had on the DMV test weren’t on this app. Study the manual, not the practice test
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3 years ago, QtContrary
Good App few too many ads
It would be good if you could pay a fee to avoid the ads but otherwise this is exactly what we needed
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3 years ago, dorothyjoygorman
Missing questions
I passed the test but on the test there were a few questions that were not on the app. Like what to do when a horse and a carriage is in front of you. And the flagger sign question does not resignate well with the answer on the real test etc
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4 years ago, ek1823
Pretty good
It’s good. I just wish they mixed up the order of the answers for each question each time, and the ads are kind of annoying
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2 years ago, Brady Hector
Wrong information
The information isn’t really wrong actually, it’s because the questions your asked when taking the actual written test don’t show up at all when practicing with this.
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4 years ago, Joel Lane
Ads are annoying
Ads should be removed
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6 years ago, workmam
Low quality unreliable
Many of the questions have grammar mistakes and some of the answers are wrong. Shows ads every two or so questions. Would not recommend.
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9 months ago, thisalexx
Crappy app
I highly recommend to not use this app! There are too many ads popping up! An it’s a new add after almost every question. It will freeze up an say you failed because you was exiting the App Store from closing the ads out
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5 years ago, Jd H.
It’s an amazing app my only problem is the ads sometimes interfere, but as they need to make profit I can’t really get upset about it.
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1 year ago, abby1?01
The app would be great if I didn’t have ads every two seconds it makes it so hard to focus on the questions and remember because I’m interrupted every two seconds 😡
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3 years ago, Steven4557831
Great app! But it does need to be updated a little as some questions on the test are not on or need to be worded better to fully grasp.
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1 year ago, xtdhgr
Great app
I love this app it really helped me know what to do, and it prepares me for the driving test.
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4 years ago, Simi😍❤️❤️❤️
helped but ads are annoying
this app helped me pass my permit test and has many good questions and recourses but the ads are annoying and you can rarely actually close them, you have to close the app
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4 years ago, jasminebhart
it’d be nice if you can review the questions often missed or smth
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4 years ago, Warshadow13
This really didn’t help
I used it but it didn’t have some of the questions that made me fail
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3 years ago, exovlogs
DMV App Review
Doesn’t give you the correct information to study,test is not accurate at all
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9 months ago, Morning Glory Mountain
To many games/ads
To many games ads and it mixes you up
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10 months ago, rs are hard
It no wook
It said we got questions wong when we didn’t get them wong
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5 years ago, kyky1314
Nice! If the ads could be reduced.
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8 years ago, Tessjaminal08
Love it.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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4 years ago, Supa Sammie
The answers on this app are incorrect. Go by this app and YOU WILL FAIL!! It is not current!!
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3 years ago, kinzieeeeeeee
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