Kings Island

3.2 (286)
67.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kings Island

3.19 out of 5
286 Ratings
3 months ago, vonswaego
In concept it’s a good app
I’ve been using the app for a few years and as a non pass holder it was great. This season I got my first season pass and it’s been very frustrating. My passes don’t show up when I open the app. I have to reload them, then the app gives me an error message, but then my passes populate. On Saturday I bought two one time use fast lane passes for the Beast, and I didn’t get to use them and wasn’t allowed to ride from the fast lane line because the app wouldn’t pull up the fast lane passes. Lost $30 due to the app not being great.
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3 months ago, Scooter2501
Pretty App, Functionality Needs Improved
The app looks great! I love the look and most of the ease. However, there is no easy way to see wait times. It is "hidden" through multiple layers and screens. When you then get to the wait times, it only shows greater than or less than 15 minutes. Would be nice to see a more accurate time like before--especially if the line is in reality 60 minutes (obviously greater than 15 minutes)...would like to know before joining the line. Then I could plan the day better.
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3 months ago, Angela241
My passes always disappear
Sometimes they come back. But they always seem to disappear and of course it takes forever to add them back on and it will never let me view my profile those three dots just keep bouncing and it never loads. Wish there was a way my passes would stay so I didn’t have to add them back every time we go.
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5 months ago, TheWarrior185
Good app
This app is good, and is a good concept. Very similar to the Disney World app, but it needs to show wait times outside of the park. As a Cincinnati native, it would make it a whole lot easier to decide when to go and when not to go if it showed the waits. But other than that, this app is awesome. (Protip: the best times to go is on a Sunday in October. Get there when they first open, and go straight to Mystic Timbers. Then go to Beast and Backlot Stunt Coaster. Very short waits.)
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1 month ago, PapaNina 5
I love the app - as a retired grandma who takes his grandkids, it would be nice to be able to track their locations. With pass ID could share location for the season or for a 12 hour window so they can track their friends as well. You already know where everyone is, we just have to be able to share within our group
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2 months ago, angrn♥️
Unable to log in
The app updated recently and I have now been unable to log in for weeks. When I enter my sign information the app just sits there. If I try to create a new account it says I already have an account on file. I’ve called Kings Island twice and the first time was told it’s a known issue and they are goin to escalate it and I will get a call back-never happened. The second time they referred me to guest services at the park. I went there, the only recommendation they had was to log in on a desktop then try again. It still won’t log me in😡
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5 months ago, 3pwlslsekeksk
The new version nearly terminated my account and deleted my passes which I payed a lot for
Luckily, I had saved my pass on my photos and wallet, so I didn’t loose it. But beware; don’t update without a plan b pass. A lot of my friends are talking about how the new update completely deleted their passes.
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2 months ago, I play lots of catan
Just used this app for my first trip.
Wait times say <15 minutes but they’re wrong. Said 40min for diamond back, we waited well over an hour. Banchee said <15min and we waited 50 minutes. The inverse one said <15min and we waited an hour. All of these were non fast-pass. This was the main reason I got the app so I’d give it 1 of 5 stars for this. I’m giving it two because the navigation was useful.
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2 months ago, Oldschool427
Terrible Update
App would not let me login. Had to create a new account. Season pass information disappeared. Old app was much easier to use and add things like food pass and things like that. If this is a sign of this merger then count me out. Update-Went through the process of readding Season Passes. I put all the numbers in and it says it saves pass but passes do not show up in wallet section or anywhere else in the app.
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2 months ago, marissac009
Ride wait times is wanting
App has potential and several features are nice, particularly the interactive map. However, the ride wait times seem to have no basis of fact.
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3 weeks ago, Jssmith77
Please fix asap
It’s too hard to navigate and I was barely able to scan my golden pass to get into the park. It keeps disappearing , also map is terrible I couldn’t find where to dine in because the option for it never works. Half the time your pressing things nothing works and you have to keep closing and re open the app please fix.
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2 months ago, AdamJ0718
Where’s my pass
Nice app if it would keep my passes in it. They disappear as soon as they are added. That’s a big problem for an app that is supposed to keep track of all your things. If you plan is to visit the park and only come in with your phone good luck. Please fix this bug.
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5 months ago, MBThawng
Great Update
I like the new update, it’s so much easier to navigate and familiar. It is very user friendly and it also easy to interacted with.
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2 months ago, Lucas2274
Better than before but still needs improvement
Looks good but the wait times on the app are completely inaccurate. For example, app consistently says the wait times are less than 15min for a ride when in fact they are closer to an hour! This is unacceptable
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2 months ago, RyTheGuy10
Map Need Fixing
I like the app but when I zoom in on the map when I wasn’t there it kept zooming out on me when I was looking at the map.
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1 month ago, KDDSBD
Missing passes
Passes were gone when we got to the park. Had them saved on the app and CS knows about the glitch. I did as I was instructed. Nothing came back. CS at park gave us new cards. I did witness one lady who had to leave her food bc her food add on was not there. This needs to be fixed asap!
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3 months ago, Jutt52
Problem with app
I have to spend about 30 minutes opening and closing and going through the app before it even shows my passes on the app.
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1 month ago, Ncfd32
Lost Passes
After the update, the app forgot all of our family passes. We had to pay to park, go to customer service to get “new” passes and get a refund for parking fee. The app will not load the new passes either. Was told it’s a known issue.
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2 years ago, Molly Rotton
App needs work
I just want to be clear that I am speaking exclusively about the app, not the park itself. My family and I have a yearly tradition of visiting the park, so obviously we love the park itself. My dad and I both had the same issue. We ordered our tickets and vouchers through the app, but once you do, you have to retrieve an order number from your email receipt to enter them into the app. The only problem is that we didn’t get emails. We searched through every single email account just to be sure, we checked our spam folders but nothing. We both had to call customer service and they looked it up by our phone numbers. But to spend hundreds of dollars and not be able to find your purchase immediately is sort of scary. It doesn’t make sense that the tickets have to be uploaded by an order number that has to be retrieved from an email. Why aren’t they immediately available in the app since that’s where they were purchased? Make it make sense.
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1 month ago, theBabteam
Constantly crashes, our season passes often don’t load, same day fast pass purchase tab doesn’t always show up (iPhone) slow to refresh ride info. Get it together already.
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2 months ago, nice_critic101
I try and use the map but all it does is out zoom me every 2 seconds, i can’t read or look at anything
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3 months ago, Rvillalvag
Previous version worked better
App wants to add new features, but one of the main uses, ride wait times, is much worse in this version than the previous one. Please fix
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2 months ago, jea910
Most frustrating and glitchiest app I have ever used. Each year when I start my Kings Island season it is more and more frustrating. I will likely not be buying a pass next year.
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1 month ago, colo2cola
Bad update
With the new update I can’t log in and get an error message. Thankfully we have physical passes. Old version was much better. Be sure to get a physical pass and don’t add passes on app.
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1 month ago, LizzzzzzS
Brings back the old map
This new app isn’t an upgrade, especially the map.
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6 days ago, Seasontix99
The new app is so bad. Not user friendly and hard to see both distance and wait times at simultaneously. Please fix at least that!
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2 months ago, Pdoobs
Just complete garbage, scrap this and start over. Never once had these issues with the old app new app just won’t sign in and is terrible
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2 months ago, Mick12
Won’t show passes
The app won’t show my season passes and when I re-add them it says it was successful, but they still don’t show up.
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3 months ago, tools at work
Go back
2023 ap was much better. It’s all around harder to use and doesn’t give you as much info as before.
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1 month ago, TGCampbell8
Terrible design
Don’t buy your season pass on here will charge you twice for one pass
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3 months ago, Mom with hope
I can’t pull up my pass. I can’t see ride wait time. I can’t even see a map of the park. I only get error messages.
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2 months ago, Tntm44
Can’t sign in
Can’t sign in. Error every time. Can’t get to passes because of this.
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2 months ago, Papi Lasagna
Almost Useless. A good Map tho
- The pages load very slowly, - The ride times are off by multiple hours sometimes, - Nothing is laid out intuitively, - The UI is unattractive. The map works well enough tho. Other than that, its a garbage app.
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2 months ago, Arowkun
Garbage app
Can’t even sign in. Empty error message every time.
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9 years ago, Myra-n-Moki
No ride times unless you log in
I downloaded the app while I was at the park, for the simple reason that I wanted to know what the ride times were. Unfortunately, in order to do so, you have to register an account to check that. I already have enough accounts with people and companies I barely go to and I don’t like creating more. And just to be able to get ride times? Bleck. Otherwise, the map, was okay, and the ‘go there’ mapping instructions was kinda cool. Figuring out food options was needlessly complicated by needing to select and open a dining experience to see what they offered (my daughter wanted a hot dog), but I’ve seen worse UI’s. Still, having to login to get wait times, when they also have monitors throughout the park giving out that information free also is really annoying.
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3 years ago, Ij2cool
Crap App
This app is terrible. Good idea but terrible integration with website. So you purchase season ticket, you get vouchers. You then have to go to website to register? I then added Dining and Drink plans which again say only voucher . So I go back and forth between app and website? Why? I should never have to leave the app. On the website it shows my passes and shows they have dining and drink. On the app you can “store season passes here”. I did and when I click on them they say dining plan ,but nothing about drink plan. I then click add to my Apple wallet it does but they say no dining plan inside the wallet. I don’t know if this is true or a glitch (haven’t tested) on the crap app. I want to use “My Wallet “ on my watch to enter and pay for everything. That way I have nothing in my pockets. My watch of course syncs with my phones “My Wallet “ so if indeed the saved card doesn’t actually have both plans on it my watch won’t be an option and I will have to use my phone and use app or website. Crap App.
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7 years ago, Unoriginal Bastard
Wait times DO work
Updated review: I, like many others, was hugely disappointed in their updated app and made it known. I even called them to explain the issues. Here is what worked for me: 1. Before you get to park, enable always using location services 2. Open app to see if it get location before you enter the park and before (if) you connect to their wifi on the map 3. If step 2 doesn't work, disable KI location services on the phone then re-start the app and it will ask you to enable. Once it gets your location on the map, you're set to see ride times. Hint: Once on the map, instead of using the map view hit the button in the upper right and it gives you a list of rides and their wait times. To app developers: either fix the location service issues so that it works only when running the app OR make ride wait times show regardless of where you Disney.
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8 years ago, gallandro
Much improved version, few enhancements needed
The app now has much better ride descriptions and wait times, and you can load your season pass. Enhancement request - it would be good to inform patrons which rides are down to prevent them from walking all the way there to find that out. It would also be great if you could enter in a height and have the app display which rides your kid was tall enough for, rather than having to scroll the ride list to figure it out. Bug - The app wipes your stored Gold Pass info without warning. I've loaded mine twice now. It very inconveniently wiped my info while I was in the park today (after I had already used it to enter the park), which prevented me from obtaining the discount at a food vendor.
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2 years ago, ajpii2
All marketing with no actual utility
This app is nowhere near as functional as it could be. The park quit posting wait times at the entrance to the line for each ride. Would you like to check wait times on rides? First of all you need to share your location. Then you have to be in the park because they wouldn’t want the increased wait times that their fast pass program created to deter you from making the trip. Ok, so you’re in the park and sharing your location with cedar fair. Do you get to see if it’s worth the walk across the park right now? Nope you didn’t sign sign up for an account. An account that serves no other purpose than to collect your data and put you on a marketing drip. Frustrating and barely functional app.
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7 years ago, Aretea
Roll back to the previous version PLEASE!
I halfway feel like I'm just adding to the dogpile of criticism for this new version of the app, but it deserves it. The previous version was easier to navigate, easier to manipulate, and easier to identify individual features. The current map masquerades as various gray buildings, when the previous one felt like a copy of the printed map available in the park - making it easy to orient myself. I could NOT get the directions to work, walk time never showed up, and most especially disappointing: wait times REFUSED to show up. I would get a message saying wait times were updated, and go, "What wait times?" TL;DR: The previous map looked and worked better, this current version seems sophomoric in comparison.
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11 years ago, BorgX
Missed opportunity
This could have been a great opertunity for Kings Island to really show off their park, However it is a very poor example of a modern mobile app. The map is very small and not very detailed at all. There are absolutly no bells or whistles to this app. The only extra thing on this app that might be of some use is the "find a friend" part, and that is assuming it works in the park at all. I will be going to Kings island in a few hours. I will see if this app is at all helpful and report back. But from what I have seen of the app they could have done soooo much more with it (not to mention what they could have done with an iPad version of it) It's sad to see a company blowing off such a great opportunity like this.
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6 years ago, illtreaturite1
Messages stay forever
App for iPhone doesn’t add up visits correctly. To update ride times you have to close the app then reopen it. My main complaint is that I’m always seeing the same messages every time I go to the park. It’s July and the Peanut’s Celebration pops up with no way to “delete.” It’s also annoying as a season pass and funpix holder to see this message every time I come to the park (yes, all my info is in the app.) Also the soak city map isn’t functional in park. As a new season pass holder this would have been helpful. I’m more familiar with the regular side of the park.
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5 years ago, H Ohio
Sort of functional
You can pull up the map with the rides, but ride times are often incorrect. When I asked someone (app said 10 min and wait was over an hour) they said ‘oh the times are controlled by the office at the front of the park.’ So someone is just guessing...??? Idk. Also, you can sort by ‘kids rides’ but not by height. That would be a nice feature when you have kids that are under 36” or at 36”, because they can’t ride most the ‘kids rides’ at that size.
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9 years ago, ForeverIDy
Amazing App but Battery Drain
Great app! Ride wait times, directions to different places at park and real time gps location. This app is truly amazing. Only one major downside. The gps does not turn off when you close the app. The app requires the gps to be on 24/7 which leads to a huge battery drain. Generally when you are at a amusement park you need your phone battery to last all day. Besides the gps problem this app is truely a must have for any one visiting Kings Island. Kudos to cedar fair for creating such an app!!!!
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9 months ago, A dissatisfied lady
Confusing and not accurate
Wait times are not accurate. The map for navigation around the park is glitchy. I’ll go one way and then half way to the destination it reroutes me in the opposite direction. Took me an hour to find the beast lol. Also needed the cash to card kiosk and it said the closest one was by the entrance but then as we we’re walking through the park I see other that we’re closer. Same thing happened with the bathrooms. Sent me on a 10 minute walk and then when I got back to where we were I saw a bathroom right around the corner. Not helpful, probably caused a lot of wasted time on our trip.
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5 years ago, Chessie-2101
Not accurate at all
We are in park (June 2019) and the info on the app is completely useless. Wait time for Drop Tower shows 10 minutes and we’ve been in line for 30 with the ride constantly operating (no shutdowns to account for the extra time). Waited in line for Backlot Stunt Coaster for 30 minutes (again it was operating the whole time) and the app said it was Closed. Map walking directions tried to take us through a place closed for construction. A nice feature add would be to tell us when the Skyline runs out of food, how many Coca Cola refill stations are closed, and which water fountains are inoperative. Cedar Fair needs to give the app and the park a little TLC.
Show more
7 years ago, HarryPotter9474
I’m glad they updated this app
I remember in April of 2017 I got this app and the map and everything wasn’t updated but then they did update it and it was buggy. Now I think it’s great but still a little buggy but I’m cool with it. I like having my gold pass on my phone because sometimes it’s hard to find my gold pass in my bag. I also love having wait times so I know if it’s worth it. But I wish the map was like the cedar fair map that you can get at the entrance.
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9 years ago, AnnMauren
A Great Refresh!
This revamped app is great! User friendly map, directions and pertinent ride info (i.e. height requirements, waiting time) are all at your fingertips! One suggestion for the developer: please convert the park hours calendar page design from faint colored circle outlines (which are difficult to decipher for people with good eyesight and impossible for color blind folks) to a boldly colored blocked pallet. Overall, this is a fantastic "must-download" app for your day at Kings Island!
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4 years ago, Kyle told
Perfect to Fit Our Needs
It’s so great to have something useful like this, especially during COVID. Our family loves the location features it gives to help us find our way through the park. The ride wait times are fairly accurate throughout the day and are a huge help. Also be sure to take advantage of the car finder and mark you spot, it really helps!
Show more
7 years ago, #KIbestday
Is it the app thats bad, or your phone?
This app is great! It is updated and it does have Mystic Timbers but only with an iOS 8. It has been off a little bit on the wait times but only once. It also gives you discounts just for using the app! It keeps your season pass on there and you can put it in your phone wallet. I think some of these people just dont have good phones.
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