Knott's Berry Farm

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Cedar Fair
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6 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Knott's Berry Farm

2.41 out of 5
821 Ratings
1 year ago, ariarakel
30 minute wait but was 2 hours
Yesterday we waited in line for Hang Time and it said it was 30 minute wait but it was a 2 hour wait. None of the lines for any of the rides were updated accurately. Also, it would be helpful if the map just showed the names of everything instead of needing to switch to a tab in order to view. The other issue, is when you see the rides, it’s a very TINY picture and you don’t have the option to zoom in to see what the ride actually is. Also if you are just 2 people, I don’t recommend buying the all day dining pass regular or premium The food is limited to just chicken, burgers, and fries. If you want to eat something that sounds appetizing for an adult, just get that Bosenberry Tasting thing instead. I would rather have spent the $50 to try all of those interesting foods.
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2 weeks ago, jdjehejwjdurhnf
Necessity for season pass
If you are season pass holders, this app is designed for you. It holds all your information including your add ons right in one section so that you just click on the pass holders name and scan your phone to get in. Also, it holds all of the passes for your whole family, you just click on their name and they scan it (excellent way to organize if you have small children). All of the passes and info are under one account, so just have everyone else sign into that account and everything will be there. Also, all add-ons and parking get scanned under the one pass. I HIGHLY recommend a parking pass and meal plans for season passes— they pay for themselves after a few visits (you’ll regret it if you don’t). Also, for one family with small children, you only need one parking pass and a couple of meal tickets (if you have little ones because they can share a meal since you get a lot of food and we end up trying to finish all of the fries anyway). The map is very useful and gives you walking directions to each attraction. The only issue is the updated wait times, but we are all in charge of updating this, so people need to stop complaining and update it themselves so that it helps others. I also wish they had a separate app for Soak City.
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2 years ago, Alexiszel
Need to desperately fix the map!
I don’t usually write reviews but I feel like this one deserves a review. I went to Knotts for the first time during Knotts scary farm and I was completely lost as you can imagine a first-timer would be. AND Knotts stopped handing out maps (covid maybe? If so i understand) so they suggested I download the app and use the map there. Everything else about the app was fine except for the map. I’m only giving 3 stars because the map was absolutely terrible. While I do appreciate the walking directions to different things, the map itself is BEYOND confusing to navigate. NOTHING IS LABELLED on the map: no buildings, or even the main entrance. I was even more confused than I should’ve been, which resulted in me and my friend to walk in circles and completely miss half of the park. Y’all need to fix the map and at least have stuff labeled so when newcomers like me take a look at the app map because you stopped giving out paper ones, we don’t get lost and miss out on exploring half of the park. I’m really disappointed about that because staff members really spoke about using the app map, but when it is barely anything it’s hard to give this app 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Cupcake90
The app is absolutely garbage, so garbage it’s useless. At first I couldn’t add parking tickets for some weird reason, I guess because they’re really vouchers and not tickets. When my ticket finally did appear, it was a week after I’d gone. I purchased entrance tickets this Friday the 12th, for general admission for Sunday (yesterday). The app would NOT let me add my tickets at all. I had to add them to my Apple wallet. The funnier thing is I was able to immediately add my parking ticket on Friday and yesterday when I take the barcode in for parking, the scanner won’t scan that type of barcode and your employees have to enter it manually. That. Is. So. Dumb. Another thing. Your map is USELESS when it comes to wait times. Although yesterday it was ok for the most part, when I went on the 5th of this month, the estimated times were beyond horrible. For those complaining the map doesn’t tell you how to get to X place. Uhhh what? It literally tells you what path to follow once you click on the walking dummy. It’s literally like your map where the blue dot shows you which way you’re walking. Some of you guys complaining about that though...🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Ordinary User 1111
Not Accurate; Useless Info
Wait times are not accurate. Whatever system they use to calculate times does not work. Sometimes wait time was 3x longer, even though it kept “updating” the wait times while we were in line. One ride said there was a 50 min wait, but ended up being 2.5 hours (and no, the ride did not break down; it just took that long). This app ended up costing us about 3-4 hours in the park, extra time we wasted waiting in lines because we blindly relied on the “continuously updating” times in the app. Yes, it’s is a free app, but don’t bother. You will not save time. A little extra effort to make sure the app actually works is all that is needed. It’s little things like this that exemplify the first-class polish of Disney when compared to the second-rate “whatever” attitude of Knott’s. In retrospect, this app is a good symbol of why we visit Disney at least once or twice a year but only visit Knott’s maybe once every 5 years. Safe to say, because of this app, we won’t be back to Knott’s anytime soon.
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4 years ago, '93 Bruin
Has Potential, But...
The app worked fine for the map, but the wait times were completely in accurate. Went on Jaguar with the app saying it was a 20-minute long line. There was some garbled announcement (work on your P.A. systems on these rides!) that said something about the wait being 90 minutes. Turned out the wait WAS about 90 minutes. Yet, for those 90 minutes, the app continued to say the wait was 20 minutes. Experienced other wait time discrepancies for other rides as well. Also didn’t like that I couldn’t find attractions like the gold panning using the app (or, if it is there, finding it is not intuitive). I could search for it, get a result showing where something was, but was unable to click on the result and have it show on the map.
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5 years ago, Barb king lover
The map is not all that useful because they make the icons for the rides so large that it takes forever to actually hit the right one. But the worst part is the fallacy of the wait times. This seems like fraud. We has a line that said 15 minutes and it took 1 hour and 50 minutes. Another ride said 25 minutes, but actual time was 75 minutes. Another ride said 40, real time was 2+ hours. Another problem is that the stupid app kept saying “wait times only show while in the park” while we were in the center of the park many times. This is truly a horrible useless app that deserves negative stars. You need to try a lot better than that, but you kind of expect a second-rate experience at Knott’s compared to Disneyland or Six Flags anyways, so its par for the course. Don’t expect the app to work at all, just guess wait times with your eyes, it will be far more accurate than their deceiving wait times.
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5 years ago, Ryan's Reviews 2.4
Wait Times Are Egregiously Inaccurate
This could be a great app, it really could. It does some stuff really well, which is why I give it a two and not a one. I would instantly bump it to at least a 4 if something would be done about the completely false wait times. How can Disney have hyper accurate wait times on their app, and outside every ride queue as well, and this just fall so incredibly short. The app said Jaguar was a 3 hour wait. JAGUAR. I said I gotta see what a 3 hour wait for Jaguar looks like, we went, there was no wait at all, literally, we walked right on the ride. It said GhostRider was 5 minutes, that turned out to be 45. Seriously, I’d rather have no app then work with such incredibly inaccurate information. Cedar Fair, please fix this now.
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2 years ago, calgirl23
Frustrating and uninformative
Why is the park map so minimal? You can only see one category of locations at a time, so it’s impossible to plan to do several things within an area. There’s no landmarks or “land” names. They literally could have just uploaded the standard map in PDF and it would be way more helpful. Also, the event listings take forever to load. Other information in just plain inaccurate. Also, the pass and reservation system feels as disjointed as needing to print everything out on paper. You literally have to flip through little icons to see which reservations and tickets you have for your party, and there’s no way to see quickly which reservations are tied to which pass. You have to open them all up!
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2 years ago, Flamebreather
Physical map is much better
I went back to Knott’s for the first time in about 5-6 years and was surprised to find there were no more paper maps. I downloaded the app as my only option, being told that the map was very useful. It wasn’t. You can’t see where various attractions are as you pass them, like on a physical map, and your location/direction isn’t always accurate. To top it all off, as other reviewers have said, the wait times are extremely inaccurate. Seeing that other reviewers 2 years ago have already said this, you’d think the problem would be resolved by now…
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1 year ago, honesty4apps
It was awful
We got passes for today and with no fast pass we assumed it would be pretty bad but we had to wait 3 hours for what they said was a 90 minutes wait. They alternated between fast pass and regular pass people and we waited so long we calculated that 1,050 people went before us and the fast pass line never ended. The wait times are consistent in the way that they’re always wrong. 2-3x longer than the listed wait time. We went on four rides over the course of 10 hours. That’s actually ridiculous because why would you confidently put a time in front if they aren’t being change or accurate at all, at least update your times on waiting.
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5 months ago, cubanhomer24
Not a good experience
The app is a necessary evil but when not handled correctly it becomes a source of pain for the end user. For example, we bought our tickets, food pass, parking pass, and boysenberry festival tasting through the app. That part worked. Upon arrival the tickets were visible when we entered the park. After a few hours it all disappeared and we could not do our tasting since the barcodes disappeared. This requires a trip to guest services for something that should work in the app. Just tons of headaches all around and this app is just not useful and causes more problems than it solves.
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4 years ago, One tiny yaker
As season pass holder
I love the app, Most people downplay the apps map capacity but that is actually one of its best functions! I have three little ones one 36 in and two 42 I hate looking around and trying to find the height requirements for each and every ride but with the app I don’t have to show the kids the rides they can’t go on! Secondly as a meal plan holder Knowing what food stations accept the dinner plan is a plus but what really makes it worth it is the fact it tells you what meals are included in each location. No more running around trying to figure it out. It also stores my pass and add ones so I don’t have to search for my pass every time I need to scan it. Only improvement is separate the add ons per pass and weight time in rides... but let’s be honest kids don’t care about wait time the know what rides they like
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2 years ago, Jenna_M_S
Wait Times completely wrong!
I liked the app for the map feature only. It was helpful to have directions to get to each attraction. However, the wait times were COMPLETELY wrong. If you can’t accurately calculate the wait times in the app, just get rid of the feature. We almost didn’t go to one of the rides because it was late and the wait time listed was 90 mins. However, we decided to check it out just in case and there was no wait whatsoever. In another case the app said the wait time was 10 mins when it was actually close to an hour.
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3 months ago, Memme a
It’s ok
Wait times are never correct. Some say no wait- we waited over an hour. On more than one ride yesterday. There are places to eat that are listed as open but when you get there, they are still “coming soon”. And now, any tickets or passes I buy on top of my season pass, disappear from the app DAILY. we went to get some food with my daily food pass and it was gone from the app. I had the whole line waiting while I found my email confirmation and then wait on their slow slow slow Wi-Fi for it to load.
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6 years ago, dsnces
Wait times are way off
I downloaded this app for two reasons 1)to get a park map (there are no paper copies that we could find), and 2)to see wait times on the rides. For the first, the map was fine—but it kept defaulting back to seeing the Peanuts crew instead of the rides. Annoying, but not a huge problem. However, the wait times were WAY off, even though it kept saying they had just been updated. IDK if this is ride-operator driven or what, but when I am now 45 minutes in to a “30-min” wait time, and still only halfway through the makes me seriously doubt the credibility of the app.
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4 years ago, JeremiahK1
Don’t believe the wait times
The app is useful for finding food, restaurants, and restrooms in the park. Don’t put any stock in the advertised wait times or when the app says the “wait times just updated”. We went to the Butterfield Coach ride (horse-drawn carriage) because it said 0 min wait. Almost 2-hour wait later, we finally got on the ride. It’s also a telling sign when it’s faster to give the front gate your physical annual pass than use the app (because the app is sooo slow INSIDE the park when it has to be fast).
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2 years ago, dvprncs
This app is pretty useless. The wait times were completely wrong. They seldom changed. And even when they “updated” they were still way less than the actual wait time. The map doesn’t help you. It doesn’t update as you’re walking the way Google maps does and doesn’t give cardinal directions. Tried ordering ahead at some of the restaurants that allow you to do mobile ordering, but got constant error messages that the menus were not available. Kind of lame that you need the app at all to walk around and find the schedules for the shows and things.
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5 years ago, Buttface 😏
Wait times
Wait times are so inaccurate. Silver bullet when I checked this app it said the wait was 30 minutes. When I got there one of the staff said the wait time can be around 1-2 hours. I got so mad cause your app said 30 minutes. You guys really need to fix the times and update them regularly 24/7 so people can get the exact or at least a an estimate on how long the lines or rides are gonna take
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Absolutely Useless
You’d have more accurate wait times by looking into a crystal ball. The arbitrary number someone puts up on the app cannot possibly be vetted. At Scary Farm, waits for rides that were 15 minutes were almost 90 mins while rides and mazes that were quoted at 65 minutes were less than 10. Trash. Sad. Also the fact that you have to make a profile and only gain access to wait times once you step through the gate is laughable. Save your data and phone memory. This is one app that if you must use, you should immediately delete after your visit.
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1 year ago, Spectative Alien
Absolutely Garbage
My family and I wanted to use the app to get around the park. 2 minutes wait on Ghost Rider, absolute lies. 0 minutes on Silver Bullet, HA. It also is stupid with how it takes tickets and parking in account. I loved this park 3-4 years ago when I went to visit with a youth group, but honestly the wait time are horrendous now and they basically want to force you to pay 134 dollars for a fast pass. Absolutely stupid, the app is trash, the park is trash, I regret going yesterday. I still had some fun but all the aches from walking is not worth it, My family and I will never come here again.
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3 months ago, El .W
Where’s my TICKET?
Never written any review but I gotta say something because of how awful I felt for this app… I’m a season pass holder and it has been my second time purchasing the bring a friend ticket on the app. NEVER APPEAR on my app at all and NEVER received any confirmation email regarding the tickets. For the first purchase I had to go to the customer service @ knotts to get my ticket printed and functioning. If there’s an option I would give a 0 to the rating of this app, please fix these issues so your customers won’t suffer from the same issue over and over again.
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10 months ago, ArthurDeodat
Worse than useless spp
We were ready to leave the park for the day, but my son and his friends wanted to ride the bumper cars. The app said there was no wait. I tried to use the app to find directions to the ride. The app showed a blue line as the route, but there was no way to orient. Google maps shows the names of rides and buildings,so I just used that. We finally got to the bumper cars, and there was a huge line, an hour at least. In other words, this app is worse than useless. You're better off not bothering to try to use it.
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5 years ago, Schaererville
Map but nothing more
This app is good to use as a mobile map when location services are turned on so you know which way to walk and turn, but wait times are clearly not real-time (or anytime, for that matter). Sometimes the wait showed 60 minutes and it was really 40-45 minutes, and other times it showed 10 minutes and it was really 60 minutes. One ride showed a 125 minute wait throughout the entire day. Not sure there’s much value at this point.
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2 years ago, towelsnapper74
Terrible park app compared to Disney or Universal
A waste of time. Save yourself the storage on your phone and print a map before you get here. You will find it much more useful. Basic features missing: No GPS feature on a park wayfinding map? Are you kidding me? And to make matters worse, a 'Search' feature for attractions with no way to display them on the map. Nope, that's right, no mapping. Rather, they unhelpfully show a pic of the attraction you are trying to find. I love the Knott's Berry park, but the mobile app is a disgrace to the product team responsible.
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5 years ago, RoryTx
Some good - wait times not accurate
Wait times didn’t change all day and were completely inaccurate, which was frustrating. It meant we had to walk to each ride to find out the real time - most were (much) longer, while a few were shorter. The map feature is good and will show you exactly how to get to each place. It’s free so doesn’t hurt to download, but isn’t as helpful as it could be.
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5 years ago, charkerch
Don’t bother
Downloaded this app to get wait time for the rides and it was a total waste of space on my phone. You have to sign up to use the feature and the wait times aren’t updated. We have been her for two hours and all the rides say five minute wait. And the map isn’t much help either. If you find the ride on the list you would think if you clicked on it and went to the map it would show you where it is on the map...nope. You still have to find it your self by clicking on ride icons. Deleting it off my phone now.
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2 years ago, Ales E
Only works for tickets and map somewhat
The only good in this app is that you have your tickets on there ready to scan and there is a map. The wait time s however are completely off and the feature doesnt work. Went in line for ghost rider saying no wait and ended up in line for over 2 hours. Sometimes it also says i have to be at the park to show wait times when i am and the app went crazy so i had to restart my phone since everything froze. Disappointing
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4 years ago, 🍑👶🏻🤷🏼‍♀️😢🍇🤨🐠🤨🍇😭
I already wrote a review.. just had to add something
So yeah my tickets didn’t work I’m guessing because of the stupid app. This app deserves 0 or even negative stars. You should actually try harder compared to Disneyland and any other park. The Disneyland app actually has ACCURATE wait times, works so much better with pairing tickets, and the map is much better. So instead of knotts this summer I got to go to Disneyland! I’m so freaking excited because I’ve had bad times with knotts. So I hope you guys either fix the app or just delete it because it’s useless.
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5 years ago, OutlawOrigins
Better Off Without It
First, I couldn’t get the tickets uploaded to the app, even though I followed all the prompts and tried several different ways (straight from the app, through the help search, through the email, etc.) Ride wait times never adjusted. The coasters had the exact same wait times from park opening to close and weren’t anywhere near the actual times we waited. The only one that updated changed to say “Closed”, 30 minutes after it closed, and when it re-opened the wait time was the same it had been all day, even though the line was nearly empty after the hour + long closure. The descriptions of the rides are bare-bones and don’t tell you much. The map tried to take me down paths that were closed-off. You’re much better off without the app and just figuring it out as you go along.
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2 years ago, CalSamMac
App is pointless for wait times
It’s nice to have our whole family’s passes on one app, but the wait times on this app are NEVER accurate. C’mon Knott’s, if you’re have this in the app, do it right. Currently in a line that I’ve been in 15 minutes and the app says 0 minutes. We still have a good 10 minutes until we get on the ride. It’s like this every time we come. My daughter got stuck in a line for 3 hours a few weeks ago, when it said 30 minutes.
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4 years ago, cagey movie watcher
Don’t use app for wait times
Knott’s is a third world park. Wait times say 5 minutes and then you get in line only to find out it’s over 60 minutes. Talked to customer service about this ongoing issue several times. They just don’t care or do it on purpose. Knotts is the cheapest park around here. Has went way down since the park was sold to an amusement park company by the Knotts family. I came with my grandparents as a kid and I now go with my daughter. 40 years on coming and the service and care has gone done the tubes.
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5 years ago, That's my word
Useless App
I forgot my passes at home; however, I had my passes saved in my virtual wallet on my phone. Since I had already used the passes once, they would no longer scan for access. Although the staff was nice enough to let me into the park, I was advised to download this app and upload my annual passes there . I have yet to be able to sign-in to the app, even though I am able to sign into the website just fine. I’ve tried everything: uninstalling and reinstalling, changing passwords and even attempting to sign up again. All I got was “Oops, something went wrong!“ Yes something did go wrong, YOUR APP!!!!!!! My day was full of manager overrides, for the Dining Plan, and all of the extra waiting that came with it. If I hadn’t promised my son a day at Soak City, I would have turned around and gone home. Beyond Frustrated 😡
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5 years ago, Dnice842
Wait times
The absolute worst thing about the app is that it doesn’t show you wait times unless you’re actually inside the park. This isn’t very helpful as I want to know if it’s crowded or not BEFORE I go and waste $20 on parking, only to find out it’s extremely packed and full of school buses full of kids for spring break and wait times are well over 60mins. Also, there’s no information about my season pass (type/expiration/etc.) at least not that I could tell, because it’s not even loading correctly.
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5 months ago, goldenreviewer2550
Fun pix
None of my pix loaded on the original card they initially gave me. I loaded more than 20 images but when I went to look it only shows 4 pictures. I closed the app to look at them later and now it won’t even let sign in. It just freezes. Thanks knotts for the memories but can’t say I’m able to buy any that were captured. Hopefully it fixes itself before my 30 days are up so I can at least get the 4 they did load.
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4 years ago, Joe121456
Not very helpful
The app is helpful for showing the map and where things are in relation to your current location, however, the wait times are all inaccurate. Also, the locations of some things, such as the bathrooms, aren’t all on the map so finding a bathroom can be difficult if using the app as a guide. They need to fix this and the wait times and they’d have a good app.
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1 year ago, Sean Thomas Chandler
Poorly designed and developed app
1. You need to create an account to have access to wait times. An account you will never ever use again. 2. The map is terrible and only shows generic icons. You have to click on each icon to see what the ride actually is. 3. Wait times are always way off. Always. 90 minutes was 180 minutes… 30 minutes was over an hour, 60 minutes was 10 minutes.
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1 year ago, 💚destiny💚
Knotts berry farm
Knotts Berry Farm is a very fun place to go to. I love their big rides a lot. My favorite ride is hangtime but it’s sad that they closed xcelorator I never got to get on the ride but I really want to go on it but they closed it. Although it was very fun! I would recommend.
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5 years ago, Doofenshmitz
Wait times were way off
Downloaded this app for the sole purpose of finding out wait times on the rides. The first half of the day each ride said 5 minutes, but in reality was about an hour each. Half way through the day it stopped giving wait times all together. It gets 2 stars only because it was useful for finding food on the in-app map.
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1 year ago, Raiden F
Its ok
I like that it tells you what kind of food is at the different places but sometimes the ride wait times are not accurate and I also dislike that it doesnt tell me the wait times outside of the park only inside knowing the wait times before arriving would be very helpfull
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6 years ago, Megnsty
The app is pretty user friendly. Gps worked well. The wait times are not accurate though. It displayed 5 minute for a lot of the rides and some rides it said 55 minutes but was actually 20-30. If this was more accurate I would have given it 5 stars!
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5 years ago, wedabwstmusic
Wait Times Are Not Accurate
Map feature is cool and the BOGO food coupons are cool (only available until 4PM). The reason I downloaded the app was for the wait times. Not accurate at all. It did update if a ride was closed, I guess if you had to use it to see which wait times are less than others it’s useful. So for rides that said 5 min the wait time was closer to 45 min. Have Fun!
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2 months ago, STurtleAlpha
Needs more development and improvement
The good (useful) Season pass and parking season pass has easy access, and also could download to Apple wallet. Needs work: • Ride times are not accurate, do not match posted, and not updated accurately. Time can be off by over 30 minutes either direction. • Mobile ordering only works on ‘Chicken to-go’ a restaurant that a person has to leave the park to get to. Not useful for inside the park. • Restaurants and food kiosks listings should have a menu as to what exactly is available, and if they are open. This should include special event food stalls.
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4 years ago, regines.jpg
Inaccurate waiting times
Pretty useful when it came to the tickets, parking pass, and the map but the waiting times for the rides were completely inaccurate. They don’t refreshing the given waiting times at all. Whatever time I saw at a certain time, it would still have the same waiting time 3-4 hours later.
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5 years ago, 3 cuties
They never update the ride times and only 5 ride times were listed (inaccurate as well)—this was a busy day, they should have had times for ALL the rides. One ride listed said 15 min, so we purposely went to that ride—the wait was about triple. It always said “just updated” when I clicked on a ride, but you can tell it wasn’t. They have some real work to do with keeping up on the times. Really disappointed.
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2 years ago, tolvak
Wait time estimate was wrong, horrible park experience
Wait time estimate for ride said 15 minutes, actual wait time was probably 1 hr. Food place said we had to order with app, but the employee said the food order was only open for 15 minutes every hour I think? We had a terrible experience most of the day and just left early. I’ll probably never go back.
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4 years ago, Hurricanewizard99
Ticket/pass problem
Hello I have a problem, so today I look at my account for the passes and they’re not showing even though like a few days ago they were there but now the passes are gone. Plz help this app is a really good app but that’s the problem. The passes are not showing up
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2 years ago, Sunny326
Inaccurate and uniformative
Ugh. Map and ride wait times inaccurate. Food locations are there, but nothing indicating when they’re open. We had to walk to each thing. Why not put the hours? It seems tts only thing this app is good for is to track users movement within the park. No useful info for guests.
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5 years ago, savannahthebannana
Worked for me
A lot of the reviews said that it sucked and that the wait times were inaccurate. They were on point for me. It told me exactly where I was and showed me the fastest way to get to the rides.
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6 years ago, Tealavenger
App worked great for me
I was surprised, based on the reviews, that the app worked well. Wait times were pretty accurate, gps worked great. Definitely would use again
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