KION Central Coast News

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News-Press & Gazette Company
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2 years ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KION Central Coast News

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1 month ago, Lady Rosie101
Local news
I’m a news junkie. I love to know what’s going on around us and want to be careful for. So getting local news and the tip of your hands is wonderful. Thank you for your wonderful work.!
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10 years ago, emeryinhollister
One of two local news services I use daily
Streaming news is important today. I allow push notifications with only two news agencies, both local. Great information at my fingertips throughout the day, everywhere I go. Thanks KION!
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9 years ago, Fly Dragonfly
Pro: Stories in general are better than those on KSBW (which is not saying much). App more user friendly than the KSBW app, no flashing/flickering ads. Cons: Same news story listed 2-4 times under different title. Articles loaded with very obvious spelling and grammar errors. Stories with misleading titles. The language used in terms of difficulty is below high school level and either editors are blind, not doing their job or have no idea how to write are supervising journalists who have absolutely no idea how to write. For example, their/they're/there and to/two/too are very common problems authors have (which is basic grade school English 101) -- these journalists clearly need a refund from the colleges where they got their degrees from. I'm far from a spelling Nazi & admit spell check is my friend -- these journalists & editors seriously need an introduction! As a instructor at the local junior college I would not have accepted papers submitted written that poorly (& failed out the student). This review is written far better than the majority of articles you will read on this app. That is just plain sad. Ok. Embarrassing, really.
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9 years ago, Professor Willy
The best local news app for the central coast, but...
There are only two local news apps for the Monterey-Salinas market, and only one worth the download. This is the one. My only complaint is that even though weather data is supplied by Weather Underground, it does not let you select a local weather station from the large community of weather providers in local neighborhoods, only major stations like airports and civic centers. Add that functionality and this app will deserve five stars.
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4 years ago, 59psi
This App Should be Removed
The past few weeks all of the breaking news has been driving a lot of people to news apps. This is one I had for my local news and recently they have turned up their in app ads. Until 2-3 days ago. The ads were not only aggressive but they were straight up phishing. Like a webpage that looked like google (using their marks) but was just trying to get people information. This is completely unacceptable for a reputable news source. Apple needs to remove this application until any and all predatory advertising is removed for good.
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9 years ago, Mrs Bayless
Great news. Decent app.
I love the news you guys report on. You update stories frequently. I much prefer the app over ksbw. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the only 1 complaint...the notifications send and alert me multiple times on the same story, wasting my data. It isn't an update in story it literally notifies me to the same article 2-3 times. Could stand to simmer down a bit. 😄
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8 years ago, MegMonterey
Great App - better than KSBW by far
I haven't had any problem with this app. No ads, loads quick and easy to navigate. Only thing is it doesn't seem like a lot of info is updated on the weekends.
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9 years ago, Shalom B
KION as I expect and enjoy - but why
Much better than the other version available for the IPhone. The KION I expect and enjoy! But why two versions of the same news channel any way? Isn't one good app better than two when one of the two is awkward and lacks user friendliness?
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8 years ago, mustbuydemsongies
Good site for my local news
Finally a news outlet that has an easy to use format. My only complaint is I wish the stories were a little longer.
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9 years ago, barelybear
I don't like re reading today's news several days in row. KION seems to update more than once a day. They do a good job of updating the slide shows. Keep it up!
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10 years ago, Beauregard's Mom
Great News App
Much better app than KSBW...far less biased and continually getting better and more user friendly all the time. Keep up the good work guys!
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8 years ago, PebbleCaddie
Keeps you up to date on our Local News
For Monterey residents this app and the KSBW app are great for local news and weather updates.
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10 years ago, Bigp4p4joe
Very well
It just lags to open sometimes but other than that its all good
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8 years ago, Brandon8305
Great app
Very good app. They do a pretty good job updating the app especially when I don't get much time to watch the news.
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9 years ago, Debora Wilder
Great local news app.
I really like the fact that I can get local breaking news flashes right on my iPad.
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9 years ago, t3hWheez
Needs Updating
Lots of formatting issues as well as just looking generally old. Once some updating is done I would give 5 stars!
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10 years ago, Get the fk out of here
Gets the job done
Has categories. Works great nice improvement.
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10 years ago, Viewer from Central Cali
Nice look
Looks nice. If you want local news you have to go on "US news" then click on "local news " . Would be nice for local news to be at home
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8 years ago, Dam7707
Issue with notifications
My notification randomly stop coming in. I always have to go into the settings to turn them on. Outside of that issue the app seems stable and good source of local news.
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3 years ago, Pipo831
Livestream Broken
the Newscast Livestream is broken, when you click the play button it doesn’t do anything.
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8 years ago, MH Paul
Basic but works
I was hoping for more of an interactive App that includes live streaming. More like a newspaper than a TV station. I want to dump cable and go direct to my favorite source for news.
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10 years ago, Miz Duenas
Up to date news.
This app offers current and speedy news. The only piece of advice I offer is the use of spellcheck.
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10 years ago, Cisco 1951
kion news 46
In the Salinas Valley their are only two news station to pick from for local news. This app is not always up to date with the local news.
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11 years ago, LS1killer
Love this app but recently it keeps saying "serious error occurred" every time I open the app. Please update and fix.
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9 years ago, FLyarn
Good mix of local national and international
It's a good news app for a local station. I wish they would spell check more often.
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10 years ago, DivoMaddie
Timely Local News
Updates are quick and relevant. Would like zoomable images.
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10 years ago, Hhill3rd
Awesome notifications...
Thank you KION for timely notifications on issues pertaining to world, national and local events.
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9 years ago, Cowboy1949
Best Local News App
I switched to this app from the KSBW app. I can't Bellevue how much better this app is.
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9 years ago, MEDIC J
New version
Better! Less crashing
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11 years ago, Halari
I like this app when I'm on the go and I miss the news I can just watch it on my phone right a the palm of my hand. (;
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11 years ago, very bad & disappointed
What happened??
I really enjoyed the up to date information up until 5 days ago. I now have to read a newspaper to get information about what is going on in Monterey county but towards the early afternoon when the news is old.
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10 years ago, MauiratMe
KION app
Great app for our local news!! Good for other news also.
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9 years ago, Chess9
Keeps me informed!
Love the service! Thanks and keep up the good work.
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10 years ago, JERRYPOPPY
This app works pretty good for me. Local news updates seem to be quick.
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8 years ago, CT4256
Exactly what I need
Great local news source with excellent reporting!
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10 years ago, Jxoxoxoxo
I give it 5 stars for the new weather video update.
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9 years ago, Ube3r
I check it daily
Good local news
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8 years ago, Westcreek
Super. Much better than the animal stories
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10 years ago, youngun1978
Very useful
Great app for my local news. Seem to be very accurate.
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11 years ago, Paul Dughi
Great app for local news
New update is great!
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11 years ago, Jen316
Stories are never updated
The news stories haven't been updated in 5 days, what's the point of having this app if the news is 5 days old?? Please update daily!!!
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10 years ago, Apastoys
KION News Updates
Very thorough local news.
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10 years ago, MJR62
Works Great!
Updated version.....
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10 years ago, Unhappy in SV
I hate this new app
Absolutely hate this new app! Has not updated news since the middle of December and the horoscope and weather not updated either. Useless!
Show more
11 years ago, Aromas Ed
From good to bad
This app used to work great, but now the latest news is 12/16 and today is the 21st! I've deleted and re-installed it and still the same. Please fix!
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10 years ago, 
Still has bugs and crashes but ok
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10 years ago, Hugh L
The old app stopped working so I downloaded the new one. I don't like how it is laid out. KSBW app is much better.
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11 years ago, nevrenuff
From bad app to worst
This app just went from bad to dead. No more updates. The writers at kion need to learn how to use the spell checker, always mispelling what could be good stories.
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10 years ago, A&W831
No good
I don't like this version no local news I do hope you fix it or I will have to delete it
Show more
5 years ago, Johnnynjca
Just go to CNN just as bad as KSBW
KION has little local news and what the have is not updated They rebroadcast Left wing CNN stories I don't know who is worse these guys or KSBW John
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