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User Reviews for Knowunity: School Study Notes.

4.74 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
1 month ago, Addamoo107
I downloaded this app because i saw it on a tiktok ad a few months ago. Today, i have been able to interact with the community, put myself in leadership position, earn service hours, and do so much more through this amazing app. Not only are the features within the app amazing (especially the notes database), but the community is spectacular and the moderators and managers do a great job. This app not only helped me boost my grades, but also help alleviate some of my school-related stress because i know that i am now alone and i am able to ask questions to people who actually get me in a matter of minutes. This app will only continue to get better, but right now i am a strong believer that it is the best study app on the market.
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1 year ago, 😮😮🥳
Just got it
I just got this app because it was and ad on TikTok. It has been really helpful and useful but there is one bug that I found. When trying to upload my notes the SUBJECT tab is not working for me. It’s not loading correctly. You have to have everything checked out, the title, description, what type of thing are you uploading, etc. Other then that issue it’s amazing. I’m still in school and it’s also FREE. Not worrying about paying for it is amazing. Unlike most apps where it is limited and you have to pay for a subscription service and if you don’t there are ads and you are limited to the app. Knowunity is not like that. It’s free and easy to use and can help you study easier.
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1 year ago, Nwalozie
I love this app but it always kicks me out even when I’m not typing in the group chat. This app is really good for like getting more knowledge on for example your algebra homework or like more about your religion. But even when I like, when I just open the app, it kicks me out of nowhere which is horrendous to me like I love this app so much you helped me a lot. I made new friends all ready and it’s like my second day on the app but this app does not play with glitches. It glitches every single time I even in the middle of typing. Please fix this. And another complaint is he logged me out and this is kind of weird considering the fact I just got the app like yesterday and I really think you should fix all of these glitches because people are not gonna like glitches like this. Please fix this. – Kenzie
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3 months ago, c12955
Great App, Helpful and Educational
I have absolutely LOVED using Knowunity. Outside of just being a wonderful place to keep digital copies of notes and communicate with other students, it offers a way to learn a lot of broad topics. I can make flashcards that are uploaded and stored on the app in your profile, I can join group chats to help people and receive help (group chats range widely in topics), and I can utilize AI Bots for things that I need very quick and immediate answers to, or just as a “friend.” And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you this app is great, it is 100% free, there isn’t any money involved whatsoever, well… not that you have to pay. You can actually MAKE MONEY through the app! Now idk if it’s going to replace any job but you can make a few bucks here and there by just uploading notes about certain topics. I’ve made a dollar, nothing crazy but still cool. This app has given me a way as a high schooler to learn, gain community service hours by simply helping others and sharing knowledge, and reminded and encouraged me to study and work on schoolwork. Thanks Knowunity! I would 100% recommend getting this app to anyone I know.
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1 month ago, Tess.W28
Knowunity is the perfect place to connect with other students from schools around the world and from your own school. I love being able to ask other people questions about a topic I am stuck on, and I can even ask the AI too. The AI describes how I misinterpret things and what I need to know to understand the material better. Being to see other people’s notes is a life changer. I have had 0 problems with the app and it is constantly updating to become better. Taylor, the Knowunity leader has been nothing but kind to me when I need to reach out about certain things having to do with people in the group chats and uploading my notes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
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8 months ago, Liviasp123Olive
love it so far but a few bugs
i just got the app and i love how the AI helps by adding extra information when you ask a question but i did catch a few bugs. i’m first one was when i wanted help with homework, it did not allow me to take a picture or add text to ask questions. the second bug is whenever i click library, it won’t let me click anything else, after that i go back to home and it won’t let me click or scroll down. the last bug is when im looking at the feed( other people’s notes) it gets stuck whenever i want to look at the comments.
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9 months ago, jupiter.2009
Would be 5 stars but…
I really like the community on the app and I really like the different groups we can join! I also really like the search feature when looking at different knows and the knows are amazing and really helpful. One thing I think they can add is to randomize the search feature. Like every time I try to look at different knows in the search tab, I get the same knows and in the same order too. So, I’m scrolling for 5 minutes until I get to different knows. Maybe they could add a randomize button so when you click it, the knows randomize or just every time you click the search button, it randomizes OR randomize the knows every time I open the app :) overall great app
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5 months ago, Knowunity is the best
Knowunity is helping me pass chemistry
I’m not one too normally leave reviews on any app or game on my phone but this app is just helping me so much. I recently downloaded the app and was working with the ai tool it explained intermolecular forces and bond enthalpy to me in such a simple manner that is would be harder to not understand it. However when I asked him to give me a 5 question quiz he wrote one but when I typed my answers he didn’t quite acknowledge them. I understand that ai can be funky though. I really believe I’m going to have much better grades because of this app. And did I mention it’s FREE!!!
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9 months ago, |_O_O_|
I love the app but make the notes easier to find
It’s because I needed help in a specific subject kept looking for the notes section and it was near impossible to find. When I did it did find the section for notes it did not have the notes I need. I did the quiz by the way so it can see how much I know. I just wrote this review so you can patch this so it can be an easier experience for other students or people because this app is awesome and it actually helps but don’t put a barrier on those limitations on your ability’s I mean the sky’s the limit after all.
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1 year ago, StrangerThingsChick
best studying app! SO SIMPLE + AMAZINGLY HELPFUL
I’ve only been using this app for a while, but i can already confidently say that it is extremely helpful! School is definitely stressful and as someone who is lazy and procrastinates, I don’t like studying. But this app has made it easy AND fun. You can find well-written notes from almost any subject, wether it’s AP or regular. Their notes are super neat and give you so much information! You don’t have to go down a google-rabbit hole to find what you’re looking for ;) Plus, if you just have one question, there is a friendly community of people who can help you find your answer. Overall, i really love this app so much. It has all the right tools you need to be successful in school, without putting more stress on you. I’ve honestly never found a better studying app, and especially one that’s completely FREE. Please do yourself (and your grades) a huge favor, and download the app. 🫶🏼🤍
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2 weeks ago, shrxmpyyy
Amazing community!!
I downloaded this app before this school year started, and now that's i'm at the end I've had so may good experiences! Knowunity is full of kind people who can help you study or explain topics to you, and who you can also just chat with! I enjoy helping others with problems and being able to upload flashcards and notes and swap with others from different schools :). They also have incredible programs and really strive to make it a nice app for every user!!
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8 months ago, tiannaizreall
great app so far but a few bugs
so I downloaded this app so I could study for my quiz tomorrow and I can’t say that this is a bad app and I do believe in it. There is just a few bad bugs though that I wish to be fixed when I am trying to go into my folder with all my notes that I have saved it tends to freeze and I can’t select what folder name I want to change your edit. and when I try to upload my notes, it does not work since it is connected with the folder problem. I hope this does get fixed soon, but I do love the app so far
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1 year ago, Soultest Morland
First Flashcards
I just got the app today! And made science Flashcards for my upcoming quiz it’s really helpful there also group chats two but I’m scared to join one but I made one to called BurnOuts Rest Chat where we can talk about other things than study and make new friends or study all together if we like. I hope my grades get better a little bit if I use this app also I think the add for it on TikTok was really convincing cause I have bad grades to and hope for them to get better like hers! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 month ago, Jejwjajgbfndifjenbf
My Three star review
I give this app a three because it’s helpful yes very it’s just that when I put the answers in to help me with my homework I sometimes gets it wrong and. I get bad grades on the work I really don’t know if it is the question but it just doesn’t wanna work but over all it does help it’s just when I used it for my hw tdy it made me get a %50 so ye I did download another app to help me more and it does work and I’m not saying for anyone do delete the app or don’t use it it’s just for me it doesn’t wanna give me the right answers so don’t delete it if it helps u really good so ye this is why I gave this app a three star
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8 months ago, QueenHobit
Upside down glitch
I love this app so much. The people are so nice and I can find all the notes I need for almost any subject. I have been able to help so many people and so many people have helped me. However, the group chats, where many students can come together to talk and help each other with school problems, have this problem where the entire chat has been going upside down, deleting things that have been said, and just glitching in general has been making it very hard to learn and help other learn. I hope they can fix this glitch soon so that it doesn’t bother anybody else. Other than that I would recommend this app for anyone that needs to find notes for a subject or help on a problem. Or just someone who needs to talk to someone in the same type of class. -A semi satisfied user, Miya
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1 year ago, studywithflair
Quizlet but BETTER!!!
After Quizlet started charging people money to use the Learn feature, I switched to Knowunity and it turns out to be so much better! I seriously can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this app, as it has everything you need in one: a Q&A feature (like Brainly’s), a flashcard feature, and even real notes taken by other students! If you are hesitant on utilizing such a tool, don’t hesitate! It really is the best, and it’s also run by the best people, too. :)
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1 year ago, clegge4656
This is a really good app
I’ve been using this app for a little while and I’ve been posting content on it. I enjoy how organized and simple the app is. If I had to recommend adding anything, it would be support for chat features on the desktop version and access to statistics on the desktop version, other than that I think it’s a great app and I will continue to use it to post my notes throughout my high school career, and possibly into college
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4 weeks ago, booboosnick
Wow! Best App like this for Homeschool
We homeschool and I have a difficult time explaining math concepts, as the way I learned is different than the way my children learn best. I can complete problems all day, but have a difficult time simplifying steps for my children. Just downloaded today, but had an amazing chat in-app that resulted in my child understanding a math concept almost immediately, it just “clicked” so much easier without any frustration or me overthinking steps. THANK YOU!
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6 months ago, Kyra F.
I like the idea that it is free, we can share our knowledge to others and help them to understand what we’ve learned or if we made a mistake in our notes. I’ve had this app before but it was too much work to add my quizlet notes to here. My only problem is that it doesn’t let me edit my task cards to add more when I need to, It is easier to add it all in one so I can study it all but I can’t do that if I have to create a new one every time I save it so I don’t lose all the efforts of putting it into the task cards.
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10 months ago, bsidbdjandbs
This app is absolutely amazing for students
Let’s face it, homework gets hard. With Knowunity it’s a literally lifesaver 😭😭😭 I remember struggling on some math homework on proportional relationships and I found a group chat of other students who were willing and able to help me out. I’ve actually gotten a lot better at math thanks to this app. If you’re a student go ahead and download the app it’s going to help you get better grades and be able to understand your schoolwork 🥳
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3 months ago, Swiftie13🐷
I love Knowunity so much! I’m an ambassador and this app is such a good resources for students. There are a few bugs but the team always gets right on it to fix it! The group chats are a great way to interact with other people for both fun and help. There are a ton of amazing features and the Knowunity team is always open to listen to your ideas and suggestions! Overall I love the high quality of notes and the sense of community I get! 10/10 recommend 💖
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5 months ago, Honey_loverpie3
10:10 you should get it
All you need to do is scan the problem and it tells you it might ask you some problems to tech you something and if you have one of those teacher's that want you to show the work it will show you how to solve it to I am in love with this app and you will too thanks to this app I want to an F- to a C+ it doesn’t just tech on subject it techs all of them you should get it and it’s free have fun 🤩🤩🤩🤩
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7 months ago, not-emma
Cannot get this to work out
Downloaded for college, found that it takes forever to just create a study set because there’s a random message stating I can’t start a new vocab card until my last one is finished (even though it is). For some reason it works if i just retype a word in the question part, but for a class where I need 30-40 flash cards per set, it just wasn’t worth it. Then at the end, it wouldn’t let me upload, despite me playing with wifi, trying to refresh etc. I’m sure that it works great for a lot of people, especially since it’s free, but personally it would be easier to make physical flash cards, or use quizlet free version.
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6 months ago, natedawg70
Awesome App!
I am so glad that it isn’t clickbait and that it is also free. I really hope that this will help my grades in school. There is one bug that may need to be fixed. When I go into the folders tab, it seems to be stuck on that tap and I can’t do anything on the screen. I go into other taps and I can’t do anything about it. If you could fix the bug that would be awesome.
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1 year ago, Anonymous Fr Fr
I love this!
This is such a great tool for studying and talking too because of the different gc’s! I love to use this, and would rate it 5 stars, but i’ve chosen to give 4 stars instead because whenever im in the app, it’ll randomly kick me out, and it mostly happens when im typing, so i lose what i was saying! I suggest adding the ability to have what you type saved as drafts so when you go back if it kicks you out or something, you don’t lose what you typed! Great app overall though :)
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5 months ago, kimikazam
Useful, but…
I downloaded the app after seeing an add for it on Snapchat. With quizlet not being so free anymore, it’s been exceptionally helpful in studying and getting good grades. It’s very easy to use, and even visually aesthetically pleasing, increasing my want to study and learn. It would be helpful though to be able to go back to your posted material and edit as sometimes I forget to add concepts to my materials, such as my flash cards. Other than that a very great app!
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3 months ago, avery47kl
This app is so helpful in all subjects, amazing at explaining answers and asking you questions to further your understanding of a subject. Really has helped me in classes and has amazing resources for studying! I also really appreciate the questions the AI asked you to help you further think on a subject. Overall an amazing app and I definitely recommend to anyone struggling in school, or anyone in school!
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5 months ago, BriRLaing
Knowunity Review
Knowunity is a very helpful app, it’s also not boring like other academic apps. I love using Knowunity because it gives me a efficient way to learn and with an interesting pov. You can talk and ask your AIs questions with them giving a fast and reliable response, not only can you do this but you can also look at notes for the subject you are learning.
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6 months ago, cvrtly
I like the concept but has too many issues
It’s very frustrating trying to make sets, the connection is always bad I’ve had issues with sets not wanting to save. I’m very upset I had a set I worked very hard on that I am using to study for exams. for some reason it showed two of the same one so I deleted one because I was going to share the folder with my class and it deleted the set I worked so hard on. I was thinking it was not a big deal cause I could get it back but the don’t have any way to do so. I’m SO frustrated now I don’t know how I’m gonna study for that part of the exam.
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1 year ago, Rachiee7
I only had found this app through an ad, but once I looked up some notes to help me for my studying I knew it was going to help. I practice these in under an hour and memorized them all! It is sensitive with what you press on the screen but other than that honestly I seem to not see any problems with the app. 10/10 recommend :)
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11 months ago, Megan Y C
Most Helpful School App!
This app is amazing! Not only can you find help on tough subjects, but you can also earn some money from this if you choose to be a Knower. If you aren't looking to make money and you just want to improve your grades, you don't have to upload notes if you don't want to. This app helped me so much with school! Highly recommend!
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9 months ago, yummy mangoooo
love the app! a few glitches
hey the app is rlly great! and the community is (mostly) nice. i use it to study! it is a little glitchy tho; when trying to enter the raffle I click the button to get entered and it just sends me to the kp screen and doesn’t enter me for a few hours and sometimes never :(, also sometimes it just doesn’t give me my kp or it will and then take it away after. otherwise it’s pretty good
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11 months ago, Reese Kirk
Great study app - for students, by students!
Just started using this app - I am going to be a junior this year and it’s really awesome! I uploaded my own notes from last year for others to study, and I can study other peoples’ notes, as well as ask and answer questions! I will definitely recommend this to my friends at school for studying!
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4 months ago, hikity5829
Great but one thing
I love this app but on thing yesterday when I tried to go on it and I open it the k screen when you first open the app it was there for a long time and it didn’t change I powered my phone off twice and still not work it just said on the open screen and then I redownloaded it and still the same and it was already updated and it would be a five star but this one problem is making it a three
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1 month ago, bradleyp83
i’ve been using this app for just about a year now and the whole idea behind is great. I’m able to find notes on the subjects I need and do better in school overall. While there are a few bugs in the app, I think that the communities are engaging, the people incredibly nice, and a very enjoyable experience overall.
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5 months ago, koalalover05
Seriously amazing
This app is incredible. Not only does it have exactly what I was looking for (a place to cram for my econ final) but no ads, no fees, and no pop ups. The greatest thing to happen to studying since flashcards. There is also a helpful little robot friend who will answer any question you have. Easy to use, no complaints.
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3 months ago, Makayla 💕💗
why this is so good
this app helps you with all your math homework all your science homework and all your geometry homework I’m in seventh grade and I was failing before but now ever since I got this app my grades have been up away from the roof and this app always reminds me every single day to keep going and get good grades so I can make it to the top one day
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3 months ago, 0L1VERZZ
great community, great help, and great app in general
im a big fan of knowunity! i found this app on tiktok and was hesitant to download it but i finally did after seeing the ad a few times. i got on the app and i just loved the concept. the kp kept me motivated and the community is great. i applies to be an ambassador and its a bunch of fun! i love getting volunteer hours while helping out other peers. it's helped me socialize and also helped me academically because of the ability to look up notes. they also have studybots you can talk to so you don't always rely on other people! it's such a great app and i'm very excited to continue seeing it grow!
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1 year ago, Talking To Myrel
Best app I’ve used
This app is amazing and gives you a lot of different topics to learn from that I’ve found helpful when explained differently, than what is shown in the classroom. I recommend this because it is easy to use and even allows you to be apart of the community. It’s such a wholesome environment! ☺️
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6 months ago, Shinlaetilana
A great community
I normally don't write reviews but this app is so good. I only joined a few days ago and it's super helpful and i love the events. I also appreciate the fact that it has mental health chats because it makes me feel a sense of belonging. Don't listen to the bad reviews. I 100% recommend this app.
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5 months ago, P3ngu1n27
This used to be really good
This used to be my go to homework help and note storage. But the ai has too many bugs to be useful anymore, and I’m not sure what happened because it use to be very helpful. Now it gives a lot of unreliable information and will straight up not answer my question and it is very buggy. I use chat gpt for explanations now but I wish I could use this app.
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2 weeks ago, coo coo bear tv
Too good to be true
I can’t believe this costs not a penny. So many helpful tools for learning and studying including ai chat, ai scan, live chats with people online, class group studies, study bots, etc. This has helped me an unbelievable amount, more than any app or website I've ever used.
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9 months ago, Nia-middle school
My grade now A
I love this app it helps me with my math notes and it helps me understand what we are doing in class and I can get extra help from this app when I am at home or if I’m doing homework thanks to this app I am now an STRAIT A student and I can finally pass thanks to this app THABK YOU AGAIN
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1 year ago, kheeleyvines
Apparently I’m not older enough but I am
I am trying to use the app and I’m trying to make a new account so I press the start now button and I went to the grades I clicked 8th because I am in 8th grade but when I pressed the button it said that I needed to be older than 13 yrs old and I am 14 years old and it’s so annoying and it doesn’t even make sense because it starts at 6th grade and goes to 12th grade so why would they put that if you can’t even use the app if you have to be older than 13 yrs old.
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1 year ago, mawkiye
The app is great, except you have to search for certain subjects and you cannot just search your grade. it might be called something different in the app and you’d never know . Also, the app says “4+” as in everyone that has a mind concept can use it, but when you go to the app, it says you have to be at least 13. What!? That’s confusing.
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9 months ago, rhhcs
This app is really something
I love this so much, I was just scrolling on TikTok then this app came up and it showed notes, steps, and problems about each subject. So after I Downloaded it, it feels like I understand math and science more. I really appreciate this app, Thankyou.
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1 year ago, mich17789
Knownunity - Review
I think this app is initially very helpful especially when I get to hear from students and peers my age. This app helps me have a better understanding of what I am learning and plus, it has almost all of the subjects that I am learning. I most definitely recommend this app if you need help occasionally!
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5 months ago, Arieslolxx!
Carheina’s Review☆
I just got the app,I have heard so many great thing about it and I’m hoping it’s all true😅.One thing I absolutely struggle with is math, if this app can just help me with that then yayyy!🤩I am litteraly trying my hardest to get my math average up so I hope this study helper is all worth it.❤️
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1 year ago, Your natural queen
Some bugs
I love this app the only problem is that it kicks me out a lot when i'm in the chats and lately when I try to send a chat into one of the groups it gives me a notification that says: "Loading Problem (forbidden error) and now i cant chat in them.
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10 months ago, Cookie_Monster711
Is there help for advanced classes?
I just got this app and am still figuring it out but it doesn’t look like there is an option for advanced classes, only options for classes of the grade that you’re in. Other than that it has helped me quite a bit.
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