KIRO 7 News App- Seattle Area

4.5 (10.5K)
83.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cox Media Group
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KIRO 7 News App- Seattle Area

4.53 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Phloofcat
Good for traffic updates but seriously needs work
I use this for traffic updates but otherwise it’s unbearable. The notifications are worthless. Sometimes it loads your story. Sometimes not. Lots of sports spam and always a video ad. KIRO wants to load a video ad before each news story regardless of data/WiFi so they don’t care if some people are on capped plans or slow connections. Then, most of the time, the story you’re clicking on the notification for doesn’t load and can’t be found 🤷‍♀️. There are way too many sports notifications and no way to turn them off 🤦‍♀️ And people with the app probably don’t care about on air stories and don’t want notifications about stories coming up on air. Keep what is in the app local to the app. And let me mention again that there are major issues with the video ads and notifications.
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3 years ago, BillPri
Love the content, not the app
Hi KIRO7 - I'm nothing without Michelle, Tracy T. Matthew, Tracey and Nick in the morning! This whole week the KIRO News App on my i-pad, Firestick, AND PrimeTV is not working. It goes through the same 3 commercials then gets stuck. I’ve uninstalled on all of my devices and then reinstalled the app. Still getting stuck on the same commercials. I’ve tweeted to make you aware. I have sent you a DM as well. Still nothing. Help?!?
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2 years ago, grandpadan8
Way to many ad banners for kiro tv. I have counted as many as 7 after you go to commercial. Even then I have to click “ watch live three times to get back to the news only to find they are half way thru an article I was interested in. Also some of the anchors are very biased and don’t do a good job of investigating. Jesse Jones is about the only one who thoroughly investigates.
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4 years ago, thankful71
Appreciate knowing the news at home while away
I am a snowbird in the winter. My family and friends are there with you during this crisis . I am grateful that I can watch live news feeds as well as getting news alerts sent to my devices. Thank you so much for all you do and helping me and others to stay in the loop with the news in Western Washington.
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4 years ago, DreamRider2
I do Enjoy The News from KIRO - But when I get notifications sent to my phone that I want to read and I tap on it. It opens your app then I have to hunt for the info. Which I usually can’t find. It is very frustrating. Today I was wanting to read about T- Mobile and couldn’t find it anywhere. You should have a - Search section.
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6 months ago, softballergurl21
Videos are annoying
First, I resent having videos begin playing unprompted and having to scramble to figure out how to make them go away. I use the app to READ news, not watch/listen. It’s annoying when I’m a room with other family members or when people are trying to sleep. Second, could you please add a swipe left to exit the article? I shouldn’t need to X out every time. Third, the app should be viewable in landscape mode. This app needs some serious work.
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3 years ago, krbtrvl
Notifications go to ads
When I click on the notification I receive on my iPhone or iPad, I get numerous ads and the news article seldom comes up. It’s ridiculous. This app functionality simply has to be improved in order for me to get the news that I need. I expect intermittent ads. But give me access to the news!
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4 years ago, Ragime
App orientation
Up until a couple weeks ago, I was ble to view the articles in both the landscape and portrait orientations. Now the app immediately closes when I have my device in the landscape orientation. I can view it only in portrait. I prefer landscape because it is easier to read.
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4 years ago, popeyepeas
Best channel in Seattle. ❣️
I am so angry at CBS and Dish. We can’t change from dish to whatever and sign another contract. I hate greed and both parties are guilty. 50 years ago I started watching 7, watched Steve get balder ( I liked his cookie duster ) and his sharp wit. Debra Horne always out in all kinds of weather and her beautiful voice telling her story. Darn it I miss you!
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3 months ago, Kravitsing
News Alerts
I would give more rating stars but the most frustrating thing for me is the news alerts. Many times when I’ve gotten the news alert I am unable to find the actual story. Whether I click on it when it comes on or I click a few minutes later I still can’t find the story. It isn’t that way for every news alert but it happens often enough that I’m hesitant to even bother clicking.
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4 months ago, chelizam
Great news alerts, unable to search
I love how the app alerts new news but once in the app there is no search function. When there is an error pulling up a story from my notifications I can’t search for it and the notification is gone. Disappointing you can’t search for a news article in this app. It’s like they’re in control of what you see.
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4 years ago, sheila linggi
Thank you for covering the Pierce County Public Heath Department news conference. It was well covered & professionally presented by the PIerce County Health Department panel. Thanks for covering South Sound so well. Kudos to ALL involved... I appreciate in your regular coverage as well & that you are reporting facts. I think it is important that we don’t react with fear ...especially of the unknown! Good job, KIRO crew!!😊👏😊👏
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1 year ago, old body young mind
Latest version will not auto rotate from landscape to portrait like earlier versions.
Your current app requires the user to constantly rotate their device, rather than having your app written in a way that would auto do it. Your older versions dead, and most other news outlets still do. This will mean for me, I will use you as a last resort.
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4 years ago, Tonyg2724
This app is beyond bad. It crashes frequently, pulls up the wrong article from the the headline notification banner, and freezes up constantly. When you see a notification banner about a breaking news story and try to open, it goes to a blank a blank screen and sits there thinking about it indefinitely. Ive deleted it twice, then downloaded it a third time hoping things were fixed but they’re not. I’m deleting it again permanently. Don’t waste your time with this. WORST APP EVER!!!
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1 year ago, Leighsmathers
To many of the same stories
There are duplicates to the news being reported which leads to frustration in looking for more news
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12 months ago, ColdHam
This app is an insult.
I just got a notification on my watch, that if I change my name legally to Subway, I could win sandwiches for life. This was such important braking news for KIRO news to send me, it had to be sent to my watch! You are a bunch of clowns and an insult to the entire Pacific Northwest. I can’t believe you would abuse your viewers trust, for a crappy advertisement. App deleted, I will never use it again, now watching channel 13, 5, 4, or just PBS for my news!
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4 years ago, Thoma8532
I am tired of the ads at the bottom of the screen. I even turned them off at google and they still return.
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2 years ago, mok4315
Live streaming links don’t work
I still don’t know how to live stream. I click the live stream button, it takes me through several commercials, starts a previously recorded afternoon broadcast, goes to commercial again and plays it non-stop I have to click ‘live’ repeatedly before it finally starts playing, Mossi g about 4-5 minutes of news. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Caliii123
Great for local news updates
However, the National & World News section seems to be just sports lately… I’m not sure if that is deliberate or a glitch. It would be nice to have actual world news in that section though.
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8 months ago, DilRyeMaster
Atrocious app and website
Quite honestly one of the worst it was cancerous ways I’ve ever seen to run an application and or a website. Links don’t even go to themselves. It’s nothing but a toxic waste island of Clickbait and ads. Or whoever made this website or decided to make it this way is one of the worst human beings in existence of all humans don’t ever download this app or go to this website because it is the worst in the history of the Internet.
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1 year ago, Troutinheimer
App is clunky and glitchy
The app has issues when you try to turn the phone 90 degrees to get a full screen. Also, the fact if you have to turn away for even a few seconds to answer a text, your forced to go through the same stupid 30 second ad before the stream starts again. FRUSTRATING!
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1 year ago, Bakaduwin
Many times when I get notifications on my phone of a particular story I click on the notification expecting to be directly taken to that story, it doesn’t work and I end up on the main page. I’m not intimidated searching for it
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3 years ago, Zeegha
App Keeps Crashing in Late 2021
What a drag. I’ve used this app for several years perfectly satisfied, but the last 2-3 months, it keeps crashing. It crashes even after i reload it from the APP store. It crashes on my phone and on my iPad. Guess I’ll have to switch to a competitor’s app, sorry!
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8 months ago, OlyPen Guy
Used to be great… Used to.
Used to be great, but then auto scrolling issues and now with the latest update, when I click on a notification it opens it up for a split second and then goes to the home page of the app. Then the story I had clicked to open is NOWHERE to be found in the app. It happens EVERY time. Deleted the app and reinstalled but it didn’t help at all. Now completely useless.
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3 years ago, kshorses2
Incomplete News Stories
It seems the news stories posted are not complete. When reading them they have very little information and end abruptly... more like an expanded headline than an actual article. Please post complete articles and not condensed versions to the app.
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4 years ago, Gramma and kid
When I miss seeing the news it’s really great to come to this app and get caught up. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and appreciate you all.
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1 year ago, Johnny_redo
Cry babies
My biggest complaint is about the constant “Breaking News, call Dish and DEMAND that they bring back KIRO”. This is just pathetic. If Dish dropped you, they dropped you. Get over it. It shows your poor judgment when you constantly use this ad in the middle of stories. It is just ridiculous to also use the ad as the main “Breaking News” story. There are more important stories than you.
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1 year ago, jjt4806
Last Software Update: THUMBS DOWN
They took away the “back” you have to hit the Home button to go back after reading an article, then navigate back to where ever you were at. Q13 here I come
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4 years ago, Mumberbur
Completely non-functional and abandoned.
Even on a brand new installation, for the past month or more, all this app does is display a message that the “App could not be started”. I would have used the “App Support” link before leaving a review, but App Support is a page reading “Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found.” If anyone is actually paying attention to this app or its users, please note: it’s very broken.
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4 years ago, Spotteddog367sweet
Fonts are too small to read
Something has changed on this app. The fonts have gotten very small. I have tried to adjust them but have not been successful. Also there frequently is not much new or updated news on this app. Make the text much bigger or at least adjustable and add more content and I will once again enjoy following the news on KIRO.
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4 years ago, Old Blood & Guts
Top News Stories
I like the app and reporters; however, I think more headlines for stories would be appropriate. I live in Spokane and keep up with West side news every morning with a good cup of Joe. Thanks guys!
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4 years ago, Fircrestshooter
Great Coverage
I have several news apps and this is by far my favorite. I like the layout and the content is easy to select.
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4 years ago, diy'rr
Not to bad
The app is great for watching live feed. Weather is updated. Stories are quick. The only complaint I have is the person who reports the traffic is terrible at doing it
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7 years ago, vmarinaro
Been waiting for a major update
This app is archaic. The developer needs to listen to its users. You can’t zoom in of pictures to look at detail better. Why mention anything in your news if you can’t look at what you are talking about? To the developer, do your research and take ideas from other apps and their abilities.
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4 years ago, BolinasSurfer
Where is “Live”?
When I open the Kiro app and ckick on “Live”, I hope to view a recent broadcast. Not so fast. What typically appears is a screen with”We’ll be right back”. OK, when? Rather wait for an unknown amount of time, I close out and seek another station. That said, why doesn’t Kiro have a loop feed from the most recent ‘live’ newscast? At least that would provide some information rather than a pointless screen.
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4 years ago, rachelrachel33
This app is awful!!
The app is awful. It’s difficult to navigate and I’m honestly tired of having to watch a full 30 second ad before every story I watch. The other stations alternate or give you an option to skip the ad, why doesn’t Kiro do this. As a news consumer I feel like you are wasting my time in order to make a quick buck on some internet ad revenue. I’m going to King 5... bye bye Kiro 7!!!
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4 months ago, You just don’t want the review
Correct your app
The previous app turn phone to view was way more user-friendly. The pull down to watch is like a one point in the minus. I hope you fix it and make it more user-friendly
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2 years ago, --D2
Forced to watch video when I want is to read story
Reworked app forces you to watch video of story before you can read the text of the story. Often, I just want to read the story not see a reporter reciting the story. The latest rework of the iPad version of the app will not let you just read. I liked the old version of the app much better.
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9 months ago, PAT 3CO
Great for Local News, Horrible App
Whoever thought it was a good idea to randomly start blaring videos while using this app needs to be fired. The app is essentially unusable in many settings unless you make sure your speaker volume is off. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to make a good local news app, but I suppose their budget is stretched thin. It’s not just KIRO.
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3 years ago, ffbbro
When I click on a notification for news, I have to sit through ads. Often cannot even find articles on alerts I click on.
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3 years ago, JTown Jammer
Won’t launch after 8.4.4 update
Weather section is great. News is poorly written often leaving out basics that are important to the story. With latest upgrade, app won’t launch on my old iPhone 6.
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1 year ago, Quickie reader
Incomplete app
Entices with a headline but you have to drop everything and turn on the tv to get the story WHO can do that. Or says streaming now and it isn’t. And always have to watch an ad first. You are too commercial. Love Seattle Times app and Komo.
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4 months ago, Julsypeach
Way to many ad’s and lagged site.
I love the people on KIRO seven but this site it a joke. Not well put together! Way to many adds and when you click on specific news topic’s it frequently directs to ad’s or lag’s.
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3 years ago, Beginner15
Could be better
This use to be my ‘go to’ local news app. But it seems they take the weekends off because news is rarely updated. And most of the time the Ads are the only thing loading
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4 years ago, nrgolka
Review of mobile website
I use the radar portion of the news app frequently on my iPad. With the updated news app, when I select weather-radar, the app frequently closes down — after several tries I usually am successful (after multiple app closures) in viewing the radar. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
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7 years ago, Windydji
Kiro 7 news
Really enjoy checking out the news here. The only complaint I have is it takes a long time before they change some stories. Same stories for days
Show more
4 years ago, SuperShoeDiva
This is an example of how NOT to design a news app, their site is the same. Not designed as much as thrown together. It’s as if they hired a friend of a friend to put this together for experience instead of actually paying someone who knows what they are doing and has an eye for a good user interface and a professional looking app. Sponsored content is not clearly marked.
Show more
5 years ago, JayEssbey
Boomer app
Severely outdated, videos won’t load after full 30 second ads, numerous article editing errors (titles, misspellings, incomplete sentences, high school-level errors). No links within article body for reference or further reading, pictures are usually stock photos and not of article content. Good thing it’s free.
Show more
4 years ago, 9876jp
Unfortunately all you get with this app are commercials about how well they all know the area! 10 minutes of that then. “ we will be right back”. Maybe 2 minutes of news then back to commercial and we’ll be right back! I never watched other local news but have to look for something else now!
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2 weeks ago, Apfelmaennchen
Dual videos
Something is wrong lately, I keep getting two videos playing at the same time (two overlapping audio sources). Really annoying, to the point that I no longer use this app for local news.
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