Kids Drawing Games for Girls 5

4.6 (35.9K)
248.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bini Bambini Academy
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kids Drawing Games for Girls 5

4.62 out of 5
35.9K Ratings
4 years ago, CCCSherlockina
App is okay, except tricking kids into paying
This is a cute little coloring app, but almost everything you click on in the free version leads to an up-sell to in-app purchases, more apps, or subscriptions. And the “parents only” security uses math questions that are so easy my three year old kid was able to start paying for stuff with a feed seconds without even understanding she was buying something. And then what you get when you pay - is not great value. There are better drawing, coloring, and animation apps out there that offer more content for less money. Every app from this company is designed like a frustrating money trap for little kids. A shame, because their content itself isn’t bad. But overall: Avoid.
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2 years ago, 1010 to 2 Kiki Mimi mama Jouko
Awesome game
I love this game because you can draw in stuff and you can also watch your things do stuff it’s so fun and it’s also so fun that you can learn how to draw if you’re not as good as your cousin your sister brother aunt mom stepdad dad it’s amazing just like I said awesome app it’s like the most awesome app in the world no I said awesome game it’s the Best of the Best of the Best of well this is how many Bestic gets best best best best best best best best best best best I can’t can I well I do like snakes so I think they should come out with a snake animal but I’ll love Lala blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah love love love love love LOVE It no yeah I do I love blah blah blah blah it I love it man might have it’s just not doing what it supposed to today
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5 years ago, Hannahtube
I love this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I am an 11 year old and I love this app it is so creative and fun I really recommend this for your children I have been plying and there is no adds. But if you want to paint more characters you need to pay. I haven’t payed yet but even with out paying it is so fun I’ve been playing this game and I love it so much I hope your little ones also like it!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😛😛😛🤗🤗🤗I would say this game is for 1 year olds and up!!!!! there is no bugs in the game everything is perfectly fine. The character are so cute! The game also teaches kids hot to draw the thing they chose! I RATE THIS A ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, hotshotjosh
About the drawing
Right now the drawing is so awesome and WHY IN EVERY APP HAS AN SUBSCRIBE BUTTON lol so I really like this app cuz it’s for girls so I’m a girl and I like how it made hearts and curtains and I like the shine like it’s almost like frames! Well I realize something I think when you start the app it said what gender are you? So it had a boy one so like it says oop I FRGOT the app what it called- so I really like this app so so so much! Anyways~ so I watched an video that made shadows so I think I know how to make shadows so this is going to be like a little long I think so bye!!! I like the person who made this app!!!!!
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2 years ago, Essenceurgurl😎🥸
My daughter loves this app
All of my kids they love drawing making art and painting we mostly do printing and drawing every summer or every break my kids take so lately my kids have been on their iPads or iPhones and stuff and they are really REALLY interested in art and drawing games so my kids asked to draw on my phone because I have this drawing app but they have been asking to draw on their phone and this app is the perfect drawing app for any ages, my family and even my brothers and sisters love this, I support everything about this app!
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2 months ago, Mixkees
Nostalgic app for me, highly recommended.
Hey Bini Bambini, I’m 11 years old and I want to tell you that I used to love this app when I was younger and gives me nostalgia. I got this app when I was about maybe 5 or 6 or something like that and my mom got me the subscription for just a little bit, but I actually loved the free ones the most for some reason. I would recommend getting the app for little girls who want to learn how to draw and have the imagination of turning things into real life. Thanks for making this app and God Bless You 🙏
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3 years ago, One Two 305
I’m 7 but I still like the app
I’m Loving the UNICORN it’s so fun to draw and I’ll love the baby doll and the girl with a beautiful dress and a cute little owl and a nice little shark cute I love this app like I cannot stop using it I’m helping loving the UNICORN it’s so fun to draw and I love the baby doll and the girl with the beautiful dress and a cute little owl and a nice little shark it’s cute I love this app like I cannot stop using it I’m loving everything about this oh my God I love this app and I love every single drawing I love to draw them and everybody should be download in the game right now because I cannot stop playing this app
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2 months ago, Cleaner lovers
Some kids get a little to controlled by this game,kids and people who do this might get stuck to it that means they won’t get off so be careful about this game, but I’ll tell u fun stuff first You can draw and u can put it in a notebook and it’s a really fun game, also this game has lots of drawings MY FAVOURITE ONE IS THE UNICORN the unicorn is super fun and cool they have lots of colors like blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, orange,red, and even RAINBOW!!!! Love this game because it has a vip and I have it and love it!!!! Love this game!🫶🏽👑🦄🎑🪩🎀🧸🩷🩵💝
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2 months ago, Peanut butter and pickles12345
The first drawing game of the year. 0
I love this game cause it’s the most entertaining game I’ve ever played in a while but I am older now so it’s just the best thing I’ve ever seen it’s a drawing game and it’s a toddler themed thing I like it I like it so much it’s a lot better than anything I’ve played before I think it has a lot of cool things to do with the game you’re going to learn so much bye.
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1 year ago, AngelaF237372
Hi my name is Rosie and what I like about the steam I love the unicorn in that’s my favorite but doesn’t have like LOL fairytale stuff because I like fairytale stuff and I like mermaids mermaid and I like I don’t like witches because my mom and dad said it’s not good to play around with it which stuff because it’s bad stuff and I really like have it like teaches you how to do it at six years old and my brothers when’s the name of my brothers is Jayden and Jack? Jayden is 18 years old and my other brother Jack is 16 years old, so Jayden is two years older than him.
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2 years ago, Emma Lou six
Nine-year-old who can’t click
I just download this game and I’m trying to click to draw but it will not let me draw so are you supposed to press and hold but I love the images and they look cool but I can’t get past all the VIP no parents will buy it for their kids song you need to take down the VIP just put up at ad’s and and you say it’s for girls girls why does it have to be based on a gender it’s just rude it can be for boys and girls just don’t say it’s for girls because it’s just rude to so listen to me now I can’t click don’t like the VIP and the game should be for boys and girls
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1 year ago, Fjwi184637ndbdhhe
Stop Manipulating Parents
I may delete this app simply because it is CONSTANTLY asking my 5 year old to “go get a parent to unlock more drawings!!” The way they word it to the child is extremely manipulative and sets parents up for failure when they can’t or they don’t want to spend money on this application. Every single time she finishes a drawing, a cute little voice says “Great job! I love your drawings. Now, go get a parent to unlock more drawings!” It’s not necessary. There are plenty of in app ads already and “VIP” only areas that provide ample opportunity to subscribe.
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2 years ago, ChipyAndFrosty
I’m a 9 year old who loves to draw and I definitely picked the right app! 50 stars for you community the tracing is fun and I like the animals one! I like how it’s not only princess but more and we can learn! And I hope you get more colors! For tracing cause who wants to be colorful I do or all! 😊I will probably bring this on the-go🍦 this app is so fun keep it up! 💜😁and I will be hoping to get the vips! 🌈🦄🐬⛄️
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4 years ago, Roney
This game is alright some issues
So I like this game it’s fun to draw. But I don’t think if your not willing to spend money you should not buy and here’s why. So there is like only a couple free drawing without a membership. And I counted and there’s only seven so I’m just saying that if you don’t wanna spend money then I do not recommend.
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6 months ago, Unicorn21121
Why “coming soon” take so long?
We bought the app (and unlocked everything) in November. There are parts that say will be available “coming soon”. It’s now January and they still aren’t available. Two months is a very long time for small kids to wait. Seems better to hold off on saying “coming soon” until the parts of the app will actually be available soon.
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1 year ago, jsnshqkwjddhenkwjdhwhehd
Love it
The best thing about it it says that your child is an amazing artist and like they’re so nice and I get to pick what she likes and like oh my gosh like this game is the best so I am writing a five star because I love it a lot and if your child doesn’t know how to draw then it can teach you how to draw and like so yeah
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5 years ago, Yggranny.
Love this app
I love this app. My daughter loves the way the characters come to life. And being able to trace them helps her to draw better. She feels the art she did is beautiful. So I highly recommend this app. My only bad thing to say is I thought it was a bit to spendy to open all the drawings. But it’s so much fun playing I’m still happy I did.
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3 years ago, Sam Weller (mother of 2)
A good game, Great for kids!
My 5 year old daughter loves this game so much! But she always complains about not being able to do much because you have to buy most of the things, I honestly think she’s wrong. There are so many adorable items for her to color! Even if she has to buy things, it’s still a cute game that a lot of people love!
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12 months ago, lilly wolf 😁
Might need some changes
So when I got this game for my daughter she loved it but there are a lot of vip ones so when she finished all the free ones she didn’t play anymore cause the rest were vip so can the owner make more free ones please we don’t wanna buy the vip pass.
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1 year ago, I'm a 17893
Miss princess
My little cousin loves playing this game it super fun she been play this game for a month now and we I see her she would always take my phone a play this game I give it a 10 out a 10 this is better then any other game she plays on my phone
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6 months ago, join us in the game
I like some things but I’m just not used to it and I’m just a little bit tired of being around other people and I don’t want to be with people that I don’t know and I don’t know what to do with myself and I don’t know how to do that I just don’t know what I want to do with my life I just want a good life I just need a little time so
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2 years ago, iloveyou😍🥰😘
Love it🫶🏻😻
I love this game so much definently five stars because no ads but there is just one problem when you let go from the drawing for a while it does not let you finish but that is pretty much it keep up the good work
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2 months ago, PersianHighlander
App is great but contains ads even after buying
A great, simple app for kids to learn to draw. No complaints. It’s cute. But the app does contain ads my kid can click on even after I’ve subscribed. I HATE this. I didn’t pay $45 just to be pestered to spend even more money. Paid apps, especially kid apps, should not contain ads after paying for the subscription.
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3 months ago, Impennypenpengirl
Listen, I’m NOT A TEEN. I am a 9-year old girl, and I want to say this is the best game I ever played! I don’t really like the subscriptions, but the options are really creative. I would say other kids my age would probably enjoy this app. I AM NOT A MOTHER. I AM A CHILD. I’m just saying that to be clear.
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2 months ago, GMR32
My niece loved drawing
She love the tracing. She is 4 years old and does not have the coordination yet to draw. This helps her out so far she only did one picture. The app directed me to a review. I hoping it is actually free, so I will see if it is actually worth it.
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1 year ago, Kay 1112280
My child’s game
Child loves this game like she is getting so much better drawling he loves this game download it now because this game is amazing it’s childproof and it’s a lot of stuff and your child can get better at drawing a lot so download it now
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3 years ago, Nay Neveah
Read before downloading
Okay most of the reviews say it’s good but it has a few problems kept trying to get me to pay 2. You have to pay to draw most thing I only found the unicorn owl and cat that you don’t have to pay for 3. It sometimes glitches while your trying to erase 4. This took my battery fast along with memory I’m sorry but I’m gonna delete it right now I have 18% because I’ve been playing this game and maybe you can fix this , I was surprised when it what is your gender even though it say girl drawing app not that I’m being sexist and it kinda hard to with your finger
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5 years ago, First time "rater"
Crashes, do not purchase!
I purchased this app for my daughter and was hoping some of the negative comments were wrong. However, they were unfortunately correct! My daughter was so excited but once played she was so upset because she has yet to be able to complete a drawing due to the app crashing. This is disappointing and unacceptable! I’ve written the company but have received nothing. Do not buy! It is a complete waste of money and you will have a very unhappy child.
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7 months ago, Maddi 1129
Pretty good
My daughter loves this game. It keeps her really busy! But it confuses her some times. When she is done coloring a picture it confuses her on what to do. It gets annoying in road trips when she keeps asking me to help. I’ve tried teaching her but she messes up so I have to help her. Overall it’s pretty good I would just play it at home.
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2 years ago, Nachoz327
It’s great app but
It’s a great app but in app purchases won’t let me get the full version and I can’t draw barely anything I wish there was more you could draw if you don’t have the full version of it
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7 months ago, LaurLaur1108
Perfect for toddlers!
Very easy and clear direction for toddlers to follow. Would absolutely recommend downloading fir young children. My 4 year old daughter can’t stop drawing. Even my two year old son can use this app.
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1 year ago, Rainbow unicorn Riley 2
I love this game very much and it’s so awesome they keep on having to delete it because more games that I want so I can’t have it for too long but I think I finally figured it out I know how to do it
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2 years ago, FalconVT
My Review
Your drawing app is amazing my kids play at 24 seven they’re obsessed with it they enjoyed princesses and making sailboats a lot you guys have changed my kids life‘s with this app they are free to express first thank you
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4 months ago, Fireball136
Good and has potential
Doesn’t give kids enough time to evaluate before constantly trying to get them to ask parents to join. You might be more successful if you allowed for a longer free play period.
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2 years ago, Babefool
Paid for an unlimited got nothing
I paid for the unlimited subscription so my daughter can draw these forever, and after I paid the app stayed the same. We even restarted the iPad thinking that was the issue. But no. She still only has access to the basic free drawings and keeps being prompted to pay even tho we already have. Such a rip off. I will be contacting my credit card company and Apple.
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1 year ago, acr&ggfhcb vgfgccxxss&dfd
This is really fun for my children
Every time when they get in the car ready to go home I let have my phone they are always happy and proud keep it up!!
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1 year ago, bonbon bo
So my little sister said that when she’s drawing it doesn’t let her finish like she’s at the last one and then she has to draw it again and the game keeps lagging it also cost too much And is it to expensive.
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7 months ago, Meow the alpha
I love this game
This game is so fun you can draw different things but you have to buy the other things it’s really fun I drew a cat it looked messed up like it was from Ohio but we are not gonna talk about that. This is fun game.
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4 years ago, kxz130
Cute >> but worth a subscription?
As of now I wasted my money. My daughter is enjoying this and I think it will help her learn to draw and have fun. But a yearly subscription for 35 pictures doesn’t seem worth it. She went through them all in a day and I guarantee she’ll be bored of those same 35 really fast. To Make it worth it - add new items often. right now I wish I would have gotten a monthly and cancelled right away.
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1 year ago, watermelon girl1523
It is awesome 🤩
My kid is 8 years old, she loves this game she absolutely plays it every single day lol 😂 and she keeps asking me if she can use this when she is married Lol that is so funnny Thank you this makes my kid entertain her 100%. Amazing thanks for this game -Olivia
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1 year ago, Kaylee_kindkrewRoblox
Good game but a few problems
First, the premium has a lot of pictures people want to draw but not a lot of people have money, anyways that’s my only complain this is a very fun game
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6 months ago, My nickname is aubs
Is really fun
I love how you get to draw it and you can tell you what you like drawing about and you get to color different things at a really fun game so that’s why I gave this five out of five from Aubrey, Elizabeth Hendricks
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5 years ago, JohnCucumber
Great app!
My daughter is 3 years old and this kids game is perfect for helping her follow drawing lines and seeing her creations come to life in a magical way! She is delighted😍! Very cute characters, high-quality animation and the opportunity to learn how to draw! Definitely recommend this drawing app for girls!!! 🌺😀🎀
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2 years ago, cat cat cats cats
This is a good game for your kids to learn to draw.
I rate this game to five stars because it’s good for your your child to learn how to draw like they can have a limit on the iPad to learn to draw for homework and stuff
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3 years ago, flallous
I’m 8 but so awesome 👏
This is for 6 year old girls and I’m 8 but I can’t stop playing this game. because I love drawing drawing is my life.I feel like I’m 6. I just can’t stop playing I will give this game 5/5 no actually 💯
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3 years ago, RoseTwinkieMama
Love it lots and I’m old but still GREAT
Ok i love it sooo much!! Love the coloring love the drawings coming to life! Buuut I don’t really like that the math problems are easy, some of other friends could end up paying for it and not knowing. But over all 5 stars love the game please get it!!!
Show more
2 years ago, Amy2791
I loved it and it is a good game so please get it 🙏🏻
I love it so much I just got it and I can’t get it back and I will love if you can get it and it would be great 😊 and I hope 🤞 you have fun and have a great day or night👩‍🦱
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1 year ago, Paaaaaaam!
Well worth the $
My daughter loves this app. She’s 5 it got us thru a euro vacation. She did then all! After 5 months we have made all the images and are deleting and moving on to another app. This is the only app I have ever paid for.
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4 years ago, Mrs. Skye Lewis
Loved then hated
The app will not load, I pay for the monthly subscription. Me and my daughter enjoyed drawing pictures, but even after deleting and re-downloading app it still doesn’t work. I even noticed that sometimes it would only give her the free pics even though I pay for the full version but I wasn’t sure if I needed WiFi at all times to access the full version. Will be canceling my subscription today.
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2 months ago, f Er B h
Cool! But some ideas to make it even cooler!
I can’t tell if the 5 in the title says it’s for five year olds but if it is I’m 9 and still enjoy this game the only thing you should do is make everything usable for everyone!
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