Kids A-Z

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Lazel Inc.
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kids A-Z

3.64 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Mneyland
Why did you get rid of the rocket ship tracking the kids progress?
The latest update to the user interface removed the rocket ship tracking my kids reading progress. Instead replaced it with a circle and number of activities left. This change is not a good one. My kids loved seeing the visualization of their hard work and got very excited when they “leveled up” which is no longer get there. Also, why does it only count books accessed through the “level up!” button and not through the “reading room” button? My daughter read lots of books through the reading room but didn’t get credit for them when she went into level up!
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9 months ago, yesterday's pickle
So Buggy Lately UPDATE: Time to go
I’ve been using Headsprout and RazKids for almost ten years in my classroom. In the past year it has gotten very buggy. It freezes while loading, crashes, or in Headsprout it started returning students to the screen where they need to select Headsprout or the book room after every single activity. It’s great when it works but lately it doesn’t, not on the app or browser (safari or chrome) on iOS, not on PCs in Chrome. Updates haven’t fixed anything and it seems to be getting worse. Students understandably get so upset when it freezes and they lose their progress and it wastes my time to try and troubleshoot and find workarounds. FIX THE SOFTWARE. We use other apps and software without issue and school subscriptions are reevaluated yearly. There’s no need to spend money if it doesn’t work. UPDATE: Instead of fixing Headsprout or incorporating it into their counterintuitive and obsolete the day it was released Foundations A-Z program, they shut it down. Headsprout was the best thing they ever put out and the reason is that they bought it from another company. I’m done with it. Reading Eggs is a pretty good replacement, but I will miss using Headsprout since it was a good supplementary program with a different and complimentary teaching order that really taught students to read.
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5 years ago, Lenczr
Great app for my ESL 2nd grader
This app was the system my son and I used to improve his English reading by 40% in 1 school quarter. This app is better than the others because it has reading levels that tailor to child’s reading level, it has an audio book option, key word definitions at the end of book, questions at the end of each book to check on comprehension, and a reward system that motivated my son to read. I remain involved in my son’s learning by having him read to me to ensure he was putting forth a proper effort, but it is great having questions with multiple answers at the end of the books instead of me trying to think of good questions. I was told by his 2nd grade teacher that because he is ESL his English reading was behind by half a grade. My son has used this app via DODDEA schools daily and twice on weekends to get caught up. I only wish DODDEA would have kept the contract with RAZ Kids so we can continue to use it.
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2 years ago, a little borijg but very fun!
Great game!
Usually the parents are the ones rating the educated apps that their kids play, but actually this time it’s the kid writing the review! So basically my tutor wanted me to do this app so I downloaded it, and sadly as a 4th grader it’s pretty easy for me. I don’t know if there’s something that will help me make it a bit harder because this app is made to help you learn and there’s no point in using it if your just doing reviewed stuff that you already know. Could the developers possibly tell me how to make it harder? I’m hoping that this app will turn out useful for me! I looked at the other reviews and apparently 2nd graders & 1st graders do this. My tutor obviously knows that I’m a 4th grader and so then there must be a way to make it harder. So like I said, could I get some information on how to make it harder from the developers?
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7 years ago, Jump4Joy33
Absolutely LOVE this app for my 1st grader!!!!
My daughter began using app last year, her kindergarten teacher sent home flyer w/instructions, & Teacher already had all the classmates name, so made it easy. This app is excellent for new readers, app has level books, plenty of books. I have searched for books w/that have A Level B Level etc & could not find any to purchase, thanks to this amazing app we now have access to plenty of Level Books for my 1st grade daughter😀 My daughter practices reading on this app daily, everyday she comes home settles down from school & open app reads 3 books & 2 books before bed. We have downloaded a bunch of learning apps but my daughter never seemed to like any, until A-Z App was introduced last year, THANKFUL FOR HER KINDERGARTEN TEACHER MS. FIRNHABER @ MAREE G. FARRING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN BALTIMORE MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10 months ago, jgun2
Needs more support options
Overall, this seems like a good app for students to use. However, they need more options for support. There seems to be a glitch at level J right now. On the parent page, it shows that my child has completed 59/59 activities to move to level K. On the student page, it says she has one more activity to do to move up, but there are no activities available, so she’s stuck at level J. I tried emailing their support email, but got an auto-reply that it is not monitored and to use the chat option. However, it seems that their support chat is only available during typical M-F office hours, which is when a lot of parents are working. I wish they had someone available at least a couple hours in the evening or on Saturday.
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4 years ago, Jason Xue the cool guy
Not very good app
This is a great app but there should be some changes. 1. Hackers. My classmate kept on hacking me for no reason. There should be Face ID for privacy. I am not gonna tell you who hacked me, but it should just change. 2. Books. Why aren’t there any Spanish / Español books in the level up section? It just makes no sense. And also, it just has less books. There should be a favorite section because I sometimes favorite a book and I might want to read it again, like “Can I vote”, “ Arthur’s Bad News Day”, etc. 3. Others. Why can’t I change my password? Why can’t I delete stuff in the Avatar Builder? Why can’t I give stars? It’s just nonsense. I wish this improved like this. Sometimes the quiz questions are too hard, and later it doesn’t let you do the quiz again when you fail unless if you read it again. There should be some hints in quizzes. When people don’t do their homework assignment on Raz-Kids, why can’t it take stars away or get punishments? This is really nonsense. I would not recommend this app to anyone because it should have some nice changes going on and not nonsense. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank You! - Jason / Tao Zhe Xue
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4 months ago, ...ginko
Takes away items a kid has earned. Demotivating.
My child has loved this app. He worked hard to earn a particular item (globe table-4000 stars) He then earned more stars and purchased a small desk. Without warning it replaced/removed the globe table to place the small desk. in order to replace it he’d have to earn the 4000 stars over again!!! He now won’t use the Raz Rocket space. Something that has such great potential to motivate now just is causing sadness. It seems like a fixable glitch but report a quality issue isn’t available for this all. In fact their support indicates that stars aren’t refunded if you buy a second thing in the same area. But there’s no indication of this and impossible to know what replaces what. For instance you can purchase multiple pets but not multiple tables?!?
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5 years ago, BartlKG
Update Issues
This App is wonderful. Both of my children use it. My youngest has an auditory processing disorder. This means reading and comprehension are and will always be a challenge. This App has kept him on target with reading. We absolutely love it. My one complaint is that every time there is an update, we are not able to utilize the app for a week or more due to an error stating there must be a valid license. I performed the update a few days ago and when I select our teacher, it gives me the error. Updates are a great thing when they are smooth and have little to no negative impact for end users.
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3 years ago, muelleza
Update your layout!
The layout of your buttons in the read & record session absolutely need reorganized. The fact you have the pause/start button a millimeter away from the stop button is a MASSIVE design flaw. These are kids, pausing their recordings to practice, only to accidentally press the stop button by mistake. It leads to them getting extremely frustrated and wanting to quit because they lose the ability to continue recording and have to start over. Seriously, move the buttons around. Make the stop button harder to press by accident. Help motivate the kids instead of creating a negative experience due to poorly thought out designs.
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6 years ago, Haeckjshsndmxkjsjskxushsbnx
I cant believe...
I cant believe how good this is...the best reading app for all schools! Most recommended for elementary school, but I think in middle school I'll want to do this a lot still! Maybe get to the chapter books. Yeahhhhh. This is awesome! Grades K-5 are most recommended for using this. Almost already said that. Wait I did 😄! Wow I love this game so bad I could nearly hate it. Or dislike, either one. NOT 1%, NOT EVEN 0.1% I DISLIKE THIS GAME! I actually meant app, replace all the game (s) words with app. Lol not in the game silly, on the text. You deserve to be a world wide, famous, most popular, reading app creator ever. Epic too. You know, the app Epic? Yeah. Similar to this.
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4 years ago, XxxRobloxHotboixxX
not make sense
so guys I feel bad for writing this but some books don’t make sense and even the quiz room don’t make sense I like but a answer the does make sense but then it says wrong answer and that was right but yeah guys if you had that tell me and when I’m an a new grade it takes all my stars and I had a lot of stars and it deleted all it’s so unfair😡😡😡 like I have to do this for homework to get to 100 minutes and some books are so boring but I have to do it for work so guys I’m really mad that I lost my stars but yeah I only read books that has a trouble because it makes the book fun to Read but yeah and like it deleted all my levels when I got to 2nd grade like I want the owner to fix this because it’s so unfair and when I’m doing my reading or my quiz it takes out and goes back to iPad screen
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3 years ago, leifliege
Made my 5 year old cry
My 5 year old boy worked hard to save up for the hologram table prize in the Raz Rocket and was super proud to get it. He later thought he was adding more items to his room by purchasing a regular table. It replaced his hologram table and now he will have to save up to buy it again! If there isn't space to fit every item in the room, the items replaced should be moved to an inventory to be swapped at will. Or at the very least an "are you sure?" warning before replacing an item that will be lost.
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3 years ago, Nicole in the Neighborhood
Hi! Person reading this i NEED to tell you how amazing this app is so lets start with this Do you like reading and do you need a app that is educational?? THEN GO AHEAD AND GET THIS APP!! Yes i am 9 year old playing from my moms ipad but please listen. I use this app for home school bc of covid putting everyone in quarantine and i use it when i am not using it for school. If you are like me and you love reading you need this. And to the parents who are reading this you should get it for your kids! I promise it has NO PURCHASES! It is a AMAZING app so get it! (sorry if it was to long) Thanks so much for reading byee!
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3 years ago, 30ok🥞
This is ok
The game is boring and the only thing that is fun is the characters and that is it and you are just bored for how ever long you need to do it for and it is very bad because one time I put something on my characters that I did not like but I can not delete it and when ever you upgrade you home and the things in it it deletes your other things and you do not get back the stars and this is what happen I bought a chair then I had more money to buy other chair a better one but when I bought the chair the old one got deleted and I spent 3 days to earn all those starts for the old chair and I did not get, my stars back. And the stuff always mess is up my work and then I can not do my stuff then my mom yells at me and I get grounded and that is not fair and not my fault
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4 years ago, can you sing so much fun
The game was very fun to have a good
And I will have the same time for a little while I have a couple things for my kids and my mom and my dad and eve are at work so I have to go to get some stuff for the kids and I have to go to get my hair and my hair done and then I have to go to get my hair done and then I I’ll be there at five or you can get me some money and I’ll get you some food for you I love the house I love you and I love you the rest of your life and I’m really glad I have to be in a little bit late I love you so much I have to get to you
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3 years ago, Brynsn
Recent update bugs
Great app, but recent update created several problems. Often when finishing an activity, especially the crossword, the done button will not record the finished product. In fact, it won’t even close out the activity. Also, it appears that other students can now hack accounts and steal points. This is happened to every single person in my sons class. He’s not able to submit his work, and whatever work he does just get stolen. And no, this is not my son complaining. I have watched him do his work and seeing the bugs firsthand.
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4 years ago, bluehops
Good but needs changes
I love this app u can do reading online and other fun things but here is a problem: 1.when I do activates it always glitches and it stops working. 2.people in my class hack in my accounts and friends accounts and it isn’t good because we all have the same password! 3.people use my stars on my stars when they hack my account. 4.when students close my computer on purpose I always loose track of where I am. These are problems i am having with raz-kids but if they change this then I will change my review. Sincerely,Br###. P.s I put ## so people don’t know my whole name.
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4 years ago, heathernmom
Loved but need to have monthly subscription
My son's school used during quarantine and this was my favorite reading app... So wonderful! I love the there levels, read to you, you read, and then take quiz! I wanted for home use but the year subscription has to be paid all at one😩😩😩 $115 don't get me wrong it is a great app and worth the money, but I just can't afford! I wish there was a monthly subscription that way I could pay monthly for this wonderful learning app☺️
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4 years ago, Annieng02
Game changer
My son’s reading skill has improved so much better after using this app. Before, When he read book, I had to come up with questions to help him understand about the story. But now, everything I need to promote for his reading skill is on here. The app has audio, recording and quizzes features which not only helps with listening but also reading. I absolutely love this app and ready to purchase it after the school year ends
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4 years ago, HBae112
Keeps crashing
We’ve tried this on our computer, on our iPhone, and on our iPad and it crashes on all three. When you get to the login screen where you can put the teachers name in, once you click next m it brings you to a second page (where you are supposed to be able click the image that is your kid’s password) except it’s just a white screen and “crashes” by bringing you right back to the login page. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and making sure everything is updated. I’ve checked to make sure we were logged in properly. It is very frustrating. Developers don’t exactly make it easy to get a response either.
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5 years ago, akayos
I want a refund
This is my second year using this app and I was very happy with it until a couple of months ago everything gradually stopped working. The roster no longer opens on my mac, but apparently only opens on the ipad. Then headsprout became an issue. Headsprout does not work on the mac, and when trying to open it on the app on the ipad, it opens an entirely different episode than the one assigned - I have to depend on the iphone to get anything to work, because even when entering the password on the ipad it says “incorrect password”, but for some reason only on the iphone it works. I have paid for several things which all seem to have stopped working. I am requesting a refund
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4 years ago, themackenroths
Love the concept but the app needs work
This is a fabulous resource and wonderful concept. The app has bugs and various problems. My biggest complaint about this app is the recording feature. My child records a voiceover of the book but then forgets to push the send button and just swipes to the next page/section without submitting the recoding (meaning the recording is erased and not submitted to the teacher). The app should not let the child move on without submitting the recording. It would also be nice if the app would let the child complete the writing exercises, but that only works on the website.
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2 years ago, DNBorn
It keeps saying needs an active license.. I’m paying for a subscription. I can’t login. My son can’t log on. It does not work the same as it did when using it as a school resource. The only troubleshooting info offered is reinstalled it and clear your cache.. which I’ve done and now I can’t login in AT ALL where before it at least let my son in to do the assignments I gave him.. which had to be assigned without using the crappy downloaded app. I’m done. Don’t charge people for this product. As a school resource it was wonderful and my son is familiar with it but independently at home?! Terrible.
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3 years ago, mullalli6 roblox
Can you make it where u can have more than 1 item on? Like hats.
I love this game and all but I have a little thing that’s kinda a deal but it’s a good learning game I use it in school in my freetime and stuff it’s a really fun app, plus when I level up I love seeing all the good books. My confession is that can you make it possible to have more than 1 item like take hats so that’s all I love the app thank you for all the work you made.
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3 years ago, HoosierTeacher2
Not as good as Spelling City was
As a teacher I loved letting my kids choose their favorite activity in Spelling City after they had finished the assigned activity. Now I can’t see any way for them to be able to have access to all of the learning games offered without assigning every activity. Also, the app has quit working on our iPads and we have to push many buttons to get it to open in the web browser since our school has us log in through clever. All in all, it has great potential, but I’m not loving it so far.
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4 years ago, smiley1319
The best app!
This is such a good app for kids! When I go to school i always read the fun books. I have been reading on this app for years. I am only 7 years old but I loveee it! No mistakes for me. But i love this app!! Every night i get to read one like a bedtime story i get to read and answer. I am going to read a book on this amazing app now. Thank you for the app and I hope you have a nice day! (I am a big fan of this app) From Emma💖
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4 years ago, wildwestkitty
The absolute best!!!
I absolutely love this app! It has all kinds of books, and I love that you can choose from all the books that are leveled! But the avatars should have better things. I also like that things are not a whole lot of stars. On previous apps I’ve used, it’s costs a whole lot of points to get a dress. (I’m talking to you, Imagine Math). And Raz Kids isn’t like that! Thank you for creating such a great app!
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3 years ago, anaiyves
I love ras kids
I like ras kids because it helps your understand your ela test it makes you understand what ur reading and how smart you are. People are saying these issues cause they think ras kids questions are hard and it’s easy. It just helps you it’s not difficult if you guys think it’s difficult I know it’s your opinion y’all are just saying that because you guys don’t learn.
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6 years ago, antspnts
I think read naturally live is better
Differences between kids A-to-Z and read naturally live is that kids A-to-Z you listen then read the book then to take a quiz wall and read naturally live you listen to keywords then write a prediction and then play were tastic until your teacher does the cool timing then you read along and then your practice and then you take a quiz and then you retell the story in your own words or practice the word list and then you practice the story again and then play were tastic until your teacher comes to do the hot timing and grading the short answer questions And grade the retell or pass the word list
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3 years ago, 🤠👍📕
Great app, please add reflection option on iPad
This is a great app especially for us nonnative English speakers. My kids (and I) started to use it recently on iPad and desktop too. I have noticed a difference between them, desktop version has but iPad version doesn’t have a reflection as an option. I think this tool is very helpful and would be useful to have it on the iPad or iPhone app too. Best, Vladimir
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4 years ago, 🇹🇱🇸🇰🇹🇭🇸🇽🇹🇯🇸🇽
Nova here
So uhhhhh yeah when I get on here I just get on my old teachers things and case heck. One time I SPENT ALL THERE STARS AND MADE THEM LOOK LIKE A GIRL 🤣🤣. But yeah so uh yeah. ._. But whoever made this is a great person. I would not call myself a hacker. Yes I’m Nova. Wanna know why I do this? Because I seen ALOT of kids complaining about “waaaa This kid hacked my account waaaa” and so on so so yeah. This is a good game ok? Happy? And if y’all don’t like me I DONT care ok? Jeez how long was I up? OH NO IM LATE UHH BYE. 10/10 👏👏👏
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4 years ago, 71234$
I loved this up but...
this up was great Untill I guess It wants my student password? When I try to play at home not at school I tried clicking someone else Icon in my class And there screen was different The password was my Old kindergarten password when I started and I thought I remember but.... It give me letters not the pictures
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6 years ago, DC3468
User interface improvements needed for bilingual learners
I agree with other reviewers that using this app for World Languages materials is not user friendly. They are the only reason why I got the Plus subscription and this app. I finally figured out how to show Spanish books in the Reading Room, but all the materials in Level Up are only in English. How can another language be selected instead?! Auto reading speed options should be offered too, it jumps too quickly from one page to the next.
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4 years ago, Sidekick123456789101112
It’s so easy to hack
So I know my teacher password so I got unlimited money like a only had 70,000 it was crazy I bought everythingYou can do that too so say if I wanna Santa or I got to do is go on my teacher name and keep on clicking 50 stars in a world war me 50 stars is crazy my teacher does even know about this that’s sad for her and I deleted this boy from my class aPick his boogers and you can delete people is really awesome I deleted a lot of people off of their only my friends I talk to you and play with so anywa if you want to hack into my class I will tell you my teachers names just kidding I’m not gonna do that
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5 years ago, Bubuthegreat20
Amazing App for students to improve fluency and blending
Raz kids is an amazing app for my students in 2nd grade -5th grade. the huge library of leveled texts, helps us the teachers get a detailed view of students' progress, even as they read independently. I also allow my students record themselves reading the book. This helps them with fluency.
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4 years ago, #nicknamesssss£
The lag is making me rage
This app would of been good if it did not have the lag, it took me 10 minutes to open a book and several minutes to load the page, my internet is super good, I can play PUBG, CLR with no problem, and I am using a brand new iPad Air 3, I can’t believe it would lag!! I also dislike it when it does not let you read the book while you answer the questions. You would of forgot what the question was by the time you got to that page. I would not recommend this app unless the lagging problem is fixed.
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4 years ago, Nat_ger
Great app but....
I’m not sure what’s going on and neither does my kid school but now we can’t use the app as it ask for an active license and I have no clue what are they talking about and the school don’t seem to know how to fix it. My kid hasn’t done any of his reading homework for over a month now. Every time you tried to enter the teachers name it says this app requires an active license! Can anyone help please?
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6 years ago, Shirt making without BC?
good app, just one thing.
One minor thing. On every text question, Sometimes, the text instantly moves up the moment I touch the text box, which doesn’t allow me to see the line of text I am currently writing. I would appreciate it if you fixed this. Overall, the app is great. No other bugs I’m seeing right now!
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4 years ago, don't order this kids
The best app
This app is amazing please do not listen to bad reviews Jason has a classmate who always has him but our classmates are kind and nice they don’t have his classmates can just be sometimes you know not a problem so don’t listen to bad reviews because if your classmate will hack you then you don’t have to listen to his problem
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4 years ago, Scitechteacherman
Beware! Teaches Poor Speech - It’s “A,” not “Uh”
RAZ is teaching children to read incorrectly. I recommend finding another reading software option. My child just went from distance learning, back to a district that has opened. I’m VERY happy to rid ourselves of that tool, and I’m surprised the content was accepted by any educational organization. A is pronounced “A,” not “uh.” When someone says “uh,” instead of “A,” they sound ignorant, as “uh,” “um,” and “duh” are speech blemishes. Children learning to speak poorly from RAZ will be disadvantaged, saddled with speech defects unless retrained with some proper education.
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5 years ago, Random Enemy
good, but a problem
This app is used in many elementary schools, including mines. It’s a go-to choice for many teachers to check students reading level. Here are the problems. First, students could just tap listen and skip all the pages, which gives them access to the quiz, and finish it. Really kids should read first and then take the quiz. Nothing else is wrong.
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2 years ago, IntensityTX
Poorly Spent Tax Dollars
Don’t you just love fighting the kiddo to do their homework, get them to read through a book with frustration while recording, to only have a network issue, every single time unless you stop the recording and upload prior to swiping to the last page, and completely lose that recording to finally see your first grader go into an epic meltdown because they need to do it again?!?! If you do, this is the app for you!
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6 years ago, kevqu123453
My comment
I really say I don’t like it that much because my sister check my assignments and she gave me hard worksheets. I had really bad time doing this app and I don’t like the worksheet but I like the reading PART and the outfit. I have to say ⅗ star because I don’t like they have student assignments it’s really annoying they should remove it because it’s made me very ANGRY. I’m really sorry to say that just my comment. Thanks :)
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1 year ago, frozenduck0103
Add Sound Icon after Level H
Hi, I like this App, it help reading and speaking ability to my kid. One thing I want to suggest is please add sound icon from Level H , it helps kids can read along when they answer question also help non native speaker read together with their kids if need. Thank you
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4 years ago, Abather Shakir
Good but some issues
Actually it went on good when I used it the first time..... But then the internet didn’t work when I was on the letter J,and it didn’t work for weeks,and we have a good connection,but still didn’t work 😔😔😔 so please make the connection better. And there is another thing I want to tell... why don’t you update it now to make it more better so the users will not get annoyed anymore and I give you a good idea for hackers,to make a Face ID when you type your password and then the hackers won’t hack you or others. I wish you read it and I love the stories in the app that I read it from before. From, Zahraa,10 years old from Iraq And thank you❤️
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4 years ago, Adammuveez
Poor UI design
Why aren’t the Leveled Books and the Level Up sections of the app linked?? My daughter read all of the books in the Leveled Books category but in order for her to access more levels, she needs to re-read all of them in the Level Up section. Seems like those sections need to be linked so kids don’t have to re-read 22 books that are below their reading level in order to move ahead.
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4 years ago, yaygurl999
First of all, the app lags a lot! 😤😤😤 It’s so annoying! 😾 The pages load sloooowwwlllyyy and sometimes you don’t even get to read the next page. 😠Sometimes the screen freezes. And the videos pause randomly... 😔 AND GUESS WHAT, WHEN I WASTED SO MUCH TIME READING, MY STARS ⭐️DISAPPEAR! 😔😟😕☹️😞😒😣😖😫😩🥺😤😠😡😰🤯😨🤭😦😧😮 The good thing is, the star currency thing motivates me. 🙃 😁 And also, the books can be fun! The videos are super sarcastic but entertaining too! 😄 (Yay) But the books 📚 can be super boring 🥱🥱 🥱😤😧🤔😕😣🥺😄😆😁😀😃🙂🙃😆🧐🤨🤔😶😯🥱 Thanks for reading. Enjoy or hate your time in this app.... I mean, I don’t RECOMMEND this app, but sure, download it if you have to... 😕
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4 months ago, Rianoa101
I had enough of raz-kids because when I got one answer wrong the raz-kids said that I will get 50 stars instead of 150😡😡😡.Secondly I used my packages but when I got everything correct except one and then now it says I will get 50 stars the same as the questions instead of 150!😡😡😡.And one last thing I went to raz rocket to buy stuff but when I click the remove button now it says I need 460 stars to buy now!😡😡😡👎👎👎
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3 years ago, black hole in space
Black hole on galaxy
The home page just show the blank galaxy on the iPad, a white planet on laptop but not responding when you click. So I don’t know how my kids can use. We used to use spellingcity and it works very well. This merge or upgrade is disappointing. Luckily I’m still on the free trail and I don’t think I will subscribe to it. If you have good spelling apps that I can add my spelling list for my kids, please share.
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