KMOV News St. Louis

4.6 (13K)
53.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KMOV News St. Louis

4.61 out of 5
13K Ratings
6 years ago, grammagh
I'm very satisfied with the KMOV App. I mainly installed it so I could view my local weather about an hour north of St. Louis at any time & it's great! I've always watched KMOV news & CBS programming. I especially like the Streaming Live. Sometimes there seems like a lot of notifications, but I'm probably trying to concentrate & it's bothersome then. All in all it's good... just please start adding the actual barometric pressure for us with arthritis. It's very key to understanding why on earth we woke up practically 'crippled' it seems sometimes! Thanks you guys & gals!!
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2 years ago, mathgician
Click bait, advertising, and maybe news
If you enjoy advertising, clickbait and little to no local news download this. The. Settings for controlling the app work half the time. Much of the advertising is not clearly labeled as such and tuns out to be clickbait to some ridiculous never ending scrolling nonsense. Download this app to waste your time and device storage and internet bandwidth. Utterly devoid of value. setting for turning off autoplay of videos does not work. Any excuse that these are not KMOV videos but third party videos is lame and stupid. If I apply a setting to turn a feature off then it should be off, not some obscure exception or undefined meaning. News under the local heading includes news in STL AND everywhere in the US and world without even the most tenuous link to STL.
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7 years ago, dizzy news
We watch your news. I don’t need to know every time something happens! Some of the reporting is too minor. We can check the App if we want. I can find out about the mayor in a meeting on the news. But, a bad accident that blocks the main highways is important. Could you please.....prioritize.....notifications? What is important & what can wait for viewers. It would be appreciated. If not maybe I will have to delete your App.
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2 years ago, Mr. GT4
Bring the old app back!!
Recent updates have made this app go from a 5+ app to a 1 at best! Outside temperature used to be displayed on the main screen when the app opened. Now I can’t easily find it if at all. It WAS nice opening the app and seeing the current outside temperature right on the main screen. The radar section used to provide multiple radars. Now it only displays “metro” radar and when it was raining yesterday the radar loop was from 9 hours PRIOR when it was NOT raining. HORRIBLE layout and I will most likely delete this app as it has gone from extremely useful to extremely useLESS. Bring back the features that made the old app fantastic!! Some things should be left alone!
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2 years ago, Avid Uset
Bring back the old weather app!
The changes make using this app so much less efficient than the older version. I have to navigate thru a bunch of unwanted stuff just to do a quick check of the radar before leaving the house or when storms are approaching. I haven’t figured out yet how to view the 10-day forecast for making plans for future outings. This new version is messy and not the least user friendly. Stop stuffing it with ads and junk and just give us the weather reports we need or I am gong to have to find a better weather app. Sad because I lived the old version. It was such a great every day asset.
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1 year ago, kevinFreedom
Weather app
The weather channel app came with my iPhone. It was often very wrong. I went to KMOV News channel 4 news app and hit menu and tapped weather app. There was no way to download just the channel 4 St. Louis weather app. All I got was a bunch of advertising and other apps that I certainly didn’t want. And I certainly don’t want anything to do with Google. It seems that everybody and their brother wants to track me and have access to all of my iPhone. Edward Snowden said this is a tracking device that happens to make phone calls.
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3 years ago, Sandman...
Needs improvement
The Current Weather feature is never accurate. The articles have tons of mispellings and need editing. The ads are 30 seconds to watch a small clip (way too long). The video feature is SUPER sensitive if you ever try to rewind or scrub through a video - it think you swipe back and you have to watch the whole ad portion again. The ads can be quite political, which shouldn’t be the case if the local news remains impartial. I’ve used KMOV for a couple of years now. I’m going to give the Ksdk app another try to see if they’ve made any improvements.
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6 years ago, FLOMO RON
While I avoid the contaminated reporting of CBS this local affiliate reports local events promptly and accurately; with the superior technology employed by their meteorologist, the ‘spot relevancy’ of forecasting is a Life Saver . The reporters are seasoned and professional making a ‘digestible broadcast’ for the viewing audience; unlike the other ‘Two’ local options that offer Reporting Clowns ( with voices and cackles capable of cuddling milk) and or an endless array of make-believe interns . GOOD WORK “””KMOV”””!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Fix Outlook
Issues to fix
Ever since the KMOV weather, news and traffic apps were consolidated into one app the app does not work very well. Alerts go off for things I did not have set in the separate apps. Can’t find how to set up the alerts I want ie. severe weather. The app is difficult to maneuver and is in portrait mode only where the separate apps worked in both portrait and landscape mode. Landscape is especially nice on a iPad. The screen gets cut off on some news headlines especially on a iPhone. I hope much of this will be fixed very soon or may need to look for other alternatives and I ready did like and use alot the separated apps.
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5 years ago, Mak_n_StL
Notifications are HORRIBLE!!
Originally I allowed the app to send me notifications about news and local events. I do not appreciate getting updated repeatedly about stories that are absolutely of no importance to the general public. They are only sent as a means to get people in to read their articles. I can understand why it is done that way. However, despite my turning off notifications for everything but weather in the settings portion of the app, I continue to get notifications on all the useless kind of information. Horrible horrible app if you don’t listen to what your customers say they want!!!!
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6 years ago, Rick Singleton
Rick Singleton
I love the app, but I love more the channel 4 team. Words cannot express how great you all are; so far above all the rest. I look forward to watching you every day. I hope someday I will be able to meet each one of you and your boss. Who ever hired each of you they also must be special, because they did a fantastic job. God bless channel 4. 👮
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6 months ago, Lucas30
Not everything is “BREAKING NEWS!”
I was a pretty big fan of this app when it allowed you to take control of which notifications you receive so it’s not going off all day. But then they re-did it and apparently consider everything to be “BREAKING NEWS” to the point I’m about to delete it. for instance today I got a breaking news alert about an upcoming event announcement at Bush Stadium. Why..? Then 20 minutes later got another “breaking news” alert that Billy Joel was playing Bush Stadium. Really?
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4 years ago, Rellimlk
Stopped working with last update
The app was good for local news —started using to watch COVID news conferences. But, since the last update, all videos say “no content available “. I can’t even find a way to get to the brief write ups that usually come up under the video. Pretty useless now. I’ll probably randomly pick another St. Louis station an start using their app. Oh, the “app support” link just takes you to their regular website. It occurred to me there might be some ad blocking feature that causes a problem but if that’s it, I can’t figure out how to fix. Delete.
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5 years ago, Drossae
The one thing I don’t like about channel 4 news they headline, mention, a story the commercial come on and when the news come back it takes another 39 minutes to hear the story, we delay hoping it will air after that commercial, a shower to hear and they just go on and in about the same old stuff. The new story my shower is another 30 minutes. Stop it get to the real news. If you mention it be before a commercial do when you come back not 45 minutes later. I’m over it. Made me late.
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7 years ago, leamandm1
Way too many notifications
I am having to shut down notifications because I get up to 10 a day and some are just plain stupid it is even news worthy let alone send a notification??? I have actually sent screenshots of them to friends in AZ who agrees they are ridiculous. Last one that is generating a notification that is causing me to shut it down is a Fire Marshall shows up at a site? Who cares!!!!! Is someone at KMOV bored or worried they will lose their job if they aren't sending one? Give us a break.
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7 months ago, mudhew
Last straw
I have become increasingly annoyed at the amount of ads in the app but today was the last straw. I clicked on an article and was forced to watch an ad for a time wasting game before I could proceed to the article. Then I couldn’t close the window without being taken to the App Store. I expect this kind of nonsense from junk news sites not from a news agency that reports actual news. I didn’t hesitate and promptly deleted the app. News 4 was the last hope for good news and reporting in St Louis. Begrudgingly I’m heading to Fox 2.
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6 years ago, Andrea Ericka
It’s 4 am.
My boyfriend & I are watching every morning while he is getting up for work. He stays for the weather but must leave after ( his only complaint ) because he can’t stay longer. But I can, so I keep him updated on everything else. Keep it up Channel 4 we are here for you. Mike & Andrea👷🏻‍♂️👩🏼
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4 years ago, McDawg61
You guys blew it
The new version of this app is a dumpster fire when compared to what Channel 4 previously had. Won’t work in landscape mode, terrible format of spaces, pictures are rendered poorly, too many garish and annoying ads, locks up constantly, and I could go on and on. I hope that KMOV and Meredith Corporation didn’t shell out a bunch of money for an “upgrade”, because if you did you were taken to the cleaners! I have to find a new local news app... really disappointed with this and judging from the other recent comments, so is everyone else,
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2 years ago, Zool1109
Horrible new app
Loved the original app and used it daily. The second app was not as good and there were way too many ads. The most recent update to the app is even worse. Now you are bombarded with ads, even those you have to listen to, each time you log on and then when you move from one part of the app to the other. Unless you are not too easily annoyed, skip the app and just watch the live broadcasts.
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4 years ago, ShellyT919
This new app is horrible!
These guys used to have the best apps out there. Their traffic app was awesome, you could use it anywhere in the country. Now they have decided to combine all their apps into one and now it’s not worth downloading. The traffic app rarely works and when it does there is usually a big green cloud in the way like they combined traffic and weather together. Why did you have to fix something that wasn’t broken? If you need a news app that also has traffic don’t download this one, look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, News4 me
A channel 4 me!!!
Such a classy news channel. The news cast is always dressed so professional. They present the news with warmth and friendless, even in the wake of tragedy and disaster. I was so impressed with the mobile app and the access I had to the latest news and recent weather during the snow storm.
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6 years ago, more news please
Not enough local news
I like to read about news everywhere in the world in the top news section there only is about 2 dozen items posted at any one time. I am sure there are more things going on in the world. Also any sports items please put them in the section of sports. I don’t find a trade of a cardinal player top news that is going to effect my everyday life. Thanks for listening.
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7 years ago, Monster 07
First thing in the morning I click on app to check what the temperature is right then and scroll down for the day!! I love that I get alerts when something important is happening so that I'm updated right away!! Best news app out there!!! Love that I can see the radar with just a swipe!!
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5 years ago, vickilyn842
Channel 4 News
I personally think you are fabulous and if we ever need anything or have a problem we can rely on you for getting the story out and getting us the help we need to solve our problems thank you Sincerely Victoria Pratt
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2 years ago, Dapperstu
Glitch, only ads, no live news
Whenever Gray Media or whatever the name is took over, the app and the streaming channel have been horrible. I used to be able to log in, watch a couple of ads, and then view the live broadcast. Not anymore, it’s just a repeat of the same three ads and no news. Again, it’s the same on the app and the streaming channel. Both used to be great, now they’re just pathetic. Going to try Fox2 and KSDK’s apps to see if they’re better.
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3 years ago, mikeC2018
Don’t Particularly Care For It
Much preferred the weather app. That has been removed. I download these apps to see the weather not all the other crap. Or all the adds. MY GOD the adds. Everywhere. A few years ago there were lots of good weather apps with small add banners at the top or bottom. Today we have these bloated general apps crammed full of crap that has nothing to do with weather. And all those focused apps have gone the way of the dodo bird. Will be uninstalling this app.
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5 years ago, Reader-News
Old version better
This used to be my favorite news app because I could swipe between news articles and easily skip articles I didn’t care about. Now I have to either hit the back button and go down to the next article or scroll all the way down an article I don’t care about to get to the next one. The prior version was MUCH better.
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5 years ago, Inkmaker
Weather reporting
Due point is missing from all of your weather reports. It is a serious issue when telling what the temperature will be doing in the next few hours. It helps in heat and when cold near freezing. Please bring back Due Point reporting.
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4 years ago, herrick wildlife reacue
Excellent weather coverage
We live 1 1/2 north east of stl. Your coverage is right on for us. It’s my every day thing to do with checking your weather report especially during bad weather times. Keep up the good work. Your accuracy beats all others. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Stormyronwhite
Top of the News!
I am a news hound. I listen to NPR when I am in my car and watch CBS Channel 4 for my video news. Channel 4’s team has always been my favorite. The local news models itself after the national team and is excellent. Thank you, Channel 4. Thank you, CBS!
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5 years ago, NYCS Trainutt
Local News when I need it
KMOV is our favorite for local & national news, weather and traffic. This app offers easy set up, notifications and locations for weather updates, so you only get what impacts your day. Terrific app and great news, thanks KMOV.
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2 years ago, Cmmmmt
Illinois does not exist
Does not matter if it is traffic or news, they always forget Illinois. I sit in traffic a lot due to never an update about traffic except if slow day or popular street bridge. I continue to look for news in Illinois but cannot find anything on drop down button either
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5 years ago, Wagg 51
Hi Channel 4, We miss you, unable to view since tues. We were looking forward to see Kristin’s piece with her sisters and the Apollo space mission special. When an agreement can be made with dish can these pieces be rebroadcast? Hope so. Love the news/ weather and cbs morning show. V Holzhausen. Waggoner Illinois
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1 year ago, foster homes
Foster children homes
It was on your newscast that info to become a foster parent could be found on your app. I have looked and looked and tried different ways to find it and still could not find it. This happened another time trying to find info for something reported on the news. It is very disappointing because I choose Channel 4 for my news all the time over all the other stations
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2 years ago, dirtdiver6
Political garbage. No accountability.
The app has a rate function displayed that doesn’t work (no accountability). All media outlets, including this one, do nothing but incite violence and hate. PLEASE STOP PUTTING YOUR OWN OPINIONS IN STORIES AND SIMPLY REPORT FACTS. Too many adds as well. Very one sided in the political realm. (The news outlet) Always uses race to define personnel, however, isn’t the same across the board (shocker!). Deleted. Kind of wish the building would collapse on top of the network…go whine to someone about that too.
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2 years ago, DiscustedSTL
Latest Updates Make for Horrible App
App is no longer user friendly. The traffic app, as it’s own app, went from 5+ stars to now being unusable. It no longer fills the screen to give a wide overview of all interstates in STL area. Instead it is a small 1”x1 1/2” screen that you have to zoom in on to see specific areas, and then pan across to follow a specific interstate across the city. It is impossible to maneuver while driving. Useless!
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10 months ago, rbr34
Redesign not an improvement
When you can get to the actual app, it’s ok. But there are ads completely blocking the app and sometimes when you’ve sat through an ad that can’t be stopped and finally get to the content, you might get a couple of stories and then the same ad completely blocks access. Nothing to do but delete.
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4 years ago, sharkrocket7
Visual Nightmare & Waste of Time
Huge blocks of photos, text, and ads make this app horrendous to use. Headlines cut off. Have to endlessly scroll through headlines. Once you pull up a story, there are gaps in the text because once you reach the ad, it prevents you from viewing any further, unless you trick the app by clicking all over the screen and somehow force it to scroll. I can’t use this anymore, maybe I’ll come back in a year or two once this version gets scrapped.
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7 years ago, Kjrho
Total KMOV fan‼️
We are devoted viewers of KMOV television. When I saw the opportunity to get the app on my phone; the decision was a "no~brainer"! I enjoy the notifications, the weather, and being up to date on news when away from home.
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9 months ago, nexus6man
Token broken broken!
This app was working flawlessly just a couple of weeks ago and now it does not open any of the new stories. When I go to the little side bar and try to select news from there it just immediately shuts the window. This is broken. And it’s filled with the most sus ads I’ve ever seen! Absolute garbage. The ads feel like something one would see on a really sketchy website!
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4 years ago, Mac1diot
Forced in to this app because they discontinued the dedicated weather app
I was forced in to this app because they discontinued the dedicated weather app and I have to say I’m very disappointed. The dedicated weather app was quick and feature rich. Now I click on the app, tap the menu, tap on weather and wait and wait and wait... SOMETIMES the weather will come up but it is obviously just a container for their website. I’m going to look elsewhere for local weather.
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11 months ago, zdg427
The ads
The ads are horrible and make the app useless. If you’re trying to get an update on severe weather and you have to sit through a 45 second commercial you can’t skip, only to have the app crash and then another commercial starts playing. Or if you have a commercial start to play in the middle of a video and you can’t make out what the report or commercial are saying.
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5 years ago, Food Blog Lover
STUPID Push Notifications
I loaded this app for the weather. Instead all day long, the app sends one stupid NOT news or SENSATIONALIST news or THE WORLD IS FALLING news notification after another, even when the settings are switched to Weather Only. Some times the app turns on its own random categories, some times it just ignores my setting choices. DELETE & Switch to Channel Five for all local news and weather. Talk about being a totally pushy, irrelevant organization!
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2 years ago, Reviewerfromnowhere
Autoplay of video ads with sound on should never be default
This would have been a three-star review if I hadn’t opened it this morning and been greeted by a video ad that played automatically with the sound on. I understand that ads keep apps free, but they don’t have to be intrusive and annoying! To make it worse, there’s no place in the app settings to turn off that option.
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1 year ago, Neal S 101
Multiple Problems
Several problems that haven’t been fixed 1) You can’t report problems in the app 2) Cuts off your audio feed as soon as the app opens. 3) Often black screen opens or ads in foreign languages appear that you can’t remove. Can’t access the main page when these appear at all.
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3 years ago, theeyetyrant
Weather please
What happened to just the weather app? I don’t need the news and all the extra clicks. I work outside and rely on current accurate local weather information, and your weather app hasn’t worked properly for a long time and neither does the weather portion of this app. Please build a decent dedicated weather app, most any high school or college student could accomplish this.
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5 years ago, Patmcnichols
Channel 4 News Crew
I love channel 4 News! Always accurate News Coverage, Weather, going above and beyond to get the job done!“The Best News Crew In St. Louis!” I wish the entire News Team continued success in all your future endeavors! Respectfully Yours, Patricia 😇
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4 years ago, JHell777
The only thing I don’t like since you updated the App is I can’t rotate it. I like it in the horizontal position. All I get is the vertical position. I have to turn my IPad to read and watch. Wish they would change it. All other news I watch and read does both.
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2 years ago, Ahelmkamp
App changes not helpful
The way the weather is displayed in the March update is not helpful. Clicking on weather from the main menu only takes you to video forecast. I then have to go to the menu and go to the weather to see the hourly and daily forecast but hourly only goes to 11 hours and daily only goes 7 days. Go back to the original weather setup
Show more
4 years ago, Kimmykrw
No news, just a bunch of ads
I don’t know what happened to this app as of late, but I was trying to listen to the evening news and it would not come up on that. All I got was a bunch of advertisement. Please show the news at the time you say you’re supposed to be showing the news thank you
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