Khan Academy Kids: Learning!

4.8 (89.8K)
182 MB
Age rating
Current version
Khan Academy
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Khan Academy Kids: Learning!

4.82 out of 5
89.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Triciaroseyrose
Wow! Just what my kids needed!
Kahn Academy Kids is the best educational kids app I have found for my kiddos. The lessons are fun and engages my kids making it exciting to learn. We now use this app daily as a supplement to what they are learning in school. I have a 3 and 6 year old and both of them have their own profile and things we are working on. My 6 year old is learning how to read and he loves reading the books on the app out loud to me. My 3 year old is learning her letter sounds and this app actually pronounces the letter sound correctly for her. Super impressed by that as I haven’t found that to be common practice with education all apps - even on leap frog academy. The app is very intuitive to use and easy for my kids. I appreciate this because I can leave them to work on it independently or work alongside them - whichever I choose. Again, this is hard to come by. I also love how they get still get challenged by the lessons and actually grow and learn without feeling left discouraged. It gently nudges them if they get something incorrect. The math portion is wonderful as well and something I will be exploring more of. We have only had the app a week and there is SO much we can use this for. I felt compelled to leave a review already for the amount we have already used and enjoyed Khan Academy. Download this without hesitation for your child. You won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, keeperofthecookies
A+ app for kids!
My daughter(age 7) used Khan Academy in school prior to the 2020 pandemic. Our school district listed Khan Academy as a resource to use when schools began closing in March. We used it in addition to her other school work during that time. We decided to try this app for our son that is preschool age but needs just a little more time before introduction to a public setting and teachers; he’s our spirited one. Our son (age 4) LOVES this app, he willingly selects Khan Academy when we give him screen time. He actually stays engaged for long periods of time and has fun doing it. He uses the information learned from his lessons and applies it to his toys or in real life settings. He’s even begun to read short stories!! In conclusion, my personal opinion is that this app is amazing. If you have children that are already in school and need a little something to stay engaged; get this app. If you have a wild tornado child (our son) that has shown interest in learning but they are not quite ready to be put into a school setting; get this app. They go at their own pace and advance to the next subject after mastering the first. They also offer additional resources on the website for your kids, such as circle time videos, free printable worksheets. I wish more educational websites/apps worked like Khan Academy! Again, my own personal opinion and each family/child is different, but Khan Academy is a perfect fit for us.
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5 months ago, Zin468
The Absolute Best
I have used this app for years with all 3 of my kids. They all love collecting the prizes and exploring the library on there. It is EXCEPTIONAL quality and I am so grateful they keep this resource completely free. I have tried subscription based education programs similar to this. My kids liked Khan Academy better. It’s more engaging, has the same content quality and it is super cute too. You know how some of the educational stuff for young kids out there is just kinda.. cringy? Makes you scrunch up your face and you can’t look away?? Khan isn’t. That’s a nice bonus.. I added my youngest on there probably around 18 months. His older siblings got screens, he wasn’t going to tolerate being left out. So might as well make it something productive, right? I was curious to see how it would make activities interactive for such a young age group. The lowest age group, I think, is designed for 2 years old. It was definitely just blindly poking every option on the screen at first, but now that he’s nearly 2 he can definitely get through the activities by himself much easier. My oldest doesn’t really use it anymore, but I credit this app for helping him learn to read. When he entered kindergarten, he was evaluated and found to be, at least, 2nd grade reading level. Thank you for creating this wonderful resource, Khan Academy. I am truly grateful.
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4 years ago, CrocoPhile
Very well-designed for actual learning
My 4-year-old has been cruising through several apps over the summer and most seem to be designed to entertain kids with a hope that they’ll learn something, or they’re a mashup of kid shows and other “silly” content. I’m not saying they’re *bad* but my daughter is definitely more checked out after being on them after a while. They also don’t take into account kids different learning levels. The apps are the same for every kid. Khan Academy Kids is not like that. You can pick the difficulty level to match your kid’s ability which is awesome. I set up two profiles for my daughter. One set at kindergarten level that she can use in her own, and one at 1st grade level that she can do with a bit of monitoring if she gets stuck. It’s awesome. The whole experience is designed to promote learning in a way that’s engaging for kids but not silly. Everything has been designed with purpose. There are so many small details that I’ve noticed in the app that help my daughter get unstuck. They really do such a good job keeping kids focused on the right things and instructing in a way that is easy to understand and relatable for kids. Even the characters voices are soothing and child-like, as if it was a veteran kindergarten teacher speaking. Brilliant all around!
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4 years ago, BenjaminTemplar
Best in the World but...
Khan Academy Kids is excellent in every respect: teaching, entertaining, FREE, humungous database of great quality content. It is a 5 start app, no question about it. But... the problem is that most activities are loaded from their servers and even if you have a very fast connection; their servers are overwhelmed because this is such a popular and super amazing app, especially being FREE; that millions of parents around the world use it constantly. I use it with my two daughters (2 and 4 years old) every single night. They love it! But often times we have to wait 20 to 30 seconds for a particular module or activity to load. We have a 300mbps Comcast connection with a strong WiFi router which is basically next door. Oh, and I am an IT guys with over 25 years of experience. I am not complaining since this app is FREE and it is the best educational app in the planet by a long stretch. But I wish their servers offer would be more on par with their demand. I have no idea how this amazing company makes money out of this app because they don’t even show you ads. So, I understand why this will continue to be an issue for a while. However, this is an EXCELLENT app, by far the best in the world to teach your kids all that it’s offered inside the app. 5 stars and super highly recommended!!
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4 years ago, Nishadal
Makes screen time worth it’s weight in gold!
We recently purchased an iPad as corona and sheltering in place got the better of us. We were parents who avoided screen time like plague for our 2.5 year old son. But with schools closed and work from home getting challenging, we caved. However, the only app on his iPad is Khan Kids and with that, we have no regrets. He has learnt so much from watching those videos and playing the interactive word and logic puzzles that he has mastered most 3 letter spellings. Having been schooled in india, we as parents also found it informative to watch some of the phonics videos and unlearn our ways of learning and learn to teach him the way things are taught in schools here: the best part is no ads. We love the app so much that we are now recurring monthly contributors to khan kids. One suggestion for developers is to be able to increase the pool of words that feature in the word puzzles or allow parents to increase difficulty level once kids have aced a certain section of the learning. When the same set of 3 letter words repeat, my son begins to lose interest and gets visibly frustrated. He says ‘I just did this cody’ and gets upset when Cody gives him the same choices over and over again :)
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1 year ago, Nish Kaur
Educational, informative, keep’s kids interest
I thought I will never let my kid get on any apps but I don’t mind my daughter using this app. She is 5 and going to start kindergarten. Last six months or so I got her to do books, play with interlocking blocks, do free hand drawings etc once she started to write, read and draw I thought to introduce technology. It was hard to decide upon what app to use. I tried IXL app first that is good but more my daughter got bored a little as it had a lot of repetitive concepts more applicable more towards older kids. Then I came across Khan academic app. My daughter likes it a lot. She likes how those characters provide her feedback, each exercise starts with an example, it nudges her nicely and correct herself with useful clues. This app is helping her get independent and confident in her knowledge. Kids learn by making mistakes and giving information about correcting them by providing a good context and that is what I see happening when my daughter uses it. This is free so I am very grateful to people who created it. It is a very good resource and I agree that kids who don’t go to expensive prek programs and are behind their peers when they start.
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5 years ago, nuovo-ikat
Excellent preschool reading and math skill app
This is a really excellent app, not for the least of which because it is FREE (truly free). There is a ton of content in this app. My son especially enjoys the books. He is difficult to read books to because he wants to talk about the pictures, or which words rhyme, or his feet, instead of listening to me, and doesn’t want to read aloud himself (though he can), if he is even willing to sit still at all. The books in the app can be read without sound or the app will read it to you. He usually chooses to have it read aloud to him, and he actually sits and listens patiently 😅. The tasks started off too easy so my son became bored at first but I encouraged him to keep going because they do get harder. That would probably be my only complaint: it takes a while to get to level appropriate material because of the linear progression. Of course, my son purposefully gets it wrong sometimes to see what happens, then laughs his head off, so maybe it’s not the app’s fault. The rewards are cute, though, and keep him interested. There is both online and offline content, and it is easy to check your child’s progress. A++.
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9 months ago, jaymezzy
More parental restrictions please
I noticed that new features to restrict buttons were added over the years such as turning off the library buttons and videos and play, but little is done to restrict a child from playing an activity over and over and over. My child has a special interest in letters, but he is way beyond letters. I give him the app, that is all he will do unless I guided access block areas of the screen to deny him from endlessly repeating the same activities over and over. The result is, the guided access screen area restrict ions are cover half the screen where he can’t play any activities at all. Suggestions before I can give a 5 star: put the grade level restriction tab in the parents menu rather than where kids can have access. Allow me to turn off all tabs individually from the parent menus. Remove letter books from the books tab, they belong in the letters tab. Also, improve the parent access prompts beyond just swipe up and down, because kiddos can read. Parent access prompts such as single digit and double digit multiplication options work well at blocking my kiddo in his other apps. Also, don’t prompt for parents birth year, there was a 1:10 chance of my kiddo guessing an appropriate birth year and now he puts 1969 in all similar prompts. I love this app, but without certain modifications, it become completely useless.
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7 months ago, CertifiedMoxie
This is for quizzing…not for learning
Having learned a lot from Kahn Academy over the years, I was excited to learn of Kahn Academy for Kids. The positive points are that the interface is adorable and clearly a lot of effort went into the UI development. However, I wish they had spent as much time planning out the learning as they did the UI. This is not a platform that you would use to TEACH a child skills. This is a platform you would instead use to quiz a child on skills they already learned elsewhere. For example, in an actual snapshot of seconds they show a bunch of animals lined up for ice cream and say, very quickly, “This one is first, this one is second, this one is third, and this one is fourth. Which one is third?” If a child had never before been introduced to the concept of sequencing, then that is definitely not enough of an introduction for the child to answer that question correctly. Lots of tears will be witnessed. Also, I feel there a better job could have been done of assessing a child’s skills at the start. The only thing they ask is age and then they put your child in the “grade” that a typically developing child would be at that age. Not all children are typical, and those of us without typically developing children are looking for extra tools to help us along the way.
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2 years ago, QueenJaimes
Thank you Khan academy kids, you saved us! We’ve used ABC mouse and other apps but this is by far the best one! There are so many resources and tools to use that help parents and kiddos, with daily routines and learning paths. From printouts to planning a picture friendly schedule for the children to see very day and follow, it’s been a lifesaver. We lost so much learning time during the pandemic and our preschool days suffered. Now we’re having to catch up before elementary school and Khan academy is our biggest ally! I almost wasted thousands of dollars on Sylvan learning, but I’ve already seen a massive improvement in my children’s learning from just one week of using the app. It took a moment to get used to the buttons and how to navigate or repeat the questions, as the instructions aren’t very clear, but once you get that part out of the way, the children can easily navigate through each lesson and actually enjoy it! I have to limit their lesson time rather then them tell me they don’t want to do any more lessons. It’s been a wonderful tool to use on our supplemental home learning.
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2 years ago, lovelnl
Very cute app
I love the graphics on this app and the fact that everything is free. It has some really cute, fun ways to teach concepts. My son loves the coloring section and I love that I can select particular lessons based on what I want him to learn. My son is 3 but already knows all his letters and phonics and numbers 1-20 so I like that I can switch around to different age levels to pick something that will be new for him. I had paid for a different learning app where it made him follow a path and do every activity in order to move forward. I only allow him really limited screen time so I want to be really intentional in what he is learning and I like that this app allows me to do that. My biggest suggestion for improvement would be to have some sort of questionnaire at the start for parents to input what things their kids already know and what skills they would like to focus on and then have the app suggest particular activities. As it is now I have to spend more time to switch around the age levels to find new concepts to teach him.
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10 months ago, 🧁🥮🥧🎂🍔🍟🍕🥞
Hold on …
Ok, you’ve heard what the parents think, but how about the kids? Well, I’m a kid! Ok, it’s a okay app but I have a few small and big complaints. I’m not against the learning, I’m against the to easy content. I’d also like to touch up this problem, you do this for little kids to second grade. You don’t do older kids. You’re teaching to easy things by the way. You’re explaining it well though! This is a good app it just needs more kid loved content. How about adding this app up to fourth grade? Please stop the block cubits. It’s really not a life skill. Try multiplication and division, those are everyday skills a kid needs. Try multi-digit addition and subtraction. Maybe even three digit. Don’t acknowledge small math. Don’t show pictures of things and ask the kid doing the activity what the object is. They will not learn how to spell that way, believe me! Tell the kids to write the word they hear and not with a word bank. Acknowledge carrying and borrowing. I used to have a teacher who’d mark out problems with carrying and borrowing. Tell them about REAL books. Where has chapter books gone? (That’s for older kids, but Junie B. Jones is a good starter chapter book. Thank you guys in advance, have a wonderful day!
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4 years ago, TiffanyVaughan
Great kids learning app
We’ve been using khan academy for a few weeks now and are really impressed. All the content is the same as these pre-k and kindergarten workbooks I bought for my 5 year old, yet he had no interest in the workbooks, but when I introduced him to khan academy he was instantly engaged and asking to spend more time doing the exercises and activities through the app. The way it’s set up is fun for kids, and there are prizes they can collect as they complete different activities. My son loves bugs, and it happens that one of the prize options is always a big choice, so he loves that! There’s a large library of books to choose from, which khan partners with National Geographic to bring many kids science books to the app. The only downside is a child won’t learn how to hold a pencil/pen for that fine motor skill, but that is pretty minor in comparison to everything else they will learn through the app. I just add in additional non-screen time activities to help my kids fine motor skills, and I feel like they are getting a well rounded education.
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3 years ago, Ana C Maia Menard
Amazing learning app
This game can help so much in reading comprehension, mathematics and just about anything, this game can still be available without internet connection which is a pretty cool tool. This is such an engaging game it’s really unbelievable. One of the teachers in my school used Khan Academy Kids. Long story short I walked in on a normal Thursday and saw her students on tablets and any device this game could be played on (except for phones because none of her students have them). This game is fun for anyone. I teach a room of older kids and I thought (Khan academy not kids) was a nice tool for teachers but very boring for students but Khan academy kids really made it better for younglings. This game is great but developers please make Khan academy (normal bigger kid) more engaging. Me and the teacher Mrs Nowel and I love Khan academy kids. Thanks. Thank you developer for the reply. Our school currently has no questions. When we do we will gladly ask you. Thanks for no adds. We don’t want kids to see things that they shouldn’t be seeing.
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2 years ago, BeccaTwinBoyMom
Thankful to finally find an educational app that is easy for toddlers to understand and use
We were introduced to ABC mouse by a friend but found it was much too chaotic for our almost 3 yr olds to decide what they wanted to learn in the busy “schoolhouse” format they provide. It’s more suited for older kids. Kahn Kids has been amazing for them, they listen to the directions given by the bear and wait to interact with the lesson until it’s time, and it’s very open and clear what they need to do, the activities are perfect, even when sometimes they stray from the initial lesson and just use it to color a picture or be creative, it’s still engaging their learning minds in an educational way vs just watching children's nursery rhyme videos on their iPads. We love that it uses the Super Simple Songs brand of videos alongside the lessons as we already know and love their songs and characters, we sing along and replay lessons over and over just having fun :)
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4 years ago, Sabrina lee 33
My 3 year old daughter, Katherine, has always had trouble learning. She just can’t keep up with what me or the teacher says. Once me and her teacher Mrs. Lee had a serious conversation that I should do better parenting. She got 3 N’s on her report card last week... I was literally crying in my room, praying for help. One day, I came across Khan Academy Kids. There were so many great reviews, I immediately installed the app on her tablet. I signed in and made a profile for her. She started that day and I saw a HUGE difference, and I mean HUGE, improvement in her math skills, problem solving, social emotional skills, reading, letters, etc. The next report card she got... I was in joy tears, reading that EVERY GRADE ON THE CARD WAS AN O!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katherine absolutely LOVES the exercises and games! The teacher even had a private conversation with me and said how much she GREW, and she was TOP OF HER CLASS!!!!! I can NEVER, EVER tell the Khan Academy Kids developers how much this MEANS TO ME!!!! I can never thank you enough, GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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6 months ago, Amanda Goodwin
Best Free Educational App!
Due to lack of transportation, my daughter is no longer able to attend preschool for the time being. I decided to find some good worksheets, activities, and Educational Games to make sure she doesn't fall behind and is still prepared for kindergarten. I tried multiple apps, including paid options such as abc mouse and noggin, and hands down Khan wins. It's better quality content, no ads or "extras" to buy, and a much more child friendly interface. The others had so much more non educational "fluff". I would have been willing to pay the subscription costs if they were actually teacher my daughter, rather than just letting her play with virtual pets or other non educational games. I truly hope that in the future, some slightly more advanced content gets released and would absolutely be willing to pay for it. Perhaps as another app (e.g. Khan Academy Kids: Advanced) for a reasonable price or monthly fee.
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3 years ago, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1234
It’s here! I can’t believe it, someone who actually cares about the education of children! Thank you Khan Academy for making an app with no subscription, hidden purchases needed, annoying pop ups every time you open the app to “sign-up”. The app runs seamlessly unlike some other apps that “care about children’s education” but you have to subscribe weekly or monthly. Other competitors apps that you even have to pay for don’t run that smoothly and aren’t that engaging. This is an app created by people who care, and engages our 4 year old with healthy brain building challenges. This app is good for kindergarten preparation and they challenge our child in all required skills for well-rounded educational development. Again, thank you Khan Academy, I have Sal teaching me trigonometry and algebra and now your teaching my children to read and write, you help our entire family haha. Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts!
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4 years ago, ekwimes
A Needed App for young ones:
I download certain educational apps in my 5 year old granddaughter’s iPad (which I’m using now) due to blocking almost everything besides what’s appropriate for her age. She is in the moderate stage of Autism but her reading skills of sight words is at a level of a second grader. She loves reading a book and listening to the audio’s and searching through the Library of this app. I find this app keeping her attention longer with other learning skills that is needed and helpful for her. She feels a sense of learning on her OWN which is very important to her. She allows no one to help her which is a problem. So a Educational app as this helps with several learning skills such as reading, math, opposites, less than, more, equal. Just a fun app fun of Happy Learning. One note - l notice I am not that clear of certain settings of the parent guide section. But I am pleased you have it. Lol Thank you
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6 years ago, Ms. Ceton
THE best kids’ app
As a mother and a teacher, I’ve personally tried no less than 20 educational apps for kids age 2 to 6, and Khan Academy Kids is doubtlessly THE best one! I’m so glad and grateful that Khan Academy finally launched this awesome app for younger kids! I’ve just recommended it to all my friends and parents. 1. The lessons are the perfect combination of education+fun. They seem to be more age-appropriate in the difficulty level than other apps I’ve tried, and therefore more engaging to younger learners . 2. It’s fast. No need to waste your or your kids’ time waiting for the next lesson to load up. 3. IT’S FREE! Thank you Khan Academy for your goodwill to give the learning opportunity to less privileged children! A few recommendations for parents: 1. We should always try to stay with our children when they are using this app. In other words, don’t let the screen be the parent. That way, we can be aware of their academic progress and able to offer help. We don’t need to sit right next to them, but should be within a short distance or in the same room to be able to hear/see what they are working on. 2. We should have a time limit for screen even with great apps like KAK. My personal preference for my kids and students is no more than 60 min / day. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoy this app and thank you Khan Academy!
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2 years ago, Kuppycake.atx
Inconsistent and confusing, with unclear instructions
My child is 3.5, her teachers all whisper to me in hushed tones that she’s smart/gifted, and she can’t follow this app, and tosses the tablet down. The app immediately begins with random activities, without building on basics first. I thought maybe I had waited too long to start my child with a learning app, so I changed her age from 3 down to 2, in case it was a readiness thing. Listening to the activities, I wondered if she would understand how to move objects on the screen, or understand what the instructions were saying. So I went into the menu and changed it to an alphabet activity. I selected the uppercase A one; at first it was asking to pop any bubbles with the letter A in it, praising successes and gently correcting any mishaps. So far so good. Then the second round asked to pop any bubbles with the letter C. ……..what? Let’s master the letter A before we start thinking about any other letters. I will be deleting and trying something else.
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5 years ago, Nomorepampers
Great pre-k tool
There’s always a huge learning curve with first borns and this app has helped me bridge that gap. My child was proficient with the alphabet, counting to 30, colors, and shapes prior to using this app. However, it has become more difficult to work one on one with my child after the birth of my second child. This app has helped refine their current skill set. He has the freedom to choose different lessons at his whim. Also, it’s opened a new world of other lessons that he had previously shown little to no interest in before. The songs on here have helped them in non academic ways such as create more of an interest in things like bathing and dressing himself which I had not been able to get him interested in trying before. My child is very academically inclined but it’s hard to get him interested in learning life skills. So having this app is a great tool in a parents teaching arsenal.
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1 year ago, Miles&Mom
Simple, slow, and 100% educational
I struggled with the idea of using screens with my 4 year old—he currently only watches pbs in a limited amount. We tried to teach him letters/numbers and got a lot of resistance, so some friend’s recommended apps like ABCmouse, which we tried. They were so animated and would do random activities like feeding and washing a pony—it didn’t seem educational enough and encouraged him to be on the app longer than necessary. When I tried Khan I couldn’t believe it was free! It is such quality with no ads. I went through all the options on their before giving it to him and was satisfied that they are all educational. And he has fun doing it. He still prefers watching videos (which there were a lot of videos on abcmouse). Even a good, educational video is passive and I wanted active learning.
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5 years ago, K.Honey_Miller
Absolutely in love!!
My kids and I love this app so much. I homeschool my 4 babies, Using Khan Academy for my 9 and 14 year old. It was so hard finding an app that was free and appropriate for my 3 yr old twins. A lot of apps seemed a bit advanced in some areas or not advanced enough in others or appeared to be free then had all kinds of in app purchases. When I found out Khan Academy kids was launching I was extremely excited. This has been a great experience. Being able to adjust the difficulty level as they progress has been great making for very easy transitions. I can’t wait to see what’s next to come with Khan Academy kids! I tell everyone I know with small children about how amazing this app is. An actual free app that is fun, easy to use for parents and especially for kids, that allows you to easily track their progress. Khan Academy kids is by far the best I’ve ever use!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, eflour2009
Easy to use and a great teaching tool
Our 4 year old loves this app, and so do we! It is better than most paid preschool apps out there. It covers reading, writing, math, communication, etc. with engaging games and a fun reward system. I got the idea from another reviewer to do two separate profiles; one specifically dedicated to following the outline for the learning games, and one to play on in whatever order my 4 year old wants. I sit down with him each weekday for 15-20 minutes to do the games on the learning profile. Then he can play on the other profile however he wants. It’s so easy to navigate that he can do it on his own. He loves the books section where he can listen to the book being read to him. He prefers this app to most of the other games he has on his iPad and chooses it every time he gets to play on the iPad. We highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, 25hr on call momma
Great app
We love this app! Why? Well, it’s free and it’s absolutely wonderful! I almost never write reviews but since Khan Academy seeks to make education accessible to all, I thought it was best to give back! First, the app is engaging. The functionality is user-friendly and uncomplicated. The worst thing in the world is downloading a kids app that you cannot figure out. I love the fact that there are ebooks available in the app. Also, the graphics are engaging and full of bright colors and cute characters. I do wish that more of the educational material from the regular website was available through Khan Academy Kids. It would be good to see things my second, third and fourth graders can do. I have ended up using both Khan Academy and Khan Academy Kids. Finally, it would be great to access the same content from a website. My kids do not always have access to my iPhone.
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3 years ago, homemamaRN
Seriously love this app
After extensive research on the best educational app for toddlers, I downloaded Khan Academy for my three year old son. I am so happy I did! I allow him thirty minutes a day, with and without me at times, and he plays in the app with joy. I am amazed at what he is able to do and how much he has learned. I love that it touches on so many different subjects and teaches in many different ways. All age appropriate. I also love the ability to use offline as we have a 13 hour car ride to visit family every year— this will allow him to interact with the app and learn while we drive versus watching movies all day. I am just so thrilled I found this and love that it is free so that truly any child can have access to a great learning tool! This app will grow with my son and I hope it continues to foster his love for learning.
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2 years ago, Shrutidingi
Great content app
My twin boys 4 year old love Khan Academy app and as a mom I love when kids are learning and using their skill while using a given screen time. Khan Academy app is just made right for their age, the challenging level are made fantastic to keep them learning continuously while enjoying all the tools. I loved this easy to use this app with minimal tools which help them to keep away from distracting, the cute characters, neat instructions to follow while they learn how to be a good listener and most importantly clearly spoken in an actual standard manner. I was a HOMER app fan but Khan Academy won the trophy as they have more content for kids in one single box before it throws them to choose another, which is I think is great for repetitions. Stories content are the BEST, this momma don’t have to hunt for one now at the naptime. Thanks Khan Academy!!
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2 years ago, MKitch20
We’re about to start homeschooling our four year old next school year but when I tried seeing if she knew any of the kindergarten curriculum on the khan academy website she didn’t. She’s familiar with abc’s and 123’s but I hadn’t realized she was falling behind. This app is amazing! It teaches everything they need for their age group and more! My daughter absolutely loves her “school work time” now. She’s excited to learn something new everyday. There’s also a coloring and story time section they can choose. If they aren’t getting an activity there’s always encouragement from the characters and you have the option to go back to any activity and redu it if you feel they didn’t quite understand it. It’s free there’s no adds and it’s encouraging actual learning! What more could you want for you kiddos?
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4 years ago, VerUnique
Delighted to review
I never rate apps regardless if I feel positive or negative about it, HOWEVER, it is my pleasure to give POSITIVE reviews about this app. My 2 year old absolutely loves it. She’s even at the point where she wants to start doing the lessons when she first wakes up! She loves it when we do the activities together and I can see what areas she’s struggling with or commands she hasn’t heard in a certain way so that I can incorporate them into our every day. Some of the activities are too easy while others are difficult for her and I am extremely proud when she accomplishes them on her own. In other words, it helps build her confidence to handle the more difficult tasks. And did I mention IT IS FREE!!!!! This is such a blessing and an absolute gem. Please keep up the amazing work. Parents and kids thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Friendo
My kids love it!
This is perfect for my 4.5yo. There are so many activities, and I love how it automatically moves through a variety of disciplines rather than just always sending the child back to the main menu. My kids usually find one section of an app and then hang out there until they’re bored with the app, whereas this keeps things moving along and therefore keeps them interested. My 6yo is already a good reader, but it’s a nice review for her. She enjoys the songs and also the huge book section where she can read the page and then listen to the narrator if there are any tough words. I would love to see a more advanced parental panel in the future. We homeschool and use the regular Khan Academy for math and grammar, so I’d love to see a parental panel along those lines here. Either way, keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, SelenaHart
Best Kids Learning App
My wife and I downloaded this app for our 2.5 year old son, and I couldn’t be happier with it. They mean it when they say 100% ad free learning that you don’t have to pay for. I am a pediatric behavior therapist and my wife is a teacher, so we know a lot about child development and learning. This app exceeds both our expectations. I love that you can choose between picking your own lessons and the pre made lesson path based on age. Our son has a deep love of learning already, and with Khan Academy Kids, we are able to better support him. It also has an offline section so when you aren’t connected to the internet, kiddos can still use the app. We are very happy with Khan Academy, and definitely recommend this to anyone with young children.
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4 years ago, Fuzzyticklishkittycat
So far so good!
It is indeed a very good app for kids, my child is very slow when it comes to the uptake of learning especially from an electronics device, but I can see the format and the way it is set up through which kids definitely will have lots of benefit. The fact that there is no ads and subscription while the content is still very kid-attractive and entertaining is definitely a bonus point. For now, my child is engaging with simple and random clicking but he enjoys the read along very much. But after he advances further with his speech and understanding, I’ll leave another review to update on how it has been for him. For now, 5 stars from a teacher and mother of two toddlers, as well as a great appreciation for having it completely free with all content accessible!
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1 year ago, iRobDawg
The little girl I care for before & after school has severe ADHD & was immediately captivated by this app. She stayed independently engaged for at least an hour without any assistance. She typically has meltdowns when it comes to anything related to school/homework. I was so excited to finally find something that would 1) get her off of the mind-numbing desensitizing nonsense on u-tube & 2) help her find education more fun. I’m super grateful that Khan Academy values education so much that they provide their invaluable resources as a donation-preferred app. Thank you for the massive effort in compiling all of the various well-developed age/grade-appropriate exercises. Even my 30-something year old son (who also has ADHD) found Khan Academy to be a useful tool when he was younger.
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6 years ago, App res
Not well done
App is confusing and buggy. An example of confusion: they used an existing YT video where bears roll off the bed, and the kid is supposed to count the number of bears. Khan lazily fast forwards the video. So it starts out with “10 bears” but the video is FF, and you hear “1 fell out” but there are now 6 bears left. So the kid may think “10 - 1 is 9” and chooses 9 (which is an option!) and now the kid it confused. Another example is when dragging and dropping in boxes. PBS Kids is liberal with this. Khan seems to require exactness and if the center of mass of the object isn’t inside the square, it tells the kid they are wrong. It is buggy mostly in that it requires an internet connection. There have been login issues (why do you need to log in? Why? There is no rationale I can think of. I thought Khan was a nonprofit?). When switching between modes like reading and logic it has to wait for a server response or something. Why have an app? The point of apps was to take advantage of the mobile device. Instead this is just a web site masquerading as an app. I feel ultimately the app developers and PMs just didn’t do well here. Instead of creating a bunch of mediocre activities in a mediocre “app” they should have built a great app experience with excellent content and added more excellent content every week or two.
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4 years ago, Not a teacher but a Nana
Really Helps
I like this app because it helps me know what I should work on with my grandchild since I’m not a teacher by profession. I started using it with her at age 3. On areas where she had trouble we would go to her little chalkboard, whiteboard, a piece of paper or a book to help with the problem. She started at the preschool 3 years old and is now on Kindergarten and she just turned 4. She loves the sorting activities and the other memory and flexible thinking activities. I don’t rely only on the app. I have games that we use for hands on, we do lots of puzzles, read books and other writing and skills but this app has helped her and help me in teaching her. And I don’t consider this a game app. To me it’s a teaching app and should be used with supervision of an adult.
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1 year ago, Blindcabby
Stands far above all the others.
There is one simple reason this is the best app for children. You’ll notice no in-app purchases. Personally I think this should be a requirement. What a shame how we place our young children in a position to crave more placed behind a pay wall. That’s not fun and stress destroys eduction. You’re teaching them something else entirely. Not this app here. What a pleasant surprise so much so that it’s my requirement. No in app purchases on a learning app. Good luck searching this seems to be it. It’s a wonderful app because of this and my two year son has indeed learned from using this app. In particular matching pairs and sequencing as well as counting up and down and some alphabetical teaching
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4 years ago, FTCS(SS)
My Grandson Loves This!!
My 3 year-old grandson can occasionally be a handful, but he truly loves this particular app! He specifically asked for me to load the Kahn Academy for him because he had played it at daycare. We spend hours talking back & forth about the different topics and pictures. If I am not available, he plies Nana with questions and endless information about this app. He may be easily excitable, but this app excites him faster and in better ways than any of the other teaching or gaming apps do. It seems to be almost a “calmer excitement”, if there is such a thing. I see him learning more each time he uses the app. It makes me so happy that I was able to set it up for him and make this learning possibility happen.
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4 years ago, S Kingsbury
Screen time can be useful!
Let me start by saying I am blown away by the content on this app. I can’t believe it’s free! I’m thankful it’s free and that this educational tool is being provided to so many. As a rule we do not use screen time for anything other than learning. When our 3 year old was born we made a decision to get rid of our TV’s that’s how serious we are about what she views and how she learns. Even many of the children’s apps that we sifted through, as we started to utilize a combination of interactive and technology learning, were focused on one area. When we finally found a combination of three apps that we could use she quickly grew out of them. This app covers multiple ages and learning disciplines. Thank you from parents everywhere!
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6 years ago, Ms, Sandwiches
ABA therapist
Get this app👌 I’m enjoying the Kindergarten version on IPad apps, This app/ program is thoroughly planned and creatively assembled to enhance learning and even entice viewers to want to learn. The visuals are ‘hip’ with fun characters and pleasant student feedback and recognition for their accomplishments as well as an accumulative path and chances to get the tasks correct adding more time and opportunities to learn the varied skills ex: logic, motor skills, memory challenges, exercises, Nature, sequencing, identifying emotions many more all presented in a very engaging but low fi, interesting and creative app. I will use it for all my students- nephew, neighbors kids it’s so good. Full of exactly what you’d want in a very complicated/ yet easy to access and user kid friendly sophisticating and modern enjoyable learning app 🎈
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1 year ago, lakiesix
My Littles LOVE this app!
We downloaded onto our iPad for our 5-y/o to use during our recent flights. I was incredibly impressed. It has parent friendly setup, just one simple email verification and kid-friendly usability. She was able to maneuver around the app and find what she wanted to work on. The games align with what we’ve been working on in our homeschool, and she very quickly picked up new skills, too. There are an assortment of games and books to use offline when kids are not connected to the internet, and my only ask would b that there were a way for us to swap out what’s available offline. Maybe they rotate them periodically, I don’t know - we’re new to this app. Once kids use a specific game, it receives a check mark. There are drawing tools and my daughter was delighted to learn that the app saves a library of her drawings. “Look mom! It has all my old drawings!” I love that it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases. It had me wondering if I can go and make a donation to support this work, because as a homeschool parent, I’m really grateful. Anyway. Thanks so much for this amazing app! We love it!
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2 months ago, yv252345
I love it
Hi, I am back so today y’all my daughter been acing her tests spelling and I am impressed so much by how much she has improved since she just started school and so she would come home and say I am gonna go on khan actually and I was so shocked that every time she comes home she would tell me she is very excited to get on it so i am very confident in math in khan so good job on this app like y’all did amazing and know since y’all are pumping the level up yall need a five star but what I hate hate hate is that when you go to the grades it goes to only 2nd and my daughter is now 10 and she needs fourth grade level stuff because in her school she is about to leave the school she is currently in right now so yeah.
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6 years ago, gvbbnbjjjnbbbbnnnnnnncfddss
After visiting my local library, my 5yo sister wanted to keep going back to play on the iPads where they have educational games. She loved it but the library was closed this weekend so I downloaded a bunch of kids game apps on my phone hoping to find educational ones. Unfortunately, I found that all the apps I downloaded for her would ask for a payment to upgrade to have access to all lessons. I remember using Khan Academy in highschool to learn math and am so glad I downloaded it. My sister loves the games (my phone has 5% because she fell asleep playing!) and I really feel like she’s learning. I love that Khan Academy has provided this app and all their learning tools free of charge. I am super happy about this. DONT EVER PAY FOR KIDS EDUCATION APPS! This one is perfect.
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4 years ago, Njcreations jr.
I am ten years old, and I have a four year old sister. I tried teaching her with books, ABCs and 123s etc. she didn’t like it and would always be distracted. Ever since this pandemic started I looked and looked for apps and nothing worked. My teacher started giving us assignments in khan academy so when I searched it up this app popped up. I downloaded this app on my sister’s IPad and she fell in love. Now she is able to count to 50, no problem, she can do simple addition and subtraction, she can read simple words and she is always singing songs from this app. She walks around spelling, or trying to spell words all thanks to Khan Academy Kids. Thank you, I am super thankful you have an all free app for learning.
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9 months ago, Coren C
Incredible Learning Platform (May Need UI Update By Age)
My son (2.5yrs old) and I love this app. He loves singing along to the videos, playing the bite-sized games, and scribbling on the creativity section (mess-free I might add). I love that it’s educational, has NO ads, is free, and has age appropriate content. The ONLY negative thing I could even think to say is that navigating and finding the EXTRA content can be overwhelming and difficult for a toddler because the app has so many little videos, books, games, and lessons for them. This isn’t normally an issue because he only plays it with me supervising and helping him learn, so I can navigate for him; however, I think he would enjoy the app a lot more if he could navigate through it himself. They do make it straightforward to follow the pre-set learning path. You just open the app, tap your profile, and tap the play button center screen. The above is specifically for finding and interacting with the wealth of EXTRA content available on the app. My son prefers being able to choose what he wants to do instead of the pre-set lesson will be. So overall, it’s an incredible app, and I highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, Jojaz17
Best of the best
I am a grandma of a 2.5 yr old and a retired primary educator, 34 years. I’ve tried many apps, including ABC mouse which I mostly don’t like at this age and stage. My grandson begs for KAK! I love that it is partnered with Super Simple songs which we love way more than its closest competitor. I love the way the lessons are paced and the mailtruck reward system. I think today my grandson realized that when you select the wrong buttons on purpose (“ but I want to touch the pig”)it is remembered and you don’t get your prize as quickly as before! Then after the lesson there are numerous bonus activities. My grandson loves the repeating characters and likes to choose a book read to him. This is an App we will grow with . Thank you for the quality of this APP
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6 years ago, zakaro13
Yes our two favorite things together!
I downloaded this app just happy to have a free progressive learning app, but what I found was our favorite songs mixed into a great learning app. If your child loves super simple songs you are going to love this app! All the games and activities are based on different songs from the super simple song group! Best of all the books they have actually highlight each word as it’s read. I can’t tell you how many book or academy apps I’ve tried and have been so disappointed with because it lacks that simple function! This is a free app so if your child wants to have fun, sing silly songs, read and learn simply then you have no excuse for not downloading this app! Way to go Khan and Super Simple Songs!
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4 years ago, Em0192837465
The best app for learning BUT
I love using this app for my 3 year old. She loves the characters and knows their names. The learning videos are fun and interactive and overall this is one of the best apps for her screen time. However, my daughter has developed a fear of the drum sound that is played when she answers something wrong. This has now made her not want to use the app. I tried to search for a way to switch off that particular sound. But this is not possible at all. I WISH the developers would either enable a feature to switch off that drum noise or use a different less loud or sudden sound to indicate an incorrect response. I really would love for her to spend more time on this app again. Please please help!!!
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5 years ago, Niyalicous
Totally Free with no Ads
My daughter is in kgarten. She was heavily addicted to yt kids and i despised that because a lot of content is garbage and depending on what they watch it’s a constant commercial with stuff being directly and indirectly targeted at them. So finally weaned her off of ytk and ioad in general. Now that I hit the reset button on her. I told her the majority of her time needs to be spent on educational apps and then she can have 15m on ytk. Khan kids she loves and will stay on at last a 1/2 hour learning while playing. Then the singalongs is something she enjoys as well. Hopefully they can put more site words for different age and stages but this goes up to 6 years old which is 1st grade and by that time they can use khan academy! Which I use for my other 3 kiddies and adults can use it too. That’s the icing on the cake!!!
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