KITT - The real one

3.3 (205)
54.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pegaso Studios
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for KITT - The real one

3.31 out of 5
205 Ratings
9 years ago, Laraybee
Fix bug issues...disappointed
Please fix the bug issues with the speedometer. The speedometer shows up but it will not actually tell you your speed while driving. That's what I use to love about this app! Additionally, when you ask KITT to play music the app crashes!! You have an excellent concept but it needs updating.
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5 years ago, feature ideas
Good app i love it just wish it had more features like maybe intergrated like siri as a siri replacement of corse the voise actor of K.I.T.T. Would have to do a voice over in order for such an amazing thing to happen and i dobt he would for the simple fact it would be incredibelly dificualt and time consuming however it would be very cool theres only one thing i wish you could do is have kitt and the speddometer show on the same screen now that iphones are bigger more elements can be utalized at once itd be nice to have the speedometer under the voice box or maybe cool to make the voice part full screen so all the yellow and red buttons arnt there along with the 3 options under his voice moduloul of corse that would be neat but not needed just cool fun ideas but thank you for the great app :) i just wish it was on google play so i could get it on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ lol
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5 years ago, samnutz
Although he is not what i expected he’s kinda cool. Wish he could do more and I can actually talk to him like a full on convo which would be cool and also wish we could make the theme song a ringtone which was the main reason I bought this and was bummed to find out I can’t do that. It would also be nice if we turn it to the mode where he has his light beam show if we turn off our phones and it still showed and made the sound of it going. There’s a lot I’d do to improve this then again I’d most likely just go and make my own version of this but idk if it’ll be considered copy right and I ain’t trying to get a lawsuit here.
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8 years ago, Eric Beverly
I love this app and it was worth all my money, except it needs more updates. The last update was in 2013, it's 2016 now so we need a new update as soon as possible. KITT monitor system needs to be updated into his season 4 look, he needs to be more like Siri and be able to tell you your location and current temperature. He needs to be able to receive commands better because when I told him to turn on the scanner and he said "Why, is there a young lady in the vicinity?" And did nothing but say "Whatever you say" when I said "yes". So please please make a new update for this app.
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9 years ago, Divebarsoldier1987
Cool but needs alot more improvement
It's nice app but I think they should make it think like Siri does, maybe put more questions it knows the answers to, cause sometimes when I ask it "what's my location?", it gives me a random response. It needs improvement on the music too, cause whenever I ask it to play music or my favorite song it would play some random song and not the one want and now it crashes every time I ask it. And I just got this app today. Please fix all these errors!!
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9 years ago, CJZEPP
Great App, best $2.99 I've spent in a while.
This app is great! Kitt responds and recognizes many statements, and the ones that he doesn't recognize, he has many generic responses that make it sound as if he does. The music playing feature is awesome too. I rock this in my '89 firebird. The only gripe I have is that I wish there was an option to play music from a certain playlist. (My 80's music is all I need) Next update, please make that an option. Thanks, ~Chris
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5 years ago, Gopjoeyg
Developers, Please Return
Don’t get me wrong, this app is fantastic. I had this before, and I recently returned to it. I love the soundboard, and the functionality. I just wish that the developers would make a return to this app, If only for one more update. If the Developers are reading this, please fix the speedometer, and maybe make the controls less clunky. The laser sound effect also transports you out of the app, apparently, and it would be cool if you can fix that. Thank you, Austin Giattino
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5 years ago, Dave_StHelens
KITT?! Where are you?
Paid for the app and looked forward to utilizing but... I missed the disclaimer that the app is incomplete cause not compatible with the new iOS software, very limited functionality and not getting what I paid for but that is on me I guess. 2 years ago the developer mentioned they would have it all updated in a matter of weeks but just hearing crickets since then (I even emailed them directly). Does Apple support this kind of business model?! Again, purchase is on me but they’re comment to fix it in a matter of weeks chaps my hide.
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3 years ago, Sonic and Shadow :-)
This. Is. Amazing! 😍
Yeah, I know I’m not part of the generation that grew up with the original series that this certain voice of KITT came from. But I have watched a lot of it thanks to my dad. I love this app and wish KITT could be a little more interactive. But I understand that these kind of things take time. So all I have to say is thank you for making this app.
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6 years ago, apple3664
Music player
I have an iPhone 5se and has the latest iOS 12.0.1 software update but KITT music player isn’t functioning like it should he plays music if I ask him to but and order for me to hear it I have to put my ear headphones 🎧 and but when I take them out he plays the music out loud but want allow me to stop it nor will he respond to my command to stop music and none of his buttons works whenever I tried to manually stop the music I have to close him out and than reopen him please fix this problem
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2 years ago, gujhcxm,
BEWARE: updated to iOS 11 but we are at iOS15
So this app is just a few *ahem* updates behind in iOS….I see in the dev description that they updated to iOS11….and we are now on iOS15. STILL THE APP IS FUN and for $3 worth the purchase. Just wish the devs would update to keep all the functionality working again. :-)
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9 months ago, The Chicago Italian
I purchased this app when it originally was available in the Apple iOS store. We are now in 2023, and there’s no updates in the last 6 years! I love this app! I’m giving a one star rating, hoping that Apple will do this update for full CarPlay compatibility. In that, the app will work in “KITT MODE” and Scanner Mode. I love knight rider!!! Update this app, so it’s CarPlay compatible, whether wirelessly and or USB wired ASAP. We gotta bring the step up to speed! It’s worth every penny!
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6 years ago, K Ridr
Excellent app!!!!
Great app!!! I was so excited when I came across this app. This is the best K.I.T.T. app out there. It looks, feels, and sounds exactly like K.I.T.T.! I ran in to little to no problems while using this app, and the features made it very enjoyable. I highly recommend this app to K.I.T.T. fans.
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5 years ago, Holiday89
Music does not play
I love the features of the app especially when you turn the phone on either side and it plays the theme song with the red sensor going or the speedometer. One issue is when I ask KITT to play music he does but the songs don’t play. I checked mg settings and there was nothing I could do to fix this.
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9 years ago, EPICPANCAKESS
Great! 1 minor issue
I love using this app! It makes it feel as if the show were coming alive. The only problem I have is when I say "play some music" KITT will start to but before it plays the music, the app crashes. I hope this is fixed. Other than that this is great!
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9 years ago, JoHandyman
You have got to be kidding!!! This app is garbage!!!! The main reason, and function of the app is to tell you your speed!!!! The only reason that I bought this app was for the speedometer feature!! The speedometer should also work in the upright position as well! Don't buy this until if,and when they fix this!!!! If they could work these things out, it would be a cool app.
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10 years ago, Wpnx67
I love this app. I use the speedometer a lot cause sometimes the one in the car messes up but lately the speedometer doesn't show up when I tilt the phone. I even removed the app then downloaded it again but it still won't work. Can you please fix this issue.
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2 years ago, Walrusman
Still not working
Please fix the voice recognition. Been waiting a few years now. When you start the app, it asks to say Hi but freezes. Does not work right anymore. Fix that & add KARR, you have a terrific app. Just stopped working a few years ago.
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6 years ago, GravGuy
Will be great once it’s completed
Just paid $3 for this so it would be nice if everything worked. As it is it’s still 4 stars for me since I’m a fan of the show and this app. 5 stars if you can fix the gps link for the speedometer! Thanks for making this app.
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10 years ago, Inked Fatboy
Love this app! I am building a KITT replica and I use this app everyday I drive my car. People freak out when I talk to KITT and he responds through my Sterio lol. Can you please make a iPad version?! I'm installing a season 4 dash in my car and instead of a tv I'm using my iPad.
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3 years ago, Stevenapp83
KITT in my truck !!!
Pursuit mode does not work and voice recognition works half the time the only reason I purchased it is because I want it to Bluetooth to my truck and that doesn’t work could you update
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2 years ago, gootmix
Love the app but having BT issues.
I’m a fan of the app, and I drive a Kitt. I’d love to connect to a. Bluetooth speaker and place that in the Season 2 noise of my car. Any work arounds for this issue? Thanks
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9 years ago, Adam3443
Needs an AppleWatch version
This is totally awesome, I like everything about this but it need one thing, an AppleWatch version something that might replicate the watch face from the show.
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4 years ago, Mugshotz
Fun but a bit buggy
Just got the iPhone 8plus and the voice box seems a bit wonky. Haven’t played around with it, much but it seems to need an update. I’ve noticed this doesn’t work with Bluetooth at all. I’ve tried it in my car, and on Bluetooth speakers and nothing. Definitely needs an update.
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8 years ago, rbztek
Fun! Works well
Any more updates coming? Please allow selecting a playlist when playing music I would use this more often.
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2 years ago, Aaron6732
Use of app
If any of y’all want to know how to activate pursuit mode on KITT just say “play some music” and he may play music that you have downloaded
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9 years ago, GeauxHornet
Take over Siri, KITT!!
Love this app!! More than happy to support the development of it so one day I will have a replacement for Siri. It is entertaining but it would be awesome to be functional as well. Keep it up!!
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3 years ago, Meeshmosh
Should have read the comments
The app is broken and looks like the devs are absent. Save yourself the $2.99 and move on. I asked to play music and the app freezes. No speedometer too. Apple should consider dropping apps from the store that haven’t been updated in a year.
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9 years ago, *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*
Wonderfully outstanding 5 Stars
Great app wish you would give us a free update with Lots more voice commands and responses☺️ but all together worth my money!!!
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1 year ago, iBoy2DXtreame
KITT- The Real One
I LOVE Knight Rider. Always beema Fan and Been Waiting for this App forever. Its Finally Out but it Keeps having issues. First the Speedometer in Which is still malfunctioning and Now when I connect it through Blue Tooth on my car radio it Starts making a phone call.
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4 years ago, Gambit80
Please update music connection
Hi I love this app, everything else is perfect. With the new apple updates the music does not play.... or if there are some tips you can share that will help as well...
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3 years ago, Kalel5280
Please update it!
I needed a speedometer for my old car and should have read the reviews first. Please fix the crashing and no speedometer working. Its a cool idea, but needs major fixing. I hope you are listening.
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6 years ago, Mercury Max
Bluetooth Glitch?!
So I have a Bluetooth speaker installed under my hood and would like this app to cooperate with it. It doesn’t. Can you fix?
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7 years ago, Lbnlr40
Great app But!!!
This is a great app but they should make it so it works though the Bluetooth. You know how awesome that would be if you have a Bluetooth radio in your car. But does bring back great memories.
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7 years ago, Pika lover219
I love this app🚘
I love knight rider and this app is so cool I have showed it to some friends and they were all like "awesome" when I told K.I.T.T we had friends an to introduce him self great app five stars 🚘
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3 years ago, nory0929
Car connection
You can’t hear it when you connect to your car.
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10 years ago, Knightro Riderius
Overall I love it, but it would be nice to have the option of changing the look of the voice box(seasons 3-4 version, karr vox, pilot red square look, etc.) Just a thought...
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7 years ago, SimplyCinnamon53
Awesome App!
I love just turning him on during conversations and listening to his responses. App works very well and was definitely worth the money!
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7 years ago, LoganMcCann95
Please update
I love this app, I use it all the time and I would like to keep using it when iOS 11 comes out so please please update
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10 years ago, Austin Osbourn
Great app
Great app can you please add a voice recognition feature for next version so kitt can recognize my voice
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9 years ago, Phantim555
I feel like Knight Rider
Absolutely love it. I only wish they had an option for Val Kilmer's voice or make it Bluetooth compatible.
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3 months ago, Johnatello
Ai enhancement?
I have fun with this app but Please find a way to integrate AI into this . So many technological advancements since the development of this app. See it with me you know people want this!
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5 years ago, Jilix
Forget the speedometer just fix the music playing part so I can love it again
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3 years ago, Bowsniper116
Cool app!
I love this app and I use it in my car it works but it’s pretty delayed. If that could be fixed this would be the best app ever created!
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7 years ago, JohnLaw3742
Great app, lots of fun, potential for more!
Lots of features makes this app fun for a long time. Well worth the purchase!
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8 years ago, Gamersince85
Great but has one major flaw...
I love this app. Probably the closest thing to actually having K.I.T.T. in your car. If only it had Bluetooth support it would be perfect!
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9 years ago, Simone knight
Thirty three year Life long dream achieved
Best app EVER The best three dollars I ever spent A little buggy but in my personal opinion the uber coolness factor outweighs everything
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8 years ago, Sr20b14
Digital Speedo Doesn't Work!
I got this because it showed the cool digital speedometer and it's nowhere to be found. Unless I'm wrong they seem to have removed it. All I get when turned sideways in phone is scanner and intro song. Really wanted that thing.
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9 years ago, PRodBass
Apple Watch Port?
I love this app! It Would be awesome if you guys could develop a port for the apple watch so that I could talk to KITT on my wrist the way Michael does on the show!
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4 years ago, Markdcf
Don’t waste your money and time.
Just bought the app. There are no instructions on how to use the speedometer. Tapped all around the speedometer, flipped on its side to get it to come up. Didn’t matter. The digital speedometer does not work, the graphic “hockey stick“ speedometer does not work. Using an XS Max/iOS 14.2. Where’s my refund?
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