Khan Academy

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Khan Academy
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3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Khan Academy

4.55 out of 5
75.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Sssssnice
I personally love this app. My son and daughter has been using it until they were toddlers since they are twelve now they still use it! I told them to use it a lot since that they could still use it when they are son he uses it when he has stress with his homework so that he could have more ideas! I think this app is made for everyone because when they were just little small toddler I helped them on some stuff so they could do some simple math an now since they are older now I could let them be so they could experience the world of learning in Khan Academy! I decided to write a review this time of the year because since they are back to school they could maybe have some experience in what their class is learning! Something they really like about this app and I do too is that it corrects them if they got it wrong so they try it again. But um mean during quarantine when school did not start yet they have been using this app for hours...every time their mom and I ask them out for lunch or breakfast they always say 1 more hour 🤗. I think they really like it now but I think they are too into it their mom said maybe their growing up to fast and forgetting about us. But I think that they just need to have some time and think! OTHERWISE THEY LOVE THE APP!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP AND YOUR TEAM WE LOVE IT!!!!
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11 months ago, stuntbear_nicknamestolen
Great app but a minor complaint
This is a great application, and it costs you absolutely nothing. However, if you are going to delve into Multivariable Calculus or other subjects that require you to use “special” characters such as Euler’s number e, which they use often, to enter your answers to the posed problems in the practice, then good luck trying to enter it. For instance, if you are asked to find the gradient of a function f(x y z) = y^2*z +e^x Then it will be . There is no button for the number e to be found, so how can one enter the answer? You can’t! That is only one example of something that needs to be addressed. Your answer is marked as completely incorrect all because because they didn’t provide you with the means to enter the correct answer correctly. There is no way to simply type the number e on the provided keyboard that pops up. I searched and searched their help files, but that was to no avail. I tried to copy and paste it from another keyboard, and that proved futile as well. This is the ONLY reason that I didn’t give this five stars!! There is a lot that one can learn from Khan Academy, and please get me wrong. I love this app and have used it for years. I have donated to their funding drives, and if you use it, then you should consider doing so.
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4 years ago, G123876durp87sgd
There are mistakes in some videos. Sometimes he writes down a different number without explaining why he changed it. There is one example in one format, and all the questions in the practice part are in a different format and you have to learn how to solve it yourself. I have spent over an hour in one practice section because even though I did all the math correct, the way I was typing it into my calculator was missing parenthesis that in the explanation didn’t even say to do so. Basically, I was getting some questions right and some questions wrong even though I did all the math correctly. The explanation misinformed me by forgetting things like parenthesis that will make you end up with a completely different answer. It would be nice if there was a way to restart a unit test in the middle of doing it. To start from the beginning again would be nice because I have spent the last 6 hours redoing one unit, I’ve had to redo the unit test over 10 times, and each time I make a mistake, I hav to finish all the other questions correctly before having to restart again. Overall, it’s annoying and a waste of my time.
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4 years ago, Vortexisawesome
I LUV this Place Of Education But Kinda Needs Improvement..
Okie, so I would actually give this 10 stars because this is an amazing place of education, and it encourages us to be smart during these tough times, but it kinda needs improvement... So, basically I’ve been doing Math here, since almost 3 years, and I LOVE it. But this place needs to be fixed too, IG.. So one piece of improvement that needs to be made is that basically the questions in an exercise are what mostly Sal and others teach from the vids, but there are also some “awkward” questions that haven’t been taught in the video.. Can you please fix this? :/ Also, another piece of improvement that needs to be made is that if we get even a question wrong in an exercise but if we’re really looking forward to succeed, we can’t sadly redo the exercise.. Can you please add an option when we’re able to redo? That’s why I’m mainly stressing out in. Or else, I just luv this and I would strongly recommend it. Tysm for reading this and reviewing this amazing place of education from the US! Also, to EVERYONE reading this, stay safe and we’ll get through these difficult times! <3
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5 years ago, ^&*(
What an incredible app. I’m so impressed. This company deserves loads of money to be thrown at it for making it free. My son has just switched from a Cambridge school to an American School and missed a lot of work. I think we were both about to give up. I didn’t know where to start to help him and being his new school is completely iPad based we felt deep despair at just the thought of trying to navigate through classrooms codes and half working text book apps. Now it’s all here in one place! Simple well explained and the practice really gets your confidence going. He had some maths homework and instead of the total melt down we both would have had trying to work out what was going on we flew through it!! THANK YOU! I love the fact that all the grades are here too so if there is a concept he is struggling with we can go back in the grades to see where that was introduced and work through it! We have been struggling for months trying to find the answer on line. It was only due to the fact that Khan kept coming up that I googled it and found the app. I truly pray this company gets loads of financial support to keep this app going! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
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3 years ago, DrNateDPT
Best app for learning difficult subjects
I’m currently working towards my second doctorate and all along the way khan academy has been there for me. Whether you’re using it as a stand-alone learning tool to try and wrap your head around a difficult subject, or need something more user-friendly and understandable to supplement an actual formal course, you couldn’t ask for anything better than khan academy. Their instructors are adept at making even some of the most complicated subjects with high attrition rates relatively easy to understand and breaking things down into short lessons that teach you concepts (or intuitions as Sal would call them!) which make learning the smaller details much easier. I’ll often watch a few khan academy videos to get a good general idea of what a subject is about before diving into the bullet points and materials (PowerPoints, textbooks, etc) offered by my formal professors in courses, and I’ve found this to be very effective in my own learning journey. As someone who has taken A LOT of college courses in my life, I couldn’t more highly recommend khan academy.
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4 years ago, ImNobodyImportant
Amazing app
This app is absolutely fantastic and I want to make it clear I gave it 4 stars only because I personally have some things I wished would be added to to make this app better. Like for instance videos that are not drawn out by hand, don’t get me wrong this is a good visual sometimes but sometimes I feel the visual falls kinda short to if it was either animated or demonstrated (specifically for the science lessons especially). That being said I want to be clear, that’s all fine tuning for the perfection of this app. This app has helped me learn soooo much and it’s completely free. Most all of the teachers are excellent and the fact that this is videotaped lectures means you can watch anytime at your own speed. I wished things like this were used more widely and familiarized in my state (not that a lot of people don’t use it already cause they do, I just wished it got pointed to if nothing else more as a sort of in general go to guide among other similar programs by schools and government PSAs more.) but that’s not this apps fault. My hopes is that some elected official somewhere will see this comment and this will give them the idea to make this more second nature for people to pick up somehow via PSAs etc
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6 years ago, rslitman
Looking for a Developer Response
Pretty good app. I am giving it five stars, even though a recent update put everything in deeper layers. I used to be able to see every video, article, and practice exercise for a course, plus its mission if it has one, on the same screen. Now I have to dig deeper. Please return an expanded view to us! Also, we no longer see our consecutive days streak. The iPad app is missing a few things found in the web version, in addition to the consecutive days streak, but it is quite adequate for the learning experience. The most maddening thing is that when you roll out a new version with a major change like this, you still say “Bug fixes and performance enhancements.” Please give this review a Developer Response and let us know that you will {in the future/in future} be detailed with your updates when something major like the whole interface changes. Also, please let us know why the consecutive days counter (more motivating to me than energy points and about as motivating as the badges) was removed and if there’s a chance we can get it back. Thanks!
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4 years ago, sky_blue02
Great math lessons, terrible history lessons...
I had used this app in the past for math and it was great for that. The history lessons, however, are atrocious. Rather than objectively presenting the facts, it gives a warped view of things. For example, the authors have somehow figured out how people ‘felt’ during history. No citations. No quotes. They just claim that this person/group felt this, that person/group felt that. I find the personal feelings of past figures to be secondary to learning the course of events. But, if they did feel some need to include them, they could at least cite sources or provide quotes. I saw none. It turned what could’ve been a factual history lesson into some subjective mind-reading of the past. All it was really instructing me on was someone’s opinion of what people in the past felt. It wasn’t educational. Not only is there a bias of perspective — today’s opinion of the past may differ greatly from how people in the past actually experienced it. Opinion and feeling are not the point. It’s history, not group therapy. As I said, if you want to include feelings, at least use quotes, cite sources. But, again, that really isn’t the point. History is not about the feelings of one person or even a group of people, it’s about objective events. Sadly, there was so little of that here, I just deleted the app. What a sad thing education has become!
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2 years ago, yourfavmiddleschooler
This app is so amazing! I got it just the other day and I am stunned on how good it is. I thought that it was not going to help me like other apps and you would have to pay for it but no!! I was wrong you see I am in middle school in sixth grade and I am really bad at math so then I was scrolling through my phone and I saw this app then I downloaded it not thinking anything of it and the after I signed in I was so amazed by how many options there where from Early math review to Ap statistics and I thought there was a catch I mean at some point you have to pay for something right!? Nope wrong again! So my advice is if you have a kid sitting at home bored or you are like me waiting to get better at something you should totally get this game especially if you don’t want to pay for anything!! I think that more learning apps and games should be like this mostly because of this thing called summer learning loss all kids have this if they do not keep up with there skill set from the school year they can forget up to 2 MONTHS OF LEARNING!!
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5 years ago, renegade3115
Problems with progress
I love the new layout and of course I love Kahn academy. Which is why I gave it three stars. But I’ve gone through course reviews and challenges and keep having to redo because there’s an error saving an exercise. I just tried taking the course challenge and got through all the problems but the last I got an error. So I re-entered the challenge only to find that the progress I’d made on the 29 problems up to the last had also disappeared and I was being required to take the entire challenge of 30 problems over again. As I’d already spent my allotted time for Kahn for the day, I’ll have to come back tomorrow and start again. To be sure this is just a review course for me so in the grand scheme of things I could proceed to the more advanced course without problem, but I just so like seeing that 100% on every course. UPDATE: after the latest update, I’ve gotten through challenges and practice without an app error and my progress is saved, so as of now, anyway, I’m quite pleased with the app.
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1 year ago, FriendsWithEveryone
it is amazing
Khan Academy is so amazing. It has helped me with boosting my scores and my mom is getting it for my siblings too. My siblings are pretty young and my mom would like them to get in to a habit of doing Khan Academy so there scores will be high. It was not just me and my family who noticed a difference, my teachers have as well. My best friend is really good at everything in school and she is doing ot as well. It is a great substitute for summer school. It takes up less time and helps so much. I watch a (couple) video(s) a day and do a couple lessons. The people in the videos have really helped me learn a lot. For example, before I did Khan Academy I couldn’t spell very good or even do very good in math and my sentences didn’t make sense when I was writing stories. Now I know how to use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. It has helped me grow so much through academics. So thank you so much Khan Academy for helping me learn, and understand things. It helped me boost my scores. And become much better at school.
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4 years ago, JosiahJosiah517
Khan Academy Changed my Life
I live in poverty. I know hardship and struggle. I know what it’s like to have to go to a school that doesn’t have access to the best resources. When I first took the SAT, I scored a 790. The class preceding mine had an average score of 730. It wasn’t that we were dumb or stupid, it’s just our educators could not adequately prepare us. I realized that I had to supplement my education with something more conducive to my growth and intellectual advancement. I began to use Khan Academy, watching math videos, practicing math problems and in 6 months I was able to score an 1180. Now that may not seem high, but when compared the class average(820) it looked amazing. Khan academy opened up tremendous opportunities for me. I got accepted to 7 colleges, received full ride opportunities to The University of Michigan and Michigan State University, becoming the first in my family to go to college. Without khan academy I would have never got accepted to college, let alone be able afford it! I am so grateful for Khan Academy and even more so because it was free!
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1 year ago, Chrizzz2022
The Epitome Of Education
Never have I ever realized just HOW helpful Sal aspires to be. It truly amazes me how Mr. Khan WANTS this generation to succeed. Education is SUCH a big deal, but the most important thing is to UNDERSTAND what is in the education you are being given. Not only does Khan Academy provide you with examples, ways to work out a problem, and their own insight, but they also provide you with a way of how to apply this knowledge they are teaching you to the real world. Calculus and everything else is not BORING. There is a real use to everything. Nothing is meaningless in education. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have all these new PLANETS AND MACHINES AND SATELLITES AND EVERYTHING. All these scientists finding out NEW things. Everything has a use. It’s people like this that inspire me to go forward with my studies because we all struggle and we’re all trying to “GET IT”. I’m sure Mr. Khan himself can relate to that because there’s always someone who needs further help and explanation, but they will eventually GET IT.
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1 year ago, god's favorite customer
Khan’s academy
It’s hard to say what is truly what it was when it originally began anymore... but I can say if Khan’s academy is still what it was when it originally began it is a noble and worthy endeavor I just wish that the public school teachers were able to somehow combine their whatever it is they are teaching these days with the system and lessons they have available to the academy... but at 10 percent of our national budget we’re lucky they don’t just have them go out there picking up recyclables all day or picking our vegetables (but that’s coming soon enough) because the price of being wealthy was apparently at the cost (partially) of educating our children... and that’s gonna be a problem should our debt ever affect the values of our currency…(which I would really like your lesson and or opinion about even just on a personal level and if you want me to stay discreet about your answer, I can…)Sal, thank you. Sincerely, Alexander Llopart
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4 years ago, MiiaForeverReveiw13
I wonder why it’s a editor choice app!
Okay this app is beyond amazing and helpful! I been using this program since I was eight years old to now. I’m certainly fourteen and this program is best to use when I’m having trouble. I’ve made an account about a year ago because I did not have a official yet. I been using it for a short period because I only used it when given an assignment or when my teachers weren’t making any sense. Point is when I found out there was an app I was very excited because now I get to use it to my advantage. Since the Corona virus is spreading it has been putting my school on a stay home. My teachers have to relay on me doing the school work at home having to learn, study, and prepare for my Exams at home. And having to catch up by myself and not getting behind online and dealing with what’s going on right now is going to be stressful. But knowing I have this app will save lots of time thank you plan on using this until I’m in college!
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3 years ago, [email protected] 78675$
best learning app in the world
its so clear and straightforward and helps me learn math quick. it is the only reason i could be learning algebra1 at 5th grade yes it is very good only question: is this app written in swift?(the programming language) and to all the haters out there: who says khan only has vids? you’re probably the ones who don’t notice the text reviews and practice quizzes. Also, you can just skip over a quiz if you find it hard or just get 50 or 0 points on it. u can still do the other vids and quizzes. suggestion: maybe make the point system more accurate instead of just 50 for 3/4 or 5/7 right and 80 for 4/4 or 7/7. you could do like a 20% for each question on 4 question quiz and 11% for each question on a 7 question quiz or smth. and have the mastery stuff raise ur stuff by (100-curretpoints)%20+30 points (% for modulo) that would be cool and (in my opinion) more accurate than the current system.
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6 years ago, Landis the Destroyer
Life Saver for a College Student
This app has helped me so much in college when I didn’t understand concepts and formulas. I don’t know why people are complaining about not seeing their progress on this app or that it lacks in depth because Khan Academy isn’t supposed to be a replacement for a class. He goes over the basics of whatever subject you’re researching because you can’t do advanced material without learning the basics first. Also, progress is in the mind and you shouldn’t have to rely on an app to tell you that. In college, professors don’t have the time to do one-on-one sessions with students and quickly go through a whole year of subjects separated into segments in five months on specific days. I sometimes can’t keep up so I use Khan Academy after homework hours to look up sections/concepts I missed or couldn’t understand in very little time to teach my myself the missing components. Thank you Khan Academy for making my academic life easier.
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2 years ago, deeeeeemeeeeee
Amazing just one small bug
I love Khan Academy, As a user myself Khan Academy is truly incredible and motivating with all the badges, videos, avatars and quizzes. Its motivating and special thanks to the person in all the videos for teaching incredibly clear. You can choose your grade level and the subjects you wish to learn then you can watch videos on the topics then take quizzes based off of them. When I didn’t have the app I was in safari and chrome and it became very difficult and annoying to switch from tab to tab constantly to get places. The Khan Academy App makes it so much simpler and easy. The only problem is on chrome/safari I could access the SAT College Board area, in my learner home but from the app it only shows test prep not really any quizzes do you think you guys could fix that? Other than that it’s truly an amazing app I hope all future users become successful with it.
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2 years ago, disappointed 232323
Bad options
I learn a lot and really appravtoce the no ad opportunities to learn as I’ve taken cal us but almost ten years ago in college as im trying to get into the electricians union. My question to you is how am supposed to give you a 4 to the third power option all over 6x on my phone u do not dive the option when it comes to allowing a lot of adding 4=but with the slag theu the equal sign and all over so how do I answer the question correctly or learn from mistakes if your allowing a mobile option that doesn’t give me a way to answer it properly when o have to type it ? If you reply and there is a way I’ll take this down cus you’ve help a lot with my study but when im forced to clicked to all hints without bn able to type my answer on a smart phone and have to skip a test because there’s no way to type it or skip without losing pts now what do I do ? You tell me ? Thank you
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4 years ago, cute645
Khan Academy is an incredible learning app that is totally free! If you want to start learning with an amazing curriculum that is free, download this app, create or use any account, pick your courses, and start learning! There are many amazing videos for you to pick and learn from. Then complete lessons that help you master the topic. Also, take quizzes to test your knowledge, and then take a unit test! Collect mastery points from lessons to customize your character! I am in 6th grade, and have an advanced math curriculum, meaning I learn 7th grade math. So when I picked my courses, I originally thought that I just had to pick a grade level, and then I would just learn that grade level standards. Well, that’s not the case! I can pick anything for my subjects! As soon as I downloaded and set up the app, I started learning and it was incredible! No bugs, so you should definitely download this! Khan Academy, you deserve so much money and support! Thank you.
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1 week ago, SquareTraveler
So glad I found it.
I found this app while looking for a convenient way to learn more details about evolution. This is much more than I could’ve hoped for. I’m studying evolution, but I’ve also bookmarked numerous other topics that interest me, from astrophysics to French Impressionism. It’s telling that the vast majority of negative reviews are from school kids who are being made to use it and don’t have the interest or attention span to appreciate anything that’s not in the format of social media or a game. Their opinions have no value, since they didn’t choose the app themselves, expecting to enjoy it. My one criticism of the app is that I can’t save my place in a lesson and return directly to where I left off. It’s complicated to return to that spot, and I have to remember the last heading I encountered. It’s extraordinarily inconvenient. But apart from that, the app is a treasure, and I’m grateful to the team who created Khan Academy and made it available for free.
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3 years ago, sûb to pęwdįépīė
Succeeds where school systems fail
As a 14 year old living in the US, my history and feelings toward school are near-identical to many. It had always affected my mental state in a negative way, and made me feel like there was a chain wrapped around my foot. It slowed me down. Khan Academy did the complete opposite. I’ve used the app consistently through the past two years and have done things I could never dream of in school. I motivated myself to finish 3 years worth of mathematics, and did so in a considerably short amount of time. That was only possible with this app. Where school made me lye my head down on a desk for an hour every day, khan academy helped me learn wherever and whenever I could. The app isn’t perfect, but it’s monumentally better then everything else I’ve seen. Thank you for your time, and thank this app for the time it’s given me.
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4 years ago, MyPadisNotYourPad
Running into a MAJOR glitch :(
First of all thank you Mr. Kahn! Much love and many blessings. Ok I will be brief... When either using the touchscreen on my iPad Pro (updated OS, no beta) or my professional desktop Bluetooth mouse there seems to be an input issue pertaining to utilizing interactive diagrams (am currently brushing up on basic Geometry) wherein as one “clicks” or taps upon the green dot to place or create a specific angle the OS gets confused as to whether the user is attempting to move the held line segment, line or ray rather than scrolling the page itself up and down. If the interactive diagram is at the bottom of say a review page then the problem is impossible to solve. Otherwise it’s just horribly frustrating to figure it out. So far have only had this issue on chapter reviews and not on quizzes or tests. Hope the fix is easy (my guess is that changing the ability to scroll up and down in the interactive areas should resolve this issue. Thank’s again!
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1 year ago, Karmanita30
It’s aight tho 🤷🏻‍♀️
I want all y’all parents or kids to read this(pls.) Khan academy is amazing BUT can’t you guys add something new in there? I’m saying this from first perspective. Some kids need a BREAK BIGTIME so why don’t ya just give em an educational one??? What ab some Spanish? Or any language for that matter! Maybe a game or a challenge??? Points or stars??? My point is... no kid who is on break or not in school is going to absorb the education if it’s not really fun or interesting to a kid, not the parents. You think a kid will learn anything if interested or, vaguely, not even paying attention?? Well here is ur answer... NO, sadly they won’t. If you guys want kids to pay attention and learn, A let them have more options and B just make it interesting pls no beef tho I’m just saying so u don’t have other ppl saying that. I hope u guys listen to me. I know y’all a are probably like,” who is this random girl?!?!” But trust me pls. Gracias homies peace out deuces🤞🏼
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5 years ago, SuzanneKanj
Struggling with biology? This is the best educator you’ll ever have.
I’m so in love with Khan Academy, and I’m so grateful for it!! It’s really simple to use, and it has all the subjects that I need. And it’s free!!!! I am a foreign student who recently moved to the US, and I just started my first semester at cuny as a biology/premed student. Biology is hard, especially that English isn’t my first language. The textbook is really hard to understand and I have to translate most of the words, but Khan Academy made it so much easier for me. The language that the professor uses in the videos is really simple and understandable, yet academic and professional! The best thing is that when I don’t understand something, I can repeat the videos as many as I want!! In addition, there are articles about the same subject that I can read after or before the video! I just want to thank everyone in Khan Academy! You guys are the best!!
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4 years ago, Paleontologeek
Time Consuming and Unfair Gradinf System
Khan Academy used to be good when the whole system wasn’t broken. Everything is overcomplicated, and requires you to waste hours on what can only be defined as guesswork. The way you MUST type in math answers exactly right with no forgiveness is absolutely disgusting, especially when the whole point is taken off. Is one typo really a reason to drop the grade down a whole point? Especially when my Teacher grades this on a 1-4 scale. One wrong answer drops the grade to a 75%. Ridiculous. The fact that using a hint or watching a video takes off the whole point is also completely unjust. Please consider making the system more tailored to learning through visual processing and not repetition and failure. I hope that this system is fixed and makes it more about learning than catering towards students who already have mastered the material. This is not practice if the student does not already know the material. As a student who has a teacher who relies solely on Khan Academy to teach, I feel absolutely frustrated when spending hours upon hours attempting to beat the system.
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6 years ago, steV3nom
This app is honestly embarrassing, it crashes within 10 seconds of opening it, and that’s not a one-time runtime error or anything, this is, fully updated on iOS 12, crashing before I can even access a lesson. I have courses I need to complete for my programming class and I can’t even start to explain how terrible this app is. I can understand a whole new iOS version coming out and there being a crash bug or something not working quite right after launch, that’s totally to be expected, but this. This is honestly disgraceful. They haven’t updated this app in over 3 weeks, and it has been unusable for over 3 weeks as a result. The service itself is honestly fine, but this app is disgustingly broken. If I could actually complete some parts of my lesson when I am away from my PC that would be great, so my thought process at that point would be to download the app, and sure enough it isn’t stable enough to stay open for more than 10 seconds. As a programming student, I find this mistake on their part absolutely embarrassing and I can’t believe it still has not been patched. 0/5 stars.
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6 years ago, Pawkitz
Would be perfect if it weren’t for app-breaking bugs.
The last few updates introduced bugs that make some exercises impossible to complete or progress in, even after resetting the app. 1. Formatting on many math exercises has been completely broken. Numbers and equations are duplicated (for example 11 instead of 1, 3x+23x+2 instead of 3x+2). Font formatting has been broken as well, with some problems being displayed in a mix of large and tiny font. Some multiple choice math problems are impossible to progress through because the answers are not selectable, they are formatted in a side-scrolling table which is clearly not intentional on KA’s side. 2. Inputting answers in math exercises is occasionally bugged. I’ve experienced two different bugs. One causes the keyboard to retract after every button selected, forcing you to tap again and again and input one number at a time. The second bug makes it impossible to scroll left and right on the keyboard without the button you swipe on being inputted in the answer field, forcing you to go back and delete each extraneous number or sign before submitting your answer. 3. Possibly not a bug but still annoying: The “correct answer” and “exercise completed” jingle now takes over the audio on iPhone, pausing whatever music, ebook or podcast you’re listening to. I like to listen to other things while working on KA exercises and it’s frustrating to have to constantly restart whatever I’m listening to when I’m doing exercises.
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3 years ago, elswickl
This app is the best learning tool ever!!
As someone who has a Bachelor’s Degree and has been using the Khan Academy app of my own accord; I can say that this is one of the best things I have stumbled on in my academic life. There were so many holes in my understanding of SO many subjects (and I am talking about subjects that go all the way back to skills at the elementary level). I am the type of person that likes to know everything about everything, and that translates into my learning. The injustice of my grade school education was that I was taught skills, but pushed through the “cattle-car” of public education where no one would teach me: WHY I learned those skills, and WHAT are there practical applications in the real world. I was always told: just learn it because. NOW, thanks to Khan Academy, I have been able to go back and allow Sal to teach me ALL of those interesting details that I missed and also sharpen my skills in the areas that I needed improvement in. I cannot thank Sal Khan and everyone at Khan Academy enough for this resource. I have the certainty that I will not be the only one using it to try to better myself in my education; so that I can take those skills and use them to make the world a better place. Thank you to all who make Khan Academy possible!
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4 years ago, greatman193947492
Adds new things, in a vacuum.
The khan app adds some new things that weren’t present (I think) on the website, but they’re all lackluster compared to the same features in other apps. The best example is the writing tool. You can write on problems in math an other subjects, but it lacks palm rejection, a feature that has been standard in drawing tools universally for years, and it also lacks Apple Pencil support, which isn’t standard, but the app is on iPad so they have no reason to not quickly add it. The ui isn’t very good, ether, being tiny buttons spread as far apart as humanly possible. That makes split-screening with a calculator app, your notes, an actual drawing app, or whatever really hard, because you have to close the other app to progress. The app wouldn’t be hard to improve (and would probably only take a few minutes of work), but I can’t see anything happening soon because they’re finally updating it to support iOS 10, which came out in mid 2016.
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2 years ago, voldemorts ugly sister
pretty great
videos are not super long. 15 minutes max-ish. if you want more practice, there are other sites that offer it. grab a math textbook, personally i study the concepts in khan academy and i practice using r.s. agrawal math. indian math textbooks offer so many questions and helped me so much during math courses over the past 3 years. i have donated a couple times because it is a good site/app, i always recommend their videos to friends who are struggling. i’m a freshman in high school (and i currently take a higher level math course), and i will admit the SAT practices aren’t as well made in the app, i usually use princeton review books. they are likely found at your local library or book store. i always come back and use the app to review old concepts. yes, it’s not super fun, but it’s worth it. study hard everyone, hard work pays off.
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5 years ago, Jazzafan:D
Great Education, some problems with new update
First of all, Khan Academy is a great app for learning. This is what makes me give it five stars. I appreciate that I don’t have to pay and have a plethora of interesting things to learn about. This is also really cool for maybe second-world countries, for people that can afford a cheap-ish device but not an education. The new update removed the feature where you would have to ace every test, including the unit test, perfectly in order to get to Level 5 and be done with that unit. It was hard to get 100 percent sometimes, but it really pushed me to learn and do my best. Now, there is no level feature and it makes me feel like it’s a little harder to navigate what you need to work on. I still appreciate the videos and exercises, but i thought the level feature was the cherry on top. Bring it back?
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5 years ago, Hunt.tr04
Horrible interface, and full of glitches
I find this interface to be full of lots of glitches, and the interface self is a pain. It may take you 10 seconds to solve a problem, but a minute jut to be able to type it into the box. And it’s not like it’s a small screen. I use tons of other apps with iPad compatibility that’s flawless. I thought the message was to make life easier, and give anybody the opportunity to learn. But with an app like this, I’d rather carry around the textbook. Also what’s the point of mastery challenges or points, if you can’t access it with the app itself. And on a final note, I would like it if the app wasn’t so glitchy, the pages constantly quitting, going crazy and just being so slow. If you are a teacher, please spare your students, practice problems and videos are fine but please, do not replace the textbook. After a year of using khan rather than a textbook and old-fashioned practice worksheets, I came in knowing more about pre-algebra than after, and it’s not like I’m not trying. It’s just so hard keeping up with it and teaching yourself
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4 years ago, mykl07
One of the most important apps ever made
This is a tremendous math resource for students from elementary school through graduate school. HUGE room for improvement though for iPad app... 1) have a simple button to report problems with a question. There are several errors I’ve found so far, which are really frustrating. No way to report it easily. Please add this, and only investigate questions that are commonly reported to save you time. 2) fix link to videos that come up with the light bulb... when you click on videos it doesn’t link to the video. Very frustrating, especially for young kids trying to work independently. 3) fix fractions. To write 2 1/2 You should be able to type 2 and then the fraction button to put in the 1/2. On the iPad this is tedious every time to pull up the fractions first and then try to click the right location to put in the 2. Young people may not even be able to figure this out. Not user friendly here. 4) add question and testing content for sciences and not just math. This would be huge for gifted kids, special needs kids and children across the developing world. Okay, pretty much everyone... Please fix these things and this already great FREE app could be much better! Thank you for your hard work on this!!!
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4 years ago, Nikstress
Can’t believe it’s all FREE
I struggle with numbers, in general, and found Khan Academy when I was trying to brush up on mathematics, since I’m training to be a pilot. i found the website first and immediately created an account, and was excited to have an app version as well. The app tracks my progress and offers the next appropriate training when the pre-requisites have been completed. I’m blown away by the diversity of training on offer as well as the quality of the teaching. I’m doing math basics at present, since I missed so much of it when at school, and so appreciate the different ways of teaching that are offered. Thank you Sal Khan, for your vision and determination, and for producing this great app to make all this education accessible to anybody who has an iOS device, and the website for all who have internet access.
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4 years ago, MountainStars
Good Information, when I can access it that is
The information available for free is truly amazing, when I can access it. I either got a buggy version, or maybe something else is the issue, but I have trouble doing more than one lesson—and sometimes not even that much—before I get a pop up window saying there has been an error processing my action, every time I try to do more than one question in a practice lesson. I can watch videos but as soon as I try to do either the practice or the mastery lessons, or the challenges, nothing will move forward. I know it isn’t my internet connection, and I’ve updated the app consistently when the app updates come around. I’d like to find a way for this to be fixed, as I looked forward to learning things throughout my day in doses. A+ information, I just can’t access it most the time. I would love to give 4 or 5 stars to the app, but it doesn’t hardly ever let me practice.
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6 years ago, Mustafa3170
Great app!
I had an issue with the back button in the app but you guys quickly worked to fix it! Thank you Khan Academy! I’ve changed the 4 star rating to a 5 star now. :) But please consider the following things mentioned below: 2) Allow users to download videos in high quality if they want to. I have enough storage and when I download Khan Academy videos, they’re always in very low quality, both audio and video. Give users the option to choose whether they want to save data and download in low quality, or if they can, download in high quality for offline use. 3) We can download videos to make them available for offline usage, but not articles. Why is that? Overall Khan Academy is a great tool to gain knowledge and it’s proven to be very helpful for a lot of people including myself.
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6 years ago, TomJadeLance
Just like KA on the computer, but with some cons
Khan Academy is great. Truly amazing app. All my subjects were synced, everything was exactly like on the website. The only thing that was really bad is the drawing features, the ones on the problems that help you solve the problem on the problem itself. The first line drawn is smooth and nice, but after that there is extreme lag, and the lines are all choppy and impossible to write numbers with. It takes about 10 seconds to write a single number if I want it to be legible. (I am using the Apple Pencil) In the drawing mode, it also takes away the problem. If there was a diagram there that I wanted to mark up in order to help me with the problem, it disappears. This is a pretty big thing for me, especially if Khan Academy doesn’t work with split screen. I cannot work on the app itself, a big bummer. Besides that, it is Khan Academy. Tons of great courses with great teaching and a great experience.
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2 weeks ago, Sammylovea
Out of all the years of my experience Kahn academy has changed my life completely. I have tried many learning apps and a lot of them don’t work but Kahn academy IS a 5/5. Most of apps have me board but, kahn academy is a work of art. At first I was very confused and frustrated because I didn’t get it but now I feel that kahn academy is very helpful. I used to have B+ and C+ but now I get A- and B+ . Kahn academy is very impressive with helping students all ages in school. I have learned many things about almost every subject I even learned how to set college goals to . I will be recommending Kahn academy to ever friend I know with not only struggling grades but also people with ideal grades. This app also includes study habits and how to study. As a student I can infer a great future for this app.
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3 years ago, Crazedny
More options
First I want to say that I love the whole idea of Kahn academy, it’s really great. I’d just like to see more options as far as subjects themselves, and maybe even different teachers for each subject so that you have different styles of teaching in order to get more people to learn. I say this because my daughter had said that she just has trouble following and listening to the person talking and how they teach. I realized that there are lots of people that feel the same way, everyone is different and learns different so having other ways to learn for those people would be extremely helpful. Different teachers have different teaching styles. Just a suggestion, and one other thing I can think of is to make it so that you can cast a video to the tv if wanted. Especially for longer lecture style lessons.
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3 years ago, MD Aminuzzaman
One of the best thing happened to the humanity
Mr Khan’s contribution cannot simply be describe in simple words. To me his contribution can be consider as valuable to the education community of modern times. His generosity and teachings will be remembered among many students even to many people older who had hard times learning math at early age. His method of teaching and being a good orator made each of the topics very engaging and easier to adapt by anyone. Since I have no problem with Khan Academy app or overall system, there are tiny things that maybe would be helpful to students engagements, such as current quiz system sometimes can be feel over exhausting. Like there are couple of time we have to redo same questions again if previously done it before.
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10 months ago, River451 Mac OS Game Reviews
Khan Academy Review
Hello! I used khan academy for Integrated Maths 2 and 3, and I really liked that it had the integrated options! This is NOT a certified high school/college, so I wish it was so the courses would actually count, or there was a certificate generator. I also wish there was language courses! If language courses are added it will be a 5 star. The courses are pretty easy to use, I like how you get unlimited attempts at everything, as well as the short and sweet assignments. Mastery points can be pretty frustrating sometimes. The percent at the top is percent of mastery points for the entire class/unit, not your grade! I would recommend for elementary or middle school classes, not very much so high school courses. Also good prep for AP exams and SAT. Not the main AP class though. Know someone who got a 1560 SAT off of these preps! Good luck every one! 👍 😊
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4 years ago, subnautica555
Great app with one hilarious bug
This is an amazing app and it helps everyone work on anything they desire at their own level. I am doing high school geometry and it literally covers everything you need to know. I am still in middle school but it easier to see what’s coming and prepare with khan academy, so thanks! The one bug I found though was that if there is any question with multiple answers and if I put the wrong number of answers (correct or not) it would not let me move on because it says ‘please select the correct number of answers’. So it kinda helps me out because I know I either need more or less answers than I already have. Otherwise I haven’t found any bugs other than that so thanks for the amazing app!
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4 years ago, Jappyjoe
Geared Towards SAT Prep
If these are the types of questions on the SAT’s, then why even bother? The questions are absolutely awful. They will not help anyone know what your skillset is, they only aim to confuse and befuddle your. If nothing else, they find any and all weak spots in your skills. The instructions on how to actually answer the questions are lengthy and yet terribly vague and idiotic. It gives no real insight into what you’re actually supposed to do. The questions themselves are asked in a manner that I can guarantee would confuse even the most avid reader. The hints are nearly childish. They do not give insight. If this is intended to teach, there’s something off. All I’ve found is frustration and anxiety. I don’t like to leave nasty reviews, especially when I’m sure this is actually the types of horrid questions that are on SAT tests. If anything must change, it would have to be SAT’s, so take this as a message from everyone disgruntled and stressed student. Make the standardized tests vaporize and disappear.
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4 years ago, Con+Con
Everything is perfect besides 2 things...
I love this app so much and it’s helping me learn so much especially since we have to learn at home. This also gives me tons of ideas to do stuff and I loved the schedule you gave us. Problem is sometimes when I’m doing math the place where I have to write something disappears then I have to go look for it somewhere. Also sometimes it’s not clear if I have to do something or not. There’s so much going on I get so confused. I’m not sure if it’s my internet but my questions glitch a lot when I’m working, but the videos don’t glitch at all. Also sometimes I finished a test or those work sheets or whatever their called and I get a 4/4 percent then it makes me do it all over again for about 6 times. It gets really annoying until I don’t want to do it anymore. All in all this is a helpful app.
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4 years ago, missemmalynne
Great explanations. Easy app.
I use khan academy for chemistry, biology, genetics, physics — all of it. It really is very helpful and clear with the instructions. What I love though, is the ability to speed up videos when I’m reviewing or slow them down and take notes. Also, the video transcript is available which is helpful to read along with, rather than just auditory listening. The app is streamlined and easy to use. Thank you Kahn academy. Also, I encourage you if you enjoy the app, donate like $5, $10 every once in a while. I have gained a greater understanding of hard concepts through khan academy than I have through thousands of dollars in school tuition. $5 or $10 to show my gratitude isn’t a ton to ask for, and I’m happy to do it in order to keep Kahn academy free for everyone. :)
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3 years ago, Abcdefg12345()'$&
It would be nice if they had grade school level courses for science.
When I realized I was struggling to understand the stuff my teacher was teaching. I turned to khan academy, there people are really good at explaining things in clear way along with watching there examples. It helped a lot in every subject except for science. I noticed that khan has both grade/junior high school levels for both reading and math. There history also covers a wide variety of different historical things so it wasn’t that hard to find what I need. But when I went to find something for science. It turned out that it wasn’t very accommodating for people outside of high school and college. Just saying it would be nice if they had grade school level courses for science.
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6 years ago, amaries239
Makes learning algebra II fun (not sarcasm)
I probably would not have been able to succeed in my Algebra II class without Khan Academy. What’s great about this app to me are the quizzes and tests- if I don’t understand a problem, the app suggests video to me, and also gives hints/ a walkthrough of how to solve the problem in brief increments, so if I end up remembering, I can solve on my own. Also, when you retake a test, it gives you different questions each time. This app is almost the equivalent to having a free tutor. In addition, the guy who makes the math videos is fantastic at explaining any math concept. I rarely have questions after watching his videos, and even more rarely after reading the walkthroughs with them. This app is phenomenal, 6/5 stars
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3 years ago, jajxbwjnd
if I fix this will the bug go away?
I’m doing estimation on khan academy since I forgot about most of it during the pandemic, and it seems pretty ok. It’s not hard or easy, but that’s probably just me. I can’t find a report button so I just figured I should rate the app instead. There was a question where it was asking me, “What is the largest whole number on this graph that can round up or down to 20?” So I picked 24 obviously, and it said that it was wrong. I triple checked the question and I swore I got it right, and I told my mom and she agreed that I got the answer right. I went onto hints to see what the answer was, and there is was. The answer was 24. I’m trying to get as many full points as I can, so if I get a question wrong then I make myself do the test again. I have no idea what that was, but hopefully they’ll fix the bug.
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