2.2 (165)
58.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KKTV News

2.2 out of 5
165 Ratings
5 years ago, Scottdwarren
Alerts preferences
I want the ability to turn off traffic notifications. You have it so we can select many other categories, but it looks like traffic alerts fall under breaking news or something and it should be its own thing. I am tired of irrelevant I25 alerts blowing up my phone everyday. Also, you should work on getting things to link together better. It is not uncommon for me to click on a push alert about one thing, only to be taken to a page that has nothing to do with what the push alert was.
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3 months ago, JulesJJ9800
NOT a fan of the ads that have audio when I open the app
When I open the app and an ad appears before the news home page is one thing, and not a problem, but when there’s audio along with it, it’s beyond annoying. If I don’t remember to turn off the volume before I open the app, the noise from the ad can be startling and disrupting I’m ready to uninstall the news app and look for local news somewhere else
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2 months ago, Grampy John
New weather maps on your news casts
We live along Highway 24 in Calhan. I drive to Parker everyday for work. You have removed highway 24 from your weather maps during your news casts. If I’m not mistaken the small towns along this stretch of highway are part of “Southern Colorado”. You guys are great and I have been loyal to your station since we moved out here but, I’m sure I am not alone in needing this information along this route to provide safety and awareness for my family and livestock. Please add this important trucking route back to your weather maps on your news casts. It seemed your station was the only one that cared about the small towns in our region. Has that changed? I would hope not. Thank you John Kontrelos
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7 years ago, FollowTheBits
Alerts are useless
I finally turned all alerts off from this app. More often than not, there will be an alert, flag or notice so I bring up the app. I CANNOT determine what the notice was for! Just the standard app page. So what am i being alerted about? Today was last straw. Alert flashed - complete with chimes - I 70 closed. Well that I need to follow as I need to travel soon. Go to app. Nothing, nada, zippo on I70 being closed. Useless and a distraction.
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6 years ago, DEJRFAN10
Great product
I like the function of the app. The notifications are good, let’s me know what to expect and when to expect it as far as weather goes. Traffic notifications are awesome, as we all know the commute to Denver can be dicey at times. All other alerts give me a heads up of what is going in the COS area and outside the COS area.
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6 years ago, Marcanthony4370
Wow how the mighty have fallen
When I first downloaded this app about 2 years ago it was the best news app I had ever found. Slowly it’s been harder and harder to get to the actual news stories. Then the list of news got smaller and smaller. Then you couldn’t comment on articles. And now when you open it there’s ads right away. Like they don’t get enough money on the tv. So in short they have fallen to a subpar news app and I question if any of the content is viable. RIP KKTV you have forgotten how to care for your customer.
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3 years ago, cut9000_2
Not for use with hearing aids connected to your phone
The app. Is ok but they need a volume control for the volume of the breaking news alerts. No matter how you set your hearing aid volume breaking news alerts are at full volume and causes discomfort. I will be turning off ALL alerts until a volume comtrol for alerts is added
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5 years ago, Jd54635435
Stooping to New Low - Anything for Money
So now KKTV is allowing their advertisers to force their customers into participating in polls before being allowed to proceed to their news content. Today you cannot get into content unless you either agree to sign a petition to “enforce the law” with regard to immigration, or to click “no thanks.” Either way you have participated in a poll and I don’t think that’s wise to allow yourself to be forced into. So both the app and the station are trash, basically.
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4 years ago, Que2Sox
Gannon live news brief
I always get the alert about a live news brief or an update. I open it to read or watch but it is never there. I have to go hunt it down. Today I clicked on the menu for live news and I got a commercial. I’m learning to ignore your news site and go directly to Fox 21 if I want to watch the live news. Their notifications go straight to the source without a commercial. I missed the first 3 minutes of the DA talking just awhile ago.
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5 years ago, westelk247
No longer a neutral news channel.
What I want from a news channel is simple... THE FACTS and nothing more. I want to base my own opinion not be pushed in the direction the writer wants me to believe.... It has been clear over the last year that this news channel has completely given up on reporting and gone with lobbying for what they believe. I am deleting this app and will never come back.. KKTV Is no longer reputable. Good by to many years for following you
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4 years ago, fvnjdxbnhfc
I like the current updates this app gives. However, all the breaking news alerts are not put on top but are mixed in with the other updates. You have to scroll through what you’ve already read to find it. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, 5pianomimi
What's up with this app?
I loved this app and referred to it several times a day. Now, the format has changed, and I am forced to watch an ad every time I change pages. You can’t opt out or leave. You have to watch the whole Long thing REPEATEDLY. It’s infuriating. I’m deleting this app until you fix this. The other stations are doing a much better job. Whose idea was this anyway? Fire that person, or transfer them to maintenance.
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6 years ago, cd1234561234
I used to like App. Now, I have to weed through all the national news to find the 1 or 2 local stories. I have national news apps for a reason, but I would like to see some local news. Also, there are so many ads now, especially if I want to watch a video news story. I would rather pay for an app just to get the ads to go away. Time to switch news stations and delete this app
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6 years ago, Copperhead78
No story to go with alerts
What drives me crazy is that I'll get an alert but when you go to the app, you can't find info about the alert, or even re-read the alert. It's just gone. There should be a page that links directly to an alert.
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2 years ago, Boogyman_kiss
I use for notifications only I don’t trust their news
Half the national stories that they report are written by CNN a very biased news network I don’t trust. Never heard them report anything pro America first. Not very happy with any of the local news networks in Colorado Springs
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5 years ago, justinbraisn 8289
Useless notifications
Like I’ve seen other say the notifications are a useless distraction. When you click to see more Information about it the app opens and there’s nothing about it. I’ve also been trying to follow the daily news from here and nothing just the same old news from days before.
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6 years ago, lazulistar
Was great, not anymore
Used this app all the time but now they shuffled all the news into separate sections and nothing but live feeds which is rather annoying and wastes my time just to see headlines so deleting it. Was much easier to use when all the news was in a single news section! Also crashes from time to time!
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6 years ago, SecureCareGuy
I get lost. Every. Time.
It’s nice to get notified of important stuff. It’s frustrating to click the teaser, and get dumped onto a home screen with categories of ALL the day’s news options. “Now WHERE might this story be hiding?” Wouldn’t it be nice to go right from the notification to the story?
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7 years ago, CoSprings Mike
App is ok, but whenever there is a suspect or missing person and there's a picture, the picture is too small on my phone and you can't zoom in on any of the pics to see them better.
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4 months ago, Minilumberjack
Good News Not Reported
High school students who are getting to sign are not acknowledged by name. An event that is a big deal for the families and community downplayed by KKTV. Who accomplished these awards? Community servants and citizens that were in a position to step up and stand up for their community are slighted by not being acknowledged by name and event for what they did. Why mention the event at all?
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5 years ago, Pxsdaemon
Constant Crashes
This app was ok, though loaded with bogus ADs, until now. At this point the app is worthless as it crashes as soon as anything is clicked. It loads, presents you with the dashboard of news areas, then you click the headlines or a menu item and watch the app go all black and die. Oh well, at least KRDO maintains their software.
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6 years ago, tallbballply32
App use to be good.
When the app first started it was a great way to see the news and what’s going on. Now not so much. I use another app to get the news because I shouldn’t have to watch an advertisement to see the news. It’s just crazy. But hey I guess they need to make money any way they can.. however it is sad because it was a very good app.
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3 years ago, samamanyha marie
Awful news people
I’m disgusted that they picked an inferior man over an educated well loved woman as Dianne derby to take over as the anchor on kktv? Don would not be happy with their decision I’m working to stop people in Colorado from watching this channel ever again there are other local channels to watch watch KRDO like me now please boycott kktv and atchison hes An inferior anchor to Dianne derby
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5 years ago, Karolkat
Updated news stories. Please fix the ads within the stories as the are overlapping and your unable to read the news stories.
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2 months ago, Granmaluv
Doesn’t work if I use phone data
If I leave home and have no wifi, the app will not work. It is fine at home but not when I am away.
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5 years ago, Bm512
To many notifications that I don’t care about. Who in the right mind would equate Hollywood fluff stories and Breaking News. Really!?!? I could care less about that kind of worthless news. Save breaking news and it’s alert notifications for what is relevant and important.
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6 years ago, Culsuup
App gone downhill
It used to be a good source for news and weather, but the ads have ruined it. Today I clicked on Current News and got an ad for a $35,000 loan and there was no way to close the ad. Very frustrating so until you do something about the ads, I will only use the KOAA app.
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5 years ago, txvihfrszchjkl
I’m so tired of the constant glitching and freezing of this app. I am forever having to uninstall and reinstall the app because of it. The stories are awesome, but the issues with the app are beyond frustrating!
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2 years ago, Rageum
Can’t always navigate back to Home Screen or turn off the videos after watching them.
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6 years ago, blwestern
Not reliable
The app continually shuts down when viewing. I have switched to KRDO app for reliability. I had preferred 11 news over all others but living out east, we need a provider we can count on working to give us the news and weather timely and accurately.
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3 years ago, deletiing this app
Ever heard of proofreading??
I am so appalled at the misspelling and convoluted sentence construction that I miss out on the actual content of the stories. When one considers all the technology available today, it’s inexcusable.
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6 years ago, Devin Quigley
Tricky Ads
When you open the app, there’s an ad immediately. Right away the ad shows an “x” to close it at the top left, then a second or two later that “x” switches to the top right so you actually clicked the ad. What trickery to make some money. Sad.
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5 years ago, Hdbckdiuwhd
The buggiest app
This app is so buggy. It freezes almost every time I open it, or it quits on its own. Very frustrating to use. Not to mention there are way too many ads!
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5 years ago, Flyfishlots
App continues to crash!
In spite of notifying the app developer at least three times, the app continues to crash when I try to open the news link. I wish they would fix this problem once and for all!!
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6 years ago, ColReb_69
Two-seasonal use for banner
Convert opening page to winter-closings and snow-delay; summer/fall-fire danger or no outside cooking with open flame. Just a thought and suggestion.
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7 years ago, kheidn
Useless alerts
Your alerts used to be helpful. Now , I get them all day , for pretty much nothing. And why do you guys need to alert me at 5am to tell me to watch the news ?? I watch it when I'm up ... which is not at 5! I'll be removing this app and get useful info elsewhere.
Show more
2 years ago, regiba zarba
Horrible reporting.
Stop trying to make the news. Report the FACTS and that’s it. Don’t put your stupid spin on it. Example: A car rolls over. Report that. Don’t say the car rolled over because a democrat is in office.
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3 years ago, ValhallaScreams
Outdated all the time
News is stale. Links available on website are not available in the app. Seems like the app is an after thought.
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1 year ago, Kach129
Terrible new update
Newest version is aweful. Tries to send you to ads rather to the news. Also kicks you out of the app half the time. I want news, not ads forced onto me
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3 years ago, Notawiz
Current Version 3.4.9
Just did the update for the Version 3.4.9 and now the app will not open at all. It needs to fixed for this is how I keep up to date on the news in my hometown Colorado Springs. 😣
Show more
4 years ago, mbdalia
Not very useful
Usually the weather update news are several hours old. Not live. So is not useful when weather start changing, or to know going on. Much better other apps out there.
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5 years ago, mic1999
Terrible app
Always had troubles with app closing suddenly for no reason. Now, after their latest update it’s worse. App won’t even open. Finally had to delete app. Even though I like kktv news and weather.
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6 years ago, Z21@545*#*
Notifications are much less timely, relevant, and informative than before. Notifications to “tune in and see what’s happening” are not helpful. Recently, notifications are going straight to ads. For these reasons, I will delete this app.
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7 years ago, FritzA
Needs quiet time
Quick on breaking news and weather but alerts are 24/7.
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5 years ago, CoddySiri
App closes as soon as I open it
I’ve had this app for a while with no problems. The last 2 weeks or so every time I open the app it closes before I can read anything. So annoying!
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4 years ago, alicej222
Please put the weather link BACK in this app! Can not believe you removed the ability to use it!!!! I do NOT want another app taking up space on my phone — when it isn’t needed!
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6 years ago, Tbone42086
Garbage app
Every story basically wants you to open a web browser to view full story. Why do you even have an app then? If I wanted to view in a browser i wouldn’t have downloaded an app! Just garbage and invasive!
Show more
5 years ago, Gbmnif
There’s so many commercials why do I have to wait just to read the news?! Used be able open app read news or see weather now I have to wait for MORE. Commercials.
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1 year ago, woirhaye
Trash App
You would think a news organization would have an app that worked. This app is terrible, just like the station.
Show more
3 years ago, bigG57
IPhone issue
So, since I can’t use your app anymore and it isn’t available in the Apple App Store, see ya. You will loose thousands of customers. Channel 13’s app loaded fine.
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