KFVS12 - Heartland News

4.5 (3.9K)
65.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KFVS12 - Heartland News

4.48 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
3 years ago, PertieBertie
Just frustrated
I downloaded new format. It’s going to take some getting used to I chose “breaking news” and it will coming across my phone then afterward in my app will show a number…it keeps adding up even after I get on the app How do I clear this number? And what is the number for? The breaking news? New articles? When I open the app it doesn’t show a notice as to where to find the breaking news for more info. Is it in tile #1 (just plain news) tile#2 weather, #3 streaming… etc… have no idea 🤷‍♀️ That would be helpful. Trying to like the app, really
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4 years ago, pstreiler
KFVS-12 review
I feel like you should have a section where people can write in and make suggestions and or to whom. If there is a story happening and we want to reply we would be able to. Otherwise KFVS- 12 is the greatest news station and we Love our News reporters. Our Weather group is by far the best. Love ya Grant and Laura your the cutest little thing but one suggestion to you , always wear darker solid colors it makes you look so adorable. Crystal your adorable. Just Great Job each and everyone of you. Justin Fisher I didn’t mean to forget you, your moving on up. Lots of Love to ya’ll.... 😁😁😷😷🙏🏻
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5 years ago, Zeta Pirate
First is Twelve
Before I check on the rest of the world as I rise each morning, I need to know what’s going on here in Southeast Missouri. KFVS, Channel 12 provides that information quite well. At 84 weather forecasts are absolutely necessary to determine whether or not I can get out and do local errands or drive to Cape to shop. Knowledge of the weather incoming, no matter the season, is vital to the health of senior citizens. So, thank you, Channel 12, for important news in the area and helping to keep seniors safe. By the way, your broadcasters are top quality in their delivery as well. Charlene Bennett, Fredericktown
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6 years ago, Captain Pinky
It is still 2 years plus before our presidential election. The mud slinging has not stopped from the last one. The mid terms are coming up and I’m sick of the lying and vicious attacks shown to and by the candidates. Is there no way to stop this from happening?
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5 years ago, Mrsjam96
Typos, wrong words, bad grammar
I know you hire college graduates to write your articles, but it seems like they haven’t passed 3rd grade! I am so sick of reading articles with bad grammar! Teach the children to use spell check and to read their article before they post it! Heck, have their coworker proofread their article before they post it! If you’ll pay me I’ll proofread ALL of the articles before they post them! I find something wrong everyday! It’s ridiculous and unacceptable, especially with the technology we have these days!
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4 years ago, Jeph Street
KFVS12 should keep their opinion out of their reporting.
The app works really well and and is reliable and easy to use. KFVS12, however is losing credibility as a unbiased news source by putting the reporter and anchors personal opinions in their stories. Why can’t the news just report the news and let the viewers make up our own minds?
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3 years ago, Kirk & Natalie
We’re from Mayfield,Ky. We have been watching your newscasts for quite a while now. We consider it far superior to other channels. Not only is you news & weather much better,your hosts & personnel are much more professional than others. Keep up the great work!
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4 months ago, NoNickname taken
The app would lock up my phone. I tried deleting the app restoring the app, turning the phone off, and turning it back on. It was still locked up, deleted the app and downloaded it from the app store, but it was still locked up.
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6 years ago, baloney reader
News Review
I enjoy some of your “news articles” but they are so cluttered with advertisements it gets confusing wading through everything. Also, you leave too many articles up way past their consumption date. Many of your articles are inflammatory in their headlines especially when they concern the current administration. I assume when you post anything from AP you take it as is without doing any fact checking.
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4 years ago, missysal
I love KFVS news and weather. I am so comfortable when I have the kfvs weather on during stormy weather. No one can do weather coverage as well and Grant and Laura. They are the absolute BEST!!! I check in with the news every day and feel that I am kept up to date by checking in with kfvs. Just the BEST in my world!!!
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12 months ago, #7of 7
Keep up all of your work. I depend on your weather coverage. Hated to see Laura go. She was great. Callie Campbell if doing a good job as well. Love it when Grant Dade does the weather. Especially when we have sever weather. KFVS is my # 1 Station for news and weather.
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5 years ago, Kate Lynn 27
Best local news app
This is my go to News app for my local area. Their weather app also keep you well-informed of changing weather conditions. I highly recommend both apps.
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5 years ago, America lineman
Political correctness
I will never vote for another democratic the rest of my life, just because of what they have done the 2 years and because of what they stand for and what they are doing to our country
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5 years ago, 1542Z
App problem
After the last update the app will not open.
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5 years ago, Alcie Faye
Good news station
KFVS keeps the area updated on latest happenings as they happen. Enjoy the special features such as Unsolved Mysteries, Wibs challenge questions and features on local people. Keep up the good work KFVS staff.
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12 months ago, NanaSLH211
Most nights this looks like a high school television station. Are you using all interns? Unless you have your tried and true long term anchors and weather people your news broadcasts are amateurish. The newer weather person Madeline Parker is an exception. She is good. The rest of your summer crew would benefit from an introductory speech class.
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6 years ago, one piece od wood
I don’t care for the latest app at all. Seems to be a repeat of the same news and not updated often enough
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2 years ago, MY kids03
No need for location services-remove the requirement
You do not need my location for me to read the news. For some reason you all decided you had to have location services on to track everyone when you didn’t before. Remove this as a requirement from the app..You’d reach more folks.
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6 years ago, xxbonniezz
Missing 12
We can no longer get ch 12 with cable dish or direct tv. We miss everyone so much. This app is our only connection to our friends at ch 12
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2 years ago, stopuselessalerts
Horrible App
This is by far one of the most user UNFRIENDLY apps. Local news is nonexistent, they troll Facebook more than do ant journalism. The live feed on here is a joke, most of the time. Sometimes I get a station from who knows where…pretty sad for a station that mentions this and their weather app multiple times per news cast. Almost useless.
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4 months ago, Gjet31689
Won’t open useless
I have always used this app on my iPad however for some reason now it won’t even open. Automatically closes when I click to open. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still doing the same thing. At this point I’ve just deleted it, it’s useless to me now.
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5 years ago, MiaJ87
Click Bait
Sometimes you’re worse than click bait. “Open app to see more” is becoming a common phrase. Sometimes we don’t have time nor do we want to open app for more details especially when you can put all the details in the push notification. Do better.
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3 years ago, $&;5;6&4:79(5,8)
It just will not work....
The last 3 updates haven’t worked. It may just be my phone, but I don’t think so. It acts like it’s trying to load, but never does. I have to go online to view the news. I even tried shutting down my phone and restarting it. It didn’t work.
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4 years ago, 123 kathy
Love your report on everything thank you all so very much to News Team’s and Weather Team god bless you all
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6 years ago, ole hin
Great news
I enjoy getting the latest news on my phone
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3 years ago, fedup for good
Really Gone Downhill
I find it almost possible to find news items or watch anything because of the pop-up ads. It is truly pathetic. I have used the app for years and was always very pleased until recently.
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3 years ago, no news ain't good news
App closes
I open the app and then it closes back to App Store immediately. This has happened a few times since their “new” and “improved” version was introduced. Come on channel 12! Channel 3 and channel 6 apps work fine.
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6 years ago, this is what im talking about
Way too many ads. Ads pop up constantly and the page has to always refresh because there are so many. Would really like to get the news instead. Seriously considering deleting the app completely.
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1 year ago, i234i
great app
it was really nice to be able to watch the live weather broadcast while the tornado warning was passing through. i wasn’t able to be by a tv, you guys do a good job. no problems with the app, everything worked great
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1 year ago, Linda@1956
One great app…thanks for all y’all do on your reporting and keeping us safe…
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3 years ago, Koprhead
Does not work
Updated the app stopped loading a new update came out in a couple of days downloaded and still doesn’t work. Very Disappointing. Updated again and still not working even deleted and reinstalled and still won’t work Update still not working do any of you care your product is defective Updated again still not working uninstalled and reloaded with no resolve. This app needs major help 6-2-21
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4 years ago, babyowen3
Good job keeping people informed on area news and weather....
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4 years ago, TooToo 3
Love this app keeps me in touch with local news!
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5 years ago, AHAHS
After update can’t open app
After the most recent update the app won’t even open. Hate all the trivial alerts. Learned long ago to turn notifications off for the app. I would give this zero stars if I could.
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11 months ago, libtyuxrwxcgj
Grant is the best weather guy I’ve ever seen explaining metrology.
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4 years ago, CL77CentralMO
Would love to look at the news on your app but over half the screen is covered with a Roku ad. Love your channel but your app is not up to date, not intuitive and needs a lot of work.
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4 years ago, run4st
News anchor
Female African American - her rhythm is always off. Hard to follow and lesson to. Makes many errors and seems to have trouble pronouncing certain words. Not sure of her name, sorry.
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3 years ago, Darnamazingperson
KFVS news
Takes forever to down load not worth the time it takes, old one much better
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2 years ago, P90X-er@48
Pop up political adds constant
You can’t get through an article without being interrupted with this garbage. App is basically unusable.
Show more
3 years ago, Sopitty
Unable to load
I can’t get past the loading screen. I updated the app and it still didn’t work
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6 months ago, Simplykris10
Used to be able to find the news on this app, now I have to hunt for it and still cannot find it.
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6 years ago, Smtroop156
Way too many alerts through the day. I don’t need 5 weather forecast each day. One will do. Alerts don’t need to be sent on trivial news items.
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3 years ago, semojc
I wish the news cast came through as problem free as the commercials.
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2 years ago, ddscholl
KFVS propagates Fake News. Seldom, if ever gives conservative views.
Do not watch anymore since retirement Weather is the only reason I keep the app. People are tired of being fed Leftist information.
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5 years ago, 301xzy421
Heartland this heartland that
If you don’t mind hearing the word heartland in every sentence KFVS may be for you. I have been watching wpsd tv for years just because I’m so sick of hearing heartland heartland heartland.
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2 years ago, Stick123456789
Too many ads!
Just want to read some news. I can tolerate some ads, but wow! This app is worse than Facebook
Show more
3 years ago, Skywalker751010
New app and look is garbage. Nothing but click bait to try to get the notifications off your screen
Show more
5 years ago, MSHP 535
I used the previous app all the time to check the news but now I can't even open the newer version app.
Show more
3 years ago, duffas2
Mobile app
Will not work most of the time. Can’t change subjects
Show more
4 years ago, Freeman8223
App crashes when you click radar.
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