KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News

4.6 (13.9K)
87.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KHON2 News - Honolulu HI News

4.64 out of 5
13.9K Ratings
6 years ago, shirlgyrl
Aloha KHON!
I recently moved from Hawaii to Colorado but I kept all my Hawaii news apps on my phone. And I’ve come to find out that while I know that I can’t see the live streaming 24 seven, but when I cannot see the live streaming there’s always a tutorial of some kind that I can read, so that I can catch up on the news and happenings locally. On the other app I sometimes only have the option of live streaming and not any information in reading form! Thank you so much KHON!! You keep me in touch with the islands that still hold many family and friends!
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4 years ago, wastetm
Options Limited
I like getting info from a variety of sourceS and that’s why I have yours. HNN app is SO much quicker to launch w/out a lot of pop up junk. Their stories load faster. It’s just a better app design all the way around. Previously, I signed up for getting your notices but it never happened. Idkw was going on, but it seemed an exercise in futility. Now, there’s a pop up window asking my rating. Soon, I will be removing this app since it’s a waste of my time. I MUCH prefer listening to HPR since I can get an executive summary quick & then get on with what I need to do. I am not one to be constantly checking messages or looking st a screen since I do work in the field & go to a part time job + attend school Please step up the app. Make it easy to read with better contrast in font, font size changes to our liking would be good so I don’t have to don glasses. What if I want to read something that’s low down on the page? I have to swipe to see what’s there. I really don’t care what is in the mainstream media and focus more on what things may affect me, like Haiku Stairs, weather forecast, traffic detours. Idc about COVID-19 testing positive or deaths. Really, put more ‘feel good’ stories because the world is on fire with SARS-CoV-2 and I’m interested in seeing normal life. Thank you
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7 years ago, jjcmontana
Terrible update
Holy moly... 3rd time reviewing this train wreck of an app. So riddled with advertising and minimal news that it’s unusable. Deleting it tonight after all these years because the latest version is just that awful. Will stick to the other local news station app from now on. The new version has LESS news than before, requires you click links for articles that then take you out of the app and into a browser, then you have to close “click to continue reading” anything more than the first paragraph, so to read another story, you then must first reverse like 3 times. This update was like trading in a 1994 Ford Taurus for a 1989 toyota Tercel... just when you thought it couldn't get worse... it did. And so many forced video commercials, the whole experience leaves a bad taste. Don’t even bother downloading this. If you do, think back to this review after 3 days and you’ll think, “Wow, he was right!”.
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3 years ago, justin case your listening
Notifications flaw!
When there are notifications sent from this news app and you click on them it only takes you to a live feed of the news currently playing and not to an article about the story. If you get a notification, but then 5-10 min pass before you are able to look at it....then the live stream is over or you have missed the story of interest to you on the live news feed. This is very annoying. The notifications should send you straight to the written news story (article) in the app, with the option of watching the recap of the story on video at the top of the article. You do this and it is a 5 star app for sure with good news stories, but until then, this apps notification style is annoying.
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6 years ago, nycshin
The app has been great, easy to access and find my way through it. It’s been especially helpful during this hurricane! I wasn’t always by the tv so to be able to be informed while away and have them updating things whenever something happens is not only helpful but reassuring
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2 years ago, alohabails
Less Ads, Please!
I enjoy this app + use the push notifications to track breaking news for the island. But I find it nearly impossible to read stories or browse because of the immense amount of ads on each page. These are the same garbage ads on misc sites - clean out your ear wax, fix your saggy arms - and IMO they don’t have any place on a local news app. Not professional when you have an ad in between each paragraph. I understand the need for profit to help sustain the app development, I just wish there were less, or an option to remove them entirely via a one-time fee. The Apple TV app is the same, except sometimes it will ONLY play ads and won’t play the videos.
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4 years ago, Treydizz
Used to be good - what happened?!!
I understand that news needs advertisements to survive. But I am going NUTS with the new update to this app!! I sometimes like to check the news at work, on the bus while commuting, while I’m a passenger in a car, sometimes the library.... and it was never an issue. NOW, every single time I click on an article, the advertisements automatically play out loud even though I have my phone on silent!!! Do you know how embarrassing it is to be on a bus and the video starts playing super loud when you least expect it?!! Are you listening guys??? Please fix it!!! Otherwise, I’ll be forced to delete this app
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5 years ago, Kayhoona
Misses the mark
A news app should give you news. This app is either broken or poorly designed. I can’t figure out how to read the story, as when you tap the story it only avails the option to “watch” the news when it’s on, vice have a prerecorded library option. Lots of graphics titles but nothing of substance once you tap the picture. After I post this, I’m deleting the app and looking for, hoping for, any other option of being able to have some ability to read, or hear, about the information relative to me be in simply the weather or governmental issues in Hawaii.
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5 years ago, HiFinest808
Great up to date news app but...
I like it when I get news notification but when I want to know more about it I need to watch it live. The only reason I want to enjoy it on my phone is so I don’t need to watch it on tv. When I click on the watch live show the story is already done so the app so kind of annoying when I see a interesting news but oh wait you need to watch live and wait till the whole story available. The news will be ready only when I guess someone enters it into the app so people can read it. It’s like reading a newspaper but only the headlines is there.
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5 years ago, Health&Fitness
Always gotta live stream
Moving to Portland from Hawaii, I wanted to stay updated with news especially with my whole family still being there. I get a notification, but every time I click to open and read, I need to wait for the live stream instead. Is there a way I can just read about the news and not always have to live stream? Being 2 or 3 hours ahead of the time isn’t always helpful.
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3 years ago, Instagram45988
Worst App to Discover Local News
I’m not understanding why I am constantly sent notifications to breaking news stories, but when I click on the story - it takes me to a page with the TV schedule. So I’m left without knowing any further details & in suspense. Even if I try searching for the story under ‘Latest News’ - I cannot find it easily. So I see no point to having a news app that only send me ‘breaking news’ notifications without a link to the full story. Not worth my time.
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4 years ago, my girlfriend's teddy bear
I enjoy having the news app, but however, it always glitches out on my iPhone every time I open up the notification button, and now, when I open the app. I do not have a problem with this on my iPad.
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5 years ago, a spirit soul
Happy lady
The KHON2 AP is always up-to-date and it’s easy to navigate whether it’s the latest news, weather, traffic, sports or local events. KHON has been my favorite TV news station in Hawaii for many years. Now the KHON2 AP is the only local news AP on my phone, great job👍
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4 years ago, Carolemm
Great information
I love KHON2 and their quality presentation of what is happening both locally and nationally. The app is useful but I don’t want to input my credit card number to utilize some of the videos. I also thought I opted out of traffic push notifications but it seems that I still get them. Overall, I really like the app but no CC info from me. ❤️
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3 years ago, Jericho808
Worst news app for Hawaii
Click bait articles and notifications. Some notifications have clear bias and are trying to paint a picture instead of just reporting the facts. Most notifications only take you to the live news section when the news isn’t even airing. Even if I have some news categories like sports off I still get sports notifications. Sports isn’t breaking news stop spamming my phone with bad notifications.
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5 years ago, Hawaiian Angel
Story not available
Don’t like getting an alert about something newsworthy, but then when you open the app you need to wait until a certain time to read up on it.
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4 years ago, Saidynot
I just want to know...
You send ,e breaking headlines... I click on it and usually it doesn’t open or go to that... when it does I can’t open the story. I don’t want to watch all the time (because I can’t turn up the volume) but you rarely have the story printed... or I just can’t find the story... just ends up wasting my time and frustrating me... not to mention all the additional drama the media adds to everything.
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5 years ago, ReDD662808
I’ll give it two stars for its ability to send new and weather notifications quickly- actually getting info about those notifications is another story. App relies on live streaming for almost the entirety of its news. Almost never will you click on a headline and actually get any written information about it. Also far too many ads and ad pop ups.
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4 years ago, Fdoguru
Too late
Couple of issues. Push notifications for live conferences usually come out AFTER the conferences have started! And when you go to the conference, you suffer through a 30 second commercial! During this time, it’s important we get notifications of a press conference BEFORE they start, and get rid of those commercials!
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6 years ago, Todd white
News when it happens
When things in the islands happens, this is where you’ll find out what it’s all about. Why shop wnen you get everything you need right here?
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4 years ago, Ttsdunlap
Finally posting a review
This is a very poor app. 2 stars because sometimes there is some news to read. I am turning off notifications - they have no value. A notification takes you not to the news story, it takes you to the live feed where there is nothing. At least you could also post the written story at that time!
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3 years ago, 13di
Back button
I love how the back button literally never works if you select a notification, on the most sold phone in the world. I don’t expect anybody to actually read this review to change that, but figured I’d shoot my shot :) KHON keep doing your thing. App team for KHON, please contact California. Much mahalos.
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3 years ago, kluvsank
Notifications do not take you to the story
Thee most irritating thing about this app is that the notifications take you to a page showing the KHON2 TV schedule rather than the story itself. This app has great notifications and is generally 1st in notifying me about current events which makes this issue even more infuriating. Use the Hawaii News Now app until this is fixed.
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2 years ago, Rickdo
Worthless, I deleted.
The notification on the the phone are ridiculous and frustrating. You click on it and it send you to watch advertising, after you watch it, still the news on the notification is no where to be found, as you search for it, you are welcome with more advertising. Hello! Developer, your app is very unfriendly user. Fix that.
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7 years ago, outside808
Good app
I like the news and push alerts but the "new" is heavily sports oriented and I would prefer if they would emphasize the top stories more. I also don't appreciate that the first thing that always pops up when you open the app is an advertisement. Otherwise this is my go to news station.
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4 years ago, Jumbo pp
It ain’t the app, it’s the notifications.
Ugh! I get a push notice to tune in and I tap the notice. First there’s and advertisement, then a dead end. Live streaming won’t start for 3 minutes!! It’s like the app craps out. Video won’t start. I’ve been trying for 2 years. You can’t go back to the notice because it’s cleared out.
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3 years ago, iiSDa💩
Love the App but...
It needs to be where the articles are within the app not where you have to open up a link to the website. Also, too many ads on the videos. Hopefully these issues will be fixed on the next update.
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5 years ago, wannabenxt66
New to island
I am new to the island and this news cast is by far given me the best information of events that I need to know concerning my new home and the mainland without channel surfing!! 😇😃
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6 years ago, Charliessweetpea
What a mess...
Sorry but I only use this site in a dire Emergency ! I really love the Pizza Hut commercials, and how you have to watch a full advertisement vid before you get to see what you wanted. It’s poorly laid out, choppy, and nothing is in sequence. Not to mention the Left Leaning commentary from the news casters. But we are used to this here in Hawaii, just deal with it like the One Party Government we have here. Luckily we don’t get taxed to watch this drivel. Do we?
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6 years ago, Hawaii1973
I have been having some issues with this KHON2 app. It opens fine but when I would click on a particular article it opens then incorrect article so I would click the button to go back. And when I do that, the entire screen goes white. Its been happening every single time I do this! COULD YOU PLEASE FIX THIS? Thank you.
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7 years ago, pjeads
A new look but less useful
Harder to find and read news articles. Now lots of other sections I never use and would like to edit out but can't. Weather section not as helpful.
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5 years ago, Designerpizazz
What’s going on when i tap to “live”
I don’t know what’s going on with this version because now when i tap “live video” nothing comes on it’s just the blue screen . I tap play but nothing comes on. Please fix the app cuz can’t watch it live. Giving it 2 stars cuz i like the notification of accidents or breaking news
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4 years ago, MrsBWC
Really disconnected app
There is no point to push notifications with story leads if ultimately you go nowhere. I understand this is primarily an app for a tv news station, but then all push notifications should note the story will be on the next broadcast. Instead every one seems it will lead to an actual article but there rarely is anything to read
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6 years ago, 14difnn
Mahalo to our news crew
Great job and super dedication to all of you folks that covered Hurricane Lanes destruction, again Mahalo to you all, keep up the good work. Oh yah get some well deserved rest.
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6 years ago, Nicorio911
What happened?
It’s been crashing a lot. Sometimes, there’s just a black screen, although there’s volume. There’s also been times when I can’t watch live, the icon keeps spinning but no video appears for too long of a time. I exit a couple times, reboot the app and still no Live.
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5 years ago, on da go
Because we are never home during the news we depend on the notifications. But the notifications sent by KHON majority of the time is incomplete and to watch the 6:00 news, etc. so we immediately google or go to Hawaii news now to get the full story!
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4 years ago, Upcountry gal
Always there for us!
We always turn to you for knowing what’s up! Thank you for the great service!
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5 years ago, yep k den
Always on time with the news
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1 year ago, car4ever
App doesn’t open on iPhone 14 iOS 16
I recently purchased an iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16 and installed KHON2 news app, but it won’t allow me to open and view content. It only shows the KHON2 logo. Please fix this app, because I always want to keep up to date with the latest news, weather, sports, and traffic.
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7 years ago, Kanoa from Manoa
Bad update
After the most recent update, I now have to click multiple times to read one article. And while watching a roughly 2-minute news video, I got interrupted 3 times by the same video ad. This app was much better before the update
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5 years ago, Clearwater Phil
Never shows stories tied to alerts
I am so tired of this app. It will send out an alert, but when you click on the alert the story isn't there or won't play. Just now, I clicked on an alert. It played, but no matter what I do, I can't get the sound to work!! Does the company that wrote this app do any testing at all? It's shameful.
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6 years ago, NJZ3D
Jersey loves KHON
Very easy to use very well produced application. As someone from Jersey I thoroughly enjoy watching the Honolulu news using this app. It never lets me down.
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4 years ago, no icecream for us!!
I can never get it to work!!
When I try to find out what going on now you can’t find it on this app!! Your station sends out alerts to my phone if I don’t tap on that alert you sent I will never find it in this app. I love your channel and Joe M. But this app hates me!! It’s great for yesterday’s news! It’s very frustrating!! 🤯🤯 Have a great day!!
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6 years ago, denja9
Old app was better
Change is not always good. I liked the way the old app was laid out, easy to use. The new app is not user friendly and provides less information.
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2 years ago, luv3m
I would like to click on the push messages and breaking news notifications and go straight to the story to read it. Has not happened yet. Could be much more user friendly.
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4 years ago, IM Kitty
It’s gotten worse
Lately this app has gotten worse. When I tap to read a new story, the video automatically starts to play. I don’t want to forced to deal with the video. I would rather read the story and decide if I want to watch the accompanying video.
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4 years ago, 1IppieNip
Worst app
After you receive a news notification good luck trying to click on it to see the story 5 - 7 minutes later I’m still trying to get the story to load on the app. I love the news station but you’d think they could put out a better quality app. So pitiful
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4 years ago, LD134028252905
Wish this worked better
So many ads. The videos autoplay WITH SOUND. It’s so annoying. No way to mute. The push notifications never take you to the news story but rather to a page with ads. Why does this app have to be so bad! You’re such a good news station — you’re better than this!
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4 years ago, buttybootcheeks
So everytime I get a notification I click on it and the app opens up with no story. I can’t find the story either. It’s pointless. The notification disappears and now I have no notification or story with information. This app has taken a couple steps back like Joe Moore’s hairline
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6 years ago, PartridgeFam
Great news coverage
Even though I live here in California I can always follow the news happening in Hawaii Your app is great
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