KLTV 7 East Texas News

4.6 (5.2K)
63.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KLTV 7 East Texas News

4.59 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
5 years ago, PSCicero
♥️Greatest news broadcast in East Texas♥️
I get up early every morning, and I enjoy so much the morning crew, Erika, Lane and Katie. I get all the information I need to start my day. The happy, positive way the news & weather is presented is just what I need. I especially love it when Erika & Katie get tickled laughing. Keeping light, tight & bright. I can’t thank you all enough for brining this team into my home every morning. I love the Facebook posts too. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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4 years ago, Roklein
Bad App, Amazing Crew at KLTV
Please let me start by saying this review is about the app NOT the crew at KLTV. The entire crew there is the best in TX. I absolutely love their dedication and passion to East Texas. About 4-5 update ago this app just turned down hill horrible. It became cluttered with adds everywhere and very clunky to us. I used to read the news every night while in bed but no longer do. Pictures are no longer expandable when you open an article, for instance this morning there is an article about a bank robbery in Tyler and has a picture from surveillance. However I can not click on it to open it and zoom in. The other one that just gets me is recently with all the bad weather I have been using the “watch live” alert when tornados have been approaching. Having to watch a 30 second commercial so KLTV can make a buck could cost someone their life. Again like I said we absolutely love all the staff and wish the app was more user friendly so we could return to using it more.
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5 years ago, Kacklelee
Five star rating!
I love the morning news with the whole crew especially Erica B,I saw her at berg field park on the day the Florida massacre happened,she was setting up her equipment and I walked up to introduce myself and my partner Ron and told her she was doing a great job and the guy from Porto Rico and he said see Erica people do watch you we started to talk about my life partner and said he was half porto Rico and we had A quick conversation,me and Ron continues watching you Erica.
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6 years ago, Cowgirlway
Depending on 7 news
I don’t always had the time to watch the news on television these days so I depend on my channel 7 app to keep me up on local news and weather. Good job!
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3 years ago, kltv is not news
Lack of news
KLTV is notorious for writing something vagus such as fire trucks or police where on the scene. (which in my opinion is not news) 24 hours later - two weeks later there is rarely an update (why there is a scene is the news!) I turned off KLTV notifications and access via cell service due to this! I have survived for two years plus without KLTV in my life but read the news today and felt enough is enough! Now I will just delete the KLTV app and move on with my life!
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5 years ago, pjbucco
Sometimes I can get this app to work on my phone and sometimes it won’t.... and then it will freeze up, and not allow me to close it or anything, so I have to delete the app and reinstall it and start all over. I don’t know why. It’s very frustrating, because it always happens when I want to catch the midday news.😫. I keep trying, but it defeats the purpose.
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4 years ago, Eaglesfan10million
KLTV news is usually spot on. The editorial content is representative of what actually occurred. The station is sometimes a little slow about getting the word out, but they have clear, concise content. They usually don’t pay their news reporters very much, which is why they are slow.
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6 years ago, SonyaD
Ads and click bait
Ads ads and more ads. Even with the new “amazing” update. You open the app and half the screen is an ad. You click a story and it has more ads. Then at the bottom of the story there is “recommended” pages which are just click bait designed to get you to visit other peoples pages and see ads there to line their pockets. Many times those “recommended” pages are not even appropriate. Clean up your act!
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5 years ago, thatsoriginal
This review
I see less coverage on weekends. But also Not adequate coverage on issues such as the suspected active shooting incident at Walmart on highway 64. I didn’t hear anything from the news about it even after my own company was on lockdown due to that very incident. As a matter of fact several neighboring businesses were on lockdown or closing early. But other local citizens like my parents didn’t even know because of lack of news coverage.
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12 months ago, Grammmps
Poor use of commercial space
your app is so overburdened with paid advertisements the average user cannot respond to or view ANY alerts that are posted. you’re just too darned greedy for paid ads the general public is unable to view important subject matter. Take it down ! we can’t even see it. !! Click on any story and the spin wheel appears and runs constantly. Very Poor App
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1 year ago, KevinNX02
Location Problem
The app automatically sets my location to Andover, MA even though I have it set to current location. I delete Andover, but very time I restart the app, it comes back. Otherwise, great local weather app.
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5 years ago, Sparker1105
Not good
Too many ads and too slow to respond and I hate that when I click on a new story it doesn’t show on your site !
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3 years ago, Lynn K in VZ Co
Do better with pop ups
I understand that KLTV must have ads to pay for online app - but there are so many ads and pop ups that I can’t even find a continuation of a story much less read to the end. Terrible! KLTV app is very important to me for LOCAL news and weather. You can do better than this KLTV!
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4 years ago, HawkBB13
Video freezes over and over
It appears to be getting hung playing adds. Frustrating have to restart app over and over. Avoid watching in full screen mode, app freezes up every time. It seems that this app worked great long time ago till they added ads. I understand that KLTV is being funded by ads, but this needs to be fixed. Other news apps don’t have this problem. Every know and then I’ll go back and start using this app hoping the issues are fixed, but was disappointed again. Decided to leave feedback for the first time hoping someone from KLTV will read it and take action to get this resolved.
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6 years ago, #1Bishop's Wife
Local news you can trust
I love being able to get news about Tyler/East Texas from this reliable source! Keep up the GREAT job by keeping us informed!
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3 years ago, Ama026
Latest update is a bust
The latest update has made it very frustrating to try to read the news. Ads pop up at every tough and trying to get to actual news is hard. Layout for each headline is not helpful. Please put it back to the way it was before!
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6 years ago, 2009-Augustus
I love to watch the news and weather and I will not watch any other channel for news or weather ❤️
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3 years ago, txlongnhard
Bad update
After the most recent update to the app it keeps crashing. Also if I go to look at the alerts, it takes the bubbles away till a new one hits and then it counts all the alerts. Please fix the crashing.
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6 years ago, TxMammy RN
Commercial City
When this app first started, you only had to watch a commercial when first opening the app. Now you must endure an ad with every news story! It is very aggravating and makes you resent the advertisers!!! I find that I use the app far less because of this!
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4 years ago, Butch264
Nothing but will be right back
Been watching for 10 minutes now and all I have seen is commercials and will be right back came on for three seconds bout be back in 60 seconds just came back on for 5 seconds then nothing. You can waste your time but there other apps with news.
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6 years ago, Momma2574
New version
I hate the new update . I know it’s suppose to be better but I loved the old version I got the local news I wanted it was simple . Now it seems complicated and I feel like it’s more national than local stories .
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5 years ago, appreciative east texan
I start and end my day with Kltv...
Thank you Kltv weather team for keeping me safe from the crazy east Texas weather! You are the best!!!!!
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6 years ago, DEBBIE.V
News app layout
I actually liked the previous layout of your page much better than this one. Change isn’t always necessary🙂
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6 years ago, ETX Joe
Reboot required
Several articles have "Content Unavailable" when opened. Poor article editing - grammatical errors abound beyond simple punctuation. Very difficult to believe the accuracy of the articles when I can't get past the illiteracy, in a time when media scrutinization is at an all time high.
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6 years ago, MimiValuck
KLTV is the most informative news and weather station! SO dependable and SO ACCURATE ! You are THE GREATEST in every aspect! Thanks for all of your hard work!!
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5 years ago, BradV0879
Won’t load
App fails to load after one of the most recent updates, just shuts off. I have restarted my phone, no change.
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5 years ago, nik is my name
App not working on iPhone after last update
App not working on iPhone X after last update
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8 months ago, aylasmaw
Best of the best
They keep informed without KLTV we would be in a blind place it’s a no brainer they keep us safe !
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3 weeks ago, jb71520
Worst News app
Very poorly laid out! So many advertisements! Forget trying to search for anything. The look is trash. You have better luck using Google to find what you are looking for in east texas news! Very disappointing!!
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6 years ago, Tynika80
I enjoy all the up to date weather reports!! Thanks KLTV!!
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3 years ago, unhappy camper84
New update is horrible
I loved the app before the update. It really slow and the pages keep sliding back to main page without touching it. Please take the update off. I’m going to uninstall app if this issue keeps happening.
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6 years ago, Steve75758
Same lame service
No one can still spell. When you scroll over the stories, same stories listed three times. Guess it’s like newspaper on want ads, makes it look more full if you repeat stuff. Some of these stories look like a 3rd grader wrote them.
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6 years ago, Hanniifjbirnidrisifneirjfnis
Update problems
When looking at the radar I used to be able to click on the storm tracks and now I can’t. These tracks gave me important information. Please fix
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6 years ago, Ms Lena 1954
You use to have a 7 day forecast. Since the app update on mobile phone it’s gone. How do I find it? I’m traveling and want to get weather updates for rain. I’m very disappointed unless you can tell me how to pull it up. I tried and it gave me 2014!
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4 months ago, karlcr9911
The app is THE WORST!
I don’t know of an app on my phone that is worse than the KLTV app. The update a year or two back completely ruined the interface and the layout. It is beyond TERRIBLE! I only keep it for the alerts but don’t ever open the app.
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3 years ago, 
Horrible update
This updated app is horrible. I constantly show 44 plus alerts even after alerts are cleared and turned off. News stories display terribly. Old app was much better
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4 years ago, L3bit
Just bad
Loaded with ads and every time I get a news notification, when I click to open app, that news article is nowhere to be found. It has become unusable. Time to delete this junk.
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3 years ago, Texas gal 1954
Bad update
The new update fails to even load. Plus, the ads are annoying when it does load.
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3 years ago, Slim463
Too many ads… notifications don’t open to the article directly
Way to many ads! Very clunky interface. Terrible navigation
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3 years ago, tepman99
Updated app
The new updated app is not user friendly at all. I understand you try to get more advertising in but.. it’s counter intuitive, it doesn’t flow and is not a pleasant layout.
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3 months ago, RuthAnn Rodieck
The Hollands - Erika and Blake
Why aren’t Erika and Blake doing the news together anymore?
Show more
5 years ago, Faure'
You are the best!
No one compares to you. Everyone is so “intelligent.” I never miss your newscast. Fairer
Show more
3 years ago, Bowlofpasta
New updated app
There are too many ads. When you send out notifications, they show up 3 times instead of one time.
Show more
4 years ago, kangaroo chop
Great Big Thank You
Thank you for keeping us informed on breaking news! Ricky LaPrade Grand Saline Texas
Show more
3 years ago, Al0914
Your ads are terrible. Loud gambling apps that do NOT mute. They take up the entire screen and force you to watch. Luckily I can get my news elsewhere! Deleting your app
Show more
6 years ago, Spiquilt
New format
I have always enjoyed KLTV local news. It is my ONLY news source but the new format is not as user friendly. I cannot find a help section or Q&A. I get one new article a day but no more. What is the problem?
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4 years ago, texasgadgetguy
No Thanks
Too many advertisements. Every time I switch apps and come back, I get to look at the same advertisement. Uninstalled after my second time using it.
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5 years ago, BillS9
New update
Since the new update, I cannot open the app. Each time I try it crashes. Please fix this, I miss KLTV news! This rating is only for the update. I give it 5 stars before the update.
Show more
3 years ago, Lgnitro2
Fix IT
After last update,will not work. Keeps going back to home screen.
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6 years ago, goodguymusic.com
Huge step backwards
Does not update news properly. Much less user friendly than previous version.
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