KMOV Traffic

4.6 (1.6K)
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Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for KMOV Traffic

4.63 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Chistine STL
Terrific Traffic App
I have been using this App regularly for several years and it continues to be my go to app to show at a glance what is happening on the roads. The easy to use color coding is brilliant. The best part is it also works anywhere in the country so if I’m on a road trip I just move the map around to show what’s happening locally be it Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis or Chicago. Excellent resource to help plan travel routes avoiding holdups.
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3 years ago, STL-J
This WAS the best for local traffic
We used this app daily for traffic updates & route planning. It WAS very easy to use & fast. We are extremely disappointed that this app was eliminated. That was a very poor decision on the developer / KMOV’s part. Really wish they would bring it back!
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6 years ago, 1964OFT
Traffic alerts
Please delete the ALERT after 24 hours. The alerts stay up for days, so when checking traffic alerts, one isn't sure if it is current or from days before. Or, at least date and time-stamp them. Otherwise, the app contains valuable traffic info including a live-feed map of actual traffic conditions.
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4 years ago, Linda S K
Traffic News
It is very helpful to get the updates. It lets me know the latest incidents and tells which areas or roads to avoid.
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6 years ago, Cards47!
Great traffic app
Easy color codes to understand how traffic is moving.
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3 years ago, KSU Gal
What did you do a great traffic app?
This is awful. I used your previous traffic map nearly everyday. It was interactive I could get to the map with minimal clicks and even while driving but not now. The map is horrible and small. There’s no way this is useful to anyone. I will be deleting this app after using it for a very long time.
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4 years ago, birdlover0801
Very good updates save a lot of time thank you
Very good u
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3 years ago, CrazyChicl
I miss the traffic portion!
I loved this app so much until very recently when they moved the traffic portion of this app to another KMOV app. The quality is much crappier on the new app. I have used this app daily to get to and from work while avoiding major congestion. For the love of all that is merciful, please put the traffic portion back on this app!
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6 years ago, Tom Krapu
Very helpful. "don't leave home without it".
Invaluable in navigating urban life.
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6 years ago, Big O the driver
Great app, the best I ever used
The best
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4 years ago, DolphinSwimFan
Can’t see Traffic Details iPhonex!!!!
Please fix issue! I can’t see the traffic details wording on my iPhone X since It won’t turn landscape! And I don’t have landscape disabled on my phone! This app won’t turn for sideways viewing. Please fix.
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6 years ago, C. Meow
Very poor
This app is terrible. I never get real time updates and all traffic notifications are 30+ miles out from my location.
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3 years ago, dl0657
Dislike new app
The old version was much more user friendly.
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3 years ago, flocep
Love it
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3 years ago, Ungas buddy
Way to render a perfectly useful app completely useless.
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3 years ago, hdchickk
This was the best traffic app ever! Bring it back!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Carat8888
Best weather app
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9 years ago, STLChristine
Fantastic app!
I have been using this app daily for about two months now and have nothing but praise for it. I have the choice of using the I 44 or I 55 and the map is brilliant as it shows "at a glance" the traffic volume on the roads around STL from green to red. This is a great app if you are on the roads around STL and want something to supplement the traffic reports on the radio. It is a first class app and extremely useful.
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7 years ago, KK on the go
Great Traffic App
One of my most essential apps. I use this every day. It's been a great time saver to check before going to work. Saves a lot of frustration too. I have an hour drive already, so reviewing this app shows me all of my options all of the way to my workplace and is more accurate than my Garmin.
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7 years ago, Cutter957
Bring back green solid lines & traffic refresh button!
I use this app all the time and its pretty accurate and can be used is other cities..... but the latest update to the app removed the solid lines and a previous update refresh button on the live traffic map. Now instead of hitting refresh, you have to go back to main menu and then live traffic to reload. Annoying and looking for another traffic app. This app use to be 5 stars until they removed the solid green/yellow/red/black lines and refresh button. please bring it back.
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7 years ago, Dggram3
Not as Good As Use To Be
We've always used the map when we travel to events in the evenings to avoid traffic problems. Lately it keeps saying it cannot connect to the Internet when everything else on our phone is connecting. Seems as if maybe it has been since the last Apple upgrade a week or so ago. Please app gurus...fix it. Hate having to use the others. They are not as good as yours.
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10 years ago, Brian J Marler
Great, but crashes a lot requiring reinstall
When it functions this app is great... The traffic map is awesome and usually fairly accurate. Unfortunately switching from LTE to WiFi connectivity while this is running in the background causes an endless loop of error messages only resolvable by uninstalling & reinstalling the app. I wish they would fix this! Reinstalling every few days is ridiculous. If fixed I'd give it 5 stars.
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9 years ago, Saddlebr
Great app
One of the best traffic apps I've found. Loads quick and updates live. Thing is linked into the national grid too. You can follow your whole route into other states even. Has weather on a different tab and a few other things. Think it's managed by knov channel 4.
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10 years ago, Mecad
It doesn't crash AS MUCH as it used to meaning you can occasionally get it to work, but usually only after it crashes a few times. It's very slow to load, which I understand why the map would be slow but the app itself takes forever before you can get to the map. BUT it is getting better and I've been using this almost every day for over a year and I haven't experienced any discrepancies with the traffic. I have a two hour commute to work and when it works its always accurate.
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8 years ago, husSTLe escapist
So helpful!
I'm a city commuter. So, I can't speak for the farther out suburbs. I'm very impressed by the number of side roads in the city and inner suburbs that are covered in this app. It has been accurate every time I've used it, saving me from several back ups. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Burrlap
Went backward with last update
Changed the color scheme of the roads - harder to quickly tell what's going on. Worse, the view is zoomed in so now you have to zoom out every time to see traffic in the area. Used to be able to check on traffic quickly with one hand - now It takes two. They now show you where you are on the map, which is the only reason I didn't give it just one star.
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10 years ago, Parksman65WWW
StL traffic
This app is misnamed. Imagine my surprise when I opened it at the Kansas City airport expecting to see road conditions back home. On the iPhone up the map comes and it is showing I29 and I435, KC traffic map. The app shows you the local traffic for the area you are currently in and it appears to work everywhere. Live this app.
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10 years ago, DJK73
Needs a lot of work
This app shows promise but needs work. Navigation is clunky and primarily it pulls in information from web pages. I downloaded this for the gas prices feature but those appear so tiny that I cannot read them (imagine an eye test where you are allowed to hold the letters as you want and still can't make them out). You can't zoom in either. Not useful.
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9 years ago, Misty's mom(j)
Awesome travel app!!
Love this app for getting around St Louis and was thrilled that it worked in the rest of the US. Saved us lots of travel and traffic hassles on a drive back from Florida!! Was extremely accurate!! Totally deserves 5 stars!!!
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7 years ago, tifatae
App has too a downfall
App lost the traffic detail in the overview. That was very convenient. Now it's just a blue dot showing your location. It is not needed. The purpose of the app is to show current traffic conditions. If you click on traffic overview that would be the best spot to show the traffic conditions quickly, now you have search through the app for it. The previous version was perfect in my opinion.
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7 years ago, Plantrose
Great traffic app for St Louis area
I love this traffic app for St Louis area again! This newest update made it easy to see the major routes in seconds and know if I should drive home a different way. Thanks!
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9 years ago, Phintel
Ok , but with major flaw!
It notifies you of some traffic problems in your particular area but not all traffic problems. Also, the major flaw is that it doesn't allow you to erase notifications from the past. So you could be looking at a notification from three weeks ago and think that it's current.
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9 years ago, MIkesteph1
Use it daily
I wish you would add a chat feature so people could talk about what they are experiencing and could report new back ups.
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12 years ago, zadiemay
Lacks real information!
I downloaded this hoping to find out what the current traffic conditions were. All it gives you is a map that is current. Well other apps I have already do that, including the "4" app. I was hoping it would be current like on the news stating "accident at 270 & 44" etc. how is this app worth the time to download it? Need to go above & beyond & give real information!
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7 years ago, One star wonder!
Pretty good!
I don't usually have to use this app often but it's very handy when I do need it. There were some changes since I last used it so have to figure out where to go to find what I need to know.
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6 years ago, SuebeeHoney
It's ok but could be better
The app is fine for a quick check of the highways before I hit the road. But it doesn't update alerts. It will show alerts from hours before that have long been cleared. Hard to know what's a real concern and what's not.
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8 years ago, Kat in the Lou
Love this app!
Quite accurate. Always helps me make decisions on my commute before I leave the home or office. Also works great in other cities.
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7 years ago, Snowball517
Bring back the old version!!
The new version is horrible. The traffic detail is not nearly as good as it previously was, in fact it's down right annoying. You can't get an overlook of all the traffic and plan a different route. The notifications are hit and miss. I use to recommend this app all the time, but I will soon be deleting. Please fix!!!
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8 years ago, birenstl
Great when it works....
This app is fantastic when it is fully functional. However, that is only about 50% of the time. The Live Traffic > Overview page is blank for whatever reason the majority of the time. Find a fix!! I have confirmed that I am not the only one who experiences this issue.
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9 years ago, Beep58
Great tool
I always check it when I get in the car, no matter what city or State I'm in. If you want to know where the trouble spots and accidents are, get this app.
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9 years ago, Sunday AM QB
I Use Every Day!
I check this every day and am rarely ever surprised by unexpected traffic - it's one of the few must have apps on my phone
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7 years ago, KatieS
Not Easy to Use
The app generally provides decent information but the little dots with the last upgrade are confusing. Also, there is no date on Notifications so you don't know if the news is current or a day or two old.
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9 years ago, Boodlesgrl07
I hate sitting in traffic! This app tells me all of the major roadways to avoid and get me home as fast as possible!
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7 years ago, Korruptor
Yearning for the old days
I remember when this was a great app which I used all the time. It was better than any other traffic app. Then the recent update made it terrible and difficult to see. One downside of both versions is that it took too many steps to get to the map. It should come up to that by default.
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9 years ago, Happy crafter!
Very good app!!!
Very good app! Use it all the time. Friends even call me to find out traffic situations and how to get around accidents. 5 Star!
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8 years ago, BuffaLove!
Very handy
I trust this more than my GPS. Also I like the updates that flash for alerts.
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7 years ago, Saintlouiser
I found this app rather inaccurate quite often for the morning commute. It shows red when it's green and sometimes green when it's red. Maybe good for big shutdowns that last a while however.
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9 years ago, jimSparks
Advertising App
There's nothing special or inventive about this app. Nothing original. Everything the app does is done way better on the Web, not to mention other native and Web apps. It's a recycled app, one that gets cranked out for various cities that want to sign up. Cookie-cutter joke of an app designed to promote the in-app advertisements.
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11 years ago, Tekguy
Very helpful
I appreciate the traffic news and alerts. The live traffic is helpful, although it hangs at times.
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8 years ago, jkrettek
Exceptional when it works but has been unreliable in the past two weeks
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