Kids games for 2,3,4 year olds

4.3 (122.4K)
148.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kids games for 2,3,4 year olds

4.31 out of 5
122.4K Ratings
4 years ago, EmZ521
Full Version not worth it
My daughter loved the 3 characters that were free (and so did I) so I purchased the full version. Unfortunately, the interactive games for the other characters were extremely disappointing and very basic when compared to the 3 free characters. I was expecting the same level of innovation in the full version but it felt like they didn’t even try with the other characters.
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12 months ago, Chickengirl4ever
Great game buuuut
Hi guys, I am a nine-year-old and I have a three-year-old sister and she has her own iPad and so do I and so we were sitting in her room one day and she took out her iPad because she saw that I was playing on mine, and she went to the App Store and she asked if I could help her find games and so I found this one and she download it and she already loves it. It is a great game and it’s good for learning how to get yourself ready in the morning and she’s really into princesses and unicorns and stuff like that so she played in the princess one obviously buuuut. The but so the but. I think there should be more characters unlocked then just the three like maybe add at least three more sense a lot of people like us do not do the trials we only do one at a time otherwise great game. Thanks for listening.
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1 year ago, dbhggdygjhhvhjhvuguhuhh
Your phone has to stop
This kid is really really enjoying this game she loves it and she won’t stop playing but she doesn’t like how she only get to do the prince Princess and Ellen she wants to do the other ones too so if you can please unlock them for my kid because she really wants to do that one day they really want to do that I haveI have five boys and five girls and they really enjoy this game thank you for sending it but one question the one thing they really want to play the other ones thank you
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4 years ago, docmike2012
Kids games
This is like the best game for my baby
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4 years ago, cinthia478
Inappropriate Sounds
My 2 year old loves Bimi Boo apps so I downloaded this one for him. You get 3 free characters and then you have to pay, which is normal with learning apps. My problem is with the sounds that the Monster in the free version makes. As you’re dressing him, he’ll go “Oh” “Oh yeah” in a sexual sounding tone. I realized it when we were getting stares out in public. Please change the voice because it is not appropriate for children. That’s the only reason I give it 3 stars.
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1 year ago, Ella Kate Lindsey
Good game
My 3 year old daughter I told her to come outside and she said no and I said why she said I’m playing on my iPad I said I was time to get of the iPad she said no I said why she said that she was playing a cool game and I told her to let me see and I saw she was Learning colors and shapes and I told her she could keep playing thank you🥰
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2 years ago, ggjhtfbjiiutfvhjutfbh
Dear ones who made this game
My daughter LOVES this game i’m with her on the couch and I see her and it looks like she is growing she says can I watch my ipad and i say for what? And she says to play THIS game i’m soooo proud of her thank you for doing this game a lot I appreciate it - fan of this game 😻
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2 years ago, ourotkdoyd
Bestest game
This is the best game for people who are old and color buind. #meisgreat it might not be great for 2,3,and 4 year olds though This is the worst game ever and the bear is so aggressive. Y’all should not pay for this game yes you have to pay for the whole experience.
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1 year ago, Raelee/boo
Review 2025
My 4 year old cousin liked this game but when she got done with the only three she could pick from it was kinda disappointing then before purchasing the rest I looked at the reviews. Which it was very disappointing. So I didn’t buy the other characters.
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2 years ago, musbsjk
Why do you need the date of birth. Is it the child’s or the parent. Sometimes it doesn’t work no matter what date I put down.
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7 years ago, Monteal08
Great app
This developer has by far the best preschool apps. This is fun for my 3 year old and 5 year old. Has games that keep their attention and they are actually learning at the same time!
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5 years ago, unicorn Keeley
Hi 👋 I am a 9 year old today I was testing kids Games to see if they were appropriate and this one is very appropriate for little kids and btw it is teaching kids how to put things in there spot and good prices
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5 years ago, pure_squeezed
One of Her Favorites!
Great game for my 3 year old. Definitely one of the better ones out there. One time purchase with no subscription.
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1 year ago, Tibs1382
Update broke app
This is one of my daughter’s favorite apps and we own the full version but the recent update broke the app and its not working properly in the part after you dress the characters when you tap all the little items. Once this is resolved I would be happy to rate the app 5⭐️
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2 months ago, PennyGic
It is cool
Just not much other than getting ready and then getting dressed, other than popping some bubbles for whatever reason, other than popping bubbles are so much fun! LOL
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3 years ago, 🅞🅛
Whenever I download it says purchased with grey
And I love to try it but it don’t let me
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1 year ago, Gmon17
My best game ever
This game has space is called alien and I love space my favorite things of all
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4 months ago, :6?:;/5:)";('h
This game solved me
I spent a total of 5 whole minutes in this game and it awakened me showed me who I am I am Batman
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3 months ago, Ncliha
Look at this
It is one of the best games I’ve ever played thanks for creating this game love kinley
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6 years ago, Hot Doona
Great learning tool
My 21/2 year old niece caught on to the game very fast and then I could not get the IPad out of her hands.
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4 years ago, JenuineJenni
Fun, Easy and Educational
My 3 year old grandson loves this game! Has many but is his favorite...
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2 years ago, zdcftrewqvhuy
Having to pay for et
This is. Crazy
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11 months ago, NanVicMel
Purchased the full version
Purchased the full version for this app and it keeps closing out can I get a refund? It’s not allowing me to get a refund through apple because it was an in app purchase.
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2 months ago, Matthew Willam Lopes Pina
Kids games
Once upon a Time there was Thomas and Princess Mario and Luigi and Sonic and Pikachu and mommy and daddy and stitch and Lego marvel superheroes 2.
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7 years ago, Redrosew68
5 stars
Fantastic App. Nice way to teach alphabets,shapes,colors and numbers to kids. Great work. catchy graphics
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5 years ago, its fairly fair
Games my kids love these games
They have fun
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6 years ago, cicntrybyty
Don’t trust reviews
I don’t know if people just don’t play the game but it doesn’t teach kids anything. They are just prompted to move things from one location to another.
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5 years ago, Oliviag#6
Waste of money
Sooooo much money to pay to get different games on it and it was just too much of what bimi boo says to give 4.00 Dollars just for a baby game like bruh. Felf kinda bad of what I said so I will give a 1 star
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11 months ago, borntobebri
App keeps crashing
Every time my daughter tries to play it shuts down
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4 years ago, dall bear
I like this game but I'm not a kid
I like this this game but I want money to unlock the carters 😔😔😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
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5 years ago, Dugkul
Awesome toddler App
Our 2 year old Grandson loves it..thanks
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5 years ago, Franpf
Great game
We enjoyed playing this game.
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3 years ago, Claudia Arce
Super easy I like it
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3 years ago, Top pls
This game stinks
This game changers girls then it makes things worse after that it makes things even worse and then more worse😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥺😡 this game stinks because this game is so not fair
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5 months ago, CookiePastel
This is like it is so fun to play it I love it 💝
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2 years ago, 1957tg
Easy. Fun game for young child.
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4 years ago, vaev89203
It’s great
My sister is 2 and she loves this game
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3 years ago, Snooza2121
Too simple and not too exciting.
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2 years ago, Jus10McGill
It’s so cute 😊
But not really
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4 years ago, Kraig Qin
Great game for kids
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5 years ago, onyx8133
Well stink
I’m sorry onyx
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5 years ago, jerry Bethel
He really likes this game
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2 years ago, FinePhotoArtist
Sexist game
Glad I tried this out before my granddaughter saw it. It depicts boys as capable hero’s and girls as dress up bimbos. Do we really need more of that sexist enculturation? This is 2022 for gawdssake!
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5 years ago, grammylizzy
Nice for 3 year old
It is a fun peppy game.
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5 years ago, MsReallionaire
This is awesome
Very age appropriate my 3year old loves it.
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8 months ago, Mattie Guthrie
My toddler is addicted to this game
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2 years ago, Carrie Boogie
Excellent kiddo video!
Great fun
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3 years ago, Frantikess
So fun
My toddler loves this
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2 years ago, Iplaygachalifeandroblox
The game is
So bad
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12 months ago, pmj*
Too slow
Too slow
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