Knoxville News from WBIR

4.8 (18.3K)
85.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Knoxville News from WBIR

4.78 out of 5
18.3K Ratings
5 years ago, MtnGal1
Useless for weather
I thought this app was new and improved until last Wed. night when we had a terrible storm in P.Forge. There was NOTHING on here about it storming, no warnings, nothing!!! We lost power and I tried to see if we were under any tornado warnings, wind alerts, etc and again Nothing!! I am very disappointed in this app and can’t depend on it when I need it the most. I since downloaded the app My Radar, which is wonderful for those those that feel the same way.
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4 years ago, Awestbro
WBIR App has gone downhill
WBIR has always been my go to news source here in Knoxville, they are truly straight from the heart and honest. I don’t spend much time in front of the TV anymore so I relay on news apps to get my news these days. WBIRs notifications have always kept me informed and up to date. But unfortunately that’s where the apps usefulness stop. For the past year of so I’ve constantly been upset by the fact when I click on breaking news I’m taken to a page with the story but then the video doesn’t pertain to the headline, I end up watching a full minute of adds just to see that it’s the wrong video. The amount of adds also bug me, I can never tell what is fact or sponsored. The last thing that’s bothered me with the new app layout is I can’t narrow down news story tops anymore. The bottom buttons are your only options and you can’t drill down to local or world etc. All this to say...I’m keeping the app on my phone as a second source of local news but for quick notifications I’m having to go to WATE.
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5 years ago, Jeff in Knoxville
App is horrible and misleading- just advertising
This app is just a platform for the creator to generate ad revenue. The content and notices are ‘interestingly’ the same with different wording as the alerts/notices as their news competitor here in Knoxville. Also, they will constantly tell you that your app needs updating even though you are on the latest version. I am uninstalling. The last straw was tonight where their main photo of a breaking news story about a crash on the interstate was a picture of a different road covered with snow when we haven’t had decent snow in the last 10 months. They need to at the least try harder and actually give you a real picture of the news supposedly being covered. Save yourself some frustration and go elsewhere for news alerts.
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4 years ago, JJ Westher
Worse news app
WBIR should look at their advertising. Who has time to watch at 30 second commercial when trying to get news. It’s one thing to have advertising but every new video for 30 seconds. And not only that, many times the advertisements are on loop and don’t get to the news. These developers must do some research. I feel like this app is “good enough” to release. As a news outlet you should strive to be the best at providing factual news, in a timely manner. For the writers, y’all need some writing classes as well. Being this is a professional news service, you should not have someone like me (no journalism background) who can put out info without grammatical errors and better news. I’m deleting this app in search of a different local news app.
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5 years ago, Night Lion
Good Idea...Not The Best Execution
This App still needs improvement. There’s great content, but the look of it is busy and difficult to navigate. It seems crammed. And the ads are then crammed in around all the content. Annoying adds which pop up at the bottom must go. Can’t we work them neatly into the main page so they almost flow with the rest of the content? With a little more thought from the developers, this can be a great app. So much potential.
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4 years ago, sandra zo
10 news app and TV commentators
The app is so full of adverts ugh. Thank for sending updates for the most part they are relevant I would like to make a comment about how egotistical your tv adverts are. It’s nothing but pictures of the news team and how wonderfully long they have held their jobs there. Almost like flaunting it to the public. I have a great job for twenty years and you don’t! Let’s do more stories about not just Knoxville how about TN in general when you run out of stories locally. Stop it with your too many 10 news commercials about how great Y0U are and more about how great Knoxville is. Thanks
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5 years ago, Jmjim25
Not a big fan of the new app
I really enjoyed the layout of the old app. I have had pretty regular issues with the new app not loading in a reasonable amount of time. It’s also a little more difficult to look through all stories quickly. When I select a story to read and then return to the main menu to look for more stories, the app returns me to the top of the page. Not the most convenient. I do like the coverage though.
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4 months ago, gracie2q
10News the Best
I moved to Hamilton County but I still watch channel 10’s exceptional coverage of all types of events. I really love the newscasters and remember Robins first days on camera and I’m so glad she as well as other “old timers” are still there. I have watched channel 10 since 1976. Thank you so much. I wish your weather map could drop a further south to cover those of us near Chattanooga. I’ll always tune in to10News
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4 months ago, GuitarFreddy
It’s a scam
This is nothing more than a scam to get you to watch commercials when there is a live event. You will get a notification of live breaking news. When you click on the notification, it opens the app goes to the breaking event, then starts running a never ending cycle of commercials. If you exit out of the commercials and try to restart the live event, it starts the commercials over again. I have never successfully watched any live breaking news. I think everyone understands that free apps are covered by some sort of advertising but come on isn’t one commercial good enough before starting the live breaking news?
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2 years ago, D Gorden
Rather than just something they say, “Straight from the heart,” is what they actually do. The Team, or Family at WBIR, reports the news. They do not editorialize and they report stories of genuine kindness and human interest as well. At our home and on-line, WBIR is our source for local news. Thank you for a job that is consistently well done!
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4 months ago, Rhettkstanfield
Good Enough
This app is good enough in the sense that I can get news alert notifications, but to click into a story is almost not worth the trouble. If I don’t click the banner notification, I have a slim chance of finding the news story in the app. Then if you do actually find the story, they have so many ads throughout the app that it will freeze the video I’m trying to get to. Most of the time I’ve given up before I ever make it to watching the story.
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4 years ago, cfreeman91
Fix Notifications
Please please PLEASE. Fix your notifications settings. To be fair, I’m not sure if it’s the app or the operator who is tagging stories. I was tired of receiving depressing stories sent to me all the time, so I specifically went into the app to turn things off. Unfortunately I still get updates I don’t want. I don’t want to turn off all notifications, I like having important local news sent to me. This has always been a problem with the app and I’m seriously considering deleting for my mental health!
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7 years ago, Stipinsie
Better news from 3 day old paper
If you are looking to find the most misspelled words or inaccurate stories, this is the app for you. It’s like a third grader writes their stories. The new app constantly sends you to ads and the App Store for garbage you don’t want. Guess they think people in Tennessee are inbred idiots and won’t notice.... Not user friendly. Has same tired stories day after day. Traffic option is joke. Save your time and download any other local channel app. Or really just watch Fox News. These untalented folks just recycle everything the Nationals carry. Straight from the heart and straight to the dumps!
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5 years ago, 0902666555
Leaves much to be desired
This is essentially the mobile website you can access on any browser. Next to nothing has been done to actually optimize this for mobile, and thus navigation is not easy. The app is also plagued with adds (since it is the website) and lags a lot, making navigation harder still. You are better off just going to the website on you mobile browser than installing this app. You will get basically the same content, and quality will be better.
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7 years ago, TNZooKeeper
Turned into near hijacker app
Until latest versions, this was my favorite app for local up to the minute news. However, using the app now results in numerous trips to the App Store by just opening an article. Even if I close the App Store and go back to WBIR-TV app, it immediately jumps back to the App Store with a different App from the adds. So once that cycle starts you can't end it. Even if I have the App Store open with an App I am looking at, WBIR-TV app takes it over. I emailed the support weeks ago and got the expected nothing. So this review to warn others.
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6 months ago, ThatKISSfan131
Fantastic app, use it to catch my weekly weather updates.. and also check on current events that could be happening or is happening in the area, love, my WBIR team. Always love checking in every day to see what’s going on in my neck of the woods here in a beautiful place called the Smoky Mountains. My wonderful home. Keep it up. Great work!!
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3 months ago, woodyma62
Where’s the old weather app?
I very disappointed in this app. I used the weather app all the time. This new app is problematic. The previous weather app was simple and very useful. The new one takes to long to get anywhere or get the info you want. Please give us the previous weather app that was only weather back. When I need the weather I don’t have time to go through all the other pages.
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11 months ago, Noozeone
Local, local and local
There are innumerable sources for national news. As a local station, it may be prudent for you to stick to local, regional and state news. Of course, some news of national origin with relevance and/or impact to your DMA is likely welcomed. Not lost on me is how well you follow up on breaking news to bring closure. Please keep it up! Warm regards,
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3 years ago, smokysal
Immediate news
Informative and a variety of subjects. The only thing I object too is the constant ad boxes embedded among the stories. In the past few months I’ve had to delete the web site and reload because I’ll click to open and I get the constant arrow going in circles. It refuses to load.
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4 years ago, dylanmartin
Love 10 News, app is slow and cluttered
I have been a 10 News junkie my whole life. But the app was updated a year or so ago and it is just slow and cluttered on all my current production iPhones. Hopefully they make the app simpler and easier to find the news I am looking for.
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1 year ago, Tone4life
New that you look forward to watching
The knowledgeable reporters here, deliver the news with sincerity, professionalism, and with a relatability factor that emanates from them. This is what you get with each and every airing of wbir 10 news. Thank you so much for what you do, and what you are to our community! Tony C
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4 years ago, LMN2679
I Love it except for 1 thing
When I get the daily notification in the morning with today’s headlines, sometimes I can’t find the dang story on the app! I’ll look under each category and never find it. This happens frequently so I suggest a different design that’s more user friendly. Otherwise, I really enjoy having this app. The notifications and alerts are really helpful.
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3 years ago, griffphg
WBIR news LOVE and miss
We started streaming and we don’t have local news and NBC Today show miss it soooooo much but have cut our billing almost in half and being retired our budget has changed. Life is a change maybe we’ll figure out some day to get it back 🤗
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6 years ago, WBIR App User
WBIR App Review
I think the app is amazing. It is very user friendly. It helps through out the day. The notifications are greatly appreciated by me. The stories are well written and get to the point. Overall this app is amazing and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for an app that is easy to use. I rated this app 5 stars! 😀
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4 years ago, Princesswarrior274
App crashes
With the new update, the screen continually freezes and you cannot do anything. I’m not even able to read more than one store before I have to reset and go back in. Was happy with the app before the new update.
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3 weeks ago, Realtor_JS
Great Local Coverage
WBIR-TV app offers great news coverage for the Knoxville metro & East TN area. I use it and the WBIR Weather app quite frequently to check on the local news, especially when it’s breaking news that might not be on the TV station until the next broadcast.
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4 months ago, Slhrn1
Todd Howell, Katie Inman
Having lost trust in the integrity of National news reporting, now I ONLY watch WBIR for the news. Todd Howell and his weather team are the BEST! I feel as if the anchors on WBIR news are doing their best to report the news without adding in their own personal opinions to the story. Katie Inman is a ray of sunshine, always smiling, and does a great job!
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3 years ago, Granna bonbon
I love watching 10 news. It’s who works there. That’s why I keep watching. I do miss Russell in the mornings. And with Beth in the evening.. I hope he is doing something great now we miss him. But love everyone there. 10 news is what I grew up on. And I’m 62 So I think I will stick with the best!!!!!
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1 year ago, USF77dude
Just the best
I’ve watched WBIR-TV for 30 years and find myself quoting a news report no matter the category. I have watched the other local channel’s but come back to ‘BIR’. When I want local news, weather, and sports they are the best.
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1 year ago, bassmandrumsben
Good app
It’s up to date with local and national news and we’ll sourced. The weather is very good, but could use better information, my noaa app has better graphics, information, and alerts.
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2 years ago, TomKat6922
Timely and accurate News and Weather
After just recently moved to area, I was looking for quality news station. Well, I found what I was looking for. Keep up the good work
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5 years ago, User2112VVVV
What a horrible update!
The app is so much worse than before. Now it jumps/skitters when you scroll down, there is an area where it LOOKS like you can scroll to the side to view a carousel of data that does not work, if you click a story and go back you better hope you want to go to the top of the page because that is where you will be, and finally the international news is gone. After a long time, this is the update that’s making me say “goodbye”.
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4 months ago, Mandys moon
Extremely disappointed
You want to watch ads or commercials this app is for you. If you’re looking for news, you need to find another alternative because this channel does not believe in just giving you the news you have to watch the ads and who has time for that I am no longer watching channel 10 news or the app, completely disappointed, unreliable, and misleading
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5 years ago, Washburn Tennessee .
Channel 10 News Is The Best
I love watching Channel 10 news there is encouragement from this news station. And just installed the app about three months ago. And love when you give tips on how to use it. And Love The Heartland series. Thanks so much for all you do. A sincere friend here at Washburn TN hugs 🤗
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6 years ago, Nutterbutters!
Restart, Reboot or Something
It is rare that this app doesn’t shut down in the middle of watching/listening to the news...long before 7 AM EST. SO disappointing that they can’t spend the time in making this a successful way to watch/listen to the local news, weather and sports updates.
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6 years ago, Tt1284
Worst app for news now!
Renewed the app and it is terrible now! All the ads are a pain! Keeps jumping to the beginning all the time! Give me back the old app! This sorry! A station as big as channel 10 should have better design than this!
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4 years ago, Nanpolly
Who even missed sports?
Home town highlights are fantastic and much more fun than regular sports. Louis made it even more fun to watch with his exciting commentary. Cassie does a great job explaining the weather and she is perky and fun to watch. The whole crew is warm and personable. Great newscast. Paula Miley
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7 years ago, Amandarroberson
Constant pop up adds
The app used to work great. Now I only have it open for seconds before it sends me to the App Store with adds. It is impossible to read more than a sentence of an article before the next pop up.
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4 years ago, COToolMan
App has several bugs.
Crashes and videos won’t play properly. Also advertises to me in Japanese and Spanish. Information is plentiful but the app itself has issues.
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7 years ago, ryannek
Simply the best!
From the heart.... professional and personal, WBIR-TV is my source for everything. Wherever I happen to be this app lets me take them with me; and that's all good because they make me feel at home. Actually, I think they are my family !
Show more
4 years ago, Granny Moses
Disappointed with this app. Way too many commercials and it’s extremely hard to navigate. Absolutely not user friendly for visually impaired people . Just does not flow. Very disappointed
Show more
3 years ago, Spooner'sMom
Not so great
I watch the TV Channel, but this app is in great need of repair. If I get a notification to go to the app to read something important, it is rarely there. Or it shuts down and takes me completely out. The news is not always up to date with the stories not complete. I rarely use this app anymore as the other news stations give much better and complete and correct news stories.
Show more
5 years ago, CVE1226
Best source for up to date, and breaking news.
This is by far the best news app for getting up to date, and breaking news. I also highly recommend their weather app.
Show more
4 years ago, Wava Lee
Accurate and Informative News
The news broadcasts from this station are delivered with style and the information given is news you can believe.
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3 weeks ago, sam----$$$$---
This used to be great app.
I don’t know why it was changed but I always relied on this app. Now it will tell you what happen (hey, I already know what happened) but it wouldn’t show you what they are predicting. If I just want to know the current temp and daily forecast I can get that from any other app. Change it back please and will upgrade my rating again.
Show more
3 years ago, mhja12
Dish Network!
Being without NBC because of the disagreement has not cost Dish anything. They are not pushing for settlement because we, the subscribers of Dish, have continued to pay for a service we have not received. So much for the Dish Promise!
Show more
5 years ago, wasting t
Too much time
The opening greeting is too long and unnecessary. The ads are Very annoying. Wish the print was a little larger. I absolutely hate having to watch a commercial every time I want to watch a video! WBIR. Has always been our go to for news so I’ll stay with the app. Overall it gets the news job done.
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5 years ago, MDStwina
App needs help
I have always loved the Wbir app, but this new one will bump you out and it’s frustrating to be looking at the weather or an article and get bumped out and have to start over again. Please update the app. Thanks
Show more
5 years ago, Music Admin
New version still needs some work
The font size on the front page is too small. I changed the settings on my phone and still I cannot read it. The other negative is the sport scores is not real-time and easily accessible on the main page. In my opinion,I like the previous app version best.
Show more
2 years ago, Edward321123
Worst station EVER!
I don’t bother using ‘news’ to describe WBIR because that the last thing you find on their app or channel. 90% of their stories are advertisements for local businesses, fluff feel good stories or new stories from their other stations in other states. Get the local weather and sports is only thing local about this station. But if you want to know what happening local go el ese where.
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