KGUN 9 Tucson News

4.4 (187)
52.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Journal Broadcast Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for KGUN 9 Tucson News

4.44 out of 5
187 Ratings
5 years ago, Donna L. Freeman
Oracle weather
I don’t know how or where you get your feedback or information concerning the weather but you need to rethink it! The wind here is so much worse than Tucson is ever! And yet you show it as being a breeze. Check your sources please!!!
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4 years ago, Wiscious
Clear and concise relevant news
I don’t have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant fluff to get to the interesting stuff. No one proofreads anymore though. I wish I could get paid for every typo I find. I think everyone expects their computer to catch the errors. Old fashioned proofreading is still a good thing. This is still a good place to go to keep up with worthy news.
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11 months ago, kitty 52
Used to love app now it’s ceap
Used to like your app and weather especially. But now radar takes forever to load it’s confusing and too many ads. Definitely liked old version better. Upset I had to update app because now it constantly freezes especially checking weather. And ads in background makes it hard to read stories they interfere or won’t load. Sorry your improvement makes me want to uninstall because you made it more cluttered and not appealing instead of improving app
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2 years ago, rodeapple
Repetitive political commercials
App works great great. I travel and take my Apple TV device with me which has my kgun app on it so I can keep in touch with Tucson news. But I can’t watch it! It goes to commercial break and it will be the same negative political ad that is local to the state I’m visiting over and over and over. It is beyond frustrating. It’s like you’re trying to make us delete the app and move on. Just don’t understand why.
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6 years ago, MariPYT
Lousy commercials
I guess the positive is u get to see the local news but the crappy thing is that u have to put up w a ridiculous Amt of commercials. I absolutely hate all of the “sponsored content “. Ridiculously stupid developers think people actually click on those ? I avoid those at all costs, and would never click those, (even if they appealed to me) out of sheer contempt for them.
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6 years ago, toxmedic185
Updates often
KGUN updates their news app much more often than the others. Easy to use and always current, this is the news app to have in Tucson.
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3 years ago, BriSummer
Great app that works great
I used to watch the KVOA weather app. It never worked anytime I wanted to watch the news. I would have to watch on tv. Then someone recommended to me this app. It works so well! I love it!
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7 years ago, az mamamac
Love the instant updates
This app keeps me up-to-date with important matters in my hometown Tucson area. Especially love the traffic alerts that are always helpful! Very accurate reporting as well, which is much appreciated!
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4 years ago, REV Pilot
Simple Local News
This app is a simple conduit for catching up on both national and local news and weather by either reading it or with short videos.
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3 years ago, mind Ur bizness
sometimes a bit careless
It drives me nuts when a NEWS article has usage and/or spelling errors and then fails the 'who, what, where, when, why' test of professional reporting.
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5 years ago, Louise the invisable
I am happy to have found this app on my tablet because living in Bisbee, local news is not as readily available. Now I can see what is happening faster. Thank you
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7 years ago, Wotanapp
Keeping up with local news
Kgun’s app is fast and accurately reports the news. If the story is “breaking “, they make sure to tell you. Follow-up is pretty good. Also, timely push notifications on new stories.
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6 years ago, americiumdream
By Scripps see also Stitcher app
I prefer their social media feeds for commenting.
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4 years ago, pommompsh
Good Morning
KGUN begins my day. Before climbing out of bed in the AM I scan the news. It’s usually pretty balanced. I had a couple of other news apps and deleted them.
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6 years ago, Redsoxbernie
Correct designation
Please tell your sports readers that in baseball when a batter is hit it is simply called ‘hit by pitch’. On the other hand when a batter is hit in the head it is called being ‘beaned’. On tonite broadcast the male reporter said the Atlanta Braves batter who was hit by pitch in the left arm was “beaned”. He was not...he was hit by a pitch. There is a world of difference.
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2 years ago, iflygo
Fairly reliable
This app works almost all the time. It is my go-to for Tucson news.
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4 years ago, Jpitt52
Great Local News
Always check my news here. Never disappointed!
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6 years ago, Enna35
Up to date news
You are always on top of what is happening.
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5 years ago, Vermont05301
News and weather.
What more can you ask for? Quick, easy to read. It’s great!
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6 years ago, WildcatFan4Life
Love the instant updates!
The “Breaking” news updates are great! Stories I want to know about! So far, I’ve really enjoyed this app!
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4 years ago, jvermeulen77
Terrible design
The UI is terrible. Something I’d expect in the mid-2010s. Watching any videos/media associated with a story, sound, doubled stories (why not just update the original?), and searching for relevant stories. It’s not intuitive in the slightest. You open the app and get just a random list of stories. Unorganized, no top stories or design changes.
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2 years ago, Franktuc
Every video has a commercial?
Every video you watch on the app has a commercial before you get to see the story. How about showing one commercial every-time you open the app instead of every story click ?
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4 years ago, Designer-Zen
Ultra right lies in an ad represented by KGUN 9
False bias political statements in an ad do not belong on a news app. I was stunned to see a large ad stating “The left politics want illegals to draw from Social Security...” I promptly removed the app. I didn’t know KGUN 9 would allow such a false statement, a political bias ad that is allowed to represent KGUN 9; it is a symptom of the systemic infection from the ultra right. Shameful.
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5 years ago, zoe65711
Up to date
Like that continually updates vs. rehashing &recycling old stories.
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5 years ago, wldbil
Little News mostly ADs
This App is a commercial haven if you like commercials than this is a 4 star app. It starts with no less than 4 commercials then you get 2 stories then 4 commercials a true waste of the viewers time...UNLESS you enjoy ADs terrible.
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5 years ago, faelreppoc
Not that good anymore
For years I watched KGUN, personnel losses and not so good replacements have turned me off. Add in the number of commercials and the Liberal Political position makes it over the edge. A lot of coverage of the Muslim’s killed in NZ, not a mention of the Christians killed in the Phillipines
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5 months ago, R. Old Man
Rare updates
As I’m writing this it is just after noting that while it is Thursday articles are all from Monday…as is the daily forecast. Basically a useless news app.
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7 years ago, lomree
Too many spam ads
Far too many ads, most of them spam. Can't get through a story without being redirected to an ad.
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6 years ago, C-rat&friends
After the recent update it continually crashes after being opened for only a few seconds!
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4 years ago, Macrotog76
Right on point with facts & predictions such as weather. A must have for Tucson residents!!!!
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1 year ago, L'Croz
GET RID OF THAT STUPID VIDEO “VOLUME OFF” DEFAULT!! I choose videos because I WANT TO LISTEN while doing chores, etc - and the STUPID BUTTON IS SO SMALL I CANNOT GET IT TO CHANGE TO “ON”!!!!! FYI I try a few times, then give up in disgust, and go watch AND LISTEN TO Channel 13 instead!!! MASSIVE FAIL, dudes!!!
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9 years ago, Brother-Rogene
Nice bit of news.
I would like to give it 5 stars. However, there are no follow updates to the incidents reported. Having links to them would put this over the top. This app is far deserving than the one star it has received.
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4 years ago, Early Riser 🌞
Love this news station! Love it, love it, love it! Thank you KGUN 9 on your side! ❤️👍🏼
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7 years ago, gannabea
Up to date
Show more
5 years ago, toyota truck boy
It crashes when you open it
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7 years ago, AnnaBanana3232
Like reading a poorly written H.S. newspaper
I am deleting this app because the articles are never edited.
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5 years ago, betterburger
Kgun9 on my side
Darn good app
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4 years ago, Ee-$
Hot dang!
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11 years ago, bitterpoet
What's the point of having an app when it just redirects you to their mobile website inside the app when you click in news? The mobile site is junk. You can only see one article at a time. There are more ads and they appear more frequently. They're bigger ads too. I even had one ad pop up right on top of another ad that was already open. It took up about 1/4 of my screen so I could see even less of the article I wanted to read. Please just go back to the old way of listing articles. It takes forever to scroll through and find any that I might want to read. Before I could see them all in a matter of seconds. I'm extremely dissatisfied with this app. I like to get my local news from multiple sources but KVOA may be my only choice if KGUN 9 doesn't do something about this.
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13 years ago, Jesse Tharin
two or three little problems
When this app is running it hides the connection indication at the top of the "normal" screen so you have no way to determine if you are still connected with wifi or are getting the data through the 3G connection. This is important for people who live or work near a wifi connection and who fear the consequence$ of running over their data limit. The second thing is common to this sort of app in that the mini headlines are not written for an iPhone screen. That scarce screen space is also eaten up by a "web producer" credit on each and every item and a reoprter's byline. It's an INDEX, not an article. Sloppy.
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7 years ago, snmdr3116
Great Job!
Thank you to journalists working daily/nightly bringing news to the public. We need the Free Press now more than ever...keep working, you are so appreciated by me and many, many others. Remember, whenever you hear "...I hate the Press..." it really means they hate how well you are doing your job!
Show more
11 years ago, El_Goose
Great App
I really like the layout and on the iPhone the icons fill the screen nicely. Its different from other news app and it actually has content that works. It gives you the option to select news, weather, video etc quickly. Good job.
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7 years ago, MichelleLee tv
Definitely a 5 Star App
Download this app and I PROMISE you won't regret it. All your local and national news right at your fingertips. Kgun9 is one of my favorite apps that I have and use daily for breaking news, they alert me when they are live and I have emailed them in the past with concerns about seeing fire trucks and paramedics down and around my aunts house and they responded to me immediately. Thank you kgun9 for all your hard work in giving us the best news around town. We truly appreciate you all.
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10 years ago, Altoney19
Recent update
I have been very dissatisfied with this app since the recent update. The app takes a long time to load. The news portion is bombarded with ads and the layout is poor. Also, when you actually choose to read a news story and then push the back button it takes you back to the main menu, then you have to select news and wait for it to load again. This app has become a waste of time and waste of space on my phone.
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10 years ago, peterintucson
I have been a very satisfied user of this app. I did not enjoy AZ Star newspaper app after dropping subscription to Tuscan's newspaper. Going 'paperless', use my iPhone to catch weather and radar during monsoon season. And, later catch up on the local news using this good app with my iPad. Peter Miller Tucson
Show more
9 years ago, Nootie
Great news source!
Excellent App! I get update information on all news items . I just glance at my phone and all current info including road closures from recent automobile crashes or bomb threats that might deter any travel plans, Kgun app is up to date
Show more
14 years ago, HeroFails
Very Nice!
Didn't think it was going to be much. I was wrong. Very well put together and gives the feel of a paid app. Could use more radio stations tho. Overall, its really great.
Show more
8 years ago, River 66
100,000 times better than last offering
The previous app that I reviewed was good. I noted the poor weather interface. The update/redesign is really exceptional. Very clean, and uncluttered. That said, those who update content do a woeful job. Better app than the past, potential to be much better. Currently, at best only serviceable.
Show more
11 years ago, Norma777
Nice but...
Enjoy the app. But would be better if they would put a few more news items on the app. Better format, more videos. Would be great if you would live stream your newscast on the app as other local stations do.
Show more
7 years ago, SillySalPal
The best
KGUN 9 is the best of the local news stations with the latest up to date news. They are the first to alert you and have the most thorough information!
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