Kentucky Lottery Official App

4.4 (19K)
121.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kentucky Lottery Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kentucky Lottery Official App

4.42 out of 5
19K Ratings
4 years ago, smabby2
New Versions finally feels like a real app
This app has traditionally been very clunky to use, but this new release actually makes it feel like a real app. It is fast, you can set up Face ID instead of logging in every time, and it seems to be moving a lot faster. I love the convenience of buying lottery tickets here, but I’d probably avoid the instant win games. I think I’ve won maybe 3 times out of a hundred, and it was just the ticket face value. Seems hard to believe they’re not electronically rigged (at least more than scratch offs, which you seem to win a couple bucks at least occasionally!). It is easy to use now, and convenient for buying tickets, checking winning numbers, and scanning physical tickets to see if you won. I do wish their order history was a little more robust, and you could see further back in transactions, but I’m sure they don’t want you seeing how much you’ve truly spent!
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2 weeks ago, Outnitemike
This app has saved me money
You ask how can a official lottery app save anyone money, well let me explain. I’ve been a user of this app for years and it’s been very helpful to verify scratch off tickets and printed Powerball and Mega millions tickets as well. Also I can scan my non-winning tickets (and winning after claimed) for a second chance drawing that I have actually have won once. I can verify my win/loss tickets and enter the second chance drawing anywhere that I have a cellphone or WiFi connection. What I can’t do anywhere within the state of Kentucky is play games or purchase Powerball or mega million drawings unless I’m at home on my WiFi. I’ve tried all the videos showing how to fix this and it doesn’t work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app so many times that my iPhone goes right to the lottery app in the App Store. My operating system is always up-to-date. I have opted in to allow the app to verify my location while the app is in use. So the money saving part of this is that I’m retired and have been working another job that requires me to do very little during my time on the clock. I can only watch so much tv on my iPad and would enjoy to play few games on the app like I sometimes do at home, but can’t because of IOS and the lottery app don’t play well with each other. Just imagine how many games I could have played while pecking out this review on here. Humm I wonder if the sports betting apps would work with my iPhone?
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2 years ago, Fyhyy
Join the 21st Century already!!
The app has its appeal for sure. But that’s as far as the good things go for the app. If you want to play the scratch off games via the app, half of them have problems loading. I played Keno and went to do other stuff on the app while I was waiting, couldn’t find my plays anywhere on the app, so I had no idea if I won anything or what. And I’m sure there is a way to get back to your it, but it’s definitely not as straight forward as it should be. I honestly got the app for the ticket scanner in the first place, ended up trying multiple things on the app. Well it was a waste of money, time, and unnecessary brain power. But even the simple ticket scanner is always hit or miss. To the point where I literally forget I even have the app because 80% of the time I just get a error after scanning a ticket. So I always end up just taking them to the store to see. If your app can’t even do the basic thing its meant for, then you might have a problem. Not like the state’s Lottery is short on funds or anything, they can hire a actual good dev team. And with a good dev team the app could be 10x better if not 100x better at this point. It’s just ridiculous how outdated and clunky the app is for us to be living in a time period where high school kids are able to make better apps as their hobby. My review and rate will not change until the app changes, and joins us living in the technical great era!
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3 years ago, follow the spiders
Lots of tech issues
This app has a lot of really fun games. I've tried them all. Some actually don't give any prize. Like lucky 7's literally gives the exact same result every time ! The most you can win on a game is not what the game promises. You might get 50 cents or a dollar. I doubt anyone gets the major prizes. Another thing that is so irritating is the game has frozen and not given the prize. I won $20 on different games and the game froze and naturally I didn't get the prize! I had to restart my phone and then the app also has logged me out suddenly mid game. It also told me I had insufficient funds to play a game when I actually had the funds! Tech support just says there is nothing they have to do because it's a game of chance so if you lose $ it's your fault whether their app glitches or not. I suggest if you want to play, bet the smallest amount so it's no big deal if you lose. Don't bet the large amounts because you'll be really mad if the game freezes on you and then you lose that money. Super cash buster is probably the most fun. I kinda like the emoti but it never gives more than 1$. I think it's set up that way. Until they fix the annoying tech issues you really are taking a big chance just logging in!
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3 years ago, BertBert1870
F**cked by the Kentucky lottery
I usually don’t write reviews, this is my first. I thought since this was the state lottery that it was legit. Here I am 10 am in my boxers eating pizza , drinking mt dew , thinking what would make my night better ......... that’s right making love with my wife , but she wasn’t in the mood , so I decided the next best thing to s*x is to gamble . So I deposit $20 they gave me $30 I’m like danggg already up playa . So I proceeded to play some keno . Bam hit $10, then I try to find my ticket I played it is gone but the money I spent on my ticket is also gone. I thought it was just a glitch in the simulation we live in , so I proceeded to play. Bam won again I think geeez I’m lucky, nope no ticket no win shown on history but my money is gone. This app will take your money faster than your baby momma at tax time. On the plus side the instant games did work I got my $20 back went to cash out , Then like on prom night I got shot down , bam they hit me with the balance must be $25 and we will mail a check. Mail a check? Are we living in 1974 ? Nobody told me this before I put in my $20 . So long story short don’t play . I’m out $20 and now rent and roll going to repo my rims because I don’t have the payment this week . Stay away from gambling, at least stay away from the Kentucky lotto app.
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1 year ago, libralove1981
Nothing but issues…⚠️
I’m not sure how the app acts on anyone else’s device but I can tell you that on mine it’s slow and kicks me off sometimes right in the middle of a game and will stop responding making me have to close the app and re-open it. I have the latest version of iOS on an iPhone 14 and the app is updated. even though I have my location always enabled, use no VPN, and rarely ever leave the state it says I am not within the location limits to bet and play any of the games unless I’m at home which is really aggravating and disappointing. I have never been able to open the app and have a successful session without any issues. I also think it would be nice if you could add money to your account through PayPal or Apple Cash. Also If you were able to scan scratch off tickets from retailers and apply the winning amount to your account through the app like you can do at the machines in the stores. When I’m able to log on and play games without being kicked off or any other issues I will update my review from 3 stars to 5..
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2 years ago, Robin5098
Two big issues.
This app has undoubtedly improved from what it used to be but there are two big issues with this app in my opinion. 1) you cannot easily check your online-bought numbers. When you navigate to the transaction and find the ticket (which is slow to load), the winning numbers should be right there. Not some link that takes you out of the app to another KY lottery website where you have to manually enter in your ticket numbers. One. At. A. Time. I know some folks have their numbers memorized but most don’t. Why is this so inconvenient? 2) you cannot buy “favorite” tickets for multiple draws. But you can buy rando numbers for multiple draws. Why? Do most users have “favorite” tickets and they don’t spend as much money on other games if they’re only coming back every couple of weeks? Isn’t that promoting a gambling addiction? 3) I’m adding a third issue. Why can I only use this app when I’m on WiFi? Location services are turned on. It tells you I’m in KY. Yet I can’t buy tickets when I’m only on cell service.
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2 years ago, whhhhhhhhyyyyyyy
Fun when it works
If you enjoy playing games with/for money this is a fun past time without having to go somewhere. However the location part is a joke. Half the time it won’t allow you to play because it thinks you aren’t located in the state (even though I’m right in the middle). The other ridiculous part is that I can’t count the times that I’ve been playing without a problem, close it off for a few minutes to do something else and then reopen it in exactly the same spot and receive a message that I can’t play from my current location, even though I was just playing in that exact location minutes before hand. If I had to pick something to suggest changing it would be that it shouldn’t accept your money if it thinks you’re out of boundaries because what’s the point if you can’t play with it? It’s very frustrating to load funds only to not get to play. Why take money from people if it’s location detection thinks you’re out of state?
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1 year ago, KJB17957
This is a complete scam. They will gladly let you put money into your account no problem but will refuse to let you play. One of the errors I received stated “you may be using cellular service, which is prohibited.” Then why do you have a MOBILE APP!? I tried playing through the website on my PC and again was told I couldn’t buy tickets because it could not verify my location. I signed up for geolocation and always had location services turned on but still couldn’t play. I finally got frustrated and contacted their CS chat. I was told I can’t play because my IP is being routed out of Indiana. Why are you tracking my IP? What’s the point of using location services if you don’t actually USE location services!? It shouldn’t matter where my IP is routed from if my geolocation clearly says I’m in the state! I demanded my money back since they won’t let me play. I was told they would forward my request (yeah right) and it would take about 5 days and then I’d have to talk to customer service 🙄. I’m contacting my bank and having them flag it as a fraudulent charge cause that’s exactly what this is- FRAUD.
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9 months ago, Bruski87
The app has multiple flaws! 1) it’s cheated me out of $20k and only paying me $20 I even contacted an attorney, it would cost more than the $20k to prove it. I should have taken a screenshot is with Ky lottery corp told me. 2) can’t play unless I’m on my WiFi, I don’t use a vpn and I have geolocation on. 3) it’s outside of the game rules for example I just tried to get a quick pick Keno and the it had number 89 out of the 10 numbers selected . I did take a screenshot, i wasn’t able to purchase it either, imagine that. Also, it said the price was $Nan whatever that means.
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2 years ago, UrMyBoyBlue2
Feels so rigged
I have won larger prizes a couple of times ($1,000-$2,000) but for the amount I spend… it doesn’t compare. The instant games truly feel rigged. I have lost a lot more than I have won, but that isn’t even why. It’s almost as if every time you get ahead, if you don’t cash out, they immediately take your winnings, and then some if you choose to continue playing. It seems like every time you get on a winning streak, the game your playing crashes somehow, causing it to “start over”. It has become almost predictable, but being the state lottery you would like to think everything is on the up and up…. The app works great for entering 2nd chance drawings and for checking tickets, but if you’re planning on trying the instant win games… I would recommend steering clear and sticking to the scratch offs. Instant games might be fun for the short term, but in the long term… well… the house always makes sure to win… and KY lottery is making sure they win BIG on this app.
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11 months ago, RachieeRach89
This app is a scam. I watched all the games of keno I played in real time and won $30 that was never paid out to me. The game will show your keno card and let you know if it is for the current draw or upcoming draw. I watched the game in real time, it showed my card and was high lighting my numbers that matched as they were called out and I got the bulls eye. I was excited to get my funds and when I didn’t I reach out to support. I was then was told my card didn’t play for that draw, and that it played for a draw that happened 12 minutes later. Which made no sense because I literally watched my card being highlighted in real time during the draw. I provided screenshots of everything and was responded to with them just being sorry for the inconvenience and to make sure I keep the app and my phone up to date to avoid this in the future. My phone and app was both up to date at the time this happened. Absolutely ridiculous and will not use this app at all moving forward.
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3 years ago, RobSteinborn39
Offered options
The options look very convenient and explained nicely . But when trying to use them very seldom lay works correctly . I have an iPhone 11 and an iPad 8th generation and fully setup for lottery app and opted in and my tickets are never verified . I hold the screen correctly , my picture are very clear and it still never accepts them . So I’m not buying nothing, but the ones I did buy from can’t even tell me if there winners. I understand I can manually check them and of course that is how I do it . I just hate that this option is presented but not everyone can use it . Even on newer products that normally should be the best . So any one that has an iPhone 11 and possibly all the others and sprint service be prepared . Options will not be an option
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9 months ago, Freedom To Speak!
Terrible App
This is the absolute worst app I’ve ever used. Even though I have Face ID enabled, I have to log in very frequently. It’s slow. Some features barely seem to work at all such as the list or filter in recent transactions. Date range changes are very difficult to use if it works at all. Determining if I win or not seems very unreliable. Some games lock up forcing me to delete the session and relaunch/log in. I cannot use the app with my Kentucky-located home WiFi. It works fine at my neighbor’s house or at other local WiFi locations. It just makes me wonder if it’s a reliable way to play the Lottery. If I get a winnings deposit via email seems to be the most reliable way to know if I won. It just needs to be WAY more user friendly and informative. Buying a ticket is fairly easy but determining if you’ve win or the history is rarely understood. Calling their help desk isn’t very helpful.
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3 years ago, Vipergoat
Good App but intermittent issues with determining my location
I like the app when it allows me to make purchases. However, half the time I try to use the app it thinks I am not in Kentucky when I am. I have tried all of the recommended fixes but it still won’t update my location to within Kentucky. I went several month with it showing my location in Atlanta, GA after I drive through Atlanta for vacation. After several months it finally started working correctly. Just today I was using it at a restaurant in Owensboro, KY and when I drove home a few miles away still in Owensboro it shows I am outside of Kentucky. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, Mb23rd
I understand it’s the lottery an all !
But does the algorithm of the instant play have to be that obvious your going to lose an it’s with all games ! I blew a $100 places .50 cent bets to have repeated things happening. Where I’m getting at is if I got buy 100 $1 scratch offs it wouldn’t blatantly cheat you an take your money. I understand where still in the middle of a pandemic and all but the government shouldn’t be that broke and desperate to basically steal our money with this broke algorithm this app provides, my best advise is go store save the hassle an actually have the chance of winning ! If I could I would rate this app below 1 more like -5 star rating.
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7 months ago, Dannyfred77
App uses YOUR gps and still cannot verify you
Tried to check tickets and says i am ineligible to verify tickets and not sure if i am in the state. I checked settings and verified that was always on. Checked setting with birthdate. And was correct for my age. Still failed. Logged out of stupid written app and logged back in with FACE ID. Still failed. Just deleted app. No one knows how to program an app anymore. If it cannot verify info on own app when signed up for it. It a useless app that needs removed from app store as it obviously needs a major update all the time. I check my tickets with a 3rd party app or on web site by date or even go in the store to check tickets. This app is totally useless and tracks you and even asks for last 4 digits of SSN. No other app but banking does that and this is of course NOT a bank app.
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7 months ago, Kylures
We deserve better
This app is inaccurate and just terrible at tracking player results. I will just copy another review because its not worth the time to criticize it properly. This app does not meet modern standards for a gaming app. It does not correctly show current winning numbers nor does it accurately show recent transaction plays. That makes it a big risk for any consumer user. Compared to the website application it is deficient. There must be a major flaw in the api architecture that prevents correct results from appearing. If it wasn’t for the email option to send out played numbers this app would be rated even lower. With all the money coming in, you should invest in a rewrite. This app is helplessly broken.
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2 months ago, RebeccaJSch..77
Too much of a headache- always a problem
When I would play it would kick me off in the middle of a game at least once. Now when I go to play it says I have a unfinished game. When I play the unfinished game it says technical error and takes me back to the beginning of the unfinished game. So I’m stuck in this unfinished game and can’t do anything. I’ve contacted support. I have the newest update on my phone, Ive deleted the app, reinstalled, cleared caches, restarted my phone, etc….. and even received an email from support saying that the problem was resolved. But clearly it isn’t. I just want my money refunded and my account closed. But they won’t refund money you’ve deposited….. you can only cash out on winnings… well If you can’t play, you can’t win.
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10 months ago, NameHere_-_
Easy lotto acres, headache setup
First, The bad: - I could never link my PayPal to this app, ended up using my bank account directly. - Most quick play games are the same thing with a different skin - “Match 3 and win” - Laggy at times when loading I honestly don’t see why there are so many 1-star reviews. There’s a reason why the lotto is called a “Poor People Tax” and I don’t think people understand how that works. Play in KY and you won’t have a problem. Don’t expect to win all the time and you won’t be upset. This app isn’t designed with UX as the main point. The main goal of this app is to take your money if you’re willing to give it to them. Biggest win I got so far was $320 so it is possible to win more than a couple dollars. Other than loading times, I’ve experienced no issues with either performance, withdrawals, or fairness. Get off your Trac Phone and get a real device before you complain about performance and stop expecting to get rich by flushing your money down the drain.
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1 year ago, Hdawg20
Odds are terrible
I maxed out my weekly limit last week of $850. I barely won anything back , when I say barely I mean nothing. I stayed up Sunday night waiting til midnight for the weeks to change. From midnight Sunday/ Monday morning. I’ve Lost $850 and now cannot deposit because I’ve already lost $850. I cashed out $55 on this time period. So basically lost over 1500 in less than a week. Nobody in their right mind should play this. The odds are terrible and your never going to come out on top. This app has ruined my life and relationship.
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3 years ago, Spongecounter
Used to be great
I used to love this app. I purchase our group lottery tickets and this app has made that so much easier. At least, it did. Two updates ago, the app started freezing. I can choose the online game and choose QPs, but the 3 dots are incessant and won’t let me checkout. The app freezes CONSTANTLY! No way to even save the choices to the cart. I have to close the app and start over. I thought the last update would fix the issue. It hasn’t. It doesn’t matter if I am using different wifi networks, or I turn it off completely, the issue persists. I am running the most up to date software on my phone, so that isn’t the issue. I have deleted the app and reinstalled but no luck with that, either. I hope Ky Lottery fixes this bug soon!
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4 years ago, lotto 42420
Why not a 5
I would like it if the app would remember the device and password to make logging in easier. Also, on the old app you could chose how to play and it would show you all the winning combos and the amount they paid out, except when they change cash ball to easy match then it would only show you how to play with easy match and not the winning combinations and prize amounts.
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4 years ago, Melodie2020
I'm upset, couple nights ago this app went haywire and there was 2 30 dollar withdrawals from my bank account. I uninstalled and contacted customer service and they refused to investigate... So 60 dollars shot... The money was on my account right after it happened.. I tried to transfer it back to my account and it would not allow me to. The next morning there was .25 cents on my account. I have reinstalled the app but have a block on my card. I remove the block when depositing money and quickly block. I would advise anyone who has their card linked to use the block feature on your bank card. The past few days this app has been horrible. I keep getting errors, about to uninstall for good. Very disappointed.
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1 month ago, 63PJP
Scanner doesn’t work
I’ve been trying to scan scratch off tickets which I’ve done in the past but now it won’t scan my tickets. Reaching out to ky lottery customer service was a joke since I was asked to provide a screenshot or video. How difficult is it to understand that the app won’t scan scratch offs? I have an iPhone 15 pro so it’s not like I have an old phone. I also have not been able to view current scratch offs available in store. I have to go to the Ky lottery website via a browser to see what the current scratch off tickets are available. What happened to the app?
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2 years ago, KimmyKat270
I'd recently left negative feedback and 1 star because I've been unable to connect to the app from my home wifi and my mobile Network and have not received a resolution from customer service and this has been happening for a year! I decided to try again like I often do and I'm laying on my couch playing Ky lottery 😊 hopefully this is resolved permanently! Thank you!
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10 months ago, Visualm998
I have recreated and reset my password everytime I tried to login. Wont let you check ticket without logging in. After having to make account for a third time its just a waste of time and concerning for security app may provide do to it having such a glitch. Does this mean my account is hacked and my card information is compromised? Does this mean app is so unstable could be easily hacked? Dont know but done trying to use. Plus I'm out of email addresses to use cause it says every one of them account exists but wont send email to reset password and wont accept the correct password I know is right.
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1 year ago, pdoubleL
I enjoy playing. However, the app can’t make up its mind if I am in the state of Ky or not. One second I am. Next second it says I’m not allowed to play due to my location. But it never seems to mind where I’m located when I add funds to my account. It always takes my money but have the time it says I can’t play because of my location. And no matter what I am always at my house
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3 years ago, Kay Baldwin
Kentucky Lottery App
The app is great I enjoy being able to purchase lottery right from the comfort of my own home, and I win on the instant play quite often. The ability to be able to have my winnings deposited directly into my bank account makes it even better. The games are great and very few times have there been errors or glitches in the app.
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3 years ago, Smiles4880
This app used to be great but...
Now I cannot sign in for anything!!! I’ve tried on WiFi, off WiFi, it doesn’t matter!!! I am at the sign in screen and that’s where I STAY NOW!!! I get the three dots like it’s going to do something, and then... NOTHING!!! It’s a real bummer!!! I used this app ALL THE TIME!!! No more lotto tickets for me!!! Due to the pandemic, I don’t go in convenient stores, I’m way to high risk!!!
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11 months ago, fahqtwo
Thought I’d try…
I ignored the review with the complaints and downloaded anyway. Got the app downloaded and setup. Created my account. Wanted to try a game and went through with picking my numbers and everything. When I tried to add funds it said I was not in KY or my account was ineligible. I setup location services in the app and have it permissions for my exact location which I wouldn’t normally do but figured I’d try it. No matter what I do it says my account is either ineligible or I am not in the correct location. Doesn’t matter whether I’m using Wi-Fi or cell phone tower. Pretty disappointed.
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4 years ago, Still play everyday
Odds obviously slim to none?
What are the odds of winning on this app? It shows that there are winners all of the time, but I’ve never been lucky enough to make that list. I realize that gambling wasn’t set up for people to win more than they lose (other than the occasional “big win”), but honestly this site does only take. I mistakenly kept thinking that continuous play, various bets, playing same game, etc. may open it up to pay out sometime , but not yet. The enjoyment has left and I can’t afford to keep losing! A little play back wins occasionally (not much or often) and my experience has literally resulted with a 84% loss 16% win ratio🤔🤨😑
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2 years ago, ThaChief666
Whats going on??? Lol
I dont know whats going on, i just made an account on here and tried to buy two tickets and it says “error, you are ineligible to purchase online. Please make sure you are within Kentucky State boundaries, your account is verified, or not currently suspended” I literally live in Kentucky, i just now made my account and did what i had to do on my email and i shouldnt be suspended cause I LITERALLY JUST NOW MADE MY ACCOUNT. Im just gonna walk over to the store and buy a ticket for today or tomorrow.
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2 months ago, TonyToneLoco71
I’m getting tired of trying to play!
I have two cell phones, one is an IPhone and the other is a Galaxy. I have sent numerous emails telling them that I’m not getting a reply when I opt into Geo Location. They tell you to try and erase your cache, and different things. Well I have done it with both phones, even uninstalling the app and reinstalling. I have been screwed out of the bonus bucks twice and I’m really not happy with the app and the service. Until they fix their end and start recognizing their customers better, I’m through with it.
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12 months ago, Stay-Up_Junie
Great entertainment
Gamble at your own risk and use it as a way to have fun and you may happen to win some money but never use the last of your money that you should of used in bills thinking bout being able to pay the bill and still have your money cause it story never ends right . Gamble responsibly!
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2 years ago, Halzx12
Don’t waste your time
This app is garbage. It’ll take your deposit but say you aren’t in the state and of course you can’t withdraw a deposit, only winnings. So basically my money was stolen and there’s nothing I can do. Their GEO tracking it awful. I called customer service and they told me I was showing as being in Ohio, I live in central Kentucky. Then they told me to try turning my phone off then back on. Seriously…? That is your troubleshooting? I downloaded this to check numbers and buy tickets and it can’t even scan barcodes to check my physical tickets. Great job Kentucky.
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1 year ago, Lucky Lady Lisa
it would be better if you put out more big winning tickets in southeastern kentucky! we never have big winners. seems like you would put out more $10,000 and 20,000 winners instead of 150,000 and more, so there would be more winners and the people playing wouldn’t be as disappointed.
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4 months ago, Burton1969
Terrible issues with location services
I have this installed on my iPhone 14 and my laptop. I can be sitting on my couch playing on my iPhone and it will suddenly tell me I don’t have location services enabled. I can then grab my laptop( sitting in the same spot). Logon and it will let me play for awhile on the laptop. Then suddenly kick me off the laptop for location services. Usually takes a day before I can log back in either device. Please fix this issue
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1 year ago, Dynamic1983
Horrible App
This app needs major work. It constantly won’t let me play even sitting at home. When it does let me play I’m constantly kicked off mid game and have to log out and log back in and several times I’ve even deleted the app and re-I stalled. It seems to get worse and worse. Also if I’m not at home I’m no longer able to play, it says I’m out of location area when I’m literally a couple miles away from home. I use to be able to play while riding in the car and definitely can’t do that anymore.
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4 years ago, CammyCakes 3.0
Viewing your numbers
I do enjoy it being easy to buy tickets and pick your hopefully winning number combo, however, after purchasing it is hard to go back and review what your purchased numbers are. I think an additional field should be added thats separated by the drawing day that the ticket applies to. Would make it easier for the user to go back and look at the previously purchased tickets and see just how bad i lost.
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1 year ago, enar26
Fun when it works
I really enjoy this app and have won some good prizes. However, lately all I get is Error 1606 and it tells me I’m not allowed to play in my location. This is ridiculous because I’m playing in the place I usually play, which is at my house. I have the geo location on and everything. It’s not every time but when you want to play it seems like it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Mbevans
Let’s you play but not check the ticket
The good: you do t have to drive to the gas station, it is easy to use, and if you win small prizes they enter it in your account. The bad: it has been made difficult, purposely I suppose, to check your tickets. You have to write down your numbers and go to another page to get the winning numbers. And as of about 2 weeks ago it doesn’t even store the history of your tickets purchased. There is an option to email yourself the ticket, so make sure you do that. Needs lots of work.
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3 months ago, pnrexrode
Zero stars
This app is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Constantly sends message unable to verify location even after sending me an email stating I was registered for location. So stupid. And there’s KY lottery and KY lottery fun club…….and they both have this problem 😡I have $15 that I’m unable to use because of this location problem. Stealing money from people. Worst app. What kind of techs do you have that can’t get this straightened out ?? From previous reviews it’s been a problem for YEARS!!!! Ridiculous
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2 years ago, YESSSIRSD23
How does this app have 4.5 stars
There are so many 1/2 star reviews it’s impossible that they have 4.5 stars overall. My god, their game stats are faked, winners are faked and I guess apple is letting them fake their rating too. That’s awesome(sarcasm, fyi), Kentucky is literally the worst “state” of all time and their lottery is just another example. It should just be dissolved and broken up, make Ohio, West Virginia and Tennessee (obviously not Indiana) bigger. Kentuckys technically not even a state, it’s a commonwealth; that’s like saying a dolphin is pretty close to a shark so let’s just call it a shark too…
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4 years ago, Am I being duped?
Make the app work on a regular basis!!!
This app is the worst!!!!!! I have been able to make it work and even work two days in a row; then not work again. It thinks I am somewhere other than Ky. I have e-mailed, texted and called customer support and tried everything they recommend! But why should I have to restart my phone, reload the app, opt in for location, log out and back in to make this work? You have my money in the app and the only thing I can think to do is call the BBB and report this stinking app!!!!!
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2 months ago, Leslie DQ
Seriously, always issues!
Here we are, another update, more issues. I'm in Kentucky, not even on the edge, laying in my bed to play, and I'm not allowed to from my location, AGAIN! Not on the app or online this time. It's nothing but continuous problems. And of course I deposited money & stuck until they decide to mess with it again & hopefully it will work randomly again. They make sooo much money off of us, you'd think they'd have someone set up the app that ACTUALLY knows what they are doing!!!
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2 years ago, carlZedmarvin
Poor app and customer service
I play the two big lottery occasionally. I started noticing that if I had winning tickets I never received the winnings in my acct. it is very difficult to maintain a conversation in the chat room. Impossible to get to a real person in the phone. The app would show I had a payout and the rep on the chat would say it wasn’t a winner…..the app says “not responsible for errors”….so why play online if your not getting your payouts and they aren’t responsible and who’s getting the payout if not me??
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2 years ago, Col Hall
Poorly written, very buggy
Latest problem is it says I’m not in KY. I’m about as close to the center of the state you can get. All other apps show correct location. Doesn’t matter if you are on WiFi or the cell network. Not using a VPN, so no reason it should think I’m out of state, especially since other apps are able to figure out where I’m at. They eventually changed the error message to say use on the cell network isn’t allowed, but by the terms and conditions it is.
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2 years ago, Mccoyxx
Trash !!
This app has many good features, but it logs u off randomly every lil bit and u can’t make deposits and it keeps erroring … it’s honestly about the worst app I’ve ever tried to use as far as dependability goes … HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED !! … if it were solid and dependable I’d def have given a high rating, but until these issues are fixed I’m staying with the trash rating … c’mon KY … as much $ as u make on lottery and taxes surely u can do better than this !! I feel like I’m trying to connect to a third world country on dial up 😒
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2 years ago, UKandYankFan
This app is trash
I downloaded the app and created an account. I setup the face recognition for login and everything seemed to be going smoothly until I actually tried to use functions of the app. I can’t add money to my account and none of the other options are working either. I have an iPhone 11 and I believe someone else stated that they had issues with app on their iPhone 11. Wish developers would fix whatever the issues are….otherwise this app is useless.
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