Knott's Berry Farm

2.4 (821)
67.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Knott's Berry Farm

2.41 out of 5
821 Ratings
1 week ago, Revsanchor
The older app may have been “outdated” but at least there wasn’t as many bugs. When you open app it take forever for your passes connected to actually show, which is an inconvenience, especially when you’re trying to use it in a hurry. The wait time aren’t as accurate either. Please keep working on it.
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3 weeks ago, MReneeH
Terrible App
Just updated the app in hopes the fixes would improve the experience, but that is not the case. Passes still don’t load, or if they do, it takes a very long time to sync which is very inconvenient when getting into the park and when trying to take advantage of the discounts in the park (just standing there waiting around for it to hopefully show to scan). Previous seasonal maps like Knotts Merry Farm and Boysenberry Festival maps were great but now you cannot find out where anything is! Used to be able to clearly see on the map what the food/drink items were sold where, but now there is NO WAY to find that info via the app. When you press “view guide” the button doesn’t even work.
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3 weeks ago, Glendddddd
Can’t see season passes and can’t enter credit card
If I could give it a zero rating I would. Haven’t been able to see season passes on app and can’t enter credit card in app. This is a cashless park so would be REALLY nice if we could enter credit card in app. This app is an absolute mess. No menus for dining. Really have no idea what dining locations have to eat specifically. Map zooms out as if you’re in outer space and have to zoom back in every time. Virtually nothing in this app for an AMUSEMENT park works properly. Fire your current tech folks Knotts and try again.
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2 days ago, lil sweetheart
It’s not that hard to make a functioning app…
The old app may have been “outdated” but at least it worked. I can never get my connected passes to load, nothing ever works right, why bother having mobile food order if you don’t ever let us use that feature (hardly any of any at all are available for it). Overall a huge miss and really just a waste of space on my phone. All of the useless info loads just fine on the home screen, but nothing you ever actually need. Try harder.
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1 month ago, Rand/
Knott’s should’ve left the previous version alone.
The previous version worked well enough. This update seems to have messed things up. I’ve had the same issues as others have posted. Can not store my passes, ride wait times don’t seem accurate and it’s kinda difficult to navigate through the app. I’m not that fond of the appearance either. I hope the can resolve some of these main issues soon.
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2 months ago, CJ Layza
Food Menu
It’s was great when the app had the food menu per location and what was on the dining plan. They need to hire a UX designer to help them.
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2 weeks ago, Panash74
New Update is Horrible / Unusable
Whoever designed this new update should be fired. Passes don’t even load and when they do, they only last for a little while. Thankfully I uploaded my passes to my phone’s wallet. The department in charge of the app should at least scrap the new version and revert back to the older version. The old saying “don’t fix what ain’t broken” definitely applies here.
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1 month ago, 2ARJ
Unable to download app. When I select download it asks for payment information, and never downloads the app.
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2 weeks ago, Candygirl1544
Not reliable and useless
The app is not reliable. Passes won’t load and it won’t load a credit card to the wallet. I’ve tried multiple times. Tip- take a picture of your pass and just avoid trying to get it to load on the app while at the park. Knott’s might as well not have an app bc it’s useless and doesn’t do what it’s designed for.
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3 weeks ago, SgtYamm
Current version broken
The update to this app from a month or two ago broke the pass/ticket functionality. My family have been season pass holders for years, and it no longer recognizes pass numbers. The rest of my family has the same issues on their end.
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3 weeks ago, Mokerbins
App is terrible
The app keeps losing my information. If you come here, make sure you actually have a ticket or season pass or anything via a card or email as I’ve used the app for 3 hours and it has lost my info 4 times. I have to delete the app and then reinstall it. My iOS is current so it’s not that. It’s the terrible app
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2 weeks ago, lupylu
Terrible app!
Terrible experience, from trying to set up an account to finally getting in to discovering there’s no discernible way to get it to show wait times for rides. If you’re going to get rid of paper maps, make sure your app works first! And upgrade your WiFi in the park while you’re at it.
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3 weeks ago, Jigglypuff_
Cannot store passes
Was excited the app was reworked at first until I realized I can’t even put my pass on it. What’s the point of having a new app if one of the simplest mechanics doesn’t even work. I tried when I first downloaded it and even now months later I still can’t upload my pass.
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1 month ago, Uhliebrah
Worthless. Nothing works
None of the features work. Navigation doesn’t work. You can’t really click and icon. You can’t zoom in enough to make the interactive map useful. You can’t use the filter function to just check rides. Across-the-board doesn’t work.
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3 weeks ago, MichaelaSays
Please fix the app!!
I've tried multiple times over several visits to add my pass to my app and it says it can't find it when I enter the number! I just want to visit the park and purchase merchandise and food but I can't do that if your pass system is messed up :(
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2 weeks ago, Daisywazzey
Me and my friends went to knotts berry farm. My friends told me to download this app to see the wait times of rides. I downloaded it and the times of rides and the actual time was wrong. it wasn’t just a little off, the time of the coast rider was 30 on the app and the actual wait was 90.
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1 week ago, Hurberg
Ruined app
Constantly crashes, forgets the passes at every update (and forces you to update without alerting you to viewing the passes, so you’re screwed right at the front gate). Never had an issue until these spring ‘24 updates - massive downgrade
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1 week ago, Gams59
Useless..the old one was better!
Limited info, no details about shows, restaurants. Befo you didn’t need a paper brochure because everything was on the app. Now you can’t see menus, and was unreliable for Boysenberry Festival. Needs a huge upgrade and before summer PLEASE!!
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3 weeks ago, bree2107
App doesn’t work
This app doesn’t work at all. It won’t let me add passes or payment Information. I can’t talk to anyone for help because there is no number where I can talk to a human being. App is terrible. It’s been months and it won’t let me do anything.
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1 month ago, Mrz.Monrreal
Horrible experience at the park with “updated app”
-app doesn’t have my passes stored -wait times are not even close to what in the signage outside the ride Had to wait for guest services to issue me a new card for one of my passes Pls Knotts fix this. Love the park, just not the app
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1 month ago, Soccer0308
Disappointed with the new app
Don’t know what’s going on with this new app. It keeps removing my season passes and I have to add it back again and again and again… Are you hiring $10/hour developers to work on this?
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1 month ago, JaidenRamirez
Wait Times
Unfortunately the wait times aren’t accurate.
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2 months ago, HaroGirl
I love knott berry farm I have the gold pass my favorite rides is revolution and dragon swing
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2 months ago, Mr. Garnum
5 Stars Easy
Great app would app again
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4 days ago, Datgamingfox
New update made it Unusable
passes won’t load places on the map are wrong and i can’t add a their pass i keep getting errors crazy go back to the old version
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3 weeks ago, MamaSPT
So awful. Doesn’t update wait times. Doesn’t even show wait times half the time. Not at all easy to use. The last app wasn’t great but this one is truly awful.
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1 month ago, STurtleAlpha
Season pass disappeared
I opened up the app, and noticed my season pass removed. Tried reloading to see if it was fluke, and still not there. Same with attempting to add it back in. Got error messages.
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2 months ago, 🤬!!!!
New Update Is HORRIBLE!
I updated the app and oh my why did I do that?! It completely locked me out and they’re having difficulty with it now I have absolutely no access to it!
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6 days ago, Boozer5
App not working at all
Did the update and my passes disappeared I have no way of retrieving them on the app at all. The app is not acknowledging my account or my gold passes.
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2 years ago, ariarakel
30 minute wait but was 2 hours
Yesterday we waited in line for Hang Time and it said it was 30 minute wait but it was a 2 hour wait. None of the lines for any of the rides were updated accurately. Also, it would be helpful if the map just showed the names of everything instead of needing to switch to a tab in order to view. The other issue, is when you see the rides, it’s a very TINY picture and you don’t have the option to zoom in to see what the ride actually is. Also if you are just 2 people, I don’t recommend buying the all day dining pass regular or premium The food is limited to just chicken, burgers, and fries. If you want to eat something that sounds appetizing for an adult, just get that Bosenberry Tasting thing instead. I would rather have spent the $50 to try all of those interesting foods.
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2 weeks ago, monkyroor
Don’t use for passes!
Any update this app has it erases your passes. Good for wait times and finding restaurants but absolutely abysmal for passes
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1 month ago, Tinket42
My app isn’t taking my tickets also says park is closed
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2 weeks ago, KronicDeath
Horrible app.
Can’t scroll past first page.
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4 days ago, noidonotexist
New app stinks
No more ride closure updates, deletes season passes every update.
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3 weeks ago, i hate knotts app
app is buns
app is bad 👎 old one was better, wait times dont show. apparently all the rides just dont have await time/ no rides have a wait time.
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2 months ago, karmakamilienne
Not cool
Season passes aren’t loading.
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1 week ago, Am so done with this
It’s not good at all
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7 months ago, jdjehejwjdurhnf
Necessity for season pass
If you are season pass holders, this app is designed for you. It holds all your information including your add ons right in one section so that you just click on the pass holders name and scan your phone to get in. Also, it holds all of the passes for your whole family, you just click on their name and they scan it (excellent way to organize if you have small children). All of the passes and info are under one account, so just have everyone else sign into that account and everything will be there. Also, all add-ons and parking get scanned under the one pass. I HIGHLY recommend a parking pass and meal plans for season passes— they pay for themselves after a few visits (you’ll regret it if you don’t). Also, for one family with small children, you only need one parking pass and a couple of meal tickets (if you have little ones because they can share a meal since you get a lot of food and we end up trying to finish all of the fries anyway). The map is very useful and gives you walking directions to each attraction. The only issue is the updated wait times, but we are all in charge of updating this, so people need to stop complaining and update it themselves so that it helps others. I also wish they had a separate app for Soak City.
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2 years ago, Alexiszel
Need to desperately fix the map!
I don’t usually write reviews but I feel like this one deserves a review. I went to Knotts for the first time during Knotts scary farm and I was completely lost as you can imagine a first-timer would be. AND Knotts stopped handing out maps (covid maybe? If so i understand) so they suggested I download the app and use the map there. Everything else about the app was fine except for the map. I’m only giving 3 stars because the map was absolutely terrible. While I do appreciate the walking directions to different things, the map itself is BEYOND confusing to navigate. NOTHING IS LABELLED on the map: no buildings, or even the main entrance. I was even more confused than I should’ve been, which resulted in me and my friend to walk in circles and completely miss half of the park. Y’all need to fix the map and at least have stuff labeled so when newcomers like me take a look at the app map because you stopped giving out paper ones, we don’t get lost and miss out on exploring half of the park. I’m really disappointed about that because staff members really spoke about using the app map, but when it is barely anything it’s hard to give this app 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Cupcake90
The app is absolutely garbage, so garbage it’s useless. At first I couldn’t add parking tickets for some weird reason, I guess because they’re really vouchers and not tickets. When my ticket finally did appear, it was a week after I’d gone. I purchased entrance tickets this Friday the 12th, for general admission for Sunday (yesterday). The app would NOT let me add my tickets at all. I had to add them to my Apple wallet. The funnier thing is I was able to immediately add my parking ticket on Friday and yesterday when I take the barcode in for parking, the scanner won’t scan that type of barcode and your employees have to enter it manually. That. Is. So. Dumb. Another thing. Your map is USELESS when it comes to wait times. Although yesterday it was ok for the most part, when I went on the 5th of this month, the estimated times were beyond horrible. For those complaining the map doesn’t tell you how to get to X place. Uhhh what? It literally tells you what path to follow once you click on the walking dummy. It’s literally like your map where the blue dot shows you which way you’re walking. Some of you guys complaining about that though...🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Ordinary User 1111
Not Accurate; Useless Info
Wait times are not accurate. Whatever system they use to calculate times does not work. Sometimes wait time was 3x longer, even though it kept “updating” the wait times while we were in line. One ride said there was a 50 min wait, but ended up being 2.5 hours (and no, the ride did not break down; it just took that long). This app ended up costing us about 3-4 hours in the park, extra time we wasted waiting in lines because we blindly relied on the “continuously updating” times in the app. Yes, it’s is a free app, but don’t bother. You will not save time. A little extra effort to make sure the app actually works is all that is needed. It’s little things like this that exemplify the first-class polish of Disney when compared to the second-rate “whatever” attitude of Knott’s. In retrospect, this app is a good symbol of why we visit Disney at least once or twice a year but only visit Knott’s maybe once every 5 years. Safe to say, because of this app, we won’t be back to Knott’s anytime soon.
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2 months ago, Funfunfun987654321
Cannot add season passes
The new app will not allow season passes to be entered. In Friday, February 1st, I used the old app to access my season pass for entrance into the park, upon entering, in order to access the park map, I was required to update the app. Once updated, I was unable to add my season pass to the app despite being able to use the search function to locate my pass, and it telling me that I successfully added my pass, it did not appear. We went to guest services and they suggested deleting and reloading the app, this did not work either. I had a new card issued and attempted to scan the pass in, this did not work either, I then manually tried to enter in the number which also did not work. The app in each instance indicates that it has successfully loaded the season pass, however it does not. I have uninstalled and refreshed several times without success. This appears to be a bug in the programming that needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, '93 Bruin
Has Potential, But...
The app worked fine for the map, but the wait times were completely in accurate. Went on Jaguar with the app saying it was a 20-minute long line. There was some garbled announcement (work on your P.A. systems on these rides!) that said something about the wait being 90 minutes. Turned out the wait WAS about 90 minutes. Yet, for those 90 minutes, the app continued to say the wait was 20 minutes. Experienced other wait time discrepancies for other rides as well. Also didn’t like that I couldn’t find attractions like the gold panning using the app (or, if it is there, finding it is not intuitive). I could search for it, get a result showing where something was, but was unable to click on the result and have it show on the map.
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6 years ago, Barb king lover
The map is not all that useful because they make the icons for the rides so large that it takes forever to actually hit the right one. But the worst part is the fallacy of the wait times. This seems like fraud. We has a line that said 15 minutes and it took 1 hour and 50 minutes. Another ride said 25 minutes, but actual time was 75 minutes. Another ride said 40, real time was 2+ hours. Another problem is that the stupid app kept saying “wait times only show while in the park” while we were in the center of the park many times. This is truly a horrible useless app that deserves negative stars. You need to try a lot better than that, but you kind of expect a second-rate experience at Knott’s compared to Disneyland or Six Flags anyways, so its par for the course. Don’t expect the app to work at all, just guess wait times with your eyes, it will be far more accurate than their deceiving wait times.
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7 years ago, Dayne Sauter
Very Helpful
I went to the park on a Friday and Saturday with my family and it was a great experience and also great with the hotel we stayed at, the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel, was right next to the park which was an easy 3 minute walk to the entrance. I used this app and it helped a lot with where to go, and what places there were to eat. It also displays ride times which go up to 130 minute max and although some weren't accurate it's still a great feature to a great app. For pass holders it does a lot too. You can put your pass on your phone and I think maybe even can let you enter the park if you lose or come without it. Very great app and very great park overall. Thanks for the fun Knotts!!
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3 months ago, MrAnalogue
Do not update to 8.2 broken
Old app version had problems but worked. New version 8.2.0 doesn’t work at all. You can’t add your pass, none of the show times work, many of the filters are broken, you get stuck in map with no way back, they took out ride closures, removed visit count and many other things. The new version only seems to have broken or removed key items and not provided anything new. When you click on a ride or food place, you cannot then click on map to see how to get there. You need to go to map and type in name to search again. Such horrible UI design. Don’t update until they fix all the issues. Not sure how my visit today will go without being able to have my passes or see any show times. Please bring back the old version.
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5 years ago, Ryan's Reviews 2.4
Wait Times Are Egregiously Inaccurate
This could be a great app, it really could. It does some stuff really well, which is why I give it a two and not a one. I would instantly bump it to at least a 4 if something would be done about the completely false wait times. How can Disney have hyper accurate wait times on their app, and outside every ride queue as well, and this just fall so incredibly short. The app said Jaguar was a 3 hour wait. JAGUAR. I said I gotta see what a 3 hour wait for Jaguar looks like, we went, there was no wait at all, literally, we walked right on the ride. It said GhostRider was 5 minutes, that turned out to be 45. Seriously, I’d rather have no app then work with such incredibly inaccurate information. Cedar Fair, please fix this now.
Show more
7 years ago, knottslover
Map Helpful- locating rides ok
This app has great potential. If you are going to make an app for guests in your park make sure it is a good one - this app has wait times for rides and then don't update it on Knotts end, why have it? Wait times not accurate. Who updates this real time? Make it like Waze where users update while in line for accurate setting. It's frustrating when wait times say 5 min. & in reality, it is 40 min. It's frustrating when you travel across the park to find ride closed when app says it's open. I DO like the map where you can click to find restaurants, rides, snacks, and bathrooms. Very helpful. But for most guests the tide wait time is huge. Fix this to make an excellent customer service app!!!
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10 years ago, 31313131LAD
I got this app to, hopefully, help with navigating the park and it wasn't very useful. It's was hard to tell where I was when looking for places to go. Luckily, we grabbed a map at the gate when we entered...old school, but WAY more dependable. IMPROVEMENT: the app should allow the user to mark which rides they have been on. Perhaps allow the user to write note on a particular ride like "too scary". The park and app should both indicate wait times for rides. We waited in a line for 15mins and based on where we started, and how far we had to go, I estimated we would have been in line well over an hour for the ride, we quickly jumped out since the park closed in 45 mins to hopefully get a couple of rides in, which we did. SOMETHING needs to indicate the wait times, because I did not see them on any of the signs.
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3 years ago, calgirl23
Frustrating and uninformative
Why is the park map so minimal? You can only see one category of locations at a time, so it’s impossible to plan to do several things within an area. There’s no landmarks or “land” names. They literally could have just uploaded the standard map in PDF and it would be way more helpful. Also, the event listings take forever to load. Other information in just plain inaccurate. Also, the pass and reservation system feels as disjointed as needing to print everything out on paper. You literally have to flip through little icons to see which reservations and tickets you have for your party, and there’s no way to see quickly which reservations are tied to which pass. You have to open them all up!
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