4.6 (1.2K)
63 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KFOR

4.62 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
5 years ago, julie walton-Hillis
K4 app
This app is a must have! Especially when we have bad weather you need the 4warn! We used it last night so we could rest and listen for our phones it’s that reliable! I also love getting the news before it ever hits the actual air on television! Thanks to all of you that work there! I absolutely love everyone of you and keep you in our prayers!
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3 years ago, Rjphonda
No, no and no. From fantastic to completely horrible
I can’t even find the words to explain how sad I am about your most recent update. Yours was the only one of Oklahoma’s three major news outlets’ app that was worth anything. I could scroll and read until I was blue in the face and the news stories never stopped. And other than the ridiculous ‘continue reading’ button that broke more often than not, everything worked as it should. I never had to click a menu button over and over to see everything. And now this. It’s just like the others, maybe worse. Only a very limited number of articles. Gotta go to the menu for every little thing. And OMG it’s on-stop stuck. It’s like it has zero bandwidth and freezes every few seconds as it refreshes or something. Can’t even read an entire article without the ‘hold please’ frozen hiccups. IT’S HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE.
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6 years ago, BrendonW
Ads block stories
The newest update will have full page ads that pop up and completely block the story. You can exit the story and load again to try to read a little more, and then an ad will pop up again 10 seconds later and completely block it again. I try to use your app even with the ads, and now the ads are literally preventing me from using the app so I’m going to switch to another stations app. Over the last 2 years on this app, ads being preventative for proper use of the ad have been an issue probably 4-5 times. Tired of dealing with this when other stations have the exact same story but don’t have glitchy ads popping up with each update. I have decided to just delete it.
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4 years ago, King Carricko
My go to news app
It’s the only news app I have. But unless this is fixed, I’m picking someone else. The “continue reading” option... Fifty percent of the time, the app locks up when I touch the continue reading button. 100% of the time I have to tap this more than once for the whole article to show up. At first I thought I was being impatient but I wait five seconds... still nothing. Do we have to push a continue reading every time? And if so, can it be fixed so it’ll actually work?
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5 years ago, Janet sherry
Please update the OKC sky line photo on the opening page of your news . Devon Tower and other areas to highlight Great up to date news Tv9 very poor and Not up to date News . Thanks
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2 years ago, enby1994
I have a suggestion.
Please fix the app refreshing automatically whenever you exit a news story. It’s frustrating to have to load and scroll for several minutes to find buried articles and then having to scroll back down to my place after I exit the article. Would be nice if the app would save your place so you can continue looking through older/buried stories.
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1 year ago, Jgoodsgt
No live footage
This past two weeks we have had horrible weather with tornado activity. I used to be able to go into this app and go to video on the lower right of the app, where if something was live or mike Morgan was on tv, I could simply open this app and would see a red dot by the video icon, which would tell you he’s on live, while on the go. That has not been the case lately. Whatever has changed is not working.
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1 year ago, Cowboy4OSU
Great app but now no live broadcast
This was my “go to” news & weather app for many yrs. Recently they no longer have live shows - only recorded segments. It was really great to tune in to our hometown news/weather when we are traveling. 🙁 very sorry to see this feature taken down. Still a reliable source.
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3 years ago, SankaOk
Apps quit working
This used to be my go to news and weather. My cable gives mostly Texas weather not much for our area. I had both apps on my iPhone XR and iPad PRO, don’t work. Both KFOR and 4 Warn apps freeze up. No pictures or articles show up when opened. After the updates all this happened. It’s weird that KFOR works on my husbands iPhone 12 Pro fine.
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4 years ago, Toodyloo
Repeat stories
The first two sections that come up when you open the app are the same stories. There are the opening articles, maybe three or four. Then just under that is “Suggested stories” that are allegedly based on stories you’ve read but it’s just the same as the first articles. Even if you don’t read them the first time BAM there they are again.
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3 years ago, Mother to 5 kiddos
“Continue Reading” button is driving me crazy!
This app used to be wonderful. New stories were added to the top. I could stroll through the news until I’d get to the ones I’d read the day before. I hadn’t updated my apps for a long time and when I did the format was entirely different. Please go back to the old format. Or is there a way I can go back to the old version that I had?
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4 years ago, Adruss45
Stories should open in full format
Lately, every story opens to just a few lines. Then you have to tap “continue reading” for the rest of the story. Just open it up!! Most of the time, when I tap continue reading, nothing happens. Story won’t open. It is so frustrating! I am ready to delete the app and follow a different channel.
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6 years ago, landsforcourts
The Best & Most Reliable App for Local News
And I love that they don’t send a push alert out unless a) it’s confirmed and b) the story is ready to read on their website. Looking at you News 9 & KOCO 👀
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4 years ago, Cheerio703
Worst platform ever
First, any story you click on comes up with a single paragraph and a read more bottom. When the read more button works at all, it takes several times of tapping it and waiting forever for it to load the rest of the article. Lately, read more just goes to a blank white screen. This app is as bad as the reporting! Fix the app and stick to the facts.
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4 years ago, {rainmaker}
Great pop up and click bait app if that’s what your looking for
This is a great app if pop ups and click bait is what your looking for. Stories load slow if they even load but the ads are AMAZING. More ads than one could hope for. This app is designed as well as their FOX knock off news set with the sound quality of the drive in speakers you used to hang from your car windows.
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6 years ago, Goldwingdanny
We moved from Oklahoma but I Depend on News four to keep us informed about what is going on back home
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2 years ago, Sgt-Smax-A-Ho
Can’t read due to click bait
Constantly click baiting even though not touching screen. Pops you to online fake info stealing sites & completely takes you out of app! Getting worse with each update. Do yourself a favor & download News 9 instead. No accidental click bait or scam stories! Weather better there too.
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5 years ago, Tuttle granny
Repeats and Freezes
Love the station but their app stinks!! The app may show the same story two or three times. It may even show a whole stream of stories multiple times. And it freezes up with “network error” frequently- a problem that gets resolved only by deleting the app and reinstalling. Frustrating!!!!
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3 years ago, okokljgfcbgc
Freezes every couple of days
I like the content on this app, but it freezes every couple of days. So I have to delete and reinstall for it to work a few days more. “Tried reaching out to them at the station.... never heard back” familiar line.
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6 years ago, kennyapril5
Kfor heroes
Kfor has always been my fav. , always will be. Ive watched news in every town ive visited, & theres alot of them, but none compare to you guys !!!!
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5 years ago, Kahlua2019
Love the KFOR App
We no longer live in OKC, but we have Family in Stillwater and Friends in Edmond and like to keep in touch with the OK news.
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5 years ago, Non angry bird
Stop with the commercials in severe weather in the app
In severe weather if life is so important and we might only have a moment to get to safety why are we having to watch a stupid Sonic commercial or other commercials before we watch a “live” video of severe weather? I’ve emailed in many times and gotten no response.
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6 years ago, Zouters
Fix it!
I can see all the stories, it’s just every time I try to use this app, it crashes. I can’t even see stuff like traffic or weather using this app because all it does is crash. Fix it and you’ll get a better review.
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3 years ago, mdvictor004
Full of ads!
Have to get thru the ads leaves only two inches to read text. Waste of time to get actual info from. Pop ups before you can even see anything else. Just another way for the Corp to make $$$
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3 years ago, @nna01
New Update is Horrible!
I used to use this app multiple times per day to read the news. Now I can hardly navigate it. Also, it freezes horribly and makes my phone run much slower when I have it open. I guess I’m going to have to find a new news app.
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5 years ago, Beemergrl
Keeps crashing
This App was fine until recently. It freezes up often and shuts down
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3 years ago, Editor for d day
You’re “One” again
Should that be **once**again?
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6 years ago, Matthue Mooring
My Mom and Dad watched KFOR before I came along, so I have been watching KFOR my whole life and now I watch it with my Twins. “Is this a great news cast or what”?
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4 years ago, Lady_DD
App broken
This was my “go to” app for local news but now it’s hard to see the news stories without inadvertently clicking on an ad. Also, the options to continue reading or share do not work so I can’t read the whole story.
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6 years ago, the marks n.e.okc
Loving it all day
We love to see all the news and a the Hart warming story’s every day
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4 years ago, SoniaWalachaka
The Continue Reading button in most articles often doesn’t work. This makes the app unusable. What do you need such a button? Is it too much work to put the entire article out there immediately.
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2 years ago, gclarkw
Browser Hijacker
Constantly hijacks your browser to display pop up advertisements. I would recommend staying away from this app as I have now also deleted it!
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6 years ago, SparkyJones
Uses unethical clickbait
I enjoy the channel, but the app has begun to show two thumbnails of the same stories. Both look the same. One links to an ad and the other links to the story. You have to guess which one. If you select the ad, you get redirected out of the app to a website and have to kill that to go back to app. In the meantime, they’re making money off of your frustration. Neither thumbnail indicates it is linked to an ad. I’ll get my news somewhere else, I guess.
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4 years ago, Gaspasser78
Crashes Continually on iPad
Of the 3 main news apps for the OKC area, this one seems to crash & reload continuously when I click on an article. It has gotten to where I will not use it. This happens when it is the only app open.
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4 years ago, Coryk001
Great app however...
The read more button on the news articles hardly ever works causing the app to crash.
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4 years ago, Kristi-bob
Needs some work
Stories are not updated consistently. Other local news apps are, terrible customer service. Takes minutes to fully load a story, terrible.
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4 years ago, Kassafraa
Doesn’t show full articles
In an effort to find good news app other than newsok, I recently downloaded this app. Too many notifications and doesn’t show full article. Or at least I couldn’t figure it out.
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5 years ago, ruffinesnowjr
Love KFOR like we do?
If you love KFOR TV news like we do you will love the app! It’s handy and easy to use!
Show more
3 years ago, 4thEstateIsMorallyBankrupt
Mostly Nat’l News
I’ve tried using the app for local news several times and instead find national news coverage mostly. In the middle of historic weather, their main stories are about celebrities.
Show more
6 years ago, #biginch#
You guys are the best, bar none. Your app is amazing
Show more
1 year ago, Alley bar
Kfor app
What happened to the live broadcast? I no longer have cable or satellite so I would always watch your live stream. I guess I’ll have to watch another channel.
Show more
6 years ago, Ducrider99
Awful app
Stupid ad keeps popping up every few seconds...I couldn’t even share a story because the ad would interrupt the texting process...so I deleted the app instead.
Show more
4 years ago, Last24k
Not worth your time
I’ve gotten 2 alerts that President Trump is live to update the nation on COVID-19. Nope, the China virus has touched everybody differently and they should be broadcasting any updates that are happening real time. I’m deleting this app.
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1 year ago, ni exit
Needs work
Can close once you open. Send notifications and then the story isn’t there
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6 years ago, Jbob's Review
Bring the weather maps back.
I don’t want that garbage 7 day - I uninstalled the app I’m not going to download 3 different apps, they could easily be integrated into one. Nice ad revenue I’m sure though.
Show more
3 years ago, H2Oskier1
Adds cover the content, unable to read more than 2 lines at a time. deleted.
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6 years ago, Madmanpicklemachine
I think it’s great
I just think it’s great
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3 years ago, Prime thread
Hard to use
THE MUST BE RATING THEMSELVES Weather radar takes too long to load if at all (tried 3 devices ) TOO MANY ADS IN THE WAY. Frustrating to use CANT COUNT ON YA 4 =( Can not read your stories without freezing up, waste of app space, you used to be the best but your AD GREED has caught up, your not here to help, your here to sell me stuff . If you need WEATHER INFO USE WEATHER CHANNEL APP, IT LOADS & no AD GAMES
Show more
6 years ago, illinoisan Okie
The traffic page is blank but everything else opens.
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2 years ago, Beastly b
To many pop ups
Used to enjoy, but now every story opens advertisement pop ups in new window. Ugh
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