KETV NewsWatch 7 - Omaha

4.4 (4.3K)
116.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KETV NewsWatch 7 - Omaha

4.39 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
5 years ago, 4chinkookee
Love the App!
Checking this APP is one of the first things I do in the morning. Seeing what the weather is doing, what happened overnight and what’s up with the traffic. Getting weather alerts keeps me up to date on when and where the storms are and how to prepare. The news teams are the best at bringing me what is going on in the City and the World. Great way to keep me in the loop throughout my day!
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3 years ago, webnerd42
OK When it works
My biggest irritation with this app as well as the local newspaper apps are ADVERTISING. I get notified of breaking news. Sometimes when I open the app to read the story I get a blank page. Other times you are immediately confronted with an ad. If that’s not bad enough, as you read through the story ads keep popping up sometimes causing you to lose your place since the article has now moved to another part of the page. Finally sometimes these ads are so distracting that I give up reading the article because of what I just said. Videos aren’t much better. They usually begin with a 30 second ad and if for some reason the video freezes and you have to restart, you guessed it, another 30 second add. I know none of what I said will change anything but you asked for a rating so I gave it. I would rather pay an annual fee and be done with the ads. I like the way the public radio stations do it. Maybe you ought to try some benchmarking.
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3 years ago, brilinn older guy
KETV Update
There are so many bugs in this app that to list them all is probably not productive. However; a couple of the more egregious problems should be addressed so that they (hopefully) will be fixed. Attaching the wrong video to the story, happens way too often. Sending notification of a breaking event and not being able to find the story immediately. Please proof read the writing, there are so many mistakes for a news organization. A continuation of my original review. This app does not work well with iOS 13. Stories end abruptly, i.e. a story will stop mid-sentence and there is no more. Haven’t read a complete story since updating my operating system. This is a news organization that evidently still doesn’t believe in proofreading their stories, I’ve never seen so many errors. It also appears that they don’t read the reviews or just don’t care because they’ve never fixed any of the problems. Problems when attempting to read a news story, i.e. story lines are truncated mid-sentence. This app continues to be the worst app I’ve ever used.
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6 years ago, KathLew3
The worst
Edited Dec 22: Foolish me, I decided to watch two UNL dorms come down on the KETV app. I sat through two commercials, Melissa Fry comes on, then they interrupt her mid sentence to run four more. When the fifth came on, I could see it was too late, though I tried to find another website to watch the implosion. Stupid me. I’m deleting this app for good. I’ve rated this app a 2 Star, now I’m downgrading it to just 1. I was just looking at the KETV page to email the webmaster, when a popup appeared asking me to rate this, which I am glad to do. This page is awful. The print is so small, it’s unreadable to me. I’ve tried to blow it up so I can read it, but it’s not capable of doing so. Sometimes I’d rather read a story rather than watching, but there is no way I can do so. I’ll get a notification that there is a news conference to watch, but nothing happens except for a few commercials. I understand I have to sit through them, but then the conference won’t some on, it says something about how there is nothing to watch. Channel 7 is my preferred channel to watch, but there is no way I can read the news via this app. I choose to read another channel’s web page, where I can blow up the text large enough to read. On the other hand, other reviewers are mentioning the typos, so it mIght be a good thing I can’t read it.
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4 years ago, july2grl
Channel 7 news app
I like the mechanics of your app but the administration is deplorable. I understand tithe need for advertisers but there must be a better way then pop-ups and long strings of them between paragraphs. Your on air broadcasts are award winning and ten steps ahead of others in the area. You need a full time administrator who can spend the time to update at least twice in 24 hours.. Theres articles out there that have been there for months. If a story has a video only leave it there with the story for a short time then move it to a separate queue. Along with day old stories. And please , if you send an alert on a “breaking news” wait for some of the story to unfold. As it is now formatted it’s wasting my time alarming me for nothing. That’s all. I am really a fan but these things have bothered me for some time.. All you’re reporters anchor people and broadcasts are the best. Thanks for asking. Margaret Beal
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4 years ago, EWenzl
Difficulty reading news stories and app freezing
Within the last few weeks, the app will not open a news story when I tap on it and the app will freeze. I keep checking to see if there is an update to fix this, but the recent update didn’t fix it. I’ve also noticed that when I receive a notification about a news story, I tap on it and it goes straight to the home page. The news story that came up as the notification is difficult to find and not directly available to view. I’m still able to successfully navigate the weather portion of the app, but that’s it. Please fix these issues!!
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4 years ago, Teacher1975-1979
Can’t get the full news report
On nearly every report I try to read, an ad blocks off some of the text. When in try to remove the ad and report the problem, the text is still missing from the report. I have tried to make the font both bigger and smaller and the same problem occurs. I delete and reload the app and no change. This is an iPhone 7 and my husband has an iPhone 8 and he does not have the problem.
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5 years ago, noonehastakenthisone
Great weather info
Downloaded this app only for the weather info and radar. Definitely met my expectations and had good accuracy when calling for chances of rain. Also good to catch a breaking news story and keep up to date on what’s going on. The reason I only gave this app 3 stars is they started selling advertising to view their radar maps or forecasts. I will certainly not wait for an ad to finish when I want to look at the radar, thus I deleted the app. Plenty of more free radar and forecasting apps on the market that don’t make you watch a commercial.
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4 years ago, Fleet18
Notifications about breaking news not immediately available to read. App locks up sometimes when moving around in the app. It would be nice to have a way to manually move thru the radar map. It moves slowly over a long period of time when all I want to see might be the last 15-20 minutes. Story font is very tiny and difficult to read. Even when I have notifications turned off, I still get multiple notifications about when rain will begin at my house.
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4 years ago, AaDdAaMmSs
Want news, get KETV app
I have had great luck with the KETV app. There seems to be less annoying advertisements or ones that I can easily avoid on the news site. Reading stories is easy. The font size is perfect plus linking the videos has always been quick and easy. I enjoy the cleanliness of the whole website. Easy to navigate, easy to find what you want. Great site. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Husker heart
I love the weather updates. I’m in the western part of Kansas and with the bad storms rolling through the last couple of days made me feel safe . If I didn’t have this app I would have been driving in bad weather. The forecast is good today but windy for tomorrow and I don’t want to be driving in Kansas with wind gusts up to 30-40 mph straight side winds. Thank you for your service. Julia G.
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4 years ago, hey c june
Please fix
I like to get my news through an app, however, a major request.... I don’t want a video to play Instantly whenever I tap on a story! Ever in a quiet place you don’t want to play a video?! Up in the middle of the night and don’t want to wake a partner? Holding a a baby all day and trying to get important news updates without the app blasting a video? A quiet waiting room? I agree with other reviews when there are breaking news notifications it would be great to have a place in the app to take you to that story quickly. If it’s breaking I shouldn’t have to dig did it. Otherwise I appreciate the news source.
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6 years ago, No object cap
Changes needed
It would be nice if when I clicked on a notification or alert that the app actually took me to that specific story instead of the home page. I end up spending more time trying to find the story in the app than anything else. I usually end up closing the app and then google the story because I have better luck that way. What’s the point of getting a notification or an alert if you can’t click it and see what you are being notified for?
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4 years ago, Laa83
Ok app
I don’t like that it freezes and jumps around the news cast. It will repeat the same few seconds multiple times then skip ahead a minute or two. They finally fixed the bug where my alarm goes off (getting ready in the am) and it would completely stop. 👍🏻Overall it’s my least favorite app and most difficult to watch the news in the morning. I keep watching bc I like the morning crew. But they need to make improvements
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4 years ago, campingfamily3
Class act
Channel 7 is the most professional, accurate station in Omaha. Thank you for rescuing the Burlington Station, five stars for that.! Omaha needs more improvements in that area . Your newscasters, weather forecasters, sports casters & all reporters are a class act!! And I love the outfits the women wear, very professional! And the guys always look fantastic and of course handsome! Keep up the good work!👍🏼
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5 years ago, Bkessed in NE
Great local news and weather!
KETV has the most accurate weather and updated news to stay informed for the Omaha area. One glitch though, in the articles the last words of the first paragraph disappear into the first ad. Hope they fix this issue.
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5 years ago, Terrible Ter
So often I come to this app & there is nothing there, a big black hole. Sometimes I want to watch the news. It isn’t available or doesn’t start at 10:00. Sometimes news stories are not updated. I turn to the weather report & there’s no way to tell what time it was given. I’m hearing morning info when it’s past & gone. Very frustrating. So why do I check this app first when I want local info? Beats me!
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5 years ago, SSOmaha
Update more often
I often get a “Breaking news” message only to find the story isn’t yet available in the app. Please make sure stories are available before sending the news flash. Also, please update or change stories more often and work to have fewer typos.
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7 years ago, Walter F1
Content can be old
I use this everyday . And of course it has adds . It's free . But the biggest issue I have is how long and old you leave content / old story's on the page . It is quite obvious that no one seems to be working on updating the whole site on a regular basis. Mostly Vuz videos. So for a lot of my daily news I have to go to other sites. I do realize it is a Tv Station and not a paper though...
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6 years ago, Emily P's Dad
I’ve had this app for quite a while. The advertisements work PERFECTLY. The rest of up constantly (except for the ads). I can’t make it through one newscast with out it freezing up or it will “studder” and repeat like it’s replaying the last 3 seconds. You always miss the top stories of the newscast because even though it says “watch now”, after you get done watching the ads, which stream perfectly by the way, the blue screen of death (KETV logo) just sits there..very frustrating. Please fix this app.
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4 years ago, Tpcurrie
Far too many videos, not enough text
Weather is great, the rest is mostly crap ads and news that is not from Omaha. EVERY news outlet outside of Omaha has an app to read world news, putting it in your local news app and adding 2 million ads and commercials and slanting the stories makes your app great for weather, and little else. Cut the ads and forced video watching in half and you might have a more popular/used app.
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6 months ago, LizaFoust
Great reliable news and app
This is my go to app for any of my news updates. Highly recommend, easy with notifications of new stories and accessible at my fingertips right on my Home Screen
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4 years ago, MalachiZechariah
Please remove old items.
Some items stay on your site for weeks and even months. Same old stories and pictures. It’s hardly news if it hasn’t changed in months. A lot is going on in the world that could be shared if you put the effort in it. BTW, really tired of looking at the mentally retarded young boy making an mean face and the bare chested coach in a pink ballet skirt. Really? What else is new? I sincerely hope this helps and someone gets to work. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Close2myHeart
The very last news app I read!
I’m sure you can do much better—the other news stations all do! Why do I keep getting flipped back to the beginning after I’ve read a story? Why do you keep old news stories intermingled with your current ones? What is your font size so much smaller than any other news app? Only the weather is good and an occasional unique human interest story that the other channels don’t have. Please find a new professional to upgrade your app!
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6 years ago, Huskerkkc
I like KETV to watch but not a fan of the app. Commercials come first (which I get-gotta pay to keep it free) but the sound comes in even when I have my phone on silent or vibrate. This is not okay! I have it on silent so it does not disturb. This is a huge problem so I will read the alert only and not open the content. When I do open it, the headlines make it tough to tell whether it’s local or national news.
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2 years ago, big bear 1776
Always precise and I like your format.I could do without the station manager’s opinion! I didn’t care for it before when the other manager did it, and I still don’t!
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2 weeks ago, proud vetern
The best station
They do such a great job of keeping updated on news and weather and many more things keep it I only have you on my phone thanks
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4 years ago, fan of X
Don’t want to see old news
Two things I don’t like. News stories from outside my area which i can’t distinguish from stories about my area until I open them and start to read them, and stories that stay on for days. Old news is not good news.
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5 years ago, mmmmataljm
Only one frustration
Like some other reviews I saw, my greatest frustration is receiving notifications of breaking news only to open the app and find nothing about the story in the notification. Not even a headline. Otherwise, I appreciate the coverage.
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6 years ago, nstahlecker
Football coach speaking is Not late breaking news
Please allow further alert customization within “local breaking news”. Or better yet, please reconsider what you consider breaking news and worthy of an alert. The football coach is NOT breaking news. Please allow for those who wish to receive true news do so, create an option to eliminate sports from alerts.
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3 years ago, huskertech21
The slideshows in certain stories that have them never work. Otherwise this is the only way I get any news because I won’t watch it in tv
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3 years ago, 3 Wise Men
Fast & Reliable News!
I get their news alerts before some of the major news outlets! And it’s always reliable news! I’m glad to know what’s going on in the Omaha/Nebraska area, as I have family there!
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4 years ago, Iowan for Huskers
Love the Appl also
Great application! It keeps me up to date instantly on the weather! Also, it keeps me informed of the news happenings both local and in the rest of the world. Thank you very much for this great service!
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6 years ago, k@0ma
Just ok
If you don’t open the notification when it pops up, you’ll never see what it was about in scrolling down or anywhere in the news feeds. Also weather info and radar take forever to load.
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6 years ago, omaharoyal
It’s ok. I would hope in 2018 it would more intuitive. I don’t want or need sports updates. I do want local news and weather updates. I often get a notification of a new story, when my phone screen is locked. I go to app, and nothing is updated. It takes some time before that story is posted.
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5 years ago, resident40
App has a major bug that pops up frequently. While reading an article it will cut off mid sentence, there will be a big ad to scroll past, and then the sentence won’t be continued, instead a new paragraph will start. Other times article ends mid sentence. Big chunks of info missing. Seems like ads are being pasted over the article instead of within it.
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6 years ago, SE Nebraskan
Best local weather on my phone!
Thank you for keeping the weather report detailed enough to help me in inclement conditions! The radar is the easiest to see, and the most detailed, even for my rural area of any app I have found.
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4 years ago, Husker Marty
Prefer this Application except...
Enjoy reading the stories. Do not like the 15 second ads, that you cannot skip after 5 seconds, like one of the other stations have. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ad started immediately but it doesn’t. There is a long pause. Prefer another station’s app because of thid
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2 years ago, formerpogoloverbutnomore
Please update more frequently. Old news stays featured too long. Often the tv broadcast refers to web site, but that information is never provided there. Example: Friday 3/18 early evening news featured a story about petitions to put marijuana on the ballot and said locations to sign would be on the mobile app later that evening. It never happened that we could find. This happens often.
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5 years ago, Ljobd
As a station I like you a lot. And up until now I watched your station exclusively. But once ABC banned the American Flag Pin or any show of patriotism, well I’m done with the station. On to other venues Sorry Bill and all the rest of you.
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6 years ago, omaha74
How many commercials does it take to watch a 30 sec video clip on the KETV app??? I spend more time waiting for the commercials to funnel through than its worth watching the actual news clip. Too bad because I like KETV omaha.
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5 years ago, Snowscape71
It great
While traveling I like to keep in touch with what’s going on in Omaha. Unfortunately for our city, there is lots of reporting on who got shot or stabbed, and car wrecks, however most of the other stories are about other cities outside of Nebraska. I want good local news! Street repairs, flooding updates, West Nile virus info, good news etc.
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4 years ago, horsegirlatheart
KETV app
I like the KETV app. I appreciate the breaking news notifications and the fact I can watch the news from my phone. I really have no issues at all!!
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6 years ago, Busygma67
This has been my favorite station for many years ! Everyone there is great at their job ! Even new people always seem to fit right in and do a good job ! Whether on TV or online, channel 7 is the best !
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4 years ago, Nickn8me T8ken
News Stories are Cut Out by Ad Placement
While I like to read the local news, it is very annoying that ad placement cuts out parts of the stories. This is a consistent problem and it should be addressed. Ads are placed midway or toward the bottom and scrolling past them does not produce the missing prose.
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5 years ago, Snokia
Disappointed in your news.
You lost me a day ago when your story was anti Trump about the boy dying at the Boarder, you are supposed to be unbiased and you weren’t. Very disappointed. Had watched you for almost all my 63 years. Also I want to see local news on here. I have multiple apps for news all over the world and the US. It’s confusing when your headline is about a murder or something and it’s not in Omaha.
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6 years ago, omahaforever
Husker fan
I love all the news team. They are not stuffy the have fun during the broadcasts and inform you when there is breaking news! Do not change anything or anyone. They all are the best.
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4 years ago, m weather guy
Weather videos
I would rate higher but the videos freeze up and it takes three or 4 times to try to open them. The map has improved a lot and the hourly and 10-day forecasts are good. Don’t look at much of the other content
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4 years ago, cewong
Like having updates during the Coronavirus
I give this app five stars. Informative, critical updates during this time. Very assuring to me to have the information at anytime! Thank you.
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5 years ago, jfvugedc
When i receive notifications I’d like to actually tap on it and be directed to that story. I haven’t turned notices off but I don’t go to the ketv app to find the story. Also, when I was asked to take this survey I was directed to something that looks as though I’m supposed to download the app...???? Very confusing.... ...I’m on my third attempt at a nickname....
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