KGET 17 News

4.7 (3.1K)
66.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KGET 17 News

4.7 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Thick1313
Update the news app on the weekend
I enjoy the news app but I’ve noticed lately the app isn’t updated on the weekends as far as local news. I like to keep up on our local news on the weekends as well as during the week. That’s my only complaint
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4 years ago, Big rest
Worthless app that wont allow you to read an article without it freezing or crashing. If reading headlines ONLY interests you, then this is the app for you. If you want to read a story, this app is a no go. Another gripe I have is the constant advertisements IF and only if the app allows you to open a news story, you’ll immediately have a video play at full volume (even if your phone is on silence mode) with some game app advertisement. Also every time the app is opened you’re greeted by the creepy Bakersfield lawyer and his team. Advertisement equals income, I understand that. But to have it jammed down your throat at every corner of the app, on top of it freezing or crashing just isn’t worth the time. Find another news app for Bakersfield. This one is absolute trash.
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5 years ago, zrevai
Great Local News App For My Local Station!!!
Great Local News App For My Local Station!!! Push notifications are awesome to have access about local news events that are actually happening in my area where I live and can’t get it from national news sources at all!!!
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6 years ago, Eod Layman
Love this station.
I love the station, however, what I am really impressed with use of the volunteer time that this station puts into the community. Very impressive group of people. Thank you for all that you do for Bakersfield.
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5 years ago, Baby Seal
Lack of Nat’l, Business, and Entertainment News
Your recent changes (no daily national, business, or entertainment news) is not covering the news.
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5 years ago, mloar39
Cannot stand the constant in your face advertising from that lawyer. It gets old quick every time you go to look at the news that is always in your face first....
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4 years ago, lovely.emilyg
Updated weather you like it or not
Keeps me updated even when I don’t want to be 😋
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2 years ago, Gomi1289
Forced ads
More often than not these days tapping on an article will trigger an ad to open in a separate browser window. Huge security concern and just a big of an annoyance when you are just trying to read an article. The app is also build like a potato and runs like garbage.
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4 years ago, maryblades
Channel 17 news
This is my favorite news station. I think mainly in your honesty in reporting the news, but your passion for our community. Jim Scott and Tami Mlchock make an awesome team. KGET will never be the same when Jim Scott ever retires. It will be almost the same as losing the Gradiwitz from KUZZ, and Kobe Bryant from basketball. That’s how much I think of you folks. Truthfully spoken, Mary L. Brown
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4 years ago, Small town walker
I liked KGET on TV, so I thought I’d try the app. Another reviewer noted that there was no weather update on the weekends. My problem was that I could never get the weather report to load and I couldn’t find a written report on the weather for any day. I drive all around Kern county and knowing even local conditions is important.
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3 years ago, ms bear83
The ads now auto play and i just want to read the news. The ads are loud and frequently cause the whole app to freeze. I may delete it. The news content is fine, but the app itself is obnoxious.
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1 year ago, crader1
Too many ads!
It’s a good app for Bako news, but there is way too many ads. Click on any link and there’s an ad. I understand you gotta make money from advertising, it’s overwhelming and hinders your purpose.
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4 years ago, Bako4me
My favorite News Station... actually the only one I choose to watch
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6 years ago, StreetsofBakersfield
KGET News App
I love the local news coverage. Not so mainstream! Local news keeps the community informed. Thanks KGET!!
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4 years ago, stukhere
Where’s my town?
Eastern part of Kern County is the ignored, unwanted child of Kern County that is only covered if a major catastrophe, like earthquakes, or if something happens and a Los Angeles channel covers the “incident “ happening first! Then and only then does Eastern Kern County even get a mention! Eastern Kern County is covered better by LA TV channels, newspapers, and news radios than anything from Bakersfield!
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5 years ago, ring44
Glad to have you back on TV
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4 years ago, tiredofnbc
Blaring adds!!
I hate every time I try to read a story the adds blare at you. Most of the time your reading in places that are quite. I shouldn’t have to turn my phone to silent just to read a story. The ABC app is much better in that department.
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7 years ago, Simple_American
It's okay
Eyewitness news and the abc channel 23 app do a better job. This one, kget 17, is still important because its local news
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5 years ago, Lilly's 4 you
I would like see more updates of current event and maybe even videos. Sometime the new is delayed in the City of Bakersfield
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3 years ago, ekleal
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4 years ago, Ln813
Weather update hasn’t been updated in over 2 weeks.
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7 years ago, rrogersatx
It's pretty turrible...
Given the quality of the newscast, I expected much more out of this app. Hard to navigate, too many annoying ad pop ups.
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4 years ago, Heyitschinnaa
Wishful thinking
I love the news!!! Plus, they are the only ones I truly believe is LEGIT but I hate the ADS! Wish there was a ONE TIME small fee for removal of ads!!!
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5 years ago, tremfya
I don’t think the opening picture is appropriate
It is a news channel not a means to promote an individual.
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4 years ago, jeffm90
It keeps crashing and I can’t see any news.
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5 years ago, DDdlm715
Jim Scott
Jim Scott was interviewing Kevin McCarthy and he obviously was sick and coughing. Is this the message you want to send to your viewers? If your sick, stay home. Don’t be spreading the flu. Shame on you.
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8 years ago, forever_avenged
Up to date
Up to date news and really love the traffic cam feature! (please don't remove that)It really helps if there's traffic so we can take another route!
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11 years ago, bUrNNiNNaToR
I like that they changed the sliding title bar up top. But now it is harder to navigate. Buttons at the bottom are used to navigate but you can't edit their positions. It has a lot more weather information, slow to load. Two story preview for each category, local, state, national etc. I keep hitting the "submit your story" button on accident because it's too close to the "more" button. There aren't any new stories for local news. I have USA Today, CNN and other apps for national and international stories. I just need one for local. There is no way to exit an article because the 'done' button disappears.
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8 years ago, Emily Meiping
This app seems to have a lot of glitches, even when they make updates or changes. The biggest annoyance is when I see the red alerts at the top and then click on them. It ALWAYS says "Alert no longer available." Which means I can no longer even read what that alert was about. If it's no longer available, then take the alert off where no one can see it!!!
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13 years ago, Codyodyo
Best Station - Best App
When I'm away from home, I love to use this app to check in with the best station in Bakersfield. Five Stars!
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7 years ago, Ljrine
Do not see news updated fast. A lot of news stories posted that are a week or older. Assume this is to keep news categories full. Traffic cameras work part of time, Mohawk and Rosedale seems to be off most often.
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8 years ago, 3hittolumby
Needs Notification News Updates
Other local news apps have news updates through notification which is nice if you don't visit the app much, news 17 app does notify only on significant weather reports I've received.
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13 years ago, Fuzzybuney
This app is a waste of time. Hardly ever updates and you can't even log on. There is always some error that makes it crash. Also, whenever you receive a text message the article you're reading is refreshed back to the home page.
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11 years ago, Phd fd
Not a bad app. Has pretty much whatever you want to see just as you see on the actual news channel. Doesn't crash, and is fairly speedy.
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9 years ago, Loby ceist
Works well!
Way better than first release
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8 years ago, Soso378
Worst app in town
I don't know where to start. Their push alerts are not descriptive enough. I hate the fact when I want to click on the story it doesn't automatically hit on it. Their homepage is confusing and hard to navigate. For news apps, I'm going to stick with Channel 23 and 29!
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11 years ago, Woohoo661
Good could be better
I like having local news available as an app... But kget does not update their app nearly as often as another local tv station does
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8 years ago, Itxel
Multiple same alert in a few minutes
It's really annoying to be receiving "flash flood" alerts at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT& I mean MULTIPLE alerts. This has also happened with the forecast before. They should really limit their alerts to only a few after midnight.
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10 years ago, N.S.661
Great update!
Newest version is great! No bugs and doesn't crash. Can use Pricetrader now too!
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10 years ago, keytoarsonfan20
good app
fast and smooth
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8 years ago, Ummwalid
Good app BUT
It would be nice if the stories actually were completed the stories r left half ways so we don't know the full story please fix this issue
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8 years ago, KVB-FM
Old news, Screaming ads
The app just placed three alerts on my lock screen, from 10 days ago. Hideously obnoxious flashing ads, right-wing bias.
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13 years ago, Ringo701
What happened?
App keeps crashing while trying to load. Said to check my Internet connection. What's up?
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13 years ago, iFather
The old app was indispensable, the new app is a joke, you don't even get to read the full headline of the stories because it is truncated. Whoever programmed this app or bought the software for this app is completely out to lunch. Will no longer be using this once indispensable app. Very VERY disappointed!
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7 years ago, Mumsiedahling
Bakersfield channel 17
Informative. The sight needs to contain more. Good job.. for now!👍
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13 years ago, Katau96
It's a good day...
...for the app if you can get through an entire story before it crashes.
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13 years ago, Brett of the Dead
Fix this
Hasn't worked in 3 days. Loved it till then. Says won't connect to the Internet.
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11 years ago, Always 7
Terrible unethical reporting
This news station is all about what sells. As good as a supermarket tabloid. What they need is a good teaching on ethics. Delete immediately.
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7 years ago, LOVE IT😃😄
No bueno
They do not update daily, bummer because I like to watch 17 news
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12 years ago, Susiebak
No stars. Constantly crashes I'm deleting after this comment!!
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