KNWA & Fox24 News

4.6 (2.6K)
87.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KNWA & Fox24 News

4.61 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Dozier_52
Best news team around
I love knwa app. Since downloading this app. I’m more addictive to the weather and what watch for. I think we have the best weather team around. Dan is always keeping us informed what’s going on with our area or what’s coming our way. I’ve learned a lot from the weather team. The news cast from early morning or evening or weekend they keep us informed. I just want to say BIG THANK YOU !!
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5 years ago, Thickbass
Reasonable notifications, light on news
KNWA does a nice job of pushing really big local news alerts without bombarding you with a dozen alerts per day. That’s actually one of the best things about the app. When I click on a notification, the accompanying video sometimes has more information than the text in the article. This is a bit of a drawback, because I’m often in long meetings where I can’t watch the video, but everyone takes a few minutes to get a drink, stretch their legs, check email (and news, for me). Also, they don’t post many smaller news articles each day, so this isn’t the best source for all local news, just breaking news and weather. It really comes down to what you want, and for me it’s a good balance of breaking local news, but others may find it lacking.
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6 years ago, Leonardcan
No Advertisements
This app is the best, I love it that you can watch the video clips of the news without having to watch a commercial before every clip like other station apps are. I’ve started using this app only, just because of that. Thanks, Good Job
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3 years ago, 2lvbyquilts
New design
New design is somewhat confusing and seems to limit ability to just read text of story. Buffers on my phone like internet. Rechecked my notifications settings and only improved slightly. Ads placement is about the same. It has been a better news app for this area over the years but technology changes things.
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5 years ago, LCM 2
Great news, sports and weather team but terrible app
I’m a big fan of KNWA but the app is really bad. There is a full page ad, when you first access the site that must be flicked closed to actually reach the site. FULL SCREEN. It is easy to flick the app closed as opposed to closing the ad. The stories are not updated as often as other local news networks. I’ll continue tuning in to KNWA in the evenings but the other online options for local news are better IMO.
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6 years ago, HOG#69
Bass Arkansas
I live in a little community call Bass, it southeast of Jasper about 10 miles I appreciate the weather reports and warnings I get from KNWA Living in Rogers for 35 years I still get local news from the area, especially when schools are being reported on since I have grandkids in the Bentonville and PEA Ridge school district. So thanks to You KNWA I can still get news on my iPhone and severe weather alerts.
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8 months ago, Dr. Kelly Davis
KNWA app is the BEST
I love the KNWA weather app. Dan Skoff has amazing skills as a meteorologist. I find Dan Skoff’s ability to forecast the weather quite accurate along with the fact that God is ultimately in control ! 😀
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4 years ago, redwardtjr
No Live Broadcast option
I am surprised by the lack of innovative change with KNWA. I am not sure if their just broke or do not have the knowledge to implement such a feature. Live News is what is in now with how many Americans receive their news. Other news markets have it and I advise NWA to use their apps to see how nice it is to have such a feature where you are, when you need it.
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6 years ago, Landshark053
Never update the stories!!
So they will give you a lead story on something. Let’s say an arrest with investigation and at the end they will say. More information coming. So that’s about where they end it. There is never a follow up (ever). And all the news is basically depressing. Why can’t they find some good things to post about. It’s always pretty much bad stuff.
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5 years ago, Judy&girls
Channel 5 news
Actually they give better then any other channel. So they win they get my vote
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6 years ago, Vic Lea
Not very good app
I don’t like this app much because it does not give you enough info about the days weather. It only gives the temperature and I’m not interested in the news just the weather. There is never info about the wind strength or what direction it will be blowing which is important to where we live.
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4 years ago, Sandra Posie
Ads play even when phone is silenced!
I’ve never seen this before. My phone is on silent yet the ads still start playing. Every one of them as soon as they scroll into view. I love the app otherwise. Please fix!
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6 years ago, N5UXI
App rotating
The app is better than the last one but it doesn’t rotate on my phone or tablet when I turn the sideways. If you could fix that it would be appreciated.
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5 years ago, jaxx smoocher
Great news information and always on time. Love it.
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5 years ago, urbxneifh
I no longer can watch your station because of the ongoing feud with Nexstar vs AT&T. Not very happy with either party. My television watching consists of Ch5, PBS, and Netflix. Your station, if it ever returns, will be on a short leash.
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6 years ago, Stlrazorbackfan
I stay informed.
Great app on how to keep up with NW Arkansas news and the Razorbacks!
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6 years ago, OU_Mark_Texas
Stop with the MLB alerts
Please explain to me how MLB draft is breaking news? That’s the only alert option I have, but I am getting these alerts. It is annoying. Going to start using KFSM app
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4 years ago, Krenad
App crashes
App crashes a lot and kicks you out. Very annoying when I am just trying get the news
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3 years ago, Niger better faster stronger
Seriously poor design
This is now a terrible app from user experience The organization of the prior version much better. Please look at prior version and take its best practices.
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4 years ago, Fayetnam1
Please report the news and let us figure out how to interpret it without interjecting your liberal opinions. You guys have gotten very bad about doing this. There are conservatives who enjoy watching the news as well.
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3 years ago, 19cine63
Need to live stream
There are a bunch of us that don’t live in the area or state and would like to get your news and sports live streamed.
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3 years ago, 2 beach 2
Love getting new/weather!
KNWA delivers!
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2 years ago, Er1987
Not a great app
And by not great, I mean 90% of the time I open it my phone freezes and I spend TEN minutes trying to fix it. Had to delete.
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7 years ago, zsnow39
Best in NWA
Most fluid and least annoying notifications.
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4 years ago, hardlyeverwritesareview
Site always opens with an ad for Cherokee Casino, really? Site frequently closes at random and the news is not organized well at all.
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5 years ago, Dgl11348
Just tornado watch. Be able to individually select different weather conditions, flooding & etc.
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4 years ago, TombRaids4Life
No matter how many times you contact the developers, the app STILL glitches, freezes, jumps all over the place, and jumps back to the beginning. The app is crap.
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4 years ago, Faytown123
This app freezes every time I open it within the first 15 seconds. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, Bocephus1387
To many ads
Good luck trying to find weather or news among the bombardment of advertisements
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11 years ago, Jswoodie
Jackie Woodie
GREAT News, weather & sports app! Plus everything else! Example, the gas price checker is enclosed on this app. I have never used because of lack of connivence, I will now. Sports has it all, the Razorback Nation, and pro sports broke down by teams. And the weather app is second to none! That you just need to check out!! Your IT really put did themselves on this new app!! Great work, y'all!!
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3 years ago, hueyfly
You asked for it
Your news is never complete . You tease just enough to get people you watch and then the plug is pulled
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3 years ago, ifffgg
Arkansas Football games
Sure wish you would let the game on TV finish before you send out your e-blast. 😡
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4 years ago, ArHuddy
App won’t even open
The new update force close the app every single time I try to open it. What’s the deal?? iPhone X
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5 years ago, Jimmiec543
One of the worst
The app is fine, but the KNWA news writers are the worst. They write headlines, and give nothing in the actual article. They should all be fired and then hire some real reporters.
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3 years ago, we the people 77
Same problem
Not fair and balanced
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4 years ago, fire the person
Sick of the unethical reporting
Please report local and state news correctly without heavy emphasis on the Chinese Virus. USA acronym for Wuhan: We Unashamedly Hide Abortion Numbers
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9 years ago, Klrc fan
Watch out for notifications
The app does what it should and works well overall. However, KNWA doesn't have much discernment in what they seem to be notification worthy. I finally had to shut off all notifications because they were going off all day. What should be used for breaking news is used for programming highlights (really, KNWA?!), sports draft updates, etc. This morning, I received 9 notifications in less than 40 minutes that were all sports related! I'm not anti-sports, but notifications should be for urgent breaking news. There weren't 9 urgent stories this hour! They should consider that a notification should be for urgent headlines and send all the other junk to social media. Download away, but be careful about using their notifications. Your phone won't stop buzzing...
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11 years ago, Marshds79
Fantastic Upgrade!
Love all the additional weather tabs! The scroll bar makes it super easy to navigate and the increase in amount of articles is perfect. Thanks for the tap to send pics and videos, it makes it really easy to send them in
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11 years ago, RK185
Great weather app
Your new updated app is awesome! The weather radar is great, when we are in the hayfield and have a question on the weather. We just hit the radar to see if rain might be close. Thanks for it
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11 years ago, Sharon Mahurin
I love the new KNWA Mobil App it's great, and I appreciate what you all are doing. You can see the weather, radar a lot easy on the new app than the old one. Keep up the good work and have a safe week.
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8 years ago, CH 2.0
I am very pleased ignore the other reviews and stick with this it is a much better ui and the weather portion is greatly improved the tv seven day is just fine. if you don't want to see that download the KNWA weather authority app
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11 years ago, Jodbirch
Works well
I like the radar better and the fact Happy birthday! push notifications are seldom.
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11 years ago, JenS323
Great App
Great alternative way to stay current, and I love the weather section of the App!
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10 years ago, Il Liberatore
Reporting area too broad
I don't want news from Little Rock, Hot Springs, Booneville, etc. I live in Benton county and am looking for local news. The station name and app description is kNWA so I expect news from Benton, Washington and Carroll county. I would like an option to filter out Fort Smith and other non NWA locations.
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8 years ago, Ddavidson15
Live Radar would be better if
The radar would be amazing if they would move the add bar to the top or something to where you could actually hit the play button on the live radar
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10 years ago, Saltyair addict
Easy to navigate slow to update
Not a bad place for news except often stories stay marked as breaking for days with no updates. Not as great as 40/29 but not bad.
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8 years ago, Ashley59365
The weather portion
The new app. Overall is cleaner looking but the weather portion needs to have a clear readable 7 day forecast. Not just a picture of the tv version, this is really the only thing I use this app for.
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7 years ago, Rictjr
Cant tell you if it works
This app does not work on iPhone 7plus. There is an error every time i open the app. Also, what about streaming live on the app? I did not read that as one of the features.
Show more
8 years ago, Shagst3r
Not worth the time trying to locate the news on this app. Non emergency push notifications all day , screen too busy with ads - old news & useless information is what this app runs on .
Show more
7 years ago, langlja
App is good but broken
The app is good however, it crashes constantly when opening articles, alerts, and weather information. All video forcast videos are not playable, just images. PLEASE FOX AND THIS APP WILL BE 5 STAR!
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