Kings Dominion

3.1 (107)
67.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kings Dominion

3.13 out of 5
107 Ratings
1 month ago, Czamost
It’s ok
It’s ok for some things like storing season pass and add-on info. Good to find ride info like what type of ride and height restrictions. Easier to navigate through this newer app compared to old one. But wait times aren’t always accurate (could be much longer or much shorter). Still room for improvements. Would love at least some landmarks pointed out in the app as reference points. It would be great if the restaurant menus were posted on the app so we don’t easy time walking to a place that doesn’t have something people in the group will eat. It would also be great if it had some sort of time when you last used your dining or drink plan so you don’t have to remember exactly the time to use again.
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5 years ago, Oxydol010
Nice App but needs updated data behind it!!
First time we've been to any of the Cedar Fair Parks and were very impressed by Winterfest. Great in park WiFi made the app always work great when I was using it and all the basic information (menus etc.) was great. During Winterfest I tried locating a couple of things to meet up with other people and their location on the map was incorrect. Two for three actually in terms of how many times I tried and how many where in the wrong place. I'll say the third location the map showed correctly was not part of the Winterfest data set. I was just looking for a ride that was on the normal ride map. Overall I would recommend getting the app if you're going but I would make sure I get a paper map as a backup!
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2 years ago, Bellyache
Adding season passes to Apple Wallet no longer works
The feature to add season passes from the KD app to the Apple Wallet on iOS is no longer working. It used to work and the “Add to Wallet” button is still there but tapping it no longer works. Otherwise this app is ok. It’s a generic cross-platform mobile app that tries to work on as many devices as possible but is inferior to a proper native app. I wish it also included a non-interactive map in addition to the one it has.
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2 weeks ago, Jugidesign
Genuinely Dislike
I really dislike the interactive map in this app, wow it gives me a headache and the slightest touch sends you to a different location; it would work nicer if it was a flat map with the availability of zooming in. I tried to download a map and none is provided, the one available only showed food and wouldn’t zoom in enough to see rides. I think it has plenty of great ideas it includes tons of information, but the map being so wonky makes me dislike the whole app overall. I much more prefer the hershey park app, granted that one also has issues; but at least it wasn’t making my stomach turns.
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6 years ago, SOMD Consumer
Day saver
We used the app today for a special event at KD and recommend it. The arrow on the map showing which way you are heading made it easy to navigate. Wait times were accurate. There were buy one get one free offers on snacks. Way to mark your parking spot but parked close, so didn’t use it. Does much less until you’re at the park. FYI: the parking lot opened up at 9:30, gates at 10, but most rides (whole sections of the park) didn’t open until 10:30AM.
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7 months ago, OMG 🥳
Good but False
So overall, this app is good but sometimes when I try to check the rides to see if they’re open it says that they’re closed when they are actually open and it is irritating because I have a chance to get on a ride that has a short line but when I go over there then it has a long line. Sometimes they’ll say it’s a five minute wait and it will really be like a 30 minute wait so they need to improve on this and update it if when the wait time changes.
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3 years ago, Fit2BeT!3d
Wait times pointless
The map to help you get around works well enough, but the wait time for the rides is not close to being accurate. It listed every coaster at the park as a 0 minutes wait time except one that was a 20 minute wait. All of the coasters had a wait time. Pointless feature that sounds cool but doesn’t actually work.
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1 year ago, jpetrocelli
Season passes and tickets disappear
I'm t used to be that if you bought tickets online they'd magically appear in the app. Now they do not. You need to add them. And about an hour after you add them they disappear and you need to keep reading them. Super inconvenient if you purchase season pass fast lanes and I need to search though email every time we visit to try to find the order number. Or if we let one of the kids bring a friend and we buy a ticket online - but then when we get to the park I need to search through email to find the order number. Was hoping this would be fixed after last time I visited, but checked this morning and nothing is there, again. You guys make enough money to hire a proper developer.
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5 years ago, UnKeMpTiFy ReViEwS
Ok app, says wrong things
Decent app. Has it’s problems like it will not notify you if something is closed and when I tried accessing anything it will always pop up saying if I want to buy tickets even though I already have tickets. Still says that avalanche is closed when it was in the middle of the day and I was at the ride at the time it said it was closed
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1 year ago, mkw911519
Keeps deleting season passes
The app deleted my passes twice today while at the park. I added them to my Apple wallet after the first occurrence, but super inconvenient when we were coming into the gate. Two were able to be scanned and then they were all gone before we could do the third. The map and direction feature was really helpful during our visit though.
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5 years ago, Will Derr
Add To Wallet button is broken
By far the best feature of this app was the ability to add the season pass to my Apple Wallet, then pull it up on my Apple Watch without needing to get out my phone. Now, for close to a year the “Add to Wallet” button has been broken. (Nothing happens when you press it). Every time an app update is released I eagerly check to see if it has been fixed. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact the developers, nor do they seem to read any of the reviews.
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5 years ago, magistrasheppard
Good, but could be great!
I love the fact that I can see wait times for rides and that I always have a map in my hand... But, I don’t know why I can’t update our passes in the app or why it is hard to find the passes in my app. I would have renewed our passes months ago if I could have done it in the app.
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1 year ago, Greybeard24
Terrible navigation, ok park info
Ok for ride and dining info but a real battery killer AND for directions inside the park, Google Maps is MUCH better. This app gives confusion directions overlaid on an unlabeled and useless map. Google Maps is much better - clear directions, labeled points of interest, and Google Maps never gets confused about where I am or which way I'm moving.
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4 years ago, rdzaneka
Has some bugs and shows closed rides
Lots of rides that have closed are still on the map. Park used to be so good, now the good parts are all gone. Paramount was twice as good as this place, I am not renewing my pass.
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2 years ago, digthis2
wait times good, but Maps with no labels?
The app is really good on ride ratings and wait times. The big downside is navigation. The park’s features are not labeled on the map so it’s hard to use it to find your way around. This is key and i hope they’ll fix it. It would make a huge difference in park-goers’ experience.
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5 years ago, OhioStateGW
Season pass part has problems
The wait times have magically disappeared. Also, I’ve added my season pass to the app and it gives me the option to add it to Apple Wallet. When I press this, nothing happens. Very annoyed that I have to pull data to get into the park instead of being able to use the built in wallet app on my iPhone
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9 months ago, goforgoals1
Wait Times
Your wait time is severely off. I checked the wait times to see which was the shortest and it said 45 minutes. I have been in this line for an hour and a half and still have yet to even see where I can get on the coaster. This needs to be fixed.
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3 months ago, carterisme10123
The app is decent usually does what you want it to but it shouldn’t send ads to passholders and mobile order would be nice.
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3 years ago, Gmanvbva
Pointless other than as a substitute for a paper map
The ride wait times and other attraction information aren’t updated properly or accurate. Makes the primary purpose of this app pointless and frustrating.
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5 years ago, nowaypossible
Apple Watch
I this app so I don’t need my passes! But I wish there was a way to put the app on my Apple Watch so I didn’t need my phone!
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6 years ago, truthful.ratings
Not Helpful, need improvement
The map needs more adjustments, such as a search feature and someway to turn the map. It was hard to follow, and hard to find the rides on the map. If you have never been to KD, you wouldn’t be able to follow the map at all. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, CAH314
#1 problem
The only problem I have noticed is I can’t get to bring a friend tickets from the app.
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1 year ago, KDiwg2385
Can’t add season passes
The only real reason I wanted or needed this app was to load my season passes, but it errors out every single time. They’re loaded into the Kings Island and Cedar Point apps just fine. I have to use a different app to scan in for parking and entry. 🙄
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7 years ago, The Reviewer Man
OK but can't manage multiple Season Passes
First off, the app is not a fully native iOS app. You really can't manage your account through it without getting sent to the website which is wrapped in webview. Having a map is great, but I would really like to manage my family's 7 season passes and meal plans using the app--which I can't. They say you can when advertizing this app, but I can't find it at all. Online, I can only add my pass to my account even though I purchased all 7 passes at the same time online. I was able to add my purchase redemption codes for all 7 passes to Apple Wallet, but I can't do the same thing with my season passes--Why? It would be great if my wife and I could leave the passes home and just open Apple Wallet and flip through the passes as they scan them upon entry. This is just another burden to worry about--especially when utilizing the water portion of the park. It seems like some coordination and digital strategy across there channels needs to take place. This app is OK--I don't need it and likely will not use it during the season beyond the occasional check food and restroom locations.
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12 months ago, B.Nicole7
Poor App
We downloaded the app to use the map because the park no longer provides paper maps. The location was not adaptive. The navigation was confusing. App needs to be modernized.
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2 years ago, JoeyV MSC
App is mostly a waste. Yes you put your season pass on it, but the wait times for rides are not remotely accurate. Big rides you can’t have your phone anyways so it ends up in a locker most of the day.
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6 years ago, PopGorilla
Inaccurate wait times
Always showing 5 minutes wait time on every ride. Clearly inaccurate.
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6 years ago, appnotasthrillingascoasters
Not very useful
Couldn’t get my passes to come up in the app. Also, the map should show bathrooms. I shouldn’t have to pick one by name because I don’t know where it is.
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6 years ago, Suburbia6
Doesn’t work
The only thing this app is good for is to tell you if the ride is working or not. Wait times are not accurate!!! Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Maria. I
Does not show wait times
I only downloaded the app to show me wait times on our recent trip to kings dominion. It was a big letdown, it did not do as advertised.
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6 years ago, nwadmartin
Added all of family’s season passes to app but can’t add our Fast Lane season passes. Would be awesome if app listed wait times for rides. Can’t access account from app.
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6 years ago, Redbridge64
Bad app
Wait times are a joke. It says 5 minutes. We have been in line 40minutes & are still not on the ride. The new ride Twisted Timbers is not listed. Very lacking!
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5 years ago, SoCalHiker
No wait times. No alert if the ride is down. “Special” deals for gold pass holders? There’s nothing special, sadly.
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2 years ago, poppytop78
not good
slow, times arent correct and nothing was fun tbh
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11 years ago, ajw0805
Could/should have more features.
This app could be SO much more functional. It has a "friend finder". Ok so good idea, poorly functioning. It takes less time to pick up the phone and call your friend. The feature is extremely slow. Better features would have been to add a "wait times" feature. Other amusement parks have this feature on their apps and it's awesome! Keeps you from having to walk all the way across the park just to find out a ride has a 3 hour wait, or worse, it's closed down. This brings me to my next point... Neither the website or this app tell you if rides are closed down. Why? It wouldn't be that difficult to do and again other park's apps have this feature. Please consider for future updates!
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12 years ago, Sammyeye
Has connection problems
The app has the data but some attractions not covered or categorized in a way that was hard to find. Also, each time I started it up, the app hung on the "loading" message and then gave a connection error. Actually connected better at my house than at the park so could be a cell connection problem. Map function is nice from bird's eye view but zooming in is not helpful because the attraction names don't overlay. Near Me function is an alternative but not nearly as good as seeing the items directly on the map in relation to the GPS location. It is an average park app. Not nearly as good as Disney or Busch Garden apps.
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9 years ago, Cullen Anderson
Decent app last time I had it
The last time I had this app, it ran smoothly and did whatever I needed it to. I redownloaded it today and it looks a lot more advanced and it integrates a lot more stuff, but the current version has a bug to where the app just freezes five seconds after using it. I tried turning my phone on and off and redownloading the app, but neither fixed it. I'm sure it's just a small thing that can easily be fixed and I can't wait to experience the great things the new app has to offer.
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7 years ago, zreese
Decent app, but developer needs to add more useful features.
I've used the Hershey Park app and seriously loves it. Their map is interactive - you choose a location and it will navigate you on how to get there. It'll do a pin drop and it moves when you move - like a GPS navigation guide. This app could use wait times and also videos on what the rides do or look like when riding. The Hershey Park app had POV videos so you can see what it feels like being on the ride. I do like that you can store your passes on your app. I also like that they've categorized their rides so that you can filter your search. Please improve your has so much potential to be an awesome one!!
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7 years ago, DJAlmquist
Terrible App
The app has lots of features, but the design is the worst I've ever seen. Nothing is intuitive and it takes forever to figure out what you can do with the app. Many of the features are very poor too. The estimated wait time feature is by far the worst. Do not believe it. A 15 minute wait according to the app was actually a two hour wait. Gets your hopes up and dashes them to pieces. It's better to not know the wait time than to be promised something giving you hope only to flat out lie. The season pass functionality is poor too. It takes too long to cycle through all the family members when entering the park. Very poorly designed and executed app.
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10 years ago, razzaberry
Needs work
The information in this app is out of date in a lot of places and still refers to several rides as being "closed for ongoing winter maintenance and will re-open in mid May" (like the Hurler, & the Crypt). Yeah it's nearly August now... Anyway, the "park guide map" is nothing more than an image u can zoom in and it's shown in a different format (basically upside down) compared to the GPS enabled map, the park guide map is also out of date and does not reflect all the new/current attractions for 2014 season. The JoyFest listed under special events doesn't list a date or time and the Kellie Pickler special event doesn't list a time (unless u notice the print on her picture). If u click on the 40th celebration from within the 'Things to do' section you can theoretically learn about park history and past rides but NONE of the "view more" buttons work, when I click on them it takes me to a blank screen. Also a LOT of the pictures used throughout are blurry or pixelated and of general poor quality.
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11 years ago, The Da Spencer
Wonderful app- the map just needs an update.
It's a wonderful and amazing app. Everything I need is on there. I just wish they will update the map and give updates on the park. Kidzville is still on it, it should be Planet Snoopy now. I would like to check updates on ride maintenance too, like Intimidator 305. One more thing, a section with the new ride and updates daily on the park . Please update it daily. I would kindly appreciate it. But get this app, it's worth it.
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7 years ago, Starbucks4all
Still not working as promised...
I love Kings Dominion, but sadly, the app isn't living up to its promises. First, I love that I can store my season pass on my phone, but I am unable to add my daughter's preschool pass, which would be incredibly helpful. Second, I'm unable to find the wait times for rides. Finally, I have seen several others have made reviews-some stating my concerns-but the reviews keep getting deleted, but the changes aren't being made. Thanks for taking the time to read these comments and hopefully address these concerns. And thanks for always delivering a great day at Kings Dominion. 😊
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8 years ago, Mykeeplummer
Good apt but needs improvement.
I appreciate that it has a map on the apt. But I wish you could put wait times on the map as well. So when walking around we have an idea on which rides to go to that don't have such a wait in a long line. This also will help spread the cloud out. Also I'd like the map to not keep moving up to the parking lot every time I'm looking for something.
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9 years ago, BitterPlayer
Surely they can do better than this
While I echo other reviewers in asking for ride wait times, their competition down the road, Busch Gardens, has an app that is still very useful without it. To me the worst offense is not even having an accurate map - it is an overlay of a satellite image with mis- or un-labeled rides/eateries. Simply putting a zoom able copy of the park map in pdf would be an upgrade. A close second is having non-park ads displayed in the most prominent space on the main page - up sales of Fast Lane and Season Passes are reasonable, ads for Game of War are not.
Show more
10 years ago, lalalivee
Needs an Update - SOON!
I loved this app last year for the 2013 season. But, being that the 2014 season is a little over a month away, we should probably getting an update soon, especially on the park hours feature. All of the 2013 hours are still up. Still, I wish this app had more to do. Oh well. Still can't wait to enjoy the 2014 season for the 40th anniversary!!
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10 years ago, Cat o3o
Like flipping a penny 😒
Every time I download it its on the 2013 season 😒 and then I have to delete it and re-download the app for it to be the right year, and even then the app is buggy and could use a lot more features like wait times, what rides are down, and it would be nice if the find a friend feature actually worked.
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10 years ago, Djekdkalxnakzn
Ride times
I have the kings dominion app and the Hershey park app. And one thing I found really useful for the Hershey park app when I went there it gave you the wait times for all the rides and which rides were closed. It also gave you the proximity of the nearest ride in feet. If you did this in the update it would be great
Show more
11 years ago, LucyRana101
This app is very helpful. I'm from the area and I've been there a couple times. This app became more helpful to me when I went again. I could go on rides easier than ever. If you are going to Kings Dominion I would really recommend this app!
Show more
9 years ago, Dave in Elkridge
Probably contracted a cheap company to make them an app because that's what a bunch of 65 year old white dudes in a fancy office heard you should do these days. You can't put in the online discount codes, the app doesn't add ANYTHING to your experience (did anybody look at Disney's app at ALL?????? That at least tells you ride wait times), and it freaking takes up more phone space than Google Maps!!! And we trust these folks to keep the roller coasters running safely.
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12 years ago, bluebuury
Bad for first time goers
The tabs and the layout of the app gave me difficulty in navigation through the app. It tells me the name of the rides, but I don't even know most of the rides there. I can't rotate the map to my perspective, so it was difficult to find the direction of other attractions around me. The map is only easy to use to those who visit the park more frequently than others, and memorize the names of all attractions Kings Dominion has to offer.
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