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News-Press & Gazette Company
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1 year ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KESQ NC3

3.67 out of 5
3 Ratings
6 years ago, ;)/$$/
Stories not in chronological order
Good app, the news alerts on my phone finally bring this market’s news media into the 21st century. My one complaint is that the stories on the app are not listed in chronological order. A story from two days ago may be listed ahead of a “Breaking News” story from an hour ago. To find the most current stories, you have to scroll through all of them to make sure you find them. Otherwise, the app is the best one for this local market.
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1 month ago, Rogeris
Old news
Tired of reading news that I end up realizing it’s days, or even weeks past. All you have to do is read how old some of the reviews. 7 years complaining about the same issues that you never fix. Also, why do you lean on CNN so much. How about a more balanced approach politically?
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1 year ago, eocmapflhk uwr
Not updated daily
News is 2 days old and is not helpful when you need to know if a road is closed due to the weather
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8 years ago, Not savy
Love to keep up on my "home away from home" news
Have iphone 6+. Live in Iowa, winter in Palm Springs. Love to check in 7-8 times a day to keep up with news in your area even when winter is over and back in Iowa. My heart belongs to Southern CA!! HOWEVER, new update is national news which I can get elsewhere. Could you please have a "SETTING" that would allow us to read that precious PSP area news happenings. I was so happy with your app before the update. 🌴😎😍
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10 years ago, Socalgirl15
Good app but....
I love this app but recently they've added advertisements before watching the videos. Which is okay in itself except for the fact that it's always the same advertisement for General Air Conditioning. There is only so many times in an hour I can watch the same 40 seconds of video. Since, I've stopped watching the videos which is unfair. I'm not finding alternatives for the videos posted on this app and can assure you that I would never hire General A/C!!!
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10 years ago, Via Yolo
Great way to start my day..
Coffee and this up-to-the-minute news brief on my iPad is the way I start my morning and find out what's happening locally. Nicely designed format gives the reader options to just scan headlines, read full articles or watch video of each piece. Another great feature is the instant alerts for breaking news throughout the day.
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9 years ago, Sunny of Sunnyside
When I'm away I rely on desert news and weather but this app has long advertisements before one can even get the news and weather. The most irritating thing is the weather is never up to date- sometimes a day behind! I need it to be current to determine my travel back and forth! Otherwise I like KESQ generally for local news.
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6 years ago, Hot Sand
Gone so wrong
As a committed KESQ/CBS 2 viewer, love always liked the app. But in the last couple months or so it’s gotten horrible. The ad for there own app is local news first, ya right! You open the open and it’s national and world news. Also you have English and Spanish mixed on the app, which makes it a pain. After opening app you can select my news I guess for local, wrong again. But I guess we’ll have deal with due to newscast are going the same way. Disappointing, I’ve had to down load the other stations app just so I can see what’s going on in the valley.
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8 years ago, Sscornejo58
This site needs improvement big time! I appreciate that they give the local news immediate attention but some of the recordings are dropped and the voice doesn't sound at the end of the interviews. Also the commercial on Mattress Showroom is annoying because it comes out on every news episode with the same person when you click on the video! REALLY????
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8 years ago, Skid250
It just keeps getting better!
This is a great app for keeping track of what's happening in the desert. I have few problems with the site. But I pulled a star from my rating because they couldn't keep the best weather reporter on their staff, and the replacement is sub-par. Better luck next time...
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6 years ago, runzombierun
Lesson in not how to run a news app
First of all, living in the valley you only get news from one side no matter who you get it from. This news app defiantly does not stray far from that. If it’s not their opinionated take on events then it’s a CNN article. Which does a disservice to be fair and impartial. Next, the news stories are jumbled messes of English and Spanish versions. Why they wouldn’t have a specific section for any language they decide to write a story in is beyond me.
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4 years ago, Rusttea82
Can't click on a news story without an add from Roto Rooter coming up. It's a waste of app. Can't scroll down far enough on the story and boom! There's another ad. I get it, they rely on apps to sponsor them... But this is a joke. Whoever posts the stories, needs to proof them, a 9 yr old has better grammar than some of these writers. Get an app that'll help you readproof it. It re-writes what others do. Be original get some interesting news an updated.
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8 years ago, Mr belge
Good news reporting
Very nice app to have, I now get news from my area, lower desert to my home in Landers in high desert and world news! So far it has worked quite well and I recommend it to those living in the area! Well done!
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10 years ago, Artemus Rex
Away from home
When I am it's important to remain informed. You do that for me in a constantly improving way. Soon your site will look like the big guys in the big city. Keep it up.
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9 years ago, I'm DisneyDiva
KESQ 3 is always first with the news
Other news sources pop up much later. Love getting all the important news first right here. Thank you for being on top of it all.
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9 years ago, Marty1313143
Sweet App
Been using this app for several years. Great coverage, timely and accurate. Highly recommend it. The notifications are very helpful and the local news coverage is superb.
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7 years ago, Jacki's Mom
Tried using your app late this afternoon at our power outage but there was no sound. We were using our portable wifi and other apps were working just fine. Can you look into this???? Please????
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9 years ago, TB in IW
Local Resident
I really enjoy your app. It keeps me apprised of local news, as well as world and national news. In fact, your breaking news "alerts" usually post before Fox News and CNN.
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9 years ago, DJ ringtone
Greatest app for news
This is the greatest app I've got to keep updated with the latest news near my location. Been looking for it👍👍👍👍👍
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9 years ago, Cockerdad
Good job
News good. John, Karen, Jeff, Bianca,good anchors. Patrick, Jerry, do great job without talking down to me. I want to know weather without personal hype. I hate being told to pay attention. Some exceptional talent here for small market.
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14 years ago, 123hiitsme321
At least this new version works. I also like being able to submit news when I see it.
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8 years ago, Desert Local
Local News back
Review Update, Thanks for bringing the Local News back as the primary focus, when you open up the App. US & World Stories are now an option in the Menu.
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8 years ago, WaterGrandma
Love pop ups for breaking news
Pop ups for both local and national breaking news
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8 years ago, Sammers1971
The best and most reliable news source.
The first place I go to for up to date information.
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6 years ago, Mrsjsworld
Use to be great
I use to read this paper online daily and loved it. Now it’s become a “watch our news” videos with ads. Also, half of the news is now in spanish. If I wanted to read a spanish paper, wouldn’t I subscribe to one? “Hey, there’s an article I want to read, oh wait, I can’t read it, they only posted the spanish version.” It’s maddening!
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9 years ago, Xqutzzzz
Ok app
I like this app ok but it needs some improvement. One, old news stays in with the current news. It also doesn't show as much news as it could. It seems to be getting better so I'm hopeful.
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9 years ago, ConnieRM
Best News Alerts - Local and Worldwide
KESQ sends out news alert before all major news services. Only app I need! Great job and they're local!
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9 years ago, patantique
Local and World News
I am kept aware of breaking news, alerts, road closings, etc. This is an excellent program!
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12 years ago, Doctorbow
Please update the content
It would be a useful tool of you could stay on point and update the content faster (not 5 hours after the fact )
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8 years ago, Debbieschase
The Best
I rely on this app to keep me informed. Never lets me down. I know the world news as well as the local , to keep my day going smoothly. Thank you KESQ
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8 years ago, Joan T.
Good job!
As a part time desert resident....4 winter months, I really appreciate this app. KESQ is the channel I watch when there, the app does a great job of keeping me informed on desert news. Joan T.
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8 years ago, 1TAHquitZ
Best app for news.
I get alerts from home on vacation hundreds of miles away!
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10 years ago, soytupapa
When I can't turn tv on to watch updated news, during the next break I have I can always watch on my phone. Keeps me updated. The best.
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9 years ago, ninafresa
Love this
I love being able to know what happens when it happens! This app does that! Its accurate and effective!
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8 years ago, Psleather
Good but could improve
I like the snapshot of the news, wish they would drop stories that are 4 or 5 days old
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8 years ago, Melissa Roe
The perfect app for my local news!
I love this app, and I have been using it for a while
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8 years ago, sorensonszoo
Update not working
The update is not working. Screen just says "loading" even after being left open for over 10min. Original app was great but someone needs to look at the update.
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9 years ago, Ps Mark
RM resident
Very timely on the breaking news alerts. Hate having to endure a :30 second commercial before e v e r y videoclip I click to watch. Could handle a :10-15 second spot, but :30 is waaaay too long.
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6 years ago, Morongobob
Horrible. Why is it in Spanish ? I don’t read Spanish.
Who put this app together ? A bunch of 3rd graders could do better than this. With all the craziness going on in the valley and the world you would think that the valley news leader (lol) Could put together a news apps that actually works. What a joke.
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8 years ago, Velcro Chicken
No more local news?
This app used to show mostly local news stories. Since the update, almost all news stories are national news stories that I can read on numerous other news apps. Bring back the local news!
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8 years ago, Stevends12
Up to date
Traffic updates are spot on
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10 years ago, Scuba-S
This app used to be very we'll put together. Ever since the update, local news is no longer the first thing we see, it's mixed in with other news and is a little hard to find. The new layout is way too busy. Change it back please!!!
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8 years ago, Hfdtsshjcfrjlfr
Good app but ...
This would be a useful app except (at least on an iPhone) half the screen is taken up by ads. Almost impossible to actually read the news.
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10 years ago, Sidereel User
Horrible Update - Please fix!
(1) pics too large, harder to soft through headlines (2) one ad banner was enough, but 2?! At least offer a paid option to get rid of the ads... Feels like I going to have a seizure with all the flashing an blinking ads while I'm trying to read
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7 years ago, Rustydawg37
Big improvement. Please enable picture enlargement and when you post a picture of a wanted person make it big enough to view.
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8 years ago, Air 808
Won't load after update
The ads work but news doesn't load after the update. Doesn't really matter because the news stories were stale and full of errors before the update anyway
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12 years ago, Big nick!$$
Good app
Keeps me updated even with a busy mom and working schedule.
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11 years ago, Bogartsmyname
The Seven Day Outlook should be changed more than once a week! Current Conditions seem to always differ from other stats, apparently no one at the station pays any attention. Currently, the temperature is 68 degrees. The prediction is a low of 82. Rain is a 40-50 percent chance unless you believe the forecast!
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9 years ago, GummySugar
Always keep me informed of events around Coachella Valley
I love to stay tune as I drive every day from Indio to Palm Springs
Show more
12 years ago, CNutley37
It's sad that I can get more on point, correct & detailed news from KCAL9 app regarding the Coachella Valley than our local news. To make it worse you have to wait through 20 sec political campaign ads prior to EVERY story. Not to mention slow updates, misspelling, etc.
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