KMBC 9 News - Kansas City

4.5 (3.1K)
110.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KMBC 9 News - Kansas City

4.45 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Aaron J Kep
Reliable, informative, potentially life-saving
First, (as of August 2018), one change I'd appreciate: when there's a weather alert/watch/warning for a given location, the list is hard to read due to its organization and composition -- it's like a chain of data that looks automated. This might be due to an automatic process that needs to be altered at the source so that it reads well on the app, or the app itself needs to manage this. It's not awful but inconvenient especially when you need CLARITY fast. I've used this app and its prior incarnation for news browsing, breaking news updates, and weather. It's reliable (never had a crash), informative (I get the news updates and do my own searches, plus weather forecasts and so on), and potentially life-saving (emergency weather updates etc.).
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6 years ago, Jennieskaggs
I’ve been a loyal viewer of KMBC’s news for many years. I also have anxiety over tornadoes (been through a few too many LOL). When I got my first iPhone, I got KMBC’s Weather app. It was AWESOME!!!!!! I only want the current weather info...I watch the News on TV. I was really bummed when you dumped the weather app!!! I’ve tried to adapt to using the news app, but frankly, I HATE it!!!! The most irritating thing about this app is that it won’t let me choose what alert notifications I want to receive! The ONLY alerts I want are Severe T-storm and Tornado. But your app doesn’t think that’s enough. About once a week, it sends me a notification to remind me to turn on notifications!!!! And some of those have come before 8 am !!!! When I open the app to see a summary of the forecast, all I can do is watch the forecast from hours before or see the current temp & precipitation. I am able to view radar on your app, and I DO like that. But to be honest, I’ve been searching for an app like your old weather app. I hate the other TV stations apps. Channel 5’s is ok, other than sending several alerts daily, basically just annoying chit chat! The Weather Cannel’s app shows current conditions and long range forecast, but no severe weather info or radar. So, currently I am using THREE apps and only getting SOME of the info I want. PLEASE, KMBC, bring back the weather app!!!!
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2 years ago, Megiloth
Enough of the Covid-19 notifications
Every time I get a notification from the KMBC9 app, it seems like it is yet another update about something involving Covid. Whether the newest spooky variant or where to get vaccines, enough already. We know where to go to get vaccinated or get boosters. How about keeping important notifications relating to the KC area to bad traffic, homicides, weather alerts, Royals/Chiefs wins…not another update on a bad cold. I do have the other local news stations apps and rarely do I get Covid updates. I get a few here and there but it’s nothing like the KMBC app. Seems like KMBC9 is really pushing these Covid stories like it’s 2020 all over again and wanting us to still be afraid of it. The vaccine is out there. If you want to get it, fine. If you don’t want to because you’ve already had it or taking other precautions, fine.
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6 years ago, Bearcat 4ever
Please refresh stories!
It appears to me that several of your stories are posted for prolonged periods of time, some instances for months! I do read this venue for my local news daily; sometimes more than once daily depending on local happenings. There seems to be numerous articles that are on line for very long periods of time. I personally would prefer to see new information or a limited number of offerings rather than seeing the same tired information for several weeks/months. Thank you for the good information that is current and new—I find most articles clear, concise and accurate. I also have difficulty with the NFM ads——THEY ARE WAY TOO LOUD!!! Please work to control this issue, it is very irritating!!!!!!
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4 years ago, tanjatravels
Love the Alerts!
Thank you for offering instant information- it is so comforting to know that I can count on reliable news coverage. My only complaint is that the ads cover the text of a news story, and I’m unable to get them closed to read the details. Am I doing something wrong? Feel free to let me know...I am a “Boomer”, but take correction well!
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5 years ago, Timmytron2000
News online and App
You need to update your website through the day more. Put new news ahead of old stories up to two weeks if not more prior. Put local first and national second and then do the other odd stories. I liked the old weather radar better. The newest one does up to the minute but doesn’t show incoming and going. It’s frustrating to have to go through old stories and events from weeks ago before the more important ones. Also, your coverage of the recent snow storm was minimal and it probably was due to the fact it was a weekend. You were my 1st to go to for weather. But, it seems other than tornadoes you have become pretty lackluster about weather. Love Nick and Neville.
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5 years ago, Murf883
Update and commercials
This app is the only way I watch the news. I think that you leave old stories on for far to long. I don’t see the need to have something about the Mayor’s Christmas tree being on in May. The sports section is weak and needs better updating. I hate commercials and if I’m reading a story that has a video with it the first thing is always a commercial and plays extremely loud. It’s a good app but needs less commercials and updated more often. Channel 9 news has always been my news channel and the others don’t even come close. It would be 5 stars if it was updated more often and no commercials on a video.
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5 years ago, dittogal
Wear her reports
What really upsets me is they interrupt my favorite programs and stay on TV with reports that don't even affect where I live. Run stuff on the bottom of the screen and break in when it's serious. And at least show the program I was watch in its full entire time later and tell us what time you will air it. All the stations do this an while I know it's important to know when a tornado is coming our way 4 hours of constant wealth is just too much. Sorry. But that's how I feel.
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4 years ago, Razar sly 12
Like It Overall
Overall like how the app is organized. There is 1 correction to the format that should be corrected and a couple of enhancements I would like. When reading an article not all the text fits on my screen and I can’t scroll to view the end of a sentence or pinch to reduce the text on the page. The two enhancements I would like to see are the ability to zoom (& shrink) the viewable page including pics and the ability to jump out of the app while watching a video & pick up where I left off when I come back into the app. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Photo1138
Deleted app
I downloaded app for weather only and turned off notifications for news pop ups but twice in the last two days and many times before that I received a sudden pop up notification from the app saying Don’t you miss us? Meaning the news part asking me to turn notifications back on for news. If I want to be notified all day about people who shot or killed each other and other depressing news I would turn it on. Not to discount what the families go through but I can’t do anything about it if someone was killed in a car wreck. It seems anymore it’s only bad news. I deleted the app.
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2 months ago, Me and the dogs
Nothing but ads
I had to turn off all notifications because any notification means watching a full ad before seeing the video the notification is about. I first just stopped clicking on the notifications because I knew that meant a full ad with no skip feature would be forced on me before seeing the video. Then, I realized why am I even allowing these notifications if I’m not going to click on the bait??? So, off they went. Ads are becoming a leading cause in attention deficit disorders.
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6 years ago, Flyby777
Don't download! Blaring ad every time app is opened.
There is nothing more offensive than opening an app only to have an ad blaring. There's no way to stop it other than force closing the app. Therefore, it's a useless news app if you want to check out news while you're out. There's no option to stop the ad within a few seconds. The ad blasts out for 15 long seconds and I was so embarrassed. I apologized to people around me on an airplane. The ad woke a baby. There are plenty of news apps that offer local coverage and people aren't forced to have an 15 sec ad screaming every single time the app is opened. Listen up KNBC! A good news app doesn't scream when opened. It's an absolutely wretched app.
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4 years ago, Tessa Curt
Ads block the text!
I like getting the weather and radar! But I hate getting a news alert and then when opening the app, cannot find the “breaking news” article! There should be a special tab to see them. Also often when reading the text the sentence is cut off abruptly by an advertisement which I cannot move to see the text underneath! I understand you need to have ads, but they should not hide the text! This is so frustrating! This makes me want to throw my phone and delete the app! I will never buy anything from any such ads! It makes me want to find another new app!
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5 years ago, #1348765
Can't get news notifications
I keep receiving texts from KMBC that I am missing news & should turn on notifications. I have done this, but I still do not receive news notifications. Have deleted & reinstalled app. Still doesn't work. I receive full news notifications from Channel 5 with the same settings on my iPhone 7. This makes no sense. I end up using the Channel 5 app much more often. I love KMBC. Have watched you for 60 years. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP!! Also, I agree with Jennyskaggs on June 8. I would really like the weather app back. Thanks.
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3 years ago, jlwmslaw
I enjoy the app for local news and weather,however, I do not like the set up. Some stories stay on the site forever. That story may no longer be relevant. I don’t need to know today the winner of the Kentucky derby is not running in the Preakness, as an example. My second complaint deals with the app going back to the top story once you close a story in the middle of the news, so correct that feature.
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6 years ago, soccermomethel
Ms EV., Olathe
I have lived here for 41 years....if I check other stations for news, weather, or sports even breaking news; KMBC is by far, in a higher class all its’ own. My family: a local teacher, a highway patrol master trooper, a city employee. All walks through this life. . .KMBC-most informed-most up to date. We appreciate your hard work and the truth you bring to us everyday.....all day 💕. A hard core KMBC watcher.
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3 years ago, NanaMimi KCK
Big Thank You
Can’t thank you enough for giving Staley High Girls basketball team a spot on the 6 PM news tonight Karen Kornacki. They’ve gotten so little press (print or online) yet had an outstanding year with new Head Coach Mike Bennett who came to Staley after a stint as Head Coach of Mill Valley HS boys basketball and lead them to a State Title. Girls get the short straw in publicity. Thanks so much for giving them a great sendoff to State Final Four in Springfield Mo this weekend.
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6 years ago, JJWardMcKenna
Ugh! Late Weather Reports
I get up every morning around 6:15 to listen to the weather forecast on the app. Without FAIL, it is the broadcast from the prior evening (5:00-7:00pm). When I have the luxury of sleeping in (9:00am) it still has yesterday’s weather forecast. It should be updated more often. I have children and cannot watch the news and wait on a weather broadcast within the larger news broadcast. I have had Channel 9 news/weather app for years and I don’t want to switch. However, l need more up to date broadcast.
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5 years ago, Dawn5614
Weather Radar
What have you done with the radar. When it’s going to storm, storms getting close, I want to see the radar to know if I am gonna get hard and if so how hard. I don’t have time to wait for the radar loop to go through several hours of the loop before it gets to the present. An hour or 2 in the loop is all that’s necessary, if that much at all. So when I want to see current radar loop I go to other stations such a KCTV5. You need to fix this.
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3 years ago, Solo355
Best News Station
I’ve always enjoyed KMBC news when I lived in KC because of the format and the personalities from news to sports and especially the weather with Brian Busby. I moved to NC and am able to keep up with news back in KC with the KMBC app. I get the first news stories quickly as they come out whether locally or nationally. 👍🏼
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4 years ago, MiraclwMW
Channel 9 News is the best at reporting the news. The change to include the weather in the news app has been a challenge. I would like the weather alerts on at all times, while news alerts not so much. It was nice when they were separate.
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6 years ago, Ozone84
Should be better
You can’t separate alerts. I only want audible, persistent alerts for severe weather. Unfortunately it’s an all or nothing proposition. Another annoyance is the inability to resize pictures when it’s a be on the lookout or an Amber Alert. How can I recognize anyone when you have the pic size locked down? I downloaded this app primarily for Bryan Busby’s weather. It was a lot better when you had a separate weather app.
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6 years ago, raymorekaren
I have watched channel 9 for years, and will continue to do so, however the app is frustrating at times, I receive notifications that I should use app to receive notifications go to my settings to be sure something hasn’t changed, which it hasn’t , so that is my biggest frustration. Enjoy listening and watching early news especially in mornings as I get ready for work!
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5 years ago, MizzouDay
This isn’t a news app
It feels like about 10 percent news on this app that you have to sift out of the advertising and clickbait. If you still want to use it, I recommend turning off notifications because it will annoy the hell out of your wife when you check your Apple Watch for the important news and read her a stupid story instead. I signed up for the weather. The weather isn’t important enough to deal with all the crap on the app.
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6 years ago, KC Weather Bug
I like the application and the weather and news jpresentation, however the advertising is not varied enough(actually it is extremely repetitive and boring. Also the Weather is not updated enough. Mostly you get the morning forecast, and it changes quite a bit by 10 p.m.and yo still have to use other live weather app to get a better picture of the incoming weather.
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6 years ago, notafubofan
Disorganized and lots of ad interruptions
I am a faithful viewer of KMBC 9 News and have had the app for some time. But lately the app is my last resort for any news related information. The stories are not in any logical order, you have to watch an ad before you can read or watch any story, and what information you get is very brief and not very detailed. Sadly I am deleting the app until they make major improvements. I will continue watching them on tv but not on the app.
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4 years ago, Waldo1515
It loads slowly; that is an understatement; switching from one article to another is slow and sometimes only partially loads; then the rest of the article will load; forget your weather app; you should research Channel 4’s weather app and Chanel’s 5 app; they are great! Your breaking news is great until you try to read it; you have to scroll down to find it! I keep it only because of breaking news! Otherwise I would not utilize your app!
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6 years ago, JakeAroo28
Would be nice if it didn’t ask me to enable location sharing EVERY TIME I open the app... maybe give me a No-answer option and accept it?? As in...stop asking. Also would be nice if I could actually open the app from a notification, and be taken to that specific story. These alerts show up but then the story/alert is no where to be found once I finally get past the location-sharing question again. Feels like click bait.
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2 years ago, tenth nickname try jeez
Can’t take to forced video
I like channel 9 news but had to delete the app. Just can’t take the fact that they force play a video of the news story with full blown commercial first and no way to turn off. I get that they need to pay for this app somehow, but force playing video with no way to stop or turn off sound is so so annoying. Back to Fox 4 app for me where I can read the news in silence.
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5 years ago, kcjkh
Breaking news notifications
I appreciate the breaking news notifications but sometimes I get a notification that I can’t read quick enough. When I go to the app to see what the breaking news is, it’s usually not there. Seems to be a delay that maybe could be fixed.
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6 years ago, Rhonlynn
Always asking for Alert Permissions
Every 3 weeks I have to go in the ap and give it permission for alerts. Yet I look at the ap often. I like the lay out but there are too many ads. I don’t like having to get around the ads and the alert permissions. Why do you have these? I do watch KMBC9 news always.
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6 years ago, QB from Odessa
I use the app on my iPhone as I get ready for work each weekday morning. Without fail, at 6:00 am, the screen goes black and I have to back out of the app then open it again and suffer through the ads before I can resume watching. This is very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Killxzero1423
Surprisingly easy to use
First off - the app helps you configure what you’re needing right off the bat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rooted around in app settings to figure out some of these things. Well done.
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I still luv this app even though I switched to Fox 4.
I luv this app. Easy to access. This app is also on my iPhone. But a couple months ago I switched till fox 4. I still luv KMBC, but I wanted to switch after my parents switched. Not hating on this app, but I wanted to put that out there. Thx.
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3 years ago, DjChadJohnson
I want to read not listen or watch!
Every time there is a story I want more information about, it always results in a loud commercial & video story. I’m in a waiting room, a meeting, or other private setting... why would I want a loud commercial & video to start playing? Why would KMBC do this without any means to STOP? Why auto play at all? I basically can’t trust any notification from this app. Which means this app is worthless to me.
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6 years ago, Tom Willett
Good for Breaking News—sometimes
The breaking news alert notifications are fine and dandy but I wish there was a way to avoid the fluff stories that also get mixed in throughout the day? I like keeping up with the breaking news but often times the human interest stories do not merit a special notification coming to my phone.
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2 months ago, Nurse Punky
You have the VERY BEST weather team and my home ALWAYS turn to you for the up to date weather and alerts! Thank you so much; especially during today’s tornado warnings and thunderstorms! Blessings to you and your staff.
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4 months ago, Friend Barb
To Lara and Len …
God bless you Lara and Len for your long day of coverage today. I never changed my channel and you two proved why I am a forever channel 9 news watcher. You deserve to go home, hold your loved ones tight and have a good cry. Take care of you.. a MOGS friend forever ❤️
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4 years ago, 49th Street gal
Channel 9
I enjoy your app “BUT” you send out too much of what you consider “NEWS” alerts. In any given day I can get at least 8-9 and if I have just watched the news I find this to be nothing but an interruption, and takes time to remove the notice. Duplicate notices don’t need to be sent out.
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6 years ago, Jayme W
Please, for the love of Fairy godmothers, bring back the weather app
While the KMBC 9 News app comes in handy, that’s what it’s designed for. News. Nothing else. Especially weather. Yes, weather has risen in the ranks in terms of Top News, but it deserves much more than a brief spotlight; it’s not just a story, it’s how we plan our day. The weather info in the standard news app irritates me. Little to no information and it is NOT easy to navigate- even for the savvy user. I’ve tried a number of other apps. Yours is unparalleled. For reals. So please, please PLEASE KMBC app developers, IT department, budget directors, Weather Team— whomever needs to read this to make it re-happen, please do so. Oh, and BTW I know for a fact that I’m not the only one whom feels this way. Thanks- Loyal viewer for my entire life
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7 years ago, Flash gal
Worth the time and space
I started getting this app because I trust their weather.. and we know how fast our weather can change. However, now I depend on this station for reliable news
Show more
5 years ago, jrwsr65
Breaking News
My complaint is that I get breaking news alerts and then when I go to the news app to read about it, the breaking news can’t be found.
Show more
6 years ago, Ms Pearl Girl
Great App
I enjoy getting the news and weather alerts, also being able to watch live what's going on locally. This is a great app to have..I use it every day..I would recommend to everybody that I know download this great app..
Show more
7 years ago, Ryandrach
Same old stuff
The only consistent thing other than stale news is the never ending ads when you try to look at a story. I enjoy the live news cast on tv, but this app is rarely updated. I’ve seen news that’s over 4 months old still displayed. They rarely keep pace with breaking news and other apps have detailed information long before they do.
Show more
6 years ago, Karson12344321
Great apart from one thing
Love the app however there should not be ads during emergencies. Idk how many time my power has gone out and i need to check the weather but there is an add before the live radar. That is an issue because those thirty seconds could be the time before a tornado strikes and i dont have time to prepare
Show more
2 years ago, dirtnrockspame
Trusted news source.
Being a person who values the truth in a twisted “Fake News world” KMBC/ABC always hits the mark with their reporting. * I am a fan of NPR & PBS, they have no agenda other than the truth. I find ABC / KMBC to be the same, a trusted, valued information outlet. Thanks
Show more
1 year ago, JamesBouchard
Fix the notifications!!!
How many reviews have to say they don’t want 100 notifications from KMBC before they fix it? I have Local/National Breaking News only selected for notifications and receive notification after notification about things that couldn’t be further from breaking news. I had to turn the notifications completely off.
Show more
6 years ago, nlcok1
Excellent news & Weather coverage
Everyday I check current weather & top news stories. Sometimes I skip a story, but can still find it the next day!
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6 years ago, tired of ch 9
Old news, non-news, biased
Old news ( usually articles of interest and not true news) show up days after I read them elsewhere. Articles are not current news. Few articles are what I consider news. Too many articles that are politically biased. I’ve followed ch 9 for decades. But now rarely open the app and never watch on tv anymore.
Show more
4 years ago, Zibbet
The layout is bad, it’s hard to find anything without having to scroll forever (and it’s all mixed local, national and outlet stories) and there are way too many click bait advertisements mixed into the news stories. When I do click on a story, it plays a stupid video every single time! I prefer text and the option to watch a video...not one blasting at me.
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