Kings Island

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Cedar Fair
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6 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kings Island

3.19 out of 5
286 Ratings
1 year ago, Molly Rotton
App needs work
I just want to be clear that I am speaking exclusively about the app, not the park itself. My family and I have a yearly tradition of visiting the park, so obviously we love the park itself. My dad and I both had the same issue. We ordered our tickets and vouchers through the app, but once you do, you have to retrieve an order number from your email receipt to enter them into the app. The only problem is that we didn’t get emails. We searched through every single email account just to be sure, we checked our spam folders but nothing. We both had to call customer service and they looked it up by our phone numbers. But to spend hundreds of dollars and not be able to find your purchase immediately is sort of scary. It doesn’t make sense that the tickets have to be uploaded by an order number that has to be retrieved from an email. Why aren’t they immediately available in the app since that’s where they were purchased? Make it make sense.
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5 years ago, illtreaturite1
Messages stay forever
App for iPhone doesn’t add up visits correctly. To update ride times you have to close the app then reopen it. My main complaint is that I’m always seeing the same messages every time I go to the park. It’s July and the Peanut’s Celebration pops up with no way to “delete.” It’s also annoying as a season pass and funpix holder to see this message every time I come to the park (yes, all my info is in the app.) Also the soak city map isn’t functional in park. As a new season pass holder this would have been helpful. I’m more familiar with the regular side of the park.
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2 years ago, Ij2cool
Crap App
This app is terrible. Good idea but terrible integration with website. So you purchase season ticket, you get vouchers. You then have to go to website to register? I then added Dining and Drink plans which again say only voucher . So I go back and forth between app and website? Why? I should never have to leave the app. On the website it shows my passes and shows they have dining and drink. On the app you can “store season passes here”. I did and when I click on them they say dining plan ,but nothing about drink plan. I then click add to my Apple wallet it does but they say no dining plan inside the wallet. I don’t know if this is true or a glitch (haven’t tested) on the crap app. I want to use “My Wallet “ on my watch to enter and pay for everything. That way I have nothing in my pockets. My watch of course syncs with my phones “My Wallet “ so if indeed the saved card doesn’t actually have both plans on it my watch won’t be an option and I will have to use my phone and use app or website. Crap App.
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1 year ago, ajpii2
All marketing with no actual utility
This app is nowhere near as functional as it could be. The park quit posting wait times at the entrance to the line for each ride. Would you like to check wait times on rides? First of all you need to share your location. Then you have to be in the park because they wouldn’t want the increased wait times that their fast pass program created to deter you from making the trip. Ok, so you’re in the park and sharing your location with cedar fair. Do you get to see if it’s worth the walk across the park right now? Nope you didn’t sign sign up for an account. An account that serves no other purpose than to collect your data and put you on a marketing drip. Frustrating and barely functional app.
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2 months ago, 3pwlslsekeksk
It’s not bad. It just needs work.
First off, Kings Island is in my top 10 favorite parks of all time, and I’ve visited a lot of them, so I’m not screwing with the park at all, just the app. The app’s wait times are very inaccurate. 5 minutes according to the app translate to 60 minutes real time, and vice versa. I would also enjoy a feature with Kings Island themed minigames for when your waiting in line. We also need to be able to see wait times, me and my family sometimes go just to ride one ride
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4 years ago, Chessie-2101
Not accurate at all
We are in park (June 2019) and the info on the app is completely useless. Wait time for Drop Tower shows 10 minutes and we’ve been in line for 30 with the ride constantly operating (no shutdowns to account for the extra time). Waited in line for Backlot Stunt Coaster for 30 minutes (again it was operating the whole time) and the app said it was Closed. Map walking directions tried to take us through a place closed for construction. A nice feature add would be to tell us when the Skyline runs out of food, how many Coca Cola refill stations are closed, and which water fountains are inoperative. Cedar Fair needs to give the app and the park a little TLC.
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4 years ago, H Ohio
Sort of functional
You can pull up the map with the rides, but ride times are often incorrect. When I asked someone (app said 10 min and wait was over an hour) they said ‘oh the times are controlled by the office at the front of the park.’ So someone is just guessing...??? Idk. Also, you can sort by ‘kids rides’ but not by height. That would be a nice feature when you have kids that are under 36” or at 36”, because they can’t ride most the ‘kids rides’ at that size.
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6 years ago, HarryPotter9474
I’m glad they updated this app
I remember in April of 2017 I got this app and the map and everything wasn’t updated but then they did update it and it was buggy. Now I think it’s great but still a little buggy but I’m cool with it. I like having my gold pass on my phone because sometimes it’s hard to find my gold pass in my bag. I also love having wait times so I know if it’s worth it. But I wish the map was like the cedar fair map that you can get at the entrance.
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3 years ago, Kyle told
Perfect to Fit Our Needs
It’s so great to have something useful like this, especially during COVID. Our family loves the location features it gives to help us find our way through the park. The ride wait times are fairly accurate throughout the day and are a huge help. Also be sure to take advantage of the car finder and mark you spot, it really helps!
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4 years ago, redrayne5
Rollercoaster wait times and closures are HIGHLY inaccurate.
The app is fantastic for many options other than the rollercoaster wait times and closures. Unfortunately that's THE primary reason we use this app other than storing my family's gold pass info on my phone. The rollercoaster wait times are not accurately updated (although they usually state that they were just updated). The wait times are oftentimes off by 15 minutes or more. Also the closures are rarely accurately reflected regarding the status of rides, especially after is has rained.
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3 months ago, Raccoon are your friends
Season pass keeps disappearing
Solid app, ability to see wait times is for sure a good feature even if there not super accurate, but my main issue is my season pass keeps disappearing and I have to re add it, this is essentially annoy when in the park and I’m purchasing something and trying to use my season pass discount but when I open it it’s just gone.
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3 years ago, seasonpasshokder6134
May be the worst app ever
There is no way to adequately describe the horribleness that is this App. I am amazed that a company with as much resources as Cedar Fair would delegate app development and algorithms to what I can only assume is a 2nd grade intern. The only really useful thing the app has is season pass storage. The ONE thing people want to use it for, ride wait times is beyond useless and inaccurate. I’m talking 0 or 5 min wait on app equating to 90 min real time wait everyday, all the time never remotely accurate. Kings Island should immediately take down this app to further itself from utter embarrassment as well as the greater good of humanity.
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1 year ago, Revieww Sstarr
Pretty Good
As of may 2022 I have experienced no real problems with the apps accuracy on wait time. Now when look at reviews I can help but think that KI made a good change to the app. Which is exactly what is supposed to happen. It’s a great app if your new to the Cincy area and want to go and it also great if your familiar with Cincy and have gone to KI multiple times.
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3 years ago, Tclemand
Reservations Recommendations
I like the app. It has the ability to store all my family’s passes. When it comes to making reservations though, I’m forced to enter the 21-digit number on the back of each card. Would be easier if it just brings up all the stored cards and allow me to select which people are going. All the information is right there.
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2 years ago, jfnnccnvnmfkdld
Not true
I was was told on the kings island app that the flight of fear wait time was 40 minutes i waited 3 hours then had to use the restroom and had someone save my spot, they wouldn’t let me back in, I even told them that I was going to the restroom so I waited 3 hours for nothing. On top of that I won a arcade game and they did have the prize you wanted but I told them that there was some in the wall they said that those are for decoration and I had to get something g I didn’t want and it cost me 40 dollars
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5 years ago, Realtor Amy Rhoades
Must know closest restroom for kids!!!
Apps awesome!!! Little boys tell you last minute they need to use the restroom! The app takes you right there and lists all the restaurants and your location in the park! Saved all our season passes on the app fir easy check in! One phone instead of four cards!
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4 years ago, EmilyRoseAngelic
Tickets won’t add
I knew this app wasn’t reliable for ride wait times before downloading, but figured it’d use it anyway as a way to keep track of my digital tickets and vouchers. I’ve been trying to add them since yesterday, and when I put in my order number for my tickets it just takes me back to the previous screen without adding my tickets or relaying any information back to me. This app doesn’t do a single thing it supposed to. It’s a glorified map. (and if you want a map of the water park, too bad.) 🙄
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4 months ago, pumpkin-ivy
App needs work but it is and can be useful
I will keep it short the app has some bugs but if you are a thrill junky the wait times are a bit off but nice to have. The “walk to” is a bit broken and hard to use but it works. In short this app is not a necessity but it is useful.
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4 months ago, Viper0580
Needs more work
This app needs to have more work. Ride times are off and not accurate and/or not working. Fun Pix part of the app needs to use Single Sign-On instead of having to log in all the time from the Kings Islands app. The app needs to have a better selection to add stuff to your account and to your passes.
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4 years ago, harrietsweetharriet123
Helpful for navigation but...
This app is great for navigation and saves you from having to get a paper map BUT the wait times are way off. 20 mins was 5 mins, 10 mins was 40 mins, etc. and there is no way for users to provide wait time feedback. Net - great substitution for a paper map and adequate descriptions of the rides, but not great for wait times.
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4 years ago, Dad With Kids
Bring back the calendar month view!
This app is okay, but an update at some point made it much harder for season pass holders to see at a quick glance when the park is open/operating hours. Please please please bring back the calendar month view. The at-a-glance view of operating hours was incredibly useful. Having to pick a date from a scroll list or go week-by-week is a terrible experience the app.
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2 years ago, SpenceCoaster
One thing
I love this app so much but there’s just one thing left to fix it, the Mystic Timbers icon is located where White Water Canyon entrance is located and the White Water Canyon icon is where Mystic Timbers’s entrance is located at. Could you switch the two around pls? And also add the thrill level and heigh requirement to the app pls?
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5 years ago, jW4yner
Cedar Fair
I’m not sure why we have to download an app for every park. It seems more logical to have a single Cedar Fair app that shows all the parks and upon detecting your location, would show relevant information for that specific park. Instead, I have to download multiple apps (takes up more space), add my season pass to each one, etc.
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4 years ago, HAXD1
Basically useless
As many people are saying, the wait times are extremely inaccurate. That’s by far the main incentive to use the app. Keeping your phone alive throughout the day is a big deal, and wasting batteries on an app that constantly gives false information is a hard no from me. Save your batteries, enjoy your day in the park, and plan on excessively long wait times because of a lack of the ride times being updated accurately.
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3 years ago, Jesusislord7!!
The app is not functioning properly
I have an Apple iPhone and it just updated with to new iOS 13.5.1 update. I’m issues with the app freezing up in closing me out of the app. also accessing my pictures in the FunPix section of the app. Please fix these with this app so it’s compatible with the new update of the iOS.
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5 years ago, Ricky Badridge
Don’t Expect Support
App has an error with sign in and password recovery. App Store links you to their website for support. If you call the number on the website they tell you there is ONE PERSON who can assist with the app and he may not be in the office today. So server errors are monitored and followed up by one person? Likely not, but the people answering the phone have no idea how to give app support. Guess I’ll just never be able to log in again...?
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4 years ago, GalaxyQueen13
Good app
Very helpful in the park for saving your parking location and the map ( works like a gps)to show u around the park and the ride times I find this very useful every time I got to kings island so overall I give five stars ⭐️ very good app!!!
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2 years ago, _Dani_7_
Somewhat okay
The map for where everything is works great! However, the wait times were pretty inaccurate and frustrating at times.
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3 months ago, cincydmc
Update to previous 1 star review
I gave a terrible review because one of their rides had a wait time 6x the posted wait time. Five rides since and the wait times have been accurate or conservative.
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4 years ago, BroFrausto
Where’s my purchased tickets??
I purchased the tickets online yesterday. I downloaded the app yesterday. I followed the directions to load all my tickets to the app using my order number and email. I’ve done it about 5 times now. Nothing has shown up except all the same ads that I keep clicking away. They keep showing up as new messages. I do not foresee any benefit or use of this app.
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6 months ago, Richard1069
Screwed up the Hours portion of the app
Used to be you could open the hours and see the entire season in a monthly overview and each day was color coded with a key so you could easily see and plan visits. Now it’s a week by week calendar that you have to click out each day to see the hours. Great job screwing up such a simple concept
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5 years ago, Tina1112
Wait times unreliability
The wait times listed in the app are worthless. It only updates if you close and reopen the app, even then it will list a wait a 0-5mn when the real water t is 30+. It also list rides as closed that are operating and list wait times for rides that are closed. Major updates are needed to make this app even remotely worth the time of using.
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4 years ago, Asmithc
This app is worth it
When your in the park you can look at ride times so you can get a quick ride on a coaster
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4 years ago, Zombie*maker*lover*saver
Got this app for one thing and I am disappointed
I got the app specifically for the ride wait times. The wait times posted for the rides are completely inaccurate, and I’m literally taking the time to write this review while I AM WAITING IN LINE for a ride that supposedly had a “15 minute” wait time. We have already been in line 30 mins. Can’t trust the app at all. Super inconvenient.
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5 years ago, carebear0712
Wait Times Inaccurate
The wait times are not accurate. Fir example, the app indicated the Mystic Timbers ride was a 0-minute wait. In reality it took over 90 minutes to get to the front of the line. The times never updated, it didn’t matter if I was logged on with my data plan or Park WiFi or if I closed the app and reopened it. The map function did work properly.
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4 months ago, Justin Cbald
Needed
It’s pretty ridiculous when you need to create a freakin account just to see wait times for rides. I’m not gonna create another account out of the hundreds I already have just to see wait times for a one time visit. No thanks
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4 years ago, sts321
Ride Times Inaccurate
My largest reason for getting this app was to view ride times and avoid large lines. This app does not do well to update ride times, if it updates them at all. Rides labeled as 10 minute waits are in reality, around 40 minute waits. I do not recommend this app for checking ride times.
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4 years ago, TMFM19
Ride wait times are not even close.
They averaged about 5 times longer than listed in the app. Not 5 minutes longer but 5 times longer.
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3 years ago, jajfiewmfn
This isn’t abt the app but the park. The park is so amazing! I get a season pass as often as I can and I can’t wait for it to open after the pandemic. Orion is going to be amazing.
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4 years ago, Vespone27
Cannot add tickets
I’m having the same issue that others have reported, my tickets are not showing up. Other items purchased at the same time, parking, etc, are in the app. I tried adding tickets, but it just takes me back to the main screen. The app is pretty useless without the tickets.
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4 years ago, dgskahakfn
E-Ticket Error
There seems to be some type of error when adding e-tickets to the app. I put my order number and email used when purchasing the ticket and it said that something is wrong. I have a paper ticket but I just thought it was odd.
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4 years ago, A TWC customer
Ride Wait Times Are Not Even Close
Wait times for rides aren’t even in the same ballpark as reality, even when it says the times were “just updated now.” Might as well not even have this feature if it is just going to mislead everyone egregiously. Even the park employees admit this feature is inaccurate at best.
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5 years ago, BlessedMom2boys
Love having our passes on our phones! It doesn’t always update number of visits though. Would be cool to see how many times we go.
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4 years ago, mattcat513
Wait times waaaaaay off
Wait times are comically inaccurate. We have been waiting for 40 waits for a ride that is currently showing a 5 minute wait. They must be using “Fast Lane” times.
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5 years ago, jmmem7304
Hey Kings Island Fam!
Guess what fam!? We buried all the tools under five easy to see icons. Just click the icon you guess could be right, scroll through a list of 20 things and see if you win!! It’s the newest game at Kings Island. Because, hey, we’re family. What’s that fam? You want to see what time we’re open throughout the month? Hahaha, well guess’s in there!! Technically. Somewhere. Wait, hold on while we search for it too. (P.S. We spent a ton of money on this update, so we’re sticking with it for a long time. Better learn to like playing KI App Roulette.) Have fun and good luck everyone!
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2 years ago, Mcheese13
Ride times completely off
So far, the ride times have been completely wrong. One ride said it had a 75 minute wait and ended up being 150 minutes! The others have all been much longer as well.
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2 years ago, n o v a h
Not accurate
The wait times are not accurate. Please update them to be more accurate.
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4 years ago, Emotoman97
Great concept but needs work
The concept is great. However, the ride times are not accurate. Seems to be a waste. Sometimes they are spot on, others they are way off.
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2 years ago, kings island app is false
Not updated and not accurate
It said the scrambler was no wait but it was and hour and on flight to fear it said 40 minutes it turned it to 5 hours literally horrible
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4 years ago, Trevor Lawrence 11
Fix the wait time
The interactive map works well but the wait times are so off. I’ve been in a like for 30 minuets, I’m about half way to the ride and the app says 10 minute wait.
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